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tv   Today  NBC  December 16, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EST

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good morning. on the house, the u.s. house of representatives set to vote on the tax cut deal today after it was overwhelmingly passed by the senate. will it pass as is or will representatives on both sides of the aisle get the changes they want in the latest from the hill. why did he snap? new details on the flori man who opened fire during a school bod meeting before ting his own life. this morning, his wife speaks out for the first time. and snow job? the popular television weathercastor suspended after charges of filing a false police report. she claims she was attacked by a would-be rapist in central park but investigators say the whole thing was made up "today,"
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but investigators say the whole thing was made up "today," thursday, december 16, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer.the house of representatives set to vote on this tax compromise today, expected tbe closer in the senate, where it was 81-19. >> despite a new call from president obama to pass the bill without changes, house democrats say to expect a heated debate over at what point estates should be taxed and how much. going to get the latest from capitol hill straight ahead. also ahead, new details in the brutal murder of yeardley love, a lacrosse player at the he university of virginia. attorneys for her ex-boyfriend who also played lacrosse for uva and are charged in the case are casting doubts on how love died d they want her medical
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records to allegedly prove their case. we are going to have more on that coming up. plus, important news for parents. the government outlaws drop-side cribs that can be found in millions of homes, hotels and day care centers. so, what if you already have one? we will tell you wh you should do coming up. let start this morning in washington where the tax cut bill heads to the house after passing a senate vote. nbc's capitol hil correspondent, kelly o'donnell, has the latest. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. there is a complication to this that can only happen one time a year and it is here the politics of christmas. with pressure to get some important things done there is really a lot of fighting going on and democrats and republicans are not spreading holiday cheer. twas the fightefore christmas. >> this is a terrible way to run the federal government's business. >> reporter: the senate to-do list is long. >> the senate will come to order. >> reporter: republicans say there is only time left to fund the government before the money runs out this saturday. >> we ought to pass the tax
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legislation and keep the lights on. everything se, mr. president, can wait. >> reporter: democrats say they are not leaving town. >> yet, some of my republican colleagues have the nerveo whine about having to stay in acon, do the work of the american people. >> reporter: republicans' message to harry reid, don't mess with christmas. >> the democrat leadership somehowhinks that by being here christmas week, that that an act of courage, that they are being courageous by having congress here because we are doing all these important things. >> reporter: but reid blames republicans for stalling bills all year. >> so, it says to me and millions of working aricans and me acrosthis country, any senator suggest working through the christmas holidays is somehow sackry limp joyce or disrespectful. >> reporter: today, t senate will debate the new s.t.a.r.t. eaty with russia. >> we are ready to be here all weekend. we are ready to work and vote. >> reporter: the nuclear arms reduction treat city a top priority for the white house. vice president biden says the senate must get it done before
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heading home. >> i hope i don'tet in the way of your christmas shopping, you about this is the nation's business. this is a national security at stake. act. act. >> reporter: both democrats and republicans in the senate did pass the president's tax cut compromise wednesday. >> the yeas are 81. the nays are 19. >> reporter: today it goes to the not-so-happen had i pow where liberal democrats are upset the president refuses to reduce tax breaks for the wealthy. >> it appears our leadership is attempting to avoid our wishes and bring this bill forward without major changes. it will be a disaster for the american people. >> reporter: and the president has showed some calm but impatient pushing toward the house, saying don't make any changes. d on the sena side, they are saying don't make any changes but toy, they will still try to peel back some of the benefits on the estate tax, but it is expected to be much tighter and there is still a lot of hope that this tax cut compromise can get done today.
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matt? >> kelly o'donnell on capitol hill for us. thank you very much. indiana congressman mike pence announced he will not vote for the tax cut deal. congressman people, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> you said ts is a tough call. how do you think it will go in the rest of the house? do you think it will pass? >> i think it is a tough call no house republican wants to see taxes go up on any american. and most ofs have been fighting to make sure that no american sees a tax increase in january, but for my part, i just believe that this tax deal will do little to create jobs. it adds to the national debt. i think we can do better. think we can take time do better and congress should do just that. >> even as you make this decision, one of your fellow republicans, paul ryan is criticizing it, saying th is purely a political decision. as a matter of fact, i think he goes further to say i think it is a personal, political decision, meone being considered or perhs considering running for president in 2012, you can't be
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seen as too cooperative with the democrats or president obama. how do you resnd to that? >> well, i would respond, look, we -- my decision is based exclusively on what i think is the right thing to do for the american people and that is -- you got t recognize a couple of things. first, uncertainty is the enemy of our prosperity. a two-year extensionefgts tax code is not going to encourage the kind of investment that going to begin to create jobs in this economy. and i really believe that this -- this congress ought to take a breath. we ought to roll our sleeves up and we ought to do what we can, like john f kennedy did like ronald reagan did and embrace permant extensions of all the tax rates. i'm arguing, you know, let's not do this take it or leave it deal from the senate. if the liberals want to have an amendment today on raising taxes, let every house republican vote on what we know would help this economy -- >> not a take it or leave it --. permanent extension of the deal. >> not a tke it or leave it deal, there is compromise in this deal there are things in
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this package that neither side likes but that's the basis of coromise and suspect that what's better for the country at this particular moment? >> well, i think, yeah i hear about the comprise.i know that this deal was largely negotiated by leaders in the senate and the white house, despite the fact that the constitution clearly says the bills relating to taxes shou begin in the use of representatives. but, look, bottom line is this is not about whetherr not there was compromise involved. it is what is it going to take to get this economy moving again? and a two-year tax extension that simply takes tax ireases scheduled for january and says th are going to come two years from january is not going to encourage the kind of investment are that will put americans back to work. i was in money circumsnce indiana, just the other day mattand i had a banker walk up to me and say, look, nobody is going to come innd sign a five-year note and borrow money and create jobs on a two-year tax code. that is the reality. what we e asking for is an up
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or down vote on making all the current tax rates permanent. i think most americans know that's what we should be doing to get this economy moving again. >> congressman mike pence from indiana. congressman, thanks for your time this morning much i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> it is 7:07, here is meredith. >> matt, thank you. so what do americans think about what is going on in washington? chuck todd, nbc's political director and chief white house correspondent has the results o the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. chuck, good morning to you. what does the poll show us about how americans feel abo the tax deal? >> good morning, meredith well, let's start with that tax deal. 59% approve of the overall deal that includes 54 of democrats, 68% ofrepublicans. in fact, even self-described liberal democrats, 50% of them support this de, 47% disapprove of it. so, there is broad support here and i think that's you why saw it fly through the senate and it will probably only hit little speed bump notice house but probably get through. >> obviously, the white house hopes this bipartisan bill is
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passed because as the president put it he took a real shellacking in those midterm elections. he needs a victory here. the poll these 54% of the people believe that the president got the message after midterms. how are his approval ratings? >> well, they p, but only about half of that group believe he is making necessary adjustments. now, his approval rating is actually -- took bit of a hit compared to last month. he is sitting at 45% approve, 48% disappro. part of that has to do with the fact that more people tell us the country i headed on the wrong track than at any time during this obama presidency. now, one remarkable thing about the president's approval rating it is actually kind of static over the last year and our pollsters say considering everything he went through, including that shellacking in the elections, the fact that still is at 45% is actually quite remarkable. >> a good sign. let's look ahead to 2010. you started to match president obama up against potential gop candidates. how does he fare? >> against an unknown republican, he is in a bit of trouble. he only gets 42% of folks saying
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that they would support him for re-election, 39% would pick the republican candidate. no put some faces with those names and he actually gets a bill bit stronger. matched up against mitt romney, the quasifront runner, very early, of course, 47% for the president, 40% for mitt romney. against john thune, one of the unknowncandidates, mike pence and national name recognition, the president sits at 47. you kind of see a pattern here, thune at 27%. then match him up against sarah palin and you see some problems here for sarah palin because the president gets 55, palin gets 33. that is more about sarah palin an it is president obama, because look at these negative ratings, meredith. >> yeah. >> she is sitting at 50% negative. >> palin, for all the exposure she has had this year does not do well the voters? >> not at all n fact there is a real divide. dig inside the numbers. sitting at that 50% negative rating. makes her the most unpopular politician we tested in our poll this month and tied for the most
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unpopular we have tested all year. only nancy pelosi scores an equal rating. women are more negative toward her. really, the only positive group of voters sitting out there, meredith are fox news viewers, one of the only group of voters she has a positive rating. >> on that note, chuck todd, thank you very much. >> you got t. >> is 7:11 once again, here is matt. >> thank you we are learning more about the gunman who opened fire at a school board meeting this week before he turned that gun on himsf. his wife spoke out on wednesday. nbc's mar potter is in panama city, florida with the latest on this story. mark, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. the mor we look at the shooter here, the more we see a man with a criminal past who was mentally troubled and believed in conspiracies, he was als well armed. >> you may leave. you may leave. >> reporter: 56-year-old clay handgun threatened the bay coun school board and then opened fire, a terrified witness called 911. [ gunshots ]
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>> oh, my gosh, he is firing. he is firing. is firing. i don't know -- >> are you secure where you are? >> yes. need an ambulance. >> reporter: in confronting the school superintendent, four board members and their attorney, duke said he was angry his wife had been fired from her teacher's job. rebecca duke, who is separated from him, says he suffered from economic and emotional pressures. >> the economy and the world just got the better of him had. and along with his bipolar, it just set him up for this horrible event. >> reporter: while police confirm rebecca was fired from her teaching job, they say she was unaware of duke's plans to lash out at the school board. even his former lawyer agreed the gunman had mental problems and wasn't shocked he was involved in the shooting. >> please don't. please don't. >> he was the guy who everybody you hear about on the news that believes in the end of the wld and conspiracy theories and things of that nature. he was that type of guy.
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>> reporter: in the year 2000, duke was convicted of aggravated stalking and shootininto a vehicle in a case involving his ex-wife. he was sentenced to five years in prison. >> he was dressed in full camouflage, had an assault weapon and basically, was planning on killing her the day that he was gonna meet her at her house. >> reporter: despite what happens at the school board, rebecca duke insists he was trying to turn his life around. >> he wanted a second chance. he lived in a very quiet community in out -- out in the woods so that he could -- wouldn't have to deal with the stress. >> reporter: police say they believe duke planned the school board attack for some time and arrived there tuesday with lots of ammunition. >> he had an extra magazine that was fully loaded in his back pocket at the time of the shooting. and then he had another box of ammo. >> reporter: neighbors describe duke as quiet and a loner, much different from the aggressive gunman who opened fire on school officials then took his own life after being wounded in a gun
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fight. now, later this morning, schoo board security chief mike jones who confronted clay duke and ended the shooting, will tell his side of the story at a news conference and he is being hailed here by many people as a hero. matt? >> mark potter in panama city for us this morning. mark, as always, thanks very much. it is 13 minutes after the hour. once again, here's meredith. >> thank you. now the latest on the arrest of julian assange, the wikileaks founder back in a london court this morning. nbc's peter alexander i there for us. good morning, peter. >> rorter: meredith, good morning to you. just a short time ago, julian assange's lawyers say they have collected the $315,000ash bail needed for assange's release that means at the end of today's hearing, if the appeal is denied by a brish judge, julian assange willalk out of this courthouse a free man. followed by a crowd of cameras, this morning's ride to court m be julian assange's final trip in police custody. the enigmatic founder of wikileaks, seen here through the
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police van's heavily tinted windows, could be preparing for extraordinary change of scenery from solitary confine n a prison to this 600-acre estate outside london so big, it straddles two counties. assange's own lawyer jokily reversion to it as mansion arrest. the ten-bedroom english manor volunteered by owner vaughan smith, the owner of a british club for journalists where assange has appeared in the past. >> i let him stay there i believe in supporting the unrdog. i think's friend of mine. i trust him. >> reporter: smith acknowledge it had will likely be one of the most unusual christmases i have ever experienced. for the man who has made freedom of information his life'swork, the price of his ownreedom is $315,000 cash bail. with several prominent celebrities off attorney general help cover the cost, including documentary filmmaker michael moore and mick jagger's ex-wife, bianca jagger. ba comes with strict conditions. the former computer hacker would be under curfew, wearing an
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electronic monitor and requid to check in with authorities each night. assange stil faces possible extradition to swede.for questions over allegations of sexual misconduct by two women assange met at this wikileaks seminar this summer, allegations he denies. asan only's mother who flew in from us a trail to support her son, described had his attitude toward his time behind bars. >> of course anger was actually the term that he used. >> reporter: the "new york times" is today reporting that federal prosecutors trying to seek a case against asan only in the u.s. are trying to find any evidence of possible coalition between asan only and the army intelligence analyst, bradley manning, the man who is suspected of leaking those classified documents. so for now, we stand outside and wait. meredith, back to you. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. t's get a check of the rest of the morning' top stories. natalie is over it news desk while ann is a little under the weather today. i hope she feels better. good morning, natly. >> wishing app well. good morning to you guys and good morning everyone. a hotly anticipated white house review of the war in
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afghanistan has just been released this morning. c's jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon for us. good morning, mick and what does the report say? >> reporter: good morning, natalie. the president's review say the afghanistan strategy is pretty much on course, that in many parts of the country, taliban momentum has either been stopped or even reverse bud it also warns that any progress is still fragile and reversible. still, big concerns about receipt liability of the afghanistan government and those taliban safe havens across the board terror in pakistan. but when i was in afghanistan last week with secretary of state gates, i never have seen him or the u.s. milita commanders there more optimistic about that mission. they do warn, however, that it still remains a long, hard fight and that american troops are going to be on the ground there for years. natalie? >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon for us. thank you, jim. freezing temperatures and icy roads in the soueast are to blame for five deaths in mississippi and alabama, inuding three high schoolers. several school district notice area canled classes due to
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dangerous road conditions. federal government has now banned drop-side cribshat are a tape is until millions of americans homes. nbc's pete williams has the story. >> reporr: cribs with one side that can be dropped down can make picking up the baby easier but an edge can come loose and a child can get caught in the gap. the government says 32 infants have died that way. that's what happened to 10-month-old tyler witt of new york. >> i rocked him, i put him to bed at 1:00 in the morning aft his 1 a.m. feeding and i never imagined that would happen. >> reporter: 11 million of the cribs have been recald and some retailers have stopped selling em. now, the consumer product safety commission has voted unanimously to ban drop-side cribs a topped toughen federal crib testing. >> i believe these new standards will markedly reduce crib-related hazards and ensure young children sleep more safely in their ibs. >> reporter: under the new rules taking effect in june it will be illegal to make or sell drop
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side cribs that includes reselling them, too, on websites like ebay, craigslist or second hand stores. child care centers and hotels will hav two years to phase them o and he place them with cribs with stationary sides. drop-side cribs still in home cbs safely used if the sides are locked into pce so they cannot move. pe williams, nbc news, washington. australian officials are launching a criminal investigation into wednesday's shipwreck that killed at least 28 asylum seers, including 11 children on the shore of christmas island. november foreclosures droppeto their lowest rate in 18 months, according to realtytrac, but the dip is a result of freensz repossessions imposed for improp letter handled evictions a foreclosures. now 7:19, you are up to date. to become meredith, matt and al. >> natalie, thank you very much. >> se thing. >> a first check of the weather from al roke >> i have amazing video for you here.
