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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  February 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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it is cold out there and
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we've got some totals that i have put on the map. this is across durham county. and fayetteville had a trace. two tenths of an inch of snow for kenley. we expected it to go into the coastal plains and the outer banks. columbia county at 3.5. so far we expecting - - were expecting that. and late tonight a cold front comes on by. 24 by 6:00 in the morning. we have a raging northwesterly wind. wind chills will be in the afternoon. freezing in the after not.
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honey for a nice dinner, temperatures will be in the teens. around 15 on sunday morning. and we are not done with the winter weather after that. the storm system will move out on monday morning. >> we are looking forward to that. >> a wintry mix makes for road condition - - slick road conditions. the wreck happened when the driver of a suzuki lost control and spun out and hit a honda. most schools canceled classes today but winter weather fell short of expectations. it did snow in rocky mount this afternoon.
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it also snowed on the outer banks. take a look at this video posted on facebook. it is stunning, those big flakes. our latest app uses your gps to track and alert when you are in the path of severe weather. and investigators are looking into what caused a deadly fire. it happened before 5:00 this afternoon. a man was killed when the fire broke out in his garage. his name has not been released. two robberies cut two banks, one is a possible
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>> and now we find adam owens. adam? >> reporter: when police got a look at the man who robbed the bank earlier today, we realized you may be looking at a familiar face. >> he never showed a teller. the was a weapon. but he left something behind, a clear photo. and a face they may have seen before. this man robbed the bank on brier creek langone - - lane. he demanded money and took off with a brown suv.
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photo behind. they are looking for your help to put a name to the face. if you recognize the face, give authorities a call. a ruling back to raleigh. and they are working on redrawing the congressional districts. this is how districts one and 12 have drawn on the map. district one covers parts of eastern north carolina. a three-judge ruling give them until next thursday to draw the districts again. they say race was a predominant factor.
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we also know that we resented expert witnesses that can testify that was not the case. the testimony was not allowed. >> he was appointed to hold public hearings. also an issue, the march primary. john roberts give them until tuesday to respond to to the requests. >> this is a process that would normally take several months. we have compressed that into a little over a week. we are confident the court decision will stay. >> the hearings are planned for
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the plan to use feedback and if the special session is applied, the general session could be next thursday. presidential hopefuls are pitching to voters. many are trying to appeal to evangelical christians who make up 65% of south carolina voters. the next debate is in greenville, south carolina. coverage begins at 9:00. we will have live reports starting at 6:00 tomorrow. a woman and her dog are safe tonight after a fire broke out in west front street before 5:00. emergency workers got there
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public safety - - the 47- year-old bridge was into reading condition. it was scheduled to be replaced this spring. they are looking to use ferry road and gorman street. - - street. a man subjectof a silver alert was found dead in virginia. he went missing at duke rally hospital. he was found dead in halifax county near his vehicle. authorities found no indication of file play. a man is being held on bonds tonight, charged with sexual assault involving an 11-year-old girl. police say he knew the victim. after a string of jewelry
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men conspired to rob six stores in five states and they got jewelry. this is the first day of a three-week suspension. he says he is not there as part of two of the bars. police say enrollment and education on alcohol schools has spiked since the accident. underage drinking seminar attendance is up 40% and they are also paying more attention to underaged drinking prevention . >> authorities have made it clear and maybe paid more attention to make sure every bar is following the law and is responsible and making sure
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in. >> the other bar that served that night also had a license suspended in december and they both paid a $5000 fine. this is a great time, a prompt for people with special needs at live point church. they arrived to walk the red carpet. the team to austin tivo organization is behind the e ffort. this is one of hundreds of problems this voluntary - - valentines weekend. >> it is so meaningful. >> a great night got a great experience. he was shot during a routine traffic stop and a local officer fought to hang onto life rather than give up. >> i am not a quitter.
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at life to keep other acts - -
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a during a routine traffic stop a suspect opened fire.
