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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> right now at 121:00, we are counting down to the iowa caucus with what people really think about tomorrow's vote. new, tonight, we speak to somebody who says he knows the 19-year-old virginia tech student arrested in connection
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with the abduction and murder of a 13-year-old girl. i'm dorcy spencer on the scene of a waterer main break on a live report ahead. >> we are finally on the eve of the iowa caucuses. good evening, everyone. for nearly a year, you've heard from the candidates. now, the voters will have their say. news 4's is in des moines with a taste of iowa. >> this political billboard is the first thing you'll see leaving the des moines airport. ben car sob's face is the last thing you'll see before you take off. >> scott is finishing his senior year studying politics at
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georgetown. he made the trip back to iowa to caucus. >> there's nowhere else that i can think of that you're having these conversations where you go to you person on the street and saying this is why i support candidate x. what are your issues? how can i get you to come over to my side. >> they're like most iowa families. talking politics mat others. it's a deeply held stwra digs that iowa works to hold onto, mixing it up with if candidates, face-to-face, unique experiencing that can translate into a vote. >> it's the first opportunity to really plak a state about who's going to run the country. >> the caucuses are serious businesses and businesses are trying to tyke advantage and have a little fun. >> ray gone is a novelty store
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that screams iowa pride and prides itself on not taking all the attention too seriously. >> caucusing for about 3 pblt of his annual sales. enough for other businesses around des moines. and, with all the campaign staffs, the media and the political tourists liking iowa, caucus time also means a good time. >> the caucus could come down to one word. turnout. while all the candidates were out today trying to get people to vote, ted cruz and hillary clinton could actually benefit from a smaller crowd. while experts say a swell of new caucus goers could benefit bernie sanders and donald trump. but getting people to caucus could be an uphill crime. >> no, i've never caucused before. >> no.
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>> not going to go. >> so ted cruz is really seeking tloez reliable caucus goers. donald trump is really hoping the first-time caucus go duoers go out. >> you might remember first time call cuss goers helped president obama. you can find out what makes a caucus different from a primary. >> people in a laurel neighborhood are stunned after a teen who goes to virginia tech was arrested today in connection with a 13-year-old's death. police arrested 19-year-old natalie keechers this morning. they say she knew david eisenhower. and he's charged with abduktsing and killing the 13-year-old. investigators found her body
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yesterday. she hadn't been seen since wednesday. police say keepers helped eisenhower dispose of revel's body. he raised his daughters to be like everyone wants their daughters to be. >> police are pursuing hundreds of leads. they were seen searching a pond on the virginia tech campus today. eisenhower is being held without bond. developing right now, part of a busy road that many of you take every day is partially collapsed because of a water main break. the rupture caused crews to shut down. this cow be a problem for quite some time. >> this is a relatively small
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water main, just 12 inches, but it's causing a may jor mess. they have brought in the heavy equipment and they are just now beginning to dig down to try to find the pipe and get to that work ahead of them tonight. now, this has been going on for the last several hours. university boulevard is shut down in between carol avenue and piny branch road. the good news is no one is without water service as of right now. but wssc says that could change. they have a major work ahead of them to get this wrapped up. they don't know how long it's going to take, but they're saying it will have an impact on tomorrow morning's commute: it's tough toest mate this early. at in point, it's probably safe to say that morning rush is probably impacted. if you take this route in the morning, at a minimum, i would check it before you head out the
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door. >> what you're looking at is water and mud and dirt. this is a major mess and it's going to take some time to get all of this cleaned up. they are really just now beginning to get the job done. now, the best thing to do is tune into news 4 tompl morning to see if this road remains closed. >> indeed, first 4 traffic will be keeping an eye on it. many of your kids are getting ready to go back to school for the first time in a week. still, some schools will open a couple of hours later. we're going to tell you which ones in just a moment: >> it's going to continue overnight. everybody stays above freezing thabd's huge because we won't have to worry about black ice tomorrow morning.
