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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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spreading quickly. along with fears about what it can do. and first at 4:00, we're taking you to the heart of the presidential race as american voters are about to sound off for the first time. we start this afternoon with storm team4 and the rain that is already starting to fall in the washington area just as people make that trek home. >> it's going to be sticking around throughout the evening so we will start in the storm center with meteorologist veronica johnson. j.j v.j.? >> it is a little sloppy out there but nothing like i think we will be dealing with the mid part of the week. you can see the pockets of yellow and dark green. that's where there's been some moderate rain. that batch well to the north and east up around baltimore and annapolis and heading out to d.c. around areas of 495 you can see there's still a pocket of rain around 395, alexandria. we'll drill down tighter to street level. addison heights, around areas
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like braddock and congress heights, all moving to the east here. this rain will continue for just a while longer up until about 8:00, 9:00. that rain heads out of here from north to the southeast around areas of southern maryland andj the northern neck. our temperatures, we've seen a wide range today from the 40s to the 60s. right now we've cooled to 59 in patuxet river. it will be a mild evening, just wet for a little while longer. keep that in mind, roads are wet. watch your braking and watch your distance between you and the car in front of you. we'll talk more about the possible flooding a little later. the big day is finally here. after months of campaigning and more than $200 million spent on advertising, it's now time for the voting in iowa. the presidential candidates are making their last push in the hawkeye state where the results could make history. a new quinnipiac university poll shows bernie sanders edging out hillary clinton on the democratic side.
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on the gop side, front-runner donald trump says he's nervous. we'll have more on the candidates' last-minute push to sway caucusgoers in a live report from iowa coming up in our next half hour. closer to home, divers went back into the water today looking for evidence of a teenage girl who was abducted and murdered in virginia. nicole lovell was only 13 years old. police are searching a pond near virginia tech's campus as the two engineering students charged in her death went to court today. the two suspects were ordered held without bond. tracee wilkins is joining us from columbia now where one of the suspects went to school. tracee? >> reporter: the suspect who was charged in her murder attended school here in columbia. we were talking with his principal just a little while ago. there are still so many questions in this bizarre case. very few answers, even with the two appearing in court. we're still not clear on a motive or how they got to know this 13-year-old girl or if the second suspect associated in
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this case knew her at all. police say eisenhauer and this 13-year-old had a relationship, and exactly to what extent we're still not clear. what we do know is police were back out at the university today searching for evidence. virginia tech freshman and engineering student 18-year-old david eisenhauer is facing kidnapping and first-degree murder charges. his fellow engineering classmate, 19-year-old natalie keepers is also charged with improper disposal of a body and accessory after the fact. both are charged in the murder of 13-year-old nicole lovell. her body was discovered near the north carolina/virginia state line saturday after she went missing last wednesday. today we spoke with neighbors in keepers' laurel neighborhood and eisenhauer's columbia neighborhood. eisenhauer was considered a standout student at track star. his former principal had this to say about his charges. >> just very concerned about the allegations. i think it's a tragedy for
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everyone involved. >> reporter: we spent a lot of time in the neighborhoods for both of these suspects. coming up on news4 at 5:00, we hear from people who knew them. reporting live in columbia, i'm tracee wilkins. pat, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. first at 4:00, the world health organization declares the zika virus a global health emergency. th the agency made the decision after meeting with experts today in geneva. members said swift work is now needed to improve detection and come up with a vaccine. we'll have more on this announcement and what it means coming up in 20 minutes. we're also following developments on a traffic headache stretching into another rush hour in montgomery county. wssc told us to expect more delays in silver spring after a water main break. workers have to keep two lanes
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blocked while they fix the road over the pipe. i'm meagan fitzgerald, northwest d.c. outside of a popular nightclub where late last night this was the scene of a double stabbing which quickly turned fatal. it happened just before midnight inside barcode at the corner ofl and 17th. we're told a fight broke out inside the club and two people were stand. the victims were transported to the hospital and shortly after police say 29-year-old robinson pal died. >> he took my son's life like that. >> reporter: coming up at 5:30, pal's mother makes an emotional plea to the suspect who is still on the run. d.c. police shot and killed a man overnight, and now the police are telling us that that man had a bb gun on him. the shooting hand along clay terrace in northeast d.c. we're told a patrol officer saw the man acting suspiciously and tried to talk to him. police say the man tried to run off but lost his footing and a
