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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  February 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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the police made 2 arrests in the operation. the officers arrested 21-year- old howard earl and mcclan. charged with burglary, armed robbery and kidnapping. the crime happened early this morning on spencer-crest road. they believe there are 6 suspects total and more arrests are expected. smith's trial officially begins tomorrow. he is the man accused of killing a north raleigh woman
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melissa huggins-jones was found dead in her apartment by her 8- year-old daughter. today, attorneys for both sides set pretrial motion. the trial gins at 9:30 tomorrow morning. watch it live stream on no injuries reported in a bus accident today nothing southern california. on that bus the denver broncos football team. they were were on their way to their hotel after practice when the bus collided with a motorcycle on highway 101. the team had to get off of the bus for awhile but eventually they were able to get back on and get on to the hotel. we are now 6 days away from the super bowl between the broncos and of course, the panthers. >> yes. that is okay. the pregame fun has started in california as you probably know. haincludes gerald owens who joins us live from san francisco. how is it going? >> that includes gerald owens who joins us live from san francisco. how is it going? >> reporter: a mild evening from our perspective.
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chilly for the folks out here in san francisco. i tell you with ticket prices north of $3,000 most of the people here will not go to the football game on sunday. but it this is their way of being part of that unique experience that comes along with hosting a super bowl. >> several city blocks dedicated to football. super bowl city is the crown jewel of san francisco's pregame festivities. the biggest attraction outside of the game itself. >> so many people here, so many things to experience. big time city. >> a former high school student, gold, is taking it all in. he joined the steady stream of visitors that kept the turnstiles busy. all under the watchful eye of an impressive show of strength. heavily armed police officers patrolling the grounds while the dogs try to sniff out the explosives. >> a beautiful thing. to see them, letting them know they are protected. [ laughter ]
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mind the protection. that extra protection, it is everywhere you look. people were taking pictures with the bomb-sniffing dogs. everyone seemed to be nice everything is going nice city. most of the fans here are local i mean, the panters and other than that. we are in san francisco where the prices are not in stanford. we have a great time here guys. [ laughter ] you. just, just from the fans that you have seen so far, are you seeing more panthers gear or broncos gear? >> reporter: i am seeing panthers gear. the old jerseys. looking for it and maybe perhaps it sticks out that blue
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but, it seems like we are seeing more panthers. >> good that is what we like to hear. >> let's hope it means something. >> me, too. >> thank you. and gerald and the rest of the crew will be part of two-30 minute specials, join us thursday and friday nights. >> each live broadcast features live reports from santa clara and little known connections to the big game and more. this may be one of the games that i pay more attention to the game. >> of course. >> than the commercials. because of the both teams i like both teams. >> i am a huge manning fan but i am rooting for the panthers, too. >> hopefully it will be a good game instead of the run away. i want the panthers to win but entertaining, too. >> they are expecting dry
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changes. let's take a look at the radar this evening. now, newscast at 5:00, 6:00, potential of rain in the northern counties. looking at the rain and the tv station downtown we will see it. watching prosecute orin county and we are seeing it by rain and it all continues to move to the east. this is all along the cold front that will go down to the south tonight and completely transform it tomorrow. it is weather whiplash. 70s today, quite possibly in the 50s tomorrow. back up in the 70s on wednesday and then back down in the 50s on thursday to keep flip flopping back and forth and we will explain why coming up. dreary days, clouds tomorrow,ed with, thursday, thunderstorms possible on wednesday. could be there. finally back to sunshine on friday and the weekend. cooler weather will prevail.
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like the past weekend. a lot of rain out there. 72 was the high today. 47 the low this morning, at skwopb right now. it is raining right now 61, the dew point, 67. now, northeast at 5 miles an hour. the front will move on by. winds kicking up. you will notice when it moved through the commune etwith the winds kicking up. 59 in kerry. here at wral. 61 at fayetteville and rocky mount right now in south virginia. earlier today, fantastic. what it will do, move to the south. tomorrow, moving to the south, dynamic set up. overcast, a breeze from the northeast, drizzle and cooler temperatures and then off to the west we have is a warm front and the next storm system that will likely bring snow to iowa and across the plains. this front going as a warm
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wednesday putting us in the warmer mix. finally, this system will approach from the system next wednesday. once it passes cooler air on thursday. ahead of that front that is coming in from the west. that is potential for severe weather tomorrow. enhanced risk from kentucky and nashville and memphis and south to jackson, mississippi and the huntsville area. large hail, damaging winds, a few tornadoes. it will be in a weakened state. a few damaged wind gust, not a likelihood at all for tornadoes, we will let you know if it changes. the marginal risk. the low end of the scale. that is something we will watch out for on wednesday afternoon and night. daybreak, expecting middle 40s to about 50. a chance of spotty light rain. not more than widespread or will not be more widespread in southern counties as northern counties. starting the day, overcast
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40s to 50 at -- drizzle, cool. an overcast and a breeze from the northeast. drizzle, the temperatures are cooler tomorrow than what we had today. but, we rebound on wednesday. upper 60s to lower 70s, showers and storms late in the day and evening. then it is rain and cooler on thursday. friday and saturday, cooler weather. and tomorrow it is groundhog day. and surwalter wally will come out of the museum -- sir walter wally will come out of the museum and we will find out. >> it is really scientific. >> it is. it is right all of time. [ laughter ] a north carolina pastor super bowl sunday. >> that is because he will be at the game. an all expensed paid trip to cheer on the panthers. a super surprise for bill.
