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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  February 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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good night, america! 0. we begin tonight with breaking news as many as seven people are believed dead after a series of attacks in south central kansas this evening. thanks for joining us. >> this is a very fluid situation tonight. investigators working several crime scenes. debra morgan is in the newsroom with what we know so far. >> this is so sad. between four and sen people may be dead, as many as 30 others are injured. police are investigating at least four crime scenes. the first report came around 5:people from people saying he was shooting out of his vehicle. witnesses in this rural kansas town says he went to excel industries, that's where the gunman shot at least 20 people,
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multiple eyewitnesses and as an excel employees. the sheriff says he was armed with a long gun and a pistol. police shot and killed him inside the plant. >> we heard a pop pop and we thought it was just metal falling on the ground and then doors opened, people started screaming, going out. go to the front, go to the front. then people said no, he's out front. so we started going back to the right over here. >> did you know him when you saw him? >> yes, i know the shooter personally. he was my partner. >> were there any indications that this could happen with him? >> no. >> this is a small town, employees are gathered at the plant trying to comfort each other and check on the safety of friends. again, at least seven. injured are in critical condition. we are working to get more information and we are waiting to find out an motive. an update from officers at the scene are expected shortly. we will bring them any new details as we get them.
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newspaper website, because it's a plant, a lot of people had ear plugs in, it didn't even know what was going on. >> right. it's a loud place any way. so they did like the gentleman said he thought it was metal hitting the floor, so. all right, deb. thanyo >>new tonight, the national weather service confirms three tornadoes touched down in our area during yesterday's storm. an ef-2 tornado left a trail of destruction in granville and vance county. packing winds of 125 miles an hour. the twister left a mess along the five-mile path. three homes in a nearby dairy farm were damaged. utility crews spent all day working to restore power. state and county emergency management officials were out there today. it could be days before they have a total on damage estimates. an ef one tornado touched down briefly in durham about 4:00 yesterday. this home was one of the hardest hit in this neighborhood. a tree in the front yard fell through the roof in the living
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and the garage. some homeowners we spoke with today expect repairs to take weeks. >> in wain county an ef-0 tornado caused damage. garcia was inside with her 4, 6, and 11-year olds when the wind blasted off the roof of the mobile home. they all made it out safely. the red cross is helping that family. >> as bad as this is, the damage was much worse north of here. at least two tornadoes touched down in virginia killing to people, including a 2 year old. the governor of that state spent time checking out the damage this afternoon. thousands of homes were damaged and several people hurt. the deadly tornado that cut through the town of waiverly carved a path nine miles long. the red cross is helping a family in goldsboro after fire tore through their home tonight. the fire broke out at a home on south george street. four people in the homemade it out safely. the goldsboro fire department is trying to figure out what caused the fire.
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accident in wake county. this happened this afternoon on mitchell mill road at fowler road. three other people were taken to the hospital. officials say the driver of the red car failed to yield hitting a white truck. the names of the victims have not been released. there are multiple arrests in what police call a string of gang-related shootings. the police chief in rocky mount bigger problem. wral's adam owens talked with victims. >> reporter: victims in the shootings are young people who appear to be unintended targets. police believe this is all gang-related and the chief here says something must be done about it. the bullet hole in his home is a reminder, not that harold could forget what happened. >> it scared me. i was scared. >> reporter: last week he says gunshots were fired from a car moving down burton street. >> i hear spots, boom, boom, boom. >>. >> reporter: his 12-year-old nephew was hitting out front.
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>> i i just been shot and i asked him where. he says his leg. >> reporter: bun said his nephew was not the intended target. police say the shooting was part of a string of crimes. the next day a 13-year-old girl was shot on nashville road, hit by a stray bullet, officers say came from a group arguing nearby. about a couple weeks earlier, police say shots were fired inside a home on wood land avenue, stat nobody was hurt. four people have been arrested and charged in connection to the shootings. investigators believe they are related to gang activity in rocky mount. in a statement, police chief james moore said, while we seek and apprehend perpetrators of gun violence we recognize this aa comprehensive public health approach to addressing this necessary. residents in the line of fire have seen that crisis up close. >> so what's going on? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> the 12 and 13 year old shooting victims are expected to make a full recovery.
