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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  February 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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we begin with the accident. thank you for joining us. this accident happened just before 7:00. the situation has been unfolding for hours, adam? >> reporter: at one point after this accident both sides of i-40 at davis drive here were affected. traffic wise. live at this hour you can see behind me for the westbound lanes of i of 40 you can see that it is still the case. still traffic tie ups, one lane is open. but you can see that traffic back-up goes for awhile. let's look the at video from earlier this evening and you can see what is causing all of this. a circle of flashing lights. three cars were involved in a collision. one of them appears to be a cruiser belonging to an officer. at this hour it is not clear how this wreck happened that the officer was moving with traffic at the time or if the officer was stopped at a call at the time of this incident. we have been in constant
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patrol this evening. we are still working to try to determine exactly how many people may have been involved and what their conditions are tonight. back to you. all right, reporting live, thank you. the cruise ship that was slammed by a strong storm in the atlantic while in route from w jersey to florida is in port. the ship sailed into a major winter storm off of our coast on sunday. powerful winds and waves as high as 30 feet tossed around the vessel. royal caribbean officials say four apartments reported injuries. the ship sustained damage to public areas and state rooms. a team of coast guard inspectors will determine the e tent of the damage. passengers will get a full refund and 50% off of a future cruise.
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nel and dropping to the teens. we go live to the weather center. the video at the top of the newscast of people wearing shorts people don't want to give up the shorts no matter how cold it is going to be. this is the high. numerous 30s. they are getting bigger at the west of the triangle. now, it is cold out there right now. 28 the current temperature at raleigh international airport. 30 in fayetteville. but you can feel the wind this evening. these are the current windshields, this is 18 in southfield, 21 in raleigh, 19 in ashville. 13 in greensboro. earlier this evening, in boone. cold night, these are the temperatures, 19 at rocksboro. 20 here in the triangle. now, we will have the winds still remain up a little bit going through the night. the windchills will be in the teens in the morning, this is the first round of the arctic air. we have the stronger route
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before it arrives there could be flurries, who has the best chance to see the flurries on friday. we will check it out for the full forecast, gerald? old, mike, thank you. tonight's freezing temperatures triggered a white flag night. shelters are hanging white flags over the doors to signify a warm safe place to stay. during that they promise the shelters will not turn anyone away even if they are at capacity. the state-dot spent the day spreading brien on the roads. stay with wral throughout the week to keep you updated on the system's track and the impact on our area. hundreds of people turned out tonight to honor 3 college students killed a year ago. this vigil on the campus was one of several ents held in the triangle for the three college students. they gathered to light candles
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students that were gunned down in an apartment building parking lot. >> all three excelled academically. while also living their lives promoting peace and acceptance. qualities our communities and the world need now as much as ever. >> an undergraduate student at state. earlier in the day the unc school of dentistry honored the victims by presenting white coats inhe hor they will hang in the hall along with an award that the school won. they were committed to community service and their friends vow to keep it alive. >> we laughed with each other, cried with each other and we have worked together to make sure that we keep their legacy alive. >> it has been really hard this past year.
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and hearing from you all it is very important to our families. >> the victim's families maintain the shootings were a hate kraoeul. crime. four men are charged with attacking a deputy. the deputy was attending a child's birthday party in garner and was asked to step outside. they say the suspects were waiting for him and jumped out from behind parked carses and attacked him. they believe the was targeted because he is an undercover officer. the four suspects in the case have gang ties. the judge raised two of their bonds and ordered all of them to be kept apart in jail. a man is facing charges tonight for trying to run over another man while he was driving a horse and buggy. the investigators say that he tried to run him over on a highway while driving a chevy camaro. he claims he was threatened.
