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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  February 16, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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sue day.d th days before the critical south carolina primary, the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz is heating up. allegations of deceit and threat of a lawsuit flew on the campaign trail. as don champion reports, jeb bush is finally getting help from his older brother. >> reporter: it was a family affair in south carolina monday as george w. bush campaigned for his younger brother, jeb. in true "w" style, he took big swipes at his brother's biggest opponent, donald trump. >> jeb is a man of deep and humble genuine faith, faith that reveals itself through
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>> reporter: before the rally, trump tried taking the wind out of the former president's appearance. >> the world trade center came down during his reign. >> reporter: but the billionaire saved the most brutal attacks for his rival, ted cruz. >> ted cruz is the most dishonest guy i have met in politics. >> reporter: trump threatened to sue cruz over his eligibility to run for president. cruz tried reducing the threats to noise as he used the new vacancy on the supreme court to rally voters. >> we are one justice away from a radical five justice left- wing majority, the likes of which this country has never seen. >> reporter: polls show trump in the lead ahead of south carolina's primary. don champion, cbs news. >> while bush, trump and cruz campaigned in south carolina, john kasich campaigned in michigan yesterday trying to build the second-place finish in new hampshire.
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registration forms in north carolina. this friday is the day to register for our primary in north carolina, march 15. same-day registration will be available at one-stop early voting locations if you provide proper documentation. and a reminder, voters will be asked to show acceptable photo id when headed to the polls. we are still awaiting a ruling from a federal judge considering whether the state's voter id law is discriminatory. civil rights activists are getting involved in the flint,
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has been a dramatic morning, let's get the latest from elizabeth gardner. >> it is a rapidly changing morning like we saw yesterday. precipitation starting to move out of the area. let's take a look at the radar picture. we had a squall line come through producing gusts 40, 45, almost 50 miles per hour. it did knock down threes in some places and cause a mess on some roads. it is beginning to move away. we still have some rain on the eastern part of edgecomb county, just east of tarboro, about two move out of the viewing area. it is about to move away, but we do still have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect up around pitt county toward greenville. elsewhere around the triangle, the rain is really starting to taper off. durham, chapel hill and raleigh sing of these pickles at this point and starting to dry out to the southwest and down toward fayetteville and southern pines. that squall line coming through. the west. there is no moreinomg, it is still very messy out there right now.
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what actual temperatures in the low to mid 50s. they will hold their and creep on up to 60 this afternoon with sunshine starting at lunchtime and continuing through the afternoon. then temperatures wednesday and thursday close to normal, highs in the low 50s, overnight lows down into the s. but, quiet weather after all of this moves through this morning. 8:26. we are seeing slow traffic on 40 westbound heading away from wade avenue toward harrison avenue. the airport and rtp. i want to show you that on the life commute map, zooming into the drive on 40 westbound through garner. so taking more than 20 minutes to make the trip from 42 to the bell and split. on the south side of raleigh to the fortified rks on from 440 out to the usf 1 interchange also slow. 15 minute drive. then you get into the backups between the chapel hill road interchange, outdoor harrison avenue and aviation parkway on 40 westbound. that's going to be a nine
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540 on w. i do want to point out that because of the backups on 40 westbound we are seeing heavy outbound delays on wade avenue. it is backed up from 442 the i- 40 interchange. slow traffic on 440 westbound between glenwood and wade avenue, and an accident on 440 eastbound around the hillsboro street area creating some pretty big backs up leaving cary heading into iraq. us heck -- on a port hillsboro. closing arguments are expected today in the trial of travion smith. prosecutors say he murdered melissa huggins-jones in a north raleigh apartment during a burglary. smith did not testify, and defense did not present evidence. court was canceled because of bad weather yesterday. ahead on fox 50, e zika virus is a health emergency.
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8:36 am the world health organization has declared an international health emergency because of the zika virus. >> pregnant women are being
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tive zika virus outbreaks. there have been no reported cases in our state. local physicians are on alert. dr. allen mask is here. how our local health officials responding to this thread? >> we spoke sterday that doctors say they are aggressively monitoring the virus. since we have a lot of people traveling to the affected areas, like brazil, which has the highest number of ported cases. our state lab is coordinating zika virus testing with the cdc atlanta. this assumes in north carolina including myself received a memo from the state on babies, management, and reporting of potential zika virus fection. this memo advises healthcare providers on blood testing of asymptomatic women who have traveled to areas with ongoing zika virus transmission.