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good morning. the snow is falling and reaching
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the ground in virginia. here's a live picture of 81. you can see the snow already on the ground there. looking at the radar we have the ow advancing from the west to east and will be movingnto the metro area perhaps in about another three hours or so in tal amounts. off fther to our west as well as east. then farther south, three to five inches of snow may be mixing with some eet. that >> and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you. and just ahead, a new twist in the murder of university of virginia lacrosse player yedley lovement her ex-boyfriend is charged with beating her to death but now her attorneys are questioning how love actually died. we will have the latest, but first this is "today" on nbc.
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still ahead, three things you can do if you want to retire in the next decade. >> plus, a popular weathercaster suspended after allegedly lying about being attacked by a
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would-be rapist, after your local newsnd weather.
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good morning. it's 7:26 on this thursday, the 16th day of december. i'm joe krebs. snow is moving into the area, toward the area. lit's get right to meteologist tom kierein. >> here's a live picture of interstate 81. this is near roanoke. it's accumulating therand still snowing. we have the snow advancing from the west to the east. it should be moving here by perhaps later this morning and this afternoon anccumulation of one to tree inchs. higher amounts to the south and lighter amounts farther to the north. then we should dry out for friday, saturd, and sunday
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with highs in the 30s, lows in the 20s. joe. >> we'll get a
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good morning, everyone. the rush hour around the immediate washington area on dry pavement. good news there. off and on from clarksburg headed on down. the travel lanes are all open.
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95 and 395, very heavy. delays begin north of duke street most of the way to the 14th street bridge. joe? >> "news 4 today" has you covered.
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7 kfr -- 7:30 on a thursday morning, the 16th day of 2010. another frosty morning in the big apple. the sun is shining, you can't see it there, it s take our word for it. it should warm up a little bit today. thank the people for stopping by. insidetudio 1a, i'm matt lauer and meredith vieira this half hour, a strange case involving a local television personality here in new york city. >> aeathercast we are a career on the rise suspended aft authorities say she filed a fake police report about
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astalked and attacked by a would-be rapist. with and if you want to retire in the next ten years, will you he enough money and what should do you if the answer is no? what can you do to turn the answer no to yes? financial expert susie oan will offer her advice. > race to no wrarks documentary made by another seen enough, casting the spotlight on the tremendous pressure and stress placed on today's students. we begin this half hour with new details in the murder other of yeardley love, a popular lacrosse player at the university of virginia. her ex-boyfriend is charged in that crime but now his defense team is he questioning love's cause of death. c's jeff rossen is on the campus in charlottesville, virginia. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. let me read to you from the autopsy report. the official cause of death for yeardley love is blunt force trauma to the head. police say her ex-boyfriend beat her, now he is charged in her murder but his defense lawyer says not so fast. yeardley love was also on
7:32 am
prescription drugs like alteril and maybe others and that may have cause herd death. now they want her medical records to prove it. on the pristine campus of uva where george hughley brutally beat and killed yeardley love, prosecutors say this new twist. lawyers want to develop into yeardley love's personal files, her medical records, saying she was on alteril, the medication prescribed for adhd and overusing. the new defse theory, blaming the victim, the trucks may have cause herd death, stopping her heart, not the beating. >> i think that that's prey transparent. i think the fact that they can't rest their case on anything more substan sex telling. >> ihink it is kind of disrespectful to her memory, personally. >> reporter: hughley friends say had had a tur by lent romantic relationship with lovend sometimes got physical with her. police sources say he may have been angry over their breakup and sent her death threats over textmessage. inside his apartment, court
7:33 am
documents say, investigators found the lacrosse shirt with a red stain on it. then, there's his confession the night of the murder, admitting to police he kicked his right foot through the door that leads to love's bedroom. they got into a fight and he shook love and her head repeatedly hit the wall, leaving her to die, police say, face down on her pillow in a pool of blood. hughley's lawyers wouldn't comment on their new theory, just that this was a tragic accident, a theory some experts don't buy. >> the extent of these injuries to the head are severend could be explained only by somebody pushing her head forcefully against the wall. it just doesn't fit any other way. >> reporter: but in court, where reasable doubt is all the jury needs, hughley's defense team is pulling out all the stops, not only requestg yeardley love's medical record bus alsoointing out she was drunk the night of her murder. acrding to the autopsy, love had a blood alcohol level of .14. >> this is actually decent strategyy the defee,
7:34 am
creating an alternate theory of the cause of death and they are doing their job and if they can get their expert to say that there may be another cause of death, they are creating reasonable doubt. >> reporter: how longly is sitting in jail, awaiting trial next month. as the family of yeardley love, still grieving the loss of their risingstar, gets ready to face him in court. need tolls say, prosecutors here in virginia are fighting the release of these medical records and love's own family, her mother specifically, sent a letter to the court saying you shouldn't release it, you shouldn't unseal these medical records because they are private it may have worked, matt. the judge has said he is not going to allow the defense to go on some kind of fishing expedition here and release all of the records built judge is reviewing them right now and may unseal some of them. we will find out soon. >> jeff rossen down in charlottesville this morning, thanks very much. it is 34 after the hour. let's get a check of the weather from .
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a. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by kay jewelers, the number one jewelry store in america. and the cold air all ross the country is going to good morning. we have radar showing some snow that is now falling, and in southwestern virginia, live pictures showing this is route 220 near roanoke. it's certainly on the ground this and accumulating. and it's snowing in west virgia and in parts of the
7:36 am
shenandoah valley. it is advancing to the east, should be arriving into the metro area perhaps in another two to three inch urs. northern virginia, parts of maryland. higher amounts farther to our south though. all ending later tonight. dry into the weekend. and to make sure you keep track of this wild weather all day long, go to the weather channel on cable and online. meredith? >> al, thank you. meteorologist on the local abc station here in new york has now been suspend after police say that she made up claims that she was stalkednd nearly assaulted by a would-be rapist in central park. nbc's mike taibbi has details. mike, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. how flu is at 37, heidi jones' career as a tv meteorologist and much more was on the rides. she s also an avid fitness buff and distance run zaerpd a lot of run hearing in central park. this is also where she claims someone tried to rain her. >> northwestern corner of new yorkstate. >> reporter: heidi jones had made it to the big-time, going
7:37 am
all the way from an indiana girlhood to forecasting the weather on abc's huge new york tv station. >> we get into late september. >> reporter: reporting countless stories from the field. >> perfect day for this. it is called beac 10 t is not just for hackers slackers like myself. one of the best tune-up races yesterday. >> reporter: often filling in on abc's nationally broadcast morning show, "good morning, america." >> heidi jones is here. >> good morning, everyone. >> reporter: on her facebook page and run with heidi website she wres about her floishing tv career and prowess as a long distance runner. no where does she tell her fans what police say she recently told them that ahispanic man had twice confronted her, first back in september when he grabbed her as she joggeded and tried to rape her and three weeks ago near her apartment when she says he harassed her again. but police say they weren't so sure. after all, two days after the alleged rape attpt in september, heidi wrote on her
7:38 am
facebook page, "good day, how was yours?" after the man supposedly threatened her in november, she wrote, "here's your turke day forecast, gobble, gobble." now police sources confirm for nbc news that when jones was confronted with inconsistencies on her story and waited two months to tell it that she basically made it all up. the local wabc-tv newscast reported that jones is now off the air. >> heidi jones, a wabc-tv meteorologist faces misdemeanor charges foriling a false police report. jones faces types and jail time if convicted. wabc has suspended jones pending the outcome of an iernal investigation. >> reporter: jones' critics have already taken to her facebook wall. this is inexcusable. you are a disgrace. fire her and put her in jail. jones reportedly made up her story to win with spathy because of personal problems. >> oftentimes, people do dramatic things when they are going through personal iues. ople leverage are the support in a variety of different ways.
7:39 am
>> front moving through. >> reporter: what's likely to happen now to a career that was clearly on the rise? >> if it's all true, there's n question that heidi jones' career is in serious trouble. >> reporter: her lawyer, paul callen, urges folks not to jump to conclusions and says she will plead not guilty to any criminal charges against hership. he could face a year in jail on each charge of falsifyina police report. meredith? >> mike taibbi, thank you very much. ricky clyman is a criminal defense attorn. gail salt sanchez a "today" contributor. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> gail, art with you, heidi jones admitted to police she made the whole thing up, a court date january 5th charged with filing a false police report. you have talked to her attorney. what is her next step? >> her attorney, paul clen is really the perfect lawyer here. he is a mixture of compassion and competence and if i were paul callen what i would be doing is calling up the d.a.'s office immediately to try to work o something. >> this is a woman who does not
7:40 am
need to go to jail, however this is a case that's not going away. she needs to be a candidate for probation. >> her lawyer saying she is going to plead not guilty how can she do that if she already admitted guilt? >> everyone who goes into court will enter a plea or their attorney enter a plea r them always a not guilty plea until something can be worked out. and i'm sure in this kind of case with a progressive and thoughtful d.a., a good lawyer like paul it will cry out for someone to help her and it will cry out for an example to be made so that weon't have other people making false accusations. >> this is a young, attractive woman, obviously doing well professionally what would motivate someone like this? >> you would be surised. many, many people have the fantasy or thought, gee, if this happened to me, someone else would feel badly for me or someone else would rush to my
7:41 am
aid. we all actually have thoughts like that but to act on it is a different story. so then the questn becomes, you know, is -- was the stress such or is the personality character such that a reacon to anxiety or depression would cause them to, if you will, break their own moral code? 'cause that's really the question here, right? why would you do something that could destroy your life and tt would be a lie, essentially that would hurt other people, that takes the police away from their job and so on? sometimes it is real mental illness. looking at someone beautiful and successful does not mean that they are not suffering inside that they don't potentiay have a mental illness, something really bizarre didn't going on in their life as we see over and over again in cases. >> and why cry rape? >> right. ll, you know it is about being attacked. you know, this is -- one fantasy sometimes people claim i'm horribly sick. i have seen the cases of i've got cancer so i need people around me. this is about bei attacked and it is strange to say but
7:42 am
actually many, many women do have thoughts about rape. again, they don't want to be raped, but they have thoughts about it. it is not an uncommon fantasy. and the idea that someone would rescue you or rush toour aid because you have been violated and violated in a sexual manner so it makes you think about being a personal other to her, a boyfriend or somebody that she wanted to arouse oroncern. >> you sit on a board for a rape treatment center, correct? >> yes, i do. >> in california. >> seven years. i'm sure there are people on that board who, you know what she cried rape, that presents a chilling effect to people who have been raped, she deserves go to jail. >> she may deer is to have go to jail but the reality is it is not going to do her or anybody else any good. the trouble here, meredith, does have a chilling affect? are women afraid to go forward because when you have someone of this celebrity it, even if it's because of a mental illness and it's not malicious, the reality
7:43 am
is that it does make them say, well, maybe the police won't believe me. i have to say i have got to applaud these pleas for nipping it in the bud because, what if it went one more step? what if there was a lineup? what if there was a show up -- a picture and she picked that hispanic that she had never seen? >>uch things have happened so i think we have to think abo the moral greater good here and today, i would say a lot of people are comfortable with, frankly, untruths. we see a lot of things going on today that are, you know, not about following the rules and it's emboldening, i think, others to break them. >> gail saltz, ricky kleman, thank you both for your perspective this morning. we appreciate it. up next on a much different note, three things to do if you hope to retire in the next decade, critical advice from susie orman, after this.