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anyone with information in these cases should give them a call. adam owens, wral news, rocky mount. >> police are currently searching for 24 year old allen of rocky mount. authorities say he is also tied to the shooting of the 13-year-old girl. a robbery suspect is in the run in wake county. wendell police say an armed man took money from an employees at k&s bank. by the time police arrived, the robber was gone. no one was hurt. apeople police have arrested a husband and wife accused of robbing a bank during the severe weather. officers say aaron wagoner was arrested inside the wells fargo robbery. his wife was arrested last president obama beliefs ice is in trouble. that's what he told reporters in washington this evening. during his address, he said -- in syria since last summer.
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minds in the middle east and is under intense pressure. the president's comments come as a cessation of hostilities come into effect this weekend. isis is not part of that agreement. . we are less than three weeks away from the north carolina primary. voters will ziet who they want to be on the ballot come november. >> this includes the u.s. senate candidates. tonight the four democratic participated in a debate. ken smith is in our election headquarters. >> gerald and lynda for the most part the candidates stuck to the script. the retired military officer earnest reeves and spring lake mayor chris rey, all four laying out their case for your votes on march 15th. >> good evening, and thanks for joining us. >> reporter: the four candidates faced questions that included
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replacing the late u.s. supreme court justice antonin can a lea. >> unless our republican counter parts put something forward better than what we have it's important that we work together, both parties, to be able to fix the current laws, the current aca that's in place. >> unfortunately, the north carolina legislature has not expanded medicaid and that has made it not work as well as it could in north carolina. >> absolutely, the expansion. medicaid program to cover the gap. the fact that north carolina has yet to do that is an unconsciousable issue. >> i want to repeal the cadillac tax in addition to trying to work on a by parred zan basis to work out the employee mandates which is a problem. >> reporter: each candidate, though, had no problem laying out a plan to create more jobs. >> i'm going to do everything i can to increase minimum wage to $10.25 an hour understanding the rural strategy is one of the things i would want to step up to the plate to be able to bring
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because we have a lot of folks that is hurting. >> when we build our infrastructure not only do we put people to work, we buy american products, but then we have the infrastructure that we need to attract and retain really good businesses. >> certainly we're a member of the living wage project, pushing for higher minimum wage, but my specific program is actually for our military veterans. >> reporter: well there was a bit of a drama toward the end of the programming, which mr. griffin went after mr. ross on unanswered questions on his facebook page. we gave her a opportunity to respond and she focused on her record. she's been traveling to the state and talking to person in person and on the phone. we will be reairing this debate tonight right here on fox 50 at 11 o'clock. >> the narrow republican field is debating right now for the final time before super tuesday.
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lows on tonight's debate. state lawmakers could come back to raleigh for a special session on charlotte's conditioned verbal lgbt bathroom ordinance. earlier this beak they passed an ordnance that makes it against to businesses and taxies to zbrim nate. it also allows them to use the bathroom of their choice. lawmakers are due to return to raleigh april 25th, but the charlotte ordnance goes into effect april 1st. it costs roughly $42,000 a day to hold a special session. it's unclear if more caucus would support the bid. they only met today but the bond will last forever. >> i plan to treat him like he's my family and i will not let him get hurt ever again. >> coming up, how this young girl in an injured puppy found each other at a time when they both needed it most. >> plus the tide turns on a
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what caused the coast guard to need help themselves. >> that cold weather that -- we're feeling it tonight. take a look at the 24 hour temperature change. 14 degrees colder than it was this time last night. we're going to wake up to a bigger chill in the morning but
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weekend. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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five days after a deadly shooting spree in michigan, investigators still don't have a motive. the undersheriff there says they have interviewed jason dalton several times and he admitted to saturday's shootings killing six people. he have faces murder and attempted murder charges. dalton's lawyers declined to discuss the case but a lawyer representing other family members told the national news ram that dalton was asking depressed leading up to the shootings. detectives returned to the scene. a drive-by shooting in durham today to generate new leads. they went door to door on forester street talking to people who live in the area. they're trying to solve a shooting that critically injured a 70 year old woman who was inside her home earlier this month. two other people were inside but not hurt. investigators believe three gunmen were involved but haven't publically identified anyone. highway patrol filed charges against 50-year-old donie williams today. troopers says she hit four bicyclists on saturday.
