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tv   WRAL 4PM NEWS ON FOX50  FOX  February 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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explains the new discussion about the race today. storms lead to serious damage across the triangle. we check out some of the worst areas. live from >> reporter:, wral news at 4:00 on fox 50 starts right w. after two weeks of testimony, the jury has the verdict in the murder trial of travion smith. hello, thanks for joining us, i'm gerald owens. >> i'm lynda loveland. victory over to the judge that they have a decision, and we will bring that to you live as it happens. now, attorneys spent most of the day today making closing arguments. the defense had a pretty simple and direct message that the codefendant, ronald anthony, who already pled guilty in this case, is the real killer, t smith. but the prosecutor disputed that, saying there was plenty of evidence that both smith and anthony participated in the crime together. melissa huggins-jones was beaten and stabbed during a burglary at her apartment in may 2013. >> ronald anthony's behavior before and after the crime
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he is the one responsible in the death of melissa ggins- jones. >> this case is about the state of north carolina versus travion smith. at the end of the day, the fact that ronald anthony has pled guilty to first-degree murder has no basis, has no relevance to what you are here decide. >> the jury is considering first-degree murder and second- degree murder. if convicted of first-degree murder, the jury will have to decide if he should be sentenced to death or life in prison. now to a breaking traffic news, a massive police presence has closed i-40 in raleigh. >> here's what we know. police are investigating a person on that bridge. i-40 is closed in both directions on rock quarry road. you're looking at the traffic camera. you can see evidence of it being close. it is also close up i-40 overpass. the incident involves a person on e bridge.
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updates as soon as information becomes available. you can also find breaking news updates on our website, the court of appeals ruled in a series of cases ought by eugenics victims denied compensation. in three cases, the victims of states argued the compositions of law violated state and federal constitutions by requiring that victims be a live on a certain day to be considered. two of the three justices said the court of appeals was not the oper pace- place to make the decision and sent the case is back to superior court. the fourth case involved a woman who set a county social worker forced her to have an abortion and get sterilized. the court rules because the process was not ordered by the state eugenics board she was not eligible for compensation. academy -- chatham county deputies are looking for a man wanted for 66 sex crimes including a victim who was 11 years d. antonio vico is charged with 22 counts of rape, 22 counts of sexual offense with a child, and 22 counts of indecent
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these happened over the course of two years. he may be in winston-salem. a cary man was sentenced to seven years in prison for human trafficking. tony williams pleaded guilty interstateransportation for prostitution and using the internet to promote prostitution. he ran an operation from hotels in north carolina, virginia and georgia from 2012 to 2015. he used verbal threats, narcotics to maintain control over women working for him. back to our top story, a verdict in the travion smith murder case, there is a verdict, let's listen to the courtroom. >> we find travion smith to be guilty of first-degree murder of melissa huggins-jones. answer? yes. on the sis of malice, premeditation and deliberation. answer, yes. under the first-degree felony murder, swer, yes. this, the 16th day of february, 2016, is this your verdict, so
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>> [ all yes. >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury, if you would by show of hands state whether this is in fact your verdict and that the answers that the court has read are rrect? raise your hand if that is true. 12 jurors have raised their hand. counsel, is there anything that we require with respect to this first phase of the trial? >> no, sir. >> ry good. members of the jury as you know, based on your verdict, we will move to a second phase of the trial. what i am going to do, however, is releasing for the remainder of the day and ask you to return at 9:30 tomorrow morning. >> there you have it. guilty in first-degree premeditated murder, travion smith in the murder of melissa huggins-jones, a mother who was found dead in her north raleigh apartment.
