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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  February 29, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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shuts down part of a heavily traveled raleigh road. we kick off the work week with unseasonably warm weather but how long will that last? happy monday, everyone, thank you for joining us. i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. good morning, everybody. we begin with breaking news out of western piedmont in cleveland county west of charlotte where a couple died after a crash in a house explosion. it happened around 10:30last night, at least two people killed, fire crews are on the scene cleaning up debris and making sure the gas is turned two decades after a shaw university student is murder,a jury could start deliberating killing her. >> investigators charged chris lawing with killing lacoy mcqueen.
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outside the wake county justice center with a look at what jurors must consider. >> reporter: the defense announced it would not put up any witnesses leaving jurors to decide based on witness testimony and eight -- new dna evidence. jurors heard from friends of lacoy mcqueen who now even 20 years later break down when testifying. they testified that she was pregnant and her boyfriend, chris lawing, and nc state student at the time wanted her to have an abortion. mrs. told jurors the couples had argued and when lacoy mcqueen went to meet him at the belltower, she disappeared. her remains were later found in vance county. police arrested lawing in 1997 by lack of evidence forced them to dismiss the charges. jurors last week heard about new dna tests not available
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insist now link him to the murder. but the defense suggested the lead investigator was an overzealous cop who neglected looking at any other suspects. again, we expect closing arguments to start sometime this morning and the jury could get that case as early as today for deliberations. >> julia sims live in raleigh, thank you. new overnight, a crash in raleigh shut down part of north new hope road near the daily road intersection. an suv knocked out a utility pole crashing into our yard. there are no serious injuries. duke energy crews worked to replace the pole, north new hope road is back open. a quick moving fire took out three buildings in sanford. it started at the corner of bragg and matthew streets in robert's cabinet shop and spread into an attached building, then a third freestanding structure. the damage was so bad
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the exact source of the fire. >> it seemed like the more water they put on it the fire would not go out and then it got that bad. >> a small church was also affected, no one was hurt. one person is in the hospital after a fire in downtown raleigh. someone called firefighters to the scene of carver street after 8:00 last night. it is unclear if the person taken away had serious injuries. no word on the cause. we are less than 24 hours away from super tuesday. 12 states whose votes could alter the campaign. tracie potts tells us about the candidates strategy one day before the delegates go up for grabs. >> reporter: donald trump heads into super tuesday with his first senate endorsement, alabama senator , jeff sessions. withdrawn pleading in every super tuesday state except for texas, friends are hitting hard. >> i'm not a con man. that was such an insulting thing. you don't call somebody of achievement, you don't do that.
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leading in his home state of texas and slamming trump for the former head of the ku klux klan. >> we should all be united in saying that the klan is reprehensible and has no place in politics. >> reporter: super tuesday is looking good for hillary clinton coming off of her huge win in south carolina. >> we got decimated, that's what happened. >> reporter: bernie sanders feeling the bern of the south american american voters. >> we need your help winning the nomination. >> reporter: clinton is leading 2 to 1 in key states focused on trump. >> i don't think in a campaign you make while promises, you insult everybody, and then people wonder what that person stands for. >> reporter: but clinton can also find herself on defense. the rest of her emails are due out today. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. today is the day regulators decide whether to give duke
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a billion-dollar natural gas plant, a plan to replace the coal burning plant in nashville. duke energy would pass along construction costs and profit margin to customers. duke is accused of overstating future electricity needs in the north carolina mountains in order to have the plan approved. mondays are usually rough but with beautiful weather like this you are in a good mood. it's like, okay. we got a hint of it yesterday, it was beautiful. gold in the morning but we worked out nicely during the afternoon. take a look at the roxboro skycam, nothing but sunshine, nice bright sunny skies for the rest of the day today and through tomorrow. later in the afternoon, class will thicken up, we'll talk about the rain in the forecast tuesday night into wednesday coming up. it's breezy, you can see the flag flying on the courthouse lawn in roxboro but it's not a terribly cold breeze.
