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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  July 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now at 5:59 the nation's capital is waking up ready to celebrate the fourth of july holiday, but will the weather cooperate? from the forecast to security, how to get around today. we'll get you ready for the big celebration taking place down on the national mall. the jury in the casey anthony trial almost ready to start deliberations. why the judge stopped the court proceedings while the two sides battled it out during closing arguments. good morning and welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist in for eun yang. it is monday morning, the fourth of july, 2011. take a live look outside. the sun is up. temperatures in the mid-70s. here outside our studios. tom kierein is here talking about the possibility of more storms. unfortunately, later this afternoon, we could get some. right now, though, it's a tranquil start to this fourth of july morning, and for the parades later today and the picnics, it should be dry. however, late afternoon it's
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like around 5:00 into the evening is when we have that chance of storpms. radar not picking up any storms. perhaps a sprinkle in montgomery county and the southern shenandoah valley right just south of harrisonburg. and temperatures around the region near 70 in the suburbs and rural areas. near the bay and at the atlantic beaches, low to mid-70s. it's in the mid-70s in washington. over the last 12 hours, the storms we had come through last night have really pretty much dissipated over the atlantic ocean. we do have considerable cloudiness this morning. there's the cloud cover from capitol hill, live picture from the city camera. our sunrise was about 15 minutes ago. at 9:00 we'll be near 80 and partly sunny. partly sunny at noontime into the mid-80s and in the midafternoon should stay dry and up around 90 degrees and just a little less humid than yesterday. however, it's late afternoon and into this evening is when we do have that threat of storms coming through. you are headed to the mall, grab an umbrella. keep that handy and be ready to
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take cover. a look at the night, the evening, in detail. that will be in about ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? it's looking much better than this. the idea that it might rain this evening. so far if you're getting on the roadways right now, you're making a wise decision because you have a great commute. here we go, this is the beltway at university boulevard. i can tell you the beltway inside and out, in both maryland and virginia, so far your lanes are clear, and it is a smooth ride. here's the springfield interchange for you. 395 you're looking good as well in virginia as we head 95 north of the occoquan. if you're traveling on 95 north and south, it is a smooth ride for you. i'm telling you, so far no incidents to report. back to you, joe and aaron. >> thanks very much, danella. the heavy winds and rain are being blamed for the death of a man in montgomery county. the 53-year-old man was riding his bike on the c&o tow path in the poolesville area. a tree fell on him, and he died
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at the scene. police have not released the man's name or where he's from. those in town for today's independence day celebrations hoping they don't see this again. the storm caused some damage and put a damper on yesterday's faes ti festivities. with a chance of more rain today, you need to be prepared. megan mcgrath joins us with more on what folks need to know today. megan? >> reporter: good morning. aaron, if you're going to be coming down early, keep in mind they're going to be closing roads down. this is 15th street behind me here. you can see there's still some traffic getting by here. we are just starting to see the movement of police down at constitution. looks like they're about to put up a barrier down at that end. and then we also have an officer down at the other end. it looks like we're starting to see movement in terms of road closures in the area. that is going to be the case all day long. there are a lot of events taking place at 11:45.
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that's when the parade takes place on constitution avenue. they're going to have a section of constitution shut down, and we'll have hundreds of thousands of people gathering on the mall. some will be attending the folk life festival. others will be up on capitol hill watching the concert tonight. and everyone very eager to see the fireworks later this evening once the sun goes down. lots of closures. lots of people. take a look at the video last night. there was the dress rehearsal for the concert at the u.s. capitol. they had bad weather that blew through the area. of course, whenever there's any kind of lightning or severe weather, it's just not safe to have people gathered outside. police actually evacuated people from the grounds of the capitol for a time, putting them in a nearby parking garage for their own safety. they actually had trees fall on the grounds of the capitol. and elsewhere, there were tents set up for some of the festivities that were blown around. not a good situation here. now, if you are going to be coming down to the mall today, keep in mind security is going to be very, very tight.
