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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  February 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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now out of the triangle or go don't put away those umbrellas just yet. thanks for joining us, i'm lynda loveland. >> i'm cullen browder. the rain will continue in the hours ahead. let's go to meteorologist mike maze was tracking it all at kbak weather center. >> it had been soggy and continued this evening and will likely continue overnight. take a look at radar view of what came through. you see those lightning strikes getting close to the outer banks and jacksonville. that's the heavy band that came by but now we are in a more stabilized atmosphere so we are seeing light to moderate rain. southwest of fayetteville there's more rain moving north and east, and we are going to keep that in the area through the night. 1.2 inches of rain at fried the room, 1.6 act rocky mountain, and it's not done yet. chance of rain it 10:00 o'clock is quite high. tomorrow morning we are likely
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end up being in the coastal plain. we expect a surge up from south carolina in the afternoon primarily from the triangle area to the east so keep umbrellas handy. this time tomorrow night likely to start raining, and even as early as three. another system coming from the northwest pushes this out thursday and friday. when we get back to dry or whether it will be cooler. we expect highs to be in the 40 but tomorrow i don't want anybody to think it's warm like today, 72 officially. tomorrow will be a cooler day, we'll let you know how much cooler in the forecast coming up. >> a bond hearing scheduled tomorrow for natalie keepers, one of the virginia tech students charged in the death of a 13-year-old girl. family and friends came together to visit nicole lovell at of funeral in virginia. the body was found over the weekend and investigators say she was stabbed to death. david eisenhower is also charged in the murder.
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roberson county teenager disappeared. singer graham is the daughter of a deputy was last seen leaving her home in fairmount on february 4 to go the is investigating into the disappearance and will hold a conference tomorrow. >> a day care director arrested on child abuse charges. another day care worker outside orlando turned the video over to authorities. can joins us in the newsroom with what the director had to say about her actions. >> when least first saw this it was startling and unsettling. the day care employee who turn this over to child care services was uncomfortable with the director's actions. some of the video is difficult to watch. this is the video and forsett officers in florida used to charge kimberly reed, a
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year-old boy several times, lifting him up then dropping in the video from the children's palace learning center the little boy appears to and dropping his. >> it's uncomfortable hair. we want to get it out there so if there is any other victims here. >> police got wind of the incident after another day care worker notified florida's department of children and families, and the department investigators then called police. telling investigators she was only playing with the child but account. >> she said she was only rough language -- reed is already on probation in a neighboring county for welfare fraud and grand theft. investigators are now looking into whether she should have been working at the day care center in the first place and
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>> who knows, this might not be the first incident, she had the director of the day care, so we just happen to have an employee that had enough courage to come out and let somebody know. >> she was the director of that day care center. it appears the abuse happened over a three-week all. . this fight that, the child was not hurt. that day care is temporarily closed as this investigation ensues. >> talked to watch indeed. as sex assault case against bill cosby will continue, that's a decision by a judge late today. the criminal -- comedian's attorneys asked the charge be dismissed. with today's decision preliminary hearing will be held march 8 to determine if . a teenager links to a
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the unidentified suspect was 16 last year when he landed in juvenile court on gun possession in south carolina. the fbi began investigating reports the team reached out to a raleigh man about robbing a gun store and then attacking a military installation in the name of the terror group isis. thirteen was denied parole this week on the chart. >> more charges that panthers cool creek -- hacking investigation is out tonight. the boy is that the boy stood before magistrate today we said he hacked into the school database and changed about 90 grades. police were alerted in october when administered is noticed unauthorized access to the system. investigators say the database had been hacked several times. hold off i electronically tiny -- filing your taxes. the irs stopped accepting e-file returns because a computer problem. they call it a hardware failure
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refunds. the agency is working on the problem and some systems will remain out of service through tomorrow. >> ,'s adam owens was that the meeting and joins us in raleigh with the proposal the leaders came up with tonight. >> we find ourselves talking about this all the time, the way we fund schools right now, we passed these massive bonds that are attached to long-range plans. but the idea introduced tonight, what if we broken down into more frequent but smaller pieces ? every few years wake county voters know they'll get hit with the bill. there was a referendum in 2013 for more than $800 million, and another before that in 2006. >> it's huge numbers but we have huge numbers of people. >> reporter: the people keep coming. new schools being needed is not new for a wake county. how we pay forit?
