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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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around here, we're all about fast. that's why xfinity is perfect for me. with millions of wifi hotspots all over the place - including one right here at the shop - now we can stream all things fast and furious. you've done it again, carlos! ♪ with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7 in theaters now. we begin tonight with a developing story. the secret service has put a senior supervisor on administrative leave allegedly for assaulting a female employee.
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>> the department of homeland security is now investigating the claim. sources tell nbc news that the female co-worker is accusing him of making unwanted sexual advances. they also report it happened after hours. the secret service tells us the supervisor's security clearance has been suspended. look for more details as we learn them on and tomorrow morning on news4 today. another woman is in custody tonight in connection with the high profile murder of a d.c. turn. >> but police say she wasn't in the hotel the night david masser submit was shot to death. >> dominique johnson is in a jail cell. police say she was not in the hotel at the time of the murder but she allegedly took part in
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the robbery. tonight, neighbors are stunned. >> i'm hurt because the victim didn't deserve this. >> reporter: angela keeps things about the murder of d.c. lawyer david messerschmit. >> it's a sad situation for all parties. not just for them, but for the victims and the accused. >> reporter: officers also arrested dominique johnson's close friend jamyra gallmon. gallmon is charged with first-degree murder accused of stabbing messerschmit to death inside a room in the donovan hotel. gallmon allegedly told police she went to the room to rob messerschmit. investigators tell us messerschmit published a post
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looking for sex with men. gallmon responded using a man's name. >> i'm very sad about it. i think something went terribly wrong. >> reporter: they said she was with the accused killer before the incident. was with gallmon after the murder and benefited from the items stolen. >> all i can do is say a prayer for all of them. this is a no-win situation for anybody. >> reporter: dominique johnson is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. news4. new tonight, an amber alert in virginia called off after police found a missing 4-year-old girl in north carolina. police say little kaleya ketter
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was unhurt. they say her father took her. check on the weather now. chilly and wet. plus some heat coming our way. >> that's right. a lot of heat before the week is over. that's going to be fuel for powerful storms. meanwhile, it's been all about the cool today. that cool has really been helping us out from seeing any thunderstorms around here. i'll take you back a couple hours. there's the one wave of rain that came through today. we just didn't get those storms. they died down. now i'm tracking another one just off to the west. right now, down toward petersburg that's where that first line came through. it's sitting in the warm pocket on the other side of the weather front. the cool pocket right here over us. as this comes in we are talking about rain. but i don't think we're going to have any thunderstorms early
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tomorrow morning. yes, there will be some fog around the area. you can see a big cluster of storms and even a flash flood warning with that. i'll give you the timing and how i think it will impact this area in a couple minutes. veteran cbs anchor and moderator of the program "face the nation" says he's retiring. he made the announcement while speaking at a forum at his alma mater. he also sent out a tweet saying he was happy to be in his hometown where it all started to make the announcement. his last broadcast will be sometime this summer. anger boiled over in the form of demonstrations tonight after that police shooting of an apparently unarmed man in south carolina over the weekend. the officer involved has been charged with murder following the release of some controversial video.
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we have the latest. >> reporter: cries for justice as night fell on north charleston. >> from the footage, you can see clearly that they did not have to do what they had to do. >> reporter: the city drawing a steady crowd of demonstrators since the release of a video showing michael slager killing walter scott. slager was charged with murder shortly after the video surfaced. [ gunshots ] >> i was witnessing with my eyes. let the phone doing the work. >> reporter: feidin santa na was behind the camera. >> when i saw the police reports and everything i saw, no that wasn't like that. that's when i made that decision to give it to the family. >> reporter: the family is grateful he felt that way. they said they don't feel charges would have been filed without the video. >> it would have never come to
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light. they would have swept it under the rug like they've done many others. >> reporter: he blooefs his son may have run because he owed back child support payments. city leaders worked to calm tension wednesday afternoon. they also revealed slager has been fired from the force. >> i have watched the video and i was sickened by what i saw. >> reporter: there is reportedly dash cam video of the incident that could be released as early as thursday. new evidence for investigators to consider from a second unblinking camera lens. nbc news. >> that shooting is prompting d.c. delegates to call on congress to take some action. norton says lawmakers should pass a bill she introduced that would create local task forces on policing. she also wants to create
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legislation to equip more officers with body camera. jurors in the boston bombing trial will go back to court next week to decide whether dzhokar tsarnaev will live or die. he was found guilty of all 30 counts against him today. his defense team admitted that he took part in the bombing. next week they're expected to focus on his troubled upbringing and the influences his older brother had in carrying out the attack. experts say avoiding the death penalty could be an uphill battle. >> convicting so quickly on 30 charges singles to me that the jury might not be so his to vote for the death penalty. >> they will point out last week that an 8-year-old was among the three people killed and that the marathon was chosen in order to inflict the most damage. police are looking for this man accused of exposing himself on a metro train.
