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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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that police are searching around the campus for additional evidence. what they're looking for we also don't know, but here in columbia and also in laurel we spent the day with neighbors, folks who know these families, and while we knocked on the doors of the suspects' homes, no one answered, but people who knew them did talk with us. today police and divers were back at a pond on virginia tech's campus searching for evidence in the murder of 13-year-old nicole lovell. lovell's body was discovered saturday after she went missing last wednesday. she apparently climbed out of her bedroom window in blacksburg and was not seen again until her body was found saturday. 12 hours later, two virginia tech engineering students, 18-year-old david eisenhauer and 19-year-old natalie keepers, were charged in her murder. both were in court today for first appearances and were held without bond. >> eisenhauer used this relationship to his advantage to abduct and then kill her. keepers helped eisenhauer dispose of nicole's body.
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>> reporter: david eisenhauer is facing first-degree murder and kidnapping charges. keepers is charged with improper disposal of a body and accessory after the fact. >> the short answer would be it sounds like she got involved with the wrong people at the wrong time and one of those terrible tragedies. >> reporter:ed a wilde lake high school in howard county. >> it was surprise and shock. >> reporter: eisenhauer's former principal reacted to the news of the charge. he was a stand outstudent and track star. he was recruited by several schools for track, including virginia tech. >> very goal driven. focused on academics but also very focused on running. he was an outstanding runner. >> reporter: we've spent most of the day here at wilde lake high school where david attended school just last year.
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speaking with students and also the principal, as you saw there. coming up on news4 at 6:00, people who nknew this young man are so surprised by these charges. >> thank you. well, we are getting a taste of spring even with the rain. >> it ain't rio, but it is warm for us. veronica and the real threat tonight, we're talking possible flooding, right? >> that's for midweek, the possible flooding, but a lot of folks noticing, of course, the temperatures. in some areas it felt like march, and some like april. some spring showers on top of the snow pack, so more melting and slush. take a look at the high temperatures across the area today and you will see exactly what i mean. frederick, hagerstown at 50. 60 in d.c. 70 in fredericksburg. upper 60s in pax river. a weird afternoon. we are seeing some showers move across the area. we're quiet right now most areas around 495 until you get down to alexandria and then more rain
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moving in. you can see it advancing eastward around 29. manassas, 66. woodbridge getting wet. roads will be wet up until 9:00, 10:00 this evening. we dry out. we'll track this next system heading in. it will bring big snow to iowa. then it arrives here. we'll show you how much rain and where we could see that flooding setting up midweek. v.j. thank you. new details on a deadly police shooting in the district that investigators tell us involved a guy with a bb gun. it happened overnight near clay terrace and 53rd street, an area where they have seen a lot of officer-involved shootings. pat collins is live in northeast d.c. with details for us. pat? >> reporter: jim, it's happened again. another police-involved shooting in the clay terrace neighborhood. that makes four in less than a year. today's police involved shooting near the intersection of 53rd and clay streets northeast.
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it had deadly consequences. this is how police tell the story. it was around 2:00 a.m. an officer saw a man acting in a suspicious manner. as he approached the man, the man began to run. the man slipped on the pavement, and as he did, a gun popped out of his clothing. the officer told the man not to reach for the gun, but as the man reached for the gun, the officer opened fire and struck the man in the neck. the man's gun turned out to be a bb gun, but they say it looked like the real thing. hear now from the chief. >> from what i understand this morning, it has been determined to be a replica of a semiautomatic handgun but is a replica bb gun. >> reporter: the police officer involved has been on the force less than two years. the officer is white. the decedent is black. there have been four
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police-involved shootings in the clay terrace neighborhood in less than a year. two of them ended in death. so what's going on in clay terrace? well, the chief has some thoughts on that coming up at 6:00. live in northeast, pat collins, news4. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk where we are learning that a d.c. fire lieutenant is facing federal charges connected to child pornography. officers took earl walker into custody on friday. federal prosecutors say between 2007 and 2012 he received and possessed porn at his home in adams county, pennsylvania. walker has been with the city's fire department for more than 20 years. he's currently serving as a lieutenant. walker is on paid administrative leave, and if he's convicted, he could face a fine and up to 30 years in prison. wendy? well, this is it. i'm going over. that was the last thought of the
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amtrak train engineer before that deadly derailment last may. this is new information that reveals that the engineer remembers pushing the throttle before the crash that killed eight people and that the train started that fateful trip right here in washington. transportation reporter adam tuss is live at union station with new details just released about that crash. adam? >> reporter: that's right, wendy. we're also learning that the engineer was making mistakes with the speed of the train right before the crash. now, it is important to remember that there's no smoking gun yet, no cause has been given for the cause of this crash, but we are certainly getting a clearer picture of the chaos that was unfolding as that train took that curve way too fast. in an interview right after the crash in may, engineer brandon bostian told investigators he couldn't remember what happened, but this past fall in a second interview, he said some details had come back to him. he talked about trying to correct mistakes with the train's throttle and get the train to the appropriate speed.
