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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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iation. well, stay with us "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. >> welcome to "news 4 today" for this thursday. it is april 9, 2015. and we're starting off with another cloudy day. sgr another cloudy day. let's get right to tom kierein for a look at your forecast. >> not going to be real sunny today. we have clouds pushing in a little bit of light rain around the metro area. a band that stretches from near hagerstown through frederick and right just north of winchester martinsburg over to leesburg getting a few sprinkles as is montgomery and howard the district and prince george's county. and that's moving right now across anne arundel, calvert, charles, st. mary's and tracking east will be crossing the bay over the next hour. have another band of light rain coming into west virginia. that too, is on a track to get closer to the metro area, but
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thatment would be won't be until 8:00 9:00. we're in the 40s from the mountains to the bay. mid-40s right around the immediate metro area. a little bit of fog in the air. a damp morning. cool afternoon. storms likely friday afternoon. a look at your drive time forecast for the day ahead next weather and traffic on the 1s. now alexis in with an update on that crash. this crash is route 50 east at route 202. the right lane and off-ramp are blocked. only getting by to the left. so give yourself extra time heading this this direction. also there is wet pavement so be careful. heading into charles county if you're heading up on route 10 5 or 301, you're traveling at speed. no skipts there. the beltway at colesville road looking good. a little slow as the moisture is moving in a little uponing on the roadway, so do be careful in this area. back to you. a developing story involving the secret service this morning.
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a senior supervisor now on administrative leave accused of making unwanted sexual advances. megan mcgrath live at the secret service headquarters with the latest issue now plaguing the agency. >> reporter: the incident allegedly happened on march 31. senior secret service supervisor xavier morales has been placed on leave, his security clearance has been suspended pending the drought comeoutcome of the investigation. she's accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward a female co-worker. the two were at a party at a d.c. restaurant after hours and that morales told the woman he loved her and he wanted a sexual relationship. sources tell the post that once back at headquarters morales allegedly tried to kiss the woman and grabbed her arms when she resisted. morales is off the job indefinitely as this
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investigation moves forward. this is just the latest in a string of incidents that has focused negative attention on the secret service. back to you. >> megan mcgrath live for us. thank you. a second woman keblgtsed to the murder of a d.c. lawyer will be in court. dominique general son shared an apartment with gallmon, who is charged with murdering david messerschmitt during a robbery. police say johnson knew about the robbery and was with gallmon before and after the alleged crime. a neighbor of the two women says the whole situation is unfortunate. >> all i can do is just say a prayer for all of them because there is a no win situation for anybody. >> police say messerschmitt posted an ad for gay sex on craigslist. gallmon allegedly told investigators she entered the hotel by answering that ad. this morning metro transit police are looking for someone wanted for indecent exposure on on a train. they need your help. this happened on the blue line
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last week police released this photo of a man they say they want to talk to about the investigation. you can see him wearing the blue hat here, a little beard. metro transit police did not identify him as a person of interest in the case. police say a 4-year-old girl who was at the center of an amber alert is now safe. kaleya ketter was taken from her grand mother's home in petersburg virginia yesterday afternoon. family members say that ketter's father took her. the girl was found when he was pulled over for speeding last night in charlotte. i'm molette green at the live desk with new information just in as a french television network works to regain control after hackers took over its channels and social media. we have now learned that threats against soldiers were also posted along with a message that read in part i am i.s., a group claiming to be islamic state supporters is responsible.
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right now tv 5 monde can only broadcast recorded programs. that's the latest from the live desk. police are hoping you can help them find a missing man. take a look at your screen. this is a picture of russell savoie. he was last seen yesterday morning on martin road in brandywine. he was wearing a red, white and blue the sweater with a light blue winter coat and dark blue pants. if you've seen russell, give prince george's county police a call. for the first time in decades, a u.s. president is on jamaican soil. president obama landed last night. this visit is a chance to discuss energy security and to maintain good will in the 15 member caribbean community at a time when china is investing there. the president visited the bob marley new l. new seemuseum. while there, he's expected to interact with raul castro.