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
ab ann today. >> announcer: today's money is brought to you by bank of america. >> we are back at 7:46. this morning on today's money you what, really need to retire if you were ten years from retirement and your nest egg has take an hit recently, what should you do? that question was asked in a recent wall street journal article. here with advice is susze orman the host of the suze orman show on cnbc. good to he see you. >> hi, matt. >> a decade away from retirement, may have take an hit in the recession, you start to lock at what you need. this is the time to plan. you got to get busy. >> actually, you should be planning all the way up until now. all right. we have ten years left. you don't know what to do so let's start right into t listen, your major, page ex-er spence in life i your mortgage payment. if you own a home, my advice to you would be, after the point of maturing the retirement account get rid of the mortgage. you need more money in the retirement account to pay the mortgage than if you just paid the mortgage off. >> make sure people heard what you said, don't stop
7:48 am
contributing to your 401(k) plan, get up to theatch point and then take the excess money and pay off the mortgage. >> only if you plan to sy in the house for the rest of your life. you get rid of the mortgage payment by the time you retire, you're sitting pretty. >> second thing now this some ways takes a piece of conventional wisdom and turns thisn the ear. usually you say, okay, you are ten years away fm retirement, you start to get out of the stock market and into bonds. you say today's economy has changed that equation. >> you bet he be very careful. we are at very version low interest rates when interest rates go down, the price of bonds go up. when interest rates go up, the prices of bonds go down. most people go into bond funds. this h don't have a maturity date that says you are going to get your money back. if you go into bond funds now and interest rates go , which they will eventually, you are going to lose money -- >> just when you need to be building more of it. >> i'm here to tell you, this is not the time on any level go into bond funds, especially if they are long-term maturity bond
7:49 am
funds, big, big red flag. >> you have got a lot of people thought still nervous about the stock market. so if you're telling themot to buy bonds, what should they buy? >> so i'd like them to start to get a little calmer about the stk market in doing this. stocks group and down but if you were to buy a stock or an exchange-traded fund that has a dividend on it, a 5, 4, 6% dividend, at least you have some cushion if the stock or the exchange-traded fund goes down, you still are getting paid some, retirees today really should start thinking about looking into exchange-traded funds or stocks. >> quickly, exchange-traded fund is what? >> like autual fund that trades on the stock market. it's far better than actually a mutual fund because of its liquidity but it's a really viable alternative today, especially since interest rates are so low. >> recap, pay off your mortgage, be careful of your buying of bond it is you're ten years away from retirement. >> especially a bondfund. >> look at these dividend -- >> paying stocks and exchange
7:50 am
traded funds. >> three important tips for people who are ten years and probably sooner from retirement. suze orman, thank you very much. for more financial advice, catch the "suze orman show" saturday nits at 9 p.m. eastern and pacific time. that's on cnbc. still ahead, speaking of we will talk about that but first, these messages.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
still ahead, are we pushing ou kids too hard and too fast. >> and does that hurt them in the end? we will talk about that after your local news. the end? we will talk about that after your local news. >> a does that the end? we will talk about that after your local news.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
outside we have 22 degrees. some clouds above us right now at 7:56. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs on this thursday, the 16th day of december. right now snow is moving toward the area. let's go right to meteorologist tom kierein. >> the snow continues to advance from the west to the east and it has accumulated around the roanoke area. that's a live picture near 220 at roanoke. we can see the leading edge of the sne is drying out before it reaches the surface. before the nextouple of hours we should have the snow reaching the ground. 20s today. one to three inches expected. lighter amounts farther north. but maybe higher amounts, two or three inches, to our south.
7:57 am
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good morning, everyone. the trip in from the west along interstate 66 looks like an accident now right side and left side. authorities are on the scene, but it is going to be a sw jun slowdown. let's ow dowand see how 're doing. in maryland a couple of problems on the beltway around route 4. on the metro rails they're single tracking because of problems at the tingly town. >> any time winter weather hits, "news 4 today" has you covered. your weather and traffic onhe ones every weekday morning beginning at 4:30 a.m. have a wonderful day.
8:00 am
8:00 now on this tuesday morning, thursday -- i'm sorry about that december 16, 2010. matt, these folks are waving to loved ones back home or flapping their arms to keep warm. either way it works for us. outside onhis chilly plaza, i'm meredith vira, along with matt lauer and al roker is somewhere. there he is. >> there he is. >> just ahead, this is something that i'm actually -- the pressure-packed lives of today's students, they have schools and they have club, afterschool activities, home workshe list goes on and on and on. some stay is causing our kids to lose their grip, literally. we will talk about that coming
8:01 am
up. >> also, we are going to talk to actor matt damon, starring in the movie "true grit," talk about his role in that time on the hoe and role as his father of four little girls. w. four, count them. >> my goodness. brave man. and one with of the stresses around the holiday season who do you tip and how much? tipping is really a tough topic. you don't want to offend people, we are going to get into that. >> especially toughconomic times, too. bu first, let's see who is stopping by it is oscar win dustin hoffman. in the neighborhood. so good to see you. >> yeah. >> i just saw you up on the big screen as the big focker in "little fockers." >> no one has ever called me the big focker. we will take that. >> was it as much fun the second time around? >> it always is.
8:02 am
>> i just throw them, you hit them. >> think of the cast here, barbra streisand, robert deni o niro, you, jessica alba, own wion this is thbig time? >> yes, we are all crazy. >> you know, your characters go through a bid ofidlife crisis in this. actually,ou are in spain taking flamenco lessons. did you know -- >> yes. >> mr. hoffman, that meredith was the eastern rhode island flam mepg co-champion 1954. can you give us a little flamenco? here, i will hold ts ready? >> can we get a mike? >> i think he is lying to you. >> all right. all right. all right. hold this. pretty good. >> i can do that. >> go ahead. go ahead. >> like a penguin.
8:03 am
>> whoa, what is in there? >> well what are you doing for the holidays, by the way? >> well, my son, jake, isoing to australia and i know you want a short swer. and untrained dog with us so i plan to stop him from popping in the house. >> wow. nothing says holidays. >> like a little doggy do. >> a littl doggy do for christmas. >> you don't need it but good luck with "little fockers." one of our favorite guest ever. >> say hello to the crew? >> of course. [ cheers and applause ] >> the crew loves dustin hoffman. >> yes they do. >> what doou want for breakfast? >> that's why the crew loves dustin hoffman. government inside. natalie is standing by a check of the headlines. natalie? >> all right, good morning. the baked goods will be arising tomorrow. as always, dustin hoffman delivers. good morning once again. in the news, an $850 billion
8:04 am
extensions of tax cuts and jobls benefits is headed for a vote in the house today. it won senate approval wednesday. president obama wants quick passage to prevent a tax like in january. the don't ask, don't tell for gay service members moves to e senate but it may be too late to act before congress adjourns. 14 members of the same extended family were killed when thei minivan collided with another vehicle crying explosives in afghanistan. in a public public comment since her husband's suicide saturday, the widow of bernie madoff's son, mark, says she is devastated and asked for privacy as she raises her two young children alone. now, let's head over to wall street. cnbc's trish regan is at the new york stock exchange for us. trish what are investors watch withing this morning? >> good morning, natalie. they are anxiously awaiting with the extension of the tax cuts. while you have wall street with enthused, analysts wonder what it will mean for long-term
8:05 am
defits. in europe, european officials are having a meeti today a summit in brussels. they are trying to deal with and find ways to prevent a future crisis, such as what we are seeing right now. there are a number of economic data points out today to be watching for, including numbers on the housing market and on the jobs market, keep busy. >> trish regan at the knock stock exchange, thank you. philadelphia eagles quarterback, michael vick who served 18 months in prison for dogfighting, says he would like to have a pet dog again. vick was banned from dog ownership for at least three years. he says dog would be good for his daughters anfor his own rehabilitation. it is 8:05 right now you are up to date. let's go to al with a check of the weather. mr. roquer. >> thank you very much, natalie. my girlfriend dragged me here in the zmold you know she can see this sign. okay. very nice. good luck, my friend with that and here's -- these nice folks brought toys for our toy drive.
8:06 am
here is great gift you might want to bring for any adults in this. al roker, i just signed it for this nice lady. wow. thank you so much. shameless plug. let's take a look, show you what is happening as far as your weather is concerned. pittsburgh, p.a. yay, nbc 11. 26 degrees and as we look at the rest of the country, you can see we have got an icy mix making its way through the ohio valley toward the mid-atlantic stat, a real mess. stretching from minnesota all the way to the virginias today. wet weather in the pacific northwest. snow in the central rockies. sunny down in florida. still cool but nowhere near as cold as it has been. that's what's going on around the country. he's what's hpening in your neck of the woods.
8:07 am
>> this is why we love dustin hoffman, hucking and kissing and being dustin hoffman. al, we do lo him. when we come back, a powerful documtary revealing the dangerous toll that stress and pressure can take on students. we will talk to the mother who made it right after these messages. impressive resume. thank you. you know what, tell me, what makes peter, peter well, i'm an avid catamaran sailor. i can my own homemade jam, apricot. and i really love my bank's raise your rate cd. i'm sorry,id you say you'd love a pay raise asap ? uh, actually, i said i love my bank's raise your rate cd. yospent 8 days lost at sea ? , uh... you love watching your neighbors watch tv ? at ally, you'll love our raise your rate cd that offers a one-time rate increase if our current rates go up.
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8:11 am
of students. are we pushing them too hard and too fast? today, national correspondent amy robach found one mother of two who said absolutely. amy, good morning. >> meredith, good morning to you. vicki ables did more than talk about it, she picked up a video camera and started asking questions of educators, students and pents and the result, a documentary that has people across the country taking noce. >> i would spend six hours a night, at least, on my homework. >> high school is about learning,pass tests. >> you try to stuff as mh information into your brain as possible. >> reporr: these students give voice to a number of the overwhelming concerns faced by teens and their parents. >> i didn't think when i had kids that the only time i would with see them is for 20 minutes at dipper. >> reporter: mother of two, vicki ables saw the strainn her own family and set out to take the pulse of what was happening across the nation in her new documentary, "race to nowhere". >> we are all afraid that our children won't be able to be as
8:12 am
successfuls we are. >> reporter: it is a pressure that can exact a costly toll. >> i took at ter rill, hard to be the vice president of your class and do homework. >> i would be sitting there trying to catch my breath. i couldn't fall asleep at night. >> reporter: two people interviewed in the film are today college juniors. how did you hand that will pressure? >> some time in 11th grade, i guess, something cracked under the pressure. i cheated on a test. >> reporter: what do you think about the level of competition where we are at as a country? >> i think it has gotten progressively worse and i think what this film does is gives us a -- sparks a nationwide conversation. >> reporter: film has been screen in 600 communities and making an impact. >>y reaction was, whoa this is so powerful. >> reporter: tara krantz is a mother of two and works as a middle school counselor in
8:13 am
louisville, colorado. >> made me think as a parent, okay, i think i need to reprioritize our roune it feels like a rat race for my kids. >> reporter: "race to nowhere" is primarily screened in school auditoriums and churches and that allows people to sti around after the film and really get into it, discuss its message. meredith? >> amy robach, thank you very much. vicki ables is with us now along with high school student phillip grsman, the co-founder of term, the educational reform movement. dr. janet taylor is psychologist, good friend of the show. nice to see you all. vicki, let me start wh you. you have two daughters. one of thein particular was the inspiration behind this film. tell me what happened to your daughter, jamie. >> when my daughteras 12th and in seventh grade, s became physically sick from the pressure she was feeling and from the schedule she was keeping and as i started talking to parents in my community and different communities across the country way, found was an epidemic of kids who were facing
8:14 am
hours of homework at night who were becoming anxious, depressed, sleep deprived and i decided there was an important story to tell and set out to give students, parents and educators a voice and in this important conversation. >> i can understand what students said about it, but what did parents and educators tell you? >> i feel that everyone feels that there are tremendous pressures coming from many different places right now and everyone feels alone and if they don't have power to take it. that is what is so unique about this film, it is bringing people together to find ways that work for tm and to look around the room for alliances with one another, become advocates. teens better served by young people today and teachers. >> janet, so it is not just the students that feel the pressure? >> it is not, absolutely. what student does with their parents, own parents are stressed and we have this lack of balance. i have a 17-year-old senior awaiting college acceptances and has migraines, stomach aches, i mean, she is stressed. >> our psychiatrist. how do you helpher? >> you can't put her on the
8:15 am
couch. i think tough create some billion and create meaning and perspective. you will get in somewhere but these kids, relentless relentless demand and we don't eate enough balance we don't create enough down time to say it is going to be all right as parents, because in our own world, we are just going 24/7. >> our junior rig now in high school. how would you describe the pressure that you are under? >> it comes from the tests. everyone is trying to get a good grade and what worries me, we are really not focusing on learning anymore it is all about -- be it is like a competition. as americans, we have a compition culture, obviously going to seep into the educational system. but the pressure that we have is just unneeded. we are not even learning as much as we could all bause of this pressure. you know, it's pretty troubling. >> how does it manifest itself with you though? >> i try and, you know, make su i pace myself. i don't take too many aps, not going to things just to get into college, i want to learnt stuff but there are a lot of people who get reallcaught up in this. they take everything they can,
8:16 am
taking five aps -- >> because they believe without them they won't get into college? >> yeah, they think that they can't get in college or they have to go to the best college. there is a rightollege for everyone. you know it is not -- everyone doesn't have to go to harvard, everyone doesn't have to go to princeton. all the colleges are good and anyone can find their - the right place. >> seems like you have your headhead screwed on right. you want to start a mom. and seems you want to, inspired by this film, where do you start? >> for me, i think iis from bringing communities together, stening to one another and know we don't need to wit for poll cities to change or legislators or college admissio to change. better served young people and their teachers today. i think we have an education crisis here. >> we have compelling statement noticefilm, one of the students and then what? our kids are pushing, pushing, pushing but they don't see what the purpose is. how do we talk about that as families what happened our
8:17 am
values are a and why our kids -- we want our kids to be like philip and motivated. >> we have to but i wanted to let the audience know while you were making the film, very soberingvent happened, a 13-year-old girl committed suice because she didn't get an a on a math test. this is whatwe are up against. vicki, thank you f the film, philip as well, janet, always a pleasure to have you here. good luck with your daughter with the college process. up ne, oscar winner matt damon. that's right after this. mom.
