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tv   WRAL 4PM NEWS ON FOX50  FOX  February 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[applause] right now on wral news, serious storm damage from a confirmed tornado in granville county. the cleanup from oxford in a live report. parts of durham county also hit hard. why the homeowner tells us today is the beginning of what will be a long process. in a few hours remaining gop candidates face off in a debate in houston. the reason this has been so tough to take on front runner, donald trump. live from ali, wral news on fox50 starts w. bright blue skies are a stark contrast to this time yesterday, we were in the midst of several tornado warnings. hello, thank you for joining us. i'm gerald owens. >> i'm lynda loveland.
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parts of damaging our ewing area. we begin team coverage with julia sims life in granville county where a confirmed tornado touched down. >> reporter: three homes here were significantly damaged, a dairy farm down the road, well, it's a mess. all day today, i'm going to step out of the way, you can see that this home lost its roof. folks were here assessing the damage, they were next door, trying to patch on the roof. the good thing in all of this, no one was hurt. >> is unbelievable. you just never know how blessed you are. the lord was with me, and i'm just thankful that none of the farmers were hurt while they were doing the milk of the cows. they did not lose the cal. it's devastating. >> reporter: up the road at sears date dairy farm, the concern was e cows. how to milk and feed them. they have been relying on a
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utility crews were working around the clock to try to get their ower restored. and crews from the county and state emergency management were out here for a couple of hours today, trying to total up the damage. they said they should have a tally in a couple of days. lynda? >> just awful. you forget that the cows have to be milk. it's part of the job. for ose farmers. julia sims live in granville county, thank you. topple trees kept people around durham busy. several homeowners spent the day assessing the damage from the storm and cleaning up the mess behind. wral's arielle clay shows us some of that work. >> reporter: this home here on rose ier drive is one of the hardest hit in this neighborhood. as you can see, this tree cracked off here, and then toppled onto the home. even though it is pretty late in the day, some of the work has just arted here. some of the repair crews and
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shown up here at this home. earlier today down e street, a tree at the front desk excuse me, another company was down another home. they say there has been a lot of work to do in this neighborhood. now, the homeowner here ys that she was back at the house what happened. she was not here when a tree fell into says when she saw it for the first time, she was shocked at how bad was. bull city tree service was using a wood chipper to remove the trees fallen in the neighborhood. homeowners say this is just the start of this process. >> usually how it works is right after the storm the insurance company gets pictures of erything and watch of the cleanup is done a couple of days after, you know, after pictures are taken and insurance companies come out and do the initial evaluation of e damage.
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house with her suitcase. see obviously does e obviously will not be staying in the home. thankfully her home is in short and she says the insurance company will take care of those repairs. back to you. >> that is good news, arielle clay live in durham. thank you. parts of the midwest received more than a foot of snow. take a look at indiana last night. the storm came in with huge winds, blowing snow around, making conditions miserable. the snow buried everything inside including cars. rescue crews say dozens of vehicles were stuck in the snow with drivers inside. drivers say the winds knocked cars around for hours. i than 1000 flights were canceled in that area. more snow in the north carolina mountains. this was the view from banner elk a short time ago this afternoon. you can see light snow falling on the ground already, this does not seem to be causing major problems for drivers there right now. we are in the clear and
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especially in mparison to yesterday's weather. but, mike, the wind is still fierce. when is it ing away? >> it'll die down this evening, but last night and into the day, it was rough. he blew through the trees unnerving. this -- as rald mentioned, there were some clouds, the winds were still up, let's take a look at the numbers. they discuss out at rdu, 28 miles per hour, 28 fayetteville, 27 greensboro. by 11:00 last night the wind was gusting at 46 miles per hour. sustained nds 32. wind advisory in the.2:00 this afternoon and the only thing we will do it slowly come down. the other thing is the temperature is much ld is afternoon to this time yesterday. 21 degrees colder in rdu and fayetteville. whether on the menu for the next few days but i've got a warm-up in the way. i'll let you know about that coming up in a few minutes.