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seriously. the charges against williams include reckless driving. she's due in court next month. a six week he would pupally that survived being shot 18 tiles with a bb gun met his new owner today. >> and she's not just shaving him but little breddy is saving her too. we have more on this special bond already growing between the two. >> reporter: this story has gotten a lot of attention, so the family -- give the little girl's last name, she is counting the days, just two more before she can take brody home. the sometime on her face and the wimper from the dog explains why they belong together. >> it's like happiness for me, a bunch of happiness. >> reporter: both of them found happiness after trauma. police say the dog was shot and nearly killed by teens with bb guns. the six week he would puppy survived with bbs lodged under his skin. kayly who is ten, had woodrow a therapy dog for anxiety issues.
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>> i lost my buddy, woodrow, i thought i lost half my heart. my heart -- that half of my heart is back. he brought it back to me. >> reporter: word about the dog's attack went viral. project safe pets was swamped with adoption questions. >> we've had people from australia wanting to adopt him. >> reporter: they narrowed it down to three families and let kayly visit proceedy. there was an instant connection. >> we all kind of new it was the right thing to do, that she was the right choice. >> reporter: now, these two once wounded little ones are healing together. >> he makes me so happy. >> that was ken lemon reporting. project safe pets said all those people that didn't get to adopt brody can still adopt one of the other hundreds of pets. >> that just touches your heart. >> oh, gosh. >> he's going to well-loved. >> he is. >> very well. >> what a great story.
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tragedy. those teenagers, but anyway. >> all right. so. >> much better weather today. and that wind we had last night, left the building last night. >> it's still blowing tonight. >> i have a little car and i was all over the road. with the high-profile vehicle like you have, you have one too, you would be all over the road. the winds are lessening as we speak. but tomorrow they'll kickback up. let's take a look at our weather headlines. not as bad today, but 10 to 20 miles per hour. last night, 11:00 we had a wind gust of 36 miles per hour. no, we're not going to see a repeat of that. some freezing temperatures we expect to be here 32 in the triangle. the good news is we have some cool bright days ahead. the first part of the weekend saturday will be cool, the second part, sunday of course, will be in the 60s and we start march warm with rain possible by wednesday. you'll see that in our search-day forecast coming up. but a better day and a better evening today after what we went through yesterday.
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and we'll be doing that for days and even weeks ahead. here's our today 41 for the low. 55 for the high this ash. no rainfall today. we had a few sprinkles on the radar well off to the west but nothing in the triangle. mostly cloudy at the airport. 44 is the temperature. the wind from the west at ten. so much less than it was this time last night. i think it was 28 at 10:00 last night. the dew point 22. so the air is really dried out since yesterday with when the dew points were in the 60s and 70s. a lot of fuel for those thunderstorms. 44 in cary now. it's 44 in holly spring. 44 in durham. 42 in moncure. 46 fayetteville. 45 rocky mount. 43 in south hill. so again, we're aiming for a colder night tonight than what we had last night. so this morning, we started with sunshine and then boom, all those clouds started to form, all that gray is cumulus cloud deck that developed with the heating of the day and colder era loft created instability and we had those clouds. we'll still have the cool air tomorrow but i don't think we'll see the expansive cloud cover we
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so it's low pressure sitting up. high pressure off to the west. over the next several days it's going to be all about high pressure because the highs are here now and eventually the move to the east and southeast. so it's going to take several days for them to move on by. now initially it's a very cool air mass blowing in that chillier air and also we're having orographic lift. it's a fancy word for snow showers that are developing. the northwest winds hit the mountains. the air is forced upward creates a lot of ins stability. clouds, if there's enough snow. mountains. if you want some fresh powder this weekend, head to the mountains, the weather is really nice and they'll have good snow skiing conditions. 33 at cincinnati. 35 right now in kansas city. there snow showers overnight tonight and during the morning tomorrow but they should cut off tomorrow. nothing around here it's nothing but sunshine. again, curtsy of hype. cooler tomorrow in the high of upper 40s. lows in the 20s and then in the
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sunday again will be the warmest day of the weekend and look at all the clear sky. again high pressure. really fine weather coming up over the next several days. tonight's lows will be in the low to mid 30s. 32 in raleigh. 34 fayetteville. 31 at roxboro. your fitness forecast in the morning, more sunshine like we had this morning and it's a cooler start, 34 by 8:00 a.m. lunch time mostly sunny. 44 it will be windy making that 44 feel a little bit more raw than it already is. and then upper 40s to low 50s. so you might need a heavier jacket tomorrow because between the winds and cold air it will feel more uncomfortable. 62 on sunday with sunny skies. we welcome nbc to wral on monday. 68 to near 70. boy, that will feel good. and with the official start of what we call meteorologist spring on tuesday, march 1st, '69 the high. >> how appropriate. >> it's going to look good and feel good too. >> thanks, mike.