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>> if we are going to be building schools, let's admit that program is going to go on and we need to figure out a way to fund his. >> sepideh commissioner roger says the start of large ones years apart, how about smaller bonds planned and voted on every couple years? >> going from spikes and up and downto something that is smooth and predictable. >> reporter: she said it will protect against surprises surprises. >> it was a great first step in something for us to build off. we are not always waiting on a big event of a bond issue, humongous bond issue, every three to five years, but a continuing program that will continue to meet the needs of wake county. >> reporter: however frequent future by means main be, people and leaders still have to figure out how much will be in them. >>the devil is in the details. >> it's always in the details,
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the school says their need for school renovations, for things like buying land, acquisitions, they come to around nearly $360 million a year. again, that will all come down to the money in the end, including the new idea proposed tonight. there were still in a lot of talking that has to go on . >> it's tough to made everybody but you got to do it. >> a woman who admitted she was a look out the night melissa huggins jones was killed will take the stand in the tracy and smith murder trial. today is accused connected smith to smith's rolla hills apartment and the stolen laptop. investigators say smith and his codefendant tried to sell laptops stolen from the apartment complex's leasing office the same night. the man who posted one of the laptops on craigslist to stand
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demeanor at the police station after they were both arrested. >> he was smiling talking about his baby's mother crying about him being above the numbers. >> two other people were charged in the case. anthony already pleaded guilty and is serving a life sentence. >> imagine mold and mildew in baiting your home, you are stuck in a leaf in your landlord won't fix it. >> today we walk you through your rice plus one thing not to do if you find mold, whether you rent or own was five on your side thursday at six on kbak. >> today wells fargoissued layoff notices to 87 employees in raleigh and 68 in charlotte to workers received a 60 day notice effective today. the bank said it's a result of market changes and is the third round of layoffs for wells fargo since september. a stork theater facing financial woes could face more debt. the romance carolina theatre could reach a deficit of $1.6 million by the end of the year.
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current that around 1.3 million. bonfield plant to meet with the theater's interim ceo dan berman to discuss the debt next monday. >> the state dot select is preferred route for the 540 out or the through southern wake county. the orange route is the route competition officials have been eyeing for the past 20 years but environmentalists didn't like it because they say it's the most destructive to wetlands. the deity also came up with roots which threatened homes and businesses. deities said the orange route has least impact on homes, businesses and historic sites. could still get approval of regulators and if it does construction will start in 2018. >> another candidate out of the gop race for set -- president. rick santorum shut down his campaign. >> plus we are live in california with a lookout shows off the passion fans have for their neighbor football team.
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at the center of today's . >> super bowl city is getting more crowded and more colorful. >> kbak jerricho wins is live
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war of words through fashion. gerald, how's it going. >> reporter: linda until about 15 minutes ago it was going well. for the first time this week rain is starting to fall. this game this weekend between the panthers and the broncos but most people don't vote for the panthers or broncos. how do i knew that? all i had to do was look out over the crowd to see what everyone was wearing. few things fire up a person's passion quite like sports. every team in the nfl is represented in super bowl city one way or another. fan loyalty is learned a lot can be inherited. >> how do you like the panthers? did your dad make you become a past event? >> kind of.