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gun fell onto the ground. the officer shot him when the man apparently tried to reach for that. >> we did recover that firearm, which from what i understand now this morning has been determined to be a replica of a semiautomatic handgun but is a replica bb gun. >> police have not identified the man in question, but this is the fourth officer-involved shooting in the clay terrace area just in the past year alone. a passenger train hurled from the tracks in the middle of the night. first at 4, brand new details uncovered by the deadly derailment even though the man controlling the train originally said he didn't remember what happened. whether you work in the district or just come into town from time to time, we have a traffic alert on a major route in and out of the district that could have you hitting the
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a push for a cure. president obama plans to ask congress for $755 million in his budget next week to jump start cancer research. it would bring the total price tag for the cancer initiative to $1 billion. the money would be spent on developing vaccines, early detection, and hopefully finding a cure. vice president biden, who lost a son to cancer last year, is leading the push. starting tonight you're going to notice new slowdowns on parts of i-395. you will now be detoured in the district so crews can install heavy beams on the third street tunnel project. from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 in the morning all southbound lanes are
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closed to new york avenue to e street. crews will reopen the southbound lanes and close the other lanes northbound. work is expected to take a total of seven months. right now investigators are trying to determine what started this massive fire in los angeles. thick black smoke blanketed the area north of downtown l.a. for hours this morning. propane cylinders fueled the blaze. it took 140 firefighters who hours to get the fire under control. the building is owned by a company that makes drinking strau straws. a nearby business owner said it was the second fire in about a year. getting answers to a deadly derailment. the new details we've learned this afternoon about a train that started its journey right here in washington. and we have been telling but it all day. now the rain is starting to fall across the nation's capital. veronica will tell us why there's a potential flooding risk this week.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. right now we are getting new information, new insight into the moments before that deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia last year. the ntsb released a new report about the crash. the report is more than 2,000 pages long. >> yeah. transportation reporter adam tuss spent the afternoon going through that report. he's live in union station with that train started. we know the engineer spoke to investigators. what does he say happened right before the crash?
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>> reporter: well, the most interesting piece of information to come out of this new report, chris, is the fact that the engineer said that he fully opened the throttle of the train right before it went into that fateful curve. of course, the train was only supposed to be going 50 miles an hour around a curve. instead, it was going 106 miles an hour as it went through that curve. the engineer talked about feeling a sense like the train was tipping over, trying to grab onto the controls tightly, and then the next thing he knew the train was going over on its side. the other interesting piece of information here was that there are all types of different speeds in that section right before the curve. it goes from like 35 to 70 to 60 to 65 to 80 and then drops down to 50, and there are speed controls that are posted alongside the track. the engineer said that he often ignored some of those speed controls that were posted because he didn't think that they were correct. >> adam, before the derailment, were there any reports with
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problems with things like the tracks or signals? >> reporter: well, so that is one of the good things about this report. we can now start to rule things out. there's no smoking gun with this report to say this is the cause of the crash, but the ntsb has ruled out any sort of problem with the tracks, with the locomotive, or with the signaling system in that area. so we know that those were not factors in this crash. >> what about the engineer's co-workers? did they say anything about him? >> reporter: so brandon bostian was described as a dedicated engineer, someone who really took initiative and pride in his job. in fact, the day of the crash when he came down here, he got off a train that came down from new york, went into the food court here at union station, had some food with a friend that didn't work for amtrak and got back on the train. the conductors on the train talked about how they were pleased to be working with him because he took pride and effort in his craft. we knew he was really dedicated. we just don't know why he
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decided he needed to go full throttle on that train as it approached the curve. speed has always been the focus in this investigation, and now even more so. >> all right, adam tuss. thank you, adam. >> and amtrak is still trying to figure out what hit an acela train as it passed through philadelphia last night. it happened very close to where the other train adam was just talking about derailed back in may. the object left its crack in the glass around 7:00 last night, but the train continued on to new jersey where inspectors checked out the damage. well, this time last week we were talking about snow. today we are talking about rain. how much, veronica and where? >> first of all, it's really weird to have snow on the ground, still quite a bit on it, and see rain falling across the area. not getting a lot of rain today. only a tenth of an inch but as we get to the next system midweek, we're talking about some areas could see more than an inch of rain and that will mean some real issues for this area with a continuous snow pack that will be melting. 45 your temperature by 8:00.