8:18 am
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8:21 am
>> why have yo been pursuing jane? >> he shot and killed a state senator make iner in waco texas >> matt damon. good to sigh. they were not interested if you had seen the original from 1969, they want to knowed if you read the book. >> yy why was the book more important than the original movie? >> i am thank's what they found and what john wayne found 40 years ago that it is just a phenomenal book, just wonderful. andhe adaptation that joel and ethan did really uses so much of the dialogue that charles portis, the author of the novel, ca one wi. that was really there listen, not looking that the as a remake, looking a this the going back tthe original source material and making our own moe out of it. >> glen campbell played the
8:22 am
character you played it this the texas ranger. looking at the footage here, people aren't familiar with the story it is a western and yes, that means horses i've always thought that the only thing worse than a baseball movie where the actor looked like he couldn't throw a pitch woulbe a we were if the actor looks like he not comfortable on a horse. you are very comfortable. >> this is the same group that wrangled the movie that i did 11 years ago, so i knew all those guys. >> so, thisment is from riding in the wilds of boston? >> right. >> childhood. >> i grew up wrangling in boston, we cowboy a lot up there. no it -- well, a few things. one, i mean, aid a lot of experience with movies ridin horses and had had the chance to go kin of months early on movies in the past and really work -- work a lot with the horses but also these horses that were on are just so well trained. you really actually -- they are dummy-proof, you can put pretty much -- >> not saying th drugged these horse? >> the horses think better than the actors. the horses will see a mark, they
8:23 am
will run up and stop and actually get them to lean a little bit. >> what better way to get character of a, we sit in the saddle of a who can't feel like a cowboy then, or a jockey, but that wouldn't work that would be bad. >> definitely no the saddles more comfortable than the director's chairs. a lot of times you stay through. >> you chose too the movie odd flexible schedule, allowed to live your life, a new baby at home and three other children at home and this gave the flexibility y were looking for? >> look, it was a role -- it was a great chance to work with the directors that i have been dying to work with and with jeff and with joshrolin and then this incredible actor, 13-year-old girl named haley steinfeld, the center of the movie, so she was this incredible discovery real for all of us in this experience. when they came in with the project the one thing i said was, look, i'm here in new york and my kids are in school.
8:24 am
is theremy way you could help with the schedule and make it so i'm not away for long stretches and so they were really nice and accommodating. >> really nice but that is one of the great perks for your level of success, they are willing to work with you, where other actors might not have that opportunity? >> if the role is the right size. you are the lead in the movie, can i have three days off a week? >> you mentionedff new baby. >> four girls. >> four kwoung gir at home with you and luciana. you group up with a brother? >> right. >> which means one thing, girls have y completely wrapped around their finger. >> really pathetic. >> take some getting used to the girls? >> no, just a total love affair. it is interesting, the way they look at the world and interact with the world is so different from the way boys do like, my brother's boy come over, if we have other friends, they have a play date and a boy comes over, they will just do things to the toys that never would occur to me. just try to kill them, smash them. >> wait. wait. >> just a very different
8:25 am
experience having these four little girls. >> i can only imagine what you are like as a dad. in hollywood, off reputation, somewhat stellar. i mean, anyone who has worked with you over the years says you are one of the nicest guys, one of the warmest and most caring people they have ever met. i have had the chance to interview you probably a dozen times. i don't see it i really -- [ laughter ] >> you have enough layers of publicists and -- >> actually, you didn't want to speak to me today. no, no this suspect me. this is a doppleganger. >> call you the mayor? >> i think he calls me a lot of things. >> because you are so even keel all the time. i think what he says about you. >> he sees me as a politician. i don't know how to take that. >> well, your honor, this movie is "true grit" and you are great in everything you to you. and congratulationses on the arrival of the new little girl with. >> thank you very much. "true grit" opens december 22nd.
8:26 am
we are back in a moment with more "today" on nbc. 26 is your time now. 24 degrees. another cold day, and snow is on the way. tom will have your forecast right after the news. od morning. i'm eun yang. let's go right to the meteorologist tom kierein who's tracking the news. goodorning to you. >> good morning to you. we dohave the snow beginning to reach the ground. it's already accumulating there, route 220 near roanoke, and our radar showing we do have snow alo aloft, but it's not quite reaching the ground here in the district. it is in charlottesville points west and southwe and this will reach the ground in washington d begin to accumulate later this morning and during the
8:27 am
afternoon with about one- to ree-inch accumulations in the district, nearby in suburbs of maryland. three to five inches before it all ends. eun? >> thank you. we
8:28 am
good morning, everyone. clear dry road surfaces but still quite heavy and slow.
8:29 am
lanes are open and headed for the american legion bridge, outer loop particularly sluggish. eun. >> thank you,
8:30 am
we are back now 8:30 on a thsday morning, the 16th day of december, 2010. our toy drive rolls on. man, we have got an impression sive elf with us now, it that is liamneeson the actor, collecting toys for needy children all across the country.
8:31 am
remember, if you can't get down here, still donate online by heading to we are going to talk to liam neeson in just a couple of minutes. meanwhile on this thuday morning, i'm matt lauer along wi meredith vieira, al roker and natalie morales. speaking of people doi good thin a
8:32 am
8:33 am
8:34 am
good morning. we have accumulating snow in central and southwestern virginia now. there's a live picture near roanoke, virginia. and that snow has been continuing to pile up. it's really piling up there and snoeling moderately to heavily. but closer to washington, northern virginia and in the district. e radar is showing sno in the district. it should shortly in the next couple of hours and begin to accumulate later this aftnoon. farther north, though, just about an inch, but farther south >> a lot of crazy weather out there check in with the weather channel twothree, four times a day oro online to head down to willard scott and >> nicest gifts in the wor, the metropolitan museum of art. they are classy and they are priced right, something for everyone. please. you are doing yourself a favor. any way, happy birthday, how
8:35 am
sweet it is. check it out and see for yourself. this is dorothy haines from harmon, missouri, 101. taught bible studies for years. we love her. good old darryl, he is from cherokee river, arkansas. still drives his own car to his favorite restaurant and never gotten a driving ticket. beulah sinclair, knoxville, tennessee, 101. attributes her long jeffity to making scrapbooks for her friends. people love to look at pictures, i don't care, television, video, good old pictures. marjorie of kansas city, missouri, 102. and unbelievable lady, did so many wonderful ings, goes to church every single week and helps neighbors. lawrence smith, 100 years d, world war ii vet, retired businessman and still plays golf. maybe that is the secret.
8:36 am
or it is the hokey pokey. clara of katie, texas, lives independently and makes the best lemon meringue pie in wn, which is my favorite. that's it. that'sall. lemon meringue pie and a cup of coffee. now back to you. >> willie, thank you vy much. coming up, the dos and don'ts when it comes to holiday tipping, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
we are back now at 8:38 with questions asked aot this time of year, you tip and for what? best-selling author steve deblanaca describes it as in your clutches. steve, good morning, nice to see you. >> nice to see you again. >> you were here f a your last book, after about nine years
8:39 am
waiting tables and after that book came out, for some reason, people id, wait a second, he is a waiter, must know everything about tipping. they thought you were an expert. >> and that wasn't true. you know, i found out that casino dealers get tipped and i have been to atlantic city a dozen times and never tipped them. so i was like, oh oh, i don't know everything. i went on the road to find out. >> you started askinpeople in the service industry about tipping, did you find it was an emotional subject for them? >> it was this is how they make their living. iters and busboys and bathroom attendants and shoe shine guys this is how they make their livelihood. >> we will go through some of the jobs that you think people should or shouldn't tip for. can we talk about reality for a second? >> sure had. >> we are in a recession, people are cutting back, should they be cutting back on their tipping as well or is that something that should be an island? >> one of the first people that get affected in a recession like we havtoday are tip workers. they are feeling the brunt. so ask people to tip as much as
8:40 am
they can. and i always say if you can't give what you gave last year, gi something. and if you can't give money, maybe a gift to show appreciation toward you. >> you say it is not just about money, equally about relationships. let's talk about waiters right now. >> re. >> so what is common what is average what is exceptional and is it okay to cut back a little bit? >> when i was a waiter, what i valued the most was having customers who were nice to me and good tippers all year. if they didn't give me a christmas ti it didn't matter so much. but then again, nothing says merry christmas like cold, hard cash. >> what about the guy who delivers our mail or the woman who delivers the mail? are they actually allowed to accept a gratuity or is it only up to a certain amount? >> postmen can't take cash and they can only accept a gift that has a value of $20 or less. a gift certificate. >> having said that -- >> johnny walker is good. >> think people should go right up to that 20 or above it if they can get away with it? >> i would do the best you can.
8:41 am
>> hairstylists and barbers. why would you want to, y know, shortchange your barber? >> i kno >> look at me. this is a problem, right? so, be generous with those ople. >> always be generous and very tough for -- easy f me 'cause you just tip on the price of the cut but when some people have $200 haircuts -- >> what do you ge? what percentage? >> should give the price of e cut. so, my barber -- my haircut costs $25, i give as 25 tip. >> are you kidding me? 100% tip? >> yep. for christmas, once a year. >> okay. wow, you are a good customer. babysitters and nannies? >> well, live-in nannies should get a month's pay, au pairs a week's pay. babysitters are hd to get, i would give them consideration at the end of the year. >> what about your garbagemen? a lot of people who forget the garba garbageman, stiff the garbageman? >> my rule, give them 20 bucks but if you have them hauling illegal stuff away from your
8:42 am
house all the time -- >> i don't would you think? >> people doing consuction. i had a relative of mine remain unnamehood to throw out a fridge, couldn't take, slipped them $20 bucks, they took it away with doing that kin of stuff, i would tip them. >> seems to me the garbagemen are the people you want to keep happy, don't want 11 days of garbage building up outside your house. dog groomers, walking services? >> dog walkers a week's pay and dog groomers the same thing as going to a barber, the price of the cut. >> you learned aut tipping at an early age, like me, you were a paper boy? >> that's right. >> how many papers did you have? >> i had a very small route when i was little, 25, 25 30 customers. >> did youind that youot stiffed a lot? were people generous with you? >> no they were terrible and that was my first taste of being on the recving end of bad tips. and little did i know 20 years later, going to get even more bad tips as a wear the. >> anyone we have left out, someone that generally doesn't get thought of this time of year that you honestly think we should spread a little christmas
8:43 am
cheer with? >> you know, theerson who does my laundry. i do go to the wash and fold service and i drop it off, she does a tremendous job doing my laundry. you are getting a tip for christmas. steve, thank you very much. the book is called "keep the change." up next, a big surprise for a family doing really great things for our country's a family doing really great things [ female announcer ] safeway talks the main course. mmm. you smell that? yeah, wait. what is that? love. smells like ham. [ female annouer ] serve a main course brimming with comfort and joy. safeway. ingredients for life.
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i love eggnog, i love gingerbread, i love pumpkin pie. i love everything but those blinking lights. oh yeah, rit in my eye. [ female announcer ] if it tastes like the holidays, we've got it. safeway. ingredients for life. this morning on getting to the heart of christmas, serving those who served our country. on any given night, more than 100,000 u.s. veterans can be found sleeping on the streets. one young couple from oregon decided to do something about it and they he really made an impact. a world away from battles fought inietnam, iraq and afghanistan sits lacy's house of dreamses, a
8:46 am
home for the once homeless veterans of u.s. wars. stted by lacy and mike bryant, a youngouple who has never seen combat. growing up, lacy was touched by her own father's service in vietnam. >> my dad is like we need a police for heless veterans and so i was like, okay, well, look and the mike and like, okay, well, let's do it. >> the reason lacy's i on the bad things that came back, ptsd was the big, big thing. >> reporter: compassionate toward veterans, lace sand mike poured the savings into a home to help american vets living on the street. >> we haven't sacrificed anything here with the men and women sacrificed for us that go over and serve. >> reporter: couple considers the veterans they helped family. >> they are not alone. military is a family. being at lacy's house, that's what i try to bring back to have them remember that they are still fami. >> reporter: and they help meet their needs, driving them to appointments. >> you have everything you need? >> reporter: spending time
8:47 am
together and working to pay for the home. >> you guys each find a fir tree. >> reporter: lacy and mike make a daily trip with some of t vets to cut down donated christmas trees, which they will sell to make money for lacy's house but despite their efforts, the home was recently forc to downsize from 30 beds to te when someone comes to the door and they need another -- a police to stay it is really hard to turn someone away wn i don't have a room left for them. >> reporter: because very often lacy's house of dream sass last resort. >> i would be homeless. i would be living on the street. >> lacy's house saved my life. >> reporter: ed neurman also found comfort. >> the harde part for me was coming home to my family because of all the stuff i have seen and done. >> reporter: homeless, jobless and hungry, he turned to lacy's house for help and is now reuniting with his daughter. >> people that live here are your brothers, your sisters, your moms, your dads, your
8:48 am
grandpas that i who are your veterans. >> we extend hope to the veterans and then when they go from there the next thing would be dreams. ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells >> some christmas morning, the veterans willville some dreams to fill, they found a family and a place to call home. >> merry christmas. >> lacy and mike bryant are with us along with the vets helped by lacy's house, including brian york. good morning to you all. >> good morning. >> mike, lacy's house is such a very special place, why do you feel it is important to help t veterans? why have you ma this such a mission? >> i couldn't imagine living my life any other way witht this point. these soldiers have sacrificed their lives for us and when they do come home, i feel a deep need to make sure thatur family members that are serving for us are treated the same way that our moms and dads and brothers
8:49 am
and sisters are wanting to be treated in our families. >> lacy, at times, we saw it on your face, it can be very overwhelming, the responsibility wh keeps you doing? >> just being the turnout some of these guys and gals get leaving the homes, knowing that i'm helping them every day through their battles that they are going through is enough to keep me going each day and through every up and down we get. >> brian, our vet. we thank you for your service. how has this house helped your home -- i'm sorry, helped you redirect your life? >> lacy's house has meant the world to me. it's given me a leg up, to so to speak, to where i can get back into the game of life when i was looking at having nothing and it's also given me a chance to work on my comedy act. electrician by day and bill hilly by night. that's not a verbal typo, that's
8:50 am
actually bill hilly is the -- >> we are thrilled by that listen, lacy, mike and brian, you thought that we had gathered you there to talk about what every american can do to help vets and that'sartially true, but we have also teamed one walmart. they want to make sure this is a very special christmas for you, i want you toead into the other room right no a way to say thank you. [ applause ] these are all the presents, gifts from walmart. they include ham, turkeys, vegetables and fruit. a house of furniture, games together. everything from basketball to bocce ball. >> thank you, guys, so much. >> everything. stockings filled with personal goods for all of the vets, games for the house. and that's just some of the stuff. and lacy, i hope you're hearing me, as a big thank you, walmart
8:51 am
is also giving you a $25,000 gift to lacy's house. lacy, what does that money mean to you? >> oh, my gosh, $25,000. >> what? >> lacy, what does that money mean to you? >> really no words to explain this. it's amazing and it's going to help so much to keep going further and to help more veterans each and every day that we can help them. >> thank you. >> and it is overwhelming. i can't even say. >> i'm sure it s mike, you know, we have one more surprise from the university of oregon, alumni association, let's cue the duck, please, a thank you for helping these men and women. airfare to the national championship bcs football game. >> mike is so happy!