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- - moment could have been his last but things to a quick call for help, doctor scott and a bulletproof vest - - vest, he was able to survive. >> there was no such thing as a routine officers. john taylor pulled the vehicle over and the driver fired five shots and hit him three times. the fourth bullet was - - stopped a bullet. he still carries one in his body. >> i squared my body up to the window.
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not to do. she doesn't remember being shot but does recall certain moments. >> i remember being put on the stretcher and being carried to the hospital. i remember being taken out. i could not see my wife at that point. but i could remember her telling me she loves me. >> reporter: no one would have faulted him if he had chosen to hang up his gun and his badge. >> i am not a quitter. i did not want to bring my career to an end because of a decision someone else made. >> life for taylor is good now but the incident is caused him to see things differently. >> life is short. we have to make the most of our time. i had a near-death experience. i feel i have an opportunity to
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renewed optimism and joy and love for life. >> an amazing story. his jurisdiction includes roane oak rapids. >> we wish him the best. we all remember that story. >> oh boy, that video is intense. you talk about getting down to single digits. >> it says time to hibernate. stay inside all weekend. it gets cold. let's look at the weather headlines. this front has yet to move through the area but it will over the next few hours and there it will, arctic air arrives through the area by daybreak and it may be so windy
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it may wake you up. frigid - - frigid teens for sunday morning. negative two in 1899. it should transition over to rain in the afternoon and maybe even thunderstorms monday night and tuesday. downtown raleigh is looking pretty good. and the front has not come on by. when it does it will kick up in the northwest. the dewpoint will likely fall into the single digits over the weekend. 31 in hot - - holly springs. 26 in south hill. and the central and the northern coast, it was beautiful and they had the greater totals. you can see it glowing. the snow was starting to fall
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that. now the area of low pressure is offshore. there is the arctic front moving through with cold air moving from canada and diving to the south and to the east. these are the numbers right now. 31 at the airport, 11 at should - - chicago, 11 at cincinnati. factor in the wind, seven below in chicago, 2 degrees in its burke, six at the airport. over the next two days, high pressure will be upon us, expect a dry forecast but it will be insanely cold period lunchtime will still be in the 20s. in the anmee vea riproaring wind that will make it feel even colder. if you spend any time outside tomorrow, you would really need to bundle up so the cold does
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sunday we expect to wake up to teens for the lows. there is the next storm system. the coldest start is on sunday. we are expecting something frozen, maybe snow, freezing rain, sleet, and that warm air will come up during the day. during the afternoon by lunchtime, transitioning over to rain. monday night will be warmer. coming up we will look at the rainfall potential and it could be quite wet for us and the snow could be further up to the north. overnight, gradually clearing, low in the lower to middle 20s. your fitness forecast in the morning, bundle up. windy and frigid. twenty-two, 22, in fact, you may want to skip it altogether. maybe run on the treadmill indoors.
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the high tomorrow is in the low to mid 30s. 36 degrees in fayetteville. sunday the clouds get thicker, morning low of 15 degrees. a potential of a winter mixed changing to rain. someone flips a switch and we go from winter to milder weather at 60 on friday. >> we could have used that a couple of days earlier. thousands will be here in april for the rock and roll raleigh marathon. this one is official. jeff? >> another tough loss for the hurricanes. here the reaction when we come back. and current canes and former
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one the hurricanes have been idle since sunday. they resumed their cheese tonight period four points . four points on the wildcard and one of the teams they trailed by four points was here tonight. pittsburgh was outstanding. nothing.
