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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  November 3, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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's chicago a city of celebration. the cuffs when the first championship in eight years. -- and 108 years. with five days ago, the candidates make north carolina a priority. where they will try to get out the vote. another shooting rocks the southern pines community. what we are learning about the victim. thanks for joining us. the time is 8:00. latest slimming path to victory for clinton as both candidates hit the same state today.>> that battleground state is hours. >> we have to be nice and cool. nice and cool. standpoint, donald. stay on point. no sidetracks donald. niceties he.
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sanders playbook, telling supporters he raise $100 million in small donations. >> it sounds more like a democrat thing and not a republican thing.>> trump and clinton both campaign in north carolina were african-american turnout is down from 2012. not good news for clinton as she awaits results of the fbi email investigation. she is also hoping to win arizona, a red state. >> we have a real chance to imagining a trump presidency is a message. >> imagining a president who demeans women, mocks the disabled and insults latinos, african-americans, muslims, pows , who puts people against each other. instead of pulling us together.
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with tv ads. >> she has been there 30 years, and five days from america's final choice. texas cruise will take his neck stopped today. governor mike pence will be in iowa and michigan. before pence takes the states. a second drive-by shooting sends a man to the hospital. several people including children were at a cookout on west illinois street when shots rang out around 8:00 last night. the victim was treated for a non-life-threatening injury to his leg. no one else was hurt and the victim same has not been released. police are looking for a light- colored gray suv or jeep without a state tag. it may be connected to the shooting. another drive-by shooting last
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three-year-old boy. it is too soon to determine if those two should -- shootings are connected. it has been more than a century since the chicago cubs won the world series. after a thrilling finale the billy goat curse is dead. bill leslie is in the newsroom to show us how it all chemic -- came about and how fans are so excited. they sure are. they will be celebrating this victory for weeks and perhaps years. they like a good celebration. the cubs beat the indians in 10 innings after a rain delay. the game wasn't over until 12:45 am our time. the indians were down 6-3 in the bottom of the eighth but they tie things up with an rbi double and a two run home run. the play was halted by rain for 17 minutes before the start of the 10th. when play resumed chicago got to work and then ben zobrist hit a double and the cubs beat the indians 8-7. zobrist was
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he played briefly with our very owned durham bulls. the cubshad in won a world series since 1908 which is the longest drought in baseball. thousands of fans in chicago have been celebrating. since the early morning hours. we wanted to show you this interesting thing. a guy named michael lee in 1993 wrote in his mission viejo california high school yearbook, chicago cubs, 2016 world champions, you heard it here first. a friend found that page and posted it online and it went viral. congratulations to the chicago cubs and to cleveland. what an epic extraordinary season for both teams. >> maybe if we check out his other yearbook.
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it will be such a beautiful day. another warm one. that is not going to feel like november. as a matter of fact we will push a record high today looking at a high of 83 and 84 is the record so we will be close to it. we have a mix of sun across the area now but we will see more sunshine than cloud cover. 57 durham. plenty warm right now. 60 holly springs, 58 eichorn. when you start this warm you are pretty much in i shot of hitting 80s with sunshine. 60 south hill, 58 mills borough. at lunchtime temperatures at 78 degrees. a high of 83 and after sunset temperatures drop down. we have some rain in the forecast overnight. it is likely to happen after midnight. we will talk about how much
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few spots you might want to avoid.>> we are looking at fog according to the road whether index north of the triangle. we want to give you extra minutes as you head out. in a lot of places that is a low ceiling and not really fog. we want to give you a heads up. here is a look at the life commute map, crashes showing up on that map as a zoom in to raleigh. an accident on lynn road at creek road. earlier delays on the southbound side of 50 but now it is easing up. also at litchfield road at landings way, not too far from i-40, a report of an accident. just getting word of a fresh accident on airport boulevard at slater road. about 6:00. in the past few minutes another call out there with a report of a crash. as we look at 40 westbound through the works on, seeing stop and roll conditions on 440
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but beyond that looking pretty good. an accident in southeastern wake county. a crash on 70 business at guy road. heavy westbound delays as you leave clayton. also northbound durham freeway, i-40 to downtown, 13 minutes to make that trip. consider using 55 as an alternate from i-40. here is a look at 40 eastbound at 54. slow traffic leaving chapel hill into the park. 17 minutes to make that trip. open enrollment time. time for people to get their health insurance squared away. we will speak with an expert who can tell us what we need to know about navigating the health insurance marketplace. a pipeline explosion is
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what's happened to our north carolina? pat mccrory's disastrous hb2 discrimination law has cost us jobs and damaged our reputation. duke energy's toxic coal ash threatens our drinking water, but mccrory's given them a sweetheart deal, leaving us to pay for cleaning up their mess. his education cuts have left our schools falling behind. we can't afford four more years of pat mccrory. narrator: want to go to paris? richard burr took a sixteen thousand dollar christmas trip to paris...paid for by the special interests. just one of richard burr's twenty six special interest trips. prague. barcelona. seville. stockholm.