8:52 am
>> andmike, as if that isn't engh, we want to thank you everyone who helped out with the surprise. mike, they have helped a lot. hey, mike, one final question. what does community support mean to you and to lacy? >> it means our family can support the families. thank you. thank you, meredith. >> we thank you, mike and lacy, for all you do all the work do you at lacy's use. big thank you to walmart a the university of oregon alumni association and biggest thank you to the veterans for what they have done. >> thank you, meredith. >> thank you so ch. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> you know what tomorrow is? >> what? friday? >> not only friday, tomorrow, we look back at the year that was here on the show. >> oh -- >> exactly right. >> oh. yeah. that was a frighteningmoment. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> a lot of dancing to on the show. who knew? >> think we did notng but frivolity. it was bad. always bad. >> actually, i can't even believe this, this was the year
8:55 am
of the olpics. >> brian >> said that is going to be the new dance craze. >> yeah, okay. >> apocalypse. >> you want to see a lot more -- tune in tomorrow. coming up, lots more ahead.
8:56 am
8:55 is your time now. 24 degrees. good morning. i'm eun yang. a winter storm is moving o way. let's get right to tom kierein with the details. good morning. >> the snow is already accumulating now. these are some scenes from southwestern virginia. you can see several inches of snow already. here as we look at the radar, we are seeing the leading edge of the snow moving toward the metro area. much of it remains aloft. it is reaching the surface now. parts of sohern maryland and near fredericksburg. that's continuing. around the metro area, northern virginia and nearby suburbs and maryland. higher amous farther to our south. >> w
8:57 am
8:58 am
♪ you can find your feet and you can find your way ♪ ♪ you can find yourself in bed at the end of the day ♪ ♪ you can find some fun on a tropical isthmus ♪ ♪but you'll never find my... ♪ you can find it in your heart to be patient with me ♪ ♪ you can find a w star for the top of the tree ♪ ♪ i don't mean to be coy and i don't mean to be vicious ♪ ♪ but you'll never find my christmas ♪
8:59 am
good morning. on the beltway south of town, a new problem. broken down vehicle between van dorn street and eisenhower. auorities are heading over there. one more stop top side of the beltway. most of the way around to silver spring. eun? >> thank you, jerry. any time winter weather hits, we've got you covered.
9:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television back with more of "today" on thursday morning, december 16, 2010. temperatures barely going to get above the 30-degree mark today. is that really true? wow. >> bone-chilling cold. it really s we have been in a real winter snap here and winter hasn't even technically begun yet. >> tuesday. >> yeah? >> first full day of winter. >> something to look fward to. >> we can't complain. out in the midwest, they have been dealing with this. >> and florida. i'm matt lauer, natalie moras, al rocker. in this half hour a local weather report we are a rising career here in new york city may be in a bit of trouble after
9:01 am
police say she filed a false police report claiming that she was assaulted by a would-be rapist in central park. investigators say she has now admitted to making all up. so, what happened? we will have the latest in a live report. also going to be talking about a serious problem of chronic loneliness it affects millions of americans and of course this time of year it can be especially tough, but there are ways to overcome it and get yourself to a happier place. weill ha helpful advice coming up. something we are all too aware of, getting the so-called 40 wink withes of sleep cab little hard, especially with all of our busy lives. asou may have heard here yesterday there is a new study that finds beauty sleep is not an old wife's tale after all, you actually look better the more you rest. iould need about a week with, i guess. other health benefits as well. dr. nancy snyderman will be here to answer your question. >> i think he just insulted you. first, natalie with the headlines. london's high crt ruled
9:02 am
that wikileaks founder julian assange can be released on $300,000 bail. it rejected an appeal by prosecutors who wanted assange to remain in jail until an extradition hearing next month. assange was arrested in britain last week and is wanted in sweden on a sex crimes warrant. police say the gunman who killed himself tuesday after firing shots at a florida school board meeting has circled the shooting date on his calendar some time ago. his wife says clay duke was a gentle giant, upset that she had lost her teaching job. an army doctor who refused to serve in afghanistan because he doubts that president obama was born in the united states pleaded guilty wednesday at his court martial. lieutenant colonel terry lincoln no faces up to 3 1/2 years in prison or a discharge and loss of benefits. new mexico governor bill richardson arrived in nort korea this morning after a stop in china for a diplomatic mission to ease tension opts
9:03 am
peninsula. tinnitus or ringing in the ears is a growing problem, affecting 50 million americans and doctors say they are seeing a major increase in the condition in children as young as 12 years old. experts caution against listening to head phones at a high volume for more than two hours at a time. a rising star in e new york world of broadcast news has been suspended for allegedly filing a false report claiming she was assaulted in central park. that is where nbc's mike taibbi ishis morning. >> reporter: heidi jones' career was on the rise, an avid fitness buff and a distance runner did a lot her running in central park. this is where she claimed someone tried to rape her. heidi jones made it e big time, forecast the weather on abc's huge new york tv station, often filling in on abc's nationally broadcast morning show with, "good morning, america." >> this is heidi jones is here.
9:04 am
>> reporter: her facebook page and run with heidi website she reports about h prowess as a long distance runner but nowhere tell fans what police say she told them, that an hispanic man hatwice confronted her, first back in september when he grabbed her as she xbroged and tried to rape hernd tee weeks ago near her apartment where he she says he harassed her again. but police say they weren't so sure. after all, two days after the alleged rape attempt in september, heidi wrote on her facebook page, "good day, how recast, gobble, gobble." day now, police sources confirm for nbc news that when jones was confronted with inconsistencies in her story and the fact she waited two months to tell it that she basically made it all up. the local wabc-tv newscast reported that jones is now off the air. >> heidi jones, a bc-tv meteorologist faces misdemeanor
9:05 am
charges for filing a fae police report. jones faces fines d jail time if convicted. wabc has suspended jones pending the outcome of an internal investigation. >> reporter: jones' critics have ll. ady taken to her facebook this is inexcusable. you are a disgrace. fire her and put her in jail. nes reportedly made up her story to win with sympathy because of personal problems. jones lawyer, paul callen, ues folks not to jump to conclusions and says she will plead not ilty to any criminal charges against her. she could face a year in jail on each charge of falsifying a police report. natalie? >> mike taibbi in central park. thank you, mike. in case you were wheerngtd pope was up to today, take a look, things got a little wild at the vatican when acrobats performed for the papal audience them got a standing ovation from the pontiff, as you see there.
9:06 am
apparently, they were a big hit with the nuns. very nice. turn it over to al go morning. the snow is advancing from washington. they got a quarter of an inch in culpeper, and the leading edge of the snow is beginning to reach the ground in partings of fauquier county and in spotsylvania and stafford county
9:07 am
as well. it should continue off and on into the afternoon. these are live pictures. we could have total amounts of one to three inches around the metro area before it ends early this evening. on today's daily dose, are you getting enough sleep? according to the centers for disease control, more than 70 million americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders. guess what, it can have a major impact on your health? nbc's chief medical editor dr. nancy sniderman is here with answers. it is a big deal. >> is a big deal and getting worse. i keep every five years as we do this, we will get the message, but we don't seem to be getting the messages. >> our lives are getting busier and busier. what are the common sleep dised orrers? >> sin some nia. the first is not getting enough. a lot of different reasons are, insomnia, sleep apnea, stop breathing ten seconds a night. restless leg syndrome, people used to not take seriously but
9:08 am
which can now be treated and narco help circumstance the sexy one, people stop what they are doing, seem to fall to sleep and on with the normal daily lives, most people top of that list, insomnia. >> new study reased from swe sweden -- >> british medical journal. shows the myth about beauty sleep may not be a myth at all. >> this is interesting. they took 23 people, young, healthy people and basically sleep deprived them and took people who were just normal, average people, show them sort of presleep and postsleep deprivation photos and said what do you see? >> let's take a look. >> there was a difference. >> we have got the before and after photos. take us through that. >> so on the left, you see a guy who looks pretty robust, he is fine. maybe beot particularly clean shaven but eyes are wide, eyebrows are up and then sleep deprivation, everything starts to sag. i did this at abc news ten years ago, producerses moved into my house, 36 hours, they kept me
9:09 am
awake, i did a video journal and i said i'm fine, i feel great, do little tas, what was most stunning to me was to look at w my face changed over 36 hours. i lost color in my face. every wrinkle showed up. my eyes got sunken. i looked sallo. >> that is work at abc. >> look how much. i'm here. go kaboom boom. makes a difference. ybody out there worried about how they work, get eight hours. >> a good night's sleep. >> yeah. >> view arers, first of all, our first question from a view here joins us via skype. say hi to sonia from vandenberg air base in california. good morning, sonia. did you get a good night sleep last night? >> not so much. >> okay what is your question for dr. nancy? >> hi, soap ya. >> hi, how are you? my question for you is i have two young children and timeo actually go to sleep at night, i
9:10 am
find myself really struggling to fall asleep. is there anything that can i can eat during the day to fall asleep faster and stay leep longer? >> you e in the sleep fragmented category of any young mother. you duke a mother just delivered to one who still has children who may sometimes go to sleep willingly and other times i not so willingly, you are going to find it is a little bit more of a challenge. a couple of things, a power nap in the afrnoonhen the kids are asleep might actually help you get into e evening. and then really start to fix fixed times for your children and make sure that you sort of set the time shortly thereafter. a couple thing for the bedroom, get the tv out of your bedroom, get the computer away from yourself, all that work think you need to do after you put the kids to sleep. find some turn o time so all those l.e.d. lights really have a separation from and you the time you go to bed. your bed should be used for nothing more than sleeping and sex and nothing else.
9:11 am
your computer, all those electronics elsewhere. and if you have an alarm clock with a very bght display, consider turn iting it away fro you. >>wim a tougher time than men? >> men can fall asleep doing anything. are you kidding me? >> almost anything. now rk, barn on the phone. what is your question? >> caller: i'm 38 years old who struggles with sleeping about three times a week i think it maybe stress related. i find mself relying on tylenol p.m. to help with the sleepless nights r there any medications that safe to take for sleep? >> you hit the nail on the head when you talked about stress and tough talk about the basic thing what is the stress indicator? do nothing more than this simple task. sit down with a pose of paper and pencil and write down the stressors of your day. usually, you can figure out what the stressors and take them out if you were reliant on a short sleep --hort sleep aid, tylenol p.m. o some of the
9:12 am
over-the-counters are fine when used in moderation. interestingly it is the acetaminophen in the tylenol that over a long period of time or use toouch of it may pose somewhat of a risk. then, yes, very good prescription aids. they are not meant for every night use. so you have to be very smart and use them really when you need to. for a lot of people like us who travel we use them to get over time periods, but i think the big thing for you i to op become to the beginning of your question and that is the stressor. >> caller: thank you. >> good luck, barn, good night sleep to you. dr. nancy snyderman, thank you for the info. >> always. coming up next it cab serious problem this time of year, helpful advice if you're ffering from -- later, diet? helping you grip your holiday style. but first, these messages. - ( audience applauds ) - hey, you're supposed to be a vegetable!