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he also said he put the train's throttle as fast as it could go right before it hit a curve. the train was supposed to be going 50 miles an hour. instead, it was going 106. >> i call it a liftoff. we were going around a curve at a very -- what seemed like a high speed. >> reporter: jeff cutler was on that amtrak train and talked to news4 afterwards. >> the feeling was to me we're lifting off, we're in the air. that's a sense of uncontrol that i never felt on a train before. >> reporter: the engineer's comments in this report mirror that feeling. he told verters, i remember holding onto the controls tightly and feeling like, okay, well, this is it. i'm going over. so i tried to brace myself. a surveillance video from the scene shows dramatic sparks and flashing as power lines were ripped apart. the ntsb was ruled out any issues with the tracks, the signals, or the locomotive involved in the crash. passengers at union station say this crash has not kept them
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away from amtrak. >> amtrak is a solid company. >> reporter: you will continue to ride? >> i believe so, so yes. >> i love it. it's the best we've got and if people love trains, they're going to ride on amtrak. >> reporter: now, no drugs or alcohol were found in the engineer's system after the crash, but what about his cell phone? was he using it the night of that crash? what we're learning next at 6:00. wendy, back to you. >> all right, adam tuss. we have a developing story in news for your health. the world health organization is now calling it a public health emergency predicting that up to 4 million people could become infected with the zika virus in the next year. the w.h.o. also echoing the cdc and advising pregnant women not to travel to brazil and other affected countries. the zika virus causes generally very mild symptoms in people for just a couple of days, but the growing concerns are about the evidence that links it to birth
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defects, including microcephaly in pregnant women. that can cause their babies to have abnormally small brains and heads. still ahead, we're going to hear more about a virginia case that's hitting the campus of william and mary. virginia's governor is pushing back tonight against criticism of that gun law deal he struck with gop leaders. gun control activists blasted the plan when it was announced on friday accusing the governor of giving up too much ground to gun rights groups. today he sat down exclusively with bureau chief julie carey to explain why this deal will make virginians safer. >> so the colonel of the state police said to me, governor, what you just did has made virginia safer. >> reporter: that's how governor terry mcauliffe judges the gun regulation deal. it give guns rights supporters a big win, pulling back a plan to stop honoring concealed carry weapons permits from other states. in exchange state police will be stationed at all gun shows to do
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voluntary background checks for private gun sellers and people playsing long-term protective orders must surrender or sell their weapons. on friday gun control activists accused the governor of caving into nra. >> we're very supportive of the domestic violence piece. >> lori hass has lobbied for gun regulations for nine years. she says the governor gave up too much. >> clearly opened a big, big wide door and given the gun lobby a very strong footing to two of their top goals, permitless carry and blanket reciprocire reciproci reciprocity. >> we have no evidence in 25 years that anyone came into virginia with a concealed handgun and committed a crime. >> reporter: the governor says he's making important progress. >> this is the most significant gun rights legislation restriction in 23 years. these are my two bills.
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they are approving both of my bills. last year they went down in flames. this year they're passing them. >> reporter: ahead on news4 at 6:00, the governor has some strong words of his own for gun control activists criticizing his plan. in richmond, virginia, i'm julie carey, news4. there's a new push to gave local lawmakers a say on whether tolls are placed on the roads in the old dominion and it won't have any impact on one controversial project. the measure introduced today would stop the state from imposing tolls without first getting approval from the general assembly, but it will not apply to governor mcauliffe's tolling plan for i-66. it also would not apply when a new lane is added to an existing highway. if this warmer weather doesn't clear the sidewalks in prince george's county, you could still get fined for not shoveling. last week the county issued 337 tickets worth $100 a pop for sidewalks that were not shoveled. they were given to businesses and residents.
