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tv   WRAL 4PM NEWS ON FOX50  FOX  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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4:00 on fox50 starts w. the rain is moving through and clenching is not over. thanks for joining us. i'm david crabtree. >> i'm lynda loveland. gerald is on assignment. some parts of our viewing area could see 2 to inches. once this line of storms clears out. meteorologist mike maze has been tracking the line as it moves across the southeast. >> the line has moved to wake county or at least is currently now. just moved by wral. we'll got a huge downpour. looking at the world the sky cam, it looks clearer than it did 20 minutes ago when the line was coming through. let's check out the radar view. multiple counties were under severe thunderstorm warnings which expired at 4:00. the only warning or advisory we have now is a flood visory for wake county until 6:00 this evening, about an inch to an agent have every possible as the line moves five. you can see that yellow polygon that moved by, that is highlighting the severe thunderstorm that was in effect until 4:00. that line is moving through
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soon-to-be pilot and dunn, also strong gusty winds. if you're watching from rocky mount, spring hope, red oak, castilian, likely to get that heavy line as well. as we spread of you farther from e south, fayetteville in line to get showers. there's not a whole lot of lightning. the lightning strikes are confined right now to the moore county area. another hour to another hour and a half, this one will be well to the east. this one has a history of producing wind damage. all of the blue diamonds up to the west are reported wind damage, that occurred at 1:35 this afternoon, over into ld hill, about 1:00 this afternoon and run the charlotte area, also about lunchtime, they had reported wind damage. so far, we have not had wind damage reports. now, the line is moving on by but that does not necessarily mean the rain will completely clear the area. could linger for a while. will let you know how long it could linger in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> as the rain begins to get heavier this afternoon on and off, let's take a look outside from our drive 5 crews.
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you can see the rain coming down, roads are going to be wet. this will cause some issues for the evening commute. now let's take another look, let's switch used to 64 and trawick from one of our traffic cameras, the road is wet, rain coming down well. and a little patience when you're driving them tonight, you might need it. billions of people are coming up at this and one of storms swept through mississippi and alabama. a dozen tornadoes flattened homes and knocked out power yesterday. at least one leveled homes and left a path of destruction across two states. firefite rcu ser people from floodwaters. >> when i saw the lights coming down this road, i knew that we were going to be okay. >> one tornado ripped apart a church, the pastor rushed his family safety and survived by hiding and huddling under a desk. that same system is creating blizzard like conditions across
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including white out in minnesota, and more than a foot of snow in parts of nebraska. a high school student is facing charges for hacking the school's database. it happened at panther creek high school in cary. officials found out about the hack last october and launched an investigation. candace sweat joins us now. police have charged this 17- year-old with a crime? >> reporter: that's right. 17-year-old saivamsi numanthu has been charged, and arrested today. however, he has since been released into his parents custody, but, he does still facing felony charges, including accessing a government computer. now, we were at the magistrates office today as he was brought before a magistrate. cary police say the 17-year-old changed a total of 90 great back in october. wake county school officials reported unauthorized access into the school's computer system, and investigators later discovered the system had been hacked into several times. an affidavit states hanumanthu was thinking into the school's office after hours, and he was
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teacher in a locked classroom. police also tell us investigators traced the activity to a computer at wake county west regional library where he often volunteered. now, i also oke with hanumanthu's parents and his attorney. they were at the magistrates office earlier today as well, they did not want to go on camera with a statement, but, as you can imagine, his parents are very word, his father says he is simply concerned about his son's safety, seeing as how he is a senior. and now he really does not know what his son's future will be. >> that's a big question certainly. candace sweat live in cary, thank you. investigators in somalia are looking into whether a bomb caused a midair explosion on a jetliner. the plane left the capital of mogadishu, the blast happened minutes after takeoff. cell phone video capture the aftermath, oxygen masks came down. one man was literally soaked through a gaping hole. he died. the plane was at a relatively low altitude when the aircraft held together until the pilot
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>> we saw a hole in the plane, and the first thing to worry about is, you know, can we really make it? >> that is a bomb. that whole is caused by a bomb and they will be able to tell that. they probably already know. >> somali officials say they have found no evidence of criminal activity thus far. the al qaeda linked rror group,al-shabaab, controls part of the country and isis is expanding in the region. an antiabortion activist is indicted after making undercover videos about planned parenthood. sandra mayor turned herself in and appeared in court in houston today. another indicted tivist, david deleiden, is set to turn himself in tomorrow. both are charged with tampering with the government rendered. the videos alleged planned parenthood illegally sold fetal tissue to researchers for profit. the grand street, planned parenthood committed no wrongdoing. president obama made his first presidential visit to a mosque in the u.s. today. he went to the islamic society
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thousands attendees. the president says muslim americans keep the nation safe, serving as police officers, firefighters and department of homeland security workers. many muslim groups call for president obama to schedule a stop at a us mosque as a public rejection of islamic phobia. he is christian, but continues to bedogged by securities -- conspiracy theories that suggest he is muslim. well, on monday they were in the presidential race, now to the candidates are out. rand paul announced to you stepping back. he did so this morning and a short time ago, rick santorum said he is dropping his presidential bid. santorum is expected to formally make his announcement tonight. and does plan to endorse someone else. coming up at 4:30, the remaining candidates are campaigning hard in w hampshire. residents of an apartment building in harnett county escaped the fire, thanks for to the quick actions of two police officers.