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the urthouse, amandalamb will have a live report coming up at 5:00. >> there is a second decision, if he will get death or life in prison. the clock is ticking on lawmakers to redraw congressional districts. they have until friday. republican leaders voted to move ahead with a new congressional map that will not consider race. our capital bureau chief, laura leslie, was at the meeting and joins us with details. >> reporter: earlier this month, a federal three-judge panel ruled that two of the state's congressional districts were unconstitutional because they relied too heavily on race. republican map makers today said the new maps will not rely on race at l. democrats are warning it's a recipe for another rejection. gop leaders said the ruling by federal courts did not say they had to take race into account when drawing districts and it did not say how much of a role race should play in the map. so they will not consider race at all. democrats say that flies in the face of this team case law as well as federal voting rights
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they weren't federal judges will likely reject such maps and simply redraw new ones themselves. centerdoes not believe that will happen, he's confident that john roberts will issue a stay tonight or tomorrow to allow the election to go forward under the current districts. he says every other court that has looked at the map found it to be constitutional. >> this one, three-judge court, at the federal level, decides that it is not and it disrupts the election process. and that is really hard on the people of rth carolina as far as disenfranchising voters. that is not what was intended to be done on our part. >> reporter: if no state has issued, the plication should reach further than congressional races. that is because state legislative races are also being challenged in federal court starting in april. they are using the same arguments that persuaded the judges and congressional maps case. if those maps are also found to
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throw pretty ch -- [ no audio ] >> laura leslie and road. an investigation into a train asth ll 1 people in the state of bavaria. a mistake by the dispatcher probably cost the crash. the 39-year-old is being investigated on suspicion of negligent homicide, bodily harm and interference with il traffic. investigators think dispatcher sent a wrong signal to the train, then try to use an emergency call to alert the drivers. but failed to prevent the crash. a memorable leader who rendered invaluable service to world peace, that's how former un secretary general boutros boutros-ghali is being remembered day. the 93-year-old egyptian diplomat died today in a cairo hospital after suffering a broken pelvis. the 15 council members stood in silent tribute after learning of s death. he was the sixth secretary- general of the united nations. a public hearing is underway in jacksonville,
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cargo ship, el faro. the ship sank in the atlantic during a hurricane last fall, killing all 43 crewmembers. the hearing is focused on what happened before the ship went down. el faro's compliance record, crewmember duties and qualifications, and the coast guard search and rescue efforts. a person county man convicted of involuntary manslaughter in a deadly dog attack will not get a new trial. the north carolina court of appeals overruled an appeal from antonio ford. he owned a pitbull that killed 65-year-old eugene cameron in 2012. ford argued the state wrongly admitted key pieces of evidence in the trial. an overnight crash in johnson county caused damage along buffalo ad. investigators say the driver lost control near highway 42 in clayton and crashed into a ditch, then hit a tree and powerful. emergency crews had to remove her from the car. she was taken to the hospital with nonlife reatening injuries. highway patrol officers thinks be may have been a factor in the crash.
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shining, but it was a much different story this morning. a line of storms swept across the viewing area. if you did not hear it, i don't know what you're doing but it brought down trees and power lines. wral's mikaya thurmond gives us a look at one of the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: just take a look at this damage, trees toppled on the ground, even leaning onto the roof of is house. and this is the scene along ashley ridge drive, and residents are now working to put together the pieces. residents say the damage happened around 6:15 this morning. many ashley ridge drive residents were home when they began notice something was wrong. >> we were getting ready for our school day, and i noticed the rain was really heavy. i looked outside and the wind was picking up. the next thing i know, we heard a sucking sound coming through the front door. at winch-- at which point i panicked the whole house and screened for them off to get into the hallway which is the safest space. and we heard a crash.
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fortunate, the bulk of the damage hit their shed. nearby neighbors suffered greater losses. >> we heard a loud crash, boom. and the tree broke off and went straight to the house. >> reporter: both residents say they have contacted their insurance company. remarkably, they have stayed positive, saying they are grateful that no one s hurt. mikaya thurmond, wral news, raleigh. nearby, a storm snapped a tree on rembert drive at brookhaven in raleigh. the pine tree came down in the road taking down a transformer with it. branches and debris were all over the area. powerlines crash to the ground in durham during the storm. a utility pole fell across rolling pines avenue making the road impassable. no one was hurt, crews were able to quickly get the area cleaned up and electricity restored. quite a mess this morning, but all that has moved out of the area and beautiful day n top. >> it is amazing how the weather transformed from that thrashing this morning to the gorgeousness this afternoon. 50s and 60s right now.