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county officials say if there's still snow on the ground, offenders could be ticketed a second time, even a third time. we're working for to you get those sidewalks cleared. if you know of one that needs cleaning, report it on nbc washington's app by searching snowy sidewalks. well, the pipe is fixed but it will be a while longer before everything is back to normal here along university boulevard in silver spring. a 12-inch main burst between carroll avenue and piney branch road forcing crews there to close several lanes of traffic. wssc tells us tonight it replaced a section of the pipe earlier today but paving crews will be working today and tomorrow to fill that large hole, and they'll be back on friday to fix another part of the damaged roadway. well, it is decision day for voters in iowa in the 2016 presidential election. the polls and the speculation is now over. for the first time they're heading to the polls for caucuses and it could set the
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stage for the front runners in the race to the white house. plus a deadly stabbing in a d.c. nightclub. the victim was preparing to start a new job and his mother tells us it was a night of celebration that ended in tragedy. i'm carol maloney outside levi stadium where a week of celebrating super bowl history includes one redskin who
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all right. the day has arrived, folks. it's the final push for the state of iowa. the candidates from both parties out and about today making their last pitches to voters before the caucusing begins. a moment of truth that could deliver a boost to the winners as they prepare for new hampshire and the rest of the 2016 primaries. >> and for those candidates, it is all hands on deck in iowa today. >> and we're just a few hours away now from the first results of those caucuses. we have a complete look at what it takes to get votes and how some local college students were there to pitch in. our own aaron gilchrist is there. >> reporter: we are just a couple hours away from the doors opening on more than 3,000 caucus meetings across the state of iowa. the candidates are winding down their final pushes to get
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support, and the observers here are just taking in the spectacle of it all. >> bernie! >> reporter: monday morning meant one final shot at pressing the flesh with voters and volunteers. hillary clinton thanking staff at her des moines office. >> hope you enjoyed iowa. >> reporter: marco rubio seeking a respectable finish encouraging the breakfast crowd to caucus for him. >> we feel really positive about it and i just ask everyone to go out and caucus. >> reporter: rubio and bernie sanders hoping for a big turnout hoping large numbers will favor them. >> this is a national campaign. we are in this to win at the convention. >> reporter: the polls still show a clinton/trump edge but the reality is iowa caucusgoers aren't always easy to read. volunteers have been going to door to door but these georgetown students are on a different mission here in des moines. >> really cool to see people our age making it happen and calling and eating and crying. like there's all these emotions happening in the front office. >> reporter: helen and two other students from georgetown's
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institute of politics and public service spent the day talking toll picks with an iowa state senator. one of the many experiences they have been relaying back to students in d.c. through pictures, learning about all the politics outside washington and pulling back the curtain on the iowa caucuses. >> it's been phenomenal in terms of i guess pulling back the curtain and understanding how these things really work, the mechanics of them. >> reporter: when all the political tourism ends, when the campaigning and handshaking are done, who becomes a presidential nominee may be a bit clearer. >> iowa is going to be the first test where there are actual real voters who are weighing in on who they think their nominees are going to be so we will get a much better picture of who the leaders are on both sides, who has the moesm going into later contests. >> reporter: many will watch on tv but those students will get to go to a caucus tonight and witness what one of them called democracy at its purest. aaron gilchrist, news4. it is still months away, but the preparations for the 2016 olympic games in rio are in full swing.
