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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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kaleya ketter is now canceled. she was missing from richmond area not north carolina. family members say that her father took her. he was pulled over for speeding last night in charlotte. time to take another look at our forecast. we're talking about more rain coming our way. >> let's check in with tom kierein. >> let's just say it won't be real sunny. we have a lot of clouds around. a little bit of fog, too, and drizzle. where you see the greene is is light rain down through the metro area and south, waldorf, annapolis, cambridge all getting a little bit of light rain. this is tracking off to the east/southeast, so the pavement will be damp or wet for much of the morning. it is a chilly plorpg. just in the low 40s right now. most of the region. that includes around the bay, most of maryland and virginia shenandoah valley and into the mountains. reagan national now at 45 degrees. and there is a view from our tower camera.
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light fog in the air and damp. cool afternoon and storms looking likely for tomorrow afternoon. now alexis is looking at the morning commute. good morning. still looking good as you're traveling the beltway in maryland and virginia. watch your speed as the rain comes in and ponding on the roadways. we have emergency road work in rockville southbound 187 between executive boulevard and tuckerman lane the right lane blocked there. also southbound 270 work on the shoulder right after route 85. taking a look at 270 and father hurley we're seeing wet pavements. looking good other than that. i'm molette green at the live desk following a developing story. hackers break into a french television network disabling 11 chan ems and its social media account. delivering a message on its website that read in part, imis a group claiming allegiance to
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the islamic state group is responsible. right now tv 5 monde's signal is back but it can only broadcast recorded programs. that's the latest. shouldn't have these type of incidents. only way you're going do that you have to first commit to talking about the problem. >> protests and vigils are now taking place to remember the man who was shot and killed by a police officer this weekend. you're looking here at a gathering in north charleston south carolina where the shooting happened. video of the shooting led to officer michael slager's murder arrest. if you have not seen it a wae is graphic and you may want to turn away p. as early as today, police could release new video from the dash cam on slager's police car. in this video here you can see walter scott running away and he is shot eight times.
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the man who recorded the video turned if over to scott's family. he spoke exclusively to nbc news. >> i feel i thought about his position their situation. if i would have had a family member that would happen i would like to know the truth. >> slager has been fired from the police department and he is in jail this morning and could face 30 years in prison if convicted. because of the shooting d.c. dell lat eleanor holmes norton is calling on congress to take acts and wants a bill to create local task forces. 4:33. for the first time in decades, a u.s. president is on jamaican soil. president obama landed last night. this visit is a chance to discuss energy security and main taken good will in the 15 member caribbean community at a time when china is investing there. the president kicked off his trip with a surprise visit to
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the bob marley museum. he heads to panama this evening. while there, he's expected to interact with raul castro. sfwla some tensions stirring in panama city ahead of that summit. they are angry over sanctions the president of venezuela says he wants to hand president obama a petition of protests signed by millions. a little later in the hour we'll have a live report on why this summit could be so pivotal. skroorjurors in the boston marathon bombing trial will return to court next week to decide whether dzhokhar tsarnaev will live or die. he was found guilty of all 30 counts against him. his lawyers want to spare him the death penalty. >> convicting so quickly on 30 charges signals to me that the jury again we didn't know,
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signals to me that the jury might not be so hesitant to vote for the death penalty. >> tsarnaev faced 30 charges, 17 of those carry the death penalty. three people died, including an 8-year-old boy and 260 people were injured. bob mcdonnell has now made his final wren plea to a federal appeals court in 54 pages in a brief, he says favors for a wealthy businessman were routine courtesies not a bribery scheme. mcdonnell and his wife were convicted in september of public corruption. a three judge panel will conduct a hearing on his appeal on may 12. police are asking for your help to sfipd afind a missing man. he was last seen yesterday morning on martin road. he was wearing a red, white and blue sweater with a light blue winter coat and dark blue pants. if you've seen russell give prince george's county police a call. starting tonight, you'll get a chance to voice your concerns
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about housing in the district to mayor bowser and her staff. she's starting a three month ward by ward check-in. they will outline what services are available to residents and also give an overview of the affordable housing budget. tonight's meeting is in ward 8 at the arc. you could hit a traffic headache this morning. crews are fixing a 36-inch pipe in leesburg. they discovered a serious erosion problem. the repairs mean harmony church road looks like the picture on the right right now. the road is closed until monday at the earliest. if you want to get around woodburn dry mill route 15 all work as alternates. could you tell the difference between the air rifle and a real gun? why police say the similarities forced them to open fire and why they say they were forced to fire on a man in anne arundel
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county. lightning strikes a plane and blows a hole right through the nose. look at that. so why did the flight keep going is this. take a live look outside now. city cam showing you the picture. temperature outside our studios, 46 degrees. i think that's a 6. yes. tom will explain a big spike next.