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we're at 50 degrees right now so we'll continue to see that dip with our temperature still not bad though during the overnight period. here we are around d.c., around annapolis, baltimore, the bulk of the rain heading out of here. as we zoom in you can see the beltway around 495 still dealing with the wet weather. that does include areas around rock vi rockville, sycamore. roads are wet, nothing too heavy though as we get into early tomorrow morning. the possibility of some patchy fog. there might be a few areas just to the west around areas of fairfax county where it could be more widespread. as we get into early wednesday morning, visibilities could be near zero. so this will be a factor. fog more around midweek, too, before the winds start to ramp up also with the next system. early tomorrow morning down into the mid-30s. i think we'll be at 32, gaithersburg, 29 frederick. 39 in leesburg. good thing we're getting the moisture out of here or else we may have been able to see the
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flurry or two around the area but the rain will be ending around 9:00 or so this evening. patchy fog around, not too cold. 40 degrees right inside the beltway. high temperatures in the low 50s for tomorrow with some afternoon clouds coming our way. hopefully the groundhog will not be seeing his shadow tomorrow. forecast for tomorrow is on the low end. cool and quiet and dry all day long. it's wednesday when we start to get the rain back in here. temperature tops out at 51 degrees. here is the next batch for wednesday. there is 9:00 in the morning. showers will be light early in the day on wednesday. from 1:00 until 5:00 moving right through. then the rain should be out of here by around 7:00 to 9:00 but it comes in pretty heavy by the time we get to midday and that really is the next change you're going to notice is that heavy rain for midweek between 1:00 and 3:00 as it ramps up to 57 degrees at 1:00 to 58 degrees at
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3:00. notice the 60 degree temperature by 5:00. temperatures will be going up, way up even as we get into early thursday morning. again, chance of flooding. we'll show you the seven-day forecast and i'm show you when most of the rain will be coming into the area, which areas sees the best chance of seeing flooding. all in a few minutes. >> thanks, veronica. right now we are less than a week away from the super bowl. super bowl week is officially under way in california. carol maloney joins us from the bay area where preparations are still taking place for the big game. carol, how is it going out there? >> reporter: hey, pat. it's looking good. yeah, we're outside levi stadium. this is the site of super bowl 50 just on sunday. it's going to be the panthers and the broncos are going to do battle in the stadium behind me. today final preparations, as you mentioned. the hustle and bustle, so many workers here getting ready and putting the final touches on levi stadium, known for cutting edge technology, which makes
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sense because it's located in the heart of silicon valley. we will soon find out if it's ready for all those smartphone wielding fans who i am told can order food by phone from an app. they get the food delivered to their seats. how cool is that? good news just announced today concerning next season. the nbc network, our network, partnering up with the nfl to broadcast five thursday night games in 2016. the full regular season schedule, of course, released in april, so tbd if any of these games will include the burgundy and gold. we definitely hope so. spebi speaking of the redskins, there are a number of fans right here in the santa clara. kirk cousins, he's supposed to be coming on thursday and i hope these guys get to see him because they certainly are big fans. coming up on news4 at 5:00, how a redskins legend is making an
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impact just a few miles down the road. we'll have that story coming up. back to you guys. >> thanks, carol. now that the snow is melting you may be noticed some damage to your home, but it may not be as easy as you think it is to file a claim for the damage. the changes coming after consumer reporter susan hogan made some phone calls today. >> and we are all awaiting the results in the iowa caucuses. we want to know how important do you think the results will be? it's our nbc washington flash survey. call or next the number9?vx on screen to let us know what you think. you can also vote on the nbc washington facebook page.
