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tv   Today  NBC  February 21, 2012 2:05am-3:05am EST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody. it's fun day monday, february 20th, and guess what? it's presidents' day. >> how would you know? >> honoring our nation's leaders and some great sales. >> it's a nice day to have off, by the way. it's always i think the third monday in february. so we honor our presidents. >> it was originally for george washington because it was his birthday or something like that. right? >> yes, it was.
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especially washington and lincoln. >> february 22nd and lincoln's is the 12th. >> so they merged them. >> we're going to do a quiz. you look so pretty. >> thank you. yours is nice, too. you're multicolored. presidents' day quiz. play at home along with us. which president once performed stand-up comedy in las vegas? was it bill clinton, ronald reagan, barack obama, or richard nixon? i'm going to go with bill clinton. >> yeah. he's the obvious. i was, too, but if you do that, i'll go with -- >> richard nixon. go with nixon. >> ronald reagan. >> and the right answer is? you were right! did you know? >> a guess. >> in 1954, ronald reagan took the gig as a las vegas stand-up comic to supplement his acting career. >> oh, i thought they meant something else. which president was once a
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fashion model? john f. kennedy. could have been. george w. bush. >> uh-huh. >> okay. gerald ford. or herbert hoover. i'm going to say gerald ford. >> i'm going -- fashion model, i'm going with the obvious, herbert hoover. what's the answer? gerald ford! did you cheat? >> i didn't know. i just thought -- in the '40s. >> gerald ford did a bit of modeling and even posed on the cover of "cosmopolitan"? >> does helen know that? >> his wife was a fashion model, betty ford. >> i'm 2 for 0? 0 for 2? which president was given a $20 speeding ticket for riding his horse too fast on washington street? >> horse. >> andrew johnson, ulysses s. grant, thomas jefferson -- >> i'm going with jefferson. >> ulysses s. grant. did they give him a ticket?
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>> i don't know. we don't know. another question. play along at home. there are eight left-handed presidents. name them. >> bill clinton. >> yes. >> barack obama. >> yes. two. >> the only two i know. >> okay. we only like multiple choice. don't ever do that again. >> james garfield. >> herbert hoover. >> harry s. truman. ronald reagan. george h.w. bush, bill clinton and barack obama. >> next one. >> you're not doing so well. which president was known for his early morning dips nude? john quincy adams, franklin delano roosevelt -- i don't want to see any of these guys naked -- calvin coolidge or lyndon b. johnson. franklin had physical problems. >> i'm going with john quincy adams. >> coolidge because he was a whack job. >> go. john quincy adams! >> naked?
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>> yes. >> i don't believe it. all right. i don't believe this for a minute. i've never seen anybody who's better with people than you besides me. >> they say if your name is difficult to pronounce you are not favored in work, in your personal life, in school. >> who did you sleep with to get this job? >> ha. here's the thing. when people don't know how to pronounce your name, they don't ever say it because they don't want to be wrong. >> he doesn't care. how's by koda? most people go heeyyyy. >> some people are name injectors. >> both ends, so to speak. hoda and then kotb. you know? i mean -- didn't you add an "e"? what did you add? >> an "e." for a few minutes. to help people out. but people kept saying vowels,
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but it didn't work so i took it back off. >> be you and be proud. >> people with easy to pronounce names were more likely to be favored in political office and job promotions. >> they also sleep with people. let's be honest. >> they do. >> we get the drift. >> the next question is what does it mean to be a wife? >> okay. this surprises me because they say the word wife -- automatically, immediately positive connotations. a lot of women think -- a lot of women around here think, oh, a wife, that means i'm home, i'm -- >> this is what they said. >> i know. >> then why does everybody want to get married? to be their mistress? >> they say there's a connotation of a june cleaverish sort of woman with the term wife. i don't agree with that. >> does anybody think hillary clinton is june cleaver? >> no. i don't think so. >> why do so many women want to be a wife?