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town by town, 50 degrees in roxboro, 52 s. hill, 51 in irwin, fayetteville and clinton. in the center of lunchtime, temperatures climb up into the low 60s with a high near 70 this afternoon, similar conditions tomorrow but the latter part of the week will bring cooler and wetter conditions. we will talk more about when and how much rain we will see coming up. brian is here taking a look at a busy looking mouth. >> a couple of accidents but the big story is in cary on us- 1 northbound, and earlier accident causing significant backups leaving apex heading out toward raleigh. let's take you to the camera at us-1 and cary parkway. you can see in the distance near walnut street we have across on the right shoulder, and it also looks like it is partially blocking the right lane of us-1 northbound at walnut street. take a look at the latest sensor reading, 48 minutes, stop it will never 55 interchange and apex toward walnut street this morning. you can also see we are picking up ramp delays on a lot of the
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northbound. so, ten ten road, tryon, cary parkway seeing those backups. best option is to pick up tryon road at some point and then walnut street were gorman street if you're trying to head into west raleigh. not sure when it will have that accident completely cleared up, whenever that happens it is going to take a long time to get almost 40 minutes of delays cleared on u.s.-1 northbound. something likely to be with us for a while. look out for a crush on western adversity, also raleigh boulevard, a couple of accidents on 6 forks road. n. of the beltline. noticing the delays there. we are picking up fortify work zone related delays on 40 westbound heading way from 440 toward gorman street. slow on northbound durham freeway between ellis road and downtown as we start to see some glare delays building up around the 54 area all the way
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bill cosby's lawyers will be in a california courtroom today due to >> we tell you what they' not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. only at a sleep number store, right now, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed.
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a los angeles judge is scheduled to consider today whether to dismiss one of the defamation lawsuits against bill cosby. his attorneys want janice dickinson's case to be dismissed because they say she has given differing accounts of interactions with cosby over the years. the model and tv host sued cosby in may after he denied
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raped her in lake tahoe in 1982. she said she tried to include the story in 2002 memoir but her publisher refused. a top advisor to pope francis admits the catholic church made mistakes in allowing thousands of children to be sexually assaulted by priests. dozens of abuse survivors traveled from australia to italy to witness the testimony of cardinal george pal who spoke from a room hotel because he is too ill to travel to the commission. president obama will present the medal of honor to a navy seal today. senior chief special warfare operator edward byers is being awarded this for actions while in afghanistan in 2012. he was part of a team that rescued an american civilian being held hostage. he will be the 11th living servicemember to be awarded the medal of honor for actions in afghanistan.
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beach trip. beach trip. >> bill, are you driving? >> yeah. we will eat lunch. a nice seafood lunch.
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>> we would have to go today, we would have to be off tomorrow. we can't be off tomorrow because later in the week, and beginning of this weekend, not as great. it's that time of year. you know, i think we get to the weather like we have sunday, we think, it's here. >> but it's not going to be on cruise control? >> kind of like life, isn't it? >> we enjoy it while we have it because we are going to change gears to cooler, wetter weather starting wednesday. we will talk about that over the next couple of minutes. let's look outside around here, checking out roxboro, a little bit breezy with flags flying on the courthouse lawn, look at that sunshine, behind the buildings, a pretty morning, 52 degrees but the wind is southwest at 16 and we're gusting up to 25 in a few spots. it's dry of course, you can see the clear sky. the dewpoint down to 34. 52 in roxboro, 52 in south hill, 52 in goldsboro, 7 pints
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boy, that is a lot warmer than yesterday. it's about 10 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday in south hill, 14 degrees warmer in irwin and fayetteville. getting closer to lunchtime, our 24 hour temperature change will be a lot less. it was a very cold start yesterday morning with temps in the 30s. we had warm air come rushing in pretty quickly warm temperatures pretty fast yesterday. and so, we are miles an hour it will climb up to near 70 this afternoon which is about the same temperature we saw yesterday. we are tracking a cold front to the west. look at this band of rain coming into virginia, most likely that will fizzle out before it hits any part of our viewing area. as a matter of fact it will hardly bring us any class, maybe just a brief period of cloud cover as that front moves through but we have rain fizzling out, high pressure here, bringing us sunshine this morning. and on the other side of the front, we have another high pressure system building in behind this front, and it is also associated with mild temperatures, some warm air back here.
