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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  February 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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vice president joe biden to the triangles today. thank you for joining us, it is 7:00. i'm renee chou. >> and i'm bill leslie embracing the cold this ek. we have no other choice, at least we have no other significant snow to worry about today. >> it would be nice if we saw a little bit of stories like we saw yesterday. >> that's right, it would be fun, the kid to be excited about it and we definitely have that potential sunday. we did not have any accumulation today but we clattered up and had some flurries in some spots, we may see a repeat of that today. of course the cold air s been here, we talked about that over the weeks, temperatures dropped into the mid-20s. with the wind chill is even closer and that's a very cool looking to around downtown raleigh this morning. in durham, 26, 26 cary and is appealing, 25 holly springs.
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pines, and in fayetteville, goldsboro, rocky mount and wilson. it really feels jik16 in southern pines, roxborough, 19 in fayetteville, does not take too much went to make it feel a lot colder. in your planner this morning, temperatures in the mid-20s, only warming to 35 by lunchtime. remember, we'll still have wind with us all day long so it'll feel like 20s until lunchtime, 30s in the afternoon, we will cloud up and may see a few patches flurries. looks like a veloping dorm -- storm friday and potential for wintry precipitation. we will talk more about that in a couple minutes. brian, everett, look, you have more influence on your map. a lot of stalled vehicle causing problems at 7:02.
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40 westbound near rman street leading to a delay leaving the lake wheeler road area. also a report of a stalled vehicle contributing to the place on 40 westbound around the clayton bypass. right now the trip from 42 to the balance play taking 17 minutes. allow extra time to garner heading up to raleigh. also just getting word of an accident at the perry eek, on philban creek drive. hope to get more information. we've been following an accident in wake county, the accident was cleared on creedmoor road-year-old creedmoor road but in the past few minutes, residual delays have clear, looks like a smooth trip on falls road. also been reports of an accident on lynn road in raleigh, we'll keep our eyes on that. run the rest of the trump, major routes in good shape. 540 wide open to pital boulevard. new overnight, a second
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in the murder of a raleigh taxidriver. >> wral's mikaya thurmond is in e wsom with what we learned about the case this morning. >> reporter: that suspect is being held without bond at the wake county detention center. raleigh police rested 27-year- old conrad patterson of something. he will appear in court later today to face a murder charge. the rest happened the same day a suspect in the case appeared in court, major girl edwards junior are accused of shooting and killing jose domain just at an apartment nday. police are looking for a person of interest as they investigate a man's death. police found the body 17- year-old heiney byrd near schaller wrote. his cause of death is under investigation. detectives are looking for 24-
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last seen with the ctim about 12:30 sunday morning. there were both seen leaving the area of hawthorne driving a black 2012 ford focus with north carolina cense plate blr2895. if you know where he is, call police. a warning about a scam in raleigh, someone is: victims pretending to be a eriff's deputy. the scammer claims the victim is facing charges for missing jury duty. the scammer tries to convince the victim to get a prepaid debit card and give them the account information. raleigh police say the get a call like this thing immediately. the focus of the 2016 presidential campaign shifts to south carolina: st night's new hampshire primary. voters in a victory to donald trump with ohio governor john kasich finishing cond. on the democratic side, bernie sanders defeated hillala clinton, becoming the first jewish candidate to win a presidential primary.
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carolina. we're going to win in south carolina. >> what voters in new hampshire confirmed tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. >> hillary clinton's camp is banking on support among minorities in south carolina to give her edge. the two contenders will take to the debate stage tomorrow night in wisconsin. the battle for their place between ted cruz, marco rubio and jeb bush is still too close to call care federal officials tell the state a second time to redraw congressional line. a judge panel made the decision previously. yesterday they denied an appeal from republican ate lawmakers and election officials to delay it. they argued redrawing lines would cause problems with upcoming primaries. the judges rules point in the first and 12 congressional districts rely race. an appeal has been made to the supreme court. vice president joe biden visits the triangles today to talk about the president's
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to cure cancer. biden says if we can reach them and we can certainly we can find a cure r cancer. last year, his son, beau, died of brain cancer. his goal is to triple the progress on cancer by making advances in ve years. he says he plans to do two things. increase resources, and break down silos to bring all cancer fighters together. biden will host roundtable conversations this afternoon with researchers oncologists, and patience at the duke cancer institute. president obama returns to illinois today to speak about building a better world of politics. the president will address the illinois neral assembly. the visit marks the return to the state capital where obama began his political career. he was elected to the illinois
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quite young there, esn't it? he served for eight years until his election to the u.s. senate, today marks his ninth anniversary of them announcing presidential bid in 2008 with that famous speech in springfield. governor pat mcrory's is hailing a decision to block obama's plan to address climate change. they plucked the clean plan after legal challenges are resolved. north carolina is among more than two dozen states that brought suit. the plan calls for reducing carbon monoxide emissions at existing power plants by about one third in the year 2023. the tar heels bounce back for a win against boston college. >> but their coaches and carted off the court. what caused roy williams to collapse. plus, cam newton talks about his post-super bowl news conference.