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hollywood. >> some actors and directors will win. tonight, the contents of the gift bags that told more than $2,000. >> wow.
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0. the day begins with duke in the sixth place in the acc over florida state will put the blue devils in the a tie for fourth. nolan smith in his new role of special assistant. grayson allen needs no early guidance and chase jeeter, hey, find a role and fill it. played well at louisville and contribute some minutes tonight. matt jones, he's still hurting but he does start tonight. puts duke up 13 at the half in the second half, it is luke kennard who came off the bench to score 12 points. here he is right here, convert it, he will go to the foul line. brandon ingram had a solid second half. a nice spin and drop, and then he will play a little defense here. the tip away and grayson allen says you did the work, you get the reward. ingram 16, allen 18. duke by 15.
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>> the emotion that we have to have for these last five games, really, they're -- we're -- they're tired. and you could tell. they're giving me everything. they're diving for loose ball. you know, such a good group. >> well an x-ray after the game showed a recurring stress fraction. he will continue to play but limited minutes. wolf pack assistant coach rob movemently will receive the acc' award for spirit and courage he had a stroke in the off-season season. well the canes and map el leafs meetings. a grand total of two goals was scored in the first two games. game three is tonight in toronto eric staal wins a face off. liles will slap it in. time is expiring in the first, victor rask will hit one off the
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miss and another follow misses. that kind of night. second period, josh lebo breaks a 1-1 tie. andre is injured, he was not able to finish playing. the canes are hurt by this #-1 loss for the last-place team in the eastern conference. four games are on top at the ciaa tournament and three of our local teams are involved. state. keith crawford lines up a triple that has the falcons up one with 18 seconds to go. wilson, the go-ahead bucket with four on the clock. anthony gaskins will get a shot that nearly falls but bowie will hang on to win it. 73-71. fayetteville state meets the stop seed in the north, virginia state, michael tyson ciaa player.
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and moore combine for 30 in the trojan's 57-31 win. shaw's just underway, they lead 4-3. n.c. state women are 9 and 3 in the acc. sixth in the league. senior night for the lady pack against florida state. junior jennifer leads away with 16. wilson and nelson combine for 21. but florida state overcomes a two-point deficit in the final three minutes to beat the pack 56-52 and north carolina falls to 4-11 in the acc after a four-point loss at virginia. >> a lot of hoops going on. >> yep. the women's turn amount starts next week. >> here it comes. >> thanks, is jeff inch the coast guard was called in to rescue a fisherman and then the guard needed to be rescued again. >> still to come what caused all those troubles on the water. >> still ahead, what was inside this man's pants that caused him to catch on fire. >> and the last debate before super tuesday is happening right now in texas. we will hear the messages from the republican presidentl candidates.
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that breaking news in kansasky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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0. an update now on that breaking news we're following, within the fast few minutes the sheriff in harvey county kansas confirmed four deaths in that shooting in hesston and that includes the gunman. >> the sheriff also told reporters the three victims died excel industries. earlier this evening, the sheriff confirmed the shooter
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between 20 and 30 people were wounded in the attack. we're still gathering information about the shooter and the victims. we'll bring you any updates jurs as soon as we get them in this next half hour and ahead on our 11:00 news. >> the remaining presidential candidates gathered tonight for another debate. >> this time they were in texas. one of 14 states that are part of super tuesday. >> reporter: here at the university of hue ton, we are just heifer an hour into the questioning part of tonight's debate. although they were five candidates on the stage right now it's really been a three-man battle. donald trump, marco rubio and ted cruz. coming into tonight, a lot of people wondered how this would go. would donald trump strike first? trying to shutdown his rivals? or would his vie values try to shutdown his momentum? well we got the answer very early on. marco rubio jumpeling on trump quickly and often ted cruz getting in there, too. take a listen at some of the
10:32 pm
>> you're the only person on this stage that's ever been find your projects i will lily. >> i'm the only one on the people that have hired people. you haven't hired anybody. >> and in 2013, when i was leading the fight against the gay amnesty bill, where was donald? he was firing dennis rodham on celebrity apprentice. >> reporter: some sharp lines on the stage tonight. the candidates have also had back and forges on obama care, on the economy and just a few moments ago, donald trump asked about his tax returns. yesterday the t romney suggesting there might be a bombshell in there trump being pressed to release them. of the other candidates asked about their tax returns as well. there are also two other candidates on the stage tonight, john kasich and ben carson. they are trying to get in there and get their case made to voters ahead of those super tuesday contents, but it's becoming very difficult.
