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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  April 27, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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pulled out a real gun and began shooting and all started ruined 2:00 this afternoon in the 3700 block of howard avenue. pat collins joins us live from kensington with the latest on this story. pat? >> jim, the two robbers, young men. the store owner, 76-year-old man with a heart problem and other medical issues. the robbers are armed with -- bibi pistol. but they say it was realistic. the store owner, well, he had a real gun. with real bullets. he had the upper hand. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon. a jewelry boutique in this alcove off of antique road in kensington. police say that two robbers come into the store. rough up the owner. and hit him on the head. the owner is 76 years old. he's had the shop for more than
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30 years. the robbers, they have a bibi pistol. but the owner, he has a real gun. and he gets the upper hand. fires off shots. wounds at least one suspect and chases him out of the store. they came in with a bibi gun. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: the shop owner had a real gun. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: the shop owner won. >> yes, sir, he did. >> reporter: did he chase them out of the store? >> he did, sir. >> reporter: firing shots? >> i don't know if he went that far. but at some point during the physical struggle he discharged his weapon. >> reporter: what do you make of this? >> one for the good guys. >> reporter: the suspects last seen running across the railroad trackses and get nag a red car with a getaway driver. >> got shot. >> reporter: back at the scene, heckter, the brother of that jewelry store owner. he has a health problem? >> very much. >> reporter: tell me about that.
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>> had strokes, got diabetes. he has -- problem with house eyesight. >> reporter: what do you make of what happened to him today, sir? >> only wish i was here. i feel guilty because i don't come to the store with him. >> reporter: now the store owner, he had a head injury. he is expected to be all right. those robbers, they didn't get any jewelry. they didn't get any money. but they did make off with one of the store owner's guns. a real one. jim, back to you. >> all right. pat collins on the story for us live in kensington. pat, thank you. in prince george's county, a school bus full of students in college park snagged low-lying power lines and got tangled up in them. this was near the intersection of route 1 and guilford road. officials say there were about 40 students onboard heading home from hyattsville middle school. no injuries the the students and
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driver had to wait on crews to move the lines. after about a half hour the bus was on its way. also in prince george's county, fire and rescue units remain on the scene of a serious accident involving three vehicles in bowie. police say it started as a head-on collision. just after 4:00. near route 197 and grayson lane. firefighters had to cut two adults from their vehicles. they were both flown to area hospitals for treatment. several others were also injured. route 197 is that area -- in that area remains closed while police investigate. a delta flight from paris landed safely in maine after it was diverted because of an unruly passenger. this was delta flight 273 bound for atlanta. it landed in bangor, maine, just after 3:30. u.s. officials said an american citizen claimed to have a fake passport and explosive in his luggage. feeral air marshals aboard the flight took the man into custody. the tsa says the plane was die
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vertded out of an abundance of caution. the latest now on developing story. bill that would overturn d.c.'s top gun laws is being introduced in the senate. craig melvin joins with us details on this. >> reporter: the bill would essentially repeal d.c.'s gun laws, wendy. it is called a second amendment enforce many act. arizona republican john mccain, montana democrat john, of the bill's primary sponsors. a spokesperson in senator mccain's office told me the bill will be introduced at any moment now. among other things, it would repeal the city's ban on semi automatic weapons and allow gun owners in the district to store loaded and assembled weapons in their houses. currently not allowed and if passed the bill would allow district residents to buy guns and ammunition in maryland and virginia. the bill would also repeal registration requirements. there is a curious line in -- in the 19-page bill that seems to strip the district of columbia
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of its ability to make any laws related to gun control. we will talk about that tonight. also we are going to ask officials about that and ask about the possible political motivations behind the introduction of the bill right now. so that's a story we are working on. tonight we will have more at 11:00. >> lot going on there. thank you, craig. former tooid d.c. council member jim graham pleaded not guilty to bribery charges today. ted losa is charged with taking cash and services in exchange for pushing laws farable to the taxi cabin industry. prosecutors say that he accepted more than $30,000 along with trips, limo rides, meals. graham denies any wrongdoing and says that he's cooperating with the authorities. law enforcement authorities told "the washington post" graham is not the target of their investigation. welling the deal is done, folks. washington caps ownerowner.