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trying to resume your normal routine, one last thing you have to worry about. every temperature on this map is above 32 degrees. frederick one of the cooler spots. 46 in washington. not too bad for the first of february. you will want to have the umbrella happen day. i will have the exact timing and more than potential flooding later in the week. >> all right, montgomery county schools have not opened since the snow started falling last friday. tomorrow, the plan is to open at the normal time. we caught up with a school spokesman today and asked why it took this long for them to reopen. >> winter storm jonas has been one of the worst storms this county has seen in decades.
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and with 202 schools, 27 facilities and 1200 buss to dig out of three feet of snow or more, it's been a challenge. >> and here's a list of schools with delayed openings. fair fax will open 2 hours late, monday with administrative offices opening on time. the same goes for loudoun schools, alexanderia city schools february 5th and march 4 as snow make up days. a one-hour delay and jefferson county will open 2 hours late. new at 11:00, firefighters grateful that people in this neighborhood cleared know from a fire high drant. their work helped firefighters battle there house fire: it started after a drier overheated in the basement. smoke alarms started going off and two adults and a child were anyone to make it out of the house.
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if you use the third street tunnel in the district, d-dot says you may want to consider usings an alternate route. they're beginning a new phase of construction starting tomorrow. that means detours on 395 new york avenue and the surrounding streets. crews will install heavy steel beams and sure up the tunnel. for the last year and a half, the news 4 iteam has investigated kplants of liquor control. those complaints include theft and kplants about retailers about problems with the delivery system. the iteam has learned that the director has resigned. the county spokesperson tells us
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the county is searching nationwide for his replacements. we're getting more details on just how much water there is and news 4 paints a picture.
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a driver is in the hospital tonight after a medical emergency. he ended up crashing into the side of a house. you see the house was really badly damaged. this happened just a few hours ago on bell air drive. no one inside the house was hurt. emts took the driver to the hospital. a disturbing trend when it comes to serious crimes on metro. our news partners at wtop are reporting that metro saw a spike in the most serious crimes in 2015.
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that's according to a metro tran zit police review of crime data from last year. it shows the number of arrests in 2016 rose by 6% the year before. the report does not include the two people killed on metro plast year. homicides are handed by local police. lots of you still digging out from the blizzard of 2016. the warm weather is helping melt the snow, but just not soon enough. >> jams woods can get around without his wheelchair. he's got a prosthetic leg. but when there's snow on the ground, it would appear the chair is a safer option.
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after that, the bus stops are blocked by plow. some passenger pick ups are imp vised. for him, it's not that easy. >> they dumped the snow. and the county says clear your sidewalks or face a fine. but with a pacemaker and a congestivehearted condition. . woods problems face the kirks with how it's dangerous and have mobility and the health issues. outside, for people like myself, d how in the world do you expect
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senior citizens to come out here and plow what you all have placed on their property. >> well, the nature is in the midst of a former melt down. some places may be as good. news 4. >> prings george's county department of public works, a spokesperson says they don't have the resources to clear snow piles. they're encouraging residents to clear the snow piles. the county says the spies of snow are unintentional. >> you've got about half an hour or so to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. the enrollment deadline on health ends at 11:59 p.m. health fines are going up in 2016. the minimum penalty is 6 $95. states run and the markets have different deadlines.
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>> it's one of the most excitino t 1 cf1 o ocl >> i'm so excited for my sonment just for thinking enough of me to even try to win this car for me. >> when you have a goal, you want to set. i see my mom up here every single day. >> the car will come in handy for all of her community out reach efforts. congratulations. >> and, now, your storm team 4
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forecast. >> and good evening to you. i want to show you this amazing video that we show you on twitter. you can see right there, a fire ball yesterday evening right around 6:15 seen in the night sky. ams meteors have confirmed this was a fire ball. more information on this video. you can find it on my facebook and twitter pages. so, onto weather now and your weather headlines. as you look to tomorrow and wednesday, you do want to have the umbrella handy. showers in the forecast tomorrow. rain on wednesday and some heavier spots of rain. most snow in wa w and areas to the south will have melted by wednesday. areas to the north will have the snow gone by friday on into the week. so a little bit longer up there. keeping a close eye on wednesday, snow out in addition to runoff in area creek, streams and potential blocked storms. and it could all lead to flooding concerns.