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that where my dad grew up. >> reporter: sports is one of the few things that can unite complete strangers and compel them to travel great distances speech as we came for the super bowl activities, not spending money to get ticket for the game. >> this lady from the marina is more subtle with her panther pride but she is no less enthusiastic. >> i don't see a lot of panthers gear around here today. maybe it's early in the week? >> i think so. we've been to a lot of stores and there are a lot of california cure out there but you have to search for it. but i have my blue on, i'm ready . >> reporter: and other people already here to we have seen panther fans just not as many as i expected. i imagine that will increase as we get closer to the weekend. while
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demonstration outside with people upset about all the money spent on the game and the -- they want more money spent on the home was. >> i heard there was going to be something like that going on there. gerald owens live in san francisco thank you's. we are helping you get ready for super bowl 50 with two 30 minute specials. is broadcast features live reports from santa clara and charlotte, plus we will have little known connections to the big game, player interviews and moores. and north carolina man has a holy grail of sports tv but there is a financial dispute over the only known broadcast recording of super bowl one. this man's father take the game in 1967. amazingly the nfl, cbs and nbc didn't keep the broadcast of the packers beating the chiefs. he said the videotape stayed in an addict in his home for
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sell at but the nfl won't pay the $1 million he initially requested. plus the league threatened to sue if he tries to sell the content to anyone else. he's saying is like having the golden ticket but you can't get into the chocolate factory. >> there is just something not right about that. >> it's so interesting on so many levels that he is the only one with a known recording of super bowl one. >> you think something. >> they have been battling for >> that's a shame. over an edge here. >> yaakema and more to come. locations. make sure you have your ring gear tomorrow, it's going to be essential, especially east of i- 95. the farther east you go, the greater the opportunity to get what you go we will zoom in a
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most in the form of like rain. toward roxborough and denville, not seeing anything. maybe some sprinkles. southward fayetteville and hardin county, height has, you see light to moderate rain, and it starts to pick up as you go across the border to dylan and florence into south carolina. all this is moving north and east and the member that line of winds that came through with the occasional lightning strike, that's toward the coast and will continue to move east. there is a very small chance this could become severe. earlier today there were two reports oh three was touching down. -- of three tornadoes touching down. this cold passes and stall to the east and that's why thursday should be drury. where a browse and jackets because tomorrow 50s will be the highs, may be 60s in some
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friday. next week a big cold surge is coming and we'll track that over the next half hour. rollie sky cam, very drury evening but warm. again 72 height a, 62 right now. it's why we're sleeping tonight that the front will pass. all 60s cult of home, 60s and brought real figures before fayetteville, 61 roxborough. there's a line that came by earlier today. behind it a line of cloud cover and more rain to the south and west of us. >> affronted to the west and the movies but are coming from the -- they are running parallel to the front. when that happens the front doesn't move fast with no mont b there is energy in the upper atmosphere that will come by friday and kick this
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out friday but tomorrow is likely to be rather dismal. temperature behind the front are chile, 40 in memphis, then you get colder, 25 in kansas city. we will get a taste of the colder air tomorrow but we will get a bigger core of the colder air friday and really cold stuff starting early next week. overnight clouds in by daybreak temperatures will be 59 in southern pines and 68 and fayetteville -- 58 fayetteville. temperatures going down in a chance for rain. make sure you have your umbrella when you leave the house by. by lunch town this by lunch time during the afternoon the numbers keep going down, about 50 in the triangle, cloudy skies, rain. friday, 49, 50 on saturday, we will check out what's going on saturday, 21 in the morning,
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that's appetizing. if there be cold during the run but eat a bunch of doughnuts. i wouldn't want to be around what -- to see what happens the end of that race. there is an area of the pressure tracking to the south and a small possibility there could be somewhat snowflakes on sunday. >> that could be pretty. >> especially if it doesn't get really happy. but we will be watching that day and there is another day we will watch next week for a potential for snow. >> i want to stay home and watch the game come if you will help me with that. >> i do too. >> out on the west coast, you know there are different ways to get to the super bowl. mandy mitchell will have the story one panthers assistant
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his team to change one thing even though he knows not
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their thing . >> winning is an absolute glorious thing with your team
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panthers have been this year had been a little annoying to someone the outside. you know how the panthers like to have fun and celebrate their accomplishments in many and various ways. let me take offense to that. i do not like it. the panthers have been characterized as a group to self-centered. people certainly don't like but it panthers take team dubbing photo before the game is over. the coach said he takes offense to his team being called cocky. >> we have kind of crashed the party, we are new to the scene. a lot of people know who we are . so to draw a quick conclusion on that based on a couple things i think is disappointing. i'm not going to have our guys change now. you are to have everybody tighten up. cam made a comment about it a couple weeks ago, and we don't want to have it get to that point. >> reporter: we all around rivera played played for the
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is not the only panther coach with a connection to the bears. mandy mitchell crossed the line. >> reporter: panthers assistant coach cam turner members his first experience at the super bowl very well, 2007, the bears playing the colts, and younger cam was in the stands. >> last time i was in the super bowl with my dad, as a fan, family member. >> reporter: a dad, ron turner, was the bears offensive coordinator at the time. like all proud sons he wanted to be there, but he a most didn't get that chance. >> there was about a week all. where i didn't know and i was frustrated to say the least. >> reporter: the problem: he was a freshman at the citadel. you don't get any weekends off, let alone nights. >> reporter: that includes super bowl sunday, even if your dad's coaching in the game. >> i had to go ask permission
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leave days, and i had to get signed off and go through the channels. >> reporter: permission granted. he made it to the stadium just in time and had to be home the next day. little did he know he would be coaching in the same game just a few later's -- years later. >> never when i have dreamed that it would have worked out that i am here. it's surreal. >> reporter: you can bet he is looking for some family revenge on sunday. in the shadow of alcatraz, mandy mitchell, kbak sports, san francisco, california. >> all right, mandy, another cam. how about the hurricanes tied at one apiece at the end of the first. -don't forget tomorrow night 7:00 o'clock right on kbak, we will have our keep pounding special looking at the california panthers friday as well.