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temperature with this front coming through. taking it out to lunchtime, there it goes, that the end of cloud cover zips by, and it's out of your bike lunchtime. clear skies through the afternoon and tonight. overnight, similar temperatures to what we are seeing this morning, you know, looking at low to mid 40s, maybe some upper 40s. here is tuesday at lunchtime, tracking get another front, it's a fairly active pattern and things begin to change for us tuesday night and wednesday. ahead of the front there may be a sprinkle or two during the evening commute tuesday. it's likely to be what for the morning commute wednesday. and then cooler temperatures, with that front also. 69 today and tomorrow, we start out wednesday morning fairly warm with some rain, and then we will see temperatures potentially fall into the afternoon with sunshine. a cold start thursday morning at 31, 52 for the high, thursday. our normal highs this time of year is in the upper 50s, by
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once we get past tuesday, the rest of this week into the weekend does stay below normal. friday we are throwing a big question marcon, we have a system coming through with chilly temperatures to start with. that could be wet snow mixing with this, we are not likely to have trouble for travel friday, but still five days away. that is something we will be watching very closely. the hunt friday system, we are cool again, saturday, 50 which is about what the high temperature was this past saturday. and then nearly 60 sunday, morning lows down into the 30s. so, we will be watching closely, talking more about friday as it gets closer. right now does not look like too big of a deal that we have our eye on it. >> we will enjoy today and tomorrow for sure. thanks. the third time was not the charm for the spacex new mission, the company called off the launch of its rocket 9 rocket in florida after two
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on the website, spacex says the rocket and pay vote are fine. the ceo, elon musk, tweeted, rising temps do tend to trigger an alarm, the rocket is carrying a satellite that will bring phone access to millions in asia. the michigan governor knew there was something wrong with the flint water as far back as 2014 according to newly released emails from his top aides. this show the aides discussed switching the water supply back from the flint river to lake huron. the email exchange is dated six months after flint started using its own river for drinking water. researchers found elevated levels of lead that can cause neurological problems in children. investigators are looking into the issue in response to the emails, snyder's spokesman says those were preliminary concerns before aides actually knew of that problems. official charges are expected to be announced today in the deadly shooting of a pastor in dayton, ohio. 70-year-old william schooler was shot inside his office at
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his own brother, daniel schooler, is accused of pulling the trigger. he's in custody facing murder charges. no word on a motive. community leaders gathered to remember the victims of a deadly shooting spree in kansas. police say three people were killed and 14 others wounded during the rampage in newton and hesston. most were shot at the excel lawn plant where policekilled the gunman. investigators say the suspects, cedric ford, worked there. a sheriff believes he was upset by a restraining order from a former girlfriend he received the day of the shooting. an army staff sergeant accused of murdering a police officer makes his first appearance. ronald hamilton shot and killed prince william county police officer ashley guinden and his wife. police say hamilton also shot and injured two other officers as they answered a call at his home saturday. guinden was working her first field shipped after being sworn in friday. russia will hold three days
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miners killed in an explosion. a sudden methane discharge caused a pair of blasts that collapsed the mine. a third explosion killed rescuers trying to help. at least 36 people are dead and it is believed the miners never had a chance to survive. a university of virginia student who is being detained government for forgiveness. he is accused of trying to steal a political benefit the hotel. he says that he is taking it as a souvenir. the 21-year-old appeared at a news conference this morning. it is not clear if he was coerced but he confessed to what he calls a hostile act. >> i wish that the united states administration never manipulated people like myself in the future to commit crimes against foreign countries. >> he said he made the worst mistake of his life and asks the north korean government to please act to save him. leaders in pyongyang claim he was encouraged to act as he did