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4:40. we're learning that a man shot
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by police in anne arundel county last weekend was holding an air rifle. police say it looked like a real thing. you take a look here. you saw the two rifles. on the bottom was the real thing. they say they were very similar. he was shot once in the stomach and has been charged with assault. the officer is on administrative leave. today you can learn more about which airlines are making the grade in a travel report. the report looks at who has the most delays and who is getting you there on time. how your baggage is handled along with your in-flight service also factors. so before booking your summer trip you can check out the nbc wag app washington app later today to see which are doing a good job. aviation experts say a plane struck by light anything on its way to denver should have turned
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around. lightning hit iceland air flight 671 just after takeoff from an airport in ice land on tuesday tearing the protective skip of the boeing 757. you can see the hole right there in the front. according to aviation skerptexperts, lightning strikes remain in the single digits each year. it flew to denver with that big hole in the nose. i think if passengers knew, they would have panicked. >> ignoreance is bliss. not a pretty picture outside, but hoping for may flowers soon. tom kierein with more on our forecast. >> we have some april flowers up. daffodils are up and we have a lot of the trees are blooming now. and we've had flashes of lightning overnight. south of us now that is pulling into the tidewater of virginia
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way south of the metro area. this is light rain panhandle of west virginia, montgomery howard as well as loudoun and fairfax, the district. now getting light rain in prince george's northern neck tracking off to the east. and behind that we have temperatures hovering in the low 40s and here are the temperatures the rest of the day. by noon near 50. by late in the afternoon, we should be in the upper 50s in the metro area low 50s just to our north. a look at the storm timing for tomorrow next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:51. a problem on the beltway? >> beltway is looking good for the most part. we do have a disabled vehicle on the outer loop in virginia right around old georgetown pike on the shoulder so not causing any delays in the area. elsewhere taking a look at 95 in virginia coming out of woodbridge area, looking good. volume building, but no delays. 270 south at mondaytrose, wet
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pavement but no reports of incidents. 66 east at germanjermantown road also looking good. tune in wtop 103.5 for more traffic. she donated a kidney to him, so why is the wife of marian barryher? we also just received a recall alert and you'll want to check
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we've all seen the sweeping changes president obama has made to u.s./cuba policy yet as he comes face to face with raul castro this week some big questions remain. want to bring in tracie potts now for a look at what cuba is still demanding here.