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cracking down on special interest trips. richard burr. twenty years in washington ...and europe... serving himself. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. the open enrollment period for the underway. enrollment started tuesday and it will run through january 31. you can sign up for coverage or check for new options on your current plan. finding the right fit for the budget could be tricky especially if this is the first time navigating. joining us is the state director for the nonprofit and roll america, soren smith. there are changes for north
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options and how you find out. >> we want everyone to know that the health insurance marketplace opened and open enrollment started november 1 and they can enroll in a new plan or continue the plan that they currently have by going to anytime between now and january 31. so very important that people check this out sooner rather than later so they can the options available. some insurance companies have, and some have left and some people will start to get letters from those companies and the marketplace telling them about their insurance options. and we highly recommend that even if you have a plan now to go to and look at the new options available to you for next year. there are a lot of plans in every county and we want everyone to get the right one
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>> making a lot of news headlines, the premium prices and how they are going up in north carolina. as much as 25% for some folks. it is hopefully still affordable. >> the great news is that 92% of the people getting coverage now on the marketplace are getting financial help to pay for it. that financial help is tied to the premium rates. financial help will increase along with rates. that is another reason people need to go to or to go see a free in person assistant in their county. we are lucky in our county with one toll-free number. 855-733-3711. make an appointment with an expert in your county who will help you apply for the most current up-to-date financial package available and we will help you pick it planned. what are you hearing from people you are working with who are getting signed up for health insurance? >> people are coming in early and they are excited about
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get help paying for it. and that they do know they will get treatment and won't get bankrupt if they have a car crash or something. >> go to and there is a place where you can type in your zip code and find local in person help. that is a free service. again you can call 85573 330 711 to get connected. thank you for talkg open enrollment ends january 31. it is a serious concern facing schools. how north carolina school officials hope to address the how north carolina school officials hope to address the issue of linda coleman: i'm linda coleman, and hb2 is a disaster. hb2 has cost us thousands of jobs. i know from my experience in the state cabinet what it takes to bring good jobs to north carolina. we have to recruit businesses based on our state's reputation. right now, north carolina
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i'll work with roy cooper to get rid of hb2 and create good jobs,
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i'm roy cooper... and when i grew up on this farm in nash county, i learned you have to work together to get things done. but for too long now, that hasn't been happening in raleigh. as governor, i'll put partisan politics aside... so we can turn around our economy and fix our schools. no more social legislation that divides our state
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and it starts with all of us working together to get it done. this describes my relationship with brian shrader. [ laughter ]. >> i'm just saying. friends in low places. [ laughter ]. >> that was for you.
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>> i regrouped into that?>> no. >> i can even get him stirred up. he is working very hard.>> [ laughter ]. he tunes out the noise. whatever. it will be a beautiful day and we will talk about what is coming up. another warm one. temperatures near records today. a cold front coming through tonight. and not a lot of rain with that. it will be cooler for tomorrow. it is nice out there with the museum kite -- skycam. lots of sunshine over downtown raleigh. temperature and 57 and southwind at 7. >> okay. [ laughter ]. all right. okay. [ laughter ]. thank you brian.