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and by the cia. he has been detained since january. happy leap day. if you are a leap day baby there are special deals today. participating pizza hut locations will give you a free one topping personal pan pizza which will carry out. and, leaplings can also get a free cookie at mcallister's, even if you're not a leap day baby, you can get a deal at krispy kreme. this is their offer. buy one dozen donuts, get a dozen original glazed for $2.29. hotels and travel companies are also offering leap day promotions. arby's is taking a leap toward vegetarians today. it is offering of the company's first-ever meatless menu alongside the regular menu. the vegetarian menu is available today on the end is essentially arby's signature sandwich lineup minus the means that make them sandwiches. legroom is shrinking for airlines leaving some people feeling like they are being
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senator chuck schumer of new york wants the faa to require airlines to abide by a feed price guideline. he says leg room on planes used to be 35 inches but is now down to 31. he says these are more narrow, shrinking by 2 inches. he says he will introduce a seed size guideline amendment to the faa reauthorization act pending in congress with a vote expected in march. more police departments are discussing the use of body cameras. >> the plans the department has in the city of raleigh today. plus, the stars shine on hollywood's biggest night.
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it is 8:26, i'm renee chou. it is a messy traffic monday. let's get to brian shrader. >> we have improvement on northbound us-1 but still very slow heading out of apex through cary. all because of this accident before you get to the walnut street interchange. it was blocking a couple of bright lanes to look like they have been able to move it over into one right lane on the right shoulder. you can see those backups heading away from cary parkway. the trip from 55 i-40 is coming back down toward normal but still a 26 minute ive which is about 26 minutes longer than usual. you can also see ramp delays forming as you try to get into that stalled traffic on us-1 northbound. consider using tryon road out to walnut increment streets as alternates. jurors will hear closing arguments today in the trial of the man accused of killing his
8:27 am
chris lawing is on trial in wake county in the death of lacoy mcqueen, his attorney presented no witnesses in his defense. new overnight across in raleigh shut down part of north new hope new overnight across in raleigh shut down part of n. new hope road. an suv knocked out a utility pole and crashed into a yard. there are no serious injuries and cruise from duke energy worked on replacements. north new hope on replacements. n. new hope road. is back open. t sure is going to feel like spring today, elizabeth talks about how much warmer we get. >> similar to yesterday. upper 60s for the highs yesterday, same-store today. it's warmer than it was yesterday. feels nice out there. take a look at the durham skycam, n roxboro, 52, 52 in goldsboro, 51 and fayetteville. temperatures are below 50s. we climbed into 70 this afternoon and tomorrow, rain on tuesday night into early wednesday. wednesday's commute may be a little bit wet and from once a
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raleigh's police department is going to be closer to the possibility of police worn body cameras. >> this afternoon, staff will present an overview of the new tool to city council. wral's mikaya thurmond joinsus live in downtown raleigh, this is the first time therehas been a public discussion about this. >> reporter: today's session is about getting councilmember
8:30 am
time that will happening. the raleigh police chief and her staff will present an benefits of employing cameras as well as potential concerns. today's presentation will also address technological approaches and resources. this discussion comes on the heels of several very public police shootings where the actions of both the officer and the suspect were called into question. any implementation here in raleigh could take months to approve, and even longer to put into action. similar police body camera policies have been put in place in both durham and in fayetteville. this meeting is set to start at 1:00 p.m. >> mikaya thurmond reporting live in raleigh. the search for the next police chief in durham moves ahead this week. so far the process is on schedule. a list of 42 candidates is down to six. next steps come today and tomorrow when competitors take part in a two-day assessment. that will provide more insight into the management, decision-
8:31 am
