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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  February 1, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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sa snuffer it is 724. i have your top stories. a man harked in the death of a baby girl in chapel hill. he's one of three suspects accused many the death of one year-old. davis is charged with attempted murder while two other men are charged with murder. members of the state naacp will be in se lem to hear closing arguments to hear the voter id law. it will be up to the federal judge to decide whether the federal id law is legal. they will be required to produce a voter id. we're producing some warm weather. wait until you hear how warm it's gonna get. 71 today. very similar to yesterday. hoping if issue a mix of sun and cloud cover and we are seeing that this morning. you can see on our durham sky
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that nice hole in the clouds there behind the courthouse. nice mild morning of course. 48 in fayetteville and southern pines, 49 in rocky mount and 52 in roxborough. your forecast, 71 today but much cooler tomorrow. if you're putting shorts and t- shirts on the kids today, don't do it tomorrow. highs only in the mid 50s. cloudy skies for tuesday and good chance of showers and thunderstorms on wednesday. 68 but not a great day for spending time outside. brian. >> unless you're water; right? 728 right now. let's look at i40. we have an accident in the median leading to those big delays. add that up with the congestion we see heading through garner up to raleigh. taking about 17 minutes this morning. allow extra time there. the south side of raleigh not
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fied delayed but we'll keep our eyes on it. do have a report on the eastbound side of an accident. durham clearing on earlier crash from rocks burro on i85. three suspects wanted in the connection of a murder in durham are now behind bars. the other first tuesday new scratch-off tickets from the north carolina education lottery it's crazy out here. monday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. it's tuesday! tuesday! very first tuesday, tuesday t-t-t-tuesday, tuesday first tuesday that's me and yous-day! us-day! it's big news tuesday!
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the very first tuesday!
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. is lkacto sus anf th rsakcoact thofalgame an atg s. y me anamntonet a teouere chca to e e. todae hothrough adverse situations. >> all though coach hatch the and him were friends, they won together. she pledged in time for play
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>> coach hatchel is and always will be a class act . >> i agree. >> i'm sure it's tough to sit out those games but facing it with grace. >> we're facing this warm weather with excitement? >> yeah, a little disappointed in the snow lovers lobby but got a little bit last week. fluffy snow. it's february 1 and we're enjoying a lit the bit of warm weather. morning. this mix of sun and clouds looking west across wake county and a good bit of sunshine today and warm afternoon with a high of 71. it's 52 in roxborough, 49 in rocky mount and 48 in wake forest. if you're about to send the kids out to the bus stop, don't have to happened their big coats to them. just a jacket will do. 50-degrees this morning and on the way home, 71 so it's hard
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much cooler tomorrow then warmer wednesday. just stay tuned here and we'll help you keep it all straight. ryan, how do you keep the -- brian how do you keep the road looks busy. >> that minor accident but exchanged information and drove off. things easing up. delays on the westbound side here. that accident was in the median just boryou got to the joan sausage bridge. the accident's clear. traffic now up to a 19 minute ride from 42 to the belt line split. that's a significant delay for that stretch. hopefully as we get closer to 8:00 a.m. traffic winds down and we should see this easing up but keep our eyes on it and let you know how that's shaping up on the sensors. weaver picking up some more
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445 split to sonders and out to the lake and u.s. 1, it's a smooth ride but that will slow you down a little bit around the roads. elsewhere around the trifoliate angles have this accident in the clearing stages around i85 and north of downtown durham and raleigh a number of accidents popped up eventually word of a crash that popped up on highway 39 look for some congest out there as they get that cleared up. an accident with injuries at quail ridge at spring forest and another at sum it ridge on blue dge road. an early crash at pleasant valley is getting cleared up. a minor accident is in the clearing stages. a reminder a railroad crossing for a few spot. they're on southwest maynard road and old apex road. no specific about how long
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plan on delays and detours of alternate routes that don't take you around railroads. they should wrap up this week. back to you. >> thank you. future. >> where these students showed off their ideas of what these from now. >> and how much would you pay for these pants and would you wear them? i think bill could pull them off.