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there are concerns that terrorist organizations could use this as a potential target. a lot of people are going to be gathered in this area. we expect to see a lot of officers in this area, canine dogs and the like. if you're coming down to the mall, no matter what time you come down, if you're going to stake that spot, you're going to have to pass through a security checkpoint, the magnetometers and the light just to make sure everything runs smoothly. right now still pretty quiet. we're starting to see more police activity, but in terms of the crowds, not quite yet. still pretty early. back to you in the studio. aaron? >> megan mcgrath, thank you. 6:05 is the time. if you're wup of the hundreds of thousands of people headed downtown, metro is adding extra service to make sure the trip goes smoothly. stations will be open from 7:00 this morning until midnight. and the transit system will run six and eight-car trains at rush hour level. the smithsonian station will be closed until 10:30 this evening. metro bus will run on a saturday
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schedule. right now crews are working to clean up the damage from last night's strong storms. the high winds knocked down trees and power lines. thousands of people in northern virginia waking up without power this morning. tracee wilkins is live for us in arlington now with more on that. tracee, the power numbers are getting better. it's pretty apparent why that power went out. >> reporter: absolutely. we're seeing downed power lines and also seeing damage in folks' yards. take a look behind me. this is a yard where they have to do definite clean-up. the fence over there is damaged by a tree that fell on that fence. they've got other limbs here that are down as well. this looks a lot better than some of the other neighborhood -- some of the other yards that we've seen here in this community here. if you take a look to the left, we are in rivercrest. you can see here actual power lines down. this is part of the issue here. this is what they're going to have to deal with, power crews, as they get out this morning. this was one of the better streets. at least this one was marked.
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down here at old dominion and williamsburg in this intersection, it is completely dark. no power to that intersection. we're seeing issues all across arlington. lots of problems here. whole trees down on power lines. large limbs in the streets, and lots of scattered debris. the dominion virginia power is quickly changing things around. we are hearing the numbers are going down. this morning we started at 10,000 people without power. we're seeing those numbers steadily decrease now. right now virginia power is reporting they are working on 220 projects throughout their service area and expect restoration to continue throughout tomorrow morning. now, tom kierein is saying that what folks saw here, it's not a tornado, but straight line winds of up to 60 miles per hour yesterday, and that's what's caused all of this damage we're seeing, especially here in arlington. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. later today the casey anthony is expected to go to the jury after the prosecution wraps up its final rebuttal and the
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judge gives instructions. yesterday was filled with emotion. anthony was seen visibly disagreeing with the prosecution's arguments and then breaking down when shown the bag her daughter caylee was found in. the attacks then got personal with the defense criticizing the prosecution, so much so that the judge stepped in. >> casey anthony maintains her lies until they absolutely cannot be maintained anymore. >> you sigh, the strategy behind that is, if you hate her, if you think she's a lying, no good slut, then you'll start to look at this evidence in a different light. depending on who's asking the questions, whether it's this laughing guy right here or whether it's myself. >> objection. >> sustained. approach the bench. >> this case has gone on now for six weeks, and because the jurors have been sequestered, some speculate they could return a verdict quickly, perhaps even by the end of today. others, though, say that is unlikely. time now is eight minutes after the hour. coming up, if you can't make it to the mall, we'll tell you
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about other fourth of july celebrations in the area, including where you can watch daytime firework.