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hakem dermish has more. >> reporter: what we knew would eventually happen. finally official. family of abe pollen is selling his share to ted leonsis. details of the sale have not been released. the two sides agreed to value the franchise and arena at $550 million. during the wizards season finale two weeks ago abe's wife and his sons two sons thanked the fans for their support and a chance to say farewell while they still owned the team. abe pollen passed awatd at the age of 58 in november and longest tenured owner in nba. now ted leonsis will be the majority owner of three d.c. teams, wizards, mystics the capitals. "we are announcing today that we reached an agreement on the major economic terms to sell our family's share of the washington wizard wizards, verizon center and related washington sports businesses to ted leonsis and his lincoln holdings partners on
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reaching the new final step and long negotiation. all three of us looks forward to them enjoying many years of success on the court and in the community with this wonderful franchise. a representative for ted leonsis had no comb this afternoon. that's all for now. back to you. >> thanks. well, virginia wins in the battle with maryland and d.c. the land headquarters of a top defense contractor. the governor says he sealed the deal with an incentive package. the new headquarters will bring about 300 jobs with an average salary of $200,000. official site hasn't been picked but will likely be somewhere in northern virginia. julie carey is in arlington with more on the story of northrup grumman coming to town. >> reporter: arlington is one of two northern virginia locations at northern grumman is considering for its new corporate headquarters. the company already employees 40,000 people if virginia and maryland. but it was the prospect of
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winning those 300 corporate headquarters jobs that set up the competition between virginia, maryland and the district. his campaign slogan was bobs for jobs. today virginia governor bob mcdonnell delivered on his promise. joined northrup grumman's ceo, one of the largest defense and security contractors, relocating its headquarters from california to northern virginia. >> today's my 102nd day in office. made seven previous economic developments and got to say that's one of the most exciting days and best announcement we have been able to make in a long time. >> reporter: announcement ended an intense competition between the district, maryland and virginia to land the fortune 100 company. northrop grumman will decide on a specific northern virginia location within a month and open in the summer of 2011. >> northern virginia has several available facilities that provide us with proximity that we need for frequent interaction with our federal government customers and in addition, northern virginia location
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provides us the best overall economic outcome and that helped us finalize our decision in this very close competition. >> reporter: northrup grumman is the fourth corporate giant to locate to northern virginia. governor mcdonnell said this time the commonwealth lured northrop grumman with between $12 million and $16 million in tax breaks. >> making annage of $200,000. we estimated that it is going to be a $30 million net present value additional revenues to the state over the next ten years. >> reporter: while the move delivers just 300 jobs, mcdonnell expect it is ultimate payoff to be far bigger. northrop grumman is looking at ballston and fairview park area in fairfax county to locate the two corporate headquarters. a look at why virginia seems to keep winning these corporate
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headquarters sweepstakes. >> julie carey, thanks. well, we may have to suffer through a few chilly evenings but it means we get to wear our spring coats yet again. >> big change from just 24 hours ago when we were talking big severe storms out. veronica johnson joins us. >> yes. i like this kind of weather to deal with, just a chill. much better. wendy, you are always thinking fashion. hey, check out the temperatures behind me. we are in the low to mid 60s across the area from foggy bottom, 60 degrees. d.c. as well. you get up north around damascus and temperatures also 60. 63 around warrenton. as well as manassas and 61 currently at ft. belvoir. we are going to be dropping down to the mid and upper 30s. that's because of what will be happening over the next couple of hours. the clouds clearing and wind settling down. big time frost advisories from just north of the district. baltimore county, howard county,
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areas of mount gomry and loudoun county. fauquier, rappahannock. and madison county off to the west. it is here again. temperatures will drop to the mid and upper 30s. so cover your tender plants if you don't want them to get damaged in the overnight period. we will continue to clear out by tomorrow morning. very chilly start for us. fast forecast 60 degrees. back again tomorrow but a warmup. you are going to like this one. >> all right. we will see you in a bit. still to come on "news4 at 5:00," challenging d.c. parking tickets. what are your odds of winninging that battle? a teen star comes to town with an important message for teenage drivers. liz crenshaw, mortgage fraud. our area is among the top with the problem according to a new report. mau story is coming up.
