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the afternoon to get it under control. the canes, trade a fan favorite, we'llings plain why the trade is not so surprising. and the busiest fire department departments. our top story tonight, the fire tra that's destroyed the three buildings, including one business, in a small church in lee county. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm katherine brown. ken smith has the night off. firefighters and ems crews rushed to that fire on the corner of brag and matthews streets in sanford. shortly after 1:00 this afternoon. adam owens was on the scene. adam, what a day. >>reporter: what a day, katherine, firefighters spent hours on the scene dumping nonstop on these three burning buildings. >> there were flames shooting out the back of the roof, it was
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like it. the flames was real high, and a lot of black smoke. >> we made an initial a attack inside and saw that was not going to work. >> the more water they put on it, i wouldn't go out, the fire wouldn't go out and it got that bad. >> we've put a tremendous amount of water on it. >>reporter: to save robert's cabinet shot, firefighters threw the kitchen sink at it. >> using an aerial ladder on it. >>reporter: 40 firefighters from but pl departments, crashing wave after wave of water on the fire. two attached buildings and burned. this is what those buildings looked like before the fire. sanford fire chief says the tools of the trade may have caused it to go down so fast. >> he has a lot of woodworking,
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>>reporter: in addition to the cabinet shop, there was a small church. there were no injurys and while the fire chief feels certain this fire started in that cabinet shop, the building was so badly damaged, we will likely never know the exact point where this all started. katherine. a lot of rebuilding to be done. adam owens live in the newsroom, thank you. >> one person is in wake med tonight after a fire outside of downtown raleigh, someone called the firefighters to the scene after 8:00 tonight. it's unclear if the person who was take an way was severely injured. that fire is out right now but the investigators still do not what what started. a kerry woman is safe after being stuck in a storm drain today t. 58-year-old woman crawled into the drain around 1:00 this afternoon, she got trapped about 150 feet in. emergency crews were able to rescue her but the cat has not been found.
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woman reported missing is okay. investigators say contact earlier today, they say there is no indication of criminal activity. new information now about a driver charged in a fatal crash in fayetteville. the 21-year-old bruce guzman is facing several charge, including dui, and reckless driving. hes was traveling on strickland bridge road towards century circle when he lost control of the car and struck a tree. a passenger in the car died in the crash. guzman and a second passenger were not seriously hurt. dramatic video of the fire near chapel hill, a viewer sent this video in of eastbound i-40 around 3:00 this afternoon and you can see that smoke going right into the sky there. the right lane was closed. it's unclean what ignited the fire. a big changeup today for the carolina hurricanes, the team traded the long time player and
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now with a closer look at the decision and how the fans are reacting to it. >> it looked like they're going to have to make a move like this, so this is a move that is -- not a surprise by any means to those paying a toengs the contracts and things like that, but it does not make it any easier. eric staal was the team can't examine played for more than 900 cames for the canes, the fan favorite, as katherine said, a member of the stanley cup winning win team. disappointed to see him head to new york. >> it's difficult, in way, he's been a big part of my experience p coing to the games for you know -- coming to the games for 13 years or so, and it's going be tough to see him go. i wish him well in new york rnth i think maybe it's good for him, as well as us, he needs other people around him in order to be a better player, and we need a
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maybe not think about the past so much. and maybe we reh flekt on the future a -- reflect on the future a little bit more. >>ly tell you what the canes got in exchange for staal and what the players have to stay about the big move and by the way, mr. francis just made another trade within the last hour, we will tell you who is headed to another team. garner has one of the busiest fire departments in wake county, the firefighters are among the lowest paid. firefighters in other departments in the county are paid 14% more. well, this week, the county's fire commission plans to address that salary gap, brian mims explains why recruiting and retaining firefighters is critical in garner. >>reporter: there's a sunday morning easyness. but sleepy bedroom community it is not. fire crews keep the roads hot. here they are hosing down a small woods fire.