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they want to be married but they don't want to be a wife? >> funny. you know who's with us today who is a wife and a mother? >> yes. >> and an entrepreneur. >> yes. >> and about to launch a talk show. >> yes. i know. bethenny frankel. >> she's sitting on our couch on this holiday. she'll talk to us about all things bethenny frankel. have you seen the promos? >> i have not. >> they are juicy. >> apparently they've got sex problems like most people who have been married a couple times. what is it, the second year of marriage? >> i don't think she can hear us. >> i can hear you. >> oh, you can. >> here you go. >> all downhill apparently after you become a "wife." >> want to get it up, not down. >> exactly. >> okay. favorite things for our fun day. jill martin came to my rescue because i completely forgot
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today is fun day monday. so this i love. i love this company. this lip gloss. nars. i like nude because i think women over a certain age such as myself, you know, it gets in all the creases and nooks and crannies we grannies have. this is called striptease. it's $24 at >> this is something you and i both got sent. i ended up liking them. mini individual soaps. first of all, they're personalized. they have your name on them. second of all -- >> hoda kotb. >> so you can put these in your guest bathroom if you like. people like a fresh bar of soap sometimes. >> take the paper thing off. >> and you can take them if you want to travel and not use the hotel soap or something. just throw them in a purse. >> most people don't like to use a bar that's been used. >> $13 for a sampler or something like that. >> what's your favorite thing? >> bobbie thomas just did this,
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but a lot of people on our facebook wall asked about it. this is the beach -- let me make sure i'm saying it right -- beach waver. i do it on my own head but without a mirror i'll burn myself. i'm doing it on emily. >> the nobody. >> you push the right or left side. look at this. this is what i got. don't have a job in hairstyling. and that's all straight. >> so you don't burn it. >> no, i've been burning her head the whole time. i need to pay attention while driving. >> everybody loves it. >> it rotates itself so you get your curls going the same way. >> finish her head, please. >> but also "fan of the week." >> oh! who's going to hold this? our winner is heather from houston, texas. >> stop it. >> she watches on channel 2. she watches daily with her 3-month-old daughter, millie. their favorite segment is the talk.
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>> look at millie. how precious. >> and your relationship is so strong and contagious. they think they know kathie lee better than rege and everybody else. >> everybody does. >> congratulations. we're sending you to san diego for three nights at paradise point, san diego's island resort. >> awesome. >> dinner for two, two spa treatments, surf lessons at the surf academy, roundtrip air fare for two provided by the san diego convention and visitors bureau. >> that's great. san diego. have you been? >> i've been. >> one of the greatest cities in our country. best weather. nicest people. can we start doing the show maybe all winter long from san diego? >> dream on. >> coming up next, a reality check with our girl bethenny frankel. >> and if you knew what your man was thinking. >> our guys are going to tell you all. who knows better than they do? everybody! but first, these messages.
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bethenny frankel's reality tv show "bethenny ever after" is back. it caused a stir long before it hit the air. >> surely did. the best-selling author, reality tv star, and entrepreneur provides us with a window into her crazy world where the cameras almost are always rolling. let's look. >> what i'm supposed to do. there might be rules. this is just the beginning. we're going to have a whole blah, blah, blah -- let me just keep going. ready and go. just basic 101 things i've learned but i really don't know that many and break them all the time. always eating getting my picture taken. >> i don't believe you're always eating. you're teeny. >> such a -- i'm sure you kids
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have been on doxycyclene. didn't drink water. it burned a hole in my esophagus. don't ever take medicine without a full glass of water and not go straight to bed. not kidding. >> you woke up and you thought you were having a heart attack. >> i went to the hospital. they had to do a scope. burned ulcer in my esophagus. >> will that heal just fine? >> yes. i'd to say my thin figure is because of my daily nutritional products but it's not. i have no esophagus. >> terrifying. >> by the way, watching the promos of your show that is upcoming of you and jason -- a little steamy, a lot going on. >> emotional. >> yeah. it's real. the truth ofhe matter is i can't have every season be, oh, yay, i'm getting married, i'm in a white dress. look how wonderful my life is. my life is real. this is the second year of my marriage and this is my life. >> something about cobwebs in the bed? >> jason's penis doesn't actually have cobwebs on it. not everybody can be hitting it every night like you, hoda. some of us have a baby. am i wrong? not quitting it. you're going back. >> whoa.
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>> i'm sorry. i have -- >> the woman speaks truth. to power. >> look at her. i have sex. it's not as much as i'd like to. but, like, you know, you probably have -- >> you have a little baby. how old is she now? >> she's 20 months, 21 months. but we did everything in two years. got married, had tremendous business success, my baby. it happened all at the same time. >> you said i wouldn't do it again. if i knew then what i know now, i would not have had the cameras going. >> i made a commitment to it and i have a commitment to my fans to be truthful, not, like i said, not only the petals but also the thorns. this is the trick. relationships take time and nurturing. we're committed to it. we love each other. >> how do you manage that? they need privacy. >> they do. the show hasn't affected our relationship. i wish i could say that because it would be easy. we're different people. we got married later in life and have different backgrounds and we have to learn to accept each other.