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and unc men's sketball coach roy williams is recovering after he suffered a vertical spell during a game against boston college. it happened in the second half after coach williams was in discussion with the official. coach williams had an emotional outburst and had to be taken to the locker room and did not return to e game. okay. coming up later in sports, hear from coach roy himself about the ripple effect of cam newton's super bowl press conference continues sunday night after losing in the big game.
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we have not seen it in a while. yesterday as the panthers cleaned out their lockers and headed home for the off-season, cam offered no apology for being in his hate to lose mode. >> who likes to lose? show me a good loser and i'm going to show you a loser. it's not a popularity contest. i'm here to win a otball game. >> i'm proud of who he is as far as a competitor and football player. do i wish he handled it better? yes. but that to is. >> coach rivera congratulated his players on a special season and says preps for next season begin this week. the last time the team lost the super bowl and came back to win the following season was miami, the dolphins, back in 1973. federal reserve chair, janet yellen begins two days of congressional >> announcer: testimony today. they will talk about the fed's role in supporting the u.s. economy. in december, they decided to raise its key interest rate
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since then, the u.s. economy has hit turbulence. yesterday, wall street extended a losing streak closing slightly lower. asian stocks are down today for the third consecutive day. adding to the challenges facing the fed as they make decisions on interest rates, a new report on job is. the leader department says the latest data shows 5.6 million job openings in the u.s., that's as of december. it is the second highest level on record and is on the companies are anticipating continuing improvement in e economy. the information follows the recent report that u.s. unemployment has fallen to 4.9%. 713. beau bergdahl's military court- martial is on hold.
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against the yo ic yo d cexca ay'sso e. ifm,
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w ye fionu switch to 's ere heu ngas >> i'm ake now! >> did you want to be rolling in the snow? >> rolling down the hill. >> look at the tubing hill. that looks like fun. >> it sure does, esn't it? >> beautiful. it will be a cold weekend for them, but it's beautiful, they are making a bunch of snow,
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snow, it's esidents weekend. one of the good weekend to get out there but make sure that you have all of your good winter gear. mountains talking about wind chills down to zero, some negative numbers and goodness, as cold as it is going to be here, a lot colder there. let's check out what's coming our way. we continue to have cold temperatures and at a little bit of precipitation to it, that could cause issues. arctic blast is finally here, we have been talking about it for days. that coldest air has arrived, with the windchill, it feels like he's in some places this morning. friday, we are watching the potential for a coastal low develop. is it going to spread some moisture inland across the area? is it going to warm up a little bit too rain? is some of that going to be snow? unfortunately we do not have a definitive answer about friday. right now the amounts look like they will be fairly light, no more than an inch or two if we even see that. i don't want to scare anybody just yet. something we are watching closely, give it a 20% or 3% chance of seeing wintry precipitation friday. monday we have another low
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moisture our way. that might be some sort of mix of rain and freezing rain, they be some snow in extended places, but details of that six days away are certainly unclear right now. skies are clear over the airport, looks beautiful. 26 is the current temperature, very dry with the dewpoint of 13, wind is at 5 miles per hour. 25 roxboro, 27 goldsboro, 21 southern pines. that continues to be the coldest spot this morning and coldest windchill as 16. feels like 18 in roxboro, goldsboro, just appear for it to be like the teams. these are back to actual temperatures. 9 in chicago and cincinnati, we continue to have the flow out of canada sweeping into north carolina. this is a lookup lunchtime into
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like 30s l day. officially we might top out at 40, but prepare for a david feels like the 30s. 20s from charleston, cincinnati to chicago, then temperatures really drop tonight. our windchill right now is about 18 but the actual temperature tomorrow will be about 18 degrees, we probably won't have a windchill making it feel any colder than that. single digits toward cincinnati and asheville. this is the same pattern we've seen for the last couple of days, temperatures don't warm up hardly any the first day, we make it into the 30s and a very cool start for us friday. right now, skies are clear but remember yesterday afternoon, a clouded up and we saw a few flurries. this low pressure system continues to spin around the great lakes pushing moisture and a lot of cold into the area. that little bit of moisture could produce flurries like it did yesterday, it created excitement in my house but much like yesterday, not expecting you to really accumulate. high of 40, increasing clouds, 15% chance and if anything measurable showing up, not that that would stick but still, not looking o lightly.