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a confirmed tornado, we are awaiting the national weather service but as soon as we let you know what kind of tornado do it is we will let you know. a woman from angier faces charges in connection with bicycle crashes. charges were filed against donnie williams. she hit four bicyclists masengill pond road. charges included are reckless driving. a 72-year-old woman was seriously hurt when shots were fired at her home on rster street. two other people were inside at the time but were not hurt. today, detectives went door to door talking to people who live in the area. they believe three gunmen were involved but have not publicly identified them yet. five days after six people died in a shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan,
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motive. the undersheriff says have interviewed jason dalton several times. he admitted to the shootings and faces murder and attempted murder charges. his lawyer declined to discuss the case. a lawyer representing other members of the family detail in national news program that dalton was acting depressed leading up to e shootings. the nature of republican presidential field gathers tonight for the final time before super tuesday. marco rubio and ted crews have so far been hesitant to take on donald trump in a high-profile setting. omar villafranca reports from houston where the debate is a short time away. >> reporter: after three straight wins, donald trump walks into tonight's bate as the gop presidential front- runner. it is the battle between senators ted crews and marco rubio that could turn ugly. >> close to fighting each other would be pro wrestling. you know, no holds barred. this is the final debate before voters in 12 states head to the
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nearly 600 delegates are up for the biggest prize is texas with trump leads the delegate count with 81. rubio and cruz are behind him, tied with . the pressure is on cruz to win his home state of texas if he wants to stay in the race. but the polls e varying, showing the time 10 either had trump. smu political science professor, cal johnson, says it's risky to go after trump during a debate. >> you are used to counter punches. you say something, they y something. you say something to trump, he knocks you out there >> reporter: the latest in the crosshairs, former gop presidential candidate, mitt romney, who questioned the billionaire about his taxes. >> we have good reason to believe that there a bombshell in donald trumps taxes. my trump fired back on twitter posting this photo of him with tax returns and asking why rummy doesn't just endorsed marco rubio. trump says his taxes are complicated.
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>> there is concern for florida senator. marco rubio. a quinnipiac poll released shows trump ead 44% to rubio's 28% among likely gop voters in florida. to vote in the primary for north carolina's nate seat, that election harpoons march 15. richard burr is up for reelection. four democrats want the right to run against him. kenneth griffin, ernest eves, chrisey and deborah ross will take part in a half-hour commercial free debate hosted by wral. david crabtree will moderate. you can learn more about the candidates tonight at 7:00 on wral. the nevada governor says he does not want to be considered for the supreme court. brian sandoval says he told the white house he is not interested. this follows news that the president may be considering sandoval as a replacement for justice antonin scalia. sandoval said being considered is, paul, beyond humbling and he's incredibly grateful to be mentioned.
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looking into a deadly crash that may be linked to a recall impacting 3 million toyota suvs. last week, rav4 and vanguards were recalled because the bus came and function. canadian investigators are trying to figure out if that played a role in the deaths of two people. they were sitting in the back of a rav4 when a question 2011, 1 million recalls are in the usa and can be repaired by a dealer. a massive leak that forced thousands from their homes in los angeles was the largest reported release of methane in usa street. the study published today says the leak dispute more than 100,000 tons of methane in 16 weeks. methane is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. scientists say the amount equals the weight of two aircraft carriers, and is the same as emissions from 572,000 cars in the year. apple engineers may be working on a new security measure to make it possible for the fbi to break into a locked iphone. that's according to the new york times report.
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center of the battle with the fbi. this afternoon, apple asked a judge to put in in order to help apple unlock the fbi of one of the san bernardino shootings shooters, syed farook. tim cook told cbs news wednesday, syed farook case is not about the fall, it's about the future. >> can the government compel apple to ite software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world? including in e us. >> in its appeal, apple says the fbi is seeking dangerous power to the court system. the company has cooperated with the fbi by providing data from syed rook cloud account. >> reporter: astronaut scott kelly is ready to come back to earth. he spoke with reporters a few days before the end of his almost uniform trip to the international space station. he says he cannot wait. he says he feels like he has been camping in the woods for a year. a little bit different.