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legendary coach media day as they get ready for super bowl 50. we found our way to san jose
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coach and knows a thing or two with the super bowl. tv analysts are there and ready to go. >> you know i coached in 40 and lost, coached in 30 and won, i am going to say this is a win. >> reporter: has he reached an expiration date on his coaching career? >> i feel young, still involved with the game. but, this element of the game gives me a life i was never able to experience benefit. i got off season and i was not able to do it before. i am enjoying it. i never say never but i am very, very satisfied with where i am at. >> reporter: his new duties allow him on sit down with players like peyton manning. >> just an opportunity to speak with him, the longest i ever talked for long periods of time. i have so much respect for the man. >> reporter: he is impressed with the improvement of newton.
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quarterback included. they like to throw the ball deep and make plays that way. cam is more dangerous in the pocket than out of the pocket. my opinion. we surprised the coach with him, linebacker there until 1979. >> coach i want to take you back to 1979. >> '79? >> if you were to take a look at this. look at that strappy fella. >> yes. getting ready to go to fill pill eagles. >> and the shorts were a little short. >> i got cut that year, you know. >> i know. >> okay. oh my god. [ laughter ] there you go. i don't look different now? >> no, you don't. no you don't. >> amazing what film can do. >> yes. it was great catching up with the coach. believe me, folks, all of us in the late '70s and '80s had the short shorts, coming up at 11:00, the panthers will hit the podium here on media day. we will have that report for you then.
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is almost as rare as super bowl trips, duke dropped out of the college top 25 this week. first time it has happened since 2007. carolina holds firm at number the start. heels in for a bite. now, the games first points here. going up by one at the half. the heels only shoot 34% in this game. marcus page and berry a combined 4 for 23. let's face it, shooting like that does not win college basketball games. lee leads them with 24 as they knock off carolina, 71-65. nc state is on the road as well on this big monday. the pack at florida state. look at the follow up on side's big win over miami. now, the seminals are not cooperating. now, up and under, then, dwayne, spots it up and 3. florida state leads by 16 in the first half. going to the second, 49 and 36.
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women's basketball, number 3, notre dame, remains unbeaten. winning at duke. 68-61. now, the menses central with halftime lead over floor floor a&m. >> quite a scene there. media down up in san jose. now, all of those people looking all to get their 10 seconds of sound maybe. now, still, quite a zoo. >> it is prime time. >> in prime time. >> all right. thank you. >> all right, big news today for popular country band from north carolina. still to come the award nomination announcement. >> also ahead, the plea from one government agency to get drunk drivers off of the road.
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about the inmates scap we continue to keep a look look at the close races out there. the race for the nomination and from the start of the show it is really begun to tightenup. cruz remains in the lead. trump on his heels, though, marco rubio really having a good showing today. 22% ben carson just registering
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sraeurious sources ben various sources may take a break. now, democratic results, tight. hillary clinton with the lead but bernie sanders right there. so, 50% and 49%. very, very tight. with 1%. we heard also through media sources that martin plans to suspend his campaign. also huckelbee there is talk he will suspend his race. we will have more as numbers come in. today, the police say an incident started as an altercation inside of the mall that spilled out to the the marking lot. the victim shot in the arm was take tone the hospital.
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recovery. it happened at 7:00. the shoppers tuesday it confirms their fears of coming at night. >> i don't come at night. i come with my husband. most of the time we are here during the day, you know, well are a lot of activity going on as far as, you know, crime and stuff like that. that it is sad. they have taken away from the mall, you know, traffic. >> mall management says they have security measures in place to keep shoppers safe. no plans to step up security at this time. the search continues for a man who robbed a fast food restaurant more than a week ago. jan 20th, a man tried to use a stolen credit card at kfc then they say he grabbed cash out of the register and ran out of the store. surveillance picture shows the man. he had on a blue puffy jacket and dreadlocks were tied up. it if you know anything that will solve of the crime, call the police.