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time for weather and traffic on the ones. ats 6:11 on this fourth of july monday. here in the washington region, we have a mostly cloudy sky. radar picking up a few sprinkles right there along 270 just to the east of poolesville and right along ridge road, route 27. farther to the southwest, a little sprinkle there. and out eastern rappahannock county and just south of stanton, virginia. temperatures near 70 in the rural areas and suburbs. mid-70s in washington and near the atlantic beaches and by the bay. there is the mostly cloudy sky over capitol hill. by 9:00, a little sunshine in and out. temperatures around 80 degrees. ought to hit the upper 80s and near 90 by late afternoon and partly sunny. late afternoon and evening is when we have the possibility of thunderstorms. any storms around should
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dissipate by midnight tonight. partly cloudy by this time tomorrow morning and temperatures in the upper 60s. a look at tuesday, the rest of the week, and the weekend, that will be at 6:21. danella, how's traffic? so far we have road closures. everyone is getting ready for the fourth of july festivities tonight. if you're heading down to the mall or monument, you definitely want to take metro. there's tons of road closures. including the memorial bridge is close the right now in both directions. i want to show you the beltway. this is in maryland at connecticut avenue. the inner loop and outer loop in virginia, the roadways are clear. heading down to 66 at lynn street. 66 inside and out of the beltway in both directions. i want to show you this 395 north of edsall road. i want to give you a report of a disabled vehicle, but as you can see, your lanes are clear. back to you, aaron and joe. >> thank you, danella. 6:13 is the time. americans apparently don't know much about history. wait until you hear what most
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welcome back. 6:15. this morning the duke and duchess of cambridge are waking up on prince edward island. the couple seems to be winning fans everywhere they go. yesterday william and kate stopped in historic quebec city. it is one of the oldest cities in north america. in a nod to the crowds, prince william thanked them for their patience with his french accent. [ speaking french ] >> have you ever seen a prince before? >> they just looked like a real nice happy couple. >> today the royal couple will spend the day in prince edward island. the island is best known as the home of anne of green gables, the fictional story is about an orphan who lived on the island and apparently one of kate's childhood favorites. later today, prince william, who is a search and rescue helicopter pilot, will copilot a chopper that will make a training emergency landing. the couple also plans to square
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off each other in a dragon boat race. we have a developing story out of mexico this morning. a 100-foot fishing boat capsized, killing one person, and six others remain missing. 44 people were on board the boat, including more than two dozen americans. when the boat capsized off the coast of baja, california. the u.s. coast guard is assisting the mexican navy in searching for missing people. there's no word on how the boat capsized. new overnight, a police officer and two others dead in a smooti smooting. in the memphis entertainment district, shots rang out. timothy warren, an eight-year veteran of the memphis police force, was hit and rushed to the hospital where he later died. another man was shot and killed in the crossfire. memphis police do have one man in custody. crews continue to look for oil from a pipeline spill in
6:18 am
montana's yellowstone river. an estimated 32,000 gallons of crude oil exploded into the river when an exxon mobil pipeline broke. the oil is soiling river banks and vegetation. company oil executives say they're doing their best to try to sop up the oil, and workers are monitoring the air and water quality. there's no work on why the pipe broke, but there's speculation that heavy rains and flooding might have left it vulnerable to debris. thousands of people are now allowed to go home after a massive wildfire in new mexico forced them out nearly a week ago. so far the los conchas fire scorched more than 113,000 acres. at one point it was a direct threat to the country's premiere nuclear weapons laboratory. firefighters say the fire no longer poses an immediate threat to the nuclear lab, but it will remain closed for all but essential personnel until further notice. today the crew of nasa's final space shuttle launch arrives at kennedy space center in florida to prep for the launch of "atlantis" on friday. >> we want to make sure that
6:19 am
we -- that the thousands and thousands of people that put their hands on a space shuttle are honored by this mission and the legacy of the space shuttle. >> the crew will bring supplies to the international space station. after the shuttle l program, nasa is rumored to be working on deep space exploration with an asteroid as its target. in 30 years of launches, nasa oversaw 135 shuttle missions, including the launch of the hubble telescope and john glenn's return to space. in sports, the nationals square off against the chicago cubs today. first pitch at 1:05. they'll do so after learning who will represent them at this year's all-star game. reliever tyler clifford was named to the squad, the first of his career. the 26-year-old has been fantastic out of the bullpen for washington, posting a 1.96 e.r.a. while striking out 57 batters in 46 innings. and current first baseman
6:20 am
michael morse has a chance to be named to the team as well. the slugger is part of the final man competition. to make sure he makes the team, you can head to and vote for him. little pop quiz for you on this fourth of july. what year did the u.s. declare its independence, and from what country did we become independent? >> this is a shocking and somewhat depressing poll that shows a large number of americans do not know the answers to either questions. according to the marist poll, only 51% of americans know the united states declared its independence in 1776. 24% did not know that america broke away from great britain. and the future of america could be a little in jeopardy because the age group that got the lowest score on both questions, well, they were adults under the age of 30. >> pretty sad.
