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tv   WRAL 4PM NEWS ON FOX50  FOX  February 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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right now on wral, more rain moving to the triangle this afternoon. mike is watching some court temperatures, and overnight. plus, the admitted lookout in a string of crimes testified against her friend today. north hills murder. california with more team coverage of super bowl 50. the organizers are trying to make this year's game the greatest ever. live from raleigh, wral news at 4:00 on fox50 starts right now. more rain drop the day today, and it will be a soggy commute tonight for many of you. lynda loveland. >> and i'm david crabtree. gerald owens is on assignment
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meteorologist mike maze is tracking the system. you are also looking at the forecast for tomorrow morning. >> we could be looking at snow showers as this system to part in the morning. we will talk about that momentarily. let's start with the radar, the rain we have been seeing is primarily around the triangle east along the i-95 down for the coast. it has been light to moderate at times, for the west for durham and chapel hill, very little and nothing really going on in tran -- roxboro. temperatures happen gradually fun. it was quite mild as we started the day but temperatures into the afternoon have fallen. that was the expectation. tony brown rainfall totals, quite a bit of rain, especially eastern counties. 2.3 inches rocky mount, over 2 inches goldsborough, clinton, and farther northwest, about 1.5 inches roxboro. we have a bigger upper-level storm coming through, what that will do is give rise to precipitation and cold air coming in as well. we anticipate numbers going down. here's the forecast this
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50 by 8:00. overnight, 36. tomorrow morning is what i call tail and snow as the system moves out and cold air comes in. we could see a rain and snow mix and perhaps ending as the snow showers, where there are some snow showers that are briefly heavy, there could be some dusting on elevated servicesut since temperatures are in the upper 30s, maybe mid- 30s in some locations, should not cause much problems on the roads. again, it's the tale and and typically when we have those it does not produce much snow. tomorrow afternoon, the sun comes out and back in the 40s. whatever falls one last one. you go into greater detail on what will cause this into full weather in a few minutes. work will continue tomorrow morning to find out what caused a will raleigh parking lot to split open. we first reported this afternoon. people working in the manpower building on oberlin road had quite a scare today, the fire marshal determined it was safe for people to stay in the building. the building's owner says it appears recent rain caused this. workers covered it and plans to
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tomorrow for a permanent solution. one of the suspect in the murder of melissa huggins-jones took the stand today to testify against travion smith. sarah redden admitted to being the lookout at the murder. amanda lamb has been covering the trial and joins us in the newsroom with what she said. >> reporter: sarah redden is charged with murder in the case but has been cooperating with the state. redden testified she was the lookout for travion smith and her boyfriend, ronald anthony, as they broke into question the north hills area the night of the murder. she said smith and anthony disappeared for time and came back and urged her to run away with them. redden testified the man wash their hands, appear to be anxious, and anthony displayed a knife and smith appear to have blood on his shirt. they all went to a hotel room together and she recalled was smith said to her. >> what just happened?
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be concerned at this point? >> yes, to me, he did. because he was, you know, unusually quiet. me and him usually to false. and, when he asked it, he sounded nervous to me. >> reporter: another chilling part of the conversation, redden testified the men talked about how they were thankful that the little girl did not wake up. huggins-jones' 8-year-old daughter, hannah, did wake up the next morningnd found her mother died. coming up at 5:00, hear more from redden about what happened the night of the murder. >> chilling is right. amanda lamb in the newsroom. thank you. nicole lovell, the 13-year- old murder and him to north carolina is being remembered today. family and friends are honoring her in a small private funeral and by all accounts, she was a lovely young girl. police that she probably carried her minions blanket with her at the time she disappeared. -- lovell had dealt with medical problems including a liver transplant and tracheotomy. meanwhile, 19-year-old 19
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a judge denied it, prosecutors claimed keepers and 18-year- old, david eisenhauer, carefully planned lovell's death, buying supervening -- cleaning supplies and show last several walmart and hiding the trunk of the body in a car. they still haven't mentioned a possible motive. every year at tax time, phone scammers pose as federal or state revenue agents can't people to tell them they owe back taxes. this year there is a new twist. scammers are showing up in person on people's doorsteps. revenue spokesman, trevor johnson, says they found out about it when one skimmer recently rang the doorbell of a department employee. johnson says the scammers have fake credentials or business cards and request personal information like banking and social security numbers. some are even demanding the people pay their fake bill with a debit card. >> if somebody tells you you have to pay this way, it should be immediately suspicious. there's a way to taxpayers have liability to the department.