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tensions stirring in panama city ahead of the summit of americas. protesters oorg ss are angry about sanctions and the president of venezuela says he wants to hand president obama a petition of protests signed by millions. always later in the houra little later, we'll have a report on why the summit is pift al. bob mcdonnell has made his final written plea. he says favors for a wealthy businessman were routine courtesies not a bribery scheme. mcdonnell and his wife were convicted in september on public corruption. a fleethree skrumg paneljudge panel will conduct a hearing on may 12. mayor bowser a starting a three month ward by ward house check in. the department of housing and community development will outline what services are available to residents. they will also give an overview of the affordable housing
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budget. tonight's meeting is in ward 8 at the arc on mississippi avenue at 6:30. a major first 4 traffic alert for you if you live in loudoun county. for at least the next four days crews will be making emergency repairs on a 36-inch pipe in leesburg. take a look. it's on harmony church road. it looks like the picture on the right right now. the road is shut down at peale lane through at least moon. if you want to get around woodburn dry mill route 15 all work. you have some options there. one of the biggest names in news is now making headlines himself. >> the announcement from long standing anchor coming up. and caught on camera a police officer punching a pregnant woman. what the officer said he thought she was trying to do. and live look outside for you this morning where you will want to grab the umbrella #umbrella ready. tom will let us know if the rain will impact your morning
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. new this morning. an american who was deported from north korea is in china. she visited the country several times over the last 20 years, but north korea claims she was secretly producing negative videos and photos about that
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country. a texas sheriff's deputy is under investigation for apparently punching a woman, a pregnant woman while trying to arrest her. this reportedly happened in a dallas suburb. county deputies were trying to remove deanna rob about an son's son from the home during a child abuse investigation. video shows two deputies pinning deanna rob bensoninson in a corner. the deputy says she reached for her gun. she says that was not true. >> i was happened cuffed again almost immediately and shoved into a corner and pinned by two giant men. i didn't touch anyone. i didn't-there is nothing that warrant what had they did to me. >> our station in dallas says robinson was resisting arrest and more investigation is needed in this case. 5:11. want to get you up to speed on your weather and traffic on the
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1s. >> here is tom kierein. gloomy dark clouds. >> low clouds over washington. and they are producing a little bit of light rain now, so everything is kind of damp and it's chilly this morning. right now looking at storm team 4 radar, we've had this one band of light rain passing through the metro area and nearby suburbs in maryland and virginia continuing to track off to the east. another band coming out of the mountains of west virginia, that will be moving in later this morning. so have an umbrella ready and track the radar with the storm team 4 weather app. for the morning commute, wet pavement damp roads. in the afternoon roads should be drying out a bit. temperatures by then the upper 50s. a look at friday storm timing next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:21. in maryland east bound route 50 at landover road a serious accident.