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pretty good and could stay in if he had to. the hardest part for him, being isolated from loved ones. kelly heads back to earth tuesday. >> there are no bugs in space, i uld imagine. some kids and parents feel like homework is ver ending. >> how much is too much? i met jamie yuccas in new york with the great debate. we continue to track damage up and down the st
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thur lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day,
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lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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this next story is right up your alley. many parents and teachers are resigned to the idea that homework is part of learning and succeeding school. >> when did it become too much? jamie yuccas met one mom who says she is homeschooling her children because of it. >> we are going to persuade. >> reporter: rania cornell's living room is set up as a classroom. two years ago, the new yorker started homeschooling her sons and knees. it was olivia's work in kindergarten that drove the change. >> everything she had do, reading, writing, work, math. >> it was very hard and i did not like to homework. >> reporter: when children have
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leads to little time for kids to be kids. >> you want to help kids manage their time while. >> reporter: dr. jimmy howard is a clinical psychologist with the child's nd institute. she says younger children should get no more than 20 minutes of homework a day. that is in line with the national pta's recommendation of 10 to 20 minutes per night in the first grade. and an additional 10mite per grade level ter that. my 12th grade, that is 120 minutes per night. >> their attention span is short. and, they need to be doing other things. so, they need to be mastering tasks like making and keeping friends, and spending time with families. >> reporter: she agrees, with the time they save on mework from her kids learn life skills. >> they expose themselves to other things. >> reporter: like museums, parks, swimming and music lessons. so her kids can enjoy being kids. jamie yuccas, cbs news, bronx, new rk. >> cornell has a masters degree in education and is prepared to teach the children through high school.
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on monday, february 29, nbc is -- on wral. to wral. >> it kicks off with "days of our lives," a soap opera that than 50 years. phil." as alwaywe will bring you the most interesting stories of e our commitment has not changed, there will not be a difference. if you have questions about this, you probably do, we've got a lot of answers, check out the special section we have created at >> we are all looking forward to that transition on monday. >> i'm excited. we get to bring the peacock back for a day. >> plus, some great weather to kick it off. >> it should warm on monday, closing in on 70 degrees in some locations. beginning our run with nbc next week should be warm. cool air will come later in e week. let's take a look at the headlines. a fine day after all of that mess yesterday. is anybody else tired after
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boy, a lot stress. these are common today and hopefully the folks who had damage will have a swift recovery, at least the weather is cooperating with that. and as soon as we find out about the damage reported in granville county, the national weather service crews are still out there, we will let you know. the wind is not as ferocious as we had st night. winds die down this evening. a call tonight. expect to wake up to some freezing temperatures in some locations. a fine weekend ahead. nothing but sunshine saturday a cool start to the weekend saturday but warmer sunday with highs in the 60s and milder days and maybe rain by wednesday. we will check that out in the 7- day forecast. a bright start in the morning, but with heating air and close air aloft eated instability. we saw a deco fairweather there were sprinkles to the west of chatham county and very little on the radar left now. the cloud cover is moving to the south and east and as we get into the evening hours as
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little bit more we will see the clouds depart and wind up being mostly clear overnight. mostly clear, 51 at rdu, dewpoint 25, northwest wind that tend to close to home, 50s, 51 wake forest, 51 at wral, 53 and holly springs, likewise in cary. 55 fayetteville, 55 xboro, 48 in greensboro. there is the clear sky this morning, with the heating of the day, not only did the winds pickup as the surface of the earth was heated unevenly as it does with sunshine, we saw clouds form. once the sun sets we will see this dissipate and it winds up being mostly clear overnight. don't think we will e a repeat of this tomorrow. you can see this on the infrared satellite, too. an area with a few sprigs to the west. offshore creating cloud cover over he atlantic. also we had reports of severe weather toward virginia, touching down in pennsylvania yesterday evening.
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some crazy weather going on, snow continues to fly around the great lakes states and ohio valley. for us, high pressure building down from the planes to canada. a strong pressure gradient or winfield between the high d low in new england creating that wind. as the strong northwesterly winds hit the mountains, it's forced upward. that's what we call orthographic list. snow develops in the wintertime, rain develops the summertime. that's why we are seeing those showers that this gradient will relax to the day tomorrow, if you are snow showers tomorrow. there is colder air north and west. that will gradually filter in overnight. futurecast, all is quiet. expect mostly sunny skies r tomorrow. chillier in the afternoon with highs in the 40s tomorrow, 20s foreclose on saturday, and during the afternoon we should be close to where we are tomorrow with over 40 to low 50s. by sunday, temperatures warm up. by saturday at 4:00, nothing but clear sky and likewise later in the evening. this evening, mostly clear to partly cloudy, still windy.