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>> reporter: according life, thanks, jeff. >> a mixup on a a morning newscast mistakenly sends a hockey team to the super bowl. social media had a ball when a panther of a different persuasion showed up with a story. >> plus one of the violent knows escaped from a new york prison dresses for court -- addresses the court for sentencing. >> the moment
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car an >> you're watching kbak news on fox 50. >> a taxi driver kidnapped by escaped prison inmates would not sure whether he would they were die when one hopped into the car and put a gun to his head. speaking through an interpreter, he told reporters that the trio constantly bickered about whether to kill him. after a week one of the men stuck him out of the hotel hideout and turned himself into police on thursday. police arrested the other two men a day later. police haven't said how the men escaped. rick santorum and his run for the white house and threw his support behind another candidate. he says marco rubio is the man for the job. the
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describes rubio as a born leader and praise his optimistic message. sanatorium -- santorum entered as a a underdog and is a third gop candidate ball out following and rand paul. this is the first time the president had been inside a mosque as president. during his speech he gave up speech to the americans safe as police officers, first responders and more. >> investigators in somalia are looking to whether red om called a midair explosion on a jetliner. the plane left mogadishu and the blast happened moments after takeoff. cellphone video video captured the aftermath of the explosion. one man was sucked down through the gaping hole and died. the plane was at a relatively low altitude and the aircraft
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was able to land it. >> the first thing you are worried about is can we really make it. >> that is a bomb, their whole is caused by a bomb and they will be able to tell that or they already know. >> if this was terror related, no one has claimed responsibility. meanwhile airport security at mogadishu has been heightened in case this was a test for a bigger attack. >> the man behind a popular podcast argued for a new trial or go syed was to introduce new evidence in his case including an alibi witness and cellphone records. syed was still a teenager when he was convicted of killing his girlfriend in 1999. the judge sentenced him to life in jail. >> one of the two convicted murderers who broke out of a new york prison last year apologizing on new york courtroom. david sweatt said he was sorry for the pandemonium as he was
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him to three and a half to seven more years in prison for charges related to the escape and also have to pay 79 dozen dollars restitution for damage done to the prison during the breakout. a new lawyer for squarely told him to keep his mouth shut, squarely, the world's worth ceo pay securities charges today in court. he said he's completely innocent . he came into the spotlight last year when the company raised the price of cancer and hiv drugs by 5000 percent. >> a clerk gave a potential robber more than he could handle . the man walked in with a gun and told the clerk to empty his register into a bag. what the suspected know is that the clerk's army veteran david dyck who did five towards in our rock. dick said the man took the gun off him for a split seconds which was enough time for him
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punches and put the man in a chokehold. the man did get away but had a look of fear in his face. >> michigan's governor says flint residents shouldn't pay for water they can't use and proposed a 30 million-dollar payment relief plan to fund the credit for those affected by toxic water or go that credit will only cover city 4 percent of most water bills. an estimated 21,000 people continue paying their bills despite the problems. congress launched a hearing to determine how this was allowed to happen. >> a group of personal finance experts released the best and worst places to get married when it comes to your wallet? fortunately none of them were in raleigh. las vegas, atlanta, tampa, and springfield missouri. that's where i'm from. where did they get married, bass pro? i mean, really.