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for garner fire rescue before the day is done. >> how much has this town grown since you've been mayor. >>reporter: the chuckle says a lot. some 28,000 people call this town home. >> fire officials say calls are increase 2-5% every year. in this growing town, hiring more firefighters is a growing challenge. because other communities are showing them the money. >> the starting salary in garner, is $304000. a consultant study recommends it get bumped to $37,000. >> why has it been that way for so long in garner? >> too many people -- have a town, we -- [ inaudible ]. >>reporter: the mayor says funding disputes over the years between the town and county likely fuelled the disparity. but the town pays just over half the kous of to run the department and the county pays the rest. county commissioner says firefighters across the county
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they have continued to do more with less for many years. i expect we'll be making some meaningful improvements. >> you can't raise the salaries for these firefighters, would that jeopardize public safe thety? >> i don't think so. they're dedicated to the jobs, they will probably continue to work for whatever pay, because they are true to the professionen. >>reporter: and they answer the call. no matter what day of the week. brian mims, wral news, garner. absolutely do. wake county fire commission will meet thursday night to review the consultant study about the firefighter s pay and will make recommendations to the board of commissioner sdwls there are plans to -- expected to talk about the use of body cameras by local law enforcement, at a meeting tomorrow. possible focal points include the benefits of using body cameras and the concerns as well.
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in the work in durham and fayetteville. raleigh police are on the lookout for a man considered armed and dangerous. he robbed the jewelers in north hills just before 6:30 last night. the robbery took place again, last night, surveillance cameras captured a picture of the suspect, just before he ran out with a stash of undisclosed item ts and investigators believe he is still armed right now. identified. investigators say the man who shot and killed a rookie police officer swore an oath to protect the country. still a ahead, find out the high security duty station he's assigned to, plus the other task. >> a prank on a middle schoolteacher goes too far, what got a fwrup of schoolgirls locked up with felony charges against them. >> beautiful weather today, nice and warm, we were about to 10-15 degrees warmer than yesterday. these are the highs, mid to upper 60s across the viewing area.
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how long the warm an saerm staff sergeant facing murder charges after he killed his wife and opened fire washington, d.c. suburb. the first day on the job fwr the officer killed. investigators say the officer was his sister in arms. >> officer down, too, i don't know where the suspect is.
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guindon was shot and killed saturday. on her first day on patrol with the prince william county police department. in virginia. >> she clearly had a passion to serve others, in a way that went beyond herself. >>reporter: guindon and two other officers were responding to a domestic dispute 30 miles outside of washington, d.c., police arrested 32-year-old ronald hamilton, an active duty army staff sergeant, assigned to the pentagon. they say he shot and killed his wife, then opened fire on the other officers. >> it was very scary, i heard the shots, like four to five shots back-to-back. >>reporter: yellow tape roped off the crime scene sunday. residents paid a their respects at the hospital where the officers are recovering. >> happened over something so stupid. it's so sad. >>reporter: guindon, a 6 year marine corps reservist was sworn in on friday. this picture was posted to the
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welcoming her and another officer, it said, be safe. hamilton is scheduled to be in court on monday. >> that was brian web reporting. the two other officers are expected to recover. officer guindon so the fourth officer killed in that department's history. overseas now, a pair of suicide bomber devastated a baghdad neighborhood this morning. the first bomber attacked a crowded market, killing several people, when crowds gathered, the second bomber struck. at least 70 people died in the attack. the incident, one of the deadliest. russia will hold three days of mourning for dozens of minors who were killed in an explosion. investigators believe the sudden methane discharge caused a pair of blasts that collapsed the mine. a third explosion killed rescuers who were trying to help, 36 people are dead and believed that the minors never had a chance to survivor. a cruise ship picked up 16 cuban migrants in the gulf of mexico this weekend.
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famous athletes for a legends of pittsburgh themed cruise. the ship is travelling from miami to cozumel, mexico, where immigration officer also be waiting for them. the coast guard says these rescues are not particularly unusual, though, earlier this month, a disney cruise liner picked up 12 migrants who were stranded at sea. a trio of florida schoolgirls are in juvenile detention with felony charges, police investigators say the 12-year-old spiked their teachers soda, two of the girls allegedly poured red pepper flabs into the teacher's drink, while the other distracted her. the teacher ended up with throat pain and stomach pains. the teacher sent one of girls as punishment for dumping glu into another student's backpack and stealing a laptop. going to see your friend mickey could cost you more than you're used to.