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of jail. they say the men abducted a taxi driver and then drove ting northern california where two of them fought about killing the taxi driver. one of the inmate came back to santa ana with the taxi driver and later surrendered. today, they announced another arrest in the case. a man accused of sending something sort of article to help the inmates escape. the woman arrested last week now has been set free due to a lack of evidence. two rallies in a courthouse in oregon. one group showed up against the activists who occupied national wildlife preserve. the others were there in support. they are upset over thing death of rancher who was killed last week during a confrontation with the police. his funeral will be held on friday in southern utah. a pileup was all caught on dash camera. four people were killed in the 50 car crash. you can see heavy fog in the
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this driver pulled up on the crash right in the middle of it. several people ran to the side of the road to avoid being hit. look at that. oh phaorbgs my goodness. >> on top of him and the cars -- oh on top of him. my goodness. and and more people drove into the wreck. they could not see it because of the fog. >> oh, geez. a presidency massive fire in los angeles. it erupted early this morning, firefighters got turned control around 7:00. the officials say cylinders fueled the fire. they have not said how it started or if anyone was hurt. you need to cut down how much you drink to drive legally. the agency asked states to drop the legal blood alcohol level to drive from .08 down to .05. the hope is it will cut down on
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this is the second time they made that recommendation since 2013. the worlding health organization declared the zika outbreak a health emergency -- the world health org tphaoeuzation declared the -- health organization declared the zi can ka outbreak a -- -- declared the zika virus over 4,000 cases in the americas. 60 people became ill in multiple states from chipotle. following the outbreak, they revamped the food preparation protocols. next monday all restaurants will close for meetings with employees. if you have not received your w-2 form yet, check with your boss.
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of them to provide employees with that tax form. if you don't get it by this friday you are told to contact the irs. google's parent company brought in 18% jump in the quarterly revenue today and for a brief time it madal -- made alphabet the title. apple regained it after awhile. snacks, free snacks for economy class passengers. united made the same announcement a few weeks ago. delta never stopped offering the snacks. the food will be rolled out in the coming monthsism the american country music award nominations are out. country row band from eastern north carolina could win big. they are up for the new vocal duo or a group award. members called it an honor.
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they are given out sunday april 3rd. 24 hours later and people are still talking about "grease live" how many people turned out per this unique tv musical event? plus, how the sounds of a little girl's heartbeat brought one mother on tears. as we head into the break. a live look at the super bowl media night event going on right now in california. there you see denver broncos
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talked to. so you think you can dance. you will notice something different about the contestants, within 8 and 13. i aged out. the show is being called "the next generation" as america tries to find the favorite young dancers. in years past they were paired with all-stars to show off their skills and styles like contemporary, hip hop, tap and ball room. fox's live production of "breeze" drew 12.4 million. the audience was actually about
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typically gets on a sunday night. good for them. that is is great. time for a look at what is trending. what do you got in. wral reporter catherine brown has twin baby girls. almost a year old. she says decided to have fun with her phones and set up a time lapse. it captured her at might getting the twins ready. just having one, you remember what that was like? having two, craziness. take a look. [ laughter ] >> that is a lot of work. oh my gosh. to keep 2 of them occupied and one gets away and brings it back and crawls away. >> wait does she not get help on this? >> apparently not. >> yes. crawls, brings them back. yes. that is fun. [ laughter ] >> yes. come here. >> not this night apparently not. [ laughter ] >> okay. i am exhausted. >> see why she is in good shape because she is moving quickly.
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you are always coralling somebody is how it works. crazy stuff. this has been viewed a quarter of a million times, fun stuff on see it. you want to get a visual workout. that is what you can check out. oh, super bowl coming up in a week. we have been talking about this and the commercials are starting to leak out. here is one of them. yes, ketchup commercial. >> wait for it. [music] >> it gets better. >> look at that. >> oh, nice. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> it is a massive heard of wiener dogs. >> the dogs are coming. >> oh. that is great. >> yes. that is sweet. oh. >> yes. makes me want to have a hot doing. >> i know. i don't know. okay.
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everything. >> okay. i know, exactly, right? you want to see it again find it on my facebook page and if you think there is something that you should see what is trending send me a message there. >> all right, thank you. the owner of one of the hottest nfl teams in the countriry. c ountry, we will look at the owner. we are seeing rain, off to the west, thunderstorms are coming alive across parts of oklahoma. heading towards what what.
