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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  February 18, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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it is 8:00. i'm renee chou. >> and i'm bill leslie. the sentencing phase of the travion smith trial resumes today in raleigh. >> smith murdered melissa huggins-jones in her raleigh apartment during a burglary. yesterday, jurors heard from the victims now 10-year-old daughter who found her mother's body. melissa huggins-jones was found beaten and stabbed in her raleigh apartment in may 2013 by her the 8-year-old daughter, hannah jones. >> the child took the stand as a loved ones watched. because of her age, we believe what she said as she described her mother. >> saying, cold, she was very funny. should always make you have a smile on your face. she was very giving and loving to everyone she knew. the same jury that convicted travion smith will decide whether he will get life in prison or the death penalty. a death sentence requires a unanimous decision by all 12 jurors. a toddler injured in a drive-by shooting at his daycare is no longer in the
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the shooting happened on great bend drive in durham. six bullets hit the house which doubles as the day care center called tatum's christian care. an 18-month-old boy was hit in the leg. police are trying to figure out what prompted the shooting and why the house was targeted. so far no one has been arrested. we expect to learn about the state of crime in durham. an annual crime report will be released at the city council work session. it includes a report on violent and property crimes, response times, and police staffing. the report comes out four times a year. this is the final quarterly report for 2015 and contains a summary of the entire year. authorities believe the hit and run vehicle involved in a garner was used as a cab. 28-year-old kayla higgins was found on highway 70 and yurgin road. it was a dodge van on by mohammed guadare. it was a cab used in raleigh and has consistent damage with the scene.
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on crash in wake county. police say scotty horn ledthem on a chase on his motorcycle before crashing into a far. sky 5 flew over the scene in fuquay-varina. he was treated for minor injuries and charged with dwi, speeding and driving with a revoked license. two brothers are charged with a cyber attack at wake tech a year ago. bradley and christopher hoffman are in a deal involving -- at wake tech. they use a computer program to hit the school's website thousands of times at once. it slowed the side, and eventually shut it down. students, faculty and staff were unable to access email and other online accounts for four days. extra security will be at a johnson county high school following an online threat. someone made a shooting threat against cleveland high school in johnston county on social media. investigators have not found any credibility within the threat that have notified
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extra deputies will be on hand at the school today as a precaution. a stinging loss for unc in the first round of the battle of the blues. duke fans were nervous down to the final seconds of the game. fans packed tobacco road restaurant in downtown durham which was nearly at capacity. duke won 74-73. >> perseverance being down and coming back to win, it was awesome. >> i love the energy. >> many fans were proud of duke for pulling out a victory. >> we are also hearing from carolina fans who saw the game slipping away most of the game. as they left, it was mostly a scene of silence and many of them stunned.
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tell us about his thoughts on the game. >> it was a tough game but carolina led through the whole game. i feel like we played a little -- a really good game. i'm a little bit hoarse right now. i yelled throughout the whole game. we played good that they played a little bit better and got lucky at the end. i felt like there were some bad calls in the end. but, coach coach krzyzewski, i give up props to you, even though you're not my favorite coach. >> many carolina fans upset that coach roy williams did not call a timeout at the end. well, they play again on march 5, battle of the blues round two will be in durham. >> he was very diplomatic for a unc fan right after such a close game. >> yeah, i nailbiter there. sorry, bill. >> i know. >> all morning. >> just move on to the weather.
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[ laughter ] >> we will just go ahead and move it along here. let's take a look at our roxboro sky cam. a pretty shot, nice blue sky mixed with high clouds. we have a lot of sunshine, should be really pretty outside. it is quite chilly, though. 33 degrees here at the tv studios in raleigh. 32 degrees in cary, 33 in durham and 32 degrees in wake forest. zooming out a little bit, still two locations, a husky and roxborough, still in 20s. 37 in erwin, 38 in fayetteville. so, pretty cold out there this morning. temperatures stable the cool today, cooler than normal with highs around 50. some folks staying in the 40s in the northern part of the viewing area but pretty quiet. lots of sunshine with clouds especially across eastern parts of the area. i lunchtime, temperatures will be in the mid-40s with mostly sunny skies. 50 degrees for the high temperature and by the evening, we slipped back down into the 40s.
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we do have a warm up on the way this weekend. i'll talk about that coming up. right now let's send it over to brian. it has been a rough commute especially to garner. >> it is still bad. we had earlier lane that block the left lane of rock quarry road at the fortify work zone. that's all it takes to get huge backups. down to just three lanes through south raleigh. still trying to work through them in garner. 50 minutes in case you are not looking at the tv being busy doing something, i said 50, not 15, 142 to the beltline split. things are starting to gradually improve, gradually getting back to normal. it's going to be a while before we get completely back to normal through garner. consider using business 70 as a good alternate route. watching travel times increasing through south raleigh and the fortified work zone at the traffic is backed up and garner and starts to move on down toward lake wheeler road and gorman street.