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but, first, tomorrow, the weather tomorrow with early evening rain showers. it could slow down that early emping kmut, out door exercise. great day to down load our nbc washington app. you can track those rain showers moving through from west to east. just heading out and about or looking pretty good. everybody is above freezing. some great news there. tomorrow's coming home from school that is going to be tracking some showers moving through the area and a high temperature in washington tomorrow. but kind of a widespread. and we noticed this today, as well. cooler to the north and warmer to the south. 58 degrees for a high tomorrow in culpepper. 51 in frederick and more clouds. flooding impact tomorrow, i think is low to moderate. if the storm drains in your neighborhood and you have time, i would recommend clearing those so the water has a place to go.
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on tuesday, we'll start to clear creeks and streams and water levels begin to interyou wanted: and we're sdeeling with some flooding from snow melt and more rain in the forecast. quickly showing you future weather, you can see the rain moving through, about 1 pvm until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. and now, on tuesday, cooler but dry. ground hog day, a high of 50 degrees. 100% chance of rain. some heavy rain in spots the heaviest rain looks to happen the midday and afternoon hours. and then we'll start to dry out in the evening and overnight hours. after that, dry with temperatures kind of arnold normal for february. 47 on thursday and low 40s for friday into next weekend. >> thank you so much, ameila. new tonight, a prince william county teacher recovering from a coma gets the surprise of a lifetime. a front row seat to watch david
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cassidy. we first told you about kelly in june. shortly after a car accident put her in a coma. her husband played and sang david cassidy by her bedside. she loved his music and doctors hoped stld spur her to break up. >> this story sent to me was so touching and moving and what you did for her was incredible. >> that has meant the world to me, what he did. that was wonderful. >> powell teaches students with special needs. she hopes to make a full recovery and get back to teaching real soon. still ahead, some caps make so
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stars are out in nashville. >> yeah, felt so happy with nicholas backstrom. the nhl all-star game made a few
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changes this year. 3-on-3 hockey, plenty of incentive to comb pepete. a little three-on-three tournament here. down at the four, the first all-star game. won that won, 4-3. second game, john scott with the fan vote. he was sent to the minors. he didn't want to play the game, but he turned out to be a huge factor. >> down the atlantic division in the final. the final score is 1-0. to the game that everyone takes
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seriously, the nfl pro-bowl. michael vick, team jerry rice versus team michael. first quarter. throwing it up to julio jones. danny bridgewater. he hauls in a 50 yard touchdown. 49-27, the final game for the hall of fame career of charles woodson. college basketball out in columbus. the buck eyes pretty confident winning back-to-back games. terps led by 6 at halftime. he knocks it down.
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the seniors have been coming up big all yearlong from maryland. they're up four. he hits the trip. he led all scores of 20 points. maryland beats ohio state, 66-61. moving on now, more college basketball. gw taking on george mason. this game had everything you can ask for. throws it down. may son-in-lson ties the game a late in the second half. gw is out with the big guy. backseat and forth, this is when backseat and forth, this is when larsson tips it home.
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rallying around the police officer to keep his canine partner. he's set to retire. and that means the dog must go up for auction. to be sold to the officer because the dog is considered public property. somebody set up a go fund me page and raised about $50,000. the person who wins the auction gets the dog.
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tonight, on sports final. five years from now, is robert griffin, iii still playing? >> answering tough questions when he joins the round table and what he thinks of cam newton's dance moves. >>


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