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>> while wendy is back and tanned up, thousands of miles away in switzerland where workers are busy making the bells that will be used to signal the last lap for track and cycling events at the games. each bell is handmade and is branded with the rio 2016 logo. the olympics in rio begin in august, and you're going to bring me back some swag i trust, lots of it in august, wendy. you didn't this time, right? >> i didn't bring you anything this time, no. i barely got myself back. >> i know. super bowl week has arrived, folks. it's officially here. >> and the big game less than a week away. carol maloney is in the bay area to get you ready for that. hey, carol. >> reporter: hey, guys. i have some swag for you, too. a pen with your name on it. says super bowl 50. i will bring it back. you're welcome. meantime, the official event of course because it's super bowl 50, it's extra special, it's an extravaganza. the opening night, it's just an hour away. it's media day. used to be on tuesday during the day. it's such a big event this year
5:20 pm
it's now moved to prime time. also announced today, the nfl and nbc, our network, they announced they are partners for thursday night football, five games that will be seen on our air next season. no extra charge. you're welcome for that as well. now, back to super bowl coverage, just a few miles from where i stand is a little known art museum, and football fans are pouring into it and the redskins' great doug williams is a big reason why. an exhibit worth a second look. at the triton museum in santa clara. >> this is huge compared to anything we've done before. i mean, the amount of people you can see coming through. we had 700 people yesterday. we get that -- it takes two weeks usually to get that many people. >> reporter: strong support for gridiron glory. artifacts from the pro football hall of fame. one section dedicated to people who broke color barriers. redskins doug williams is front and center.
5:21 pm
the first african-american quarterback to start a super bowl. williams won a ring and changed minds across the country. >> i'm going to disney world! >> reporter: nearly three decades later, williams is celebrated as a pioneer in his profession as football unites all fans this week. >> it's great to see people coming in wearing jerseys from like every team. it's kind of fun. they come in wearing their jerseys and being in the bay area has so many transplants, we have seen it all in the last week. >> reporter: and we're here to take it all in. outside levi stadium, the sooit of super bowl 50. we see a celebration of super bowl xxii, doug williams, the star of that game. the win for the redskins in 1988 the game was played. meantime, tonight coming up on news4 at 6:00, we are going to talk about how the super bowl has become super sized. yeah, pregame hype galore.
5:22 pm
back to you guys. >> oh, my gosh, hype at the super bowl? >> imagine that. >> big news. >> thank you, carol. we're going to look forward to all your reports this week. hey there, is rain across the region right now, as you know. we're talking about a chance for flooding later this week as the snow melts. we'll have the full forecast coming up next. plus the principal of a new all-boys school in the district shares his story to inspire more than just students. >> because there's a difference between the way young men learn and the way young women learn.
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and now your storm team4 forecast. >> we have wet roads and we could see a little bit of fog setting up during the overnight period for first thing tomorrow morning, and fog could be a bigger issue midweek. midweek also when we're talking about that other big storm system coming into our area that could deliver some very heavy rain and we may see some flooding taking place across our area. so for early tomorrow morning, could see patchy to maybe just widespread fog and then more widespread and dense for early wednesday morning when those visibilities could drop down to around zero. there is your rain moving through from southwest to northeast. you can see back to the wet weather, right inside the beltway, 495 up i-95 and down 301. 120 is wet, 295, raex alexandri
5:26 pm
it's all pushing to the northeast. you folks around clinton, brandywine, and rosaryville just up 301 will continue to see rain for a couple more hours now. same thing around laurel and savage, route 1, as well as south laurel until about 8:00, 9:00 or so. here is the future weather. tracks that rain right out of here down into southern maryland by 8:00 or 9:00 this evening. evening impact forecast, showers hang on. our temperatures drop to about 44 degrees by 9:00. from the upper 40s to mid-40s where we are right now and by tomorrow morning upper 20s to low 30s. it is going to be a bit of a cold to maybe chilly start depending where you are. 28 degrees the start in frederick. 41 in fredericksburg. remember, we had that big range of temperatures across the area today. i think we will see the same thing for the overnight early tomorrow morning. so a little fog early at 40. 51, your bus stop forecast for tomorrow afternoon. the kids got off the bus, a little bit of rain today. they will be dry for tomorrow,
5:27 pm