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cold, official low of 20. normally 33. record low is 10. we still won't quite be to that record but definitely looking like wintry frozen feel to the morning. the weekend is when we will have a second blast of very cold conditions coming in. 34 saturday, 31 sunday, 13 sunday morning. definitely looking at some cold conditions. monday we will be watching development of the xt system. way too early to tell what kind of precipitation we see or the timing of it is something to put on the back burner, we will be talking a good bit about a between now d then. brian if you're taking a look at drive times this morning. they look at. >> no trouble getting into the major routes and are to be this morning, the trip on southern held come all., southbound durham freeway looks good, bottom of the screen ur 40 westbound drive near west
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six nutes fromthere to 540. around the rest of the triangle, pretty quiet in durham. not convinced report. one accident in wake county at rock cory and battle raged on the southeastern side of raleigh and eastern wake county. also an action on pinecrest road and fairbanks on the north side, and a pack -- ash and perry creek and philban creek drive. this is a minor crash, no significant problems with injuries or anything like that, very minor property damage on the accident. downtown raleigh, lookout for a minor accident at cabarrus and west near the train station. looks like cabarrus street is still delay free at this point. i want to remind you about mooresville parkway, this is the second morning commute where we have had the parkway close between crabtree crossing and bristol reek drive as part of the railroad crossing replacement, they are building a bridge that will take six months to finish. it's going to be closed for a good part of the spring. as we take a look at alternate
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road getting tween 54 and davis tried. if you have a better option consider using it and expect delays through there. the number of zika virus cases in the u.s. is on the rise. overnight, health officials confirmed 66 cases in america -- americans aveling to zika stricken countries. those are spread out over 17 states and washington dc. the virus is most frequently transmitted by mosquitoes. mother has not been transmission by mosquitoes within the u.s. t, the cdc says it could only be a matter of time. >> we do think it's likely that we will have limited local transmission. in some of the summer states. in the winter months now, we have a chance to really try to get ahead of this. >> experts say wearing insect repellent is one way to avoid zika. the world health organization calls zika a global threat. the court-martial of sergeant beau bergdahl was
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a judge issued a stay of proceedings. he's waiting for an appeals court to make decisions about whether classified evidence should be shared with the defense team. his attorneys argued children would be an appropriate given the five years in captivity and torture they say he endorsed. a federal judge has ruled that a kentucky county clerk who caused controversy after refusing to issue same-sex licenses is opening orders. kim davis is allowing deputies to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. davis spent five night in jail last year when she refused to allow her office to issue marriage licenses to me-sex couples. she relented during a turbulent court battle, but also licenses to remove her name. the judge says the licenses she did alter are lid. michigan's governor will not be at a hearing on capitol hill today discussing the point water crisis because he is set to deliver a budget presentation to the state legislature. meanwhile, the mayor of flint announced a $55 million proposal to remove lead piping from the city's water system. the effort will try to fix the
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soon possible. top priority would be to high risk households. according to local media reports, governor rick snyder is expected to request an additional $195 million to bring back safe drinking water
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the affected res it is 7:26, i'm renee chou with your top stories. a second suspect is in custody taxidriver.
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the other suspect, edwards junior, is held without bond. vice president joe biden will visit duke university school of medicine today to talk about the cancer moonshot. that is president obama's effort to find a cure for cancer. he compared the ambitious miss of the project to america's moon. biden lost his son to cancer last year. a very cold morning out. we're just going to have to get used to that this week elizabeth. >> we are looking at a whole temperatures. we might warm-up by the middle of next week. take a look at the raleigh sky cam. we will be treated tonight sunshine this morning. this afternoon, skies got up and there may be a flurry or sprinkle similar to yesterday. we appreciate everybody who send tweets, pictures, video of the little bit of snow that we saw in our ighborhood yesterday. please do the same again this afternoon. it is cold out there, colder than yesterday. 21 southern pines, 27 rocky
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fayetteville, only three in degrees. just a bit of wind makes it feel colder, 17 in southern france and roxborough, 18 rocky mount and goldsboro. expect mostly cloudy skies by the afternoon with a flurry or sprinkle. westwind at 10 to 15 miles per hour. when you figure in the windchill, it will feel like the 30s for much of the afternoon. we will see sunshine for thursday, start at 20, and about 40, and friday, the chance of a wintry mix and high of 36. brian? 7:28. we have a minor accident in the median on 40 westbound at the clayton ypass contributing to the typical congestion delays and we see this time of day. right now 20 minutes to make the trip from 42 to the balance but. might consider using 70 business as an alternate route through garner this morning. also seen slowdowns through the fortified work zone. an earlier report of a disabled street -- vehicle on rman street. that is the camera from lake
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look out for an cident at falls of neuse and denard, also the 440 interchange. in his own words, what a murder suspect [ female announcer ] most of the time it's easy to know which option is better.