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right lane and off-ramp are blocked. you're getting by to the left and we're seeing wet roads. so be careful out there. elsewhere in virginia 395 north of duke street we're seeing volume increasing, but no reports of delays there. 270 at middlebrook road looking good. wet pavement. again, watch your speed. but overall, the beltway is looking good. if more traffic when you hit the road tune into wtop 103.5 fm. severe weather is pounding parts of the midwest and we're just getting a look at some of the destruction. >> molette green is gathering new video and we'll check in with her in a few minutes. and you've seen the video of the south carolina officer shooting annen armed man. now hear from t
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i'm molette green at the live desk. new video shows the st. louis area reeling from damaging spring storms and bracing for more. right now this is a live look of the calm this morning before the next one blows through impacting
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some 95 million people in major cities including chicago, memphis and cincinnati. there were high winds huge hailstones that just came raining down. and you could hear it. baseball-sized hail slamming down at times sounding like fireworks. taking out a car's back window, destroying rooftops in the area and garages. no injuries reported just a few close calls. that is the latest from the live desk. back to you. you have to first commit to talking about the rob. that's the only way you'll find a solution. >> hands up don't shoot. >> community discussions, protests an vigils are taking place to remember the man shot and killed by a police officer this week he said. this is a look at a gathering in north charleston south carolina where that shoot happened. video of the shooting led to officer michael slager's murder arrest. a warning again, this video is
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graphic. you might want to turn away right now. we learned slager has been fired from the department after shooting eight times at walter scott as he ran away. the man who reported thecorded the video turned it over to scott's family and spoke to nbc news. >> -- made a bad decision and you pay for your decisions in this life. >> police say they could release new video from officer slager's dash camera today. if convicted, he could face as much as 30 years in prison. and because of the shooting d.c. delegate ella more homes norton is calling on congress to take action and should pass a bill that would create local task force on policing. it would also equip more officers with body cameras. norton introduced the bill last month. today a judge will decide whether a woman arrested for trying to join isis will be allowed bail.
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the 30-year-old has been in custody since her arrest on friday. prosecutors say thomas was prepareing to fly to spain with hopes of reaching syria. take a look at video showing the aftermath 6 an incidentof an incident. target appeared to be local go. leaders and rebel groups. a fire on a boat off of thailand, a 12-year-old girl died. police are working to figure out why that fire started. they say the girl who died was trapped in a bathroom stall when it happened. more than 100 others were on board and they were taken to safety. one of the nation's largest suppliers of hiv and medical care is now being a couples of scamming medicare and medicaid. it alleges the company paid pli yeets and patients kick backs for patient federals. sofficials,
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$100 bonuses for referring patients with positive test results. 5:20 is the time. you need to wash your car. that is the message from safety regulators. salt used on the roads to melt snow and ice can rust the pipes that carry brake fluid under your car. . a five year investigation by the national highway traffic safety administration into rusting pipes blames salt and a lack of washing. the investigation came after more than 3,000 complaints that gm trucks were gee effective because of brake pipe rust. they recommended that you watch the you said side of your car no matter what the make or model. time to take a look at our forecast. today may not be the best day to wash your car because if it rains -- >> get the understand side. true. p. >> we're getting a little bit of light rain been tracking it showing it's moving off to the east and it's sort of diminishing, as well.
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so just a little bit of sprinkle activity a little bit of drizzle. when you're about to head out, grab the umbrella. we're getting light rain falling in montgomery county fairfax, the district into prince george's county, an a are notne arundel, calvert calvert, st. mary's tracking east. in the mountains, we'll have light rain heading to the metro area and northern virginia between now and 8:00. right now low to mid-40s. so a chill in the air. out of the mountains, a few locations there are hovering around 50 degrees. we have a stalled front over us so through the day, we'll have clouds. maybe another round of light showers coming through this morning. and thep by noon just clouds and low 50s. might even have a little sun trying to break out around noontime. and then during the afternoon still cloudy maybe a little sprinkle a little bit of drizzle. temperatures then in the upper 50s. here is storm timing for friday. won't have any storms in the
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morning tomorrow. likely in the morning we'll stay dry. but by noontime we'll begin to see some showers and thundershowers moving into the mountains. by 2:00 they will be advancing east. and into the shenandoah valley. some of these storms could produce brief heavy downpours. and by the time they get closer 3:00 p.m., they could be severe with damaging winds and hail. that is 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. then around 4:00 5:00 6:00, it moves through the district. heads in to the eastern suburbs. after that crosses the bay into the evening hours. by 7:00 or 8:00 it will be moving across the bay and maybe a few strong storms there, as well. after that we'll dry out for the weekend. but tomorrow before the storms arrive warm, up around 80 degrees. and then a beautiful weekend coming up with sunshine. highs in the 60s. another chance of some rain maybe late monday into tuesday next week. next weather and traffic on the 1s your what to wear forecast for the day ahead. what's happening with that crash? we're still dealing with an accident in maryland. eastbound route 50 at landover
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road. they just opened the right lane but that shoulder and the off-ramp are still closed. and the pavement is wet. so give yourself extra time and slow down out there this morning. taking a look at 270 south headed out of frederick, slow going wet pavement. 95 looking good approaching the beltway. bw parkway, as well. 95 headed north out of prince william parkway, volume increasing but no delays or incidents there. back to you. 5:23. a new study says picking up an artistic hobby later in life could delay memory an thinking problems that lead to dementia. mayo clinic researchers followed more than 200 seniors in their 80s with no cognitive problems. four years later, those when took part in activities like painting were 73% less likely to have memory or thinking problems than their nonartistic peers. woodworking, pottery and quilting were linked to a 45% lower risk.