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i'm in therapy and we work on it. that's the truth of my life. >> every couple has to. >> you're doing reality stuff and we know that. you've done a lot of things with skinny girl. but you have a talk show coming up in the summertime. >> i do. >> titled "bethenny" as we expected. ellen degeneres. >> she's been unbelievable, loyal and dedicated. she's a great partner. i'm excited. i can't wait. >> what can people expect from your show? >> people just watching me -- watching my sex life, watching my family life, my career. i'd rather have a conversation about it, talk to women about sex, about relationships, about having a baby, breast-feeding. >> you and nate berkus, people asked how do i start a business? you said you already have a job. put 10% away on whatever's upcoming. you give good, like, business
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advice. >> that will be a big part of it, too. talk about whatever's going on. >> very proud of you. but you're going to get a head start this summer. >> more crowded than booze, as you definitely know. in cocktails. >> a little. >> i understand. the cocktails don't intimidate me. you don't look at anybody else. >> that's right. you tell frank. >> if you're paying attention to what the other guy is doing you're not doing your job. >> that's right. >> get the premiere on the at 9:00, 8:00 central on our sister station bravo. >> up next, what's on your man's mind? [ male announcer ] cookies
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it is time to regroup with our "guys the tell all" panel. we've gathered them together to help you make rhyme or reason
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out of your man. the single guy, david goode, author of "the man code." next is the very funny chestnut, the host of "price this place." a new one. >> yes, it is. >> every week -- and can be seen every week on trutv's "world's dumbest." married for 14 years, two kids. >> comedian and actor rick younger, married a toddler son and can be seen in his one-man show, "i am my father," premiering in new york city. and all commercials. >> every single time. >> last but not least, actor ed watts, he's single, too, and has been starring for quite a while not only in my musical "saving amy" but also "the fantastics." let's hear what the ladies are asking. >> a question about the whole male/female vibe. >> hi. my question is before they date a guy, they think they have to be friends with them. what's your opinion?
2:29 am
do you have to be friends first? >> those women are wrong. in my opinion, they're wrong. we don't ever want to be your friend. the only reason we pretend to be your friend is so that we can be your, quote, unquote, boyfriend, which means we want something else. >> it helps to be friends first. you get to know somebody that way. >> most of the time when a guy becomes your friend, that's a default that happened after he really wanted to be your boyfriend. >> you don't think it's possible for a man and a woman, both heterosexual, to just be friends? without sexual undercurrent? >> no. no. >> after what you said -- >> it's complicated if the guy is attracted to her, though. that's the problem. it's okay to be friends. >> i have a lot of good hot girlfriends. >> but you're not attracted to them. >> no. my wife and i were friends for years before we got married. do you know why? because she wanted to be friends. that's why. when she called me buddy once, i said don't you ever call me that
2:30 am
again. i'm not your buddy. and guess what? now we're married. that's the trick. >> the thing that attracts you to a friend is probably the same types of things that will attract you to someone that you are sexually attracted to. but it's kind of like -- >> let's go to our facebook page for another question. why is my husband afraid to stand up to his parents and he feels the need to sit down and have a talk with them if we make a decision he doesn't think they will agree with? we are adults for crying out loud. p.s., it's our kids, not theirs. how old is this guy? 12? >> some people don't stand up to their parents. some men don't. do you guys stand up to your parents? >> i have cool parents. >> when i think of standing up to your parents, i feel like that's an adversarial relationship. if you have an adversarial relationship with your parents,
2:31 am
the need to stand up to them or sit down to have a talk with them to break things to them isn't there. my parents always had the kind of relationship where i was able to be just who i was, good or bad. >> i think the -- >> advice. >> i think the wife sometimes feels like you're siding with them? we have something going on here. we have our family. >> that becomes your primary relationship. >> honor your father and mother but supposed to become one with your wife. >> you got it. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> i love cleving to my wife. that's why i'm, like, screw your mom and dad! >> when i first brought my wife around to meet my family, you know, of course it was important to me that they liked her. >> right. >> but i had an uncle who said what's most important is that you like her. like you see us maybe a few holidays a year. >> yeah. you have to live with her. and i met your parents.
2:32 am
they're lovely, lovely people. >> questions like this are so strange to me and i'm sure some other people because my parents just want me to be happy. easy. >> midwestern people. >> a little commercial break. we'll come back and chat with you guys again. stick around.