then midweek that bigger storm system moves in. 45 to 55 degrees. kids will be able to get by with just a nice warm jacket for tomorrow. tomorrow the weather will have a low impact on our day. it's going to be quiet and again dry throughout all of your tuesday. wednesday the rain will start ramping up around 6:00 to 7:00 in the morning and continue throughout the afternoon. so we talk about tomorrow, about 50 po 50 to 51 degrees. as we go from rain to heavy rain after 1:00 on wednesday, chance of flooding by wednesday afternoon. notice your temperatures on wednesday go from 58 degrees at 3:00 to 60 degrees at 5:00. temperatures will continue to warm wednesday evening. when i return, i'll tell you which rivers and streams we could see flooding taking place from that snow pack that's still on the ground. i'll have that coming up in just a few minutes. veronica, thank you. coming up, a college student in
5:28 pm
virginia contracted the zika virus on winter break. what the school is now telling students on campus. plus, we found some lingering problems after the blizzard and some of you are still waiting for your trash to be picked up so we went in search of some answers. this popular d.c. nightclub was the scene of a double stabbing which quickly turned fatal. we spoke with the mother of one of the men who died. >> i cannot see my son. >> reporter: coming up at 5:30, her desperate plea to the suspects who kill ♪
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you're watching news4 at 5:00. >> the search is on for a killer after an attack at a d.c. nightclub. now we're learning more about the maryland man who lost his life. >> two men were stabbed just before midnight last night. this happened inside the popular club called barcode. it's on the 1100 block of 17th street northwest just north of farragut square. news4's meagan fitzgerald joins us live. this isn't the first incident at this club. >> reporter: you know, jim, it was just last month on new year's eve when a driver jumped the curb injuring several people. now kathy la yecathy lanier hasn barcode to investigate after a stabbing occurred. a notice says a bloody knife and glass were found scattered on the floor. we had an opportunity to speak with the mother of one of the victims who died just hours before she heard the news.
5:32 pm
>> he graduate from high school and he go to work electrician. >> reporter: she says her 29-year-old son robinson was a good person. he loved his family and enjoyed his life. >> tomorrow he going to fly to california for vacation before he start a new job. >> reporter: but before he and his friends left town, chanda says they went to barcode on sunday night. just before midnight d.c. police say a fight broke out inside and two people were stabbed. hours later chanda received a call from her eldest son. >> my son called me again. he said that my son passed already in hospital. >> reporter: robinson died from his injuries before chanda had a chance to make it to the hospital to say good-bye. >> i cannot do anything, not even talk. >> reporter: meanwhile, investigators taped off the area and remained on scene for hours
5:33 pm
while they collected evidence. so far no one has been arrested, but chanda says she's praying that that will soon change. >> i cannot see my son. >> reporter: now, we're told the second victim here is in stable condition, and police right now are asking anyone with information about this incident to contact them right away. coming up at 6:30, how the owner of this bar says he is cooperating with this investigation. jim? >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you. new information tonight about a story we brought you first on news4. a former charles county judge charged with misconduct on the bench will avoid time in prison. robert nalley admitted to ordering a sheriff's deputy to use a stun device to shock and inflict pain on a criminal defendant in his courtroom. nalley faced a federal crime of deprivation of rights for doing that.
5:34 pm
by pleading gilleuilty, he will avoid a one-year prison sentence. the victim called nalley's pirvet a, quote, slap on the wrist. the overdoses from painkillers in virginia has one of the its senators pushing for changes at the federal level. senator kim cane hosted a hearing in loudoun county aimed to better understand the harmful impacts of opioid abuses among older americans. virginia's attorney general, several experts, even victims' family members testified. the senator also asked the a.g. about the growing need to prosecute these opioid related cases. >> you must see the ramifications of this problem. >> most law enforcement recognize it is also a public health issue as much as it is law enforcement, and that they are working in their community on prevention, education, and treatment. >> cane recently introduced a bill that would allow doctors to
5:35 pm
prescribe a drug alongside these prescriptions to help counter an overdose if one should occur. the summer break could be getting shorter for a lot of the kids in virginia. the virginia house passed a bill that allows schools to start before labor day. each local school board would be able to set its own calendar. it now heads to the senate. the plan had been opposed by some tourism groups who say it would hurt business. the principal chosen to run a new all-boys high school in the district doesn't mince words. he tells potential students his mother was a prostitute who abandoned the family when he was just 4. it's part of his recruiting message encouraging students to always look to the future. news4's tom sherwood has more on the school's mission. >> reporter: mayor muriel bowser greeting eighth graders today at the jefferson middle school in near southwest washington, but the focus was on ben williams, picked as principal of a boys'