6:21 am
this is like one of those jay walking segments on the jay leno show. people said france, china, japan, mexico, and spain. >> we declared our independence from all of them? from any one of those or all of them. >> orgy but djibouti or somethie that. whatever. >> please don't shake your booty. let's go to tom kierein with a check of the weather. >> just don't shake your booty. all right. if you're looking to avoid huge crowds today, you can head to a local july 4th celebration. one of the most unique will be at mt. vernon, where they will be shoot off special smoke fireworks at 12:45 this afternoon. just for the daylight. in maryland events at frederick's baker park, including live music and bathtub races. fireworks start at 9:30. in vienna, virginia, there will be games, arts and crafts, and a chili cookoff at the vienna community center and fireworks at 9:15. >> big doings going on all over
6:22 am
the place. now let's go to tom kierein. he's looking at the forecast. and unfortunately, during the times of the fireworks displays this evening, we may get passing thunderstorms. so keep that in mind if you're going to be attending. before then, though, we should stay dry. right now radar not picking up any more precipitation near washington. there's one little shower that's just come out of rappahannock county into far north of western culpepper county drifting east. we're near 70 throughout most of the region. mid-70 year washington and by the way and near the atlantic beaches. there is the sky over capitol hill. it's still mostly cloudy. and by 9:00 partly sunny. near 80. by noontime, near 80s and partly cloudy. should be good weather for the game at nationals park. however, late afternoon and evening is when we could have passing storms, and unfortunately, that would be during the time of many of the fireworks displays around the region this evening. so grab an umbrella if you're going to be heading out to that. tomorrow partly cloudy, near 90. getting more humid wednesday and thursday. could get storms wednesday afternoon and again on friday
6:23 am
afternoon. over the weekend, only a very small chance of any storms. now, danella, how's traffic? still looking good. i'm checking the local roadways. prince george's county as well as montgomery county looking good. 270 and clain clarksburg, if yo traveling 270 north or south, so far no delays. this is penn avenue at the southeast freeway. d.c., your local roadways with looking good as well, heading to virginia at joplin road. traveling north or southbound at 95 in virginia, it's smooth sailing on this fourth of july. back to you, aaron and joe. >> good time to get out and move around. thanks, danella. >> no more warnings. the town saiding out speed
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(announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. 6:26. welcome back. lawmakers will be trying to hit the debt ceiling instead of taking a holiday recess. they're expected to reach the debt limit on august the 2nd. talks on increasing the limit fell apart last week of the democrats would say a mix of cuts and new revenue is necessary. republicans want cuts only, opposing anything that they say amounts to a tax increase. thousands of people are making their way to d.c. today for holiday events, but one man is arriving in town after having
6:27 am
traveled nearly 4,000 miles across country in a wheelchair. of course, you've never seen a wheelchair quite like this one. chad dyerson is hoping to help find a cure for spinal cord injuries. he was paralyzed in a motocross accident 11 years ago. to raise awareness, he hand built a motorized wheelchair and set out from southern california five weeks ago. that chair goes 55 miles an hour. needless to say, he gets a lot of look from motorists and questions from police. >> i built this gas powered wheelchair, and i decided that i should go do something for spinal cord research. i've never done anything like this before and just kind of jumped into it. didn't know what i was doing, learned a lot on the road. >> diyerson says he hopes to ge the attention of congress and the p before he leaves. >> nice looking wheelchair.