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top executives from wall street powerhouse goldman sachs came before congress today less than two weeks after the securities exchange commission accused the firm of fraud. senators say goldman used a strategy that allowed it to profit from the housing meltdown and that the firm reaped billions of dollars at the expense of its clients. according to senate investigators goldman sachs misled investors in complex mortgage securities that turned
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toxic. >> gold map sacks did more than earn fees from the synthetic instruments that it created. goldman also bet against the mortgage market. and earned billions with that mark -- when that market crashed. >> i deny cat glorcally the sec's allegations and i will defend myself in court against this false claim. >> federal regulators say they have personal e-mails from 2006 and 2007 showing that man, fabrice tourre, and official officials predicting the subprime mortgage collapse and bragging about profits from these toxic mortgages. tourre said he regrets writing some of the e-mails goldman sachs released and said they reflect badly on him and his company and he wishes he had not sent them. >> another hot topic on the hill is the health care debate. that debate rages on despite lawmakers passing the bill. people with disability space lawmakers overlooked them when they passed the historic
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legislation. today came to washington and took their message to house speaker nancy pelosi. news4's tracee wilkins has our story. >> reporter: early morning arrival caused traffic backups downtown as more than 300 disabled protesters made their way up pennsylvania avenue. their destination, the washington hilton where they had a special message for nancy pelosi who was attending the american hop association conference some we are going to be after her until she continues -- until she comes around and supports us. >> reporter: these activists are members of a national disabilities rights organization. as it stands, states have for nursing home care. they say some of that money should be going to an in-home care option instead. a plan laid out in an act, a bill they want pelosi to support. >> people are dying in nursing homes. and what we want is people to be able to stay in their own homes
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and to get the services and support that they need. >> reporter: the protesters blocked entrances and guests had to walk half a block. the demonstration caused some minor traffic delays but guests and residents we talked to said they understood. >> i don't think they are creating that much of a disturbance and it is -- it is our american right to be able to protest and let people hear. i whoop have known this was going on today. >> i'm all for it. a lot of things need to be protested. so -- i have no problem with a little inconvenience if it helps some other people and gets the word out. >> not that big of a problem. get around the corner. but -- their cause is a worthy one. >> reporter: the group dispersed shortly afterwards. tracee wilkins, news4. metro employees and transit workers from all over the country rallied on the hill this
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afternoon. called on the government to provide more funding for transit agencies that have been struggling financially. reverend jesse jackson joined the workers and their call today. he said funding transit systems is a crucial part in growing the nation's green economy. since public transportation creates jobs and keeps more cars off the roads. all right. getting a little bit nippy out there. >> yes. end of april. >> still. >> yes. >> long spring. >> that it has been. the last time, though, we have seen temperatures as low as they are going to go tonight was -- more than a week ago. again, it is the end of april. i really think that -- this may be it. finally. looking down the road there over the next couple of days or overnight should be more in the 40s. mid 40s and -- even 60s. now we have cloud cover across the area. clouds that will be moving on out of here. clouds, some of them associated with part of the weather system that moves through here yesterday. it is a cold front that's just down to the south of us.