skills. then the top two or three finalists will meet with the durham police department staff and the public in late march. city leaders would like to have the new person on board in may. garner has one of the busiest fire departments in wake county but it's firefighters are among the lowest paid. the county's fire commission plans to address the salary gap at the meeting this week. a recent study showed the firefighters are paid about 14% less than those at other departments in the county. garner fire officials say their calls increase from 2% to 5% every year. they say it's challenging to hire and retain firefighters were nearby communities offer higher salaries. north carolinians will soon see a change in what we pay for certain services beginning tomorrow. the state will raise fees on various items and charge sales taxes on services that were previously not taxed. the most notable changes are at
8:32 am
the sales tax rate will not change but the state will now chart sales tax and services such as repair, maintenance, and installation. that includes installation on big appliances, or auto repairs. as for fees, the state budget raises fees for a number of services within the state government agencies. for example, a standard eight year drivers license fee will go from $32-$40. the new service taxes are expected to raise nearly 160 million dollars in the first full year it is in effect. several public hearings are planned to discuss a new monument on state capitol grounds. it will commemorate the achievements of african- americans. four public hearings are scheduled for march starting tomorrow. the first two sessions are in greensboro and charlotte, followed by hearings in rocky mount and fayetteville. the families of more than 160 paratroopers welcomed them home to fort bragg today, just
8:33 am
paratroopers assigned to the 82nd division will return to a nine-month deployment in resolve. troopers and families will be reunited at the airfield. >> what better welcome home weather an sunshine, blue degrees. that. it is still february. >> it is and we cannot get too used to it. we get into march and consider that teorological spring. so, spring starts tomorrow! not necessarily on the calendar but we do tend to see more springlike weather around here for the entire month march. temperature. certainly we kick off at way. let's look at what's happening beautiful, plenty of sunshine. the lucky strike terror with that blue sky in the background and a nice warm start. 39 wake forest. 50 degrees in rocky mount,
8:34 am
above normal for this time of the day. the morning temperatures are awfully nice out there. if you're heading out for your morning run or to walk the dog or bike ride, that sort of thing, the weather looks fantastic. again, we see a high close 70. we do this again tomorrow but by wednesday retained the pattern and we will have big swings in our temperature to around at the week. he will talk about that coming up. bill? a cary woman is safe after being stuck in a storm drain. the 58-year-old woman crawled into the drain on conroy court trying to save the cat but got trapped 150 feet in. emergency crews were able to rescue her, but the cat was never found. dramatic video of a car fire sent plumes of smoke into the sky along i-40 near chapel hill. a viewer sent us this video in eastbound i-40 at about 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday. the right lane was closed until the fire was put out. it is unclear what ignited the fire or if anyone was hurt.
8:35 am
crash and fayetteville. bruce guzman faces charges including dwi and reckless driving. he was traveling on the strickland bridge road near century circle when he lost control of the car and struck a tree. a passenger, 23-year-old, anna haw, died in the crash. guzman and a second passenger were not seriously hurt. 8:35. this weekend you have a chance to get a jump on spring and ice cream. plus, time for super
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find out how you can save
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harris teeter and there is a sweet deal in raleigh at apex. >> here to tell us how we can save some cash is our wral smart shopper, faye prosser. let's start with harris teeter. >> there offering another super double promotion where they are doubling coupons that are two the promotions started yesterday and runs through today and tomorrow. it is a short one, only three days this time, but there are lots of deals as you can see from the screen. these are all things i purchased yesterday, things like pasta, lots of yogurt, we got a lot of yogurt in my house. chicken breast, proteins to impressed daisies, colgate toothpaste, peanut butter, all our house. i actually would have paid $98 for all of these things, but what i actually paid was eight dollars. so, you've got to love that. you can see the receipt right there. $8.53.