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that we saw not only here but down east toward the coast and show you what's on the way tonight. numerous reports of damage across parts of wake county, one in lake wheeler after 6:00 this morning, spring hope in nash county at 6:35, another in wilson county at 55. more activity down east. in fact, there were two reports of tornadoes, one in stacy, north carolina, and when he davis to the outer banks. numerous reports of winds gusting 60 miles per hour in greenville. also reports of winds gusting 70 oregon inlet. we got a big deal of whether coming by this morning but that is gone. we have another system to the west poised to move an overnight. i tell you what, that will be a gentle precipitation event. i will let you know how much rain we could see om the and what is ahead down the road in the forecast coming up. >> thank you. >> i like gentle. a three-judge panel is holding a hearing on a lawsuit that claims the states the way of electing members of the state supreme court is unconstitutional. a law passed last year says instead of running against an opponent, sitting justices can run for retention.
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eight years. if the vote is no, e state -- state would be empty and the governor would choose someone to fill in for the next election. the suit claims it is unconstitutional because it does not allow opposing candidates to run for election. stops are higher after a long esident weekend, the dow close 195 points, the nasdaq ended 98.5, the s&p 500, above 31. still ahead, a new program to help lice the 911 calls. >> reporter: a high-tech computer program is helping police respond to crimes quicker. but some critics say it goes too far. i'm chris martinez in esno, california. i'll have that story coming up. police arrest a woman for a deadly stabbing attack in
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explains how one woman made all the difference for some people going through chemotherapy. >> reporter: janice weaver is getting her hair styled. but a few years ago, this wasn't en possible. >> it started coming out in clumps. it is a terrifying experience. it is terrible. >> reporter: she was losing her hair from multiple chemotherapy treatments for stage to breast cancer. and at age 22 it was difficult to deal with. that is where rebecca walden came in. she specializes in creating wigs for people with medical issues that cause hair to become extremely thin or to fall out, ke alopecia, hormonal changes, and cancer. >> it is so powerful. i think people think, it's just hair. why should i care? people are, like, don't worry about it come it is just your hair. well, don't worry about it, it is st your eyes, it is just your fingers, it is just your feet.
4:39 pm
a body part it is traumatic. >> reporter: rebecca becomes more than just a stylus, she becomes a friend. >> she is absolutely a therapist. she and i have been friends now for almost 8 years. and she has seen me through chemo and all that stuff and everything beyond. >> i go home, and i know that the people that i saw that they are in their house were out to dinner with their husband or whatever, and they feel like themselves. it is, like i said, i just feel so incredibly blessed. >> reporter: dr. allen mask, and wral health team. more than 100 former marines stopped by a hospital room in texas to visit amanda have never met. bob diaz had a debilitating stroke about three eks ago. during his recovery, he told his family it would be nice to have a few former marine friends pay a visit to cheer him up. word spread on social media, and on the marine corps sites, crowds of visitors who opped by. >> in the marine corps, once a brother, always a brother, no matter what.
4:40 pm
his family says they are noticing e difference. late yesterday afternoon, visiting marines found out there was another servicemember in a room a few doors down and they stopped by to offer him encouragement, too. >> that is great to see. wake county counting the discipline it doles out to students. >> still ahead, the new report the school board is discussing this afternoon. what a change in weather over the past 24 hours. this time yesterday we were at 30 degrees. remember the freezing rain and ice? this afternoon, we are 20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. everybody is as well. a little centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more -- all in crystal-clear hd. watch when and where you want with advanced features like our wireless set-top box, whole home dvr, and prism on the go. and choose from a variety of great packages to fit your home. call... ...and get started with the prism essential tv bundle. you'll get tv plus up to 20 megs of centurylink internet all for only $70 a month.