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our winds have been out of the north west. that helped to wrestling in the dry air. pretty gusty, too, at times. a breezy day, dry air working in. 34 degrees. dew point temperature. now let me show you not just here but look at the northeast corridor of the country. a lot of folks being affected by some real low temperatures tonight. and we are -- blue, pennsylvania, through areas of kentucky and -- further up into areas of southern indiana. that's where they have a freeze launch. average date of our last frost around here is april 23rd. we have already pushed past that. chilly nights. and again, i think this is going to be hit. we have a big warmup coming our way, too. that -- chilly air really cold air talking about points north, that's what's getting drawn in behind this system. main part of the system, low pressure, right now is up around areas of southern new york. look at what is just to the north of us. north of that low. white stuff. that's snow that's been falling
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and upstate new york and around vermont. which really is pretty late in the season here. low pressure around kentucky. that's the rest of it swinging through the area tomorrow. it may spark more clouds coming through the area tomorrow. no showers, though. those are around richmond and around virginia beach and south of roanoke. there's the snow, utica and areas around saratoga springs, just to the north. for us, again, we are going have high pressure moving in after tomorrow. loads of shine coming our way for thursday and friday. there is the high pressure system. a new system, though, already showing up in the pacific northwest. for washington, for oregon, high spots getting snow. lower elevations getting the rain and it has been heavy rain and high winds. this system will be tracking eastward and already as we have gotten this pattern change and the -- gulf stream being very active, we are going to see higher temperatures coming through the plains. we will see more heat for the plains and tennessee reel and next round of severe weather for thursday and probably for
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friday, too. we may see storms around here. saturday night and sunday. nothing like what we had the past weekend. your futurecast, there is the clearing taking place. across the area. we are going to see more clouds rotating through the area. tomorrow it will be like a mixture of clouds and shine. you will remember, i think, partly sunny type of day. here is your forecast for this evening. breezy and some clouds still hanging around, sunset at 7:57. from 60 to 55 degrees at 7:00. breezy tonight. much wind around the area by tomorrow morning. so chilly start. mostly clear. we will be in a range between 38 and 43 degrees. again, it has been more than a week since we had temperatures so low across the area in your forecast for tomorrow afternoon, still a little on the breezy side. mixture of clouds and sunshine. high is like it was today. 65 degrees. then on the other side of that, for friday, for thursday, high of 71. then for friday, i like it warm. that's why i want to get to friday. le 83 is your high for friday.
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again, quite a bit of sunshine and saturday, my birthday. >> we were trying toing act surprised. >> you need a sunny day. get those clouds off that saturday. >> maybe i should move my birthday to saturday. do people do that? get your birthday you do anything you want. >> meteorologists can do it. >> celebrate it anywhere you want. let's all go to -- somewhere. >> thanks, veronica. still ahead on "news4 at 5:00," the coast guard is fighting an environmental disaster. the large oil slick spreading in the gulf of mexico. how big sit now? >> judge legend calls one of our virginia towns racist. we will tell you what happened. quick programming note, "news4 today" waking up earlier. joe krebs and eun yang start at 4:30. [ laughs ]
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narrator: settling for less is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. guaranteed-quality used cars can cost a lot less than new cars. so you can get more car for less money by shopping at carmax. now more than ever, the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be. the oil slick caused by last week's oil rig collapse in the gulf of mexico can now be seen from space. as in a as satellite has spotted the slick which spread over an area of 48 miles long and 80 miles wide. that's larger than the state of rhode island. environmental experts say an
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estimated 42,000 gallons oil are leaking a day. the rig sank 50 miles off the coast of louisiana after an explosion last week. 11 people are missing and presumed dead. doctors are still trying to find out the source of the brain hemorrhage that left bret michaels in critical condition. the rock star and raeality tv star was hospital uzed six days ago after complaining of a severe headache. it is the latest in the string of challenges related to michaels' health. last year a stage prop hit him in the head. breaking his nose. he had an emergency aprpendectoy last week. michaels is also diabetic and admitted having issues with drugs and alcohol. on "news4 at 4:00" a local doctor said that some of those things may have played a role in michaels' bridge hemorrhage. >> most of those could -- head trauma is a common cause. but the likelihood that his trauma because i was so long ago was related is very low.