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progresso. oh yes hi. can you please put my grandma on the phone please? thks. excuse me a sec. another person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. e is so cute. okay i'll hold. she's holding. wha? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. ♪ well, it feels so good [ female announcer ] when you have a softer ba tissue, you can enjoy going more... while still using less. introducg new charmin ultra soft. new charmin ultra soft has anltra-cushiony design that's soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. [ both ] ♪ soft to the touch... [ female announcer ] using less never felt so gd. new charmin ultra soft. enjoy the go. this morning on today's health, chroc loneliness age cord to be the new aarp study,
9:16 am
44 million adults over the able of 45 suffer from chronic loneliness, an overwhelming sense of emptiness and solitude, even amongst friends and family. so how can you cope? psychoanalyst gail saltz is a today contributor and nancy zbram vice president and chief of aarp the magazine. good morning to you, ladies. >> good morning. >> chronic loneliness, gail, first, explain to us how it's different an depression. >> right. >> the winter blues a lot of people experience this time of year. >> loneliness can be exacerbated this time of year because of holidays and expectations, have the loved ones around you and be very connected. they can overlap. loneliness certainlyan cae depression, blue mood and difficulty getting going but it can be very separate. you can feel lonely for a day. you can feel lonely in an ongoing way, you can feel loan any an ongoing situation. a feeling of being bereft, empty, so on. a longing. but it is not the same as this chronic, low mood of depression andt is not a dsm-iv
9:17 am
diagnosis, not csidered a diagnosis, as major depression s. >> nan, you-all did the study and the article. and you category -- you stay is being actually becomg an epidem epidemic. who is it affecting? >> rising dramatically. we surveyed 3,000 people over the able of 45 and 35% reported being chronically lonely. that's up from 20% of ten years ago and it doesn't make a difference your gender, your education, your race. it really doesn't discriminate. and it really points to the fact that socie pays a lot of attention to the financial and medical conditions of older people but not so much attention to the socl situation. are people isolate and what can we do about it? >> and you say -- typically, you are seeing it mor in people over the able of 45. at are some of the other things that -- if you were to put a profile on who might have this, who does it affect? >> the big surprise -- the big surprise, excuse me, is that
9:18 am
loneliness actually decreases as we get older, so it peaks in your 40s and 50s. the baby boomers right now tend to be the loneliest group. 43% of people 45 to 49 are chronically lonely and the numbers are about the same when you are in your 50s. by the time you hit age 70, that drops to 25%. >> that is an age group i imagine a lot o changes, kids going off to college, maybe some of you think about early retirement. does that affect you? >> the workplace has become inescapable. the economy, people are working longer for less money. so it is all work and no play. thother thing is electronics, people are not unplugging. as we know, facebook is no substitute for face time. the' like being on a diet and eating cery, it fills up nut short term but the long term, leaves you a hungrier. >> chronic loneliness doesn't necessarily mean you are not surrounded by ople. you can be surrounded by pple
9:19 am
you love and still feel this, right rite? >> sometimes that is the worst lonely feeling of all, patients in a marriage and feeling inedibly loanly, the mar san not functioning, they feel like they are supposed to feel these feelings but instead, they feel kind of isolated and diskecked. this time of year pele go to holiday parties and feel incredibly lonely because even though they e surrounded by people, they don't really feel connected to any of these people. they are not having an intimate relationship, they don't feel somebody they ca trust who really knows them and gets them and accepts them for them. >> let talk about how we can deal wit overcoming some of this loneliness. what are some -- obviously, making some sial connections. >> volunteering is a good idea. >> yes, it is. >> first of all, you have to know that you are lonely. sometimes people have these sad, disconnected feelings and they don't understand they are lonely, 'cse they are at party and surrounded by people or on the computer and i think i have these people out there in the internet world. you have to identify tt that's the feeling that is going on and then why is it happening?
9:20 am
that's very important. so is it social ankle night? a lot of people have social anxiety and hard for them to reach out and connect and that requires a different kind of intervention than if the problem is you're newly widthed, you're newly divorc, something happening in your life, lost your parents, empty-nesters, odd loss and you haven't figured out how to get through that and replace those people, so to eak. >> nancy, i kw recommendations in the article, par it 'tis pay thing in group activities, volunteering. >> social groups, again, volunteering. >> force yourself to -- >> so simple and educate yourself, the most powerful tool of all, i think. >> it is s and therapy, if the issue is you're very socially anxious or haven't gotten over a grieving situation and figured out how to make the next move. >> ladies, important topics, thank you for bringing it to our attention, read more about it in the aarp magazine and on of our one see the as well. coming up, great toys to fit every budget, but first, these messages. ♪
9:21 am
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the rich dark chocolate. york peppermint patty. get the sensation.
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our 2010 toy drive giving away almost $20 milon worth of goods to families suffering this year. helping us out right now, michael north, the president o party life. good to sigh. >> nice to see u, al. >> what do you have for us? >> very happy to be proud of the drive, our fifth year beingart of the drive and we are ting the ress out of children who are looking to give something to their parents. so, this is a unique positioning that we want to help the kids giveomething to thr par. >>s and take a little bit of stress. >> michael north and all the folks at party life, thank you soery much. we appreciatthat. >> thank you. >> and don't forget, you can donate online here on the -- i should say you can donate online, or come to the plaza or innocence experience store until december 22nd. still ahead on "today," we have got a lot more, including the fantastic chicken under a
9:25 am
brick. and who doesn't like chicken under a brick? somebody go get me a brick. but first, here is your local news and weather. lucy, i missed you. ♪ [ gasps ] this is for you. thanks. ♪ cool. ♪ [ chkles ]hoa! ♪ [ chuckles ] i love this part.
9:26 am
yeah. me, too. [ lucy gasps ] [ female announcer ] this year, hallmark has allew ways to say it. 9:26 is your time now. good morning. i'm eun yang. right now snow is moving into our area. let's go right to meteorologist tom kierein in the storm center. he's been following the storm this morning. tom, good morning to you. >> good morning, eun. yes, we do have the snow reaching theround here. you can see it's covering the roadways there and radar showing where you sethe color, that is where it's now beginning to reach the ground. in southern maryland, prince william, fauquier, shenandoah valley and points north and west of there and is advancing to the north. it should be tapering off by the
9:27 am
end of the day. ithould leave one to three inches in the eastern district [ female announcer ] safeway talks made-for-you meals. when you don't have to cook, you have time for other things. yeah, like what? i don't know fishing. fishing?! i, uh, i said wishing. [ female announcer ] when we do the cooking you do the enjoying. safeway. ingrients for life.
9:28 am
mmm. you smell that? eah, wait. what is that? love. smells like ham. [ female announcer ] serve a main course brimming with comfort and joy. safeway. ingredients for life. good morning, everyone. clear dry road surfaces in the immediate area. however, the immediate area of the beway crawling toward university boulevard. bridge ipection today, again, where the ryan laerch ight lani away. outer loop at the georgetown pike crawling. broken down vehicle on the outer
9:29 am
loop of the beltway. second lane infrom the right. eun? >> thanks so much. any time winter weather hits, we've got you covered. your "weather & traffic on the 1s" every weekday morning. we start at 4:0 a.m. we hope you'll join ushen.
9:30 am
>> taking one for the team, swallowing a bug for bereakfast there. way to go mark. >> what happens when you are on live tv, folks. just about time to look back at all the fun we have had. you have bn here for a lot of it. if you haven't, well, we have got the -- whoa. naught puppy. take a look back at theear that was tomorrow on "today." i will remember that one. >> well, meanwhile, coming up in this half hour we have got just nine shopping days left to -- >> nine days. >> nine. that's right.
9:31 am
>> all the people are panicking. >> you have got to pick up the perfect toy for the little ones on your list, guess what we have help f you, whether you feel like splurging or pick a little something up, we have the best bet, no matter what price you want to spend. all right. also ahead, all that glitters is gold or silver or sequins, but adding a little shimmer to your holiday party outfits doesn't have to be expensive. bobby thomas, our diy genius will be here to show you how to make some easy and cute ways to dress up your style. >> all right. plus in today's kitchen, from under a brick to on your plate in no time. we are going to
9:32 am
snowing across west virginia. interstate 95, you can see the traffic crawling along there, d the roads are covered. as you look at the radar, it is closing in on washington. it is advancing toward the noh and northeast. it should be moving into the metro area shortly, leaving one to three inches by the time it ends. should be ending by later this eveninand dry into the weekend. >> that's your latest weather.
9:33 am
>> thank you, al. coming up next, adding spark tole to your holiday. more diy, after this. a place for friends, family, and your hband's ademark victory dance. [ cheering ] now the crowd is gone. and all that remains is the stink. [ dog barks ] but you're ready because febreze air effects cleans away tough game day odors in the air. sweat-socks, chicken wings, garlic dip. and leaves a light freshcent. febreze air effects. just one of the many ways to keep your home fresh with febreze. all day friday and saturday, get countdown to christmas doorbusters at sears. these small kitchen appliances are only nine, ninety-nine after mail in rebate. save up to seventy percent on fine jewelry. plus, this forty two inch zenith plasma is only four twenty-nine, ninety-nine. sears.e the santa you want to be.
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9:36 am
this is likeeing back at the kids' table. [ laughter ] olive garden. when you're here, you're family. this morning, adding shimmer to make you shine at your holiday celebration. editor of's bobbie thomas is here with two affordable options, buy it or diy it. good morning, bobbie. >> good morning. >> this is the time of year we can sparkle from head to toe. >> what girl doesn't love gliter? >> only do it this time of year. >> you look amazing this is a zahra dress that everyone in the studio has been raving over, only $99. >> well, okay there we go. shoutout to zahra.
9:37 am
okay. meanwhile, tell me about the glittery -- >> glittery nail polish so many e-mail about the nail polish i have been wearing. "burlesque" is the movie, teamed up withop toy create the grim ender's shimms collections, doing so well, a great way to get a little dazzle on your finger tips i. >> lip gloss, too? >> max dazzle zoos great lip gloss, see gtter everywhere. even this is a great -- not a fragrance, it is actually little shimmer dust. >> wow. amazing. >> wonder slus a great illuminating tonic for your hair. but if you don't want to buy it, if you have a little loose glitter, diy it. add a little pinch of glitter, this was $2 for all the colors, add a pinch of glitter, hairspray in a travel size bottle, a great way t add extra shine to your hair, especially for new year's. >> clear nail polish. >> if you just add some clear nail polish to your fingertips i and then take some glitter and literally just sprinkle it on.
9:38 am
that's how i did my nails today. >> wow. >> really easy and top coat and you are done. >> beautiful. okay. now here to the shoes. shoes. >> you can wear sequence and sparkles. >> and everyone, i love rachel by rachel roy at macy's, stuart weitzman, gap getting into it all of these are great options if you want them. however, you can diy it. >> right. if you are bobbie thomas, you can. not me. >> i wanted to share at home that you know hairspray actually the best way to make the glitter stick. >> oh, really? >> really cool and you can even use -- >> go ahead. what do i do? rubber cement? on an old pair of shoes, scuffs. >> anything it is great and then you can just add the sequence or glitter but for some of these to get the designs, just use masking tape that is how i got the cap toe on this shoe, this shoe i created a design with the
9:39 am
masking tape, then i have so much fun, over th top, glitter and sequins, loo at that. >> look at that. >> so much fun. >> beautiful. don't have to worry about sequence fling off now and again? not a shoe that is goingo last. >> to keep the glit and sequins on, find at your local craft store, a clearinish by chyron or something like that keep it on, a couple dollars go to michael's, very easy to find. >> great. i'm continuing my shoe here. probably a good idea to get a shoe color that is sort of close to it? >> that is what makes it look sophistica sophisticated, stick with neutral tones, the navy, the gold, i like that could you do hot pink or red likeorothy but might be a little too much. >> talk beautiful stockings, too, these are buy it. >> glitzy. offers this great tight that looks like it has a crystal tattoo for around $20. >> beautiful. >> i had fun with a pattern pair, i got inspired by the nways, and these are crystal tattoos you can get at the store for $2 to $5.
9:40 am
either break them apart like i did and just make your own design or -- >> they just stick on or you glue them on? >> stick right on and they will stay all night. here is something for you to play w. >> okay. >> you can literally -- >> i didn't know i hado be crafty. i'm not crafty. >> you will notice it really sticks right on it won't come off. it c make your own design. >> great. >> also use glitter spray or some of these 3-d pens to make more intricate designs. >> okay. now denim? even denim is sparkly. the are guys? okay. matt lauer we got a pair of jeans for you. >> bee squared has beenelling out the guys and -- >> are you kidding me? >> no. they are glitter, they are little drops of glitter, use glitter spray, but there is glitter everywhere. okay, last but not least, blazers a great way to add spark toll a dress. >> you made the? >> i made all these. this one is from piper line. that is from macy's. these are great buy its but easy
9:41 am
to add bling this is trim. none of these cost me over -- $10 or less. buy a -- >> at the craft store? >> and you add it, like this jack tote lapel, you can slip th on iyou want while i show this get the trend that looks like the fabric, light weight. >> it fit mess. >> and i want to show one more trick. these are just some appliques, littleepaulettes, $2 each. you cou just use this hem tape and stick it to your shoulder. >> like michael jackson. >> a great way that is temporary, come off your blaze teer is great. >> you are a seenious, as i said, i tell yarks i stand by my word. bobbie thomas, diy genius. up nt, whether you want to spend $10 or $50, the best toys for every budget, right after this. [childrescreaming] [growl] i met my husband here.
9:42 am
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9:45 am
this morning on today's holiday gift guide, great toys atvery price point, whether the kids on your list have been naughty or nice. sure nice, santa is here to bring something special. stephanie oppenheim from toy is here. >> hi, al. >> good to he see you eph. >> happy holidays. >> happy holidays to you, too. toys ten bowl, under. >> bumpy ball, 10 or less. bumpy ball, explore, play with them on the floor. they are crazy cars, you hit them, they light up. big kids, small kids, they have small parts. >> all right, $15. puzzles? >> puzzles i love, thomas the tank, big balloon puzzle, kids play with them after the holidays are over. i like that. >> orders up. >> game, a fun game, has a bell to play, our testers loved it from the people who brought us banana grams this is zip it.