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right now it's 6:30. many people are waking up to this. downed trees, power lines, and debris in their yards. last night's strong storms caused a lot of damage, the worst of it in arlington. crews worked through the night and are still out there this morning trying to clean up the damage and restore power. right now about 8,000 customers across the region are without electricity. >> good morning. and welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist in for eun yang this monday morning rng the fourth of july. straight lines winds, up to 60 miles an hour probably caused that damage. this afternoon we have the possibility of more storms. right now just a few sprinkles coming through charlottesville, temperatures near 70 throughout most of the region. 74 at reagan national. there's the cloudy sky over
6:32 am
capitol hill and the potomac river this morning, and temperatures by 9:00 with sun breaking out, ought to be in the upper 70s, near 80. by noontime, mid-80s and partly sunny. for the afternoon, up around 90 degrees, not as humid as yesterday. we have the possibility of storms popping up and into the afternoon and evening. a look at your "nice planner" at 6:41. a report of an accident in d.c. at florida avenue and third street northwest. accident blocking all lanes. and rhode island avenue is blocked in that area as well. be cautious as you're making your way. the beltway right now in maryland at university boulevard, inner loop and outer loop of maryland looking good. in virginia at robinson terminal, your lanes are clear. 395 at shirlington circle, 395 you're clear at the beltway as you make your way over the 14th street bridge. back to you, aaron.
6:33 am
>> thanks, danella. the strong wind and heavy rain being blamed for the death of a man in montgomery county. the 56-year-old was riding his bicycle along the c&o canal towpath in the poolesville area when a tree fell on him last night. he died on the scene. police still have not released the man's name or where he's from. cross your fingers that the only booms you hear tonight are from the fireworks. thunderstorms yesterday caused some damage and put a damper on the festivities with a slight chance of more rain today and stepped up security. you will need to be ready if you're heading downtown. news 4's megan mcgrath joins us from the mall this morning with more. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, joe. preparation iarations in full s. take a look behind me. the park police are putting the finishing touches on this barricade at 14th street that goes across madison drive. this is part of the secure perimeter. later on this morning, there's going to be a security sweep. once that security sweep is
6:34 am
done, members of the general public will be allowed into this area, and folks will be coming to stake out their spot. of course, there's a lot of competition. people want to get that perfect spot so they can see the fireworks display. you do have to go through a security checkpoint. keep that in mind. best to travel light because they're going to go through some of your thing. they've got the magnetometer. best to pack as little as possible. one thing you should bring, though, for sure, water. it's going to be very, very hot out here. there is the possibility of sketchy weather later on this evening. take a look at the video shot last night. hairy moments during the dress rehearsal up on the grounds of the u.s. capitol. a storm blew through right at that time as they were getting the rehearsal under way. lightning associated with that storm. was not safe for people out there watching. everybody had to be evacuated. they were taken to a nearby parking garage, some of those folks until they blew through. powerful winds associated with it. tents came down that also blew
6:35 am
around. kind of a hairy situation for a little while. the hope is we're not going to see that tonight. everyone's got their fingers crossed. in terms of security, security is going to be tight. expect to see a lot of police officers. as i mentioned, you will have to go through those security checkpoints to get to the mall to stake your claim for the fireworks show. keep all of that in mind. really, best to travel as light as possible. make sure you have the things you need. of course, the fireworks don't get under way until after the sun goes down. anywhere around 9:15, 9:30 or so, if you're going to come out hours in advance, you'ring abe to want to make sure you're prepared. bring some food, bring some water, and chairs, blankets, and the like so you'll be comfortable out here. lots of people coming. the parade gets under way at 11:45. we'll start to see road closures associated with that. and a number of other events. the folk life festival down here on the national mall. 8:00 you've got the concert, and it's all capped off with the
6:36 am
fireworks display later on tonight. we're hoping the weather cooperates. back to you in the studio. >> megan mcgrath reporting live. thanks very much, megan. >> sure. if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people headed downtown, metro is adding extra service today to make sure your trip goes smoothly. stations will be open from 7:00 this morning until midnight, and the transit system will run six and eight-car trains at rush hour levels from 6:00 p.m. to midnight. there is no track work, but the smithsonian station will be closed until 10:30 tonight. metro bus will run on a saturday schedule. police from seven agency ins northern virginia joining forces to crack down on drunk driving this fourth of july, especially among teenagers. instead of setting up checkpoints, extra officers are on patrol looking for driving violations. and the new effort targeting underage drinking just went into effect in virginia. teens caught driving with a blood alcohol level of at least .02 will lose their
6:37 am
licenses for a year in the next six months. they'll also face a $500 fine or 60 years of communi-- hours of community service. an argument between brandon dashiell and justin carter. carter was rushed to the hospital where he later died. the "today" show is coming up next at 7:00. let's check with savannah guthrie to see what they're working on. >> good morning, aaron. happy fourth of july. coming up on a monday morning on "today," it's a major day at the casey anthony murder trial. jurors are expected to begin their deliberations today, one day after some very heated closing arguments. we'll be live at the courthouse with the very latest. also ahead, william and katherine's north american tour. who's help the newest royal come up with all those different outfits? we'll have details on that.