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more now on the developing story involving the zika virus. >> yeah. experts are now calling it a public health emergency. >> the world health organization made the declaration just a few hours ago after meting with experts. >> nbc's mark barger explains what's going to happen next. >> reporter: the world health organization today declared an international emergency over the spread of zika. the disease has been linked to microcephaly in brazil. the w.h.o. called the spread of the disease an extraordinary event. the emergency session was called to evaluate the outbreak after a number of cases were linked to the birth defect that results in
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abnormally small heads. >> all agree on the urgent need to coordinate international efforts to investigate and understand this relationship better. >> reporter: the w.h.o. said it could be six to nine months before the connection is proven or disproven. the group said there could be as many as 4 million cases of zika in the americas in the nextñ year. w.h.o. director general margaret chan said there are several methods that canq;r
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[brendan] no. [mother] isn't it great? [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. now at 4:30, global emergency. declares an international emergency over the zika virus.
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members say the mosquito-borne illness which is linked to birth defects is an extraordinary event. we've now learned the name of a man who was stabbed and killed inside a nightclub in downtown d.c. robinson pal is from riverdale, maryland. he died early this morning after he was stabbed inside the barcode club on l street. one other person was hurt in the fight. coming up at 5:00, meagan fitzgerald has been working this story. you will hear from pal's mother and her message to her son's killer. and just in time for the evening commute, rain arrives. storm team4 is tracking how long it will stick around and how the rain could cause some real problems. veronica will youn us join us i minutes. now it's time to caucus. >> the winner each party will get a big boost going into new hampshire and the rest of the presidential primaries. steve handelsman is live for us in des moines. it's all over but the voting now. >> reporter: that's right.
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well, they still have a little while to campaign, pat and chris. this is caucus headquarters in des moines. they caucus here at 7:00 central time. that's 8:00 your time, and on the democratic side it can go on and on and on and aon. the weather is looking like less of a factor. no snow by caucus time. to power up her volunteers to get out the vote tonight, hillary clinton brought doughnuts. >>ing so energized because of all of you. >> bernie sanders rallied his volunteers to get out the first time caucusers he's counting on. >> we will win tonight if the voter turnout is high. >> reporter: his workers are signing up first-timers. >> i have never felt as strongly about an election as i could this time. >> reporter: sanders has a lead in new hampshire polls. you have to win here in iowa,
4:31 pm
right? >> of course not. you know, that's media mythology. of course we want to win here in iowa, but if we end up getting two delegates less than hillary clinton has, why is that the end of the world? >> reporter: on the republican side, marco rubio visited volunteers. >> going to make a big difference tonight. we're really excited. >> reporter: ted cruz who rose to a lead in iowa polls and then slipped was in jefferson. >> we have been to all 99 counties in the great state of iowa. >> reporter: cruz filled a hall last night. he's counting on evangelicals. donald trump today drew a smaller crowd than usual hours before trump needs a big turnout of first-time iowa voters. >> win, lose, or draw, i love you folks all. >> reporter: all eyes on trump tonight. will the leader in gop polling grab his first ever election victory? again, it's trump and sanders who say they're depending on a big turnout tonight which is always tough here in iowa, especially with snow in the forecast.