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increasing. we are up to 30 minutes right now. uses 70 business, take that up to him and wrote or self- starters street. from there, heading two south raleigh, pick up what he was found and get onto the other side of the delays. be patient as those work themselves out. you can also expect with delays as well trying to get onto 40 westbound from 42 and also from the clayton bypass this morning. is going to be a while before things get back to normal. in durham, there is an accident involving a durham county sheriff's deputy. we're working to get more information. that is that pleasant and won. -- angier. hoping to have new details for you. also hearing about a serious accident in the clayton area on 42 near the clayton bypass. another accident where we are sending the crew in working to get details around the crash. elsewhere in the triangle, relatively quiet. we have an eliacde getting cleared up from mlk on the southeast side of town in an accident at 54 near mooresville pkwy. between cary and mooresville.
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it is 8:08. apple gets support from unlikely sources in its fight over cell phone encryption. >> to says the tech giant should continue the fight against the government and why. plus, president obama will
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onme this is the point in the newscast where we are going to build build -- billy back up. >> off to a great start. [ laughter ]
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happened last night. >> after leaving that whole game, and then the end? that's pretty much what happened. >> oh, my goodness. >> sorry. >> it's okay. i will be okay. >> but grandfather mountain, look at that beautiful scene. >> it's only basketball. so many more important things in life. >> you get another chance next month. hopefully they will in. >> suddenly i don't feel better at all. >> we were trying. >> we are really bad. >> we've got to figure out a better way to cheer him up. >> cisco want to weather. the weather will cheer you up, the second is going to be nice. this morning does not look too bad, there are some clouds over the airport but we will have sunshine later i promise. here's a live look from the rdu sky cam, 34 degrees, partly cloudy, winds out of the north northeast at 3 miles per hour. pretty light, dewpoint in the 20s of the area is pretty dry. temperatures town by town, warming up and have held,
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in the 20s or morning. 28 degrees in roxboro, 33 in raleigh, 38 right now in fayetteville. temperatures right now compared to yesterday, they are colder. 10 degrees colder in south hill, 7 colder in raleigh, and 4 degrees colder in fayetteville. 9 degrees colder in clinton. it's a little bit cooler thanks to a week cold front, high pressure in the north, dip in the jet stream bringing cooler temperatures our way today. high temperatures will be in the 40s and lower 50s today, but then back to the south and west, we have a ridge of high pressure with warmer temperatures and all of the warmth will be heading our way over the weekend. so, a nice warm-up. in the 60s. temperatures will be about 10 degrees, maybe a little bit more about normal over the weekend. that then we have this system off to the west that is so far away. it arrives monday. we will have a dip in the jet stream, that's what we call a trough and when we start to see
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that on monday. between now and sunday, we are pretty much dry. only about a 10% chance of rain sunday, we will have an increasing cloud cover but temperatures will be nice, upper 60s, possibly low 70s sunday. monday we have a 40% chance of rain, the best chance of rain monday will be the second half of the day. then a 50% chance of rain tuesday. enjoy this dry weather while we have it because next week is going to be messy at this point. 50 degrees for the high temperature today in raleigh with mostly sunny skies, a few degrees cooler compared to yesterday. up to 57 yesterday. not quite as mild but nice and pleasant with a northwind. temperatures elsewhere in the upper 40s in rocky mount, south hill, mid 40s. roxboro, 50 for the high temperature in south pines and 53 for the high temperature in fayetteville. the temperature not looking bad
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sunny, a little bit cold in the morning, 29 degrees. saturday's high temperature 66 degrees, 10 degrees above the normal high. 66 is the normal, record, 75. not breaking a record sunday. 68 for the high sunday, a few more clouds but nice and mild as we wrap up the weekend. here comes the rain, it comes back monday. it stays with us through at least wednesday. temperatures will be cooling down, too. has on wednesday back down into the mid 40s, back to you. >> thank you very much. today we expect to learn more about president. obama's highly anticipated trip to cuba . the president will become the first american president to visit the island nation in 88 years. calvin coolidge was the last, that was in 1928. president. obama's trip was expected since he normalized relations in cuba in 2014. the two republican cuban- americans running for president quickly offered up criticism. >> is that something as president you would ever do? >> i will tell you the problem with the cuban government, it is not just a communist dictatorship, it is an anti- american communist dictatorship.