6:38 am
plus patriotic desserts you still have time to make for your july 4th bash. and a special tribute. tonight's fourth of july spectacular right here in new york. it's all when we get started on this monday morning on "today." aaron, back to you. >> thanks, savannah. 6:37 is our time. what the duchess of cambridge admitted for the first time during her trip to canada.
6:39 am
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if you're looking to avoid hunl crowds, head to a local celebration. falls church with music and fireworks starting at 7:00 p.m. tonight. gaithersburg residents can enjoy music and fireworks at montgomery county fairgrounds starting at 7:00. and 10,000 people expected to join servicemen and women at ft. mead in maryland, for paint ball, music, and fireworks starting at noon today. here's meteorologist tom
6:42 am
kierein in stormcenter 4. >> good morning. 6:41. happy fourth of july. starting off with a mostly cloudy sky. we're near 70 in the suburbs and rural areas. near washington and by the bay and beaches now mid-70s. there's the mostly cloudy sky over washington. now a live picture from the city camera. by 9:00 partly sunny and near 80. partly sunny through the rest of the day. highs near 90 by midafternoon. not as humid as yesterday. late afternoon and into this evening, unfortunately for many of the festivities and the fireworks displays may be interrupted by a passing thunderstorm. have an umbrella handy if you're going to be outdoors. during that time from 5:00 this afternoon all the way until around midnight. partly cloudy after midnight. by this time tomorrow morning, back to work with temperatures in the upper 60s. a look at the rest of the week and the weekend at 6:51. danella, good morning. how's traffic? still have that report of an accident westbound florida avenue at third street blocking all of your lanes. i also have a report that rhode island is blocked in that area too. so exercise caution as you're making your commute. a live look at our roadways
6:43 am
right now. this is 72 ii 70 at middilebroo road, no accidents north and south. as we head to the beltway at virginia, this is at old dominion road. the beltway is looking good in virginia. as we cross over 95 north at pohick road, 95 north and south in virginia, it's a smooth ride for you. joe and aaron, back to you. >> danella, thanks very much. 6:43 is your time right now. still to come, what kate middleton hopes -- is she still middleton? i guess not. married name. >> what is her married name?
6:44 am
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14 before the hour. the casey anthony trial is expected to go to a jury after the prosecution's final rebuttal later today. the tension,his are high in the courtroom as both sides have gotten nasty. news 4's kimberly suiters has the latest from our news room. >> the jury expected to begin deliberations on sunday and perhaps to have the fourth of july off. but because of an outburst between attorneys, the judge threatened to throw them both out of the courtroom, and he delayed the proceedings until today. closing arguments on sunday were fraught with emotion. casey anthony shook her head as the prosecution claimed she knew her daughter caylee would die.