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next 48 ho cnn was declared the winner. ted cruz declared the winner by 20% of the vote. ben carson at 9% of the vote and trump with 24 vote. we will show you democratic. it has not been called. you can see why. hillary clinton with 49.9% of the vote. sanders, 49.4% ever the vote and martin with .06 of the vote. could of swung it right there. we will it continue to follow this and we get those complete
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you on our listen clock news and overnight developments -- 11 -- to have that we will have it per you on our 11:00 news and overnight developments. >> richardson calls this place home. you will not find the streets lined with panthers flags. just outside of town you will see this -- yes, we are proud of jerry. everybody is excited. we are pulling for the owner. we were pulling for them before they came this far. beat them! [ laughter ] >> he went on to play football there after that he played for south carolina where he lived if per decades, name the team
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to the two states. now, carolina and colorado will put meals on the tables of people. they are holding food drives and it will be donated in the name of the winning team. this congregation came to send the pastor to california for panthers game. >> he gives us life in the ministry, what better than the congregation to give him this. he is always dishing it out. >> now, the plane tickets and hotel room, too. the whole thing.
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>> hallelujah. >> yes. loving that. kitten bowl 3 airs on the hallmark channel. cuties will take small field decked out with scratching goal posts. the bowl game was taped several months ago because cats are moody they wanted to make sure they can edit it. [ laughter ] >> oh. >> each kitty was a rescue and adopted. >> just joking. there is the puppy bowl, too. >>es >> you opened the can of worms on that one. >> i did, i did. [ laughter ] >> those were so cute. >> they are. yes. the game should be great because the panthers are in it. great halftime show and commercials. all of the way around. >> all of the elements are there. out in california they are feeling winter. snow and ice created bad roads
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numerous accidents including a car that flipped over the railing. it is a el nino pattern. the weather is fine for the super bowl. the temperatures in the 60s e. now, let's go to the weather desk top. reupb on the radar. we will start with that. -- rain on the radar. we will start with that. a bit of rain. raleigh, seeing light rain as well. that is the most we will see. southern county adding rain. we will not see it a lot. once the front moves up, the dynamics should set up that should see it during the day tomorrow. quite a bit of cloud cover. the jet stream pattern. upper level low. too. not bone-chilling cold. now, it is wet there in the tomorrow.
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thunderstorms going across the plains. now, it is here. especially during tomorrow. we will show it the past half- hour. by the time it gets here on monday. it could see horplss, now, check out the -- it could see thunderstorms now, check out the radar here. 6-12 inches of snow and here in the east and southeast the air is warm and it will be in the form of rain. now, taking a look at the temperatures here. we will aubg about the weather -- no, i want to go -- we will talk about weather whiplash. the day time tomorrow, a wedge of cold air set up. lunchtime, still in the upper 40s, at best, 50 in the afternoon. so, the cold fronts to the south moving back to the north, a warm front tuesday night into wednesday morning. ed wednesday back to warmer air.
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potential of showers and thunderstorms and then there is the next cold front with the colder air off to the west and that cooler air will be in here on thursday. let's check out your seven-day forecast. now, seeing that on thursday. sunshine, now, a few things that you will need tomorrow. the jacket. keep it on cooler there. >> we have been warned. >> yes. >> thank you, thank you. yes, all right, we are still waiting for the panters to make their appearance -- the panthers to make their appearance. >> i think he is at the wrong place, wrong venue. a live look at the event. we saw the broncos quarterback, manning, we are hoping to see cam newton, soon.
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ormo2500 mostloshle eenen e yoi' i t ntmoreinedatge$8 ponth tiarca a mother who lost her baby hear his heartbeat again. she donated 3 of her 7-month- old son's organs. his heart went to a 4-year-old who spent most of her life defect. they met for the first time and clark listened to her son's heartbeat. >> i can not save my own son,
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why not save someone else's child. because i can not do anything with them. >> she would be so selfless to be able to think of another family while she is going through her grief. >> wow, what a gift. >> yes. >> wow. >> the mothers say they will continue the new friendship and find a way to see each other more often. ay retiring sheriff's deputy in colorado springs is receiving 88 the send off after his celebration video went viral. [music] >> he is retiring and known for being highly professional. he decided to cut loose. the other deputies joined in. now, the two shape up when the chief deputy walks in the elevator. and again, when the sheriff's arrival. but then, the sheriff starts dancing, too. [ laughter ]
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>> they placed it on facebook. it had almost five million views. >> they are all in there. >> that is their elevator music? [ laughter ] >> seriously. impressive. >> that is a great elevator to ride in. >> that is pretty funny. thanks for joining us, we will have the latest numbers from our 11:00 news.
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i don't even know what happened. >> it grabbed you right at the top and made it impossible to turn away. so how did they do it so well?
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