5:27 pm
probably wasn't related to that. alcohol, drugs are a very common cause and that -- in conjunction with the diabetes have put him at increased risk for this. >> many experts said if the bleed had not caused too much damage, the possibility of recovery is quite good. singer john legend says he was subject to racism while he was visiting our area recently. the singer slng songwriter posted his account on his twitter page on sunday while he was visiting familiar in frederickburg after that earth day concert downtown on the mall. he wrote that, quote, two old guys insulted them and that -- insulted him and told him to get out of there after he and a friend asked for directions. frederickburg's tourism manager told "the washington post" the incident is bad for the city's image. when we come right back tonight on "news4 at 5:00," teen idol jordan sparks comes to town and find out why the singer wants the teens to learn from her mistakes. >> we will tell if you fighting a parking ticket in d.c. court is waste of time.
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>> also this evening, family and friends honor a civil rights matriarch in washington. we will be right back.
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live pictures now from downtown d.c. where mourners are filing in to take a moment to celebrate the life of civil rights champion dr. dorothy
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height. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. coming up in this half hour, warning for chocolate addicts. a blogger's home is raided after apple's new iphone is leaked out. and it is opening day for an $8 million park that's near nats stadium. people are coming together tonight to remember the life and legacy of a woman considered to be the godmother of the civil rights movement. dr. dorothy height died last week at the age of 98. this evening, there's a public viewing at the national council of negro women in northwest washington. dr. height was the longtime head of that organization. news4's tom sherwood joins us from northwest with more on the story. tom? >> reporter: we are right here on pennsylvania avenue. right now there is a private service going on inside of the national council of negro women. a group door any height led are 2340 years. the public will be invited from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and people stood in line for hours.
5:32 pm
in the late afternoon, along pennsylvania avenue, dorothy height made one last visit to the national council of negro women. a group she led 40 years. >> wear returning to dorothy height to -- the only building that stands between the capitol and the white house, that's owned by black women. >> reporter: as members of the public waited for a viewing, many famous and ordinary citizens recalled height's impact on decades of work for civil rights and women's rights. >> she was not one to scream or holler. she was a very gentlelady but she was a very tough lady. she understood the work that needed to be dothere. >> she was always there. not necessarily at the front of the line but you knew she was the person to follow wherever she stood. >> reporter: stand in line? >> of course. >> reporter: why? >> because of dr. height's stature. she was a fine woman and she was
5:33 pm
a fine example for us. she stood for everybody. >> reporter: the civil rights leader who died last week at 98 will be honored at a funeral service thursday at the national episcopal church where president obama will deliver the eulogy. and the president ordered the flags be flown at half-staff thursday for the services. those will be official flags all over the world in honor of dorothy height. back to you in the studio. >> national treasure. all right. tom sherwood, thank you. an $8 million park along the anacostia river officially opened in southeast d.c. today. mayor fenty joineded members of the nonprofit group -- opened the diamond teague park. members of the earth conservation corps when he was killed seven years ago. the park has two peers. one for boats and one for kayaks. 1st street, potomac avenue,
5:34 pm
nationals park. >> today we dedicate this park to a remarkable young man, diamond teague, who is a symbol of the hope and challenges we face in our environment and our city and country. >> diamond was an angel. he was here for 19 years ask then he went away. but you know what? i know that diamondond is in a better place and is in heaven and is smiling down on us. >> the murder of diamond teague is still unsolved. he was killed in 2003 outside of his home in southeast d.c. "american idol" winner jordan sparks brought star power to capitol hill to call attention to the dangers of texting and driving. in 2008, nearly 6,000 people died in crashes that were caused by distracted driving. jane watrel joins us now with more on the deadly epidemic. >> 20-year-old jordan sparks said it took a scary experience, swerving while reaching for her cell phone to realize the
5:35 pm
dangers of the distracted driving. she is trying to get her peers to keep both hands on the wheel. it is a danger on the nation's roads and highways. as deadly to some as being drunk behind the wheel. texting while driving is turning into an epidemic. affecting more and more teens. >> one of my friends actually was texting and almost got in the opposite lane. scary. >> reporter: he is not alone. studies showed texting while driving can increase the risk of an accident by 23 times. just ask jordan sparks who came to union station to speak out against the dangers. >> i remember once i was in the car and reached for my phone and swerved. okay, that's it pip can't do it anymore. >> reporter: transportation secretary ray lahood who wants to reduce fightal teen car crashes. 11 a day die on the road. >> buckle up and put your cell phone in your glove compartment. >> reporter: getting message out
5:36 pm
won't be easy. teens say they are addicted to their cell phones and use text messaging as their primary way to communicate. just ask maryland teen justice walker how many texts he sends every day. >> hundreds. probably like thousands. communicate with texting. >> reporter: it is not just teens. her mother swore off texting after a close call. >> we swerved when she was texting. and -- ever since then she does not text anymore. it is too dangerous. you never know the outcome. >> reporter: jordan sparks gave the thumbs up to drivers who refuse to text. teens that took the national anti-texting pledge. >> put it in my purse. put tonight the back seat. away from me. so i can't hear it. >> 23 states, including maryland, virginia, and the district of columbia have some sort of texting ban. the transportation secretary is pushing for federal laws as well. jim and wendy. >> good idea. put it in the back of your car.