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a deadly weapon and cyberstalking. he is due in court next month. new video shows the terrifying moments a dump truck ran off of the road and into a home. dash camera video shows the dump truck went forward after being struck from behind and run off of the road through the yard and into a home on highway 210. scary times there. you can see the aftermath of what happened from sky 5. this happened on monday, by the way. both drivers went to the hospital with nonthreatening injuries, the troopers charged the driver of the car that hit the dump truck. before you take a sip from that water bottle you will want to take a look at our report. oh, bizarre viewer complaint lead to this in brand-new bottle in case after case. these pictures went right to the drink company for answers. check your bottle and watch 5 on your side tomorrow at 6:00 on wral. north carolina voters and
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if contested districts can be used in the march 15th primary or if the linesville to be redrawn before the -- lines will have to be redrawn before it is cast. they sued to overturn the districts to respond by tuesday to the state's emergency request on what the boundaries remain in the next primary. this increases the chances that the general assembly will reconvene before they rule. they told workers that. north carolina is rich in "american idol" contestants. water? i don't know about that but i did find a contphebgz between jordan, top 24 contestant and clay aiken, season 2 runner-up. -- connection between jordan sasser, top 24 contestant and
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>> reporter: they are raleigh native. but there is a closer connection. this house. both families lived in it at different times. >> he texted me about jordan and said mom did you see the guy from raleigh? he is really good. that was before making the connection at all. >> reporter: clay's mother bought the house from his grand parents in 1986 and lived in it ever since. but wait, she has another idol connection, she judged a clayton idol contest who's winner was scottie mccrerie. is she the key? it? she is at a pro dealing with everything "idol" she has advice, don't go on the internet and read what people are saying about him. >> they don't say nice thing. they have to take nasty things. don't pay attention, don't. [singing]
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and the rest of the family are keeping their fingers crossed. >> he is confident and he will do his very best. and i think he has to up to this point. i hope erything works out for him. >> he performed tonight. he is fantastic. we will find out if he makes the cut tomorrow night. now, scottie will appear on tomorrow's "american idol" he won season 10. for 3 days he said i was proud to come back and offer whatever guidance i could to my two talented contestants, we will see scottie perform a duet with both of them. we will not find out tomorrow who they are. if it is not in the water it is in the sweet tea. >> it is something.
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grammy winner. coming up, the tom honor for phillip rigs. >> plus we hear from the florida man who admits throwing a gator through a drive-thru window. and a shootout claims the
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> wis roy williams will not miss practice coach was at the office and expect him to be at practice tomorrow. he had a vert go attack this time he had to be taken off of the court in the second half and did not return until after the game was over. here is a stat for you that describes the road woes of lake forest. in the last 6 years their record away from home, 3-51. they are in atlanta to beat georgia tech. thomas scores 20. it is a 3-point lead. early in the 2nd half. the 5-point margin is erased here by hunt.
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there at nc state on saturday at noon. what a season for the nc state wrestling steam. since december the wolf pack has been ranked 3rd in the country. this week, a steep challenge. >> reporter: with an undefeated team ranked 3 in the country. nc state wrestling coach has noticed things are a bit different around town these days am. >> if i wear a wrestling shirt people will ask me if you are following the wrestling team here. >> yes, a little bit. >> reporter: the pack hit new heights this season at 21-0 including wins of traditional powers of nebraska and number 4 oklahoma state. >> it really opened up people's believes and know what they are capable of. >> it dawned on me when we beat oklahoma state. i was like, yeah, this team is pretty good. >> reporter: good enough to achieve the highest ranking in
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>> the people are recognizing who you are in the airports and that guy is on the wrestling team. they are undefeated. it is a different level. >> i don't think the wins and the losses undefeated defines your season but obviously it sets the tone and it is deserving. these guise worked extremely hard so they deserve what they have been getting. >> reporter: a senior, 2-time defending champion with a 79 match winning streak. his decision to attend nc state helped lay the foundation for this season. >> when nick arrived it started a springboard things and we were able to land some pretty good guys and it got contagious. >> we just continued it. we have to create a culture here. when it happens scary things happen. national titles and what t. >> reporter: back to you. was it just 3 days ago that the panthers were playing in
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now, both teams are in the look forward mode. signing a contract or a franchise tag. now, they will not publicly talk about priority of signing players on their roster. >> you can't sign everybody. structurally you can't. we will do everything we can to keep our core together. we would be an idiot not to. >> we will see how it shakes it out. they have a little cap room to play with. newton and luke are already signed for the long-term deals. i am agency to see what is next. >> thank you. >> all right. a life-changing gift. still to come, how a man will make a difference for a veteran. a puppy rescue story. how this 3-month-old was doing after she was found with a rubber band stretched around her neck.
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catholic priest that was more (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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a man a peered in a courtroom today. charged with raping and beating and killing a schoolteacher, garja in 1960. prosecutors tried to build a case against him in two house four. the grand jury ruled there was not enough evidence to charge him. he is held on bond while he awaits to go back to texas.
