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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  February 11, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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ood morning, i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. this could be another emotional day in court as prosecutors try to prove a man beat a woman to death while her young daughter was in the apartment. >> travion smith could face the death penalty if convicted in the case. wral's tara lynn is live from the justice center. who do we expect to take the stand today? >> reporter: first up we know there will be a forensic analyst on the stand. they took the stand yesterday afternoon and will be finishing up testimony. they also expect the medical examiner to testify today, going through autopsy photos and reports. of course you can imagine how difficult this is for the family of the victim. they wept and shook with the motion yesterday as investigators reviewed photos from the rder of melissa huggins-jones whose home in her apartment off of six forks road in may 2013 when she was beaten to death. it was her 8-year-old daughter that bound her the next morning. so far testimony at this point
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travion smith, but we may hear some of that accidents coming from the forensic analyst that takes the stand this morning. track a stolen laptop from the apartment complex to a ultimately led to the arrest of three people in this case. one has already pled guilty and is serving a life sentence, the other testified earlier this week against travion smith. she has yet to be sentenced in thisase. testimony will start at 9:30. we will air it on r website, >> tara lynn with the latest on the travion smith trial, thank you very much. down parts of glenwood avenue in the five-point area. a car crashed into a home on white oak road knocking down a utility pole. the home was not damaged, the driver not seriously hurt. the drive for suspected of dwi.
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40 at involved a state trooper. this happened on davis drive in durham county at 7:00 last night. the highway patrol tells us a tractor-trailer attempted to change lanes to safely pass a patrol car that was stopped to investigate an accident. the truck accidentally sideswiped a passenger car, and that car that hit the patrol car, pushing it into the vehicle involved in the earlier crash, then sideswiped another car. a lot going on here. the trooper was taken to duke with non-life-threatening injuries. the driver of the car that hit the patrol car was seriously hurt. charges are expected in this complicated case. >> crazy chain of events there. durham police are looking for a man accused of shooting another man with a flare gun. 53-year-old todd pope faces a charge of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. police say they are actively looking for him. police say he shot a man in the face with a flare gun at the panera bread.
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year-old killed in a hit and run. austin collins died at the scene. he was a junior at fairview high school. the funeral service will be at worthington funeral home. the driver is in custody and is identified as 45-year-old michael dortch. troopers say he turned himself in. highway patrol say they expect charges to be filed. onto a developing story out of oregon this morning, where the last four occupiers of a national wildlife refuge say they plan to turn themselves in. developments came after cliven bundy, father of the jailed leader of the occupation, was arrested in portland. the fbi and law enforcement surrounded the group at the refuge late last night. the tense standoff was live streamed on the internet as occupiers refused to stand down. 12 activists, including the leader, ammon bundy, was arrested at the refuge last month. the group seized the site in
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policies. officials with royal caribbean plan to strengthen its policies after one of the cruise ships sailed into the path of a dangerous storm. passengers cheered as the anthem of the seas return to its home port in jersey last night. the ship was on its way to florida over the weekend when it was battered by massive waves and hurricane force winds off of the north carolina coast of cape hatteras. four people were hurt and the ship sustained damage. >> there is at least one senator who wants to open an investigation to ask why the ship sailed into e storm when the forecast was known for days. it was something elizabeth brought up when we initially told you about the story. >> when you upset a big cruise ship and put people's lives in danger. >> absolutely. >> i'm sure those folks are so glad to be home on dry land. >> yes, no doubt. if you remember when we had
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other storms like that, we have had ships to have sailed into them and stunk, and forecasting is pretty good for those things. and so, it is a little confusing why sometimes those ships end up ere anyway. let's take a look at the raleigh sky cam. taking a look at centennial camp at the golf course, it is not really a great day r golfing, because temperatures will feel like 20s and 30s all day long. you are going to have to wait until next week. we have extended period of cold air in the forecast through monday or so. look at temperatures right now. 21 in durham, 18 rham, -- 18 in cary. town by town, 18 in southern pines, 25 in goldsboro d fayetteville. figure in the windchill, it has been terribly windy, feels melissa huggins-jones in southern france, roxboro and south hill. be prepared for that. by lunchtime temperatures in the mid-30s but still feeling like upper 20s with the