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you're looking live at a podium, we expect esident obama to come at any minute. he is expected to address the empty seat on the supreme court vacated by justice antonin scalia, with his death. a lot of buzz about who this
4:43 pm
even some word about loretta lynch possibly. anytime now, we're waiting for president obama to come out and address the dia. as soon as that happens, we will take it to you live. >> a huge nomination, the court evenly divided, four liberals and ur republicans. wake county starting disciplined. board members are meeting on the agenda, a new report about student discipli including suspensions. wral's adam owens francis live with details about the report. >> reporter: african-american students are more likely to be suspended in wake county schools. that is part of what we learned earlier day. there were more than 11,800 school suspensions last school year, that is up 6%, though, overall suspensions have been on the decrease in wake county in the last five years. while african-american students make up less than a quarter of
4:44 pm
account for 63% of last year's suspensions. and, we have new information to share with you. for the first time, we also know how many students are ending up in court after getting in trouble at school. coming up on our 6:00 news, he will reveal those numbers. >> all right, adam owens in cary, thank you. what an absolutely beautiful day. >> good weather transformation days, from nastiness this morning to the beauty of the afternoon. there is more beauty coming up, we have a bump in the road with rain but nothing like we had this morning. more on that coming up. it was nasty weather in florida captured on video, take a look at this, we're going to make david, florida. i have never heard of ke david. everything capture this confirmed tornado, buildings were damaged and tens of thousands of people lost power. some schools in areas to close because of damage, no reports of anyone injured. the way the train looks, it is probably north-central florida them south florida. so, they also did half mage in broward counties, a possible tornado reported down there as well. let's go to the forecast and
4:45 pm
southeast in the last 24 hours. i mentioned last half hour in davis, north carolina and carteret county, a tornado touched down. it was st confirmed,an ef-1 tornado with winds up to 110 miles per hour. there was a tornado, all of the blue diamonds are reports, too. quite a thrashing last night. all is quite out there right now. let's go to the satellite radar composite across the nation. we have one system approaching north carolina. the one from last night is moving to new england as rain and snow. this one is far weaker. the one that moved by dwarfs this one, makes this one look really, ally small. so as this goes through the night we will see clouds increase this evening and have a chance of rain overnight and perhaps early in the morning. then we see a big ridge of high pressure out west. it is that warm air that should arrive here as we get into the weekend. will show you that in a moment. let's move ahead and take a look at the southeast. there is our weather now, clouds building in, snow
4:46 pm
of e mountains. you can see that little bit of blue showing up but for us, primarily rain. if there are any wet snowflakes to be across southern virginia and northern counties early tomorrow morning. should be of no consequence because air temperatures will be in the mid and upper 30s. there should not be much in the way of sticking. it will be wet as well. temperature wise, 44 in nashville with rain, 48 at asheville, but, there is warmer weather to the southwest. atlanta coming in at 60, they are comfortable. 64 montgomery, 63 little ck, arkansas. there is our deeper trough of low pressure, there is the chill father off to the north in canada. no signs of that big chill like we had this past weekend will come back ytime soon. this trough notes the storm system that comes by tomorrow night and tomorrow morning, that will swing out and we get into more of a northwesterly flow thursday and friday, temperatures thursday likely to be in the 40s. low 50s friday and over the weekend we get ch in that comes on in which should theoretically warm us up. we expect maybe even upper 60s, and quite the same for the day sunday.