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the new pricing set for disney's
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and your day at work may steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve,
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the bigst national stories, nbc news programs like the today show, the nightly news with lester holt, date line, all coming to wral. that also means our 4:00 p.m. news here on fox 50 will move to wral as well. between now and monday, tomorrow, if you have any questions, go to, where we've got all of the answer posted. disneyland and disney world unveiled demand based ticket pricing today. while post schools are in session, the parks will drop prices on a one had f day pass to $95, for post weekends and summer weekdays, the price will go to $105. and on peak demand days like spring break and july weekend, expect prices to be around $112. disney hopes the new price structure will spread out visitation to the theme park. >> you and i both have been to disney world, it's expensive. >> i love disney, but it was. >> $10. i don't know, if it matters. it's going be crowded.
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planning, at this point. >> go with it. yeah, it's fun, though. the weather, today, yeah, it was beautiful. >> really pretty outside. and we're going to have another beautiful weather day tomorrow. we'll have another day with lots of sun, and another day with some warm temperatures, take a look at these warm temperatures, across the good part of the country, we were well above normal 67 degrees in the high temperature in raleigh, we should be in the mid 50s this time of the year, mid to upper 50s, 73 degrees now, the high temperature in montgomery. 73 in little rock. a big part of the southeast, very, very comfortable today. and we were in the mix of temperatures in the upper 60s here, very nice, but what comes with warm temperatures, is some pollen. this is tree pollen, a pollen count for monday. moderate levels of tree pollen, the junipers, elm, piens, if
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can blame the tree pollen. a quiet night tonight. 56 degrees is the current temperature at the airport. we have a southwest wind at 13 miles per hour right now. and it's very dry right now. the dew points at 33, humidity at 42%. and it will likely stay dry in the next couple of days, the next good chance of rain will be here on wednesday. right now, temperatures town by town,2 in roxboro. 56 in raleigh. very comfortable, well above what we were this time yesterday, 20 degrees warmer in roxboro right now. and 30 #13 degrees warmer in fayetteville, so these nice, warm temperatures will continue, cool tonight, but i don't think i'd call it cold. in the 40s overnight tonight. the reason for the warmup is this high pressure system, driving in a southwesterly flow, winds are flowing clockwise around this system. so we have a nice southwest breeze. we do have a cold front, we're watching fwook the north and west, it -- back to the north and west. it will run into this dry air we
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it might fall apart. a few showers in the mountains tomorrow, but around here, lit be hard to get any rain, maybe a couple of sprinkles and that's a big maybe. 8:00 tomorrow morning, where the front starts the to move into the area. you can see a few clouds and that's it. futurecast, all the way until tomorrow night. we'll have another sunny day tuesday skshgs the clouds increase tuesday and the rain starts to move in wednesday. this is when rain will be likely. we could have couple of thunderstorms towards the coast. not looking at a big severe weather threat on wednesday. temperatures tonight will get down in the 40s, lit be cool. this morning, we were in the 20s and 30s, a cold start. with the southwest wind, getting down to the 40s tonight. tomorrow, high temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s, mostly sunny, to perhaps partly cloudy when the front moves in. but should be a beautiful start to the workweek. tuesday looks good, too. we'll start off at 42.