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out at about 40 degrees. we will see a nice bright sunny day, but we have a couple of systems working together to bring us a chance for snow tomorrow. i will talk about who has the best chance and what some of the amounts will be coming up in 20 minutes or so. brian is here taking a look at the roads. it has been a busy morning. it has been busy and is still swollen 40 westbound. i want to update your drive thames as we take a look at the live camera at i-40 and clayton bypass. traffic seems to be easing up as we get into the 8:00 hour and traffic drops a little bit on that end up wake ounty. it is flowing freely but is still slow on the line and beyond. here's a look at 40 and rock quarry road. while it is busy cutting away from us, this is a big improvement over what we saw a while ago. take a look at the latest drive times. still showing a 27 minute trip to garner 40 westbound from 42 to 440. consider using 70 business as an alternate route. this is an improvement on the
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the fortify work zone from 442 us seven 1, sensors indicating a 13 minute trip. certainly an improvement over the 20 minutes we saw not too long ago. hopefully we will start to see the seas up to see significant improvement over the next 15 to 20 minutes. this is e capital at high words, this is the camera looking there, an accident with injuries, does not sound like it is very serious but certainly causing delays on the inbound side of capital boulevard. looks like we are down to two went on the inbound side. also that turn lane from outbound capital boulevard onto high which blocked right now, at least partially blocked. consider using atlantic avenue as a good alternate. i also wanted to mention the sun glare delay say we are seeing on the south side of durham. beautiful sunshine songbooks down on 40 eastbound from 54 to the durham freeway. up to 16 minutes. that's pretty high, even for a sun glare delay this time of day. consider using 54, it is backed
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you more time. back to you. congressional district lines for the march 15 primary are growing more uncertain. >> the u.s. supreme court response from a request from north carolina lawyers. plus, u.s. taxpayers are the target of the latest cyber attack. what the irs is saying about the hack and what to look out for if you're information was compromised. the attorneys for the accuser charleston church
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it is 8:11. north carolina voters and lawmakers may not know until next week if congressional districts can be used in the march 15 primary or if the lines will have to be redrawn before the votes are st u.s. supreme court chief justice john roberts asked the first and 12th districts to respond by tuesday to the state emergency request to let the current boundaries remain for next month's primary. this increases the chances that the general assembly will reconvene before the supreme court rules. house speaker tim moore has already told lawmakers to prepare for a special session next week. hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in their sixth democratic debate tonight in milwaukee. the showdown comes just two days after the vermont senator trounced the former secretary in the new hampshire primary. a smaller gop field including new hampshire winner donald trump will participate in the debate this weekend ahead of the next critical primary in
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the republican debate in greenville will be hosted by cbs and "face the nation" john dickerson, white house correspondent, major garrett and kimberly stressel from "the wall street journal." wral's cullen browder will be there and we will have live reports. the usda released new guidelines on r diets. coming up what they are telling us to eat more of and how it could have an impact on health.
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d s liza, chhe ame 8:25. i'm bill leslie to top stories including traffic beginning with brian shrader >> we have congestion through 40 and software, typical congestion adding up to a 24 minutes drive from 42 to the balance split. consider using business 70 as
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cummington street, south saunders, from there, pick up i- 40 westbound out ward us-1. so far those delays that we saw earlier through the fortify work zone on 40 w. between 440 and-1 up and has been quite at this point, 11 minutes to make the trip, eight minute drive would be a delay free trip. not too ch slowdown. we're starting to see traffic building on 40 westbound from wade avenue after 540 taking seven minutes from the usual five-minute delay free trip. on the northbound side of the beltline, capital boulevard at 440 looking out for the high with ulevard intersection, in earlier accident there, raleigh police on the scene, left lane is locked down capital boulevard, allow some extra time coming from the road toward the beltline this morning. also seemed very significant sun glare delays on 40 eastbound, from chapel hill around interchange, rtp, taking 60 minutes.