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live from des moines, steve handelsman, news4. chris? >> thanks, steve. you may be wondering how a caucus works and how it's different from the primary voting the rest of us are going to take part in. >> in iowa the caucuses are different for each political party and here is how it works on the republican side. voters will gather at their designated caucus location and then they're going to listen to speeches in support of each candidate. then voters write the names of the nominee -- the name of the nominee they want on a secret ballot. >> for democrats the process is a bit more complicated. voters still get together with their designated caucus side but there are no secret ballots. caucusgoers stand in a designated area of the room, everybody knows who you are supporting. but if they don't win at least 15% he or she has to stand with the stronger candidate. we explain how this works over on our nbc washington app. probably a little better than i
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just did. we've got the caucuses covered from all angles. we just saw steve handelsman there in iowa. aaron gilchrist is also there in iowa. they're going to be bringing you the latest developments as they happen. well, right now police in leesburg are working to find out what started a fight between two step brothers that ended with one of them dead. one of the brothers was stabbed inside an apartment building on plaza street off market street. a woman ran to the police station across the street to get help. we're still waiting for police to release the names of the brothers. and how did you like our spring showers today. it certainly seemed like spring showers with temperatures so mild and now the wet weather coming on top of the snow pack, but just light showers across the area. that's the radar loop throughout the afternoon today. most of the rain coming in after lunchtime. just scattered light showers, gaithersburg, d.c. the bulk of it is heading out of here. you can see the areas dry around
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bailey's crossroads and fr francon franconia. you're dry, still hanging onto the north in the north and east in prince george's county. those temperatures, meanwhile, mid to upper 40s. most neighborhoods right now. for tomorrow a little early morning fog. i'm calling it cool, 45 to 55 degrees. it's not going to be not quite as mild as today has been. then, of course, midweek wednesday we get a lot of this. it's rain. areawide a half to just over three-quarters of an inch of rain. and while we're forecasting this areawide there will be some neighborhoods more problematic to see flooding than others. i'll show you where coming up. i'm mark segraves in northwest washington where residents are getting back to normal but they still have obstacles. we found this huge pile of snow all but blocking this entire intersection in northwest.
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agencies are back to collecting trash, but in some neighborhoods, particularly where your trash is collected in the alley, there are still going to be delays. coming up at 5:00, you will hear from officials from montgomery could you please at th county and the district about their efforts to get things back on track. new at 4:00, a d.c. firefighters is on leave after being indicted on child porn charges. lieutenant earl walker works at engine 22 located on georgia avenue in the brightwood park area. he's accused of receiving and possessing child porn at his tomorrow in adams county, pennsylvania. adams county is where gettysburg is located. walker has been with d.c. fire and ems for more than 20 years. former charles county job robert nalley is going to avoid prison time. the long-time judge pleaded guilty to a federal charge of misconduct on a bench. he admitted he ordered a sheriff's deputy to shock a criminal defendant in his courtroom. we told you last month he was charged with a federal crime of
4:36 pm
deprivation of rights for doing so. but by pleading guilty, he's going to avoid a one-year prison sentence. the victim in the case said the punishment for nalley is like a slap on the wrist. i'm julie carey in richmond, virginia, where the governor is doing damage control after gun control activists blasted the gun law compromise plan that he announced on friday. the deal pulls back a plan to stop honoring out of state concealed weapons permits. in exchange voluntary background checks could be done for private sales at gun shows. people with long-term protective orders would have to give up their weapons. the governor sat down exclusively with news4 to defend the deal. >> they are passing both of the governor's bills that a month ago you would have said was impossible. now, you can't make people happy all the time. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 5:00, we'll hear from a leading figure in the gun control movement about whether tempers have cooled and whether they will fight the governor's plan.