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this morning on west broad street in dunn. resident say they were awakened by pounding on their doors by the officers. they were patrolling the area when they spotted the flames. the building is a home converted into six apartments, everyone made it out safely. no word on what caused it. of case many people can relate to. someone breaking into their home in the middle of the night. melissa huggins-jones was killed in her north raleigh apartment during a burglary in may 2013. three people were charged in connection with the killing, one man is on trial. amanda lamb is covering the trial in joins us from the newsroom with what's happening today. amanda? >> reporter: the testimony to has generally focused on what led up to this murder. now there were a series of break-ins of course, and a leasing office of the apartment complex, just below her apartment was also burglarized. now, police say the connected some stolen items to travion smith and his two codefendants after a posting on craigslist offering one of the stolen laptops for sale. while they do not know for sure at first, the crimes were related to the murder, of melissa huggins-jones, they
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>> i felt like if we investigated the burglary, that might lead us to a suspect in the death of melissa huggins- jones. >> reporter: they said that the advertisement for the laptop eventually led them to travion smith, ronald anthony d sarah redden, even when this testimony seems subroutine, this is such an emotional case. the family of the victim and defendant are in the courtroom. relatives and friends of huggins-jones are wearing buttons in her honor and are communicating today's events on a facebook page in her memory. lynda? >> amanda lamb in the newsroom, thank you. police believe they know who stole packages from neighborhood porches around christmas. investigators have taken out warrants on 29-year-old tyrell dillard. they are still looking for him. one resident caught a man, stephen the fts -- still in the gift off of a front porch be a security video. at the time, police say they responded to at least eight similar package that reports. the d.o.t.
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for the 540 outer loop through southern wake county. it is known as the orange root. that is the route transportation workers have been eyeing for the past 20 years. however the corridor has run afoul to environmental is to say it is the most destructive to sensitive wetlands. it also runs through habitat for an endangered stream muscle. that is why the d.o.t. had to come up with several alternate routes, which threatened homes and businesses. >> there is not a single alternative that would have the least impact on all of the issues that we investigate with budgets. that does t exist. >> reporter: the d.o.t. is the orange root has the least impact on homes, businesses and historic sites. the root must still be approved by federal regulators. if it does, construction would begin in 2018. an environmental group is pushing for durham county school to be powered only by solar electricity.
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coalition released a report today saying it is feasible for dps to operate on 100% renewable energy. they say for that to happen, the school system s to do a series of things, including advocating for changes in state policies. the group says environmentally conscious changes e important. >> the time is now the north carolina, the us, and the world, we need to transition to a clean energy future using resources that don't pollute our air and water, and that will never n out. >> the coalition says shifting to also electricity could save assisted millions. still ahead this afternoon, more countries are put on alert from health officials over the zika virus. the reason experts are telling europe to prepare for an outbreak now. plus, a widowed husband is convinced a plant is partially to blame for the death of his wife. his emotional interview exclusive to wral. and, security very tight for
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the world health organization is warning european countries to start preparing now to fight zika.