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>> reporter: good morning. they want to be taken off the state department's list of states that sponsor terror before moving forward with opening this embassy in who van in a. and there is wrangling here about that in washington. congress wants a say in where or not they are taken off that list. want to show you video of the last time president obama and raul castro shook hands at mandela funeral. they will talk on the sideline of the summit of the americas in panama which is where president obama is headed after his initial stop in jamaica. he's in jamaica today where he'll talk with leaders there about the trade deficit, about the economy, and about energy security. but it's the sit down with raul castro at the summit of the americas that is really the highlight of this trip, is it going to happen. the white house says it's likely. and also are they going to continue to restrict u.s. diplomats in havana. still a lot of details to be
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worked out as the u.s. tries to open relations with that country. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. in just a few hours vice president joe biden will make a major speech on the future of iraq. he will speak at national defense university in washington the same place president obama spoke about his counterterrorism police in 2013. today's speech comes amid serious concerns about iran's involvement in the iraqi fight against the terror group isis. we're learning new details about a shoot-out that left an american soldier dead in afghanistan. this morning we're learning that accept otherseven other u.s. soldiers were hurt. the attacker wore an afghan uniform and opened fire in a government com bad in jalalabad. u.s. forces returned fire killing the shooter. the first insider attack in afghanistan since december. the baltimore police department says it has used a controversial tracking device thousands of times in recent years. and department officials say they were told to do so by the
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fbi. these details came to light during a carjacking case. a police detective says the department has used cell phone surveillance more than 4,000 times since 2007. that detective says he refused to bring one of the devices to court during the case because of a non-disclosure agreement with the fbi. the widow of marian barry has filed a lawsuit against the woman who once saved the mayor's life. the woman donated a kidney to barry in 2008. in the lawsuit, she says she's improperly use the barry's name to raise money for her nonprofit. a lawyer for dickens says barry had improved the kidney found digs foundation before he died. new this morning, you may want to take a look at your hummus. sabra has recalled 30,000 cases due too listeria concerns.
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this is only the classic. we have put this information on the facebook page. you can share it with your friends and family. it was uncovered during a random test at a store in michigan on march 30. soon you won't be able to recycle plastic bags anymore in prince george's county. the county will start trashing them on july 1st. a spokesman told the gazette the bags slow down the process by getting caught in the machinery. they also get easily dirty and then cannot be recycled. movies and tv shows will keep getting tax credits in maryland. the state senate approved an amendment to extend the program beyond its original deadline next year. under this amendment the governor and the business department will now be in charge of how much is spent on the program. over the last four years, maryland gave out more than $62 million in credits to shows like house of cards and veep. they were seriously hurt
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trying to help drivers who crashed on the capital beltway. take a look at this picture which shows the aftermath of the crash that landed two emts in the hospital back in february. last night, sydney marshall and tom schreib event r returned to work. they were helping the victims of a toyota that crashed when a pickup truck lost control and injured the emts. two other technicians jumped into action and they say the crash has helped them forge a new bond. >> like that is just boring. i have a passion for helping people and i wanted to do that for the community. >> i was originally going to medical school and i actually -- i like this so much that i'm trying to go career right now in a fire department around here. >> we wish them the best. it's hard work and we appreciate the fact that you do it. they recognized at a sayrceremony
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earlier this month. >> the battle of appomattox will be reenacted. it happened exactly 150 years ago. it was the same day confederate general robert e. lee surrendered to grant. actors will recreate the battle there. you can download the nbc washington app to watch the special commemoration ceremony starting at 11:00 a.m.. >> big moment in history and commemorations happening the next week or so. next week would have been the 150th anniversary of the abraham lincoln shooting. we'll have several stories about that and so much rich history in this area. 4:51 our time. reenactors might have to be dealing with some rain. >> just a very little. it should begin to dry out a little bit, but we are getting a little bit of light rain that has been coming in from the west and heading east.