5:37 pm
>> remove the temptation good right in your purse. whatever. one kid said he put it in the trunk of his car. >> wow. >> smart move. >> that is. >> save a life. >> when we come right back on "news4 at 5:00," $42 million in cash waiting for maryland residents to claim. >>er with going to have another check of the extended forecast. going to get chilly but it is going to be warm in a couple of days.
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how can we get one of these? miniature horse just born in new hampshire could win a big title. einstein was born last week weighing just six pounds. he could be up for the "guinness book of word records" title. that's the next smallest horse in the world. look at him go. current title holder, thumblina. two pounds heavier. he measured 14 inches at birth. that's seven incheses shorter than the average miniature horse. >> like a little dog. >> you can never ride one of those things. it does look like a dog. smaller than mine. veronica, what's going on with the weather? it will get cold. then what? when it will start feeling like summer. >> how about thursday, at least into the 70s. that's one when the warming trend starts around here. 80s for the weekend. let's talk about that chill because silver spring, maryland, you dropped down this morning to 53 degrees. temperature will be lower into
5:41 pm
the fourth by tomorrow morning. here is a look at the stretch all the locations under a frst advisory from 2:00 to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow morning. extends from baltimore through howard, montgomery, fauquier county, madison county. points to the west and north. so right now we are at 60 degrees. dew point is 34 degrees. dry air, calm winds. that's all you need. we are not going to be completely calm but getting close to that as the winds continue to subside. 53 for the evening. tomorrow morning, 42 with a chill through the area. back to you. >> all right. coming up on "news4 at 5:00," we are going to tell you why overindulging in sweet treats like chocolate could do more harm be just your waistline. the caps trying to figure out a way to beat a really hot goaltender. >> i'm liz crenshaw. census workers will start knocking on doors this weekend. what you need to know is coming up.
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another look now at the day's headlines. senator john mccain is with a bill that would repeal the tough gun laws. eleanor holmes norton says she will fight the measure. a julie store owner fought back when two men tried to rob him. the two men with bee guns tried to rob the boutique this afternoon. the men assaulted the owner but he managed to get his own gun out and opened fire on the suspects. still they got away. body of dr. dorothy height will lie in repose tonight during a wake for the civil rights icon this evening. dr. height died last week at the age of 98.
