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ryupte u duke's basketball tame plays a game without their coach for the first time. duke released a statement saying the coach felt under the weather last night during the team meal. he was checked out at duke hospital ato by his doctors to stay home in durham. no specifics yet as what kind of illness but duke sources say they are expecting a quick
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this is the first game his missed. now, to nick jackobses. first of the 12 ponents, now, allen is tonight, 6-- opponents, now, allen is on tonight six threes tonight. now, california dreaming all week. we go live from levi stadium where our coverage will be it for super bowl 50. jeff? >> reporter: we completed the hat trick of live shots, started out yesterday in san francisco, then, earlier today we were in san jose and now we near santa clara. and toefp coaches you know them, creatures of habits. like all tuesday, today was an off day. an interesting day, what do you do on an off day?
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little bit more film and you talk about the denver broncos. cam newton and manning will not go against each other but their performance in super bowl 50 will be compared. newton was asked if there is a skill manning has that he wishes he had in. >> a lot of things that peyton has done, is doing that i wish i could mimic but i can't do it like peyton, only he can do it. i try on translate -- one of the things i learned from him or saw him do but other quarterbacks in this leak and i try to apply it to my own. >> i am sure he would like to have one of those lombardi trophies that he has. we do have medical updates to talk about. thomas davis, ron riviera says he feels good about davis'practice progress and for a look at allen, the defensive end we turn our attention to mandy mitchell. >> reporter: riviera admits he
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coach. one of the biggest lessons, it willing people what they need to hear instead what they want to hear. he told allen he would not play in the nfc title game. >> respect him. i respect the coach. i respect the heck out of him. you know, it was a loud event. i took my 12 hours to be angry and then you go about it. >> reporter: the patience, he broke a bone during the game with seattle is fresh and ready to play. he is willing to admit the tough call was the right call. >> eat, awesome, thank you, coach. it feels good. >> he and i talk about it, what the benefit of having that extra four or five or six days off meant to his foot. >> reporter: the team is benefiting from his junior tow
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playing with a broken bone in your foot it tends to inspire. >> one of the toughest guys i ever met. he was for the group. he is a great leader. and we are excited to have him. >> he says he will make the final call on allen on friday. but, he does say it is looking good so far. mandy mitchell, back to you. >> you know it is playoff time. i want to may with a fracture in my foot and my arm. now, how about you guys? [ laughter ] >> i have a hangnail i will have to check out, i am sorry. [ laughter ] >> i have a slight cold. [ laughter ] >> having an off hair day. >> yeah, exactly. we are playing through it. >> yes. broken bones. >> yes. pretty impressive. >> yes. tough guy. unc students are making a difference in the lives of children. still to come, the success of will helps hand project.
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contest for the presidential candidates, when they are doing to gain ground in new hampshire. and the mother of a young murder victim addresses the media.
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beshort. ucke, houlpen s>> tbastco and manper kaok before he performs one of the biggest concerts in the world, chris martin has to late show hose. [singing]
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in carpool karaoke. the 2 drove around singing around "cold play" hits. and searching for for the right route to santaa clara so he can perform in the super bowl. you can watch the segment on tonight's episode that airs right over on wral at 12:35. catch cold play's halftime show during the super bowl that airs on wral on sunday night. >> speaking of the super bowl. today we learned lady gaga has been tapped to sing the national anthem before the panthers take on the denver broncos. newton's sense of style is rubbing off, even on cbs this morning. charlie rose -- >> that is good. okay. that is so great. >> i am with you, man. >> yes. cam, i am with you. >>s where, the anchors challenged him to recreate those famous pants as you can see, he came close. the pants were not exactly the same but the fabric is actually sold out.
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[ laughter ] >> that is great. they were not nearly as -- >> no. as snug. >> no not as snug. >> not as styled. >> all right, what is trend something. >> okay, have you ever wondered what those nfl players and the coaches and the refs are saying down on the field? you can see their lips flapping but not what they are saying. >> we want to know. [ laughter ] >> now we dough know, take a listen. >> there is a -- now we do know. take it a listen. >> this is a snake over there. i don't know if it bit a guy. >> florida is where disneyworld is, in florida, florida. oh, please don't cry. why can't you be smooth. >> i am smooth they keep taking the ball. >> no, no, no. >> i can watch it all night. >> no. you have to know that. >> oh. >> it goes on for -- >> is this for real? >> no, no it is not for real. [ laughter ] >> okay.
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it is great. a couple guys get together and -- that is 3rd and whatever. >> i love that. yes, they have more than -- i hate to interrupt it. i don't want to talk over that. you can see it on my facebook page. let's move on to the second one. i love this stuff. okay, this selfie craze. it is a craze as people got together and created their own selfie the musical. you knew it was coming to a theater near you. it is everywhere. okay. [music] this has tkpw-p crazy. now, if you would like to see any of these and go back and see the rest of it, you can go to my facebook page i have the links there? if you see something that you should be in what's trending send me a message. >> florida, that is where disneyworld is, florida, florida. [ laughter ]
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are hitting up new hampshire. the effort to win over voters in the next contested state. >> we have been watching the severe weather throughout the afternoon and evening. thunderstorms are moving through mississippi. few reports are of tornadoes touching down there. the line heads towards us. coming up, we have video that we are going to share with you
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and see when with the iowa caucus done, the presidential candidates will focus on now hamp. >> that state holds the primary next week. many of those in the running made the trip to do campaigning. >> ted cruz is riding high after his big win in iowa. >> we need to attack power out of washington for the fact that we, the people. >> a hope he is counting on new hampshire to be the comeback state. >> i don't feel pressure. we will do what i have to do. >> marco rubio finished 3rd right on trump's heels. he is positiinmsf to be the best candidate. >> i think i give us the best chance to unify the party, it is important. you can not win if the party is divided but to grow it. >> reporter: hillary clinton is campaigning hard after her razor thin victory.