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but they die down overnight becoming more 5 to 10. lows in the mid 30s, 32 raleigh, 34 fayetteville. starting or friday, 34 by 8:00 a.m., winds from the northwest 5 to 10 miles per hour. afternoon, upper 40s to low 50s. 49 raleigh, 52 yetteville. northwest winds 10 to 20, it will feel colder. over the weekend we warm up. things change -- became saturday and sunday. we hold onto that 68 as we welcome nbc on monday. >> going to be a good one. looking forward to that. best selling author, john grisham, as a new book and it has nothing to do th his well- known legal thrillers. ahead in what's trending, why he thinks it is so important he
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time for a look at what's trending. >> john grisham, you have heard of him. best-selling author who wrote legal novels. he's giving his next book away for free. it's short, 49 pages. here's the deal. it deals with a 35-year-old man with a brain tumor and this device used to treat the brain tumor. it's called a focused ultrasound. and he is talking about this new device. it's almost like a 49 page pamphlet on the device. he was asked to be on the foundation board for this, the guy who discovered the device. his way of giving back was to spread awareness by writing this book about what this medical device can do. and he is giving it away for free, 49 pages. the reviews aren't good. >> [ laughter ] >> that's not why he wrote it.
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but, his idea is to educate people on it. of course, his manager is, like, "no" but he did it. not good reading, apparently. but it's out there. >> this is interesting. jetblue is on the cutting edge of making people happy. this is a commercial for jetblue. check this out. they offered passengers a free flight if they could unanimously decide to go to the same place. and they did. 150 passengers are going to costa rica. this is how it works. this was done in the spirit of election season. to see if strangers could reach across the aisle. get it? the experiment involved 150 passengers with people getting up on the loudspeaker to make their case for either turks and caicos or costa rica. they cited factors like zip lining, surfing, strengthen the dollar. finally, all 150 agreed, they want to go to costa rica.
4:26 pm
action. >> they would be really mad at the one person who held out and they did not get to go. it all works. >> i'm curious about this experiment. if everybody got on the plane experiment. it will be interesting to find out. >> everybody with jetblue probably here's another cool story. i don't know if you heard about the backlash that the toymakers from the "star wars" movies released when they sent out the characters, and the main character, rey, who is a female was not released. out next month. from dc comics. i'm not sure if it is a slam against "star wars" action figures. but it's girl power. it features female action figures with girl power. fans will be able to see wonder woman, fat woman, the line will be featured in target stores next month, and of course, it is all girls. no mail action figures. it's alabt girl power. >> lynda, did your daughters get into this stuff? >> no, they didn't. my son loves action figures.
4:27 pm
when i was young. >> if the girls are pretty, he >> just saying. will have links to the stories and videos on facebook. let us know if you think there is something we should include in what's trending. send us a tweet or message on facebook. still to come, economic sanctions are a relatively common punishment but do they work? professor who studied the effects and why he says they can strengthen the country's military. a missing persons cases a murder trial.
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people up and down the east coast are checking out damage after severe weather. deadly tornadoes, powerful thunderstorms and drenching rain caused millions and property damage as the fast- moving system headed north. virginia was hit the hardest but we have also shown you significant damage in north carolina. >> in new york city the coast guard had to air a crew off the fishing boat. as jamie yuccas explains, the capsized boat had to make it onto shore with the crew. i'm a commish residents came out to help neighbors after tornadoes ripped apart homes in lancaster county, pennsylvania. 50 buildings are damaged including an amish schoolhouse. no injuries are reported there. in new jersey, crews spend the day clearing downed trees.
