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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  February 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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right now on fox 50, and ex- convict accused of killing his wife. what he told his - - investigators about what unfolded. teachers, counselors and family members speak on behalf of a convicted killer as they try to save his life. >> the dramatic video of the plane crash by pearl harbor. thank you for joining us. in the last few hours they voted to move elections to june. adam, all of the primaries will
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>> reporter: this only affects congressional elections but those effects are quite significant and some say it can cause election chaos. it all started with a federal court ruling. they said district maps relied on race so they redrew the maps and ask the supreme court to let them use the old ones. and the state is racing - - getting ready to brace for the elections. under the district maps, if the supreme court is not moved, they must refile for a june 7th primary based on the new maps. >> it makes it difficult for the candidates.
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position they happen but in. >> there is no runoff, no comparison between the choices we had before. >> reporter: there is a possibility a single candidate could run for multiple offices at once. if it sounds nfusing, very hall says that is because it is. >> reporter: it is mass confusion. we need more time to make a decision. >> the senate side past legislation involving the newly drawn maps and tomorrow they switch. clearly this is an onion with a lot of layers. if you want more detail on what it all means, you can find that on our website. one person is dead
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the plane went down at 7:00 tonight in a wooded area. officials have not released information on the pilots identity or the origination of the flights. and ex-con commits he killed his wife while trying to steal her credit card. he told investigators he broke into her home by throwing a rock through the window and strangled her with a wire used to hang a picture. he was - - she was found three days later in mississippi. murdering melissa huggins jones on tuesday. today the jury heard from teachers, therapists and family members who talked about his abusive childhood.
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impression on some people he - - he had cross paths - - paths with. >> he came in with the attitude thing. >> reporter: the state will get a chance to put on rebuttal testimony. morning. the trials for five police officers accused in the death of freddie gray were put on hold. they will listen to the appeals next month. and they will consider weather or not six officer should be compelled to testify against the other five. porter went to trial last year but his trail came to an end with a mistrial. police are investigating a shooting around swain street. no arrests have been made.
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by a car. a contractor crew hired to do tree work was setting up a wood chipper when a car ran into one of the workers and the back of the chipper. a woman - - woman was hit by a car around 6:00. the driver was detained by police could not say why. fighting islamic phobia was the focus tonight in an effort to share the challenges of local muslims. >> reporter: among those challenges, the fears and misconceptionsof muslims. one woman talked about how people would stare because of how she was dressed and the fear factor where so many people link muslims and islamic people
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but tonight it was all about education. >> reporter: five pillars central to the islamic faith, understanding - - understanding this ritual was part of the presentation focusing on the history and religious observance of islam. it was two hours well spent for katie who left feeling this way. >> i'm more knowledgeable now of how close it really is to christianity, with common roots. >> reporter: they are worried about fear among muslims - - toward muslims in the community. >> this interaction just reinforces the sense of diversity in this region.
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diversity >> i'm so happy to be part of what is going on here. >> they believe the triangle will be more understanding and accepting now. >> this is a church people go to worship and pray. this is the same, it is just done in a different way. >> reporter: it was put on by a nonprofit group talking about bringing regionalism back together in the community. you can learn more at the open house scheduled for march 5th. police department in our area are warning residents of scammers posing as treasury investigators. the last alert came in one hour ago. the irs says there is also a
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e-mails just in the first six weeks of this year compared to the same time last year. scammers are trying to confuse and trick taxpayers into thinking the irs is contacting them, anything from refunds to confirming personal information. the irs does not initiate contact through e-mail, text, or phone call. job cuts are coming to the triangle. and they are cutting 12% of the workforce. there is no word on exactly how many employees will locally be impacted. some say they deserve better. today they considered a resolution supporting the push to unionize. and they sent representatives to the council.
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resolution. a new proposal could lower tuition costs. it would also mean a name change. the plan calls for changing the names and diversity of universities established for black and negative - - native american students. they want to open up to - - >> > the zoo is announcing the passing of their oldest chimpanzee, she passed away in her sleep. she was one of the original chimps on the exhibit. a firefighter helps to save if - - heart attack victim and realized later it was his father. emergency crews race to
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helicopter after it crashes into the water. >> and the changes cooler this evening, 11 degrees cooler in fayetteville and tomorrow
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with delightfully warm weather and investigator will be in hawaii tomorrow to look into the crash of a touring helicopter that critically injured a 16- year-old boy. it made it hard landing and sink. three of them got out and swam to shore. bystanders jumped in to rescue the rest. two other people were taken to the hospital. a reward up to $10,000 for entry divorce information into the murder - - information for a young boy who was shot and killed while playing in the yard during her birthday party. police conducted interviews and spent hundreds of hours on the investigation but still, no arrests. one person died after a
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multiple vehicles and the home were damaged. it appears the driver may have died before the crash. a firefighter rushed to save a hardest - - heart attack patient and learned few - - that was his father. he had arrived at the scene and cpr had been cut - - already began. his first reaction was just sitting a life. the chief came up and asked if she was all right and he realized who was working on. when he realized it was his father, he stood up and let them take over. his father has returned home and doctors gave him a clean bill of health. construction on a police headquarters is set to start this year. they saw the latest drawings of what the new building will look like.