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we're back with david goode, rick younger, ed watts for more questions. >> a lot of questions. sara, what do the women have to say? >> michelle has a question on long-distance relationship. my advice, they don't work, but go ahead. >> i was wondering how you feel about long-distance relationships, can they work, and if so, how do you make them work? >> hate them. you can't make them work especially if you started out with one. as far as starting out long distance. no way. i got to see somebody. >> but what about the sex when you see them? >> long distance works for a short period of time. you need to close the gap eventually. believe me, it's something to be
2:37 am
said for missing somebody. you see each other, like ah! but after a while -- >> what happens? >> ah! kind of like a sumo thing. you see them across the room. ah! >> all about the details. if you don't share the details, you miss the big thing. >> starting out long distance is the toughest thing. a little different if you have a couple years under your belt. see each other every few weeks. but you make deals. you say two weeks is the longest we'll go. >> yeah. >> wait till you share a mortgage, baby. >> a facebook post from shelby. why does a man's behavior change after he, quote, wins you? my boyfriend was the most supportive man i ever met, which is why i got together with him. now that he's got me, he's like a ghost sometimes. i told him i have serious reservations about our relationship in the long term because of it and now that he thinks he might lose me, he's shaping up again. >> she got it. no man keeps running for a bus
2:38 am
once he gets on it. you know what i'm saying? you got to stop the bus. if you want to shape up, get your butt off this bus. see? >> there's nothing better than comparing a woman to a bus! >> they get complacent a lot, guys do. sometimes when you get into the relationships it becomes a mother/son thing, you start nurturing and they start thinking this is unconditional. it's never unconditional. >> you have to tell them how you want to be treated or else they're going to go down that road. >> you got to kind of let a guy know, look, the same things you felt attractive to me, there's somebody else out there who will find them attractive in me, too. >> no question. >> give names. track them down. >> let's go across the street to sara. >> next up, we have a question about long-term relationships from alana. >> so i've been dating my boyfriend for a little over five years, and there's no engagement, no proposal. how long do i really need to wait? >> you have already waited five
2:39 am
years. >> one more week! a week from today. watch the "today" show. don't do it. >> he's going to see her saying this. how is that going to affect that relationship? >> that's going to be weird. >> yeah. >> real weird. >> he's going to feel pressured, right? >> she's got to wait as long as she wants, though. it's up to her. he's going to do whatever he's going to do. it's all about choices. if you're willing to wait longer -- my brother waited i think -- well, like eight years and now they're happily married with kids. >> unless of course you live in his basement and he lets you out occasionally. unless you have that kind of a relationship, no one is forcing you to be here. so you wait until you feel like, all right, i got to go. >> one from facebook. since when does card giving have to be on a holiday or birthday? i used to get them out of the blue just because. and would get flowers. now i never do. kind of what we were saying
2:40 am
before. >> what you stop doing when you get the relationship, as well. that's the same as card giving. >> oh, yeah. >> the teleflora ad. >> that's what we do. >> you bring back up the mention of jimmy and steve, those guys that like you. you know -- i don't know. it's like we do get complacent. >> that is so true. i've been married for almost -- how long is it? 25, 26 years. when trudie styler came after cody -- >> after frank. >> hasn't met cody. i went home and i was, like, he is good looking. there is something about that. >> kids, we have to run. thank you. see you again soon. >> we love you. we don't care what anybody says. up next, escape the cold. hot deals on spring break getaways. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping.
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now on "today's travel," if you are sick and tired of the winter, it may be time for a spring break getaway. >> "travel & leisure's" deputy editor is here with deals to consider. >> these are affordable. >> and all warm. these are great places to escape the cold. >> one of kathie lee's favorite spots, california, the west coast. >> the cass house inn. it's in a little town which we called one of the great undiscovered hideaways of 2012. >> look at that. >> enjoy it while it lasts. >> now everyone knows. it's in an old captain's house that's been converted. it is a wonderful little place with a farm-table restaurant, serve all local food. the orange juice you have at breakfast, which is included in your rate, is locally squeezed from local oranges. >> look how charming it is. >> and it's $165 a night. >> further west.