5:45 pm
relief is on the way for airline passengers that get stuck indefinitely on the tarmac and a new report out shows mortgage fraud is plaguing our area. >> plus if you did not fill out that census, you may get a visit to your home soon. liz crenshaw is here with what you need to know. >> we are going to start with mortgage fraud. maryland and virginia are among the top ten states for mortgage fraud. according to a report out this week. top fraud types include false information on applications and appraisals. the lexus nexus mortgage fraud research institute released the report and the institute ranked maryland sixth and virginia tenth for mortgage fraud in 2009. florida and new york lead the nation. the report states mortgage fraud is up 7% nationwide from 2008 to 2009. start thing week, indefinite wait time on the tarmac should come to an end or someone will wait v to pay up. a new federal rule takes effect
5:46 pm
thursday requiring airlines not to hold passengers more than three hours on the tarmac for domes tech flights. if they violate the rule airlines would face up to a $27, 500 fine per passenger. five airlines requested an exemption from the rule on norg flights but the feds declined them. this weekend don't be surprised if you get a knock on the door from a census worker. starting saturday, census workers will visit the homes of people who did not fill out and mail back the census form we all received in the mail. do you have to participate? yes. it is required by law. here's how you can tell if the person is truly working for the census, though. a census worker will have a badge like this one in and carry an official census bag. the person will only ask you the ten questions that are on the census form. you will never, you will never be asked for your social security number or for financial information. and the census worker will never
5:47 pm
enter your home. census workers do take a note they cannot share any of your information. not even with law enforcement officials. the census is only interested in producing statistics so federal money can be allocated for communities that need funding. look for the badge and look for the bag and if they want to come in your house, they are not a census worker. >> good to know. >> good to know. savoring chocolate is normal. but some researchers say overindulging in it could be a sign of mental health problem. researchers at the university of california followed a group of 1,000 adults and those that ate the most chocolate, which is about 12 servings a month, were also more likely to suffer from depression. how chocolate is linked to mood? not clear. but researchers say many people who feel down often turn to chocolate as a pick-me-up because chocolate triggers certain chemicalings in the brain to give the feeling of
5:48 pm
pleasure. jim vance joins us now with a preview. >> coming up at 6:00, teenager convicted of murder leased from jail by mistake. authorities now are trying to figure out how that happened. the young driver recovering after crashing his truck off a cliff. we will show you video of that. and a college in maryland will start offering classes that begin at midnight. that starts next semester. i could have taken one of those classes. those stories and more on "news4 at 6:00." >> no-doze we used to take in school. >> we didn't go to sleep until 3:00 in the morning. >> then go to class at midnight and at 2k3w48 the morning. exactly. thanks. >> see you in a bit. >> like that idea. taking a late-night class. >> yeah. >> good time. >> go to the gym at 3:00 in the morning and work out. >> if have you a 24-hour gym. >> caps working out tonight. you really can't fix the problem when you run into a hot goaltender.
5:49 pm
>> what are you going do n. >> this guy was ridiculous last night. >> he has some nerve. >> yeah. he was awesome. did you see the game? >> no. i read about it in the paper. looks like frightening if you are a caps fan. >> he was awesome. the goalie stood on his head last night. if you are unfamiliar with that phrase all it means is that he was really, really good. he stifled the capitals. allowing one goal. forced the a decisive game seven in washington tomorrow. >> consensus from the coach and the players seems to be the team played very well last night. they just atlantic a goalie who was absurd. the goalie stopped 53 of 54 shots he faced. and even though the capitals went down 2-1 early, it was the goalie that did them in. >> sometimes you -- goalies get in the zone where nothing is going to beat them. and -- he's in that zone. everything he saw he was going to stop.