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transmitted there but could spring as spring and summer approach. >> as chris martinez explains, in the u.s., they are not surprised to hear the news that the virusis transmitted through sexual contact. >> reporter: health officials around the world are paying close attention to a dallas case of zika virus, transmitted from sexual contact. the patient was infected by a person who picked up the virus in venezuela. at an emergency meeting of health officials in latin america, the director of the pan-american health organization said this brings new questions on how to handle the zika outbreak. >> it would bring a w dimension to the zika problem. and, that will be studied further. >> reporter: the mosquito borne virus is rapidly spreading through latin america and the caribbean. health officials here in the u.s. say they are not surprised to hear of transmission through sex. but, emphasize the disease is generally spread to squito bites. >> the bottom line for the
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if you're pregnant and are thinking of traveling to a place with zika spreading, don't. >> reporter: the virus has been linked to several thousands of cases of a eries for the subject called microcephaly, causes babies to be born with small heads. the world health organization has declared a global health emergency. researchers around the world are working hard on a vaccine. brazil scientists are trying to create one using the vaccine. chris martinez, cbs news, s angeles. now, the world health organization is also warning european countries to begin preparing to fight against zika. the virus has not yet been transmitted there but could spread as a spring and summer approach. an indian car companies frantically trying to come up with another name for its newest hatchback. and this is why. the word zika has become synonymous with the virus we just heard about. well, tatum motors just happened to be in the r, the zica.
4:16 pm
expo in new lhi. zica became an ackerman for zippy car. it will still have any exposed that is to change -- way to change it but they will announce that shortly. >> bad timing, definitely. >> i've been lynda, that would be a good name for the car. >> it did not look orty enough. >> zippy. >> it's not sleep. >> she's got the corvette, became a mom three times, so now your zippy. >> yes, zippy. [ laughter ] i don't know, that sounds like a little sort of the me. >> okay, mike. >> u have an electric car. >> yes, i do. it takes off. i was the one degrees would be more zippy so we can get rid of a severe threat. although it is low, we still have the potential for perhaps a severe thunderstorm warning or between now d 5:30. by that time i think the line will be out of the area. let's go to the rain tarp you,
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set we've had at least one severe thunderstorm warning. that encompasses multiple counties, granville, fans, no reports of damage but this one had a history of producing wind damage and heavy rain coming down to look, a new lightning strike near mickey's crossing in hnson county. that's move closer. heading into warren county family doc state park quarantines in some rain pushes down into the zika of franklin county, so, centerville getting some pretty heavy rain right now. will get a closer look at the immediate triangle area, the line that moved to raleigh, we had a good jumper at the tv station. now is moving into the clayton area. there is the cleveland school area, the crossroads are more down there. smithfield, this one coming for direction, expect very heavy rainfall, gusty wind, maybe 45, 50 miles per hour. outline is eventually going to make its way to princeton, wilson and kenly. get ready for heavy rain. as we makeour way south, harness, oakland county, the line is not quite as vicious
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moving over the dar site, it may not be able to see 24 south and west the settlement may be ferocious and what the writer a minor. let's take a look at the weather headlines. the cold front will pass tonight starting to the east. that's why we keep rain in the data forecast tomorrow. jackets and umbrellas in handy especially during the afternoon. the chill will introduce over the weekend and we are watching for precipitation sunday, maybe not only sunday but there could be other opportunities as you increasing chill. there is the durham sky cam, what roads. so the afternoon commute might be quite slow in many locations but at least it's still warm. 63, the warmest i have seen so far and rdu has been 72. the wind from the southwest at 17, tomorrow inwardly wind bringing cooler air. evans on the 60s close to home. 63 at wral. 62 in moncure, and increasing the view, 70 still at fayetteville and erwin, 70 greenville, 72 in w bern, 60 a clinton. elizabeth was watching this
4:19 pm
wral and it did produce a severe thunderstorm area in the charlotte area. we had a warning in arlotte, moore county and the warning that occurred a short time ago and wake county all because of the front coming in. we have showers and thunderstorms ahead of it. this is the one that moved through the deep south history than that produced thunderstorms and wind damage. it's not doing the same thing around here, it's not quite as strong. there is colder air with it but this cold air won't arrive until friday and into the coming weekend. with the front stalling just to the east, watch as we see the rain probability staying rather high. there 7:00 i am. 50-50 shot in the morning. a lesser chance of rain that we will see through the day and by lunchtime, we see an increasing chance of rain remaining steady through the afternoon and into midnight thursday night and friday morning. finally, we have an upper-level system that kicks all of this stuff out here. friday looks much better in the afternoon, sunny skies, saturday looks pretty good, too. has this evening, showers likely, by 8:00, 60, ill want overnight lows, 60s to near 60,
4:20 pm
tomorrow morning at 8:00 m, phone already with clouds and rain entering the afternoon tomorrow, actually in the morning, these are the highs in the morning but in the afternoon temperatures could fall into the upper 40s to about 50 degrees. there is your 7-day forecast. colder and 49 on friday, thought until next week and the question marks out monday and tuesday and wednesday. the suspect is to watch. >> that is a tease. >> what comes into the curb of those question marks? >> could be precipitation and cold air. >> that does nothing like that's the liquid stuff you're talking that. i don't want to put you on the spot. >> you set us up. precipitation, colder air. you know what happens when those to get together. it's like peanut butter and jelly. >> they don't want to y it. they don't want to say it. smart all of the kids are going, did you hear that? >> get your bread and milk. other than making you smell a little nicer, what impact
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on ur body? ahead in what's trending, we explain what researchers and state, duke, and nc central have found.