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seniors who socialized at book clubs or travel activities were 55% less likely to develop memory issue. >> what hobby would you pick up? >> i can't draw. something. sounds strange but some doctors are prescribing that kids play a video game. >> what? >> i know. follow me here on this. this is designed to teach kids healthy habits to live by. it's called 5210 kids. it stands for five free throws and vegetables a day, two hours or less of recreational screen time one hour or more of physical activity and zero sweetened drinks. the game is free and available to download on both apple and android products. today you can learn more about the connection between being short and heart disease. you can tell me your jokes later. it seems the genes that control height may also effect cholesterol especially in men. a doctor in england collected
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data from around the world with heart disease sufferers and he said the risk rose more than 13% to every 2 1/2 inches a person decreased in height. now, i'm not a very tall woman, so i'm always interested in keeping myself healthy for many reasons, but now i have a height challenge to worry about, as well. >> always something. >> forget about the sleep deprivation. a commemoration is happening today in virginia. it's been 150 years since the south surrendered to the north. in just a few hour actors will recreate the battle at appoma it ttox. it will be at 10:00. the commemoration is set to happen at 11:00 a.m.. coming up -- i mean this anniversary is a significant point in american history. next week we will remember the
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assassination of abraham lincoln. all sorts of events planned in the city and northern virginia, maryland p. >> and so many amazing spots right here in our area you can visit. the site of so historic events. >> we're putting together some special stuff, stories and a show next week. and we spent some time in the clinton area i think it is now but just fascinating stuff. a popular snack is being pulled from the grocery store. the important recall you'll want to hear. a new lawsuit filed by the widow of the late marian barry, why it's targeting someone who once saved the former mayor's life. and a look at radar as the blues, greens and even yellows move through.
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looking at the stories making headlines at 5:30 a senior supervisor is on administrative leave for allegedly assaulting a female employee. the department of homeland security is thousand investigating this claim. sources tell nbc news the secret service employee is accusing the supervisor of making unwanted sexual advances. >> today a second woman connected to the murder of a d.c. lawyer will be in court. police arrested 19-year-old
5:30 am
dominique johnson. they say johnson knew about the robbery and was with the first person arrested in the case before and after the alleged crime. a neighbor of two of the women says the whole situation is unfortunate. >> this morning metro transit police are looking for someone wanted for indecent exposure on a train, it happened on the blue line last week. police release this photo of a man they say they want to talk to about the investigation. transit police did not identify the man as a suspect or person of interest. we'll have much more on those stories throughout the morning, but good morning to you first. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. p welcome back. it is 5:30. want to get you caught up on today's forecast with tom kierein. >> today's #umbrellaready. or certainly a waterproof shell ready, as well. we have light rain falling across northern virginia, nearby suburbs. that is moving off to the east now. so we'll get a little temporary reprieve. but this there is another band
5:31 am
of showers in the mountains coming into the shenandoah valley about another hour or so. after that, in the metro area. at the bus stop have the umbrella ready. we'll have well sidewalks with a few light sprinkles or maybe drizzle between 7:00 and 8:00. upper 40s between 8:00 and 9:00. damp sidewalk still, but lingering light sprinkle. for the rest of the day, have that umbrella handy. you won't they'dneed sunglasses or a hat. manically just the umbrella during the morning hours. a look at the hour by hour cool temperatures for the day ahead next weather and traffic on the 1s. alexis has our first 4 traffic update. good morning. taking a look this accident is still there in maryland eastbound route 50 at landover road route 202. the left lane and right lane are getting by now, they just opened up the right lane about 20 minutes ago and the shoulder and off-ramp are still blocked. so use caution in this area.