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hill. visibility at 2 mph. brian needs his lunch money back. we will show you the road whether index coming up. we are trying to show some fog they're looking at low clouds but nothing that will impact your morning commute. 52 roxboro. 60 south hill. 58 hillsborough. 24 hour temperature change, a rf 12 degrees warmer in southern pine. nine degrees warmer in fayette well. pictures showing clear skies with the cold front to the with the showers and of course we will see very little rain with that. we will talk more about that in a minute. watching on future cast. there is 8 am looking at what happens to lunch time. lots of sunshine. increasing clouds late around said that. we had that front coming through that will bring us if you showers and after that skies clear and the cold
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friday temperatures in the mid- 60s and they will hold there for of the day and that will be 20 degrees cooler. 83 today, 58 tomorrow morning. we are likely to have an overnight rainfall total somewhere between a trace and a quarter of an inch. it is not much. we can still use some more that is when you will feel the cold air. of course veterans day parade in downtown fayetteville begins at 10 am. it will be cool at 52 degrees. go to the parade in gilbert. watch it on our a -- wral. on sunday, we go back to standard time. turn your clocks back saturday night. that is the kicker. the sun will set an hour earlier and rises in our
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transition. nice weather into next week. temperatures close to normal on tuesday 67. 40 degrees. nice temperatures and nice weather for election day. temperature at 630 at 6:30 am as everybody heads out to the polls, 40 degrees and heading home from the date temperatures will be in the mid-60s and warming up to 70 degrees on wednesday. sounds great. fayetteville is tackling the flood damage roads the number of roads were submerged during flooding from hurricane matthew. sections washed away. fayetteville residents can log on to the city's facebook page to get answers from city engineers and staff. fema needs help after hurricane matthew. they have teamed up with north carolina works to find people to do disaster recovery. these are temporary jobs and you will learn firsthand about the recovery process.
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see >> gas stations have been busy but no reports of shortages after this week's pipeline explosion. and explosion in alabama monday night shut down a pipeline that delivers 70% of our states fuel. at a marathon station on lake wheeler road the owner told us he had a boost in business tuesday night but he has not seen a rush on the pump. aaa says gas prices could rise in the coming days. when election day rolls around we will be watching to see who will be the next president of the united states. a divisive time. one thing that can bring us all together our previous. joining us, the queen of free, smart shopper faith.>> there is nothing like a free doughnut to bring a country together. yes. there are some freebies that are taking place on election day. they include a free doughnut
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vote sticker. if you don't have sticker many locations are letting you get the doughnut if you tell them that you early voted or absentee ballot voted. just asked krispy kreme at firehouse subs you can score a medium drink with and i vote sticker. and east coast wings and grill, a few in the triangle, one in wake forest, five free honey barbecue chicken wings with the purchase of an entrie. some freebies. i will add more to the list as we find them. >> grocery deals. >> always grocery deals. you will find -- this is the kickoff week for the holiday baking and cooking. what is the number one thing everybody has on the thanksgiving table. turkey. kroger is kicking off turkey sales $.59 a pound with a $35 minimum purchase. eggs only $.79 at kroger this week for a dozen. super price. sweet potatoes
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aldie. and gravy. you can score it for free at harris teeter with a combination of sale and coupons. get details on smart shopper blog, wral. turkey sales have started. where are the best places? >> right now this week kroger. as we get closer to thanksgiving you will find full week before thanksgiving is the go to week for all of the turkey deals. most of the grocery stores will require a minimum purchase to get your turkey for around $.39- $.59 per pound. every week i will have a turkey deals roundup on the blog to get the best buys. just thinking about thanksgiving, it will be here before you know it. thank you. for more tips from faye go to insert -- search smart shopper.
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hillary clinton and trump will be quit campaigning today. a popular club that closed is getting ready to reopen. we count on them to show up for us. now buck newton wants to be our top law-enforcement officer, but he failed to show up in the state senate. buck missed nearly one out of five votes, more than any senator but one.
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should show more respect for the rule of law."
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police and southern pines looking for the gunman in the second drive-by shooting in that community in less than a week. a man was shot in the leg last night on west illinois street. but several people were gathered for a cookout. the man is expected to be okay. fayetteville is giving residents a chance to talk
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flooding from hurricane matthew. engineers and dot staff are holding a facebook town hall meeting today. it will be a beautiful day. one last day with temperatures in the 80s for afternoon highs. after that we don't really have temperatures like that in the forecast anytime soon. in apex it looks beautiful. sunshine on historic buildings downtown. it is fayetteville, 58 goldsboro. these are warm temperatures for this time of year. temperature should be like low and mid 40s. we climbed to 83 within one degree of the record. a cold front comes in tonight with little rain but with colder temperatures. 67 friday, saturday 54. a look at the heavy traffic on both sides of i-40 at aviation parkway. we had an earlier slowdown on 40 eastbound. still seeing a residual delay between 540 and harrison avenue. and on the westbound side slow this morning with congestion. let's take a look at the writer wake county in garner.