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it happened aboard a blue line train around 6:15 p.m. last thursday. if you have any info you should call metro police. the man who was shot by the police last week and apparently pointing an air rifle at the officers, an air rifle that looked like the real thing. on the top picture, you can see an air rifle similar to what the police say dallas rough pointed at them. below is a real rifle that looks quite similar. the 22-year-old veteran of the force shot rough once in the stomach. rough is still in the hospital now. he's been charged with assault. the officer who shot him is on leave. a developing story tonight. an american soldier killed in afghanistan for the first time since december. the attacker wore an afghan military uniform and opened fire in a government compound. u.s. forces returned fire killing the shooter.
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seven other american soldiers were also hurt. a high-ranking u.s. embassy official had just left the compound when the shooting started this morning. a high honor for five virginia veterans for what they did when they were barely out of their teens a long time ago. the french ambassador presented those men with the french legion of honor. all the men landed on the beaches of normandy. one of the recipients was 92-year-old john burke. he's the man standing next to the governor. today, mr. burke said in his words, you get medals for doing what you have to do you know? he was an army ranger. he says he thanks god for a wonderful family and a good life. next a pregnant woman says this video proves that deputy punched her. >> it's ridiculous. >> tonight, we'll tell you what
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sparked the arrest and why the sheriff says his deputies had to use force. they were struck by a car while responding to an emergency call on the beltway. they returned to the fire house today. and an nba player stabbed two others arrested. the fight that turned a nightclub into a crime scene.
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an altercation outside a new york nightclub left three people injured including an nba player. he and his girlfriend were having an argument last night. that's when the suspect
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intervened and pulled out a knife. he stabbed copeland and his girlfriend. police arrived and arrested the suspect. two atlanta hawks players were also arrested. all of the victims are expected to be okay. >> a texas sheriff's deputy is under investigation now apparently for punching a pregnant woman while trying to arrest her. it happened early last month in a suburb of dallas. deputies were trying to remove her son from the home during an investigation of alleged child abuts. video of the incident shows two deputies pinning her in a corner of her kitchen. it then appears that one deputy hits her. the deputy says robinson reached for his gun. he says that assertion she says that's ridiculous. >> i was handcuffed again almost immediately and shoved into a corner and pinned by two giant men. i didn't touch anyone.
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i didn't -- there's nothing that warrant what they did to me. >> robinson an iraq war vet. she was 38 weeks pregnant at the time. she delivered a healthy baby boy two weeks later and is considering legal action. that deputy has not been disciplined. they were seriously hurt while trying to help some drivers who had crashed on the capitol beltway. this picture shows the aftermath that landed two drivers and two emts in the hospital. tonight, those emergency responders are back on the job. now, the crash has given them a new bond. >> reporter: you'll be forgiven for mistaking them for the cast of a tv drama series. they went through a terrible real life tragedy. these are images of the aftermath of the horrific collision february 15th on the
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beltway near river road. emergency lights flashing. emts sidney marshall and tom shriver were tending to patients. for unknown reasons, the driver of a passing pickup truck lost control and struck the toyota with tremendous force. the two other members of the crew saw it happen. and with what a superior described as professionalism, began assisting the injured which now included two of their own. hospitalized with serious injuries including broken bones internal injuries, and numerous deep gashes, they discovered a second family. >> it's kind of forced us together with this common experience. >> sidney a student at american university celebrated her 20th birthday in the hospital. >> i didn't want to be just sidney college student. i have a passion for helping
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people. and i wanted to do that for the community. >> i was originally going to medical school and i like this so much that i'm trying to go career right now in a fire department around here. >> reporter: the four recently attending a ceremony where they were met with a standing ovation. jackie benefitson news4. >> good to see they're doing okay. >> uh-huh. >> so more rain? >> another one. >> on the way? >> yeah, you know umbrellas are parked right at the door. have them ready to go any time. i'm tracking right now not only some rain but a lot of lightning too in the areas of west virginia that's marching eastward. don't think we're going to see lightning around here tomorrow morning, just pockets of wetness and fog. you can see all that green, even the orange and yellow. they've had even flash flood
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warnings up for areas of west virginia. our turn will really come friday. but zoom in and show you what's going on. around petersburg is the leading edge of the showers. soon to hit i-81. hitting this area i think around 2:00 3:00 a.m. in the morning. around three hours or so away. there will be showers moving in and continuing right through our morning rush even some fog too we're going to have to deal with. 44 degrees, the temperature early on. that is chilly. we still get the wet roads tomorrow. a lot of dampness hanging in the area. 55 i think that's about as high as our temperature will go tomorrow. tomorrow night into friday morning, our temperatures are going to hold steady and then start rising very quickly. with it temperature around 50 degrees for friday morning it means a lot of fog too.