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trying to attract more young and first time voters. >> 84% of iowa voters under the age of 30 supported sanders. >> i think it appeals to her, she does not fire them up like sanders does. >> i am in a contest with your neighbor. i have the highest respect for him. we are in his backyard. >> reporter: sanderses is leading in the now hamp polls and expected to do well on his new england home turf. >> it is a national election, we will go state after state after state after state. >> reporter: new hampshire voters cast their ballots a week from tuesday. now beating by 2 tent of a percentage point. and 6 broke ties with a coins to. sanders says his campaign wants to take a look at that. february wo*nd is the one day of the year when we left the
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>> this tkwraoer, all -- in career, the groundhog did not see his shadow. now, sir walter wally correctly predicted it 50% of the time. >> punxsutawney did not see his shadow, either. >> jimmy the groundhog in wisconsin thinks we will see an early spring. the crowd who turned out it to hear the report was happy with that prediction. some were just excited to see a real groundhog even though the animal was in a cage. we had them all of the time growing up. he is in the cage because of this -- that happened last year when it bit him on the ear. yes. bit the mayor on the ear. now, the groundhog is kept in the cage. they have serious teeth. >> if they are pressured over and over and over again to give
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someone because they are on you? >> i sent greg running before, he is afraid of me. it is a lot of pressure. >> oh, i know, everyone is looking. >> yes. now, talking about the storm system. now, we will start with the snow. now, what happened today. a blizzard pounded parts of the state there today. they shutdown the terstates in the police department. scattered snow and slippery spots. now, you can so them. let's go to alabama right now. this is just in our news room in a tornado. now, this is west. the video was shot by our meteorologist there. significant damage was reported. there were at least -- reports that two people were trapped in a home due to the tornado.
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>> right now, no tornado warnings in progress but the watch for mississippi and alabama. >> now, plenty of snow occurs across parts of the northern plains in the upper midwest. and also severe weather across mississippi and alabama. it is an upper area of low pressure, over minnesota, iowa, des moines getting snow. now, southern part of the system, strong jet stream producing the weather across the south. now, let's take a look at the storm reports that we had come in and most of them are in the form of are tornado reports across mississippi and in alabama. this one here, the tornado report, damaging winds across western alabama and there is one report of wind damage from western, tennessee. now, tornado reports but, that is good news. still, the potential that we can see more weather through the night.
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throughout the south. now, the tornado watch that was in effect for parts of it tennessee and rthern alabama. discontinued. now, that is through the morning. again, showing signs of weakening, that is good news. now, we mentioned the last half- hour, we have a small risk for severe weather tomorrow afternoon. now, let's take a look at lightning potential. no thunderstorms expected overnight and none in the morning. you venture out in the morning plenty of clouds, breezy, phoeulder than this morning, we go through the afternoon and future cast shows thunderstorms increasing upon the area. that is lunchtime. by 3:00. we have -- probably a line of thunderstorms going through. and during the latter part of the afternoon and evening all of haactivity moves off to the east. tonight, all of the thunderstorms, coastal plain, we expect the rain to fall during the day on thursday. it will likely be a chilly rain. take a look at the seven-day forecast.
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70s and today in the 60s pgs -- 60s, a chance of rain on super bowl sunday. a lot of folks are saying let it rain i will watch the super bowl. >> cooler weather coming up per tomorrow. >> oh! >> now, no spring just yet. we will deal with it. >> thank you, mike. the broncos and the panthers take the field.
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>> u all right, a live look at the stadium where they are going to hold super bowl 50. the quarterback arrived for supper bowl 50 in the zebba pants of course, manning, not zebra pants he looked like a wall street broker. >> can you imagine him in zebra pants? >> it would be awesome. >> they don't have much in common but their amazing talent. one of the most interesting match ups in years. >> reporter: panthers quarterback is brash, bold, with a unique style. fans of the 26-year-old love his signature celebrations. others claim he is a showboat. opposing quarterback is impressed with the former top
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>> he is just off to an incredible start in his young n it fl career. he is built like a linebacker but moves like a running back. a deadly combination for defenses. >> i am living the dream that i always envisioned myself living. when i was 8, 9, 10 years old. this is the first super bowl. manning scored. it comes off of a challenging season for the 18 year veteran. midseason manning was benched for poor play and injuries. but the 5 time league mvp is the comeback kid. newton watches the legend closely. >> a lot of things that peyton has done, is doing that i wish i can mimic. i can't do it like peyton can. 40. manning has not decided he will super bowl. he will have to deal with an nfl investigation over a media report linking him to human growth report. >> i welcome that investigation
10:45 pm
are going to find, a big fat nothing. >> reporter: despite their styles there is a mutual respect between manning and newton. a shared love of the game and talent few others will ever know. teri okita, back to you. >> manning believes he should be named league mvp. newton said he is honored to have his name associated with manning. waving adoption fees to help you adopt a minipanter. all adult cats will be free to adopt now through supper bowl sunday. it covers spaying and neutering, wellness check up, deworming and vaccinations, they have continues of cats and kittens that need great homes. in they win they will extend it,the end of the month. >> that was a beautiful cat, too. with those green eyes in. >> yes.
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get,a adopted. thank you for joining us, for weather and traffic every 10 minutes watch our morning news.
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