4:31 pm
workers were also busy. >> this is a little bit bigger. we usually don't see poles and wires down. >> reporter: storms also caused problems in the water. in queens, new york a coast guard boat capsized trying to rescue the crew of a fishing boat. officials brought in a helicopter to pluck the seven fishermen to safety after deciding the water was too dangerous. >> u.s. coast guard rescue swimmers round up going in the water and he cannot even handle the conditions. >> reporter: low tide left the boat practically on the beach. officials have not said how they plan to get a floating again. unbelievable. >> reporter: the twisters were three people died in waverly, virginia when a tornado slammed into a trailer park. forecasters say that tornado had wind speeds over 100 miles per hour. and it cut a path of
4:32 pm
300 yards wide. one victim in waverly was just two years old. jamie yuccas, cbs news, rockaway, new york. >> at least 50 tornadoes were reported yesterday and overnight in the carolinas and virginia. we found damage in sampson county where fierce wind spend the roof of a gas station. if you are sent in this video shortly after it happened. strong winds ripped the roof off of a barn. there were no reports of major injuries. in the case of missing the shaw university student, lacoy mcqueen, investigators had little to go on at first, except a suspicion her boyfriend was involved. wral's amanda lamb is covering the trial of boyfriend chris lawing accused in her murder. what prompted the suspicion? >> several things, lynda. i merrily, her friends told them she went to meet lawing to talk about her pregnancy than i before she disappeared. this comes as investigators honed in on him right away. the time. they searched his dorm room and found what they believed to be
4:33 pm
because they had not found her body, they got a blood sample from her mother, claudia smith, and compared it to the blood found in the dorm room to see if the dna match the victims. >> are you aware that the results came back matching the child of claudia smith to the dna that was in that room? >> yes. >> thank you. >> the victims remains were disappearance in a wooded area off of the highway 30 miles from raleigh. coming up at 5:00, we'll tell you how the remains were discovered and how investigators were eventually able to connect them to the case. lynda? >> amanda lamb in the newsroom, thank you. chinese stocks plummeted one day after international finance leaders met in the china is facing increased pressure to reinsurer global investors over how does managing a sluggish economy and the currency. central bankers will gather for a two-day meeting in shanghai.
4:34 pm
prices last year wiped out wealth. stocks closed today with prices. the dow closed up 212 points. 40. the s&p, up about 22. a number of groups in wake county will receive a piece of a national settlement with two financial services companies. the companies, natixis funding, and societe generale, will pay out more than $56 million across 22 states. the agreement to settle accusations of different states, local governments, school systems and other organizations that bought a certain type of investment in 1992 to 2011. the state attorneys general began investigating this brought in 2008. five other institutions have also settled. economic sanctions are a common tool used by international powers to punish countries for various violations. last week, the u.s. announced sanctions against north korea after its nuclear test and rocket launch. but, do sanctions really work?
4:35 pm
mcdonald, study the issue, and he says no. >> think about it like sanctions, what they are supposed to do a strengthen the economy of the country. it also created an opportunity for people in the country who do not necessarily want to give into whatever the issue is. no one likes to be told what to do. that is certainly the case for iran. unfortunately, sanctions also create the possibility that if you don't give into what the issue is you have a very real possibility of military involvement against you, and anticipation that military involvement against it, iran defaults to military spending which had a stabilization effect on the country. >> professor. mcdonald says sanctions and militarization in iran as a result benefit of the country. then we asked, what are the alternatives to sanctions against the country? >> there is not a good simple answer to it. in large part because what we know is that sanctions
4:36 pm
case. they have a slightly higher success rate the more countries that get involved in it but that success rate is still relatively low. our one good alternative is military action. that should be viewed as an action of last resort. perhaps the best alternative we could look for it would be a lesson from the arab spring. rather than trying to force somebody to do what we want them to, engage, be open, let them learn about who we are, what we stand for, and hope that fantasy that will lead to change, rather than externally enforced. >> mcdonald says one case in which sanctions are more effective is north korea. because the country intentionally cut itself off from the rest of the world. water problems in flint, michigan has a lot of people wondering how safe is my water? still ahead, we explain how to properly test your water. plus, you can learn hands
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we'll show you how. venezuelans are dealing with a new food shortage. bread is in short supply caused by a low supply of wheat. venezuela has a shortage in coffee, milk and sugar. when fresh bread is available it is rationed because of rock- bottom oil prices, the country cannot afford what it needs. the water situation in flint, michigan may have you wondering about the safety of the water in your home.