10:33 pm
pressure to perhaps get out of the so-called establishment lane and make room for marco rubio. ben carson hasn't finished above fourth place. you haven't heard much from them tonight in a debate that has been dominating by the three men at the top, donald trump, marco rubio, and ted cruz. the fireworks still ongoing right now. reporting live at the university of houston. now back to you. >> thank you, karen. now, south carolina holds its democratic primary saturday. north carolina's primary is march finth. apple has asked a federal magistrate to fey rate an order that the company help the fbi to lock into a locked iphone. the federal government is seeking dangerous power through the courts. this is apple's first official response since the judge order rd the company to hp ce a phone belonging to one of the san bernadino shooters. the director. sbi testified before congress about the issue today. >> lawmakers are accusing takata of faking test results. a senate committee reports --
10:34 pm
them that shows company officials argued that data on inflater quality test was manipulated to hide problems. the exploding air bags were eventually the subject of the largest and most complex safety recall in the u.s. several deaths were linked to the problem. a kentucky man is recovering from serious burns after his e-cigarette battery exploded in his pocket. it happened at a gas station 75 miles west of louisville. surveillance video shows the man waiting in line when he reaches into his pocket, the device explodes, sending sparks flying out of his pants. well he ran outside and took his pants off, an employee behind the counter grabbed the fire ex wing wishers went outside and put the flames out. yikes. investigators are trying to determine if weather played a role in the collapse of a building. the two-story house was vacant. residents of a northeastern home were evacuated because of safety concerns. the building caved in after a day of heavy rain. a stranded fishing boat was
10:35 pm
efforts in new york. >> that's because the coast guard vessel that responded cap sized. >> reporter: just as the sun was rising this morning a coast guard helicopter hovered above the waters plucking the seven trapped fisherman in a basket-like device and then safely dropping them on the beach for medical attention. they were quickly wrapped in blankets to shield them from the gusty winds after hours on the cold, choppy waters. >> are you going okay? >> i'm, fine. >> reporter: the 74-foot fishing vessel from virginia called the carolina queen three, ran aground for unknown reasons about 2:00 this morning, perhaps because of the rough surf that continued to toss the boat even during the res que. >> between the conditions and i think some mechanical issues, they wound up losing power. >> reporter: the waters were so rough, in fact, that a 25-foot rescue coast guard vessel, cap sized as it tried to make its way to the boat.
10:36 pm
but all made it back to shore safely after encounterering 10 to 12-foot waves. >> as you can see the surf is severe and the. >> reporter: it took less than an hour to get the fisherman back to safe ground and now the next phase of this operation is to get their boat out as well after eight days at sea an operation that might have to wait until high tide. >> at this point, we're pretty confident, once the weather dies down, we'll be able to pull this thing off the beach. >> that was robb nelson reporting. the carolina queen three had been out to sea eight days. it took less than an hour to get the fisherman back. an eek the rescued has made progress. the man who found the bird in december shared these pictures with wral. look how beautiful that animal is. he says when he first saw the eagle he thought it was dead. fast forward to a few months and the eagle is doing just fine. she was released at harris leak this week. american wildlife refuge helped nurse the eagle back to help.
10:37 pm
three months of raegs is just what she needed. >> boy, that makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it? >> yes. fantastic. he spent nearly a year in space. >> but it's almost time for scott kelly to come home. what he had to say about returning to earth after such a long time and distance away. >> and only a handful of nominees will take home an oscar statute sunday but others won't
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10:39 pm
10:40 pm
we'll show you the extensive 0. today crews rolled out the famous red carpet outside the theater in l.a. dozens of celebrities will walk the carpet sunday night to show off their outfits. one group not recognized by the aat my awards, stunt workers. stunt workers gathered outside the offices of the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences to ask that the stunt category be added next year. they also petitioned the president. and no matter who takes ohm home the award for any category all the best actor and directors nominees will get a very expensive gift bag. a lifetime supply of skin cream, israel just a few of the 50 gifts in this year's bag. the total more than $200,000 worth of items. because the bags are considered a business gift, recipients do have to pay taxes on it.