6:47 am
she also cried as the prosecution laid bare photographs of caylee's remains and the bag she was buried in. at one point during the defense's closing argument, the prosecutor laughed, and you can see him giggling right there. then the insults got personal. >> this is the bag that caylee was found in. this is what, i guess you could say, was her coffin. she knew that that night she would be in the arms of her boyfriend and that caylee would be dead. >> you see are the strategy behind that is, if you hate her, if you think she's a lying, no good slut, then you'll start to look at this evidence in a different light. >> depending on who's asking the questions, whether it's this laughing guy right here or whether it's myself. >> objection. >> sustained. >> approach the bench. >> enough is enough. >> how many times have we heard the judge say that in this trial in the last six weeks of testimony and evidence. the jury will get its instructions today on the seven
6:48 am
separate charges anthony faces, including first degree murder. if found guilty of that charge, she will face the death penalty. aaron, back to you in the studio. >> kimberly suiters, thank you. joe, over to you. >> thanks very much, aaron. the duchess of came brinl apparently spoke about her hopes of finding a family when she met the father of a family in quebec city. kate was given a bouquet by a 2-year-old girl named rafaela. when the father wished kate well wishes in her efforts of starting a family, she replied, quote, yes, i hope to. it's the first time she's spoken publicly about having children. today the couple visits prince edward island, the home of anne of green gables, a fictional character who is said to be one of kate's favorites. later william, who's a search and rescue pilot, will copilot a helicopter making an emergency landing. and the couple plans to take part in a dragon boat race,
6:49 am
whatever that is. they'll spend the next few days in canada before visiting california on july the 8th. in frederick, maryland, the warning period for new speed cameras is over. the two cameras are located at butterfly lane and mccain drive near hillcrest elementary, and on governor and north market street. the cameras work from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. monday through friday. the parishioners of a prince george's church are planning to rebuild. the mount marvin chapel church was struck by lightning. no estimates on the damage caused to that century old building. >> i'm hoping we will rebuild and serve the community.
6:50 am
and i'm sure we will. we won't give up easily. >> nearby prospect united methodist church is opening its doors for members of marvin chapel until the repairs are completed. right now crews are working to clean up the damage from last night's strong storms. the high winds knocked down trees and took down power lines as well. thousands of people in northern virginia waking up without power this morning. tracee wilkins is live in arlington with more on what's happened there. tracee? >> aaron, just take a look behind me and see how serious these storms were last night. this is old dominion drive. take a look at these tree limbs going all the way down the street. they now have the street closed off. major damage done here. we also have reports of damage on glebe road, on new falls road, and on 35th right off of delaware we're told there's a tree actually through the center of a house. we're going to check that out as soon as we're done with these live reports. this is a look at the damage the
6:51 am
winds did here. folks are telling me they didn't have a tornado although it looks like that's what happened. this the result of straight line winds at 60 miles per hour here in rivercrest. this is old dominion here and williamsburg boulevard. you can see that downed power line. it's been down all morning long. this was one of the marked power lines. so folks could see this street was closed off there and not to fly under. although just a few minutes ago i saw a tractor-trailer still hanging here over this section of the road still open. so it's still a very dangerous intersection here that we've been told about downed power lines throughout the area. folks need to be careful this morning as you head out. look for streets that are closed off. i'm tracee wilkins live. >> we'll take another look at our forecast for today, talk about the storms headed our way. for most of the events, the weather is going to be okay. unfortunately, during the big
6:52 am
event on the mall, there may be some storms later today. right now, though, the weather has turned tranquil after yesterday evening's storms. we're throwing lightning bolts at us and damaging winds and heavy rain. now they're long gone, and temperatures around the region are near 70 degrees throughout most of the region. weather watchers reporting this morning it's in the mid-70s in washington. right near the chesapeake bay it's in the low 70s. and most of the eastern shores near 70 at the atlantic beaches right now upper 70s there. farther to our west and much of western maryland and west virginia there, now it's in the 60s on this fourth of july morning. over the last 12 hours, there are the storms that came on through. as they went out to sea, pretty much dissipating. we still have quite a bit of cloudiness around maryland, west virginia, and eastern shore. there is an upper level disturbance to our west and north. that's going to be diving down over the region this afternoon. unfortunately, that's going to be the trigger perhaps for more storms.
