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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  February 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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to behoal i m meryns 0. several families were forced out of a raleigh apartment because of a fire. firefighters arrived on high line street around 5:00 this evening. they found heavy smoke and fire in a second-story apartment. four units were damaged but there were no injuries. investigators have ruled the fire an accident. animal control officers in plan to put a dog down after it
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36-year-old susan story was attacked in her home. they say she was cleaning the dog's crate when this happened. story adopted the dog about a week ago. she was told the dog was well-behaved. fayetteville police need helping v help finding a missing man. they issued a silver alert for 44-year-old william dodge. he was last seen leaving cape very hospital. he said he had open dark sweat pants and a red and black hoodie. he has a cognitive impairment. police. a raleigh man says thieves took his lifeline when they stole his car. >> he wore up wednesday morning and his car was gone. he has a rare nerve condition. his car is handicap accessible. >> it wasn't much of a car. a guy ran into me last summer, you know, was totaled because it's just not -- it's a $300 cars, is who steals a han i capped $300 car.
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friends for daily tasks. as for his car, the 2001 has a bike rack and plenty of stickers on the back. a special remembrance today for a former member of the capital broadcasting company family. today friends dedicated a special headstone at ray henderson's grave site. henderson was a former wral radio disk jockey known to fans as dr. jockyo. he later moved to detroit where he hosted radio and television shows. garner native and season ten his mentor skills tonight. as long as you sing with that kind the griff. you sounded good, the first take. >> thank you. >> awesome already. you're ready for the camera and the show already. >> scotty mentored two of the
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he used his experience to help them moving forward in the competition. he also sang with the contest tants. >> we have some news too jordan sasser, raleigh native from here made it to the top 24. eliminated. >> that's too bad. job. i thought knocked it out of the ballpark, but license. >> he's proven that he has talent. >> oh without -- top 24. >> yeah. >> the competition is tough. i've watched some of the shows. it's pretty tough. he's very important he got this far. >> he did a great job. >> all right. so how about this weather. >> yeah, we're watching it closely tomorrow morning. it looks like it will be a low total but could be a high impact especially since the ground is cold and the air is going to be cold. so whatever falls would freeze on con tack. if the roads aren't treated, then there's the potential there could be some really slick spots. now, let's dive into our weather headlines and we'll get into the detail of what's coming tomorrow
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the clouds are on the increase it will be a quiet night. wintry mix is possible. it looks like the wave of this system will develop. we will have greater impact in eastern counties. east of i-95 will see more activity than here in wake county, off to the west and sandhills. and for the weekend, arctic cold wave number two settles in. it will be colder than we've already experienced. we could be looking at another headache for monday before changes over to rain monday night and into tuesday. tuesday i wouldn't be surprised if there were a few rumbles of thunder. raleigh sky cam focused on our fountain there and there's our little circular drive. cold, though. temperatures have been running into the 30 as all evening. it's now 28 at the airport. seven miles per hour. the dew point is at 11. numbers close to home are in the 20s and 30s. we have 25 in moncure. 27 in wake forest. so we're sifting in the cold table so to speak. we've had several nights of cold
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cold. so again, what falls tomorrow will likely stick unless the roads have been treated. 29 in fayetteville. 24 in south hill. so no doubt we are going to have cold air in place when it arrives tomorrow. but the big question is, how much moisture will be available and where will it line up? we talked at the top of the newscast about the our upper level disturbance. moving to the south and east and low pressure will be forming off the coast tomorrow morning. so when elizabeth is on the air, this will start to take shape. these are some of the hardest things to predict. north carolina is one of the most difficult places to forecast weather because the mountains. if you've been in denver, and see them forecast there, a lot of times low pressure build in the plains and they build east of denver and david can tell tough the same thing, just hard to see where they're going to develop and where the precipitation will develop. but when the system grows tomorrow, the big question mark is where that precipitation will line up.