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still slow through the work sound from 442 wade avenue. after 14 minutes now between wade and 540. give yourself extra time as you leave west raleigh heading out to the airport. big breadline there indicating backups. slow on 40 eastbound leaving capitol hill. still to come, the
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the time is 8:30 am. a huge day in north carolina for the candidates. >> may be a make or break day. clinton and trump will make two stops each. emmy victor will preview the visits. let's start with ma. >> reporter: the nominee is holding his first event in concorde this afternoon. the second event will be in selma. in less than a week left until election day, campaign stops in north carolina could help sway undecided voters. this is a must win state for donald trump to secure the presidency. north carolina and florida and ohio could give trump enough electoral votes to win. donald trump has a lead over hillary clinton in north carolina. however to other polls show a tossup between the two.
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trumps rally in selma starts at 7:00. trump has held for other similar rallies in north carolina over the past month. let's go to wral mikaya thurmond. >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton will make two stops in north carolina today. both of which will be rallies. she is expected to encourage voters to get out early and go ahead and casted the balance. clinton will lay out her plans to create an economy that works for everyone. the first rally will be in greenville and afterwards she will head to walnut creek music pavilion in raleigh. she will be joined by two special guest, the first senator bernie sanders who will be campaigning for clinton and she will also be joined by grammy singer terrel williams
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doors will open for clinton in greenville at 1:15 pm. it starts at 3:15 pm. doors will open at walnut creek at 4:45 pm and the rally starts at 7:45 pm. with several appearances, things a to be very busy on the political front. wral will have coverage and you can tune in for the latest. nearly 9000 teachers left north carolina classrooms this past year according to a report. that report presented to the state board of education shows 33% left for retirement or relocation reasons. 53% of those who left is a they are personal reasons. many said the birth of a second child was the tipping point.>> the state needs to recognize that the current salary of a teacher may not be enough to offset childcare costs for as few as two kids.
8:33 am
we are going to make changes that might affect a teacher's decision to stay in the profession. >> as we move forward we have to make sure that we customize the approach of recruiting and retaining teachers in our schools. according to the areas for which we see challenges. >> when change recommended in the report is allowing teachers to report directly to the state while they are choosing to leave instead of reporting to their individual school. inmate who escaped during a substance abuse class is back in custody this morning. jonathan key is serving a for your sins for drug and firearms charges. he faces charges for felony escape from prison as well. he left the roxborough satellite training center yesterday and he was there with other inmates attending educational classes. he was found later at a home in
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an american flag as part of a lesson about the first amendment will no longer work for the cumberland county school system. lee francis was a history teacher at massey hall classical and yesterday he met with the cumberland county superintendent and the associate superintendent for hr. they decided not to read -- renew his contract. a downtown raleigh pub that closed a year ago is reopening with a new look. irish pub was previously located on south logan street. the welcome party kicks off tomorrow with a series of events and the new location elements. it will continue the history of hosting live entertainment including irish bands and dancers. another warm day but then we will have to find coats again. you will want it on saturday morning if you're gonna be out early. if you are headed to the fayetteville veterans day parade. you will need a jacket. chilly mornings into next week. not chilly this morning.
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this is looking at the nc state fairgrounds. 57 durham. 57 clayton. 55 in rowan. we warm up to 75 at lunch time. the normal high temperature this time of year is 67 lunch time. will climb into the low to mid 80s this afternoon and a 5:00 back to 79. incredibly warm day for us. that changes tomorrow after a friend comes through. how much rain we will see with the front coming up. a statewide transportation services offering a new option for train passengers. you can now use the trans-local app on your smart phone to plan your trip from home to train stations. fine transit stations or booking uber ride to the next out. it's available in many cities including raleigh, cary and
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program. connecting carolina servicemembers and spouses to careers before they leave the military is the goal of a new program. onward to upward opportunity offers job training for servicemembers six months before their transition out of the military. many participants graduate with interviews or job offers in hand. raleigh's junior league is raising junior league is hosting a shopping spree for the 32nd year. 150 regional and national exhibitors are setting up at the raleigh convention center and the shopping event is today through sunday. if your child can't pack a peanut butter sandwich for lunch because of allergies there are tasty alternatives.
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i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes.