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wanted to make sure the complex was inviting to all tizens. see you later alligator hunting. as the numbers grow, it could change. our state is the northernmost range for alligators with most of their population in the southeastern corner. wildlife officials say they are not ready for hunting season this year. >> we need to do some science and get some better x false estimates of the population and also the distribution - - distribution on private lands. >> reporter: it could be years before they are ready to allow gator hunting and it would be permit only. >> those look very large. >> are you rushing out to get a
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and my plumber hunt gators. i don't think he found them here. >> i've seen them as close as johnston county. think it is gone by now. a special visitor. we are e xcited. this is got drunk, my dog. he is the social media sensation. i brought him in this evening. he doesn't know any strangers. he has gone to everything - - everyone in the newsroom. >> he lets everyone love upon him. >> are you a good boy? >> he is just adorable. >> he is a little worn out from meeting everyone. we did the facebook live session. and we have a lengthy video, if you have time you should check
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we will see if he will walk over the wall with me. he is myshadow. we had a cooler afternoon and we expect a colder night with temperatures in the 20s. and tomorrow will be a carbon copy of today. it is a taste of spring for the weekend but also not the brightest. chilly and wet days come after our weekend. you will need umbrellas and coat over the weekend. a high of 51 degrees after a high of 57 degrees yesterday. we should be in the upper 20s tomorrow. 33 and molyclr ieout of the airport. temperatures are close to call - - home.
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the broadview is already in the 20s in roxboro. 37 right now in clinton. a colder start for you this morning but again not much of a wind chill to start the day. we are still under the influence of high pressure. our next front is off to the west and it is a warm front. it got hot across the plains. we found it at 90 over western kansas. and in the panhandle of texas they had my decrease there. this will all be shifting to the east over the next couple of days. it will not get quite as hot here but we will notice the change. a chilly air mass upon us tonight. and it will be with us during the day tomorrow. and check it out, these are the highs that occurred earlier today. 75 in dallas. this region have the 80s and 90s and they are having albums
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weather and coming up in the next half hour we will show you what happened over in the lanes. a tough situation with the wind and dry weather. the current number is 69 in which todd and 70 in dallas. winter is absent here but we have a temperature of 33 right now. temperatures over the next 2.5 days show clear skies overnight tonight. tomorrow we expect plenty of sunshine. by saturday morning, here comes the change, dense fog and a lower overcast. partly cloudy skies, considerable cloud cover throughout the day and more moisture moving off to the west bringing more cloud cover in the afternoon on sunday and this range should move in during the day on monday. and the forecast overnights night, clear, colder, 29 in fayetteville. the fitness forecast in the morning, a little bit cooler than what we
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still looking gorgeous. upper 40s in the northern counties. another chilly day tomorrow. check out the weekend, a lot of cloud cover god not superbright. he is following me back. 63 degrees on saturday, 69 degrees on sunday, some locations at 70 on sunday, that is where you will need your jackets and umbrellas. we get a reprieve over the weekend, briefly. get ready to deal with the chill. so you went crazy with your forecast. goodbye sweetheart. he is having so much fun. >> thank you for bringing him in. a historic surgery happen one year ago in texas. and two little girls who were
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are doing after time apart. daytona duels under the
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emor btbalweinyo ou donald trump says he is not worried about losing catholic supporters but that is because of a fight over faith and daniel has more on that. >> reporter: person thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not
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he received the news on the campaign trail. >> for religious leader to question someone's faith is disgraceful. i am proud to be a christian. i would not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and weekend unlike what is happening now with our current president. >> the pope is very political. >> they are using the pope as a palm - - as upon, the mexican governmentis using him. - - he is a pawn of the mexican government. >> the open said having not heard the plans independently, you would give him the benefit of the doubt.
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voting. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> catholics make up about 20% of the electorate. the pics the winner in the last four elections. the number of cubans coming into america has nearly doubled. this individual arrived 12 days ago to north in colorado deposit carolina. and 200 cubans have come into carolina in the last year. the fbi has searched the home of one of the san bernardino shooters.
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a computer. a man, his brother and wife committed the attack together. google announced it is standing behind apple as the company defies the order of a federal judge. the judge wants apple to help federal investigators unlock an iphone belonging to one of the attackers. they sided with apple and they said complying with the order create a slippery slope. >> apple is saying even if you promise you are only going to use it once got it will be used again and again. >> reporter: the ceo noted that they only hand or - - handover information already gathered with a judges order and asking for a door is a violation of privacy. they are prepared to take the case to the supreme court. a hospital paid $17,000 to
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their systems. >> reporter: held hostage by hackers, the hollywood presbyterian hospital was locked out of every aisle, record, and e-mail over two weeks. >> i was not feeling well and i went in for a checkup they said computers were down and i said what is going on? they were hacked using a software called ransom. they encrypted all of the fires - - files. the only way to unlock them? a special code that says make a - - make a payment to the account and a key will be sent. there is no e-mail or phone number or a place to bake. the hospital told police who could not help. they demanded $17,000 in coin spirit that coin is a distal currency that is virtually untraceable.
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- - code, they paid up. they said the quickest and most efficient way to restore our systems was to pay the ransom and obtain the key. in the best interest of restoring normal operations we had to do this. so they depend on computers and diagnostics. they depend on the exchange of information and locking up that data creates a significant risk for the hospital, which can increase the likelihood that the likelihood will - - that the hospital will pay. >> reporter: experts also say hackers keep the ransom low enough to make them pay and police move on. this attack is becoming more common. a hacker hit 250,000 computers worldwide. and $6 million was paid. the person founded did return some important items.
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driver's license and credit card also explained why that was all he would get back. they needed the cash to buy drugs and the metro card because the failure was expensive and they wanted to keep the wallet because it was kind of cool. he was relieved to get his license back but is nervous that this person knows where he lives. an honest thief who just wanted money for drugs. interesting. [ laughing ] does performance at the grammys was not as good as they hoped. it's a show they are still talking about days later.
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