6:53 am
here's the scene of the big fireworks 'tdisplay and the concert on the mall. you can make out the washington monument and the jefferson memorial to your right. lincoln memorial on the potomac river. that sky may be streaked with lightning bolts in addition to fireworks by this evening. near 90 for a high by midafternoon. from about 5:00 this afternoon all the way until around midnight when we have the possibility of some passing thunderstorms. if you are going down to the mall, have an umbrella with you. by midnight, though, and after that, we should have the storms dissipating. tomorrow back to work and partly cloudy. not very humid. up near 90 during the afternoon. more humid on wednesday and thursday. could get storms on wednesday afternoon. highs near 90 wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. might get more storms friday. and over the weekend only a very small chance during the afternoon. check the weather any time, weather channel on cable. check the traffic with danella. hi. traveling here in d.c., i still have that report of an accident westbound florida avenue shutting down all of your lanes.
6:54 am
this is right at third street northwest. i also hear from rhode island avenue is blocked at that intersection as well. so be careful as you're making your way. live look right now the american legion bridge looking good at the beltway in maryland and virginia. smoo smooth ride for you as we check out the key bridge. smooth ride for you as well as we head down 395 north of duke street. i can tell you 395 north and south, it is a great ride at this time. back to you, aaron. >> thank you, danella. if you head to the mall tonight for fireworks, be ready for a little wet weather. storms dampen the mood for rehearsals yesterday, and there is another chance for some rain tonight. news 4's megan mcgrath on the mall for us this morning where, megan, roads are already starting to close. >> reporter: yeah. actually, take a look behind me. this is 14th street. you can see the barricades they have set up all along the sidewalk here. this is at madison, the intersection with madison drive. still have traffic going down 14th street. but that's not going to be the case for a whole lot longer. constitution avenue is the site
6:55 am
of the parade, which comes under way at 11:45 this morning. that is from 17th street to 7th street. all of these intersecting roads are going to be shut down. they're trying to keep them open as late as possible to allow traffic to move. it's not going to be for too much longer. keep that in mind if you're traveling down here or one of the people who's working today. things are going to be a lit strange. parking restrictions and the like. we're expecting hundreds of thousands of people to come down here on the mall. there are a number of festivities. first there's the parade at 11:45. there's the folk life festival, which the tents that you see off there in the distance, that's part of that event. that will be taking place all day today. there's the concert at the capitol. and then, of course, at sundown, around 9:15, 9:30, we're going to have the fireworks display. we're hoping the weather cooperates. aaron, back to you. >> thanks, megan. well, if you don't feel like
6:56 am
heading out to watch the fireworks, turn it on to nbc. the macy's fourth of july fireworks show airs tonight. it's a star-studded affair. beyonce and country star brad paisley will perform. all hosted by nick lachey. you can catch the fireworks tonight at 9:00 p.m. right here on news 4. >> it has become a fourth of july tradition along with barbecuing and fireworks. talking about the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest. >> the competition will take place today on coney island and will feature local flavor. alexandria's own sonya thomas, better known as the black widow, will chow down today, competing in a brand new women's division. thomas doesn't really train for the contest. she just tries to focus on eating as many hot dogs as possible. four-time defending champion joey chestnut is the odds on favorite to win. online gambling sites have the over under for how many hot dogs chestnut will eat at 60.5 in ten
6:57 am
minutes. please. here's the scene over the mall now. we've got a cloudy sky. by later today, we get some sunshine breaking out. by midafternoon partly sunny, temperatures around 90. however, late afternoon and into the evening, we could have some passing thunderstorms all the way until around midnight from 5:00 p.m. until midnight. after that, we ought to clear out a bit. joe and aaron? >> thanks very much, tom. that is "news 4 today." thank you for starting your
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