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"american idol" at 8:00.
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, alsae >>ty dera almost 7 months ago, a medical examiner confirmed the death of an employee at a factory was -- today r husband spoke exclusively with wral assembly sweltering temperatures and conditions in the plant contributed to her death. >> gilbert baez joins us with the emotional interview. gilbert?
4:28 pm
before she was getting ready to retire, she died in june. i talked with her husband and he said she is the kind of woman who was literally get the clothes off of her back and in one case, the shoes of her feel like she did after one church service. i sat down with him this morning and spent the morning talking with jerod winfrey looking through family pictures. you can tell by the way he talked about his wife, who love that woman. he says she worked at the purulater ant 10 hours a day. he says the temperature in the plant was easily more than 100 degrees during the summer. jerod winfrey says he will never forget the call that he got the s wife's -- was ill. he rushed to the plant, then to the hospital. >> her condition was critical. and about maybe 20 minutes later, they came back and she had passed.
4:29 pm
>> reporter: winfrey, who retired from fayetteville state university, was looking forward to traveling and spending personal time with his wife. she was 62 years old when she died. the department of labor did investigate the plant after that accident. and, osha issued this report. and i sat down with a representative from the plant, i had a chance to talk with dale wagner of purulater on the phone, and also talk with winfrey about this report. lynda, you will you were both sides had to say about this report. it makes a lot of suggestions on how to improve work conditions that purulater. >> so incredibly sad. thank u. a refund service honor the life of riley police officer who died while on duty. [ bagpipes ] today's ceremony played tribute to officer delma deadams, shot and killed ile arresting expected dwi officer in 1980.
4:30 pm
like a pro the police memorial this afternoon. more and more parents are sending children to charter school. a new report from the national alliance for public charter schools says enrollment grew to nearly 3,000,000 across the country. 42 states and dc allow these schools and north carolina. enrollment was up by 70% this fiscal year, as five new charter schools opened. google fiber is omising free ultrafast internet to all public housing properties where it s service. fiber is in the process of deploying here in the triangle. the company announced their free internet plan today is a partnership with the u.s. development. google fiber's vice president says the goal is to deliver to those who need it most. durham was selected as an early test site last year, but it is not yet known when the service might be available. google is not being paid to provide access, but offering it voluntarily. federal officials are in the california bay area, focused on security. with hundreds of thousands of people pouring in for the bi
4:31 pm
safe is a major concern. our team coverage live from san francisco ntinues today. gerald owens joins us now. gerald, dozens of security agencies, it takes a lot to come together to make this a safe week. >> reporter: oh, yeah. this is a major undertaking, lynda. football, of course, is the first order of business at any super bowl, but security is a close second. you can't walk 10 feet here in super bowl city and not see some form of security. there are 50 agencies are working together with the same mission. that is to keep people safe and keep any sort of crime or criminal element out. and they are doing their best to do just that. some of these examples are easy to see led police officers on the ground at security checkpoints but many more are unseen. what is implicit secret service that can monitor social media for any signs of a threat. today, homeland security secretary j johnson toward the
4:32 pm
very portant message. >> at this time, we know of no specific credible threat directed at super bowl 50 or related events. >> reporter: all of the agencies say they are prepared, should anything happen. you know, the bay area is known for its cutting-edge technology. and this week, it is being used in somewhat of a controversial way. cell phone trackers are allowing officers to actually listen in on someone's cell phone. while we were at levi stadium yesterday, we noticed something very interesting. federal agents were using a giant x-ray machine to scan trucks coming in and out of the compound, looking for radioactive material. they have discovered from every angle you can imagine. coming up at 5:30, we'll talk about a hidden problem at events like this and how it denver broncos player got caught up it. lynda? >> got to be careful. security is the number one issue. gerald owens live in san francisco, thank you.