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we are following developments on a dangerous winter storm out west. snow has been falling in parts of southern california and the cold combined with heavy rains has led to severe flooding and mudslides. you can see how some roads are completely washed out. the biggest impact may be from downed trees which have crushed vehicles and snapped power lines. at least 125 thoun,000 customer lost power. we may never know what caused an e. coli outbreak at chipotle in several states. cdc investigators were not able to find a single food item that could be responsible. chipotle say it's since put in place several new or stricter food safety procedures in all of its restaurants. a teacher from prince
4:41 pm
william counsel at the sur vied a horrific car crash but she got a big surprise this weekend. >> kelly powell was in the front row to watch david cassidy at the birchmere in alexandria. david cassi she loved his music and doctors hoped it would spur her to make up. cassidy got wind of the story and arranged to meet the powells at the show. >> the story that you sent to me was so touching and moving, and what you did for her was incredible. >> of that meant the world to me, what he did. >> yeah. >> that was wonderful. >> that was wonderful. powell teaches students with special needsat centreville high school. she's hoping to make a full recovery and get back to teaching very soon. boy, i'm sure a lot of her
4:42 pm
students and co-workers will be happy to have her back as well. >> you can believe that. well, all the snow has really taken a toll on people in our area. folks who have had to dig out. >> that's right. for some of you it means damaged property and insurance claims. consumer reporter susan hogan will tell us what happened today when she tried to figure out how you can get help in your area. and storm team4 radar is lighting up right now as showers fall around the washington area. veronica will tell us why when it comes to rain this is just the beginning.
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right now it's another difficult rush hour in silver spring. crews are still repairing the road over a water main that took all night to fix. news4's molette green showed us how tim packeted commuters earlier, even those who weren't driving. >> reporter: nothing like a water main break and work crews during monday morning rush hour. >> due to a water main break, roadways are reduced to single lane in both directions. expect up to 20 minute delays. >> reporter: the first day back to work and school along busy university boulevard. >> bad, really, really bad. >> actually i work right there. the intersection of university and new hampshire. >> reporter: she has to drive right by it between tiny branch and carroll avenue. three lanes going eastbound suddenly reduced to one lane and
4:46 pm
two lanes open westbound by the work zone. but for others, avoiding the area altogether is the best option. >> well, i can go around it because i live nearby, so i'm lucky that way. >> reporter: before the morning rush hour kicked in, all traffic blocked as crews went in and out of a big hole in the ground to get to the 12-inch pipe that's 88 years old. wssc worked to reopen some lanes by 5:00 a.m. >> we figured out where the break is, but there's some other pipes in the area and we've got to do our due diligence, make sure everything is still intact. we don't want to just fix the first thing we see, fill it back in, and have it break again. >> and, of course, we'll keep you posted on the traffic right re on news4 and around the clock on twitter. just follow first4 traffic. and now, your storm team4 forecast. >> kids getting off the school buses today had to deal with the rain. same thing for us for the afternoon/evening commute. roads are wet as we pick up today about a tenth of an inch
4:47 pm
of rain midwee, midweek a lot m. from 40 degrees at 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. to 51 degrees during the afternoon hours. just cloudy skies. that's all we'll have to deal with, but the showers now, we can track them an storm team4 radar. leesburg to warrenton right across i-66. showers again mainly light. they continue to fall throughout the area and we will have these for a while longer but a bigger system organizing to deliver some heavy rain to this area wednesday. look at this. iowa, about ready to get hit with some major snow and a lot of wind. that's just to our west. again, it's the big story. we've got the weather channel's scott newell. he's in sioux city, iowa, with more. >> reporter: well, it is caucus night in iowa. we're in sioux city right now, and it's a good thing that the caucuses aren't going to be held tomorrow because the weather is going to turn drastically overnight here. the good news is the caucuses start at 7:00. it's been a beautiful day here
4:48 pm