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is not one of those things. >> johnson says if someone tells you that you owe back taxes, corporate a state revenue service center to check it out. internet from one end of the state to another, a goal state officials say is vital to north carolina. rb were used, laura leslie, is here to explain efforts. >> reporter: and economic development panel was told today that without better internet access the state will continue to struggle to create jobs. north carolina's high-speed broadband internet access like behind many others in the state. is especially true in rural areas where jobs are most badly needed. he told lawmakers that unless the state is willing to take action to improve that its economic development efforts in those areas want to succeed. >> without high-speed internet connectivity and all other counties, we are not going to create jobs. it's a must. >> reporter: skvarla said his agency is working on ways to
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expand broadband infrastructure in unserved areas. that is likely to trigger another skirmish in lawmakers over the government's role in internet access. that battle has been going on for years. critics have included cable companies and providers as well as free-market groups to say businesses should be the one to build and provide high-speed internet access and local and state governments should not compete with that. supporters of state involvement say providers aren't likely to build that high-speed networks tomorrow or low-income networks where they may not make a profit in the investment. they say internet access is more of the utilities and the service and the state should make sure all communities have david? >> laura leslie, thank you. retail merchants are taking the retail merchants association and law-enforcement agencies announced the formation of the carolinas alliance. the group will tackle the rise of retail theft in the carolinas, authorities say the issue goes well beyond shoplifting, involving schemes that are becoming more
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the california bay area already makes a big effort to go green with super bowl 50 in santa clara. organizers want to make the big in the greenest ever. gerald owens continues our team coverage live from california. what are they doing, gerald? >> reporter: there is a green movement here in san francisco that has nothing to do with the packers or seahawks, this is an effort to make super bowl 50 the greenest ever and not just that levi stadium. the nfl and super bowl host committee have a conservation plan here in super bowl city. there are visible signs like recycling bins and freshwater stations where visitors use recyclable cups. >> people are really happy because it's free. not only are we saving the environment, we are offering water which people are super happy about. >> reporter: other examples are in exhibits themselves.
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promote green while they are being powered by green energy. >> all the exhibits that you will see you are being powered by a mobile renewable generation system. which is 21st century plus. there are going to be shuttle buses from here to the game that are being powered by renewable he harvested biodiesel. >> reporter: fans play the biggest role in something no super bowl has ever had. >> we have this program called play your card, which is, #playyourpart. encourages fans to take green action. walk, recycle. you then get virtual money that you then allocate to one of four environmental charities in the bay area. that is turned into real money by the host committee to the tune of $1 million. >> reporter: and, one lucky fan can possibly win tickets to the super bowl, so it's a win for pans and the environment. lynda, how about that? >> that sounds fantastic. even the simple thing of
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gerald owens, live in san francisco. thank you. the anticipation keeps building as we get ever so close to what some say is the biggest game in all of sports. panthers broadcaster make nixon has broadcast some indelible -- incredible game strategy up whenever the super bowl. he talks with jeff gravley about ron rivera as coach, and his hopes for the lombardi trophy to come to the carolinas. see his interview tonight in our special, "keep pounding." that is coverage of the super bowl. and watch the unique stories by our team of reporters from san francisco to charlotte in two half-hour specials. join us tonight and tomorrow night at 10:00 for "keep pounding." no time to run to the store? now you can use an app to bring you what you need. prime now is available for amazon prime numbers. the apple me service launched