9:46 am
i love saying p it. a great word game. you have to make words fast against other players and zip it up. good take-along for the holidays. >> 20 bucks, choices widen out. >> hard tore me to pick them on our list. dr. seuss what's in the cat's hat game, kind of like a 20-questions game for school-aged kids. this is my best. spin art, a blast, it has frequencies, very cool. under 20. >> play doe? >> you can put play doe in that as well. >> cool. >> this is the jewel tree from creativityor kids. put it together. it is a really pretty thing to decorate in their rooms and they can make jewelry as well. >> this looks co. >> beautiful. these are record a story. guess how much they miss you and the night before christmas, not a child or make a keepsake because youravel a lot and want to be thereor bedtime story. >> 30 sfwhunchs the boys playing with city blocks. this year, come in hot colors and coloradoers, open-ended, put
9:47 am
them in the basket for the coffee table. >> what is the age range? >> 4 and up and then put them with these toys, these are planimals. from all over the country. make and break challenge, very different type of game, visual discriminati, you have to make these designs but you can only use this, no hands. >> afterwards, have chinese food. exactly. russell toes, heard about dolls this year, you and i, these are sweet, big animals and they are not gender specific. i love them. >> 40 bucks? >> 40 bucks, the step to kitchen, the best in the category, beatrice is playing with over there a lot of opportunities for cause and effect and making things happen. >> right. >> "star wars," light saber with real are sound effects. i my you would like t. >> that is going to get old. >> and then you can take them f and you can duel. >> oh, great. >> great fun. now we are talking big-ticket toys.
9:48 am
now, here i like the play mobile wild african safari but also a lego city no full body scanner here but a lot of fun toplay. little role playing. and finally, we have a wonderful old-fashioned stroller from caroll. >> becomes a baby carriage? >> a carrier in one. >> everybody had a good time and got it all n stephanie oppenheim, thank you so much. and a thank you to allf our helpers, you guys were terrific, very nicely done. everybody played together nicely. >> very nicely. >> up next, somebody gete a brick, 'cause we are making chicken under a brick. that's it. there's no brick in ere. there's just chicken, baby, but first, this is "today" on c.
9:49 am
9:50 am
thisorning in today's holiday kitchen, under a brick. the name maybe strange but it is
9:51 am
a classic comfort italian dish and a real crowd pleaser. john delucie is the executive chef and owner of the royal restaurant at the raleigh hotel in the south. newest restaurant, congratulations. >> thank you very much. the lion. >> the royal. >> you are busy. >> it's a busy guy. >> tell me about the royal. >> the rol is in the beautiful raleigh hotel. >> south beach. >> and though not very warm there right now -- >> no, i know. >>reat to be there, a lot of fun. >> all right. great. >> back and forth from miami to new york. >> tell me about this dish. this is something that is sort of a classic italian. >> yes, this is -- well, we -- you know, go to your house, pick out a brick, like al said, cover it with foil. so ea. i took it, a beautiful, organic, hormone-free all-natural chicken. >> right. >> and i have just some garlic. >> split down the middle, right? >> all the bones, except for the thigh and the leg bone he is. >> keep that in there? >> nice to cook thin on the
9:52 am
bone. >> split it like that add t herbs and garlic in there. what kind of herbs did you use? >> rosemary and garlic and some salt. >> wow. >> and some fresh pepper. and -- >> the smell is unbelievable here. awesome. >> you look very glamorous today. >> i can cook. i'm glamorous for you. >> very nice. >> great. >> and you can see here, show you the skin is just flawless and beautiful. i want to keep it that way. >> you want to have the skin, you want it to get the flavoring and the crispiness? >> the crispiness the key to this dish what the brick will do. i will put this in here, should sizzle. just like that. >> love that sound. >> what i want to do also, i want to add a little bit of butter at this point. >> okay. didn't give me butter that is okay. >> a little more butter, more flavor. >>hat guy, right on top. >> you there go. >> you hear that sound? >> you just lay it right on top and let it go for a bit?
9:53 am
>> let it go for a bit. going to go for abo 15 or 20 minutes, medium heat. you can see here, we move over a little bit, this is what it should look like. >> that's great. >> nice. it has flattened out. >> flip it both sides. >> i'm going to go into the oven, ready go cook it, show you what it might look like if i can do that right over, not screw it up. >> there you go. >> see how shiny and crispy? and to go with this, we are going to prepare a gratn a japanese mandolin. i had milk steeping, i put in some thyme, some cinnamon, some cardamom pads and you can do this for me -- nutmeg. >> are regular milk, extra zest? >> yeah. >> right there? >> and you get all the flavors of the holid. >> right. okay. potatoes? >> i peeled them, really thin. i have the mandolin, very, very careful. i ha gotten many stitches over
9:54 am
the years with this madolin. >> oh oh. just layering -- and this is something you do in little casserole dishes? >> exactly. use this cast iron here. >> okay. >> running out of time. going to l it on there. create a couple of different layers? >> exactly. add the milk. >> add the mill income there and show you what it looks like over here. >> hello. hello. >> speed it up. >> come on, people. >> our chicken with a brick. >> you added the rosemary, too. >> squeeze lemon on top. >> ye. >> here is the potatoes. >>ohn used an organic brick. >> yeah. >> organic house. exactly. going to say that. >> john delucie, thank you. we are going to dig right in. my gosh this is great, happy holiday to us. i will visit you in miami. >> please, do. >> stars from "the little fockers" with teri polo and
9:55 am
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9:57 am
it's cold out there, and some places are getting snow already. 9:56 the time here. i'm barbara harrison. we have snow moving into the area a we're going to talk to tom kierein about where it is. >> these are live cameras north of fredericksburg along interstate 95. it's kind of a dry fluffy snow. as traffic moves along, it blows it along theside. it will continue to come down. in fact, there, they could get up to three, four inches of snow by the time it ends. where you see the snow showing, it's beginning to fall outof the sky in washington. it is snowing heavier now in central and southwestern virginia. by the time it all ends by early this evening, we should have one to three inches on the ground in washington, the nearby such bushes. farther to our north, just an inch. the band to the south is where
9:58 am
it will fall. fredericksburg to charlottesville. may be mixing with a little sleet. a bit warmer. some of that snow should met tomorrow over the weekend. looking snow free for now. how's traffic now, jerry? >> i wish i could say it's delay-free, but it's not. the delay begins back at georgia avenue and it is jammed. it's between university boulevard and new hampshire avenue where the rig lane is blocked. heading downtown, it's a birthday thing. it's all cleared off to the 14th street bridge. coming up on "news 4 midday" we'll have live coverage of everybody
9:59 am
10:00 am
hey, erybody. welcome, welcome. it's thirst-dy, thursday, december 16th. winding ourway through the last couple of weeks of 2010. >> have we shopped? are we finished? >> i was just looking will you "okay" magazine and saw kendall and kylie jeer. like they need something. >> who do you buy for?
10:01 am
family and friends? >> i send the -- what is it? >> at delicious candy. >> toffee. it goes to help people that are truly in need and everybody else gets a little sweet. you know how i feel about those presents things. trying to keep it -- >> trying to keep from getting anything at the last second. >> i know this time of year so many people make their entire livelihood based on a christmas selling season. i'm torn. how about yo >> i buy forfamily and friends and i'm a last-minute buyer and every year i say not this year. then you panic and buy a candle or somethingat the last second. >> what's wrong with a kringle. >> nothing. tammy lov hers last year. >> mt men prefer to toast beer over the holidays. they don't want the champagne. they just want beer so somebody has solved this problem just in time for --
10:02 am
>> beer! beer! >> it's called infinium. >> it is s adams beer that comes in a champagne bottle. >> fine bubbles and a fruity, elegant aroma. $5. jerry, you're a champagne guy? en you should be the one to give us a -- >> it's beer. it's totally beer. >> how is it? >> if you were a beer lover, you will love that. >> joe, you're a beer love, right? >> it's got me lip -- who cares. >> you're a real beer inker. >> how does that measure up? >> it's all right >> yeah, good? wou you get that for 20 bucks? >> yeah, sure.
10:03 am
>> what a personality you have. >> he's trying to be calm and keep it together. >> i know. not around here, mister. he's aually so much fun and he comes on here and he's like -- >> let me say what he just said off camera. he just said these words "totally toed." here's the explanation in case you missed it. will.i.m. was with us yesterday. kathie lee was saying something he goes that's doe. you goe dough? >> he goes tobe. >> my new word. that's the way i roll. >> will.i.m. made quite a splash when he was here because i is imitating brian williams in the video. that was when the "today" show did that huge video. brian willia showed us his
10:04 am
dance moves. >> he said he's going to. put it in the next video called "backing out of the club." >> i love it. will.i.m. was a blast. >> he was adorable! adorable. we saw -- we'll talk about it a little bit later. acronyms are interesting things. >> you know them, lol is laughing outloud which no one does when they write that. no one. lol. lol. ha-ha-ha. nobody is really doing that. >> but lying hoda. >> the new acronym is smh. do you know? >> i didn't know until you told me -- shaking my head. like what in the world. >> what was the other one from yesterday? >> hmu. hit me up. >> which still means somebody wants money to me. >> which means text me back. hit me up. >> people don't want tbe hit up in the holiday season.
10:05 am
hello, merry christmas. right? >> so some more annoying words. we told you about some of them yesterday. yesterday it was totally. did we make that up? >> i made it up. totally tobe. basical basically, absolutely and my bad. >> my bad seems ancient to me. a few years ago, at least. or facebook people said that those were the words that annoyed them. >> speaking offacebook, they're so innovative but once in a while you wonder is this really a good idea? more and more we are losing so much of our privacy. it cracks me up with this julian assange has put out all these wikileaks allover the world, endangering quite a few people, whether you like him or dislike him. nobody disputes the fact that he's leaked it and it could potentially put lots of people in danger. julian assange wasn't the ten-bedroom house that he's going to be staying in under house arrest. he doesn't want the location known. he wants his privacy.
10:06 am
i don't think so. >> so facebook is doing this deal now where if you guys are on facebook you understand that sometimes you can get tagged in a mixture and suddenly this picture you didn't even know existed winds up on your page. becauseomeone has tag your face in it. now facebook has new technology where they can scan kazillions of pictures and they have this face recognition thing and they can self-tag pictures. in other words, you're at a party, someone takes a picture, it gets on someone facebook page and suddenly it winds up o yours or you're walking down the street or this guy outside with the camea. anybody can do that and they take a picture. >> hi! >> it winds up on your page so you have to actually push a button to disengage that option. >> tre is an option. this is the thing. lots of people look alike and lots of people have the same name. i think the is a real opportunity for disaster there.
10:07 am
and harming people's lives. >> i gree. butt is rd to undothings. i was on titter on my back berry and i was tweeting or doing whatever. someone said, oh, how's 85th street? i said how do they know i'm on 85th street? and i was on 85th street. there is a thing in there. someone wrote in you bett take that off. i went somewhere else, someone says you're at the train station. oh, mygosh. >> not everyone in this world wishes youwell, hoda, no matter what you think. >> i don't think that. >> this is disturbing. tom ford, verying with very talented guy, fine photographer, nobody disputes that -- designer, and now movie director. his current fashion editorial in french "vogue" shows photos of children as young as 6 posing as grown women. >> that's fnch "vogue." let's look at some of these pictures. >> it is creepy to me.
10:08 am
horrible. what do you all think? there is a time and a sean for everything under the sun, even the good book says so. but 6 years old? 5 years old? it is the continuing sexualization of young girls, all children and it's part of what's wrong with our culture. >> i agree. remindse of the shows who have the little gir beauty pageants and their parents put big red lips and eyelashes -- >> it creeps me. we'd like to know what you all think about about that. >> y are very, very, busy all day. ? how do i do it? i'm just one woman. aging at a rapid pace. but i was at lord & taylor because i had to cancel a book signing last week because of don meredith's death. i went last night. michael smallings designs basically beautiful, beautiful -- he's got some books
10:09 am
about christmas balls. the man couldn't stop talki about his balls the entire time he was there. i said how big are your balls? he said they vary. that's when i stopped asking him estions -- >> what were you say signing? >> balls. he was signing his balls and he signed the christmas ornament -- he was. he is ahris mall ball -- ornament -- designer. you had to be there. >> matt's asking if we're on the air. >> speaking of, matt lauer just walked in. we're live right now. hey! have you seen the ratings? thank you! we are totly tobe and we don't need you overhere, okay? so it's time for a little diddy that i'm not sure if you're going to like it. >> oh, yuck. >> is the ihoda play list. listen to just a little bit of that.
10:10 am
♪ the club can't even handle me right now ♪ wait, hold on. ow the video. roll the video. this is going to be the actual song i'm picking today. oh, my gosh, meredith's here, too. >> check out the video. let's all just listen. ♪ >> finally. let's crank this one. look at thoslegs i have. look athe stomach i once had. look at the rear end. look at that face. ♪ >> that song is called "love never fails." >> and i should know. >> we're going t look at it on itunes right now.
10:11 am
itunes. >> are you watching, matt? you watching this? matt can take his ees off it. thank you very much. >> when was that from? >> that was 2000. >> ten yrs ago? >> thank you, meredith. >> tramp. >> you should know. >> two shows we saw yesterday -- i did anyway. we saw "driving miss daisy." extende to april 9th. >> james earl jones, vanessa redgrave. >> you had to remind yourself you were watching something live in front of you. often you don't get to see the great like this. >> last night, "brief encounter." irv's ner seen this kind of direction. this brilliant woman named emm matt's making me so rvous. >> matt, matt, she's never this nervous. >> you know how i get around you. stop it. you're ing you and that's enough. you are totally, totally --
10:12 am
>> don't say it. don't say it. >> all right. we're going to be back. back with everything. >> after this.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
it's been ten years since we met the parents and six since we met "the fokers." and finally what every parent wants, "little fockers." >> it is an all-star cast, dustin ffman, barbra streisand and robert de niro. take a look. >> what's this? >> that is your own personal yarmulke! one of those little jewish hats. cute! >> we know that you're into that genealogy stuff. >> we thought it would be fun to trace your lineage all the way back. >> yes. and it turns out you are 1/23rd israelite. >> welcome to the tribe, jack. >> while i dispute the findings, i appreciate the gesture, thank
10:16 am
you, bernard. >> you're welcome, yakoff, your hebrew name. >> welcome, blythe and mayterry. terry's got quite the outfit on. so chris may and appropriate for morning television. beautifully -- >> my daughter. this is for my men -- wow. that was a big close-up. >> you wear it, we will show it. >> that's a "j" for my man jamie. >> so you're having a good time. i saw screening of this movie the oth day with my son and my friend. we were the onlynes in the screening room. >> how old is your son? >> he's 21 now in march. quite the film critic. we all laughed our sidessick. it is really funny.