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this season is not over, get. it's not. there is some snow up there. they are making it when they can. of course not the last couple of days. >> it's going to get colder toward the end of the week. we may even see a few wet flakes here friday. it's a possibility. just because it was warm yesterday, today and tomorrow
8:44 am
>> do not be deceived. >> yes, there is still hope for snow lovers. >> there is. i mean in terms of having some sort of measurable snow around here, we get into march and it becomes less and less likely but we had measurable snow at the end april. snow. so it is a possibility and certainly they will continue to have some winter weather on and off into the mountains. it's pretty there at rdu, certainly plenty of sunshine to see behind terminal . d2 is the current temperature, it is breezy, southwest wind at 60 miles per hour but not a particularly cold breeze which is nice. it was cold yesterday morning but our temperatures are much warm air really started to arrive around the middle of the day yesterday, now it's going to be here through tomorrow and then a cold front will take it out for wednesday. dewpoint is 34, fairly dry. humidity just that 50%.
8:45 am
in the south ll. 50 in rocky mount, 54 in erwin, 53 degrees in fayetteville, feels pleasant, certainly don't need your heavy coat. there is our 24 hour temperature change. we looked at it about 30 minutes or so ago and we were still looking at, you know, anywhere from say, 10 to 15 degrees and all of a sudden, it happened that fast yesterday, that our temperatures warmed right up. satellite and radar showing this front, and on cue, we started watching this of course asked r computing over on wral and i said it's not going to hold together, it's not going to make it all the way into our area and sure enough, here it is, that rain fizzling out. there's very little of it left. we will see sunshine through the rest of the day. we do have this front that moves on to and that will happen in the next couple of hours, but we won't really notice any big change weather. we have a high pressure system back on the west side of the front, and mild error associated with it.
8:46 am
clouds, that's about all we will see. we take a look at futurecast. you can see everything looks nice and quiet, we are try for today and tonight. and tomorrow stays very mild as well, to discontinuing our southwesterly flow. that also helps bring in some clouds. here's 3:00 tuesday afternoon. there could be a few sprinkles as we get into the nner hour, but the cold front itself will still be well to the west. it rolls through tuesday night into wednesday morning and maybe what for the commute wednesday morning. so, we will be walking you through that, brian will be here. sometimes we have rain in the morning, we have ditional accidents. brian and i will check the everything looks great today and tomorrow, nshine today, tuesday but remains mild. when psychiatrist 56. we will see clearing in the afternoon but that cold air will come in behind the front setting us up for a very cold
8:47 am
freezing, ending with a high 52. friday is a day in question at the next front comes in friday. that one with colder temperatures in place could bring us a ttle bit of wet snow. it is just tough to say how much of an impact that may have around here. right now it looks like very little but that could change. keep watching friday. we will keep you informed as to what's going on on friday. bill? >> thank you. the 88th annual academy awards are in the books with a mix of expected and unexpected winners. we bring you a wrap of the highlights from hollywood. >> reporter: the title describes the moment the newspaper drama, "spotlight," the center of attention, a surprise oscar winner for best picture. >> this film gave a voice to survivors and this oscar amplifies that voice. >> reporter: best picture favorite, "the revenant" still won big as best rector for the second year in a row. and a first career oscar for leonardo dicaprio as best
8:48 am
amazing award tonight. let us not take this planet for granted, i do not take tonight for granted. >> reporter: best actress, "room's" brie larson. >> thank you for going to the theater is interesting our films. >> reporter: best supporting artist went to alisia for "the danish girl." while bridge of spies, mark rylance beat out sylvester stallone. "mad max: fury road" took on the most oscars, six in all, all in technical categories. >> we are not saying who must win! roma before the show, demonstrators blocks away protested the academies lack of diversity. >> otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> reporter: the subject on the host's mine, chris rock.