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cities that offers it. in the prime, you can order food and gifts, anything from baby items to books. the one-hour delivery service costs $7.99, the two-hour delivery service is free to prime numbers. we caught up with one customer today as she received her package. >> i thought it was really cool and i'm a working mom, too. and i run my own company. so, i'm trying to balance, you know, getting to the store and buy stuff online and keeping the family going. so this is awesome. >> that's pretty cool. carol versalino opted for the two-hour delivery. she got her order within two hours and 20 minutes but it was within the promised timeframe. amazon prime membership will cost you $100, but, versalino says it saved her money and time today. >> think there will be a lot of drones flying in? >> could be. we have already been through one bout of ice this
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coming up, monica laliberte, who did not slip and fall, i don't think, will help us prepare for the next round with testing of several devices that promise better traction. and, a plan to help people dealing with contaminated water in our area. the assistance coming to lee
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plus, the naacp's plan fo it was just two weeks ago, just about two weeks ago, we were going to deal with this, the wintry mix that created slick roads, driveways, sidewalks, not a whole lot of snow, but it made walking a bit risky. >> it doesn't really take much. the problem? no traction. 5 on your side's monica laliberte shows us how to get a grip before the next wintry doubt. >> reporter: icy conditions are dangerous, just ask sue who slipped on ice and suffered a traumatic brain injury. >> i never thought that a couple of inches of ice would change my life that day, and that i would be where i am nine months later. >> reporter: she still has headaches, dizziness and vision problems. so, can devices like these that slip over your shoes really give you the better traction they can? consumer reports tested for crimes on different angles. say, if your driveway is on a hill. >> all of these devices will improve your grip but there were big differences in performance.
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pro traction cleats performed the worst. despite the metal coils on the bottom, consumer reports slid all over the ice. the eight dollar outer star has 10 stud crampons on the bottom. but you can still sleep fairly easily. the $27 ice-trekkers did give more traction on the slippery surface, with its diamond grip traction cleats. the best, by far, the stabilicers max, which costs about $34. walking, running, and even standing on ice at an angle did not allow slipping. monica laliberte, wral, 5 on your side. >> those were impressive. here's the thing, don't run on ice the matter what you are wearing. that can certainly be dangerous. those stabilicers max are available in several sizes from our diet -- stores and online, you can get them on amazon,
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tonight at 6:00, we have a warning about mold. imagine mold and mildew invading your home. were stuck in the lease and your landlord won't fix it. tonight, monica walks us through our rights, plus, one thing not to do if you find mold, whether you went out on his watch 5 on your side tonight at 6:00 on wral. going back to the snow and ice, i have used the yaktrax four years. they work fine. >> really? >> but i'm not out running on a skating rink. and, plus, if you don't have anything at home, grab an old sock, put it over your shoe. if you're walking a short distance, it is amazing the traction it will give you for a short-term work. just to get your car or something. >> i guess anything with any kind of cleats. sharp cleats. we do have snow in the forecast tomorrow and could see some snow showers but the thing is, temperatures will be above freezing.