5:32 am
taking a look in leesburg on the dulles greenway, about 65 miles an hour. dulles toll road at speed. no incidents reported. 66 at 50, more volume, but no reports of incidents. and beltway at river road looking good as well. it's 5:32 right now. we'll be watching president obama and cuban leader raul castro at a summit this week. the would two are expected to enter interact. tracy spote tracie potts has more. >> reporter: they want off of the list of states that sponsor terror. congress wants its hand in it. there has to be reports done. and assurances made before president obama will recommend that. and until that happens, the new u.s. embassy in that swranhavana may
5:33 am
not open. the white house is telling us it is likely they will sit down on the side line of the meeting. this is the first time in more than 50 years that cuba has been allowed to attend that meeting. meantime president obama is in jamaica today before the summit, he'll sit down with leaders to talk about among other things the trade deficit. and energy security. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thanks. in just a few hours, vice president joe biden will make a major speech on the future of iraq. biden will speak at the national defense university at ft. mcnair the same place president obama spoke on his counter terror police in 2013. today's speech comes amid serious concerns about iran's involvement in the iraqi fight against isis. baltimore police department says it has used a controversial tracking twice tracking device thousands of times and were old to dotold to do
5:34 am
it by the fbi. they were used cell phone surveillance more than 4,000 times since 2007. the detective says he refused to bring one of the devices to court during the case because of a non-disclosure agreement with the fbi. widow of marian barry has filed a lawsuit against the woman who go natured a kidney to barry in 2008. in the lawsuit, she says diggens is dicken dickens is improperly i can't the barry's name. you may want to check your refrigerator for hummus. sabra is recalling 30,000 cases of its classic hummus due to listeria concerns. the recall only affects the classic hummus, the other varieties are not affected. we've put the packaging information on the nbc
5:35 am
washington facebook page. listeria was up covered during a random test march 30. soon you won't be able to resick kemre recycle practiceslastic bags. they get caught in machinery. you can still bring them back to most xwreshry stores to be reused. movies and tv shows will keep getting tax credits. state senate approved extending the program. under the amendment, the governor and business department will be in charge of how much is spent on the program. over the last four years, maryland gave out more than $62 million in credits to shows like house of cards and veep. your neighbors in a northwest d.c. community are welcoming a new crackdown on the sale of illegal synthetic drugs. d.c. attorney general says he's cracking down on convenience stores that illegally sell
5:36 am
synthetic drugs. half a dozen complaints have been filed about stores in the petworth area. d.c. leaders say the stores are not only selling synthetic drugs, but marketing them to the young people. >> four houses away in the park where my daughters play and hundreds of other kids play and you'll see people smoking the synthetic drugs right on the park benches in that drug free zone. >> some stores have stopped selling them. the attorney general says he's going after the others. they were seriously hurt trying to help drivers who crashed on the beltway. take a look at this picture thousand. it shows the aftermath of the crash thatnd la land theed the two emts in the hospital. marshall and schrieber returned to work after recovering. they were helping the victims of a toyota that crashed when a pickup lost control and hit the toyota and injured the emts.
