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tv   WRAL News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 26, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EST

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? on jordan's stormy banks ? ? i stand and cast a wishful eye ? ? to canaan's fair and happy land ? ? where my possessions lie ? oh, lord i'm bound for the promised land ? i followed this crazy galoot halfway around the world three times. not once did i argue with him. "i got a vision, rosie," he said. "i see a promised land. we'll lead all others there. others like us who believe in love." you bet i've got a prayer.
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l back safe home where we belong. i never thought those pilgrims would ever get this far. i tell you this, o'keefe, they've got to be stopped and stopped for good or we'll all be dead. all of us. threw a rod right through the block, just like the others. i guess we start walking. mrs. mccloud, why don't you get with the others and sort out this load. ? here give me that. i will not. you wanna have that baby under a tree? well, there'd be shade. let us do the work. you've got enough to carry. oh rosie, don't be silly. ? ? oh when the saints go marchin' in ?
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? oh i want to be in that somewhere ? ? when the saints go marchin' in ? ? oh when the band begins to play ? ? oh when the band begins to play ? ? oh well i want to be in that number ? ? when the band begins to play ?? you're pretty anxious to get started there, aren't ya, whitehead? what's that? fancy presents for your friends. look, i'm a trader, buddy. i dealn flour, beads, and a few nails. where the buwallas are not much anymore. the army killed most of 'em off quite a few years ago. the only ones left are just a few harmless tribesmen. and the chief that likes to make some pretty fancy real estate deals with your connivance. i want the truth, whitehead, and i want it now. ?
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you want those people to get home safe? well so do i. and this is my final warning. just keep your big mouth shut. you let me handle this and nobody's gonna get hurt. just don't rock the boat. i know tarzan will get the money back for us. rosanna, we don't care about the money. but you'll need it for the plane tickets when we reach the coast. rosie, have you noticed those... i took a look, still in perfectly good condition. and the captain has a few horses here. what? stop this, what're you talking about? you still have the deed to that land, haven't you? i'd like my baby to be born over there, in the promised land. ? keep quiet. and stay here. ? hear me! i am tarzan.
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jungleman, jungleman. if you are still alive, hear me. hear me good. tell your soldiers to go. tell everyone to go. this is the land of my people. go back to your jule
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what is that horse there? is that a wild one? yes, my men rounded them up first day we got here. if those buwallas ever saw my handful of men coming on foot, there'd be even worse killing. well someone has to go after those wagons now. there'll be several horses here soon. i've sent a couple of men after them. get him out of here. he's a killer. you help me out with this, will you, fellow? tarzan, no. this is not the jungle, you know. you don't know what you're doing. captain bates, maybe i've never been in the cavalry, but that's an animal, isn't it? ?
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ah, ah ahh ah!
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? i stand and cast a wishful eye ? ? to canaan's fair and happy land ? ? where my possessions lie ? i am bound for the promised land ? ? oh, lord i'm bound for the promised land ? ? oh who will come... what's the matter? look at that caravan down there. what the devil? go get our glasses. hurry up. ? on jordan's stormy banks ? ? i stand and cast a wishful eye ? ? to canaan's fair...
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bunch of suicides. love? you better go load that wagon. we gotta get through wallace today. go ahead, hurry up. ? i'm bound for the promised land ? ? oh who will come and go with me ? ? i am bound for the promised land ? ? marko, come here! take a look. see 'em? go ahead, hurry up. oh this i gotta see.
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i thought these natives were supposed to be afraid of horses. they're just showing off, that's all. ? hank, reach me that hunting rifle. take it easy, rosie. -it's all right. -all right? i'll fix it.
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hiya, buddy. peace. love thy neighbor. ? it's all right. ? i'm okay. take it easy, millie. here, would you like something good?
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it's all right. we want to be friends. ? they're called raisins. they're good. ? okay, millie, get back to the wagon, quick. ? okay, it's pretty. but give it back.
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? okay, buddy, cool it. let's be friends. look, there's somebody coming. ?
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? pays to listen to this country, rosanna. now i guess you know what those buwallas are all about. esau, can these horses make it back to sunrise? no, no, they're worn out right now. all right, turn your wagons around. go back to the top of that hill two miles back. here, take the rifle. i don't want a rifle, rosie. i'm going after a wagon, not the buwallas. -wagon? -yes, whitehead. i wanna find out what he's taking in to his friends. but chigger? i now, rosanna, i'm as sorry about chigger as you are. let's see it doesn't happen again, huh?
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t 'em moving. ya! turn around? we're going to turn around? and go back? i thought we'd camp on our own ground tonight, rosie. we'd better do what tarzan said. young man, there's only one person in this world who's ever bossed me around and he's dead. now you hand me those things ed under the blankets. we're gonna stay right here. while you folks were loading up last night, hank and i borrowed a few rifles. guns, rosie, us? you listen to me, all of you. if love is worth anything, it's worth fighting for, isn't it? rosie's right. why do you think chigger is dead? if he hadn't turned his back.
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only i'd listened to him. ? i'll take one of those, hank. ? but, rosie, the prophet said...
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we're going to get there and nobody's gonna stop us.
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just grazed him.
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you are still alive. these are the buwallas. are you likui their chief? i am chief. how many men do you have? i will speak, you will listen. when i spoke with you before, by the river, you close your ears to me. now you have brought death to our life. your people did the killing. will speak. you have brought strange people here. in the time of my grandfather, in the time when the buwallas were as many as birds in the sky, strangers came here and with them came soldiers who killed, who shot even the eagles to the ground. it will not happen again. then why did you sell them your land? sell?
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you put your name on a piece of paper. the government approved that. a man named whitehead took so money from a mr. mccloud, just as you took money from the ground by the river. stolen money. that was my money. my people's money. money to buy things for my people that they need. i, likui, have learned to catch a horse. i have taught the young men to ride on the wind. once again, the buwallas grow proud and strong. i will buy cloth and seed, yes. but never again will i allow strangers in our mountains. then why did you sell them that land? i did not sell land. i sell only pictures of land. pictures? yes. little drawings, pictures.
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likui, do you have any idea how much money whitehead got for those little pictures? careful, buddy, careful. if you want anybody to stay alive, you let me straighten this out in my own way. okay. no, whitehead. likui, this man cheated you. he also cheated the people... whitehead is likui's friend. that i am, chief, that i am. solid silver. my final warning, buddy. you sing that tune once again, and there'll be ten times more trouble. -i like. -i know, i know. nothing to worry about, nothing to worry about. just some of the boys helping to unload wagons, okay. come on, i'll show you. likui, wait a minute.
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why didn't you kill me; why am i alive now? likui only kills when buwalla is killed. one for one. then why do you threaten to kill all those people? when a man is on horseback, people respect him. people believe him. people will listen. you are alive only if you will send away those other people who do not belong on our land. and if i don't? they will all die. well then i don't really have much of a choice, do i, likui?
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