5:50 pm
i mean, he got all of that shot from 20 feet out. it really worked well for them. they got that -- first goal on a perfect shot. and it was short of like okay, we are not going to allow them to do anything now. >> unbelievable. lundquist was good. this year, we find a way to break it. >> now aicive game search for the caps for the fourth time in three years. bruce boudreau clearly frustrated when asked just how ready his team will be for another game seven. >> i don't know how to answer that. am i think more ready? we are ready. we are going to be as ready. we have been through it. i me, how do i answer it? help me out here. how do you answer that question? what do you do to get more
5:51 pm
ready? >> you don't know. >> try to keep them on their -- convert. we are going to keep going with that same pressure and frustration, no matter what happened with power play, lot goff things. >> experience for game sevens. you know, we are -- you know, one game here. and, you know, play our game and keep going. played pretty good today. >> if you start thinking and letting him get inside your head from what's happened in fast, then you are in trouble before you start. it all starts fresh. take a deep breath and come back at them absolutely huge game for the capitals on wednesday night. it is the best regular season team in hockey but if they lose this game, they will almost certainly be a major overhaul. if they win, this stanley cup dreams are still live. one thing that's for sure, montreal canadiens will not go
5:52 pm
away easily. from montreal, dan hellie, news4 sports. >> capitals would be without one of theirman, tomorrow poti for game seven. he will have surgery. the local term for the shorts for montreal. that's what they call them out there. not like we shorten it for caps. ours doesn't have as a cool name. >> doesn't sound as pretty. >> not as cool. game seven tomorrow night. this is it. do or die. exactly. >> this guy, what can you do? you said 90. >> 90 of 92 shots. >> when you run into a hot goaltender -- >> and getting hotter and hotter. coming up on "news4 at
5:53 pm
5:00," how to get your hands on millions of dollars worth of unclaimed cash. >> blogger who had his home raided by police because of apple's new iphone. >> we will tell you what happens to most people when they fight d.c. parking tickets in court. we are coming right back.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
onlike blogger under investigation in california. police are trying to doerm if
5:56 pm
chin broke the law by revealing what appears to be apple's next generation iphone. the updated iphone was than supposed to be rolled out until june. chen posted pictures and details of the lost iphone prototype on his website. the authorities raided his house and seized his computer's hard drives, cell phones, and credit card receipts. chen claims the raid was illegal because it is unlawful to confiscate property of a journalist. you know how good you feel when you find money in a pair of jeans you haven't worn in a while? >> imagine how you would feel if found you are owed real cash or valuables. maryland added new names to the unclaimed property list. 60,000 accounts worth than $42 million has been added this year. the comptroller's office tries to find the owners of the stocks, bonds and contents of security safe deposit boxes and other valuables unclaimed. >> check out
5:57 pm
you can check other states by visiting okay. the few drivers who go to court to fight their tickets in the district of columbia win. very few. according to the department of motor vehicles report, in each of the past two years the district earned nearly $120 million from its parking, moving violations and photo tickets. the report also shows that the small percentage of people who decided to fight those tickets did have a good chance of winning. 2009 nearly 60% of the moving violations that were fought were thrown out. >> take time and effort. >> yes, it does. maryland governor o'malley made it official. he is running for re-election and he kicked off his campaign today. >> sets up a potential rematch for former governor bob ehrlich who already announced his candidacy. chris gordons that latest from the campaign trail which is now in prince george's county. >> reporter: maryland governor martin o'malley chose prince george's county community college to launch his campaign for re-election citing the large
5:58 pm
financial investment, his administration has made in education. >> you know what? there are some that are you four public office to take maryland back. i run for office to move maryland forward. >> reporter: prince george's county is overwhelmingly democratic but this year, some voters are waiting to decide. >> i wouldn't see where he is at and whether or not he really does deserve my vote the upcoming election. >> reporter: are you open-min d open-minded? >> i am. >> we are going to come out strong for the governor. good for prince george's county and will win prince george's county. >> reporter: the governor says that prince george's county is critically important to his re-election campaign. >> prince george's is very important to us and montgomery i have important. these are two of the real, you know, job generating economic engines of our state. >> reporter: governor o'malley and his lieutenant governor brown will appear across the state of maryland over the next couple of days.
5:59 pm
bob ehrlich at this point does not have a running mate. his campaign tells me he has a list and he will announce his choice for lieutenant governor sometime before the official filing date in july. prince george's community college, chris gordon, news4. >> that's it for "news4 at 5:00" on this tuesday. >> stay right there. jim and doreen are next with "news4 at 6:00." a bill that would overturn the district's tough gun control laws being introduced in the senate. >> two armed men tried tore rob a bank. they picked the wrong guy. gathering tonight to celebrate the life civil rights activist dorothy height. first, very many bankers from goldman bank testified before congress today and denied they cheated clients or used a strategy that allowed their firm


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