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prevail in the lawsuit against ferguson, missouri. the department is suing over what it is calling a pattern of unconstitutional police conduct in the city. this comes one day after the city councilmembers voted to revise an agreement with the department. it was meant to improve how the police and courts treat poor people and minorities. leaders will not comment on the lawsuit until tomorrow at the earliest. it will likely be the end of the year before the concert hall in paris will reopen. they want to host music shows before the end of 2016. 89 people were killed during the "eagles of death" metal concert. before the attack it was one of the top venues for live music in parissism the zika virus has been found in -- paris. the zika virus has been found in 30 countries. health leaders appeared before law enforcements to talk about their concerns. they say 80% of patients with
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can cause birth defects. president barack obama doesed for $1.8 billion to fight it. the cdc upgraded the emergency operation center to a level -- president barack obama set aside $1.8 billion to fight it. the cdc upgraded their emergency operations center to a level 1. we are going to make america so great again, maybe better than before. >> reporter: trump scored a big time win with twice as many votes as the next closest candidate, a surprising second finish from governor kasich. >> i need your support. >> reporter: not sure if he has the support.
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others have like jeb bush enlisting the help from his big brother. >> this is president george w. bush. >> reporter: it is airing in south carolina. the former president is expected to hit the trail before next week's primary. now, nearly every republican is set to spend time in the state oned with. with the exception of christie who's attack hurt rubio but failed to help his own campaign. and fiorina announced she would not continue to run for president. >> thank you, new hampshire. >> reporter: after getting 60% of the democratic vote -- >> e people want real change. sanders went to harlem. an area that is a strength of his rival of hillary clinton who was not on the trail today. clinton moving ahead. in washington, back to you.
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presidential debate is in south carolina. it will be held by s. aier thanks to a special gift. >> retired veteran received a wheelchair accessible van. he was on his 4th deployment in afghanistan when he stepped on a bomb. he lost both legs and a hand. he said this van will change his life. >> being able to use my vehicle, drive my vehicle on my own, being independent. it is great. it is -- i feel free. i don't feel confined. i feel that i could follow my dreams. >> they teamed up with a nonprofit group to help our
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a new york father chose to be honest why his daughter was
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the story behind this a woman went to court against the man that has
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she calls letters scary and disturbing, in a letter paltrow ref presentativessed talking about death and another marriage. "harry potter" based on the play "harry the potter: and the cursed child." the book should be released around the same time. now, a look for what is trending what do you got tonight? we will start with something that is cute and priceless. a baby who is amazed by his big brother's magic trick. it is priceless. watch the baby's face. [ laughter ] >> look at that. where did it go? that is just so cute. so innocent and they don't know. it is just pure ... oh. he is ing it.
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>> that is precious. how adorable. sweet they have this relationship, any way. [ laughter ] >> what a face. i bet you around 10 years old that baby will say okay, where did the tissue paper go? i got it now. so cute. we are going to finish this little guy. you know who this is. >> yes. that looks like your rabbit. >> this is rudy. this is my son's rabbit. just because i play with it too does not make it mine. >> she feeds it. >> a little. >> yes. he is really cute and soft. >> i know what you mean. any way, he was playing today on the rug. he just got back from surgery a couple days ago. i can not tell -- you can hear him, too, listen r second. digging. [ laughter ] the munching. he is not really gotten into it on the rub before.
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over the surgery or feeling better. taking out his frustrations. >> was he chewing up on the rug or teething again? >> i don't know, -- teething part two. he pulled all of the things off and chewed a hole in it. >> you watched him do that? >> i felt bad for him. >> it makes good video. >> you know, he was just neutered and i thought he was upset. >> that explains it. i would do the same thing. [ laughter ] >> okay. awkward moment. [ laughter ] >> okay. [ laughter ] you can find links to the stories on my facebook page. hraoufz. >> are you all right? >> serious look on his face. >> and if you have anything that u should be what's trending, send it to me. she is getting stronger
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this pup is ready for a new forever home. her "ruff" road to recovery. >> now, make sure you are bundled up. we will have the school bus stop in the morning. take a look at the temperature change.