4:47 pm
next week we see the next trough starting to develop. talking about a small chance of rain monday, better chance of rain tuesday, and a trough really deepens wednesday and thursday. so, next week could be a what are we cannot we have had this weekend could be as cooler as well with that rain been in the area. we'll talk more about that down the road. 46 by court take with clouds increasing, chance for light rain overnight, 36, not going to be windy, no thunderstorms, no severe weather. we wake up to clouds in the morning, rain departing and 38 by 00 a.m. 32 tomorrow, cooler than today, more of a definitive chill, 51 friday, then we had beautiful weather over the weekend. saturday is bright and warm, look for increasing clouds sunday and monday a chance of rain. you to test showing the chance of rain in the morning, and a chance that we see it through the afternoon, too. perhaps more rain coming on tuesday and maybe wednesday of next week. tuesdays rain could be chilly,
4:48 pm
directions monday, a southwest wind that keeps us mild. but we have northeasterly wind tuesday that brings back the chill. it could be one of those rock ki obrzygethe kind of days but we have seven days to worry about that. >> it in the future. >> by the way, mcdavid is 30 miles north of pensacola. is that what you thought it was? >> no. >> just rth of mcmike? [ laughter ] looking at a traffic camera at i- rty and rock quarry road, this has reopened. we brought you news about this before, this area was because of someone on the bridge. the problem has been half, this area is back open in time for
4:49 pm
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yea, that feeling now to eaking news, president obama is expected to discuss the nomination of a successor to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> he is speaking at a press conference in rancho mirage, california where he wraps up a two-day summit with asian leaders. let's listen in. >> that commitment is and will remain strong and enduring. with our strategic partnership, we have a framework to guide our ties for decades come. here, we agree to a number of
4:52 pm
principal that asean will be continue to be dispensable to peace and prosperity to the asian-pacific. when asean speaks with a clear, unified voice, it can help advance curity, opportunity, and human dignity. not only for the more than 600 million people across asean, but for people across the asia- pacific and around the world. i am pleased that here at is summit, asean's strong was allowed us to make progress on multiple onts. first, we agreed to do more together to encourage the entrepreneurship and innovation that are at the heart of modern competitive economies. we had an excellent discussion with a number of pioneering business leaders who reiterated the recipe for attracting trade and investment. a rule of law, transparency, protection of intellectual property, efficient customs, modern infrastructure, e- commerce and the free flow of information, support for small
4:53 pm
investment in people. investment in strong schools to educate and train the xt generation. around the table, there was widespread recognition that this is e path asean countries need to continue on. as they do, they will create even more opportunities for trade and investment between the u.s. d asean countries. i affirmed our strong support for the asean community and pledge that the united states will continue to be a partner in asean's forts to integrate economies and reduce barriers to trade and investment. i'm also announcing a new initiative, u.s. asean connects. a network of hubs across the region to better coordinate our economic engagement and connect more of our entrepreneurs, investors and businesses with each other. we are also doing more to help aspiring innovators in the region arn english. the international language of business. and, i reiterated that the
4:54 pm
includes four asean members n advance and integrate membership across asean and set stronger rules for trade across asia-pacific. to that end, we have launched an initiative to help all asean countries understand tpp as well as reforms that could lead to them joining. second, with regard security, the united states and asean are reaffirming our strong commitment to original order for international les and norms, and the rights of all nations, large and small, are upheld. we discussed the need for tangible steps in the uth china sea to lower tensions, including a halt to further reclamation, new construction and militarization of disputed areas. freedom of navigation must be upheld, and lawful commerce should not impeded. i reiterated that the united states will continue to fly, sale and operate wherever international law allows.
4:55 pm
of all countries to the same. we will continue to help our allies and partners strengthen their maritime capabilities, and we discussed how any disputes between claimants in the region must be resolved through legal means, such as the upcoming arbitration ruling under the un convention of the law the seas, which the parties are obligated to respect and abide . third, i made it clear that the stand with those across southeast asia who are working to advance rule of law, institutions, and the universal human rights of all people. we continue to encourage a return to civilian rule in thailand, we will sustain our engagement with the people. >> the president hosting a asian leaders. we expect him to talk about filling the seat vacated by justice antonin scalia. >> a lot of talk about this and who he thinks should fill the seat in his nomination.
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