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sts... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! lcv victory fund is responsible
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whether for you or your children, sometimes a pbj sandwich is good. >> unless you have peanut allergies. monica liberty is here with options. >> reporter: i for one sometimes crave a pbj. on fresh bread so good. the allergy issue is very what about other nut butters. the choices are a lot more interesting these days. break out the bread, grab the jelly, and load on some not peanut butter with almost a third of schools now peanut- free, moms and dads need options beyond peanut butter. the good news is lots of different nut butters are available. most of them can be bought safely in a peanut-free school. consumer reports evaluated
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nutrition and taste. they are a source of protein and keep you for longer. allman butters have 67 g of protein per serving and cashew spreads have between four and 5 g. to prevent separation and give them a creamy texture some manufacturers add a little hydrogenated vegetable oil. palm or palm fruit oil which are mostly saturated fats. >> we found the spreads with the healthier and they tasted better. >> consumer reports gave high scores to whole foods 365 every day value almond butter creamy for its distinctive roasted almond flavor. kirkland signature preemie butter from cosco has sweetness. as for cashew butters, consumer reports recommends this one from whole foods and this organic cashew butter from once again. that way your kids can still enjoy that nut butter and jelly
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if your child's school is totally not free you may try a sunflower seed-based butter. son butter natural sunflower spread or trader joe's sunflower seed butter. i had no idea there were so many options. >> i want to try them all even though i don't have analogy.>> they are good. >> almond butter. >> we will have to give them a find more information on peanut allergy food alternatives on this is under the consumer tab. one of the biggest nights for country music. how and r&b star crashed the awards. 245, 711.
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a congressional district known as "the octopus", another called "the snake", and 28 state legislative districts
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all upheld by judge bob edmunds. but federal judges rejected edmunds' decision for misusing race for partisan gain. the clear choice for state supreme court? judge mike morgan. he's endorsed by president obama. mike morgan: north carolina needs a judge who's fair. cooper: when we lost the nba all-star game... the ncaas... and the acc championships... it hurt north carolina's economy and our national reputation. it's about them. i'm roy cooper. and this election is about finally stopping the loss of our teachers, lowering taxes on families and growing our economy.
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beyonci performed at the country music awards. a different sound. >> in stress -- interesting collaboration. >> i got to see the dixie chicks over the summer and it was a great show. >> they are great lives.>> i hate that i missed the cmas last night. >> some of us have to go to bed early. >> here is my favorite skycam
8:45 am
so sad. this is been the most beautiful shot for the last for five days. those trees are at peak color right now. interestingly the same trees that are nearby are not in p color yet. when the leaves fall off we can zoom into the other trees. it will be beautiful as well. that is outside the door along the driveway here at wral. 57 is the current temperature. a mix of sun and clouds but more sunshine today. dew point at 56. humidity up overnight and we had some low to develop. a little fog trying to show up in the northern part of the area. 52 roxboro. 60 fayetteville. 58 goldsboro. temperatures have yet to warm up too much but we should see a big jump in temperatures climbing up to 83 and then hold on tight because the roller coaster is taking a drop and leveling out to the weekend and into next week. normal high temperature this time of year is 67 or 68.
8:46 am
weekend and into next week. 83 will be a distant memory tomorrow and we don't have any more highs in the 80s the forecast in the next seven days. they do get more and more rare as we head into the end of november and october. we have hit 80 degrees once or twice in early december. but they get few and far between over the next few weeks. a few showers with this front but very few showers. how much rain we are expecting in the seven-day fore minute. let's talk about temperatures today. by lunchtime mid-70s. we climb into the low to mid 80s today and partly cloudy skies. overnight the clouds roll in and the showers. we can see patchy light rain as early as midnight and here is 4 am. the band of rain coming through ahead of the front. watch what happens. temperatures start to drop as skies clear. we don't recover much.
8:47 am
the mid-60s and we hold in the mid-60s during the afternoon. we may see temperatures dropping. that puts us at 40 on saturday morning which would be chilly. 83 today. we should stay dry during the daylight hours. chance of rain tonight but it is not a lot. from a trace to a quarter of an inch. that is this much rain. tiny amount. saturday morning we wake up to 40 degrees. that is when we feel the chill. by 10 am it will be 52 degrees in fayetteville for the veterans day lots of sunshine but cool finishing up at 11:30 am with temperatures in the mid-50s. join brian, lena and gilbert who will broadcast the parade hosting and fed bill. of course had out and see it in person. set your clocks back saturday night before you go to bed. we go back to standard time. election day on tuesday. looking good with partly cloudy skies. nice and dry and no rain. it will be cool.