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of slickness, maybe slushy spot, especially if the snow comes down hard enough on the roads which will not be likely but will be more on elevated surfaces. let's take a look at the radar, rain run by, triangle area off to the east. moderate pockets of rain, yellow and red, franklin, nash, warren county, halifax county, here in wake county about an hour ago. here in raleigh at the television system we had some heavier rain, now it's up and franklin and nash counties, and another software to the south, rain, light to moderate moving into the southern counties, or far southern counties, southern pines, fayetteville and harnett county. we're seeing rain across the area. this will continue into the evening and overnight. but there is something else, and one that will add to this after midnight. was ahead? rain likely in eastern counties. could we see morning snow? yes, there is potential. but i refer to this snow as what we call tail and snow, it comes at the end of of event and does not typically cause a
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at the end it will be brighter and blustery, and actually year below normal period for the next 10 days and you'll see coming up. over in durham, there's the freeway heading south toward raleigh. 52 with rain, to become 45. we started off in the 60s this morning, i stepped out to let the dog do it's thing and it now has cooled down. we were expecting to do that. 51 moncure and holly springs, 53 wake forest. it's been the view, everybody in the 50s with the exception of south hill and a husky in the 40s, and new current at 65. the front has not clear, yet. that's why we are on the mild side. we see these little waves of rain coming up from the south, there's one that man has moved by, there's another one. rain coming in overnight and off to the west, there is little going on in the western half of the state. our front that was supposed to come by last night slowed down. it is just moving to right now and later on this evening, it
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are still warm air in eastern north carolina, eastern georgia and south florida and a whole lot of cold air north and west of us. that is poised to move in overnight and tomorrow morning. along with that i want to show you something else. a strong upper-level disturbance. we're looking at water vapor imagery. dry and moist air and there's a lot of moist air here where you can see the blues and whites. and then this orange dry air, but this here is what we call a trough of low pressure in the upper atmosphere. it's a lot of energy. right now it's what we call positively tilted but when it comes into marketable takea more of a negative tilt which will create a lot of rising motion right upon us. that will give life to more precipitation. you can see it on future cast. here's the rain this evening, there's 8:00. overnight, we start to see that precipitation developed to the west. that is due to the upper-level disturbance, it's rain and snow. i think future cast is a little too quick with us. i think that 4:00 a.m.
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the area as a rain snow makes. by 6:00, 7:00 and we could see spotty showers, and by 9:00 in the morning and mills out and tomorrow afternoon we have a lot of wind and sunshine. whatever's falls would melt quickly. rain continues overnight. here's the bottom line, eastern counties around daybreak, rain snow makes. it could be the front of snow showers. if it's have enough it could be light accumulations. elevated services departing by midmorning. we will see quick improvement. here's were forecast this evening. spotty start, when possible by 8:00. lows in the 30s, so temperatures above freezing. is not going to cause issues on the roads unless it really comes down hard quickly, could be brief/. 8:00 and, rain, snow. elizabeth will be here in the morning to track this. 40s tomorrow afternoon with sunshine. there is cold weather for the next seven days. all of those are below normal for highs. there's a little bit of rain possible sunday and we are still watching tuesday and wednesday of next week. but, any precipitation looks like it's really going to be a small chance. not like anything becoming a long. >> oh, good. that's a really. thanks.
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new luxury vacation can take you from the north pole to sites. just ahead in what's trending, was involved in this trip and how much it's going to cost. >> beautiful. tonight on fox50, season premiere of "sleepy hollow" at 8:00. and 9:00urylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more. watch when and where you want with advanced features
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wion an at eer we are following breaking news an apex. you are looking live now from
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scene in the area of olive chapel road in richardson road. again, this is sky 5 video from a few minutes ago. hazmat crews are sifting through material near a home there. several vehicles, emergency vehicles are on the scene, too. we are working to learn more details about this, but, there is an emergency vehicle as well. as soon as we get more information on this, we will relay that to you. a water distribution effort is planned this weekend for the county folks whose wells are contaminated. the county tested the wells last fall and results showed high level of contaminants. that can cause cancer. >> bryan mims joins us from the area affected, northeast of sanford. any idea on what's causing the contamination? >> reporter: lynda, that is the question. nobody knows where it's coming from. the contaminants in question are high levels of chromium, which is known to cause cancer
4:30 pm
and sodium. since early december, residents, such as market patty, and towards hopkins, have been told not to drink or cook with the well water. so far, tests have shown contamination in 15 wells along old colon wrote. we county began testing the wells to form a baseline ahead of delivery of coal ash for storage in this area next year. has arrived, yet. health county officials have said test results to the state department of environmental quality for recommendations on long-term solutions. for now, residents are making the best of a bad situation. >> i'm just adapting. use the bottled water, use the drug water, do whatever i have to. i improvised. >> reporter: i did try to speak with the interim health director of lee county, william kane, today. but after several calls, i have not heard back from him. the county expects to get the state's determination sometime
4:31 pm
in the meantime, the lee county board of commissioners is organizing water distribution effort this weekend, and has started a fund. the colon road waterfront. people can donate jugs of water for distribution in this area. and, a big water giveaway is planned this weekend, this saturday throughout the day. lynda? >> hopefully they will get relief soon, bryan mims live in lake county, thank you. the fbi is offering a $5000 reward for information helping them find a robeson county woman. sara graham it disappeared one year ago today. that the i held a news conference this morning to draw attention to the case. she was last seen leaving her never arrived. white fang was found at the same day abandoned in the field 5 miles from her home.
