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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  February 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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bracing for a punishing storm to hit overnight. being described as one of the powerful cyclones in fuji's history. no way in. no way out. roughly 250 people who live in elk city, idaho are trapped. and here's why. 15-tons of debris is blocking the highway leading into town. so far no injuries reported. authorities say the trap people are taking it all in stride. no word yet on when the highway will be reopened. but what a mess they have there. >> no such mishaps around here. >> no. we had great weather here
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we had a lot of clouds but the temperatures were wow. it felt kind of like spring. out on their porches. >> getting the yard ready for spring. >> it'll be warmer tomorrow i think. i think we'll see a lot more 70s tomorrow afternoon. go ahead and take a look at the high temperatures. feeling good out there. 67 with the high temperature in irwin. 66 in raleigh. 67 in south hill. so very comfortable and still really quite nice out. temperatures are in the low to mid-50s. 56 degrees in rocky mount. town by town, it's 54 in fayetteville. 53 in clinton. so still very, very nice. here's a live look at our raleigh sky cam. a look from downtown. very quiet weather tonight. partly cloudy skies now with the current temperature of 55 degrees out at the airport. at 8 miles per hour. had a lot of cloud cover today. seeing a little bit of sun this evening.
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we still have plenty of moisture from the south and west and that will keep the clouds with us tomorrow. a little bit of patchy fog. possible tomorrow. especially as you head back into the south and east. but other than that, barely quiet for the rest of the weekend. high pressure just off shore. that's going to bring into a southwest flow. we'll be in the upper 60s to low 70s. but we do have a cold front. and this arrives late tomorrow. it does bring some cooler temperature as we start the workweek and it does bring the potential for some rain as well. and once that moves through, it stalls for our south. know what happens to the front from the south. we typically have periods of rain. low pressure system right along the front. and bring periods of rain as we tuesday. and into wednesday as well. very active weather as expected. as we start the workweek. here's a look at the rain potential tonight into tomorrow. 6:00 tomorrow evening.
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maybe a few sprinkles and the chance of seeing any rain would be the second half of the day. and then as we get into monday. notice for 8:00 in the morning, the commute time, we're okay. rain chances, very, very low at that point. it's not until we get into the afternoon or evening as the rain chances start to go up a liberty. late monday -- a little bit. late monday night into tuesday. rain likely all of the day on tuesday. and then we'll have another waive move in on wednesday. when rain is going to be likely again. 47 degrees overnight tonight. compare this to last sunday, when we woke up to is a l more lefoc tan
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rebound for unc as that loss to duke on wednesday. the heels took a bit of frustration out on miami. jared has the story. >> reporter: duke is a dirty word around these parts. >> i wasn't going to play back on my side and this -- i told them i didn't want to hear any
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>> we know what we did wrong. he showed us two plays. we needed to just move onto miami. >> everyone is counting us out. >> i heard him say he has 0 trust in the tarheel team. >> the short answer, no. bryce johnson racked up other double, double. 16 points, 15 boards. a dozen for the jr. from oxford. and for all of coach's claims that this is not a great shooting team, the threes rain down in the second half. from the thunderous hands of nate britt. nine triples in total. six tarheels finish in double digits. as carolina dealt us a 38 point lead. before finishing 96-71 winners. >> they dominated us. that hasn't happened all year long. that's our 26 game and that doesn't happen to us in 25 other games. >> coach will say every game is important.
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the biggest ones for sure. weapons the acc standings on the line. >> in sole possession of first in the acc with four to play. starting with another rivalry tilt, nc state on wednesday. jared, wral sports. chapel hill. duke, feeling pretty good about that effort in chapel hill. but they are. -- matt jones did manage to warm up. maybe he could have played a pinch. but grayson allen, excellent again today. he -- scored 19 in the first half as duke leads by 8. at the break, they build a 13 point lead until derrick thorton gets hurt. he would miss a big chunk of the second half. they think it's just a bruise. duke struggle, damien lee, they come all of the way back. he scores 24 points. a physical game, leads coach k.
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the blue devils down 6. and it's another tech nick call. this unwith for grayson allen. who is called for the charge. he gets to heat up. and he fouls out of the game. duke down to 5 player. include the injured thorton. down 4 and he can't get the shot. louisville wins 71-64. duke winning fortech on that shoulder. over a good clemson team. and the box score isn't all about cat barber this time. what if i were to tell you, chat barber would hit on one shot in 37 mines against clemson. and nc state, wins anyway. >> really proud of our team. we had a day where cat really struggled. we were able to find some scoring from a lot of different places. >> in the first half, that place has kaleb martin's name on it. bombs away from 13. and state leads by one at
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and abdul plays like aen ma among boys in this game. after taking 0 shots in his last outing. he powers home. 17 points and 16 boards against clemson. >> today, i wanted to be aggressive. i'm vital to this team. especially if i get going. >> the second half, belongs to maverick rowan. it's kind of a healthy cockiness that i like. >> barber does hit key free throws in the nal minutes. 77-74. on a day when cat barber doesn't have to score 30. >> we have a lot of guys that have to score the ball. and the team is a good one for us. >> great enthusiasm. says a lot about their character. and end this on a day like today, when cat would really struggle. our guys found a way to continue to the score. >> reporter: wral, sports. raleigh.
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of college baseball. hard to believe that, isn't? duke gets an extra inning. walk off win. over wral. nc states gets its first win. 13-10 over coastal carolina. and unc enjoying that weather out west in l. a. but they did not enjoy a win today. 6-5 losers. >> young chase elliot will be on the poll for tomorrow's daytona 500. also had a pretty good night. the exfinty race. check out that block on the final lap by elliot. holds off logano to win the race. the 50 starts tomorrow at 1:00. they talk to him after the race and he thought he was -- he saids he thought he was going to wreck. >> but supposedly my guy has the best car now. >> dale earnhardt jr.? he was quick today. >> thanks. if you had some trouble
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have to blame e property brothers. [ cheering and applause ] >> hgtv hosts prevented at 1:00 p.m. at the home show, fans waited to see jonathan and drew scott. also the had venn doors from homeowners to owners to show hem how to renovate. the brothers shared some of their advice with us before the show. >> you never want to put into a house you won't be able to get back. your home should make your life easier. so the family should look at a house and say what area can i fix up that'll help me. >> you can watch the full interview on and find out what's not included the nut price of renovations for their shows. some good information there on that interview. all about the property. >> and that place was packed. >> they could have held that outside. >> yeah. maybe get your garden prepared for spring.


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