2:46 am
honolulu. >> honolulu. hawaii. there we found a place called the modern, which is right near waikiki beach, right on the yacht harbor. it is very modern. it's very sleek and whitewashed. they've got surfboards, sculptures at the hotel, a fire pit to hang out. hotels in hawaii tend to be very expensive. >> they've been hard hit by the recession. >> they have. but they're still keeping the rates up there. this hotel is $239 a night. a great price. gorgeous. >> beautiful water views. >> that is beautiful. okay. moving to florida. you recommend the bohemian hotel celebration. >> about five minutes from walt disney world. really well located. the celebration is an interesting little town. it was created by -- >> it is a town. >> small-town americana, a whole walking town. >> like the movie "truman." >> absolutely. they've got little ice cream parlors and movie theaters. everybody walks around or rides segues. this hotel is a great find. it's pet friendly.
2:47 am
they have a heated lakeside pool, water views, $199 a night. >> family friendly? >> very. >> you can't go to orlando without being friendly. >> yeah. got to be. >> if we want to go to puerto rico -- >> and who doesn't. >> i was there last week. i have to say, it's such a great destination, only 3 1/2 hours from new york city, so easy. you don't need a passport. it makes it very simple. in old san juan, which is super charming, cobblestone streets and the colonial mansions, there's a hotel called the gallery inn, owned by an artist. it is like staying in a museum. it's all decorated with sculptures and has her own water colors there. they've got a rooftop wine bar, which you guys would love. and you can look out on the surfers and the ocean in the distance. and $175 a night. >> a drinkie-poo. >> exactly. >> that is gorgeous. >> beautiful. >> finally, green valley ranch resort in las vegas. >> this is las vegas just off
2:48 am
the strip. we call this a great spa get away. it's great for a lot of things because it's got a casino, eight acres of gardens and pools. but they've also got an amazing sprawling spa and they've got monthly spa treatments. this month they're offering one that i love. it's called the cupid's sweet treats. they scrub you with strawberries and champagne and sugar. >> then you lick yourself. >> then they massage you with chocolate afterwards. so -- >> i would break out in hives. >> the best thing of all about this hotel is it's so cheap, $90 a night. >> $90? wow. >> medical bills afterwards. >> it sounds great. thank you very much. >> up next, the latest inductee into joy's fit club. now less than half her original size. >> you love chocolate. good morning.
2:49 am
i'm meteorologist crystal egger with the weather channel, walking you through your weather here. snow showers around the upper midwest in a does include the twin cities. we're in the 2 to 4 inch range for this storm. we haven't had a lot of snow here. rain showers through the interior northeast. we're quieting done until the next storm moves through the midwest. that's going to keep the rape going in the northwest and places like seattle and into portland and high-elevation snow as well. 48 in new york city, mild across the south and los angeles, you're near 80 degrees today. another great within wednesday approximate. we'll watch the cold air across the plains and there vaeeventua hit the northeast as well.
2:50 am
wednesday and thursday are the milder days for many states and then the cold front sweeps through and that's going to start dropping temperatures. continued snow showers on thursday in minneapolis the rain moves into the eastern third of the country here and eventually into new york city. not snow, though. again, mild enough this time around for rain. 57 will be the high in new york city and who are spring-like. rain across the southeast where we need it. cold in places like denver with the passage of the front on friday, we're only in the 30s. saturday not too bad, snow in montana and across the chimney of idaho. a few snow showers around the lakes and will keep lake effect snow going. snow showers all the way back into the northern plains including minneapolis there. you can always get your latest forecast weekday mornings at 6 a.m. wake up with al. shift. when they have more energy than i do.
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hey, there. stay right there. look at me now joy fit club. a 25-year-old youth pastor from los angeles, california, lost a whopping 180 pounds. >> her name is leona sims. let's take a look at her story. >> this is what i see when i look at in the mirror. i feel fat. i am fat. my name is leona. but my friends call me queen. and at one point i weighed 356 pounds. i get on the scale every morning. does it change? no. as far back as i can remember, i always loved to eat. i'm just going to show you a little bit of how we bake baked beans in my house. not the most healthy way. food tasted good. but once the flavor was gone, i was left with the pounds. my weight dictated how i lived my life. i performed for the world, but inside i was broken. it seemed impossible to lose
2:54 am
five pounds let alone 200. i can't do this by myself. i'm tired. i'm tired of getting up and going to the gym. but my turning point came in 2007. the song in the background i was playing with a song and the words kept repeating "yes." and in that moment i made a declaration that i would surrender myself to the process. i began to work out and change my relationship with food. not because i wanted to be skinny but because i wanted to be free. it was a long process. my weight went up, down, and plateaued. but i would not be who i am today if the 350-plus pounds of me did not realize my potential. i decided four years ago that i was worth it, and here i am. >> wow. >> love that word free. before we ask her to come out, joy bauer will tell us more about her eating habits. always comes down to that, doesn't it? >> this is such a powerful
2:55 am
story. it didn't happen overnight. it took her four years. >> good for her. >> to lose 180 pounds. she says that god gave her her strength. >> her strength. >> she's not an emotional eater, but she is a volume eater. she's addicted to food. so i wanted to show you something so strategic that she did. remember she was in college at the time, so she was at an all you can eat cafeteria. this is what she would eat before. >> wow. >> thousands and thousands of calories. soda and the fries and lots of cap'n crunch. now when she was losing the weight, she still ate an incredible amount of volume but chose the right foods, filled herself up, and was able to lose the weight. >> and as she got smaller she didn't want as much. >> she shakes it off when she stumbles. >> she's human. >> her before picture one last time. let's see the new leona. bring it out. whooo! >> oh, wow!