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right now looking pretty od. our crash in raleigh shut down part of glenwood avenue in a busy five points area. the car hit a home on white oak road down cables and cracking a utility pole. the home was not badly damaged but the driver s not seriously hurt. police arrested the driver on suspicion of dwi. a trooper was injured in a durham county crash while investigating an earlier collision on i-40 near the davis drive exit last night. a trafficrailer switch planes which resulted in a chain of events resulting in a trooper being taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the driver of another vehicle had serious injuries. charges are expected. now to elizabeth and the weather. >> looking nice out there, if you're looking at the sky cam. but you know it is called, we have been talking about this for a while. check out the tall tower camera. is the way it will look all day, but sunshine.
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moisture comes in, a lot of it in the form of snow, but there won't be a lot of it, we will have at least maybe up to an inch from raleigh north and east. right now, 23 in xboro, and in southern pines, 25 in goldsboro, 24 cky mount. still a bit of a windchill. feels like 16 in roxboro and 15 in south hill. in the forecast, lots of sunshine with a high of 40 tomorrow, mid morning to afternoon, may have come close
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geico for your boat.
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coming up 8:30. a number of congregations, organizations and individuals from around durham plan to participate in a prayer vigil tonight. >> organizers are speaking out against what they call an epidemic of mass incarceration in the u.s. wral's mikaya thurmond is in durham with that story. >> reporter: as groups have done in recent months they want to raise awareness about issues, issues they say results in too many citizens being sent prison. organizers want to call attention to racial profiling, militarization of police and the last groups believe heavily punish the poor and minorities. according to the aclu, the u.s. which represents 5% of the world population now holds 25% of the world inmates. the group says the tough on crime politics of the 1980s and 1990s fueled an explosive hit incarceration rates. the issue has been gaining traction and is bound to come up quite a bit more this
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at the nehemiah christian center. it will start at 6:00 p.m. mikaya urmond, wral news, durham. new video posted online shows the terrifying moments a dump truck ran off the road and into a home. video posted on facebook shows the dump truck jolting forward after being struck from behind, then running off the road into a yard and into a home on highway 210 on a simple road in angier. this happened monday. you can see the aftermath from sky 5. both drivers were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. troopers charged the driver of the car into the dump truck. cary town council wants to encourage kellogg's to expand the facility in town. there's a public hearing tonight on an economic development center for kellogg's which is considering a $19.5 million expansion. the council may decide tonight. the meeting will begin at 6:30 in council chambers at cary town hall on academy street.
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veteran will be able to get around easier thanks to a special gift. retired marine seargant, carlos evans, received a wheelchair accessible van from van products in raleigh. sergeant evans was on his fourth deployment in afghanistan when he stepped on a bomb losing both legs and a hand. he says this van will change his life. >> being able to use my vehicle, drive my vehicle on my own, be independent, getting on the road, i feel free. i don't feel confined. i feel that i can follow my dreams. >> van products teamed up with the nonprofit group, help our military heroes and the semper fi fund to make theonation. traffic is finally moving on the outer banks. what whirlwind. two sections of highway 12
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flooding over the weekend. flooding and high wind. road was shut down at kitty hawk because of debris and over wash in standing water made road impassable. the highway closer to disrupt ferry service but things are back on schedule. it is a whole new world when you live there. >> it sure is. you get e view, and you get that stuff. that was all because of a coastal system over the weekend and we are going to get another coastal system, elizabeth says. >> are. this one comes in for tomorrow helping bring us the chance of wintry precipitation mostly in the form of snow. likely to be fairly light. talking trace amounts from raleigh westward and eastward, it looks like we're going to see maybe up to an inch, that's about it. of course, very cold temperatures for today. starting off with upper teens to low 20s, warming up to only about 40 in the afternoon. after that, looking at potential for patchy light snow, starting midmorning through about the middle of the afternoon for tomorrow.