10:41 pm
lynda what do you think? >> that is incredible? all the stuff they get and they can afford it anyway. >> that's how the world works. so for friending tonight, there have been all kinds of fitness crazes. there's the knew zumba. wait until you check out this one. this is toddlerograhy. you're like, what? james cordon and general in a at a tum learned some new moves with a toddler at the head of the class. >> wow. love the socks. >> so dramatic. >> yeah. >> they have to do everything that she does. and then dad. >> i tell you, he's chris farly reincarnated. >> he true is. he totally gets into everything. i mean, check this out. but they bring all kinds of toddlers in, too, it's really cute to watch.
10:42 pm
>> i love the drama, too. >> he's easy. >> cute. >> oh my goodness. okay. well, let's move on. you guys know i have a special place if my heart for bunnies. >> yeah. >> look at this little guy. >> oh my gosh. >> is that a mini? >> ite bitty. it's name, wheels. >> how appropriate? yeah. it's a little baby bunny. it was injured by an older lab it so it couldn't walk. well they saved the bunny and they used a sock and like a little kid's old skate. >> oh wow. >> and they were able to fashion is to the little bunny could get around. this has gotten a quarter million views on youtube. >> that's. >> that's really amazing. >> that's creative. >> yeah. it seems to be doing okay. >> wow. >> oh my goodness. i know. >> that's just too cute. >> i know it's so sweet. so i've got links to both of those stories on my facebook page. if you see something that should
10:43 pm
me a message. >> thank you, that is cute. well, we have shown you storm damage on the ground, coming up we'll take a look at what's left after wednesday's storms through our camera in sky five. >> while we were seeing our severe weather here and all the way up the east coast, new york city got battered hard, where the air was colder it was snow that was coming down across the ohio valley and it is still coming down.
10:45 pm
looking more like a fro [content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take
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0. salvage crews were out today trying to remove a boat. the waste not sunk in oregon inlet several days ago and then washed up. it doesn't appear anyone on the boat was hurt. now, this time yesterday we were in the middle of continuous coverage, a little earlier today storms and tornadoes raced through the area. >> many of us are cleaning up, some rebuilding our laura leslie reviewed some of the damage across the area. >> reporter: the worst of the damage was in granville county near oxford. the national weather service confirmed that a tornado touched down wednesday afternoon along huntsboro road. this home was destroyed. you can see possessions and structural materials spilling out while a neighboring home was heavily damaged by a falling tree. in the same area, this dairy barn was flattened by the storm and a nearby greenhouse lost a lot of its roof. farm owners day had to bring in
10:47 pm
just down the road a nearby farm also sustained heavy damage to silos and storage. to the south, in sampson county, crews worked to repair a gas station canopy that partially collapsed. in durham and chatham counties, most of the damage was caused by falling trees, like this pine tree down on a ten tis court in bear creek. tarps were going up on roofs downed by falling breaches and emergency crews worked to kreen up the debris and get power restored. >> the governor mccrory declared a state of emergency today to get power restored more quickly. at last check 15,000 people and businesses without power. >> i am glad we are past that. >> oh yeah. >> jolt into spring early. march, april may is when we see our severe weather. >> we're just getting out putting out salt. >> yeah. >> and it's interesting a viewer from last night on facebook posted what happened february 24th last year.