5:37 am
two other technicians jumped into action p.. they say the crash has helped them form the bond. >> country want to be just college student. that's boring. i have a passion for helping people. >> i was originally going to medical school and i actually -- i like this so much that i'm trying to go career right now. n. a fire department around here. >> i have a feeling he'll get a job. marshall and schrieber were recognized as a ceremony earlier this month. congrats. legendary. >> reporter:er reporter and anchor is leaving his post. veteran cbs news man bob schieffer is retiring. he made the announcement at a forum at his alma mater, texas christian university. he's 78 years old and has been with cbs for 46 years. men tore for many his last broadcast will be sometime this summer. >> such a class act. the highest standard in news right there. wish him the best.
5:38 am
could you tell the difference between the air rifle and real gun? why police say the similarities forced them to open fire on a man in anne arundel county. and lightning puts a hole in a plane. why did the flight keep going? >> and it's 45 degrees right now, how much will it warm up?
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we are now learning that a man shot by police in anne arundel county last weekend was holding an air rifle. police say it looked like the real thing. on the top an rifle similar to what dallas ruff pointed at they will. ruff was shot once in the stomach. he's in the hospital and has been charged with assault. the officer is on administrative leave. aviation experts stay a plane struck by lightning on its way to denver should have turned around. lightning hit iceland air flight 671 just after takeoff from an airport in iceland on tuesday. the strike left a gaping hole in the protective skin of the boeing 747. take a look at that right in the front. lightning strikes on planes remain in the single digits each rear. the plane flew nearly 4,000 miles to denver with a big hole
5:42 am
in the nose. glad they made it safely. 5:42 your time now. want to get you caught up on the forecast. a live look over the district this morning. you can see raindrops on the camera lens here and lots of clouds. >> tom kierein here now with your weather and traffic on the 1s. is it going to rain all day is this. >> no. just mainly this morning. getting a little bit of very light rain. a little patchy drizzle and a little bit of light fog around, as well. this one wave of very light rain just now coming through the metro area. it's in our nearby suburbs mainly montgomery prince george's county and northeast washington. that is continuing to track off to the east. a little batch of light rain west virginia that is moving in to the sven dough a valley about an hour after that maybe around 9:00 or so in the metro area. temperatures chilly side. low and mid-40s. by noontime, up around 50 degrees. and then by midafternoon we should be climbing into the 50s. in the mountains, climbing into the 60s. that's some warmer air that will
5:43 am
be moving in tomorrow. a look at that and the storm impact forecast for friday that is coming up at 5:51. alexis what is going on on the roads? eastbound route 50 in maryland at landover road the shoulder and off-ramp remain closed due to an earlier accident there. but the westbound lanes are open and no incidents reported on the westbound side. you're seeing more volume, but no delays. taking a look at travel time southbound 270, 16 minutes. northbound 395 between the beltway and 14th street bridge 12. 66 east will take you 11 minutes. for more traffic when you hit the road funtune in to 103.5 wtop. a pipe could have a major impact on your morning commute. a live report from the leesburg area. and the search is under way for a man after several reports of
5:44 am
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first 4 traffic alert that could affect you for days. harmony church road is shut down. zachary kiesch is live listening the road to tell us why. >> reporter: harmony church road is part of your morning commute, you'll want to make alternative plans this morning. come and check this out right here. you see the road closure signs. the road was closed at about 7:00 last night. drews found a 36-inch in diameter 40-foot long pipe that suffered from a little erosion back there. and this road will be closed until monday. so in terms of driving, what do you want to do some deturs are being pushed to woodburn road dry mill road route 15. it will be about $500,000 to get this fixed and as i mentioned, they're hoping to get it up and running again for you by monday.