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that is a lobely but lovely -- lonely but lovely beach. >> there's another wop right there. take ago nice walk. >> there's people out ere. it's beautiful. >> lot of pier pressure going
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>> bill's gonna be here all week. we're stuck with him. >> yeah, sorry. >> but we're not gonna dbh stuck with this -- stuck with this warm weather. it would be nice but cheating. if we were in the 70s now and stayed that way until, april or may, it wouldn't feel right. we had it for yesterday and today. then big swings in our temperature coming up. our wilson cam looks beautiful. i'm *f *f *f *f i've got the camera, can't really see people walking up and down that street there. beautiful mix of sun and clouds this morning. 49 is our temperature at the airport here at ldu -- rdu. southwest wind at 8 miles per hour. humidity at 834 percent. 51 in henderson, 49 in rocky
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it's warm everywhere his morning. 48 in stand ford. great feeling morning. the pattern is a lit the bit complicated. this is the first front that will affect us over the next couple days and may bring a few of the sprinkles to the area. we're on the warm side right now. after this front swings through tonight, puts us back into some cooler care for tomorrow. beyond that for wednesday, the warm air surges back north ward but we have this front that's chasing it and food chance of thunderstorms. it'll make sense when we take a look at the seven day forecast. a mix of sun and clouds mostly sunny skies through the afternoon. looks beautiful. high of 71. at 7:00 a.m., this band of showers slipping south ward. most of it falls apart. after sunset, there could be just a few stray shower
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it is likely grey on tuesday and cooler. it coming rushing north ward overnight tuesday night and sets us up for another warm day wednesdayment right behind it is our cold front. that band of yellow is the potential for -- potential for thunderstorms on wednesday. we're up, down, back umm again. a series of fronts coming through the area. 79 is the record set back in 2002. we were 57 on february first last year. tomorrow brings us closer to normal at 56 and grand hog day. hoping to be down there at the north carolina museum of natural sciences. it looks cool at 50 but cloudy. sir wallty wally sees his shadow an early spring but wednesday will be bring like with a high of 68 and we are talking act positive impacts
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it'll stick around for thursday and mainly east of the triangle and brighten up nor the weekend and cold mornings and cool afternoon but plenty of sunshine. nice and warm for the super bowl. our temperature at kickoff at 6:00 p.m. over in santa clara california, california, not far from season fran. 66 and 62. we're so excited for super bowl 50. he wore has panther tie. >> she should take the issue off the table. it's monday. >> it is monday and i want to run out of material between now and friday. >> we should take this off the table. i don't care about super bowl and who wins but i'm glad it's on wral. we're gonna have that special thing that we show you a special dis-issue on sunday. pulled pork sliders.
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>> let's take a look at i40 westbound. it's a mess through garner and south raleigh this morning because of earlier accident around joan sausage road. that accident has cleared and we're seeing those travel times gradually coming down but a little while longer before it's back to normal. slow downs through the work zone. a report of an accident blocking the shoulder around hammon road this morning. 12 minute from 440ous to u.s. 1. lake wheeler road, traffic is moving along bufofully and looks bush beautifully and looks good. a look at the map. word of an accident, serious accident on 264 westbound around the highway 97
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right around highway 19 that's -- 39 that's where the delays begin. some other accidents in the rale leg raising area. we'll talk about those coming up in just a few minute. thank you, the greatest show on earth is rolling into the triangle today. ringling brothers are rolling in. it's the last chance for guests to see a special attraction. the traveling act will stop using elephants in may. a year and a half earlier than previously announced. . the asian elephants will retire to florida conservation center. we'll talk about somebody on the decision in a live interview at noon. it's zebra stripes instead of panther emed. he wore those yellow zebra print pants whether he arrived
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them r about. dancing th the stars vote ran julianne hog nailed the rolled as sandy. the real credit goes to vanessa who played zzo. ( singing ). >> you see the actress lost her
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cancer the night before the broadcast. the show reigned tricky contest and los of audio. fox didn't want to hide what it was doing so it showed actor ands crews backstage. it was the only issue in the three hour show. the they did a lot of outdoor dance in your opinions so it was raining so they had umbrellas and wet golf carts zipping along to move people along sets. members had disposable rain ponchos and had to change some of the lyrics for grease lightning. and we'll get to some more of
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756 good morning. i'm bill. good to have you with us. we begin with breaking news. police are investigating a crash that involved a pedestrian in durham. it happened on north rocks burro street under the bridge. the man was critically hurt and taken to the hospital. no word yet whether there will be chargings. two virginia tech students held in connection with the death of a 13 year. natalie madison disappeared from her home wednesday and found dead on saturday. let's get a check of the forecast. looking good. >> it's nice out there. mid 40s to 50s. it almost feels like a february afternoon already. it'll warm up from here. take a look at our sky cam and you can see a mix of sun and cloud cover and that's what we'll see for the day today.
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it's 49 in rocky mount d raleigh. 52 in rocks burro. tuesday, it's likely to be a lot cooler with a high of 56 under cloudy skies then wednesday a front springs showers and thunderstorms. rain may be heavy. >> 757 and still seng lingering delays through garner on westbound. good news right now, delays are easing in the work zone. these delays through garner push own down to the south side of rale leg raising, those travel times -- raleigh those travel times could increase. we check in, heavy delays on 40 eastbound leaving chapel hill heading to the park. use 54 eastbound as good
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a crash at spring forest road at quail ridge road in raleigh. what's in the clearing stages. an earlier crash at pleasant valley road getting cleared up. didn't see any big difficult travels lays on come rain chances but keep it in mind.
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heats up, the governor . right now on fox 50, two virginia tech students in jail accusing in connection with a
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the section in the case heads
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