today. the temperatures in the upper 30s. in fact, the whole weekend was nice, about you that's all going to change with a blizzard warning that starts at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning here in sioux city and goes through until 4:00 a.m. on wednesday. that means conditions are going to be very, very rough. winds from 25 to 45 miles an hour. as you can see, there's some remnants of snow here, but really nothing to speak of. it's going to be a lot different tomorrow. now, as far as the caucuses tonight, they start at 7:00 and most of them will probably be wrapping up by about 9:00 or even a little later, maybe to 10:00, and the snow should start around 9:00 but that will be very light. so i am told it probably will not affect the voting very much at all. that's the situation here in sioux city. again, the calm before the storm because it's going to be a nasty one tomorrow. i'm scott newell in sioux city, iowa. now back to you. >> that storm system again continues to organize. it's going to be a nasty one for us on wednesday as we get ready to deal with a lot of rain. a half to as much as an inch of
4:49 pm
rain in some locations. these are the contributing factors where we could see minor to moderate flooding across the area. the recent melting snow allowing the river and water levels to rise and then that snow pack that's still on the ground, that's about one to two inches of liquid. you put that with the inch of rain, and, well, we could have some issues across the area. here is where the snow pack is. a lot of it still on the ground. hagerstown, frederick, leesburg, down to areas of northwest d.c. around warrenton, then the rain on top of it. these are the areas in yellow where we could see moderate flooding. around areas like warrenton. so of concern, the potomac, edwards ferry, seneca creek, and dawsonville arou dawsonville. we'll be monitoring that very closely. as mentioned we could get anywhere upwards to an inch of rain. right now we're forecasting about a half to at least three-quarters of an inch of
4:50 pm
rain areawide. as far as the rain intensity, you know it's going to be coming down hard on wednesday, mainly midday between 1:00 and 5:00. you will need the golf size umbrella for midweek. here is a look at your storm team4 day forecast. we could have winds gusting from 35 to 40 miles per hour. that with possible flooding, even some morning fog. as we get to the end of the week, the first part of the weekend, it's looking like we'll have a super weekend. our temperatures up around 50 degrees. we have dry conditions and sunshine. we will have more on the rain falling across the area right now and the flooding situation with -- it's going to be a weather alert day for storm team4. we'll have that coming up on news4 at 5:00. as our snow continues to melt, you may notice damage to your car, your mailbox, maybe your lawn. >> the plows are powerful in maneuvering through all that snow. so where can you go to file a claim for all that damage? >> news4 consumer reporter susan
4:51 pm
hogan is here now with the answer. >> i've got a problem in my yard. >> i bet you do. so many people, and, yes, we have heard your frustrations. so we did your homework for you, and let me tell you, it was not easy to find where to submit a claim in most jurisdictions so get out a pen and paper and let's start with the district. if you want to file a damage claim in d.c., you can download the form online but you can't submit it online. the only way to submit a claim in d.c. is to mail it or hand deliver it. in maryland montgomery county, you can submit a claim to the county online even if the state's department of transportation's plow caused the damage. but in prince george's county it contracts with a third party so you have to submit a claim through that company directly. in virginia fairfax county, you can submit your claim online. the county's website says once submitted, you can expect a response within two business days. in parts of fairfax, all of loudoun, and prince william
4:52 pm
counties, virginia's department of transportation is responsible for plowing snow, not the cou y county, so you need to go through vdot's website to submit a claim. in alexandria you be submit a claim online under the risk management site and in arlington you can file a snow damage claim under potholes, yes, that's right, arlington told news4 all claims are filed under its pothole site. however, arlington also thanked us for bringing attention to how hard it was to find information on filing a claim and told us it was change its website right now and add snow damage so you can find it easier in the future. we have posted all of these lynx a links. just go to nbc washington app and search snowplow damage. did that help you? >> no. >> well, hopefully more counties and cities follow arlington's lead. i mean, to say you can fill out the form online but you can't submit it online. >> can you believe it? i think it really was by us
4:53 pm
doing this due diligence today it opened their eyes and they realize, oh, my gosh, we have a problem here, so, yes, hopefully this will change things. >> i would not think to go to potholes for plow damage. >> you knew? >> but your report was very helpful. >> thank you, pat. we'll talk later. >> okay. you know where they don't have these kind of problems? hawaii. a surfer who fell 40 feet from this massive wave is back in the water again. this video shows him being knocked from his board and swallowed by a wave off the coast of maui. he said it was like a sea monster riding out of the ocean, but he also tells, the only damage was a stiff neck. the experience actually gave him more confidence. >> he's lucky. it was the bombshell that really brought this next story into the national spotlight. first at 4, who is saying not so fast to claims that a teacher inside a prison helped three inmates get out. >> this is news4 at 4:00.
