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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  February 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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>> an armed dangerous suspect is on the move after robbing a jewelry store. and we have a winner. we will tell you which democratic candidate came out on top. an talk to a family just beginning to rebuild after a tornado ravaged their home. we begin with that high-end jewelry store robbery at a high- end shopping center. they were robbed at gunpoint. i'm kathryn brown, ken medlin ken smith has the night off. a man wearing a ski mask walked in before 6:30. . after robbing the place of undisclosed items, he took off. investigators say the robber is armed and dangerous, but they do not have a lead on who he is. we want to get to breaking news now of officers shot in virginia. they were called to a domestics incident south of alexandria.
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they have not released their conditions or a motive in the shooting. there are reports the suspect is in just de. we will continue to gather information and bring you updates as soon as we get them. you can find the latest on our website to politics now. it was a day of heated rhetoric between republican presidential candidates. ted cruz went after donald trump's positions on guns and immigration. trump didn't mince words. he claimed rubio stole the republican party. well days after tornadoes carved out a path of destruction through north carolina, many are still trying to figure out how they will rebuild, if they can, and how to move forward. wral's leyla santiago spent the day with one family in wayne
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>> reporter: it is a new day. but it is not an easy day on sanderson road. because, this is what people here are now facing. the damage left behind by a tornado wednesday. sofina garcia was in her home. she could see the wind and hail headed her way. a neighbor had to rescue her after the powerful force ripped the roof off of her home. now she is turning to the kindness of friends and family. she is staying next door with her children. they have a lot to clean up. even more to fix. she has to fix the trailer, she tells me, because she has nowhere else to go. it is all overwhelming. especially because she doesn't know where she will find the
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have a roof over their heads. in wayne county, leyla santiago, wral news. >> according to the national weather service, the damage in wayne county was caused by an ef0 tornado. and an ef2 tornado destroyed areas of grandville and vance county. in granville county, they are still cleaning up. this warm belonged to shirby slaughter. he estimated a quarter million dollars loss of property on his land. an ef1 tornado was recorded in durham county made it a total of three tornadoes to hit our area. police arrested carlos wright and tayquann talley. freddy garcia, a third, was shot.
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they are also looking for a fourth suspected, nina dunn. police say the shooting was not random. two people are homeless after a fire ripped through a fayetteville home. firefighters were called to the fire at a single story home on fair street in the massey hill community 10:15 this morning. it is believed the fire started in the kitchen. the red cross is helping two adults who were displaced. people in north carolina will soon see a change in what we pay for services. we will raise fees on the other hand certain items and charge sales taxes on items previously untaxed. the rate will not change, but the state will now charge sales tax on services like repair, maintenance, and installation including installation of big
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as for fees, they raise fees for a number of services. a standard eight year drivers cense fee will go from 32 to $40. there are some economic theories that suggest that economic growth is better in the state if the tax is incomed less. >> the new service taxes are expected to raise $160 million in the first full year they are in effect. leaders and members of the state naacp focused on voter engagement during the group's annual winter session. >> it is our selma. it is our time. it is our move. >> dr. william barber led the event today. leaders from every county in the state are being trained to participate in voter engagement
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vote. >> 50 years later, we have less voting rights protection today than we had august 6, 1965. that is political wrong doing. >> it also featured cultural arts, luncheon, and a humanitarian banquet. the board approved a 3.8% in the cost of attendance. undergraduate tuition will be $49,500. the total cost for the next academic year will be about $65,700. the board also discussed current and future opportunities in scientific research and trends in higher education affordability. family members of a murdered college student cling
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what was supposed to be a night of fun turns tragic. what police say happened when alexander green was gunned down at his own party five years ago and the ongoing quest to find his killers. plus, a taxpayer data breach is much worse than initially thought. the latest numbers would stun you. as we head to break, a check in with aimee. >> a plot of sunshine. tomorrow, we get the sun, some of the warm temperatures back to the south and west.
