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tv   WRAL 4PM NEWS ON FOX50  FOX  February 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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jue the trial in the murder of a woman in her north raleigh apartment in 2013 has entered its seventh week -- take it week. a police officer in -- the case testified. linda and david, a lot of what happened in court happened outside of the presence of the jury. they talked about that videotape, specifically, about concerns of what is in that
4:29 pm
about officers pitting one suspect against another. again, attorneys spent hours going to the tape, talking about it with the judge to decide what is appropriate for the jury to hear. also on the stand for investigators who processed the gruesome crime scene where melissa huggins jones was found . >> her face was appeared to be smashed and. her nose looks -- look to be this attached from her face. her teeth appeared not to be in the proper face. puncture wounds about the head and neck. >> ronald anthony pled guilty in return for a light sentence. sarah reddin testified against him. the judge ruled the jury will get a chance to view parts of that tape. it looks like they ran out of time to do that today.
4:30 pm
tomorrow.>> amanda lambert in the newsroom. thank you. a sinkhole is causing problems in chatham county mark rerouting thousands every day. the dot says the road won't be open for months. wral's aerial explains why it will take so long and what caused the whole. there is still a lot of work to be done to repair this big sinkhole. drivers have been taking detours for weeks. problem. it happened did -- inmid- january. pipes will have to be removed and replaced. because of this portion over jordan lake, -- that is not
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>> i have to go all the way around to get to the hardware store. >> for some, the detour is taking more than 20 minutes. those routes are taking 25 minutes longer than usual. dot says the repairs should be done by the end of april. the dot says they are not sure when the work will begin. right now, they are still assessing all that needs to be correct. the governor was in a car crash after attending the super bowl and santa clara. he was a passenger in the vehicle when it was rear-ended. in a statement, he says we were very fortunate and while i am still proud of the carolina panthers, this puts the game in perspective. he also thinks the highway action.
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the book -- the president wants emergency funding to fight the zika virus. asking for $1.8 billion to expand mosquito control programs thomas speed up development of a vaccine and develop tests and support for low-income pregnant women. while acknowledging the risk, the president did urge people not to panic about the virus. >> people have helped to quit smoking on them all times. a new study finds smokers who use phone programs are more
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received help on the net finding phone counseling works better than web-based counseling. many of us starting to think about the dangers of having high cholesterol but the new study shows young adults should be thinking about their cholesterol levels early. doctor allen mask has the findings. as a young woman, she was very surprised when a doctor gave her some unwanted and unexpected views. >> i found out that i have high cholesterol. about two years ago. i was completely shocked. i was in my mid-20s and had been vegetarian for a long time . >> she is lucky she found out as early as she did because finding out you have high cholesterol early on can put you at a much greater risk of heart problems in your older. >> specifically, for every 10
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cholesterol, there risk of heart disease is raised by about one third. they do recommends screening and adults for high cholesterol and keep screening every five years. >> lifestyle changes. for those with very high cholesterol, medication may be needed. the doctor adds that your doctor can test cholesterol levels during regular checkups. also free or at low cost as part of health screening events throughout the year. >> this next story is amazing. it is about heading to the super bowl with your best friend. each of your favorite teams going head to head. coming up column -- coming up, the college packed the two of them made and the outcome
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ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. two best friends failed to go to the superbowl together if the panthers and the broncos were ever facing off. >> last night, they came to the game together but it was not like either of them had ever expected. >> eric sullivan and alex stuber met at nc state and quickly became the best of friends. eric, the diehard panthers fans -- the diehard panther fan. >> we promised that we would go.
4:41 pm
stuber was killed in a car crash. as superbowl 50 approach, the panthers facing the broncos and sullivan knew what he had to do . >> i am here fulfilling my promise. i have his ashes in my pocket. >> with the ashes to carefully inside his pocket, he came here alone. just him and his best friend. >> it has been really emotional. i find myself kind of cheering up every time i think about how awesome it would of been if i had done this with him. >> he kept a hand on those ashes. and it did not look like the game was going into the panthers favor, he even tried to bargain with his buddy. >> for a while, i was asking him for some help. and he did not give it. nor did i expect them to give me any help. >> when the fireworks went off, sullivan decked in panthers gear could not help but smile. >> it feels right. alex wanted me to be here.
4:42 pm
for the fact -- except for the fact that it was the two of us. >> well, that was catherine reporting. eric sullivan tells us despite the panthers loss, he heads back with a smile on his face.>> what a great story. and what a great equalizer. >> that is just wonderful. >> something to keep in mind.>> the sunshine was beautiful today. >> we had clouds and rain.>> the warmth that we had today will not come back until next week. this is not a good story. take a look at this video. the cruise ship has turned around and gone back to new jersey. the ship steered into the storm on the way to florida. the storm that affected us yesterday walked out and rapidly intensified.