5:36 pm
high school for 150 students. it opens this fall in an effort to improve academic and social skills of young males despite the troubled family lives of some. >> this is a conversation between me and you all, okay? good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: williams was part motivational speaker, telling the students he's a man now in a suit but was a foster child aekded at age 4 by his prostitute mother. >> a beautiful woman. she walked out the door. >> reporter: the audience, including bowser, was fully focused on the 36-year-old principal. the message anyone can rise from rough beginnings. jefferson principal natalie gordon had not heard his speech. >> i had not so i was really surprised. i didn't know dr. williams' history was so rich and also so challenging. >> reporter: mayor bowser told the students she had been to an all-girls high school and college. >> not only will you be able to focus on your studies, but you will have a great opportunity for leadership and to learn how to be men.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: the still unnamed school will open in northeast washington this august at the old ron brown middle school. students will be chosen by lottery and be announced in march. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. a local supermarket is starting a pilot program to kind of help get food to people who aren't close by. pea pod by giant will now deliver groceries to three metro stations. fort totten, glenmont and vienna. the service begins today. you order the groceries online and pick them up at the station between 4:00 and 7:00 in the afternoon. this will occur on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. and an attendant will help load the groceries into your car. well, did you see it? there was a lot of talk this weekend about a fireball spotted shooting across the sky. so we got to the bottom of this. but first, the iowa caucuses will likely have a huge impact on the race for the white house. nbc's tom brokaw continues or
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
the first test for the men and women who want to be preside preside president. later tonight voters are getting out to pick their candidate in their state's caucus. >> tom brokaw takes a look at what's at stake and why iowa is so important. >> reporter: i'm tom brokaw in
5:41 pm
des moines here in a place that is attributed to iowa's past but we're talking about the immediate future. the caucuses tonight, there's so much anticipation on the republican side. who will be the big winner? donald trump? or will it be one of the people who are chasing very hard at the end, cruz and rubio? and who will be the losers? will some of them sneak in as well. we'll have complete coverage of tonight, not only the republican side, but the democratic side as well with bernie sanders has been closing fast on hillary clinton. all that will set up what happens next week in new hampshire. nbc news will have complete coverage all day long and through the night until we have winners of the iowa caucuses. i'm tom brokaw in des moines. and we want to know your thoughts about this political process. how important do you think the results will be at the iowa caucus in determining the presidential candidates? let us know what you think by texting or calling the number on your screen. so this is senator rubio's campaign headquarters.
5:42 pm
he's over here, you can see him thanking people, talking with them, and these are the volunteers making phone calls. today it's all about making sure people know where they're going to caucus. these aren't the calls you make to try to convince necessarily supporters of other candidates. these are calls to supporters who know they like marco rubio and these volunteers want to make sure, a, people remember that it's caucus night tonight, and, b, that they know where to head to be able to caucus because, remember, it's not necessarily your polling location. it can be different. this is the evident that it's all going to come down to today. can these candidates turn out people to caucus sites tonight and get it done basically? we'll have much more coming up for you in just a little bit. we had a little bit of rain today. we could have four or five times the amount of rain on wednesday, and there's a chance for some flooding. i'll show you where, which areas we're really concerned with for midweek coming up when news4 at 5 continues. coming up on news4, blind spots created by snow piles throughout intersections across the district. i'm mark segraves and you will
5:43 pm
hear from district leaders about what they plan to do about this
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you know, the rain we're getting today is nothing compared to what we could see on wednesday, and that means there are some flooding concerns. >> sure. our team coverage begins with mark segraves in northwest d.c. where there are still major obstacles from the snowstorm. >> reporter: hey, jim and wendy. you can't see me, and that is one of the problems.