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so it's good to know that mazola corn oil has 4 times more cholesterol blocking plant sterols than olive oil. and a recent study found that it can help lower cholesterol 2 times more. take care of those you love and cook deliciously. mazola makes it better. it is 7:30. it was one year ago today that three students were murdered at the chapel hill apartment. >> deah barakat, his wife, yusor abu-salha and her sister,
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the suspect, greg hicks, had a long-running dispute with the victims over parking. the victim's families believe it was a hate crime. >> this was a story that touched so many people. wral's tara lynn live at nc state this morning, one of the locations were family members will nor the three students today. what a year it has been. >> reporter: hard to believe it has already been a year. emma members of those three students about after their tests that thehewould turn this tragedy into something positive. that is something that have been able to do through multiple community service offense, setting up scholarships. today, there will be several memorials. one as you mentioned at state. deah barakat was a second-year student at unc school of dentistry. his wife, yusor abu-salha, was set to start there this past fall. her sister was an undergraduate student at nc state. today, unc will hold a memorial service and moment of silence at 1:15. tonight, there will be a memorial at 6:00 at the nc state talley student union.
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meanwhile, the man accused of murdering the three democratic hicks, is awaiting trial in central prison. they say the shooting may have happened from a ry heated parking dispute at the complex where two of the victims and the suspect lived. families believe that hicks targeted students because of their muslim faith. the u.s. attorney and justice department are reviewing to see if in fact is crime qualifies as a hate crime, or if they do believe it falls under that category. at this point, they haven't made a decision. hicks, if convicted, he could face the death penalty. >>tara lynn live at nc state, thank you. an elementary school in goldsboro is mourning the death of a teacher killed in a tragic
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in his wheelchair when he was hit by a school bus in the parking lot of middle lane elementary school. officials say happened during drop off yesterday morning. the bus is owned by the small world day care center. the driver had just dropped off a bus of the kids at the school when the accident happened. counselors will be at the school to offer support to the children and staff. >> i think paramount to that is our thoughts and prayers and condolences for mister kincaid, his wife and family. >> he was also a youth pastor at a baptist church in kinston. a jury heard a suspect's version of the ight melissa huggins-jones was murdered. they watched a television interview between police d travion smith. at first, smith admitted to breaking into cars. then he goes further and admitted that his codefendant, ronald anthony, went into an apartment through a sliding door while he waited outside. smith said he then heard bloodcurdling screams. >> i just heard this horrifying screen, like, something that you hear in a horror movie. >> are you telling me that that person in the apartment was dead while the police were
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is that what you are saying? >> etty much. >> police were called to the apartment complex that night to investigate break-ins and did until the next morning's. smith told the officer he repeatedly asked anthony what happened inside the apartment but he would not tell them exactly what occurred. can watch the trial live when it resumes this morning on at 9:30. sea turtles from the coast continue to receive care at the raleigh. we checked in on their progress, and this is one of seven being treated by veterinarians at e museum. hundreds of turtles have been rescued along the north carolina coast. experts say sudden cold weather stuns the turtles, and they cannot swim. now they are getting good care there, and go back into the ocean soon. >> elizabeth has been keeping up with is more than anyone in our newsroom. i know she's glad to see that they are being well cared for. >> aren't they beautiful?
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museum the other day to learn more about them. you know, there is a weather correlation there as well. it had been so warm december that the turtles were just cruising up the coast and all of a sudden, we got to january and temperatures got down closer to normal, it was too cold for the turtles and it could not move. 1000 of them were stranded on the outer banks. a number of aquariums including our north carolina museum of natural sciences was able to take em in. they have released at least 700 of them, and they have seven at the museum here. they are getting ready to release some of those that are doing just fine. the story. sure is pretty out there. it is awfully cold. there's a look at wilson looking down nash street. it is fairly, i was going to
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this afternoon, not much of a breeze this morning but that little bit of wind is bringing us a windchill. a lot of places feeling like teens. these are actual temperatures. 26 in apex, 27 hope mills and rocky mount. 23 roxboro, wake county, temperatures closer to 20 tomorrow morning but we won't have as big of a windchill to deal with. at the bus stop, kids are bundled up, hats, coats, gloves, scarves, they wanted everything. but nice and dry and sunshine to begin the day. this afternoon, clouds rolling in and like yesterday, a burst of precipitation will put snow or sleet possible, not expecting much accumulation. our official hiker top of briefly about 40. brian it. taking a look at slow spots on the roads to avoid. what's going on? >> slow traffic on 40 westbound around clayton bypass, pretty typical this time of day but it's worse this morning because of a minor accident in the median.