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there is one band passing right through the metro area. you can see the area in the yellow. that is heavy downpours pour ss near richmond and tidewater. but very light rain the area in green from washington frederick, panhandle of west virginia into loudoun, montgomery and howard and northern fairfax, a sprinkle there. and getting a few sprinkles in the district and some light rain now falling in prince george's county anne arundel, calvert, charles, northern neck, st. mary's. that is tracking over toward the eastern shore. so we'll see it taper off about another hour or so. right now it's chilly. only in the low 40s from the shenandoah valley to the bay. out in the mountains right now most locations there in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. hour by hour today maybe a lingering sprinkle another passing light rain shoe shower in the mid-40s by noontime should be into the low 50s. and just cloudy. maybe even a little bit of sun trying to break out middle of the day. and then during the afternoon, remaining cloudy just a small chance of a sprinkle can or
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drizzle and temperatures will be in the upper 50s by late afternoon. so a rather cool day today. post your pictures. i took this photo from an overlack on sugarloaf mountain yesterday around noontime low clouds passing over there. you can see the fields are starting to turn green, as well. spring green color certainly welcome, getting those back. follow me on instragram twitter and facebook. here is timing on storms coming in on friday. this is as of noontime won't have anything happening, but by around noon to 2:00 p.m. some thunderstorms coming through. it's after that 3:00 4:00, 5:00 they will be coming in the metro area. a few of the storms could be severe with some brief damaging winds. maybe even some hail. and then they will taper off as they track off to the east into the evening hours on friday and we'll begin to clear out. a warm day, though, tomorrow. we'll be up near 80 degrees for those storms. and then a beautiful weekend coming up sunshine saturday and sunday with highs reaching upper 60s.
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into next week, we'll have it in the 60s, maybe rain late monday into tuesday. we have very serious accident here in maryland route 50 east at landover road all lanes were blocked on the eastbound side, they just opened up the left side. but the right side is blocked due to that accident. taking a look at 66 east at 123, wet roads this morning. watch out for ponding on the roadway. 270 at montrose, also wet but looking good. 95 headed toward the beltway, no incidents being reported there. and then i-95 heading up through woodbridge looking good this morning. it's now 4:54. good news for folks headed to the cherry blossom festival this week he said. not so good news for driver. how d.c. is accommodating all the extra people in town right now. decades in the making, why france awarded a group of local veterans with one o you wish your
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are you welcoming a new crack done oig on the sale of illegal sip threat tick drugs in a northwest d.c. neighborhood. attorney general says he's cracking down on convenience stores illegally selling sip threat synthetic drugs. half a dozen complaints have already been filed against stores. the stores are not only selling
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synthetic drug but marketing them to young people. >> four houses away from the the park where my daughters play and hundreds of other kids play and you'll see people smoking the synthetic drugs right on the park benches in that drug free zone p. a lot of stores have stopped selling synthetic substances that have been illegal since 2012. the d.c. attorney general is now going after the others. maryland is helping the district house the homeless because d.c. has run out of hotel space. news 4 has learned the department of human services has put 69 families in three hotels in prince george's county and montgomery county over the last few weeks. daes is d.c. is required to house homeless families until they can future long term housing. more than 500 families are living in hotels some for more than a year. if you're headed to grnlg ed toed to georgetown, the sidewalks will be wider. this is because of the cherry blossom festival. they will be along f street
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between 29th and 31st streets starting at 6:30 tomorrow night through 5:00 p.m. on sunday. to accommodate the extra visitors several garages will be offering discounted parking, too. the dees circumstance.c. circulator will ever free northbound rides. a high honor for five virginia veterans for what they when they were barely out of their teens. the french ambassador presented the men with french legion of honor in richmond yesterday. they all landed on the beefrpaches of normanky in june 1944. one recipient john burke is originally from d.c.. he was an army ranger who says he thanks god for a wonderful family and good life. just the bravery, the courage, sacrifice. i can't engine to think about what it was like that day. >> we just have to show our appreciation. well, stay with us "news 4 today" continues right now at
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5:00 a.m.. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. >> welcome to "news 4 today" for this thursday. it is april 9, 2015. and we're starting off with another cloudy day. sgr another cloudy day. let's get right to tom kierein for a look at your forecast. >> not going to be real sunny today. we have clouds pushing in a little bit of light rain around the metro area. a band that stretches from near hagerstown through frederick and right just north of winchester martinsburg over to leesburg getting a few sprinkles as is montgomery and howard the district and prince george's county. and that's moving right now across anne arundel, calvert, charles, st. mary's and tracking east will be crossing the bay over the next hour. have another band of light rain coming into west virginia. that too, is on a track to get closer to the metro area, but


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