5:46 pm
these snow piles are creating blind spots for pedestrians and drivers and cyclists across the city. earlier today we spoke with district officials about snow removal and trash pickup, and we spoke with montgomery county officials about problems the county had with its 311 call system during the storm. for days people were calling for the snow to be removed from their streets. while the plows still have work to do, residents are now calling for the trash to be removed. this woman said the trash trucks couldn't get down her alley in northwest d.c., so the dpw crew walked through the alley. >> four men picked the bags out of the big trash cans and took them. they couldn't take the recyclables, but it was impressive. >> reporter: we spent the weekend catching up on thursday and friday, so starting today it's your regular pickup day. >> reporter: in montgomery county were crews were working to collect trash today, county leaders were promising to find out why the 311 call center had
5:47 pm
such lengthy delays and so little information for residents calling to find out when a plow was coming to their neighborhoods. >> they had an extraordinarily unprecede unprecedented, i believe, number of demands both on the website and on the call system. and so we had a lot of unhappy residents who were unable to get the information that they wanted. the question for us is, is there a better way to deliver that information? >> reporter: back in the district, they know there's still snow to be cleared. >> we know we have some blind turns on intersections where the snow pile will block the view of a car making a turn, so we have those identified. we have the internal capacity now to be able to get at those using our in-house crew. >> reporter: while the district says they do know where most of these snow piles are, they want your help. if you know where one is, call 311 and report it, the seame wih any lanes blocked or if your
5:48 pm
trash hasn't been picked up call 311 np 1 311. in montgomery county they will have a hearing on february th9t they will call officials in to find out what went wrong. comie ing up, your mail deliver. what you can expect as far as getting your mail back to service. wendy, jim, back to you. >> boy, that is a huge pile. here we are a week later. >> will the rain get rid of some of those mountains? >> it's slowlily eating away some of the mountains, but the mountains as mark mentioned could cause other issues when we get that heavier rain in here midweek for any of the drains still clogged. could see ponding on area roads. our bigger concern is that of rivers and streams. we start you off first with a look at the radar where it's raining still across our area. has been ever since about midday today. gaithersburg, leesburg still seeing the showers. i like though that we're not seeing anything too heavy.
5:49 pm
picked up about a tenth, about a quarter of an inch in some locations. right now your heavier pocket in clarksville, poolsville, up toward areas of 270. gaithersburg making its way east, that pocket of rain. more around charlottesville, a little heavier. it's sliding east. the bigger storm system organizing in the nation's midsection ready to bring snow to iowa. through iowa could see anywhere from 12 to 18 inches of snowfall. that's the same storm that arrives here midweek. as far as our area early tomorrow morning we will have areas of fog. it will be a chilly start for us. upper 30s to around 40 degrees. there will be some sunshine coming our way i think by late morning. and then more cloud cover during the afternoon hours. so hopefully that groundhog will not see his shadow tomorrow. 51 the high in d.c. 47 degrees around frederick and 45 the high temperature in
5:50 pm
leesburg. early morning showers around the area. very light for wednesday. it's after about 1:00 when there's a line of some moderate to heavy rain that comes right into and through our area. here we are 5:00 on wednesday. your future weather showing that line around annapolis, waldorf, fredericksbu fredericksburg. the early part of the morning rush we could get by just fine. then again that heavier pocket moving out between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. through southern maryland. it's mainly rivers and streams. some of the cannoting factors is that we've got the melting snow and soggy ground. we've seen that melting snow and some of the water levels come up. the snow pack which trapped near one to two inches of liquid, put that with what we're forecasting, a half to three-quarters and even more, there is your snow pack which is why the areas of concern, the potomac, edwards ferry, seneca creek at dawsonville, mainly
5:51 pm
those rivers, streams just north and west of the area. so here is another recap. we're expecting a half to about three-quarters of an inch of rain on wednesday, and we could still see flooding taking place with the rivers and streams through thursday. but at least we've got dry conditions through the weekend. looks like a super weekend coming our way with sunshine and highs close to 50. >> thanks v.j. if you live in d.c., you have two extra days to sign up for health insurance because of the blizzard. the new deadline to sign up for a plan through d.c. health link is tomorrow night at 11:59. now, as long as you sign up by then, you will not get a tax penalty for not having insurance. your coverage will begin on march 1st. and a warning tonight about that tax penalty. the irs wants you to be on the lookout for dishonest tax preparers. >> yeah. the government says some take advantage of people who owe the penalty for not signing up for the president's health care plan and news4 consumer reporter
5:52 pm
susan hogan is here now to ex lain this. susan? >> well, that's right. it is also known as the individual shared responsibility payment. now, last year the irs received thousands of complaints from taxpayers who were instructed to pay their tax preparer directly which is totally wrong. news4 learned in many cases the victims spoke primarily sfan initial. warning signs you're being scammed, if a tax preparer tells you your immigration status is the reason you need to pay them, don't do it. if they promise to lower the amount you owe, don't do it. if you're exempt from paying the penalty and are being told you still need to pay up, they're scamming you. to find a tax preparer who holds professional credentials and is recognized by the irs, just go to our nbc washington app and search tax preparer. another good thing to know when filing, file your return sooner rather than later. this will help prevent someone else from filing your tax return if any of your personal information has ever been compromised or breached.