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it gets on sunday coming up. >> wral and nc wanted, partnering to catch criminals.s. >> he was 22 years old and majoring in criminal law at fayetteville state university. a college student with his whole life ahead of him. yet, alexander green's death was not just unjust, it was tragic. he was shot and now five years later, his killer has still not been arrested. wral's gerald owens has tonight's nc wanted mystery. >> reporter: november 7, 2010, fayetteville, a college party come to a tragic conclusion. >> he was a great kid. a great kid and a wonderful young man. >> reporter: pamela green's son alexander was hosting a party in the haymont cottage apartments when two men wearing bandannas burst into the
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the student was trying to protect others at the party when he was shot to death. >> the only thing i know is that he was shot and he was killed. and, no one has any answers. >> reporter: a young woman at the party was also shot but survived. police went door to door passing out flyers hoping someone in the community had information that would help them make an arrest. despite their best efforts, more than five years have passed and still the case is unsolved. >> just want some closure. was want the people that are responsible found. >> reporter: if you have any information about the unsolved murder of alexander green in fayetteville, call our toll free hot line at 1-866-43 wanted. that is 1-866-439-2683 or go to and search report a tip. you don't have to give us your name. >> a reminder, nc wanted operators are available 24
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important. a sweeping victory tonight for democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton beating vermont senator bernie sanders. cbs news projects former secretary of state clinton beat sanders by a wide margin. exit polls showed 84% of black voters went with clinton. she also dominated among women by nearly 50% leaving sanders fighting an uphill battle in the polls. >> thank you so much south carolina! >> hillary! hillary! >> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your coworkers, we are going to win here in texas. >> more than 800 delegates are up for grabs next tuesday. there are 53 delegates in south carolina. family and friends are saying their final good-byes
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the victims killed in the kalamazoo shootings. memorial services are being held. a private service was held for another yesterday. loved ones also gathered at a joint funeral service for richard smith and his 17-year- old son tyler. former uber driver jason dalton was charged with six counts of murder in the shootings. a taxpayer data breach is seven times larger than originally thought. the irs says cyber criminals stole tax forms from 720,000 people last may. the initialest math was 104,000. and the number was revised to 330,000 before being raised up to 700,000. the agency will warn taxpayers starting this week. those citizens will be offered free identity protection and get an extra pin number with
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the irs is also disabled the tool that hackers use to steal the information. it has been going strong now 12 hours and it won't stop until the wee hours of the morning. find out why nc state students are dancing the night away as we speak. >> and, a big swing in temperatures is ahead. but, does that mean we will get a taste of spring or one last punch of winter? hm. meteorologist aimee wilmoth will show news the forecast ahead. steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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>> there is a dance marathon going onto night on the campus of nc state and it is going almost until the break of dawn. [ music ] >> the students have been dancing in the ballroom since 10:00 this morningment it is designed to raise money and awareness for duke children's hospital in durham. it wraps up at 2:00 a.m. judging by that, they will be going all the way until 2:00. i wanted to share a personal milestone. a lot of you guys know i have twin girls and took you along on the journey of my pregnancy. this week, they turned one year old. that is ellie in the purple and abby in the pink. and they had a great birthday and got super messy with their cakes and big brother max is having a lot of fun and he's just the best. >> he is such a good big brother.
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have a son and some daughters you hope that they will take care of their little sisters and he is doing it. >> he is. and as funny as it is to watch, i think any parent who has had an older and a younger would get this, as fun as it is to watch the little ones grow, it is equally as fun to watch the older one become a big brother or sister. and something else. we have another new member of the wral family. one of our new editors. alex and his wife stephanie were blessed with a beautiful baby girl last night. meet alaina. look at those guys. this is alex and stephanie's first child. we want to offer them a very special congratulations. so cute. >> she is just beautiful. baby fever here. >> it is. >> baby fever. >> it does seem like we have had a lot of that. >> a lot love babies. a lot of twins. well, it wasn't that bad, the weather today. >> it was nice. >> yeah. it wasn't that bad.
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it was chilly, but tomorrow, lit be warmer. temperatures now, it will be another illy night tonight. we will get the warmup tomorrow. here is a live look from our durham sky cam. a quiet night to night. 40 degrees at the airport. clear skies out of the southwest, wind 3 miles an hour. the dew point is low so the air is dry. humidity at 57%. no rain in the forecast for a while until the mid of the week. 24 degrees was the low in south hill. we had a few spots dipping down into the teens. normally, we should start at 36. 52 was the high temperature. tomorrow, we will jump above normal with high temperature ins the 60s . we have high pressure to the south and west of us.
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of things with the northwesterly flow. tomorrow, with high pressure sitting basically south of us, we will have more of a southwesterly flow which will help to aid in our warmup. it will be another beautiful sunny day. warmer temperatures compared to today. temperatures dipping down into the 30s so not quite as cold as it was this morning. in the 60s we go. should be a fabulous finish the weekend. we will continue to see the temperatures creep up over the next few days and we will have another cold front move in. and that will bring another dip in the temperatures. tomorrow, these are the rain chances. tomorrow, 0%. a lot of sunshine. beautiful day. temperatures in the 60s . monday, we have a weak cold front that is going to approach us, but then just sort of fall apart. fizzle apart. we might have a couple of sprinkles. a few more clouds around. i think we are going to stay dry monday. only a 15% chance of rain
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as we get into tuesday night and wednesday, our rain chances are going up. that will be the next chance for substantial rain across the area, but not tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, 38 degrees at 8:00 in the morning. 59 degrees at lunchtime. an then in the afternoon, temperatures will be in the mid 60s . so a good day to get out, get golf in. maybe tennis. a beautiful finish to the weekend. then monday, 68 for the high temperature after starting off at 44 degrees. partly cloudy skies. maybe a sprinkle or two. tuesday, partly cloudy. close to 70. and then, here comes the next cold front wednesday. rain will dip down into the 50s once we get that cold front through the area. and lit be rather chilly as we wrap up next week. we will watch another system friday. we will keep it as rain for now. i think it is probably going to be rain. but we might have a few snow flakes. want to keep a close eye on this low pressure system that could bring in a few snow flakes up to the north. but again, we have to watch
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models are not agrees on that one. what they are agreeing on, the warmup. this will be fabulous. tuesday i believe is the first day of march. 69 degrees. nice start to march. >> i'll take that. >> yeah. >> thanks aimee. mandy is up now with sports. >> we are talking about march right? i think some big basketball is coming up in march. next in sports, unc loses a tough one at virginia. what does this mean for the close acc standings and march?