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drizzle around for your afternoon tomorrow. best time to exercise i think will be during the afternoon hours. 46 at 11:00 a.m. 48 degrees by 1:00 p.m. might want to take along a thin jacket too to run in tomorrow. 55 degrees tomorrow going up to 80 degrees on friday. let's talk about the timing of the rain. 6:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., scattered showers around the area. 1:00 tomorrow afternoon just areas of drizzle. tomorrow night, we could have more pockets of moderate rain moving back in. here we are around 9:00 all advancing eastward so that tomorrow as i monitor things on the radar, severe weather threat for the midwest on down toward texas again. our turn comes friday right here into areas along i-95 even west. what i think we'll see around
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here main threat damaging winds and hail. best time period anywhere from about 3:00 until 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. so our threat on friday, tornado threat right here low to medium. also the threat of high winds, hail and even heavy rain and lightning. take a look at your four-day forecast. 55 the temperature on thursday. 80 degrees on friday. the weekend we've got sunshine returning to the area with any rain or storm threat not back until wednesday of next week. >> we like that. >> looking good for all the cherry blossom looking. >> thanks. coming up turns out first base was not such a bad idea for ron zimmerman, huh? that's up next. >> we have
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somebody at the barbershop might say, ryan zimmerman, he be the man up in here tonight. >> you have to clear yourself out when you're wrong. i remember thinking how is he going to make that transition to first. i thought he was going to struggle. >> he did well. >> i was really wrong. game two and fans couldn't wait to see jordan zimmerman on the mound, but it was the other zimmerman. we were all saying the same thing, could he do it. well guess what. he can play first.
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fans still hung in there. even the little ones. one man on. zimmerman gets all of that pitch. a two-run shot. his first of the season. that's up 2-0. top second now. it's a 2-1 game two men on. bunked by the pitcher and zimmerman coming up big in the field. lays out to make the catch, holds the runners. they get out of the inning with a 2-1 lead. curtis lines in towards first. zimmerman making the dive and throwing out granderson. they pick up their first victory of the season. jordan zimmerman with the win. 2-1 final. ryan zimmerman welcome to first base. >> down in tampa. a little bit of a pitching dual tonight. showing us the range in the arm.
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throws a bullet down. gets him out at first. take another look here. the throw beats the runner. an early season defensive gem. bases loaded. on the mound, 3-2 count. he throws ball four. walks in the game's first run. and it's all tampa we need. they win it tonight. boston bruins didn't score against the capitals in three games this entire season. not one time over 80-something shots. not a single goal against the caps. what better time than to play at their best right now? caps thinking about home ice advantage. pick this up in the first period. no score. carlson, top shelf on the goalie. nice pass to the high glove side. it's his 12th goal of the season.
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we get a little over two minutes of game time later. and the caps they're going to strike again. it's matt with a laser. beats the defender. fourth goal this year. up 2-0. second period now same score. curtis with the puck. a nice pass. take another look at this beauty. number 20. bray don picks up win number 41. caps take it 3-0. to philly. a night off for john wall. wizards taking on the 76ers. a nice pass, finishes with a dunk. second quarter, driving, going straight to the rim. about to inspire on defense. had 21 tonight. third quarter, lead to 11. sessions wide open for three.
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knocks that down. sessions he had 19 tonight. wizards with seven players with double digit points. they're fourth in a row. 119-90 is the final. love the bow tie. love the win. both teams hot going into playoffs. >> 76ers ain't even trying anymore. it's a shame to watch. did john wall tie his own tie? >> or was that a
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is it real or a photoshop? that's what a lot of people are asking when they see this picture. it shows a bob cat with a shark in its mouth. a florida guy captured the image and wildlife experts say it is for real. they say it'
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- julia louis-dreyfus, scott eastwood musical guest flo rida


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