4:40 pm
has ideas to protect you and your family. >> reporter: water prices in flint, michigan may have you wondering, are there dangerous levels of lead in my water at home? experts say there are things to empower yourself. start by calling your local water supplier and asking for their latest consumer confidence report. if you get your water from a private well, look for information on the epa's website. if you see lead levels above 15 parts per billion, call the supplier and demand action. if you want to test your water your self, your supplier may come out and do it for free. if that's not an option, get a testing kit from a home improvement store. if you do that, make sure to use first draw water, the very first water to come out of your pets after sitting overnight. you will then send the samples to a certified lab. you can find a list on the epa's website. while you wait, the cbc has instructions on how to protect yourself from potentially dangerous levels of lead. dr. allen mask, wral health team. the american heart association wants you to take
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the airport to learn cpr. it teamed up with the anthem foundation to debut these hands only cpr training kiosks. the interactive kiosks are at five airports around the country including atlanta and bwi in baltimore. they feature a touch screen with a brief how-to video program. then, people can participate in a practice session and a 30 second cpr test. immigrations officials are speaking out to address major complaints. still ahead, how they conduct raids and deport people in the country illegally. gerald, back to cool weather this afternoon after 70s yesterday. town by town 53 night bill, 52 holly springs. notice henderson not reporting a number. might be because they had a tornado moved by close yesterday. the power may still be out. nonetheless we expect cooler weather in the coming days, then a warm-up.
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4:44 pm
the atmosphere coming up. immigration officials say they are doing their job enforcing priorities set by the white house this year. >> the statement comes after several young men were taken into custody r deportation. leyla santiago spoke to bull city and joins us now with their take. >> they are priority, in general, homeland security audit another priority. anyone who came in after 14 illegally, targeting many children from central america who crossed the border alone, and claimed to be escaping gang violence and what is known as the murder capital of e world. wilden ghee acosta is a high school student who falls in that category. he was taken into custody in late january as he was leaving his home on his way to school in january. he tells us he did not go to court fearing deportation and
4:45 pm
judge dered deportation. >> for these particular judge has ordered them removed i.c.e. is the enforcement arm of immigration, and ese individualseet our enforcement priorities. >> reporter: again, noting the new priorities. under u.s. policy, i.c.e. has the authority to exercise discretion in his case but in other words, they could actually choose if they want to deport him. they tell me they have reviewed his case and are moving forward with deportation, based on those priorities, established this year. i.c.e. tells us it does not conduct enforcement in what is called sensitive locations. we are talking about churches, hospitals, and schools. >> thank you. some scary moments for an arizona nator. elephantschased jeff flank and his wife. it happened during a trip to africa. showing a massive elephant running after them with a baby
4:46 pm
behind. the couple was with the group last weekend i went to look at poaching and wildlife trafficking in africa. the senator thinks the elephant was just protecting the young ones in the herd, which is probably etty obvious. >> you guys have had enough of us. >> scary. >> they are fast. elephants can run as big as they are. i know you have read starting monday nbc is joining wral and this 4:00 news is moving to wral. >> the lineup kicks off with "days of our lives." it has been on for 50 years on nbc. after that, "the doctors," and then "dr. phil." after that, one is for the 4:00 news, we will bring you the most important and interesting stories of the day. our commitment to the community has not changed. if you have questions, we got answers. there are questions people have had. check out the special section at >> ike, questions about this
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a lot of people looking forward to it. >> great weekend coming up. cooler to start but we finish with a warm-up. all in all a very iet scenario. with you. take a look at this from baltimore area. crazy stuff going on. here today. they are doing with not only severe thunderstorms but all of that flooding. check out the baltimore- washington parkway. both sections shut down before i-95 and i-695 because the road was covered in water. you can see one car got stuck backups. to imagine on i-95 during rush hour this morning? hopefully things are rectified this afternoon. that is a big corridor traffic. i'm sure that gerald has been >> i have been there. >> could you imagine the congestion not being able to get rough the? let's go back on locally and see what's going on. the big issue today has been winds happen gusty. the wind advisory expired at 2:00 this afternoon.
4:48 pm
it was allowed to pire. still some gusty winds this afternoon, 30 in goldsboro, 37 at piedmont triangle international airport. 22 mile per hour gusts in raleigh, 23 mile per hour gusts in fayetteville. state why not only is it windy here but also in boone, 30 mile per hour ind gusts. imagine with clouds and snow coming down and cold temperatures, a wintry scene. 30 mile per hour in wilmington, 25 hatteras, a breezy afternoon. it's going to be breezy again tomorrow but we will not have the ferocity in the winds like we had day. let's take a look at the nationwide picture. big action in the eastern part of the country with a trough of low pressure. this has reintroduced the cool air to the area. after 73 today, the warmest i have seen is 54. snow flying around the great lakes states, ohio valley, appalachians where it was storm with strong damaging winds and tornadoes. we showed you that video from lancaster, pennsylvania. at least the county. now they are seeing snow this afternoon. out west with the rich, it's dry and milder.