4:33 pm
on the ultimate souvenir. 50 football designed by 50 designers for the game. they're pretty fancy as you can see. they are on display in downtown san francisco. fans can get a look and bid on them. if seeing if you can make it to california there's a chance to take one of these pieces of art to your home, because you can bid on them online as well. >> we have everyone from kenneth cole, and their up for auction for charities for the nfl. >> if designer football start your style, there are plenty of other options also for sale. everything from jerseys and t- shirts, to a 500 flat -- had, laced with 18 karat gold. it is the one gerald showed us yesterday. i don't think he brought it. not yet. we're hoping to get you ready for the game with two half-hour specials. furnace tomorrow and friday nights at 7:00 for "keep pounding." is report features broadcasts
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as well as little-known local connections to the game, player interviews and much more. >> it's going to be fun. docs -- started the day mixed, dow, and sdaq pulling down, the dow ended up 183 points, the nasdaq closed down about 13, and the s&p 500 closed up 9 1/2. your social media account could prevent you from snagging that new job, or it could make a college reject your application. still ahead, what a new survey found hiring managers look for online. plus, the very first cvs pharmacy opened inside target today here in orth carolina. where the joint store is located -- joint and and a plan
4:35 pm
new at a good resume and solid references aren't the only thing job applicants have to worry about. yet another reason to watch everything you post online. >> we can't say that enough, can we? >> hannah daniels explains your social media presence can also play a big role in whether or not you get a job. >> reporter: like most 22-year- olds, anita benjamin spends a fair amount of time on social media. >> i use linkedin, and then i use facebook, instagram,
4:36 pm
>> reporter: but when the college graduate started looking for a job last year, she was careful about what she posted. >> i was thinking that i should definitely keep it professional, because it's all online and everyone can see everything that your posting. >> reporter: new research shows that's a good idea because businesses are looking. a report from the society for human resource management finds one third of companies have disqualified a job candidate in the past year because of information found on their social dia account. in another survey, office team asked hiring managers the most common social media mistakes job applicants make. 45% said posting negative or inappropriate comments. 35% said posting are ing taxed -- wral inappropriate photos. >> if you're too opinionated, too gative, it can really come off to some individuals they can be a problem in the workplace. >> reporter: if you think staying off-line is the answer, think again. 17% of hiring managers question job applicants who don't post
4:37 pm
social media profile at all. having a professional presence online worked for benjamin. >> the way that people perceive us is very important. >> reporter: she recently got a corporate job, her first, out of college. hena daniels, cbs news, new york. cvs pharmacy is expanding into target beginning today with the first combination opening in north carolina and charlotte. cbs has many more coming. last summer the company agreed to pay $1.9 billion to acquire the target pharmacy business. all of those pharmacies will be rebranded under cvs. all patient records will transfer, and the pharmacies will stay open during the change. we are still tracking some rain this afternoon. mike? with at&t the choice is yours. you only pay for the services you need to make your bundle work for you. call now to get high speed internet
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after a better than expected finish in iowa, marco rubio is trying to keep the momentum going in new hampshire. >> and hillary clinton is stepping up our efforts to close the gap between her and bernie sanders in that race. daniel nottingham explains how the two will appear together at a town hall ent tonight. >> reporter: marco rubio is trying to convince new hampshire voters he is the republican party's unifier. >> if you vote for me and i am the nominee, i will unite the conservative movement meant and republican party. >> reporter: some voters we spoke with are still on the fence. >> what will it take for rubio to get your vote? >> a question. i don't know. standout, show me that you can take the lead. >> i want to see more than what i see on tv. >> reporter: gop rival, chris christie, is touting his
4:40 pm
taking aim at rubio's senate record. >> talk about the things he has fought against. what has he done? he is a very nice person but simply not ready to be president of the united states. >> reporter: rubio has a jampacked schedule everyday leading up to tuesday's primary. hillary clinton is hitting the ground in new hampshire just as hard. clinton is trailing bernie sanders in the new hampshire polls. >> i'm going to be out here making my case, answering ur questions. >> reporter: sanders is feeling confident and rejecting the notion he will win new hampshire simply because he is from ighboring vermont. >> the american people, frankly, are tired of establishment politics. >> reporter: the sanders campaign raised $3 million in the 24 hours after the iowa caucus. daniel nottingham, cbs news, laconia, w hampshire. >> who voted for all of this rain today? >> you called it yesterday. this time, we were talking about this one ming through. >> it was certainly a potent system yesterday moving to cincinnati, alabama, tornado warnings, tornado touchdowns, flooding.