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worcester massachusetts and yonkers new york. experts say keeping an eye on the wedding costs means you may be able to splurge on a honeymoon. now is the cheapest time of the year for one of them -- twas of what a most magnificent residences in the world. biltmore estates lower admission prices are in effect now through march 18. you can get adult tickets for $40 in advance. kids between ten and 16 are half the adult price, and anyone under nine getzen three. >> looks beautiful. the perfect hearing: football and donuts. they seem to go together especially when you consider un- north carolina favorite. >> how krispy kreme is making as we deal even sweeter as the
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>> a man here on thfa f willgeyesa a o. thpee t
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tiam . people in the southeast woke up to damage from a storm that hammered parts of alabama and mississippi. twelve confirmed 2006 through 100 miles of land between the two states. so far there were no reports of serious injuries. the incredible. water rescues kept water emergency rescue workers in a speech and because flash flooding hit north carolina. we talked to one woman trapped in her car. >> reporter: flash flooding is not something that's unusual
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in the blue mall parking lot but this time it came up as quick as anybody can remember. the rain poured down making a mess on some roads. a flooded a lot of streets too. this was in boone. the floodwaters rose in a matter of minutes. >> this is a lot of water. >> reporter: it caught some folks off guard. rescue workers walked this lady to safety. she was stuck in this car, was going to walk out on her own. >> but some bystanders saw me and told me to stay put. they were afraid i was going to get swept away. >> she did the same thing -- the smart thing. >> reporter: morgan was okay. but there was one thing about the water. >> it was called. >> reporter: as fast as it went up -- well it's not going down that fast.
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officials, and they're hoping for some drier weather over the next few days. >> it was cold. >> she was not a happy camper at that point. >> it was a nasty morning. >> we've gotten a fair amount of rain over here. >> over an inch and a half and there is more to come, and more to come tomorrow. there were more tornadoes that touchdown today, south carolina and georgia. we have video from lexington south carolina. a tornado touched down near irmo north and west of columbia. it measured zero which is the weakest level of tornado. there were some downed trees and some cars in a storage lot. i have a track of that tornado and a picture of a tornado touching down at fort stewart in georgia. let's go to the
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going on around the country. over the past 24 hours, when damage reports in tennessee, numerous windows reports from charlotte asheboro, over and randolph county but we have no reports of wind damage locally although we did have a severe thunderstorm warning for franklin county. there is lexington county tornado that touchdown west of columbia, and there is a fort stewart tornado. all is quiet since. let's take a look at the big picture. we will just take a look at the nationwide picture to see what's going on. heavy rainfall across georgia, south and north carolina. when you see fronts running parallel to the upper flow wins they don't have a lot of momentum to be alone through and that will be the case for this front. we have some energy in the
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that will clear this out on friday. let's look at upper-level winds and temperatures. the jetstream shows southwest winds aloft. we will see temperatures in the 60s and as we go through the night we expect rain and through tomorrow. they stepped -- expect temperatures to fall through the 40s by the end of the day. during the day on saturday, still weather cool. sunday a system coming by that will track to our south. if it gets close to us, we could get more rain. if it's cold enough, it could be snow. so sunday is one day to watch. super bowl sunday. here comes a bigger cold search out of canada, likely to bring cold air. with that upper level energy could produce flurries for tuesday and wednesday so
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watch. we should see some improvement and temperatures as we go through the latter part of next week but the first part should be cold. 58 degrees tomorrow morning falling to the 40s and 50s during the afternoon, cold on friday, 49 and staying chile for the next several days. >> sounds good, we will take it .
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>> coming up, what it. tatkrste er tul . ey r one n tsr ju99. t ro heas moanshows ritab rswt s ts icte t o
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ob r. >>hey athen jt h o kbakat . i can't go to jail, bob! >> every bit of it is awful and hard for me. >> he got away with beating her. he is not going to get a waeway with killing her. >> that's a measure of how good it is. oh, sorry. >> the people of o.j. fallout, the families and real-life key player let their opinions be heard. i'm billy bush. then we break down the facts and fiction of episode one. >> have you ever thought about killing nicole? >> i'm glad they showed the part
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