4:49 pm
for the next w days. let's zoom in closer to see what's going on. low pressure setting across new england, high pressure to the west. a strong wind field in between. winds will die down somewhat this evening after 00. they will be more west to northwest, 5 to 10 miles per hour overnight. during the day tomorrow, winds will pick up with the heating of the day, the air will mix and we will see winds northwest 10 to 20 miles r hour. snow showers occurring in the well. night and during the day saturday. snow showers will be a whole lot less at that point. if you want fresh powder, head to the mountains, you will see it. there are the numbers right cincinnati. 51 at the airport. 40 in asheville. when you factor in the wind, wind chills are not that bad but it els cold. 25 cincinnati, feels like 28 in pittsburgh and charleston. a trough of low pressure with blues, purples and whites, that is the cold air. west. friday, cool again.
4:50 pm
saturday is chilly but watch february 28, the month is coming to an end and we're back in the warmer air. anticipating highs in the 60s. likewise for monday, upper 60s to maybe degrees. and then by tuesday, it's warm. we start to get these colors in their. as well. there is the xt trough, as it swings in, potential for showers wednesday but nothing like what we just experience. no threat for severe weather come next week. 8:00 47. 32 overnight. 34 at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. looking good but much cooler with freezing temperatures to start the day. 7-day forecast, chillier tomorrow with 49. 51 saturday. woman quickly sunday. nbc comes to wral monday with 68. still miles on tuesday. wednesday, chance of rain and cooler by ursday, 54. march starts on tuesday. >> can you believe that, already? >> in like lamb. >> is going fast. the durham rescue mission
4:51 pm
the easter celebration. still ahead, we show you how you can help make sure children in need have goodies for the holiday. plus, new york is out in
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
which spot debra morgan with us, what is coming up at 5:00? >> when fists start flying in high school the cell phones come out and people videotape it. in cumberland county one such bite is getting a lot of attention for what it shows. coming up on wral, a high school fight on camera shows a school administrator slamming for students to the ground. what the student and school have to say about what happened. and, we talked to lester holt, anchor of the nbc nightly news joins us to answer a few questions and give you an idea of what to expect from our new partner in news. plus, the story behind this beautiful eagle in wake county. wait until you see it. what it took to make sure she could fly again. when you join us in just a few minutes on wral. isn't that a beautiful site? >> patriotic. >> a great story behind what happened to her, too.
4:55 pm
overturned while helping a fishing boat in new york city. the fishing boat ran aground in an inlet. the crew of both ships made it to shore early this morning. no one was hurt. five crewmembers swam ashore when their boat capsized in rough water. imagine how cold that was. scientists with a spectacular new images showing the entire milky way galaxy. data was gathered by the european southern observatory through a telescope in chile. look at that. that is just stunning. the image shows life at submillimeter wavelengths to create an image as seen from the earth's southern hemisphere. that is beautiful. it is the sharpest map of the milky way made to date. the observatory posted it all online for people to check out more closely. >> very pretty. if you are looking for billionaires, dry beijing. china's massive capital replaced new york city as the city with the most billionaires in the world. beijing gained 32 wealthiest people in the world bringing their total to an even 100. new york has 95. asia seems to be a breeding ground for billionaires.
4:56 pm
50, putting them both in the top five. an afghan boy has his very own assigned jersey from soccer star, vinyl messi. he became an internet sensation for wearing a striped plastic bag with his name and number. now, thanks to messi and the united nations children's fund, the boy received two signed shirts and a soccer ball. his father says that was one of the happiest moments of his life. >> messi is the man. a kid with an unforgettable faces getting much needed tlc. >> this is miss sallyann. she has a mustache. how cute is she? salvation army's donation bin in downtown fresno. why would you give up a sweet cat like that? a group called cathouse rescued now, sallyann is up for adoption although i'm sure she won't be for long. they say she has the potential sensation. she's going to give the cat a
4:57 pm
have the durham mission once your help to bring easter goodies to children in need. >> handout that easter basket event, some stan -- some families tosince 6:00 a.m. to get donations. they need 1500 by march 22. to help, donate a basket and drop it off at the mission, or make a $15 donation online. none. >> i'm sure our community will come to the rescue. >> very gracious indeed. thanks for joining us. our latest (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise,
4:58 pm
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