2:56 am
>> oh, yes. >> you look awesome. >> thank you. >> do you feel free? >> i do feel free. i feel great. >> good for you. >> i love how you documented it. you can really see -- many people watching it possibly resonated because when you stripped down and looked at yourself, you weren't shy about doing that. >> you were in pain. >> i was. i realize a lot of people lose weight show you the after but never process. the process makes people feel like it's real, authentic, you can do it. >> religion, god, all helped you through. >> i couldn't have done it without him. >> and you're helping others. tell us your hero. >> 350-plus pounds more of me. she's the hero because she's the one who made the change. that's my hero. >> god gave you the strength. >> we are so happy for you. >> give it up for leona! >> up next, you guys, hot drinks for frosty weather. first, this is "today."
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when it's frosty outside, nothing like a warm drink, right? >> peppermint patty drinks and malt red wine, ray is here with hot drinks to wash the winter blues away. >> hey, ray! one of our favorites! >> what are we cooking up? >> some warm drinks because it's cold out there. >> yeah. >> you get that chill in your bones and you want something warm with a little alcohol in it. and what we've got is a number of recipes from the magazine. this is -- this is really cool. this is called a peppermint patty, basically a liquid version of the classic peppermint patty candy.
3:01 am
it's simple with white creme de mint, a little dark rum, a little cognac or brandy, and about four ounces of white hot chocolate. ghirardelli makes a nice version of this. >> oh, my gosh. are you kidding me? >> then you can also use -- if you can't find white hot chocolate, you can always use regular. a little whipped cream whipped with cocoa powder and sugar. >> that is insane. that is ridiculous. >> we have a woman who lost 180 pounds. >> and crushed peppermint altoid. >> crushed peppermint altoid? >> just want to stick my finger in it. so sad hoda can't have any. so delicious. >> what's this one? >> this is a classic. this wine is 17th century, something that george washington or tom jefferson would have enjoyed. red wine and -- you are shameless.
3:02 am
>> that is just cruel. >> you bring it out of me, ray. you make me an animal. >> you warm it up. you warm it up with some spices. you put them in a little cheese cloth so you don't have to filter them out later. >> hoda can't have cheese. >> no cheese in the cheese cloth. >> she put the food in the chocolate mousse. >> having a little fun. you can't have it anyway. these guys don't mind. they all have them. >> pepper corn, cinnamon, fennel seed, red wine, orange rind and a little bit of sugar, a little brown sugar that you whisk in. >> okay. >> this is classic old school -- >> like an old drink. >> delicious, warming thing. this is super intense hot chocolate. double chocolate hot chocolate made with -- not a bad thing at all -- made with milk chocolate and bittersweet chocolate melted down with a little boiling water.
3:03 am
then you've got warm milk unfortunately -- >> poor hoda. >> this is the worst segment ever. >> next. >> i don't think -- >> going to enjoy it. >> she loves it. >> this is malt cider with a lot of spices in it. >> who molded it? >> mold means warmed up with spices and sugar. >> mold. >> mold. >> and it's cider with a little chardonnay in it because i know you like chardonnay here. >> a cute touch. >> what else? >> cloves, a little bit of lemon rind. >> delicious. >> without the chardonnay for kids. >> tastes like christmas. >> does it? >> sure does. >> who's better than ray? >> nobody. >> coming up tomorrow, the latest celebrity buzz from the long holiday weekend. >> and networking. like i know. >> and networking. like i know. please.
3:04 am
-- captions by vitac -- >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac -- ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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