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precipitation eventually monday. we will talk more about all of that coming up in a w minutes. if you did not know, it is a school bus driver appreciation week in north carolina. and today, a special guest will join in on the celebration in wake county. state superintendent june atkinson will attend a noon luncheon for drivers at holly springs high. the leaders and town mayor will also be there. all this week, bus drivers throughout the state are being honored for their hard work all week long. sir walter raleigh is joining the fight against heart dias vonteers decked out the statue in red to celebrate women who fight the issue as part of a social media campaign. you are invited to snap a picture with sir walter and share it with the hashtag, #goredtriangle. the biltmore has a new exhibit that will have you feeling the love through valentine's day and beyond. fashionable romance, wedding gowns in film, opens tomorrow. visitors can see some of the most beautiful wedding gowns.
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others were from vanderbilt family weddings. you bet they could afford beautiful expensive dresses. the exhibit runs through july 4. a printer that promises enough ink to last two years. >> can u imagine? i think we need that in the newsroom. it is out there. i'm 5 on your side's monica
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>> let'swe ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** you really can't get enough of love songs. >> i love silly ve songs. the cheesier, the better. >> you are going to hear a
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i guess you are almost all done here today. he will have to do it again monday, right? >> yes. keep the ball rolling. >> we need something to love with this winter. >> nobody is loving the weather except for the penguins. let's take a look at what's going on. we are just in the middle or maybe still at the beginning end of this long cold snap that will be with as well into next week. look at the durham sky cam. there is a tease for you. the field there the dbap, they start playing soon, that warm air will make a resurgence sometime inarch. beautiful over downtown durham, plenty of sunshine. officially at the airport, 21 degrees. it is very cold. don't let the sunshine for you. it's also very dry. it's ld in southern pines, seven points dropped down into the mid teens this morning so that's pretty good warm-up over
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15. feels jik16 in roxboro, and 18 for rocky mount and goldsboro. we're still seeing a bit of e windchill. we're still seeing our normal temperatures this time of year, mid 50s. nowhere close to it anytime soon. 40 today, and then we see pretty much a 20 degree below rmal high friday, saturday, sunday and monday. after that getting into tuesday looks like you will begin to warm up the not quite into the mid 50s. we go 20 degrees warmer than 55, you know where that puts us. it will swing that way eventually. our skies are clear, we still have the cold air coming in right out of canada into north carolina just sitting here with us. we have had a couple of disturbances move through not so much yesterday but the day before with a couple of bursts of snow. we will see that again midmorning tomorrow. but along with that, moisture prompting from the atlantic because of this developing offshore low.
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potential for some snow. still extremely light. i will show you the chances of we take it on out to the middle of the morning, 8:00, ne caught it, 10:00, we start to see snow showers from harnett county and johnston unty southward, probably more of a mix of sleet and freezing rain. and from rolling northward and eastward, better chance of some snow. again, we're talking about. light amounts. midmorning to mid afternoon, and in terms of how much you may see, and this is a look at some of the tential amounts. likely to see a trace from our southern counties to our western counties. from raleigh eastward, maybe half an inch, and half an inch to an inch as you ad toward elizabeth city. not a lot of accumulation, but it will have been very cold. sometimes it does not take a whole lot to create slick places on the road. we are going to be with you all day friday watching that.