10:48 pm
temperatures in 20s, it was hard to get around. so 2 february 24th in a row, one year it was snow, the next year was tornados. wild weather let's head to indiana. now, they're dealing with a big mess. take a look at this h this does not look like indiana. this makes me think of maybe alaska where they have big blizzard conditions and everything is covered in snow. parts the midwest received more than a foot of snow over the past 36 to 48 hours. take a look at indiana last night. the storm came in with huge winds making conditions myselferable. looked like white-out conditions. everything seemed to be buried in site. dozens of crews were stuck inside. drivers say the winds knocked their cars around for hours. what do you do when you're totally buried i mean you have nowhere to go? nor than a thousand flights were canceled we'll take a look at that satellite scene and see what's going on. still a little bit of snow flying around the great lake states and up in our mountains
10:49 pm
these showers will come to an end but i was watching the cams in the mountains, snow everywhere. they were making snow too. so if you want to go enjoy some really good skiing this weekend, the mountains will be the place to be. it will be sunny and bright and rather chilly over the weekend but prime conditions to go skiing around here. locally we don't expect any kind of precipitation through the weekend and temperatures will be rather chilly. we expect to fall in the low 30s overnight. folks to the north, yeah, they'll be cold but nothing remarkably cold. 23 in pittsburgh. 26 in cincinnati. we expect freezing start of the day. by lunchtime in the mid-40s this model tends to be a little too cool for afternoon highs. we're going upper 40s. it's stopping at 45 for the high. and tomorrow night i think it's going a little too cool. about 24, we're going about 27. it really depends on cloud cover and if we clear out. we may in some locations dip to 24 but i think most of us will
10:50 pm
during the day on saturday i think we will be a little more warming than the model. you get the idea it will be chilly by the time we get to sunday, things do get warmer. let's check out that snow potential. some snow showers occurring tonight. it's generally about three inches. most of this is in the higher elevations, boone you might see a trace of snow. but otherwise, you can't stress enough how nice it will be if you're a big-time skier. for us down here, tomorrow we expect our high about 49. 51 on saturday. it will be a beautiful day. partly to mostly sunny. brighter and warmer on sunday. 63. monday and tuesday flirting with 70 degrees when we welcome wral -- or nbc to wral on monday it will be nice and warm and the next opportunity for rain on wednesday is wednesday and doesn't really look like it will be a lot of rain. >> that's a good time to get a car washed, i'm thinking. >> yeah. a couple days together, why not? >> sure.
10:51 pm
they are the voices of the american experience. >> noet my lips are cry dry, my skin is ashy. >> a powerful performance about the history of protests by musicians of color in the
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
where you 0.
10:54 pm
if you're looking for something to do while you're out and about, here's a great family friendly pick, the harlem globetrotters eastbound operating their ninth anniversary. they'll be at the pnc arena. william shakes pier's 12th night, tickets are $15 and if you're an alum you can get in for $10. performances run through sunday. the skylar brothers are bringing their finding their funny to good night's. the duo has two shows tomorrow and two shows saturday night. general admission is $. head to marbles kid museum saturday to benefit workforce solutions. the event starts at 6:p.m. tickets are $50 and that includes dinner. up in arms, up in arms
10:55 pm
>> and the carolina chocolate drop singer joins folk singer by -- i'm probably not pronouncing that right for swimming in the darm. experience. the show is at unc chapel hill night. for more information on these events go to and search a global financial company in the triangle took time out today to celebrate black history month. our ken smith was invited to be the guest speaker. ken talked about his career and shared his experiences as a journalist. go ken. >> good job, ken. tuesday can't get here fast enough. that's the day he comes home to earth. he will talk to reporters today just a few days before the end of his almost year-long trip to the space station. he feels like he has been camping in the woods for a year. physically kelly says he feels pretty good.
10:56 pm
he admits it has been hard being isolated. >> i just can't imagine that. wow. >> a year. >> what is that going to be like coming after a year with weightlessness and coming back. >> right. >> camping is different. you know. >> i imagine when he comes back, he will experience gravity for the first time in a year and how --. >> oh my gosh. >> he will really have to recuperate for a while, i think. >> but what an honor to be able to do that, for your country and his twin brother. they're part of this experiment. they know the effects of weight lsness. >> what to eat? . >> yeah some of the views he's seen. i've watched his pictures. he posts almost every day on facebook and twitter. all the views he's had. >> spectacular. >> that's a really cool experience. >> wow. >> we don't get to see that. >> no. >> thanks for watching, we'll have the latest on that workplace shooting in kansas on
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
>> coming up here on good evening and thank you for joining us i am david crabtree. north carolina has a senate seat up for grabs this fall to get it is currently head -- held by richard burr. he faces three challengers in the march primary and we will hear from the four democrats that want a chance to run for the seat. we will hear from immigration health care the economy mental health social security and the supreme court. here's a look at the four democrats running for the primary on march 15.


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