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the president instead ought to be pushing for a free cuba. >> on tuesday, thecountryside and agreed to clear the way for daily u.s. commercial flights to cuba, the u.s. economic embargo in cuba is still in effect. retired supreme court justice, sandra day o'connor, is disagreeing with republicans. she is urging president obama to fill the court vacancy quickly. o'connor says the president should name a nominee as soon as possible despite threats from congressional republicans determined to block any nominee . antonin scalia died saturday at the age of 79. he is a world champion fighter but no longer represents one of the worlds top sporting goods companies. nike dropped a time champ manny -- eight time champion, manny pacheao after he made comments about gays. he later issued an apology on facebook but stood by his
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relationships. toyota is recalling nearly 3,000,000 suvs worldwide because of a seatbelt problem. the company says a defect in rear seatbelts on some toyota rav4s could cause them to fail. 1.3 million of the affected vehicles are in the u.s. most were built between 2005 and 2014. toyota is not confirming a report that the flop led to a death in canada. pope francis is on his way back to the vatican after a whirlwind five day visit to mexico. >> he finished his visit with a mass in the mexican town of juarez, 50 yards from the u.s. porter. the pope also offered prayers specifically for those who cross the border and those who died while trying toreach the u.s. there is a sense of urgency among state lawmakers. >> the issue they attempted to a tackle this week in an emergency special session. plus we tell you where a
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8:25. i'm bill leslie with your top stories. let us begin with traffic and it's not good news, brian. >> it's not, but is improving as you had through garner. we had earlier crash near the
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quarry road. we saw our long travel times through garner not too long ago but are down to 26 minutes now from 42 to the balance but not always are open, we are seeing improvement. it is still slow improvement, consider using 70 business as an alternate. the traffic and garner is pushing on into the south side of raleigh, as though things have opened. looking at 40 minutes from 442 us-1. the patient, this is improving slowly but for the next little while will be congested. heading way, it's looking pretty good heading out to the park. we're following breaking news in western johnston county, a witness on the scene told us one person has died in an accident on highway 42 not too far from the clayton bypass interchange. we're working to get information and video from the scene out there. you can see a slowdown showing up on the sensors on 42. avoid that area if you can. that is 40 to run the clayton bypass. also board of an accident in durham involving a durham county sheriff's deputy at the intersection of angier at
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to get fresh details and will learn more as news continues on fox 50. we will be back in the courtroom for day number two in the travion smith sentencing phase. he is charged with murdering melissa huggins-jones in her apartment. the jury must decide whether to send smith to prison for the rest of his life for the death penalty. a man is dead -- troopers say a high-speed chase ended on us-401 in fuquay-varina. troopers say scotty horn crashed his motorcycle into a car. horn was treated at the hospital and released to jail. extra security will be on hand at a johnston county high school today following an online threat. someone made the threat against cleveland high school on social media. investigators have not been credible evidence that have notified parents. let's get a check on the forecast now with aimee. >> pretty weather expected. chillum this morning. temperatures happen in the 20s and 30s, everybody has made
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33 in roxboro, dirty eight in fayetteville, 39 in clinton. certainly a chilly start. a little bit of cloud cover, this is a live look from the durham sky cam. you can see the sunshine making its way through the clouds and we will have more son compared to cloud cover. should be real pretty outside. very quite weather today. we're watching a disturbance but moves in on monday but until then things stayed quiet. mostly sunny skies today with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. cooler compared to yesterday. in the 50s tomorrow and back
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coming up in welcome back. it is a: 29. state lawmakers will meet today for an emergency session as they race the clock to a court ordered deadline. >> all the while hoping for the supreme court might step in out. wral's tara lynn is live at the legislative building to tell us about this mad scramble to withdraw couple of congressional district maps. >> reporter: that's right. they are trying to approve the newly proposed voting maps and also looking at went to move the primary day because of map changes. earlier this month, a federal court ruled that two congressional districts in north carolina were unconstitutional because race was a primary factor in drawing the wrong -- winds. republican me to say this time around they did not use race
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democrats say the new maps still pack black voters into three of the 13 districts. the senate will first look over these and debate the new maps this morning. the house will have its chance to first address the issue of changing the date of the primary. right now that date is set for march 15. republican leaders still hopeful that the supreme court will step in here and allow the lower ruling, or essentially put a stay on that lower court ruling, that would allow the state to move forward with the original primary date under the old maps. but again at this point, the supreme court has stayed silent. >> thanks. tara lynn live in raleigh. the mother of a teenager who brought rush-hour traffic to a standstill in raleigh is begging for help. maria dailey says her 16-year- old daughter is deaf, can't speak, and uses social media as her outlet. on tuesday, her daughter got angry when she took her cell phone away temporarily and
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40 overpass. there are not that many services out here for her, people like her, for deaf people her age. >> a police officer eventually sign language. she is now being treated at a local crisis center. there will be a series of public hearings to gather feedback and out a new monument for the state capitol grounds. the monument will cover the achievements of african americans. the first to hearings will take place in greensboro and charlotte early next month. a third hearing will be at the braswell memorial library in rocky mount march 22. the fourth will be at shaw auditorium at fayetteville state university march 29. a popular shop known for its donors announced grand opening dates for two locations as well as plans for a seven story in the triangle. durham based rise pieces and
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cars -- carrboro on february 27, another one will open in downtown durham on march 12. there are plans to open a second rise location at brier creek in raleigh in may. this brings the total number 27. deals are in the works to expand to 22 locations. their biscuits were ranked among the best in the u.s. by food and wine magazine. they are calling this nifty 50 day. >> nifty 50 day? >> bill is. i did not realize we were all calling at that. >> go with it. it's going to be pretty nice today. >> 50 degrees is the high. >> 50 for the high temperature in raleigh, most of us in the 50s today. it will be really nice outside. lots of sunshine expected.