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we see the clouds building. and sin the system will be offshore, we think as the precipitation grows, it will have greater access to the moisture in the atlantic and eastern counties. so that's why we're thinking the greater bulls eye of anything accumulation will be over toward william ston, elizabeth system in the outer banks in general. there may not be a whole lot falling in the triangle. that wouldn't be a bad thing. fayetteville, maybe a little light glaze in the morning. and then by tomorrow it's all gone. we see clearing tomorrow night and saturday and sunday are going to be really cold. this is all preceding the colder air coming in. so right now this is our best estimate where we would see any kind of accumulation. there could be a dusty, maybe at most a half inch. we're going to focus at this area in the east. so if you're watching from rocky mount, wilson, over to edgecombe county and halifax county, you are in line to have a better build up of precipitation for the day tomorrow. so overnight, it's upper teens to mid-20s.
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your fitness forecast in the morning, there could be some flurries otherwise a cold story, 24 at that point. lunchtime a win at this mix developing. likely more to the east. 29 at lunchtime and then tomorrow's highs, solely dictated on the precipitation that falls. could be warmer if we don't see much here in the triangle. if you're seeing it falling throughout the afternoon. there's the cold for the weekend. it's possible we may go 48 hours without temperatures getting above freezing and then you factor in that nasty worth west wind on saturday. it's really going to feel raw. and then monday, a little bit of light frozen precipitation the first part of the day, changing over to aretty good rain. so whatever is frozen monday, will get washed away monday fight and tuesday. >> after that, we're done. >> yeah, we're back in the 50s. >> 15 looks cold. be rough. >> that is like to the bone cold. a sea lion pup found in a restaurant continues to recover. >> find out how she is doing one
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>> the triangle's three acc's teams are home tonight. and eric staal got to raise the stanley cup in his second year in the nhl.
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0. tomorrow the hurricanes begin their celebration of the stanley cup championship they
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tonight we continue our series of reflection with the hurricanes current captain. the hurricanes felt they were a good enough team to play the playoffs but the gm didn't sit idle. >> the court -- we had added some grate players. let some players in the room let management and ownership was serious about going after a championship. >> in a spectacular january, the record going 13-1. >> we got stronger as a group and as a team and more comfortable with being at the top of the standings. and then january kind of put a stamp on that. at the end of january, you're hit sitting real high in the standings. >> scene wins are required to win lord stanley's cup. the final two match-ups against buffalo and edmonton went a full seven games. >> returning here was -- was the
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this building was -- was phenomenal. it was, you know, the best still i've ever played in. >> it all came together to pro-eric staal. >> raising that stanley cup over something you never forget. for me, i hope to play a lot more time here in this league and have another few moments like that because definitely special. starting off your career with that opportunity. >> it's a momentary i can will occasionally watch again and share with his young children. >> my oldest is 6 so he's just starting to get it and understand the game, understand the stanley cup. they know -- they know the stanley cup, but, you know, they don't remember their dad lifting it over his head. so i like to do that again for them. >> here is the schedule for tomorrow. several members of the '06 team will have their arrivals of the south plaza at one hour ought graph sessions going from 5:45 to 6:45.
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penguins face off. if you look at the acc basketball standings you won't find a team from our state in the 55. the wolf pack paying host to boston college tonight. 20 points. nelson also hit double figures as n.c. state wins by 11 over boston college. this is not a good sign for duke, leading score in a boot and inactive. duke's salvador is with a buzzer-beating trey. florida state by ten after 3. james wears the same numbers her big brother joe he will who plays just up the road for north carolina. she has 11 and 8 rebounds. seminoles win 69-53. north carolina with four in double figures as they win at home over virginia tech, 71-67. that's the final from chapel hill. >> all right. jeff, thank you. >> okay. .
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for a cup of coffee? why one company says a $15 price tag is worth it for the cups they're serving up. >> also ahead, theme price hike how much a family of four will pay to get into universal studios in florida. >> and the standoff is over.
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