5:48 am
stak zachary kiesch reporting live here. back to you. 12 before the hour. . sdwroors jurors in the boston marathon trial will return to court next week to decide whether dzhokhar tsarnaev will live or die. his lawyers are focused on sparing him the death penalty, they portray him as impressurable, under the control and influence of a strong older brother, tamerlan. >> quickly on 30 charges signals to me that the jury again, we didn't know, signals to me that the jury might not be so hesitant to vote for the death penalty. >> again tsarnaev faced 30 charges. 17 of them carry the death penalty. police in spain say they have now arrested 10 people for suspected links to jihadi terror activity. 360 officers conducted 13 raids, those raids happened wednesday in five cities including
5:49 am
barcelona. this is one of the region's largest ever terror busts. >> petro transit police want your help to independent for a the person wanted for indecent exposure on the blue line one week ago. police are looking for this man, you can see him in the picture there, take a look, he's wearing a blue hat and has a partial beard. metro did not identify the man as a suspect or person of interest. but if you think you recognize him, call metro transit police. we're learning it was the father of a 4-year-old girl who is accused of taking her from her grandmother's house without consent. phillip ketter was pulled over for speeding last night. an amber alert for kaleya ketter is now canceled. she's safe and unhurt and back with her family. maryland is helping the district house the homeless because d.c. has run out of hotel space. news 4 has learned the department of human services has been 69 families in three hotels in prince george's county and montgomery county over the last few week. d.c. is required to house
5:50 am
homeless families until they can find suitable long term housing. right now more than 500 families are living in d.c. shelters and hotels. some of them for more than a year. japanese emperor is on a teeny island in the pacific today praying for thousands of soldiers who died in world war ii. you can see him here with his wife laying flowers at a memorial on the island americans and japanese fought there in 1944 about 1700 americans and 10,000 japanese soldiers died there. a high honor for five virginia veterans for what they when they were barely out of their teens. the french ambassador presented a man with the french legion of honor in richmond yesterday. they all landed on the beaches of normandy in skrun of 1944. one recipient, 92-year-old john burke is originally from washington. he's the man there standing next to governor terry mcauliffe. he was an army ranger who says
5:51 am
he thanks god for a wonderful family and good life. a major congratulations and huge honor for well deserving veterans. 5:51 is your time and tom is back with us. we can appreciate the warmer weather that we're dealing with now, but the rain and clouds keeps you in a mood. >> yeah, if does. it's not going to be much in the way of any mood enhancement today, i'm sorry. as we'll have a lot of clouds around but wam are weather is coming in tomorrow. you can think about that. to be followed by strong storms. >> i know you were trying to get that in. >> it's spring and we have a little bit of light rain falling. in the metro area that is the area you see in the light green. there have been heavier downpours with thunder and lightning. that's south of us. a little bit of light rain in prince george's county calvert, arundel crossing the bay. farther north and west to just a few sprinkles now here in
5:52 am
montgomery, howard and northern anne arundel. another batch of light rain here in west virginia that is moving in to the shenandoah valley about another hour and then maybe 8:00 9:00 into the metro area. chilly morning. we're in the low and mid-40s from the dough a valley to the bay. we'll stay this way through 8:00 with a few sprinkles. by noontime, just cloudy maybe a few breaks in the clouds climbing in the 50s. upper 50s by late afternoon. still cloudy just a small chance of additional sprinkles or drizzle during the afternoon hours. possess your pictures, i posted this one yesterday on facebook twitter and instragram of a view from sugarloaf's overlook looking east under low gray clouds. we're getting more and more gray showing up. tomorrow won't have any storms in the morning or early afternoon. not until around 2:00 3:00 that the storms move into the shenandoah valley. and the storms will sweep into the metro area between around 3:00 to 6:00 p.m..
5:53 am
then they track off to the east. some of these could be producing some damaging winds and maybe even hail by 6:00 7:00 most of it is exiting the eastern shore. so no problem in the morning but a chance of damaging winds and possible hail during the afternoon as those storms roll on through. stay tuned, we'll be keeping you krup dated on the timing on that. 70s to near 80 before the storms arrive. beautiful weekend after that highs 60s with sunshine saturday and sunday. a little more rain maybe monday night into tuesday. alexis davies, what is happening with traffic? accident activity remains eastbound route 50 at landover road. shoulder and off-ramp remain closed. car fire in virginia northbound 95 near 630, right lane blocked. 270 at old hundred road slow but no reports of incidents. 66 out of manassas looking good all lanes open.