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and hear from the players next. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound)
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we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> virginia doesn't lose many games at home this year or lately. so it has been a task for the heels. joel barrie hits back to back threes at the end of the first half. keeps the heels really close. he scores a career high 21. carolina down three at halftime. we go to the second half now. it is close early. rare to get points in the paint. isaiah hicks gets some and tie it is game at 47. virginia goes on a run from there. acc player of the year candidate malcolm brogdon hits the jumper. they are up by five. then it is brogdon again on the three in the corner. it is an eight-point game. he has am impressive 26 points.
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until marcus page hit the three with 17 seconds to go. but unc really runs out of time. viin tesarof the free- throws from there. unc loses a ugh one, 79-74. >> their defensive pressure was too much fortous handle. despite us working on it and we didn't convert the plays around the basket. >> they out-hustled us. you know, i know i missed a big one at the end of the game which was key. we missed quite a few free- throws. so, i mean, it is on everybody. so we just didn't make enough plays. >> now, miami and louisville trying to keep pace with those tar heels. first half, devaughn reed hit it is three for the canes. louisville leads by two at the break. in the second half, the cardinals filled it up four.
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angel rodriguez would steal the layup. they would go without a field goal for nearly five minutes. reed with another crucial three- pointer. miami wins it 73-65. so here is is a look at the top four in the acc with the final week of the regular season approaching unc and miami now tied at the top. the heels of course on the tie- breaker having beaten the canes last week. virginia and louisville are a game behind. this should be fun. unc's final two games of the season are with syracuse and duke. nc state is hanging out with the bottom four of the league this season. the pack visiting syracuse to try to stay above 500 for the season. first half of the carry. nice effort on the glass for the pack. leads a bucket in the foul. syracuse draining the threes today. malachi richardson makes it an eight-point lead for the orange at the half. second half. caleb martin trying to keep the
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he hit it is three, gets fouled. scores a team high 18 points. state would get within six with about five to play. but they cannot stop michael benege. he hits eight three-pointers. syracuse beats nc state. the pack will play on the tuesday of the acc tournament that is official now. ac central loses on the road. 69-61. the eagles struggling with 18 turnovers in the loss. they will close out the regular season this coming week. the big south basketball tournament will be hosted by campbell this year. it all starts on thursday with a sun final. the new look arena. ready for the tournament. looking shiny. the campbells hosting winthrup day. the school's single season record is broken. campbell tried to get within single digit.
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arc today. jimmy gavin with seven trays by himself. 31 points totals as campbell falls in the regular season finale. great effort by the shaw women in charlotte. they lose in the tournament to the virginia union 72-66. some pretty big high school basketballplay games today include ago sold-out matchup between leesville road. the guys at the high do a good b of covering the game. it will be a very interesting 48 hours for the hurricanes. the nhl trade deadline is set for monday and there is potential for ron francis to make some big moves. staal has the potential to accept any trade that he actually likes. we will be watching what happens with him and a few other key players as monday approaches.
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trying to if cows focus on tomorrow's game like saint louis. >> i think everybody has been kept in house and for the most part, i think the guys, i haven't heard a lot of chatter on it. we have played a lot of hockey down the stretch. it has been busy. >> tar heels ton baseball field this weekend, they get the walk- off win again. nc state with the 6-1 win. duke at the baseball beach tournament. i would like to be in myrtle beach tomorrow. >> it is baseball weather. >> yeah. i know. it feels like spring tomorrow in the 60s so it will be warmer tomorrow come compared to today. a beautiful finish tomorrow. we will have sunshine. 60s . a nice way to wrap up the weekend. and it will be even more monday and tuesday with highs close to 70 both of those days looking dry as well.
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headed our way tuesday night into wednesday. but, enjoy the rest of the weekend. it will be fabulous. >> oh yeah. love it. all right aimee. and thanks for joiningtous night. we will see you back here
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have a great one. hayden, i just got an incredible deal. morning, luth. you know i'm a hi-fi nut.
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you know i love that stuff. being an elvis fan might be behind it. he'll excite you like nobody can. i've always heard that. i wish i had a dollar for every album i bought. how much were they? huh? actually, i'm a big fan, but to me, he was more than just a singer. he was like, i don't know, the king. up till now, i've never had the right equipment to make him sound like he should. wait till you see this. huh? huh? huh? oh, man. holy mackerel! are these beauties or what? they're huge. your apartment can't handle these. just watch. it'll feel like elvis is right in the room. people will think he really is alive. where'd you get these? it's kind of a sad story.


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