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coming up on the top of the hour, 5:00. rain falling right now as your loved ones try to make it home. veronica will let you know when things will dry out and why wednesday will be a day to watch. and a developing story this afternoon. a woman suspected of helping three inmates escape from jail is going to go free. prosecutors say there's not enough evidence to keep an english teacher locked up in orange county, california. we also have new information
4:57 pm
about the escape plot. nbc's jane yamamoto explains how a manhunt came to an end. >> reporter: wearing an orange jumpsuit, 20-year-old jonathan tieu gets out of a car. video shows him handcuffed and shackled. he appears limping as he is walked into men's central jail. he's charged with murder. the other inmate, 37-year-old hossein nayeri, also brought back to jail, his hands and ankles restricted while they took him inside. >> it's fantastic we were able to get these two dangerous men into custody without any injuries to police officers or members of the community. >> reporter: nayeri, the suspected mastermind of the jail break, faces charges of kidnapping, torture, and burglary. >> this nayeri is a very dangerous individual. >> reporter: orange county
4:58 pm
district attorney says a felony count of escape will be filed against nayeri, tieu, and bac duong. the manhunt came to an end for duong last week at his friend's auto repair shop in santa ana. orange county sheriffs replaced the 911 call made by duong's friend. >> he's scared to turn himself in. >> hold on a second. >> he's not armed. he just wants to turn himself in peaceful. news4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. now at 5:00, virginia state police search a national forest and a pond at virginia tech. they're looking for more clues in the murder of a 13-year-old girl. i'm tracee wilkins with reaction from neighbors who knew the suspects in maryland.
4:59 pm
and the evening rush is wet with showers, but we could see flooding with the next storm midweek. i'll have more on when and where coming up. but first at 5:00, new details in that abduction and murder involving two virginia tech students. good evening, i'm wendy reeker. >> i'm jim handly. we're learning more about the victim. 13-year-old nicole lovell. her mother said she fought through health problems and bullying while a family friend called her an angel here on earth. >> police say he was killed by david eisenhauer, a freshman engineering student, and another student, natalie keepers, helped him dispose of the child's body, but there's no word about why or how the girl was killed. news4's tracee wilkins is live in howard county where both eisenhauer and keepers are from. tracee? >> reporter: we have learned a little more from court documents, that a firearm was not used in this murder. we don't know how this 13-year-old died, but we do know
5:00 pm
that police are searching around the campus for additional evidence. what they're looking for we also don't know, but here in columbia and also in laurel we spent the day with neighbors, folks who know these families, and while we knocked on the doors of the suspects' homes, no one answered, but people who knew them did talk with us. today police and divers were back at a pond on virginia tech's campus searching for evidence in the murder of 13-year-old nicole lovell. lovell's body was discovered saturday after she went missing last wednesday. she apparently climbed out of her bedroom window in blacksburg and was not seen again until her body was found saturday. 12 hours later, two virginia tech engineering students, 18-year-old david eisenhauer and 19-year-old natalie keepers, were charged in her murder. both were in court today for first appearances and were held without bond. >> eisenhauer used this relationship to his advantage to abduct and then kill her. keepers helped eisenhauer dispose of nicole's body.


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