5:53 pm
and if this has happened to you in the past, i'd love to hear from you. >> all right. sooner rather than later. >> absolutely. >> you can only file once. >> exactly. you want to do it sooner because the longer you wait, the more chances that someone could get in and file it on your behalf and they will walk away why your refund. >> well, they are welcome to pay whatever -- >> absolutely. they don't want to do that. >> feel free. >> thank you, susan. >> sure. the nation's largest flooring company is going to have to pay a big fine for misleading both consumers and the government. it involves lumber liquidators. they imported hardwood illegally logged in east asia. the justice department says this penalty, the biggest ever for timber trafficking as it calls it. this fine not related to another controversy involving lumber liquidators about laminate flooring that came from china. a flooring that contained high
5:54 pm
levels of formaldehyde. maybe you saw it while you were out this weekend and we now know that a streak of light over our area on saturday really was a fireball. the american meteorological society, say that fast, commented on it last night. take a look. you can see the fireball across the sky near the top of your screen. this was caught on a car dashcam in falls church. according to nasa, a fireball is an extra bright meteor. it usually burns up before it reaches the ground. the zika virus was just declared a global emergency and the college campus in virginia is paying close attention. we'll have the developing story.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
tonight we're learning of another case of the zika virus in our region. this time at a virginia college. >> it's the college of william and mary. it sent out an alert on saturday saying a student has the virus. the student got it while traveling to central america while on winter break. officials say that person is still enrolled and is expected to recover. >> you know, we are aware of this. we are monitoring it. but our conversations with our own health and wellness team as well as the cdc show that there is no health risk here on campus or in the community. also today a big announcement on zika from the world health organization. erica edwards with that. >> the world health organization
5:58 pm
has declared the zika virus an international public health emergency. there's evidence zika is causing severe birth defects in latin america. babies who have microcephaly have abnormally small brains and heads. some experts think zika may also be to blame for some cases of guyon bar re syndrome. the w.h.o. predicts up to 4 million people in the americas could be infected with zika over the next year. here in the u.s. the centers for disease control has advised pregnant women against traveling from brazil and other affected countries. the cdc says it's actively participating in the global response to zika and is working around the clock to learn more. erika edwards, nbc news. after months of campaigning and more than $200 million spent on advertising, it now comes
5:59 pm
down to this -- the first contest in the race for the white house right there in iowa. right now the candidates are making a final frantic push to try to get votes just two hours before the iowa caucus. it is a crucial point in the election -- in the presidential election. >> and tonight all eyes are on the hawkeye state. since january of last year, the three democratic hopefuls have made more than 400 stops in iowa. the republicans have made 1,200 stops. 13 months in a making, more than 1,600 public appearances. the people in iowa know these candidates better than any of us, and it all comes to a head tonight. our team coverage of the iowa caucuses begins with steve handelsman in des moines with more on what's at stake. >> reporter: to power up her volunteers to get out the vote tonight, hillary clinton brought doughnuts. >> i'm feeling so energized because of all of you. >> reporter: she has slipped to a slight lead in iowa polls. bernie sanders rallied his volunteers to get out the first
6:00 pm
time caucusers that he's counting on. >> we will win tonight if the voter turnout is high. >> reporter: his workers are signing up first-timers. >> i have never felt as strongly about an election as i do this time. >> reporter: sanders has a big lead in new hampshire polls. senator, in order to do well after new hampshire to achieve the political revolution you talk about, you've got to win here in iowa, right? >> no, of course not. you know, that's media mythology. of course we want to win here in iowa, but if we end up getting two delegates less than hillary clinton has, why is that the end of the world? >> reporter: on the republican side, marco rubio visited volunteers. >> it's going to make a big difference tonight. >> reporter: ted cruz who rose to a lead in iowa polls, then slipped, was in jefferson. >> we have now been to all 99 counties in the great state of iowa. >> reporter: cruz filled the hall last night. he's counting on evangelicals. donald trump today drew a smaller crowd than usual hours before um


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