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our newscast on ral , this evening, greg and mike will look at the latest commuter model runs. right now looks at the best chances from lunchtime on into the ternoon for snow. also tracking the system monday after a bitterly cold weekend with lows in the teens sunday morning and a high of 32. another system les in, let's see if i can pull this out for you, roles into cold temperature and ends up being a bit of a wintry mix for us. but, warm air will come behind it and start to warm ings up. the bulk of this system late monday into tuesday may and of being rain, but it is still a little bit far out for specifics. but that one on your radar, we will be tching it. >> we like fridays with a light snow. should be scenic and hopefully not cause too many problems. >> it will be called ahead of it. >> lovers will have to snuggle up this weekend. >> no matter what the ather. thanks. when it is all said and done north carolina can claim
8:42 am
winners, more than any other state. >> now in its final season, raleigh native jordan sasser, has made his way to the top four. lynda loveland uncovered a connection between jordan sasser and clay aiken. >> reporter: jordan sasser is on "american idol" and a raleigh native. clay aiken is a runner-up and also a raleigh native. but there is a closer connection. this house. both families live tonight at different times. >> he texted me about jordan and said, did you see that guy from raleigh? he is very good. that before he made the connection to "american idol". >> reporter: turns out, his mother bought the house from jordan's grandmother in 1996. and has lived in it ever since. but, wait, faye has another idle connection. she judged a clayton "idol" contest in 2009 whose winner was none other than scotty mccreary. is faye the key in the connections? >> i don't have any dna except
8:43 am
since she is a pro at dealing with everything "idol" she has advice for jordan's grandmother, martha. she says, don't go on the internet and read the people are saying about it. >> they don't say, i really prefer someone over him. they have to talk about it and it's a really nasty things. >> reporter: martha and the rest of the sasser family are keeping their fingers crossed the jordan makes it to the top 12. >> he is just confident and will do his very best. i think he has up to this point. but i just hope that everything works out for him. and we are very proud of him. >> jordan performed last night. we will find out if he makes the cut tonight. fingers crossed. scotty mccreary is on tonight's "american ol", he is the season 10 winner and will mentor two of the top 24 contestants for three days. he will perform with former contestants. but you'll have to watch tonight to find out who they
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burger king wants to conquer newerritory, hot dogs. the fast food chain says hot dogs will be added to the menu nationally starting february 23. they will have two options, classic and chili cheese. burger king says the ability to frame -- flame grilled meat makes hot dogs a natural fit for the menu. cinnabon and the cable network, amc, teaming up to give you a free cup of coffee on monday, february 15. it marks the second season of amc drama, "better call saul." the character works as a manager at cinnabon. fenway park is embracing winter. a 140 foot ski jump towers over boston's famous ballpark, fenway park. big air at fenway features world-class skiers and snowboarders. it's an attempt to bring the sport down from the mountains and into the city so more
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>> i love it! >> is getting some use out of a ballpark. that's a smart. >> i can't do that, but i like to watch. >> i have to say, i'm impressed. >> we have to see you that. this is pretty incredible audio and a picture. yesterday, a charlotte radio station has a reetside studio and was on the air when the host worst fear came true. take a listen. >> everything these fans&. -- fans e about. >> folks, we just had an accident here out the home studios. bobby's biggest fear just came through so we are heading to break. everyone is okay here in the audience. >> nobody hurt, but, , man. let's hear it one more time. it went way to the studio.
8:46 am
the air when this happened. can listen to that one more time? >> everything these fans are about -- >> yikes! >> that sounds like a big glass window st shattering. >> and listen to how, they are. >> i know! she sounded very calm and professional. >> no $10 worth or anything. nobody had to put anything in the cuss jar. good r them. here in political primary season everybody is thinking about who will be the next president. there is one group of people who wants walks in to be the president, the ibm supercomputer. they have formed a website called watson for president. they say that watson has garden smarter and smarter. the member he won "jeopardy" back 2011. when i say he, i mean it has gotten smarter and smarter. can you believe that watson can solve problems by asking it a question?
8:47 am
>> he advisor. >> you could be the trauma. >> cabinet secretary maybe. >> good stuff.
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