4:43 pm
storm even though they knew it was coming. damage included broken vases and decorations, overturned tables and chairs. the wind had waves up to feet here guests will get a full refund and a certificate for another trip. this was a brand-new ship. i'm not sure how long it had been sailing and all of the passengers were told to stay in their cabins. so much damage that they realized they needed to turn around and go back to new jersey because of all of the damage. folks there got a good deal but i would not want to be one of them with the seas up and down like that. around here, we do not have a repeat of the sleet and snow and rain. this is all light rain and it continues to head to the east. from chatham county to lee county. this is all heading to the east.
4:44 pm
next couple of hours. and overnight, we should have mostly cloudy skies. we will put the jet stream on the map. it is a major adjustment in the way the jet stream is. take a look at the upper level winds. we have a ridge of high pressure. and the response is a big trough in the east. it will be a warmer period out west and a dry one. this is the northern branch of the jet stream and it has some cool air with it. let's advance and take a look at what is going on closer to home. there is that storm rapidly moving out. rapidly moving to the northeast and a nor'easter. the response was a strong to the outer banks. we showed you video of all of that and there's a little bit air to the west. as we advance, take a look at the wet -- at the numbers.
4:45 pm
pierce at 26 and all of this is making a beeline to the south. this is the big rich out west. that is the cold air in the east and we get to blast. one coming in tomorrow, wednesday and thursday. the coldest should be wednesday and thursday. you can see the dark blue and it looks out on friday. friday, we could have highs in the 40s. and here comes another blast of cold air coming down the east coast. sunday, we should have highs in the low 30s. morning lows could be in the low to midteens. and finally, that all starts to lift out on monday. we have another system coming in on monday. you can see that trough of low pressure. when that clears out, maybe getting back into the 50s for highs. power planner through the evening and tomorrow morning, bottoming out into the low 40s overnight. overnight, clouds and you
4:46 pm
it should be dry after an there is your 7-day forecast as we go through the next several days. a lot of cool air to show you. over the next 7 to 8 day period, it is definitely going to feel like winter. >> i liked today.>> it was comfortable. >> >> somebody should've known.>> thinking about not wanting to disappoint passengers. >> what a mistake. >> those poor sick people. can you imagine? >> still ahead, a movie stunt has angered people in england. the reason they are upset with
4:47 pm
a finish debra morgan is here with a look at some of the stories we're working on it five. you told us about a former teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a student.
4:48 pm
into the shore -- story. if she makes bond and how much time she could spend in prison if convicted. we check back in with ken smith live in charlotte. we are talking with panthers fans. why the team even has an international following. >> and how many gift cards do you have. many go unused. liberty shows us how to get the most money out of those unwanted cards. turn to wral in just a few minutes for your 5:00 news. a movie stunt in london scared and angry people who side. this involved blowing up a double-decker bridge -- bus on the bridge. this is for the movie, the foreigner. some people on social media complained that they were not notified of this debt before hand and called it insensitive.
4:49 pm
you saw that happening -- absolutely. too much weight. several cars crashed into the ice on lake wisconsin. more than a dozen cars parked for the winter fest event at the ice started to give way. fire crews had to put tow ropes on the vehicles and slowly pull them to dry land. it is illegal to park on the lake but event officials say they really don't recommend it. obviously. and alabama state trooper pulled over a couple. a husband and wife were speeding to the hospital. he said he was rushing his pregnant wife there because she was having contractions. he could tell his wife was in and she pushed. and you know what happened. he finally had to pull over. the trooper stopped him. the trooper and the husband both helped deliver the baby boy along the side of the road. >> oh my god.>> this was the official birth certificate because this gave us time. in
4:50 pm
speeding and wife had a beautiful baby boy. >> and a bag of doritos. >> mom and baby rushed to the hospital by ambulance. both are doing just fine. the trooper gave the couple that written warning for speeding and brought them flowers, cupcakes and a newborn starter kit to the hospital. >> a starter kit. >> i did know they were called back. >> anything that helps. runners participating in the rock 'n roll marathon 5k will have a pretty neat metal. >> the finisher medal for the inaugural 5k race was revealed this afternoon. that is a big metal. it incorporates the north carolina state flag as well as the capital. the rock 'n roll rally races presented by wral april 9 and 10th . would you be part of that?
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