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a man threw a gator through a drive-thru window. after a court appearance yesterday he explained his actions. >> were just vegging, hanging out, we thought we would pull a prank on our friend that worked at wendys. sorry for what i did. obviously i found out what the consequences were. [ laughter ] >> okay. now, the judge ordered him to avoid contact with animals and he has to have a mental health evaluation. a 3-month-old pup sewinning harts across the country. the animal was found abandoned with a rubber band around its neck. >> reporter: at just three months old this dog is as playful as a puppy should be. >> i think she is still getting her grasp of the world.
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>> all of the way around her neck. the incision goes. >> reporter: a closer look and you will see she has not had an easy life. >> she came to us right after they had done surgery to remove the rubber band. >> reporter: this is that rubber band. not much bigger than a quarter and it was tight around the neck. the discovery made after someone dropped the pup off at the department of county animal services. >> it was not until they shaved and cleaned her that they could see there was a foreign body. >> reporter: they had to perform surgery to go inside the tissue to get the rubber band out. >> it cut through her tissue. it got impeded in her neither so scar tissue formed and it caused a secondary infection. >> reporter: had that not been removed it would have been a different outcome. >> if she had not received medical attention she probably would not of made it.
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and she is on her -- survived and she is on her road to recovery. >> she is able to run. that was difficult the at first. she has been healing and coming out of her shell. >> reporter: and on wednesday she is ready to find her forever home. back to you. >> she is gets stronger each day. >> reporter: fox 5 news. >> that is why some people should not have animals. >> my gosh. thank goodness -- puppies can spring back quickly. >> someone will adopt her quickl y. oh, man. >> cute. >> yes. all right, okay, now, cold weather? >> yes. it will get worse into the weekend. side, -- saturday, sunday, low numbers, now, we have a couple opportunities to see something frozen. maybe hike i said, last half- hour, looking at the snow paul potential coming up. first, look at nashville and what they saw today coming down. we showed you the satellite picture. the radar on it.
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winter weather caused problems for drivers in nashville. main roads most he cheer, accidents reported overnight and into this morning. more snow expected tomorrow. and, of course, still going on out there right now. let's go to weather desk top. share with you a few things, now, first, picking out the satellite picture. just take a closer view what is happening around the nation. a lot of cold air in the east. milder out west. they are seeing rain and a lot of dry weather under the ridge. that is out west. let's zoom in south and east. again, nashville, seeing the snow. light snow now. here in north carolina we look okay going through the overnight. it will be cold with teens and 20s. the last half-hour, we mentioned the area of low pressure that will develop off of the coast. could throw snow in the coastal plain and outer banks during friday. here is the future cast snow potential. mountains seeing more snow. the ski resorts are going to love that. right now, there is the
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accumulation for future cast. you look at the scale where you see the gray. less than 3 inches, so, if we were to see at this point any accumulating snow for the day on friday this is where it may line up. of course, we will keep watching to see what changed. we will have more on this starting on wral and fox 50. speaking of in the morning, your school bus forecast. it will be a bright start. but it will be a deep freeze with 22. and with winds, well, west and 5-10 miles an hour. it will feel more like the teens throughout the duration of the morning commute. make sure the children are well bundled. take a look at the temperatures, warmer air off to the west. 60s and 70s across texas today. the way the jet stream is set up over the next several days, bringing the cold air in the arctic, we will not get into finally it looks like by tuesday and wednesday next week the trough will no doubt taken the cool air with it. we could be looking at 60s by
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next week. that will be good. meantime, fierce cold to deal with over the next several days. here you go. normal highs, 54-55, well below that tomorrow with the high around 40. this, i think, is over done. we will have mostly cloudy skies, flurries. if this was to occur it will be more east of us. side, sunshine, 43. howling northwest wind. 20-25. gusting to 30. talking about that in the single digits to low teens, during the afternoon the windchills will be in the 20s. >> oh, god. >> if you don't have to be outside for a long period of time, don't, make sure you are dressed with hats, gloves, keep the exposed skin covered. a low of 15. >> a good friend of mine is going to be watching soccer game on saturday and sunday and i have been trying to tell her, look, you will not want to go or dress like -- >> i am more concerned about the kids. >> yes. the children, too. >> yes. what age group are you talking
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>> my friends are what? how old? >> 8 and 10. >> yes. young ones, yes. all of that. >> yes. [ laughter ] in all seriousness this is not the type of cold you don't want to stay outside. layer up. >> yes. good advice. okay. the dentist office not the most popular place. some would rather go there than deal with a bank.
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