8:48 am
degrees. a high tuesday at 67 and up to 70 on wednesday. sounds great. join brian shrader and i for the 2016 veterans day parade this saturday on wral. the parade marches through historic downtown fayetteville and start the 10:00. watching live on wral and start the 10:00. watching live on join us on twitter as well. hash tag show pictures and video were right a tribute to honor the veterans you know. that you sign the holiday season is here. the biltmore has started decorating for christmas. visitors line the entrance to witness this annual event. santa road on a horse-drawn wagon pulling it into the mansion. than a team of people got to work raising and securing that
8:49 am
hall. engineering and 18 started decorating adding hundreds of lights and ornaments. this decorating tradition dates back to 1895. we could've gotten star fatigue watching last night's cma. vince gill, ray clark, alabama and ricky skaggs and beyonci. [ music ]. such a good son. she performed that song the dixie chicks. other performers included garth brooks and trisha yearwood and miranda lambert and carrie underwood. maren morris won the new artist award. she was so emotional. eric trace won album of the year. carrie underwood was female vocalist of the year. garth brooks was best entertainer of the year.
8:50 am
to be able to take trisha yearwood home with them. facebook reaching another milestone. 2 billion users. they had one .79 billion active monthly users as of the end of the third quarter. that is more than half of the three point for 2 billion people estimated to have internet access worldwide. despite that news, the site shared -- share tumbled in after hours traded. the revenue growth slows down. if you see instagram you see something you like, you can buy it. a new feature allows you to purchase what you see in a photo. they are teaming up with retail brands including target and macy's. the service will be available next week. not so good news for fitbit. the stocks fell 30% in after- hours trading. the expected sales for the final three months of the year to be between $725 and $750 million. that is less than the estimate
8:51 am
[ laughter ]. i was thinking wow, that is quite low. an estimate of $985 million and the cofounder says fitbit is looking to double down on healthcare uses. illegal development expected today regarding the millennium tower in san francisco. it was supposed to be the pinnacle of luxury, high-rise with condos. some residents are suing because the building sinking in the middle of an earthquake zone. the tower has sunk 16 inches and is starting to tilt. the top of the building has drifted 7 inches. today city attorney will give an update on that case. a good deal on some property across the street right. [ laughter ].>> depending on which side it is. [ laughter ]. well, talk about a low probability event.
8:52 am
happy. this is hazel nelson in new hampshire. she is 108 years old. the last time the cubs won the world series. she had been waiting all of her life for this. >> that is so great. >> she said that if they won it would be awesome. quote. hazel is thrilled.>> this is quite a story from new york. that is katrina buchman. she is at the resorts world casino where she has won $43 million after playing slots. but the printed ticket said she wanted you to dollars $.25. so she goes to claim her bounty of $43 million. >> i can guess what they said. >> i think they said yes, $43
8:53 am
would you like it in bags. just dump the backhoe full of money. no. it was a malfunction. the machine was broken. they took it off the floor and they fixed it. >> what about false advertising. >> you go to the grocery store and the sign is wrong, you get the price on the product. >> our producer said she did get a steak dinner. >> she did. [ laughter ].>> and a viral photo. >> she said she wants to sue. how expensive is that. it sounds like stop digging. take the steak dinner and run. there you go. >> adorable twins. looked what happened to the one when she finds out she's a minute older than the other. very upset. her sister tries to comfort her. [ laughter ]. that is ava and
8:54 am
later when alexa said she was taller. >> now she is upset. >> they are rivals. >> parents are good to be busy. another check on the
8:55 am
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time now is 8:56 am. your the top stories. donald trump will be in north carolina today.
8:57 am
selma. his message is to attack clinton. clinton is also in north carolina today asking voters to imagine what a trump presidency would look like. she will appear in greenville and with bernie sanders in singer. a warm start to the morning and it is going up from here. temperatures climbing to the low to mid 80s. even warmer than it was yesterday. wilson skycam looking good. 53 wilson and rocky mount. 60 fayetteville. 60 south hill. 60 raleigh. 61 rocky mount. temperatures will warm-up fast with the sunshine. 83 the high today and turning cooler friday, saturday and this weekend. we have an accident on 40 westbound beyond the chapel hill road interchange in west
8:58 am
this morning on 40 west. not so bad in garner but the trip between 440 and wade is taking 37 minutes with that accident. consider using outbound weight avenue as an alternate. once you get beyond that looking pretty good between wade and 540. looking fine interim as well. a lingering delay eastbound. thank you, an important
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [theme music playing] steve: all right, good. how's everybody? i appreciate y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. listen, we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, the champs. it's the barrett family! [cheering and applause] and from grabill, indiana, it's the docks family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a state of the art ford edge. [cheering and applause] all right, let's play "feud!"


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