5:54 am
95 traveling from woodbridge up through already did not toward the lore done toward the beltway, no incidents. if you pre-ordered a new galaxy s-6, you may have to wait a while to get it. production problems where slowing down shipments. it's expecting record sales numbers which could cause even more delays. if you feel like that apartment rent is worse than your mortgage payment you could be right. realty trac took a look at house payments in the first quarter of the year and they found that monthly mortgages on an average priced home are more affordable than the fair market rent on a three-bedroom apartment. that's 76% of the country. realty trac says if you can afford a 10% done payment on a home you're generally better off buying. you get the tax break, too. of course other factors included in this the cost of home maintenance can also come into
5:55 am
play. seems like a lot of your pets -- your pets -- are enjoying fast food takeout. this is crazy. a new survey by revelation research says one out of six u.s. families orders food for their dog at places like mcdonald's and burger king. so the next time you go true the through the drive through -- >> you can say this is not know me. >> right. the survey received answers from nearly 1500 people about a third of them said that they take their pet with them to the drive-through and order an extra meal. >> in case the cockatoo wants to order their own fries right out of the bag. when wants cold french fries? take the dog with you. makes perfect sense. >> a firefighter injured during a massive warehouse fire is sdrabing what it was like. >> only way to describe it is a river of molten tar that was rolling through the back and
5:56 am
lighting everything in its path on fire. >> that's john fitzpatrick talking about the warehouse fire in capitol heights. shifting winds made it tough to put out the flames. only way for the crew to get to safety was to walk right through that fiery tar. >> i took a step and went about knee deep in the tar and it just stuck to my gear and it was almost like saran wrap. i could feel my pants and boots just melting to my legs and my feet. >> captain fitzpatrick received first degree burns to his feet. he kept walking, though. you have to temperature the tar burned another firefighter on the leg both are expected to recoveries. two fire trucks were destroyed in that fire. it will cost at least $1.5 million to replace them and insurance will not cover all of that bill. if you want to help raise some money for new equipment, you can head to the nbc washington app and search fire truck fund raiser. it's two separate volunteer fire departments that lost those trucks in the fire.
5:57 am
well, if you are heading to georgetown this week he said you'll notice the sidewalks will be wider apparently. it's all because of the cherry blossom festival. according to the washington business journal, the wider sidewalks will be along m street between 29th and 31st starting at about 6:30 tomorrow might and running through 5:00 p.m. on sunday. to accommodate the extra visitor, several ga ranlgs will be offering parking discounts, as well. the circulator offering free northbound rides up wisconsin avenue all weekend the problems are growing for the secret service. a new scandal making headlines this morning. a supervisor at the agency now off the job for his behavior in the workplace. what he did and how he's being punished next on "news 4 today". and a live look outside for you. rain cnndrops on the camera lens. clouds in the sky. tom will detail when things might clear up a bit.
5:58 am
5:59 am
a developing story involving another scandal with the secret service. what we're learning about the suspension of a supervisor this morning after being accused of harassing a female co-worker in the office. but first, keep your umbrella ready today as you step outside to another day of rainy conditions. we're watching another line of showers move through right now and the chances are pretty good
6:00 am
that you'll see more rain in the day ahead. tom kierein is here now with your weather headlines. good morning. starting off on this thursday morning, we have just a very light rain coming through over the last couple of hours across northern virginia and now into maryland. storm team 4 radar showing patches of green here. light rain in mondayly county. northeast washington, northern prince george's county. that's tracking off to the east. a little bit more now crossing the bay into far southern maryland. another batch in the mountains is breaking come up but just a few sprinkles, a little drizzle moving in to the shenandoah valley about another half hour. after that toward the metro area between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning, might get another round of shall very light rain. chilly morning. only around 40 in montgomery


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