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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  February 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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] v olee esco5tra the hurricanes are out of the wild card spot. say hello to the coach, good to see you back here in raleigh. 1st period, canes on the power play. it will be jordan, breaking the ice, slipping one in. then, the 2nd, the canes have a man advantage again. nash, going to a 2-0 lead. going in. the doors open late in the 3rd. now, he ean not close it. the canes are in 2 points with a 2-1 win. >> now, here, down in there.
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now, young players, i give them kredit for bringing them along and accepting them and helping them. >> it is unbelievable. >> now. we have -- done a good job defending it. now, doing it every night. the canes head to iowa for a meeting with the senators. now now, the tar heels played both this week. first thing is first. the greatest rivalry in college skball. duke took both games. now, looking at these two. >> duke beat virginia, a good team. they beat louisville. now, playing some of the best basketball the other day against pittsburgh. so, you know, both teams playing well. i think they are confident right now. they found that. >> we are not where i wanted this to be. some of the things they are doing.
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better defensively than they are right now. we watched duke carolina on wral at 9:00 after the game. we will have post game coverage all of it on wral. now, going to pittsburgh. the games are not kind. they lost 21 straight acc road games, that is the school record you don't want to be a part of. now, he gets them the lead. thor seconds -- 34 seconds to go. going into overtime. now, hudson for wake forest. making a 1-point lead with 1 minute to go if the first overtime. we go to a second one. robinson, one assist prosecute a triple double. pittsburgh wins. daytona 500 is here. teams spend a lot of time testing and planning for the super bowl of racing. win this race you and are remembered forever.
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when the green flag drops they are trying to put together a puzzle that leads to victory lane. >> you walk through this maze all day long. making choices on right or left, straight, and, you know, when it comes down to 10 to go you take stock in what you did and say all right am i in position to win? >> johnior has been in position to win the last four daytona 500 he finished no worse than 3rd. >> this is the year for him to win. >> could be. >> all right, jeff. the country's most popular dog show. tonight's competition has a north carolina conneck, we will tell you all about it, coming up. plus -- carolina connection. we will tell you all about it coming up. the republicans are vowing to block the supreme court nomination. we have more on why that plan
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yesolonayyeo a tasty time of the year. snacks sold by the thousands. now, why are thin mints the best? >> because they have chocolate. i love chocolate. >> how many are you picking up? >> 427 cases. >> wow! >> their kid must sell them. >> more than 1,,volunteers pipihed in. handing out about 68,000 cases.
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boxes of cookies. >> wow! >> yes, park that over here. >> yes. of the right ones nofor the first time we are hearing a rare collaboration between motzart and his rival composer. this is the first modern public performance of the 1785 collaboration between wolfgang and salari. a third was credited only using the name "corneti" the piece was thought to have been lost. >> the philippine government gave the green light to auction off a historic jewelry set. it once belonged to the former first lady of the philippines, you know her prosecute the shoes, her husband was oysted in 86 after the family was accused -- look at that. got distracted. accused of stealing thousands. there are 3 total jewelry collections, two of them
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now, this collection will go on public exhibition. >> all right, check this out. >> yes. one of the world's largest diamonds discovered in angola. 404ct. it is crazy. recovered by an australian couple. the 27th biggest diamond in the world. worth about $20 million. it looks like a rock. >> what do you do? cut it up? earrings, rings? a group of dogs rescued over seas flew halfway around the world to find new homes. a woman here found them abandoned on the sraoets and reached out to golden retriever rescues in the u.s. they helped pay thousands worth of vet bills and air fair. the dogs are in foster homes right now until they are matched up with families. >> how bizarre to find all of the golden retrievers abandoned. >> yes. you will find mutts but not those. >> yes, rescue groups around here would help. >> yes. >> wow.
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homes. >> thank you for watching. for traffic, weather every 10
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>> have a good night, everybody lights, camera, grammys. undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments. >> did that play well? did taylor land her kanye counter punch? i'm billy bush. on the flip side, the whole
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she beat. who had the great perform performance of the night? we have so much you didn't see. and wait till you hear where adele went to shrug off those audio issues. >> i want a full spin of this. look at this. >> a lot of risk takers working that red carpet. we break down the best and a few of the rest. kendrick lamar had the performance everyone is talking b taylor gave the speech everyone is talking about. welcome to "access hollywood." it all came when kanye called taylor the "b" word and took credit for her success. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. >> not so subtle message received.


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