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it is a little bit on the chilly side. that start with the wilson sky cam, a little bit of cloud cover the periods of sunshine as well. i think the sunshine will win today, plenty of sunshine. temperatures, 30 in roxboro, one of the colder spots. he started off in the 20s, 33 degrees in waco forest, probably cloudy skies. town by town 39 in clinton, 36 in benson. certainly off to a chilly start but it's quite with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies depending on where you are. by lunchtime, temperatures make their way to the middle 40s. 46 at that point with mostly sunny skies. 50 degrees for the high temperature today and then back down into the 40s by 8:00 this evening. around 40 degrees, certainly a cool day for us. we warm it up over the weekend. we take a look at how warm it is coming up. are you already over your resolution to go to the gym everyday?
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just ahead, 5 we know going to a gym isn't for everyone. 5 on your side's monica laliberte has some things to consider if you want to bring the gym to you. >> some of us go to the gym, some of us like me, no, way. i do not do gyms because i do not do pde. public display of exercise. no way, know-how. i like to run through the neighborhood, get on my elliptical in the hospital know that many of you prefer that, too. ellipticals and treadmills can spend thousands of dollars so if you're spending the money, make sure you are getting a quality machine. >> reporter: consumer reports tested more than a dozen treadmills and ellipticals as well as this, it's called an alternative motion machine. it's a relatively new type of exercise a comment that borrows
8:37 am
elliptical, and stair stepper. testers assess everything from durability to how easy the machines are to use. the palace found the alternative motion machines take some getting used to and can be pricey, really pricey. the one they like the most, this precor adaptive motion trainer is a commercial machine that sells for almost $9000. the price alone make it your heart a workout, right? so, maybe opt for a treadmill. you first have to decide if you want one that is folding or non- folding. >> if you're interested in running and have the space, a non-folding treadmill would be a good option. they are usually a bit more expensive but have a longer deck, typically, and are well- suited for running. >> reporter: this $2300 soul tt8 is a great option. buttons are easy to operate. if you have less space,
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the pro-form 2000 cost $2000. ellipticals can be easier on your joints. consumer reports say look for one with a heart program that will automatically adjust the setting based on your target heart rate setting. this $3000 precor efx225 is great for beginning as well as seasoned exercisers. >> but wait, there's more. consumer reports like the less expensive schwinn 470. at $800, although it does not have a lot of variety with exercise intensity, it is a way to save. but i know you guys are okay with the whole pde thing. >> those machines take up too much space in your house. >> that is a problem for a lot of people. but you know what? you have one in your bedroom that can work as a close rack, too. >> i have not been on it for exercise, but it is great for clothes. >> you are so dedicated. >> i do go to the gym.
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of it but i don't want to. >> cindy, i will take it if you want to get rid of it. you have another big story coming up tonight. >> we have been talk about this a lot. maybe you have heard this thing with gender pricing. it's all about products that are identical, services that are identical, but they are higher-priced for women. 5 on your side discovers it happens a lot. shampoo, jeans, haircuts. wait until you see the rest of what we uncovered that has women paying more than the guys. it's not fair, right? plus, experts tell us why it happens, and what you can do about it. that is the most important part of it. it's an eye-opening, 5 on your side tonight at 6:00. >> bill is thinking, i'm getting the better end of the deal. >> women have more hair than you guys. >> not always. >> not if it's a little trim. >> we will take a look. thanks.
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available this weekend for do it your self. >> we are talking to the manager of the downtown raleigh home show about what you can expect to find at the show to
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