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collection of ood specimens. zika virus is a mosquito borne virus which has caused a large outbreak in brazil and has been causing outbreaks including central america, the caribbean and her countries. the biggest worries about pregnant women giving birth to babies with birth defects, particularly which results in small heads and brain damage. recent studies confirmed that zika virus is the culprit. >> in an article published recently in the new england journal of medicine, the zika virus was found in an abnormally small brain of a fetus aborted at 29 weeks. it also left the typical convolutions found in the brain and development. isolated cases of the zika virus through blood transfusion and sexual contact happen reported that the vast majority of cases are caused by transmission of the pious via a mosquito which has bitten uninfected individual. >> what should pregnant women
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those countries where the zika virus is active? >> pregnant women who develop the mptoms, we want to talk about those, those are rash, fever, red eyes, joint pain, traveling to those countries with ongoing transmissions should see a healthcare provider and referred for help blood testing. the testing can also be offered to pregnant women without symptoms 2 to 12 weeks after traveling to countries with transmission. also, the cdc and american congress of obstetricians and gynecologists recommended an evaluation for pregnant women without symptoms if they have been to one of those countries at any time during their pregnancy. doctors will be looking for signs of what we call fetal microcephaly, or small heads and brain calcifications. of course, follow-up ultrasound may recommended. >> what can people do? refresh us, to avoid the problem to begin with. >> first of all, bill, the cdc recommends that pregnant women postpone their trips to areas
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if you can't do that, pregnant women and those trying to become pregnant should talk with healthcare providers first and strictly follow steps to avoid mosquito bites. if you are currently being evaluated for a zika virus infection, use personal protective measures to avoid exposure mosquitoes seven days after symptoms begin. these include using insect repellent, covering up, and reducing breeding sites, for example, no standing water in flower pots or basis. in addition, no blood donations until symptoms have resolved. and until 28 days after your trip. now, men who have traveled to areas where zika virus is active should avoid sex with a partner partner or use condoms. nonpregnant patients showing signs and symptoms of zika virus infection within two weeks of travel may be tested. much of the ongoing research on the zika virus infections are being done at unc by doctor helen versar. and it's amazing to think that so much is being talked out
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world expert right here. we hope to get up with her in the next week or so so that we can expand this document a bit more. >> it will be interesting to hear what she has to say on that. >> thank you very much, sir. >> to buy more information on the zika virus, go to, search helps team, or find it under the health and life tab. the zz for "star wars: episode viii" is building. >> the teaser released this week that is giving fans a glimpse of the film. the biggest night in music takes over hollywood, but of
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>> and i bill leslie. top stories. beginning with the school board meeting to discuss student discipline. in the previous year, short and long-term suspensions were up over the year but were down overall for e past five years. most suspensions were connected to african-american students. durham city leaders want the public to have access to video recorded by police body cameras. mayor bill bell moved to delay the body cameras approval until march 7, so councilmembers can make suggestions about video access to the ty manager. out blustery conditions and area, elizabeth. >> that's right. is moving out of the viewing area on toward the coast. picture. we still have patchy light precipitation across a good bit of the viewing area and steadier rain around anoke rapids. still dealing with that and will be doing with that for another 30 to 45 minutes or so. elsewhere, everything looking pretty good. still seeing rain down toward
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around e triangle, just a little bit of patchy light rain and that's it. then we are done with it. west. there is a replay of that squall line they move through and produced some strong wind, knocked down some trees and morning. it is still messy, skies have precipitation beginning to taper off. temperatures in the low to mid 50s now. these guys quincy lunchtime and a high of 60 this afternoon. what a change from yesterday. highs in the 50s for wednesday and thursday with sunshine. coming up on it: 57. we still have lingering delays this morning. there is an accident in the median on 440 westbound around new bern avenue causing slow down on the side raleigh. also seeing heavy traffic in both directions of 440 around hillsboro street. an accident on the right shoulder contribute to those delays, and on eastbound side of 440, or usf 1, seemed pretty big backups coming to cary. still come home to have those cleared up the next half-hour
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drive times returning normal. we're starting to see clouds break up a little bit on the western side of the viewing area, western side of the triangle looking a lot dryer in durham at 147 and alexander drive, and in fayetteville with cloud breaks, conditions improving. back to you. trees down and power outages, we have seen a lot of weather is morning. today at noon, we have an update on efforts to restore power, and when we can expect calm weather conditions to settle in. plus, one of the nations police department is using a new software program to help determine how to respond to 911 calls. how criminal history to twitter feeds play a response in their response today at 4:00 on fox 50. >> thank you so much for watching this morning and we
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