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vehicle with ashing lights, police have left the scene, i believe it was a state trooper actually. and there is just one car there but it may contribute to these delays, these typical congestion delays that we see. 90 minutes to make e trip from 42 to the balance but in because of the delays and 40 westbound, we're also seeing delays on 4220 get to i-40 this morning. allow extra time. also seen slowdowns on the south side of raleigh on the fortified work zone on 40 w. this is the camera at lake wheeler road looking toward gorman street. we had a disabled vehicle earlier on gorman causing 13 minutes now to make that trip. pretty heavy traffic, not absurdities long travel delays as you head through the south side of raleigh on 40 westbound but you do need to allow extra time this morning. take a look at the northbound side of the durham freeway getting busier in the distance heading away from tw alexander drive. right now not so bad on the overall commute from i-40 to mangum street, seven minutes. taking a look at the commute map, major routes in od shape for the most part. some slowdowns 40 eastbound approaching 55 and the durham
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heading ward durham. some sun glare delays with us. a number of accidents on the map, these are all minor and as far as we can tell no causing the delays. one reported on western boulevard near the beltline, another on pinecrest near fairbanks and another on the north side of raleigh, lookout for an accident on falls of neuse and denard place just south of wake county. back to you. she comes from a long line of educators, but her decision to follow in their footsteps was not a given. >> in partnership with north carolina education lottery, wral's gerald owens shows is what finally compelled page nixon to become a teacher. >> password up into a girl, please. >> reporter: teaching is in page nixon's blood, literally. >> my dad taught for a few years.
7:34 am
my uncle is a teacher still in my onto the teacher. >> reporter: her future was not cemented until high school. she credits a mentor for paving the way. >> i was able to work with her several times and have loved visiting her class, classroom environment and everything about it, i just loved it. after that i knew that's what i had to do. >> reporter: she is a third grade teacher at east clayton unit -- elementary. >> yes or ? >> yes! >> awesome. it's time to take our test. >> reporter: this was coming home. >> i wanted to come here where i could make an impact with people i know and be back home. >> reporter: as a second-year teacher she admitted can be overwhelming. >> to see the kids happy, growing and learning, it's worth everything that can be overwhelming at times. >> reporter: in clayton, gerald owens, wral news. >> to see the teachers of the week, go to and search teacher of the week. 7:39. wall street has seen better years but is it having an impact on the housing market?
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loeape pwaggple. >>s orter:t is fu th inte edowngiy e dol er so,u' pr sa in s wld excti knat fe th thrk mogetso dei thsaweghaiyofix r anbathroom. ur n hiik ? it gto
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a placesa ldursdng i30eg sd acol lo eyation a mee esre agow stcor inland, anmumo tined intis fr riosnowigwe of nltewi wehe fr wiimctd ill upn cotoeninlle wr egeslu ad itio%
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we blki the lt of n maanck quarry mot'is pntiv then cg in n ig40 bo m wesou tic. ck poolalth 40 ms sty er alorth le weinhemex s 24 tha la ine onhi . ng e snow ngly br s th sn to run t next
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da bbeecbyex timbd the g ins, zang>>yoisfos we46d th e deedth, su t veup bosts. > me diea fe t d confi
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i'bilitop ud a llchhillonaro a hieah a herstt af5 atehes bunge evta stco>>ateys nocare a u.sut rdercisi14. d onwestutawraci> gek heucsnow av wel wwi ab miy,ree had thurw rill ae
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, ind anpre agn dactsiio llbefa fo t notee 2 y t o tt. in pis, tsbd roora d t thmo up 40 rnoochanofr , ties' flidandrierxent pr at noth7:nue d tw thbeliit o f an paontrin
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bengavlaysiong tt to40aner mibusi as e ifsirnth d,
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ckrradouki right now on fox50, another arrest in the murder of a taxi driver in raleigh. what we're learning about a second suspect and his potential role in the crime. plus, new hampshire voters deliver a surprise in the campaign r the white house. who came out as the winners and where candidates focus their energy now. and we tell you about the personal mission that brings vice president joe biden to the
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