8:49 am
the industry's best. jennifer bjorkland, nbc news, boston >> post-oscar parties are probably just wrapping up. after the awards, attendees are treated to the governors ball in a massive party with dinner by celebrity chef, wolfgang puck. it's also where the winners have oscar statues engraved. leonardo dicaprio and brie larson arrived within seconds of each other to have their trophies personalized. >> wolfgang puck probably had more elaborate entries. actress and fox news personality, stacy dash, is explaining her part in one of the oddest oscar moments of the night. the former "clueless" actress was introduced as the oscars minority outreach program. >> i cannot wait to help my people out. happy black history month! thank you. >> that was a little awkward. she has attracted attention
8:50 am
viewpoints including suggesting on fox that there should not be a black history month. dash also spoke out against people complaining that the oscars did not reflect diversity. she explained online that ideological diversity is much harder to achieve in hollywood. pga golfer, gary woodland, answer the age-old question, boxers or briefs, in the final round of the honda classic on the course, his shot found the water to the left of the fairway. not wanting to get his outfit dirty he stripped out of his shoes, socks and white pants. he hit that shot out of the water and into the right greenside bunker. he went on to par the hole. taking a look at the weekend box office, "digital" at the top spot. marvels antihero blockbuster raked in 1.5 million in its third straight weekend at the top.
8:51 am
285.6 million domestically, making it the number three all- time r-rated movie. and second, the tion film, "gods of egypt" featuring gerald tler as an egyptian goeaed40miioin its opening weekend. and the amalgamated -- animated kids film, "kung fu pand 3" came in third. disneyland and disney world unfilled demand-based ticket pricing. days will be split into categories, value, regular and peak days. in orlando the price will range from $105-$144 on peak days. in california at disneyland, prices range from $95-$119 on peak days. multi-ticket prices began yesterday. at times during the holidays in spring break, disney has had to stop selling tickets because of large crowds. disney hopes to have a new pricing structure that will ease overcrowding.
8:52 am
know that trip is coming down the road. right? >> it is, and 's fun. >> have you ever been? >> yes. i have been to both disneyland and disney rld. >> i just don't think it appeals to me in the slightest. >> that's okay. >> lisa briggs says that i st go. but, here it is just such a spectacular thing. it's like a spectacle that you have see. >> i would rather go to a national park. >> me too. i would rather go where there is nobody. >> go to yellowstone. that is the natural disney world. >> i would rather go to the one spirit in harnett county behind my house. it's wonderful out there. you know i'm a big believer in that spirit i take one every day at least an hour and a half. and they are trying to get that culture building in ng kong. a lot of people are tired all the time and there is a whole new line of business is offering nap rooms.
8:53 am
time you can go in there and take a nap lounge. doesn't that look wonderful? >> i heard that we are getting one here. at wral. >> did you? >> yeah. >> [ laughter ] >> maybe it's part of the nbc thing. >> great idea. people take advantage. >> their businesses that have started in the united states with p rooms. they started in raleigh. i would be uncomfortable sleeping at work. >> it's a culture that we're not supposed to do that but it helps productivity if you look at research. >> it really refreshes you. >> i would bring my own pillow. >> weird. >> but maybe if we were in extended coverage and how to rest up a little bit. >> that's true. down in the sement maybe. have some back to set up your >> just make sure we've got all the rules in place.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
on using body camera time now 88:56. i'm renee chou. >> & bill leslie. raleigh police are looking for feedback from the city council about body worn cameras. police staff will present concerns and benefits during a budget session. right now let's get a check on traffic. because some problems out there. oh, i'm sorry, but to the weather first. and we don't have any problems. it's okay to do that first. >> absolutely beautiful. let's take a look at the
8:57 am
nothing but blue sky out there behind downtown raleigh. we take a look at what's going on in terms of the temperature. 54 in roxboro, 55 erwin, 52 degrees in goldsboro. in the planner, expect temperatures at lunchtime in the low s and near 70 this afternoon under mostly sunny skies. and now brian will do traffic. >> some delays on us-1 northbound through cary from an earlier cident. let's take you to that camera at us-1 and cary parkway looking toward walnut reet. the right lane is partially blocked, the right shoulder as well. 11 minute ride from 55 and apex up to i-40 in raleigh. if you want to avoid it, to gorman street and walnut street. major routes looking pretty closing arguments in the continues. today at noon what the jury must consider about the man accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend 20 years ago. and remember our 4:00
8:58 am
join us for tips on flying, behaviors you should avoid to make sure that you keep your seat on the plane. our wral noon news today
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