10:17 am
he thought it was funnier than the second one. >> a lot of people thought it was funnier. lastight was the first time i've se it. >> for the first time last night? >> yeah. >> my favorite thing -- well, actually on the set is robert de niro cracking up. >> he never laughs in this one. >> he completely brea up. he just goes -- he just shakes. doesn't make a noise. and just rocks. >> but his character -- he having a heart attack when he does tht. hard to tell. you know? >> is a lot of it - i know most of it is scripted but do yo guys get to have some fun with e rds? >> here and there. >> mostly the boys. the guys can't behave. >> i notice on the credits it's john hamburg watch the screen. joan hamburg, great radio woman, herson. >> since the beginning. >> there's a wonderful
10:18 am
consistency in the characters and story lines are so funny. >> but the men carry this movie pretty much so you all are -- >> we're waiting for the fourth one, "mother fockers." >> the wom alone guarantees that that will be made. >> tell us about the little "fockers." >> they're so lovable. such wonderful kids. >> what's going on? >> that's you guys. >> i thought -- i need to present the idea to universal. i should have gotten double pay because i was pam focker as well as child wrangler. >> these kids are so professional from day one. they're unbelievable. >> both daisy and cohen. >> can we give a little shout on to gwyneth on "glee"? she was unbelievable. you've got to be so proud. >> i am. but she's been singing since she's been a toddler.
10:19 am
been doing scats of sesame street songs. quite something, yes. >> smething serious you want to talk about. >> i want to get a word out, m husband passed away om cancer. the bruce paltrow foundation. he had oral cancer. there is a real epidemic of oral cancer now in younger people and we are finding it is the hpv-16 virus which is the same virus in cervical cancer ands it transmitted sexually. we're trying to get the prepubescent boys,as well as girls -- >> it is a game to them right now. >> it is really scary and it's just catapulted numrs spop please, mothers, kids, everybody, grandparents, go to oralcancerfoundation it is one of the top ten non-profits. >> we wish you great luck with this movie.
10:20 am
>> it is very, very funny. >> the "little fockers" hits thaters near you dice 22nd. next, sit back, sara has the video that's all thetalk this week. she's bold and she's blunt, suze orman tells it like it is and ansrs your money questions.
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
time for "webtastic," the series that keeps you up to date on o all the videos hot on the internet. >> except for mine. >> sara, you've found the next big thing. >> we've gone to the dogshis week with a video from the best friends animal society aptly called it is a jolly dog celebration. check it out. ♪
10:24 am
♪ >> i like to keep watching this. >> i could watch that forever. >> is that acat? >> the cutist thing they said, though it only took nine hours to make it, the part that took the longest was to get the houses decorated. . >> thank you, sara. still to come, suze orman takes your questions and tells you how to deal with debt. >> and you better take your advice. we got a lot of stuff o on santa's list for you. >> after this.
10:25 am
10:26 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein in "storm center 4. right now we're seeing some of the snow falling. there's a light picture of interstate 95 and the roads near fredericksburg already well covered with snow that continues to fall there. it's snow that is falling. it's cold enough for it to stick. in the low to mid-20s.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back on this thirst-day with "today." it is time to get real about your money with suze orm, host of cnbc's "suze orman show." sara haines is across the street at the msnbc digital cafe. >> what have you two been doing you smell like beer. >> not me, i didn't drink it. >> no, no! >> that's hoda you're smelling. >> hoda. >> go ahead, sara. >> first up, patty from kingston, washington has a question about bonds. >> subonds are in the toilet, t
10:31 am
interest. what can i do with my money. >> i like her already. >> here's the main thing you need . don't flush the toilet! really, very seriously. here's the thing. if you have individual bonds, those bondswill have maturity date. don't worr about the value going down when they mature. if they're good bonds, you'll get your money back. what you really need to be careful about now isnvesting in bond funds. don't buy bond funds, especially long-term bond funds at this point in time because bond funds do not have a maturity date. as interest rates go up, the value of bonds go down, which is why this woman's bonds are in the toilet. if you don't want bonds, look into dividend paying stocks, exchange traded funds but be careful and diversify. >> we've got derek from iowa. woo! go iowa! question about investing now. >> we saved a little bit of extra money and wonder where is he best place to put it,
10:32 am
whether down on our house, put it in the stock exchange or roth ira. >> you would only want to pay down the mortgage on your home if you know without a shadow of a doubt you'll keep your home for the rest of your life. if you're going to sell your home in five or ten years, don't pay down the mortgage. it makes no sense. your next question is stock market and roth i.r.a. why don't you have your cake and eat it do? do a roth i.r.a. and within the roth ira invest your money in the stock market. >> i only understand 10% of what you're talking about. i didn't know. > but thatting can risky, too, depending on what else is in that. >> yes, but he was a younger looking man. he has time on his side. oh, look at him smile. >> tough times are coming. you're very honest about that. i appreciate that. >> tough times,ive ivive always
10:33 am
until 2015 it will take us to get out of this but in 2012, my opion, it would be a difficult year. but he has time on his side. if he dollar cost averaged, gets diversity, as the stock market goes down his money buys more shares, the more shares he buys, in the long run he makes more money. >> people wonder if you have a little bit of extra money, where should put it. >> depends on your needs. i'm very serious about this. there is not one universal answer or one universal pill that cures an illness. if you have credit card debt, get rid of your credit card debt. if you don't have enough in an emergency fund, put it in an ergency fund. >> with some sort of interest. >> good luck. it's whatever. >> but is it safe. >> this question is from somne a viewer e-mail -- i have $30,000 in krrd decredit card d found neglect difficult reviews.
10:34 am
why can't i get the lower apr these debt managent companies get? then she doesn't have to pend on the company. >> should i awer to you or pam directly? >> pam. >> pam, my dear, listen to me, i'll telyou why. these companies that you go to are call non-profit companies. all right, they don't make money but guess who's funding them? the credit card companie the credit card companies rather getsome money back than no money back. so if you deal with them, they've struck a deal with the credit card company to be able to lower your apr so you can't lower your apr across the board on your own but if you go to one of these companies you can make sure you are using a company that it is part of the nfcc, national foundation of credit counselors. check them out. and fcc.g. if they're part of them they might be okay but make sure they don't have me negative reviews. remember, you pay them, they pay your creditors. if they don't pay your credors on time, your ding on your
10:35 am
credit report. >> i'm here with elaine. she's got a question about mortgage interest rates. correct? >> yes. suze, do you expect more rates to go up in 2011? >> i have to tell you, if you've looked at the trend for the past two months, you can see the long-term bond is startingo edge up again which is making everybody a lile bit nervous. mortgage rates are based on long-term bonds. if those continue up, mortgage interest rates will strt to go up which makes itarder for people it buy real estate which then affects the real estate market so who knows how they'll manipulate this because they need real estate to come back but i do think you may seehem trend up, not a lot, but some. >> i wish we could do an hour with suze. >> you're a genius. >> didn't i hear you say that your ratings were doing great? >> yes. >> stick to what you're doing, girls. >> you're really great. you can get a lot more of
10:36 am
kk suze's great advice.
10:37 am
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10:39 am
we are counng down to the holidays with gifts for a of the women in your life. >> if you haven't even put a
10:40 am
spouseman is here. let's get started. >> for $32, vin will actuay decoupage your invitation, a special photograph and in just a few days will be almost -- it looks like it is laminated but it is the art of decoupage which is a parisian technique. >> fantastic. >> how quily do you need to get those pictures i >> you can order with vin this week but get them in by this weekend, beat the holiday rush. >> if you have someone who loves to cook-- >> personal creations, for $40, a personalized casserole dish. >> oh, my gos >> a helping fromoda or their treat jar for cookie smart cookies on your list for $25. they will personize it and again, order by tomorrow but these are fantastic gifts. you don't look like you waited
10:41 am
until the last minute at all. >> anything that customized seems like you thoughtbout it a long time ago. >> all yea long in fact. >> flashbacks are ecofriendly bags really made from recycled newspapers. you send your cover or photographs or the pet's photographs or they have photos you can choose from and they schlepp with. $18 and up. >> a deal and a steal. >> i need this cosmetic bag. i immediate to replace my ziploc so let's talk about it. >> for $13 for personal from creations, they'll put your name, initials. they eand because it is a waffle weave. i like them a lot. i think it is a wonderful gift. >> my favorite gift may be this ne one because its about time someone did this. >> thi is so cool. this is called the light-up lip
10:42 am
$22. haling. mirror. ere's the good part. finally! light up life ♪ yeah, darling! >> isn't that such amart idea? i know you're captivated but it is a perfect stocking stuffer. >> mommy and me aprons are great mommy. it is a great christmas portrait. then festivities online for the fashionista, $24. these are these beautiful scarves. they're rosetta scarves thato around your neck and form a little rose. as far as for $16, the clutch with the rose. that's so affordable. comes in a lot of colors. five colors. now the tahitian jelly bean watch, this is our pricier one. but for $295, the person you
10:43 am
love spending time with that girl on your list cos in all of these jelly bean-like colors. >> they are beautiful! >> you'll want one for everyone on your list. this is from bloomingdale's. great item. i love also from the gift district from $28 and up, charms that are personaled. you could have "bff" or "ilyf." >> lol -- ha-ha-ha-ha. >> these are great because you then create your charms. it is called build a necklace. yo build your own char necklace. now alex toys pore $12, love the crafter, happily ever after crafter. that's you, hoda. >> i love craft >> last, but not least, this is a hip item, called hip candy. these chains go on the teenagers and tweenagers on yo list. these are charms and they change the charms and collect them and
10:44 am
trade them. >> i love that. >> robin, you did it again! >> as usual. merry christmas. coming up next, even santa has to go to school. pack a lunch, we're going to go with him and meet his friends right after this.
10:45 am
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10:48 am
every winter thousands of volunteers dress assanta claus to collect donations for the homeless and hungry. >> you can't just throw on a red velvet outfit and shout ho ho ho. they have to learn the trade somewhere. volunteers of america have been training sap santa's helpers for more than a century. i got a crash course in all things santa at their santa school. it takes more than a belly and a beard to be santa claus. at the volunteers of america headquarters here in new york, class is in session.
10:49 am
>> first of all, let's clear one thing up. there's just one nta. he's not here, he's at the north pole. >> reporter: in santa class, you train to be one of santa's helpers. we had to get into costume to get into character. we work from the bottom-up starting with the pants d boot covers. >> if your shoes are three-inch heels, maybe you should re-consider your footwear. >> reporter: lesson two, you can't be santa without a little ad to the midsection. i feel like a kangaroo. i already feel jollier. we'd just be a fat guy inoots without that trademark red robe. >> i can't see over my belly. lesson three, you have to give the kids someing to tug on. >> we have boxes of beards. take it out, shake it out. >> reporter: it is the first time i'm dressing like a man -- since halloween. >> do you ow what we have to go through to go to the bathroom? >> oh, gosh. we have to get out of this
10:50 am
thing? >> reporter: costumes and wi in place, we definitely look the part but something is missing which brings us to the most important lesson. >> the laugh is a good way to let them kno you're a good guy or gal. when you laugh, you jiggle. >> reporter: because these santa's helrs collect donations, we perfect our bell-ringing technique. >> and cu >> reporter: and go through the dos a don'ts. >> santa does not smoke. there'snothing more unsightly than crumbs in your beard. >> reporter: to make it official, there is a pledge. >> reporter: as sidewalk santa, this i pledge. and we receive diplomas. >> sara haines. >> thank you! >> congratulations, ladies and gentlemen. you are now official volunteers of america sidewalk santas. ho ho ho! >> is this like graduation? do we move it over?
10:51 am
school's out but the holiday cheer is just beginning. so far, these santas helpers have raised $70,000 for homeless and hungry familis. >> we got a whole bunch of volunteers from the volunteers of america and rachel winestein is here, the group's leader. >> thank you for having us here. >> we see these guys with the bells ringing. >> some women. >> where does the money go? >> the money goes to our holiday food voucher program. we're sending food vouchers to thousands of people who are hungry this season. >> more people are ever before this season. >> we may have raised $70,000, but we need aise a lot more. >> you guys did really well. do you have the laugh down? we didn't do the thing, what about this part? >> laugh outloud. ho ho ho ho ho! >> thank you. if you'd like to make a
10:52 am
donation the volunteers of america, go to we will be back with more of "today" on nbc. ñeñgñeñeñeñeñeñeñeñeñeñe÷eñeñeñe
10:53 am
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10:55 am
since it is thirst-day, today's question -- is it okay to wear high heels when you're pregnant. kathie lee says, unless your feet are swollen, go for it. >> hoda said why try the balancing act. from baby to our toy drive, some wonderful companies have stepped up this year. >> one is the puff's division at procter & gamble. daniel door is mr. puff today. he's going to tell us about the great donations. >> we're thrilled to be a part of this yearary holiday gift drive by donate ing $100,000 in
10:56 am
puff's. we want to help families coort each other. >> welcome, this is the first time you guys have been part of this. >> we are really excited to be here this year. >> we're not going to let you go after this year. have a great holiday. bless you. remember if you want to donate from home, just go to amazon.c and tomorrow we got a big "ambush makeover" and holiday everything to help you all get ready for the big weekend next week. have a great day. see you tomorrow. tomorrow is try-day friday. bye-day. -- captions by vitac --
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