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temperature. partly cloudy skies, when, a stronger cold front that arrives, it does bring temperatures down a little bit and the chance for rain and cool into next weekend. we'll have another front move in friday, that brings another chance of showers. temperatures cooling off after this nice little warmup, warm da warm tomorrow, warp tuesday, but then, back down towards normal by wednesday. now with sports and we're talking not just one trade but two. >> ron francis has been, very busy today. the canes trade another player, and we get reaction from the
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an a long time hurricane, eric staal is headed to new york. ron francis traded the team's can't on the the ranger today, one day ahead of the nhl trade deadline. nail staal played more than 900 games for the canes and the all-time leader in the north carolina history in goals assists, points and so many other categories. now, staal joins his brother mark in new york at a rangers team that could make a run if the playoff, that is important to note, because he had to approve any deal because of a no trade clause in his contract. in exchange, they get center prospect, they also received two
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for this year, one for next year. ron francis, of course, very happy to get this done today. the canes, didn't have much time to react, the trade before the puck dropped, this afternoon, with st. louis. gave the team life, they needed a little bit of that, with a first period goal to make it 2-1. after that, it is all st. louis, including a short handed game winner, ouch. hate it when that happens. the canes lose 5-2 to add to a tough day, jared has the story after a locker room ahat now has to move on. >> the swap of the canes elder statesman, wasn't a shocker. >> talking about it for a while, you know, you never really think about it until it happens and it kind of hits you. >>reporter: timing wise, stunned some. >> you know, after 1:00, so the game card was filled out. >> a lot of emotions going, you
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obviously a lot more for eric, he's been here for a long time, he's give his heart and soul to this tame. >> any time you trade a guy, done a lot of things for the organization and the ice, it's never an easy day, we have a friendship on the side, as well, which makes it more difficult. but you know, he was a real proabout it and you know, unfortunately, it's kind of the crappy part of our business when stuff like this happens. >>reporter: francis and staal talked about contract extensions. wanted a longer term deal. the conflict centered around the stage of staal's career and the franchise. >> i don't think he was asking for the world. his kind of parameters were fair and i don't think he'll probably have a hard time getting it on july 1 from somebody, but it just didn't fit for us. >>reporter: thus, the frs cans between carolina and new york intensified in the last 24 hours. and the decision to shop the captain was finalized, after
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>> you can't lose an asset like that, for nothing. >>reporter: in terms of who will now wear the c, coach bill peters believes it's too late in the season, so the captain seat will remain vacant. wral sports, raleigh. >> the canes are still making moves tonight, within the last hour, francis traded chris to los angeles for a prospect in a conditional l 5th round pick. he sat during the period. after coming from chicago. switching gears now to basketball, not the kind of day duke was looking for as the blue devils travelled to pittsburgh. grayson allen fresh off the reprimand by the acc. pitt starts the game, it doesn't get better at all. james robinson hits the 3. 19-6 panthers. allen trying to keep duke alive,
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blue devils, but the turn over leads to a monster shelton jeter dunk pitt out scores the blue devil, 24-6. another turn the over leads to another dunk. pit cruises to the 76-62 wivenlt next upor the blue devils, a huge game at wake forest. >> virginia tech, visits, lake second half, nice play by moore, the block leadss to the lay up for senior, cody miller mcintire. 4 point game. justinobinson with dagger 3 with two minutes to play. wake falls 81-74 on senior night. the duke women, with a much better day than the duke men. duke carolina part two in chapel hill, first half, cheatham, with the lay up, puts duke up 12. third quarter, now, listen to this score the blue devils up 32 points.
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the hoop and the foul, 27. duke beats up, they sweep the season series. road win against clemson t the pac will be theth street. one week after daytona, nascar heads to atlanta as the season grind actually begins now, here's a fun nascar rule for you, the gas man is not allowed to do anything else but put the fuel in the car and he touched a wrench there, that's a no-no so he gets penalized, he was in the lead, now he's not. three laps to go, jimmy johnson has the lead. ryan newman blows a tire. johnson, holding off kyle bush, another wreck. but jimmy johnson was far enough along, so he it gs the win -- so o he gets the win despite the wreck. ties him with the late dale earnhardt.
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nascar fan, do you like that rule why you doont anything? >> the cameras catch everything. >> kind of like, get back. >> thanks. nice weather. >> yeah, it continues tomorrow. so if you didn't get a chance to enjoy it tomorrow, have the day off tomorrow, it will be pretty, 69 for the high, mostly sunny and 70 tuesday, dry, rain returns and cooler by wednesday. >> thanks, amy. and thank you for joining us tonight, remember to wake up
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at 4:30 and here on fox 50damage. see the view from sky5. nightmare for two north carolina families... with local experts about the impact of social media posts involving your children. i'm debra morgan....lets rewind...
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joining us... this week.... rest of his life in prison. woman he murdered... new documents describe what were found dead inside their burning home. and... an angier woman faces charges bicyclists... rest of mother in her north hills apartment. to decide travion smith's fate for his role in the death of melissa huggins-jones in 2013. a judge took the jury's recommendation, and sentenced smith to life in prison, without the possibility of parole. he was spared the death penalty. in emotional moments following the verdict, huggins-jones' parents read statements to the court. what you really deserve is to suffer and die in the same manner melissa did. this is the 6th case in a row where the district attorney asked for the death penalty, and


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