4:32 pm
robeson sheriff's deputy. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face-off tonight in the last debate before tuesday's new hampshire primary. the state is considered a must win for donald trump after a second-place finish in iowa. daniel nottingham find out what companies to do differently to appeal to new hampshire sara graham. >> we're at the beginning of a very, very important last few days. >> reporter: donald trump took a break from his attacks against rival ted cruz on the campaign trail. one day after slamming cruz on social media, accusing him of stealing the iowa caucuses with official looking campaign mailers. trump tweeted, this is the cruz border violation certificate sent to everyone. a misdemeanor at minimum. cruz said trump was just angry. >> i have not responded in time and i do not intend to respond in time. >> reporter: trump was waiting in the polls in iowa before a last-minute surge from cruz. trump's campaign is trying to avoid a second loss in new
4:33 pm
>> we do have more volunteers more active in the call centers. we do have more people out there knocking on doors, even going out in teams now so they can have a lot of fun doing it. >> reporter: political analysts say it is too late for trump to build the ground game because it's a strategy that is months in the making. andy smith is a political science professor at the university of new hampshire. >> if donald trump can continue to be donald trump, the brand, and not donald trump, the politician or donald trump, complaining that the election was rigged in iowa, then i think that he's got a really good chance of winning. >> reporter: trump supporters agree. >> he is not afraid to rock the boat, and the boat needs to get turned over. >> reporter: the republican field will have its last debate before the primary saturday. democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton hold their first one-on-one debate tonight. daniel nottingham, cbs news, durham, new hampshire. the markets ended up in
4:34 pm
dow up, nasdaq 530, s&p slightly up three points. a major change in leadership for the tribal company publicly traded on the new york stock exchange. raleigh native ashton coal is the new ceo of triangle capital, a billion-dollar finance company. he spends 90 your -- 19 years and morgan stanley where he went into the financial meltdown several years ago, an experience he says the changes the way he reads. >> i take more time to make decisions and i think through things one extra step before i'm going to go about it. iv just pressing the pause button coming out of that experience in new york is really just one of the best and lessons learned from it. >> reporter: he follows carbon talker but the company for 25 years. the complete interview with him is posted on the state naacp hiking
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moral march on raleigh. organizers say the goal is to get all north carolinians registered to vote by february 19, that is the deadline to register for the primaries next month. the march will be february 13, a week from saturday. more broncos fans are heading to the super bowl them panthers fans. >> now keep in mind, denver is quite a bit closer to me by stadium then charlotte, by about 1400 driving miles. found denver has 46% more fans traveling to the bay area, whichever city people are coming from, flights are not inexpensive. airfare from denver rose 113%, from charlotte, it was up 64% after the semifinal games. and area hotel is well over 100%, average prices near the city more more than $800 a night. now, maybe fewer panther fans are traveling, so it makes sense that more are planning parties.
4:36 pm
parties planned in north carolina tops colorado, barely. the site found 22 more events so far in the panthers from state. the number one seed overall, california, of course, where the game will be played on sunday night. you know, and denver has been to the super bowl, what, four or five times? >> i think so, yeah. >> it is still exciting, obviously, but it is not their first year. >> it's not. and for carolina, since 2004. still to come, depression can affect your child years later. had researchers found about appearance impact and how you can help stop it. the notorious pharmaceutical ceo who jacked up the price of a life-saving drug is called before congress. i'm mark albert in washington with more on the tense conversation coming up. new at 5:00 on wral, a local man is fighting to get
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