4:41 pm
night and today in the western part of our state. we have video from tennessee. take a look at this. rescue crews came in to help a driver in tennessee as floodwaters rose to dangerous levels. heavy rains prompted flood warnings and middle part of the state. this person was trapped in a vehicle in a creech. a large military transport truck went in to help the driver, and thankfully, they rescued him. is take a look at our forecast to see what's going on. let's start with the radar view first. and then we'll go through rainfall potential. we talked last half hour about the front coming in will likely stall either in the coastal plains or in the car skidding rain in the forecast, not only this evening and overnight but during the day tomorrow and may last for iday morning. if that is the case we could see quite a bit of rain. at the top of the newscast that 4:00, we saw this polygon, severe thunderstorm warning, expire. no new warnings that we have seen cloud to ground lightning strikes. latest ones, wichman and scott counties, there were some in the clayton area, willis springs and eastern wake
4:42 pm
those only stay up for about 20 minutes or so. this one continues to head to the east. again we will likely see rain continued be on this front as we go through the night. this is rainfall potential for the next two days. with that front stolen in the eastern part of the state there is potential for a couple of inches, maybe 3 to 4 inches of rain on the outer banks d lesseraround wake county, we could see as much as an inch to an inch and half over the next two days, that includes what we have seen around here today. rain remains a prominent force in the forecast. i wanted to point out tomorrow, because it's interesting, our high occurring in the morning and the upper 50s, and gradually phone today. mid 50s lunchtime, upper 40s to 50 during the afternoon. even though it may feel mild in the morning, keeper jacket handy because it will progressively get cooler today and rain stays in the forecast through the day, too. here's the big picture. we put the jet stream on the map and upper-level wind coming in from the south and west.
4:43 pm
momentum put that ont of the way through. chill air in the north and west but real cold stuff is still up in canada. we will see that type to the south and east in the coming days. and today's run is much weaker than what we had yesterday. in fact, no watch is in effect but there have been a few warnings. currently, thunderstorm warnings south of columbia but there were tornado warnings earlier and severe thunderstorm warnings locally. there is the satellite radar view. upper-level wind coming in from the south and west. since the front will be line parallel to the upper-level winds, it will likely stall. it's not until friday we have energy in the upper atmosphere come along and pull this down. let's take a look at the upper- level winds. there is today. there is tomorrow, again, parallel to e front. don't have any momentum to clear the area so we keep rain in the forecast. by friday we have a trough coming through and kicking that out. over the course of the weekend, cold air. you see that blue showing up. sunday school. upper-level system could create
4:44 pm
moving back, could be close enough to bring about rain around here. then there is that colder search coming to the south, moving to the south. i tuesday and wednesday of next week look at how cool it is but it's only a short-term cool down by thursday and friday of next week and into the ming weekend, all of that cold air moves out and temperatures become more moderate by next weekend. here's the planner for this evening. 68 by 8:00. 58 overnight. in the morning, 57 by 8:00 am, all three. have a chance for rain. there's the 7-day forecast. upper 50s with mostly partly cloudy skies, greater chances as you get for the coast, and then the question marks about monday, tuesday and wednesday, those days are likely to change. we stay cold but what comes with it? >> oh. keep an eye on that. thanks, mike. doctors are trying a very old method of pain relief to
4:45 pm
>> our health team's >>mos ost onwr. >>epur thatlw it khag oue torms moh as5:loroad us s lo >>prthe
4:46 pm
, wh whtoonsi s wr>>er >>opn anothe prticeace r th arch naud mingotd,real painr al , are ok lpenre tit ed trcrgs f>>join kl edyheanensh pt trl stedcte as a waelie so of ys
4:47 pm
>>epth ag ncr fljoinanmuineshe sear urpa, itanth now, to tiengrou d th t acuncte acupe which involves sham chabeters not in apuncture pois. some saytheyelt mediatel release. he are defect ts capoteiallhe wi sickne and symptom improvement. >> reporte doctoo eori pr fr both re and sh acupuncture castimrvth ait,theyli won., hits ma e
4:48 pm
hoarboane tee orinwi l icd stroketorecaed bros. neounty. o ing. . > al gti is>>. caatheen ne eemongby. thlyrn reunanvi
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