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alumni's, the assist, and phil cassels goal. and andre was playing in front of his mother and grandmother for the first time. it is in the third 1-1. and he was simply out send it was outstanding, save after save, we go to a shootout and one goal scored by chris. that is how it comes to a close, pittsburgh will win. >> we did a good job of sticking with it. i'm not sure how it all unfolds but we are going to be plugging away. and we already know it is far from over. but it's one of those points period it didn't happen but we are looking forward to it. >> we will look forward to tomorrow night against the islanders. and the hurricanes are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of winning the
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they roll out the red carpet and welcome back some of those players. they brought so much joy to the area 10 years ago. >> i haven't seen nicholas in probably eight years. first it is just great. i mean it reminds you how hard it can be to get the victory. >> it was a special group that when you go through something like that, there is nothing like it. >> it will be a fun weekend for them. vertigo is something that he has been dealing with for the last 20 years. >> everybody says i have that position working. that means there has to be h maddock stratton jerking of your head or movement of your head. those little pebbles can
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bouncing around the walls. you get very busy. >> - - you get very dizzy. >> we are concerned. we don't want to see our coach go down. but he is going to do whatever he can to get back out there. >> turning our attention a stones throw away to the fairgrounds, they are taking on virginia tech for the acc championship, and we will go to the action. they are undefeated. they go third in the nation. state will trail 10-6 at the break and virginia tech will take the lead 19-14 for their first loss. and that is the first loss of the season. and how about a great day for some baseball in chapel hill? they are him - - holding their annual media day. how about this? duke and east carolina
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week from today. that is next friday. rain, sleet, or snow. back to you in the studio. >> it was really great to see those guys from 10 years ago. so it really was great. thank you jim. parents like to share ultrasound pictures with family and friends. they may like to announce a babies gender or maybe they want to show them something they've never seen before. we will show you how it is going viral coming up next. and simmons visit to latin
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anteer gemngon it can be hard to remember on days like today but spring will be here soon and so will
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brian talked with the coach about this year's courts - - course and how to prepare. >> reporter: thousands busted across the start line last year as rock 'n roll rally kicked off. they wanted to reduce the number of hills and this year's courses are largely the same. and brian says that is a good thing, you know what you are in for. >> he said one of the worst stretches is from oakwood toward cameron village, about 1 mile of gradual uphill running. at that point he says it is all mental. >> keep the energy high. feed in off of the crowd. you will get on top of it eventually. >> a five k through southwest raleigh. if you are not ready to tackle the half marathon, the shorter five k could be a better fit. you plan to run, now is the time
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>> get a good pair off the bat. get comfortable running those longer distances. >> if you are on the fence, it is not too late to register and run successfully. you can do it. >> find people to work with. just go make some memories and make some fun out of it. >> if you'd like to register, go to our website. >> and we are running on saturday. >> that's right. we are only running the five k. we will not get carried away here. >> i'm going to be sitting on the couch while you guys do that. >> that's fine, that sounds good. >> a lot of people may be staying inside this weekend. >> there is a race this weekend, can you imagine?
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and take a look at video from pennsylvania. there was a water main break. water flooded the streets and you can see in these pictures, vic ice covered trees and cars. the red cross is helping until they can return home. and of course you have that big deep-freeze coming back in. and we will start with a satellite picture. and we do see this year, the trough of low pressure in the other - - upper atmosphere helping to bring all of the cold air down south from canada and we see a kink in the jet stream. it will be making its way here late sunday and monday. here is the full core of the arctic air descending southward. let's look at the upper level
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cold air in the upper midwest and the northern plains. it moves south and there it is tomorrow and saturday. greg and i were talking and he was looking at the guidance and some suggested that we could stay in the upper 20s all afternoon tomorrow. a touch warmer on sunday, lower to middle 30s. and then on monday the moisture starts to come in. but cold air is retreating. we might have briefed winter mix coming through lasting into monday night. we see a deepening of the trough of low pressure. rain could be hefty. the trough whips out for thursday and friday. by next friday we could be looking at a a high of 60 degrees and the next weekend could be quite mild with temperatures staying in the 60s. take a look at the rainfall potential, not much going on in california where they could really use the rain.
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going to be in the form of snow. greater than 2 inches of rain across tennessee. getting into west virginia again, some of that may fall as snow. in the south, reader than an inch of rain monday night and during the day on tuesday. take a look at the seven day forecast. decent thunderstorms on tuesday as well. sunday is mostly cloudy and 35 degrees. a brief wintry mix on monday. and 50s on wednesday and thursday. 60s on friday. i will be here in the afternoon for amy. tune in throughout the morning and we will watch what happens. she worked with doctor king
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