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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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"news4 at 11" begins with breaking news. >> nbc news projecting ted cruz the winner tonight on the republican side in what turned out to be a three-person race for the iowa caucus. >> democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders also locked in a tight battle. right now clinton has the slimmest of leads.
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all of this happening tonight in iowa. the first say in the country's presidential contest. >> steve handelsman has the latest live. steve? >> reporter: good evening. what a night. here at iowa caucus headquarters in des moines on the democratic side, still a virtual tie with about 90% of precincts reporting. hillary clinton, who had a substantial lead in polls going on, just 0.4% above bernie sanders who desperately wanted to beat her here. on the republican side, all kinds of headlines. ted cruz with a comeback win. he once led in the polling here, and now he wins by 3 to 4 percentage points. marco rubio with a very strong performance just behind donald trump. rubio to be now more than ever the darlington republican establishment. and donald trump, he proved that he can be beaten, and he was here in iowa. ted cruz is the projected republican winner in iowa after relying on the state's many christian conservatives.
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across the state turnout was heavy. ted cruz is the projected republican winner in iowa after relying on the state's many christian conservatives. across the state, turnout was heavy. and republican caucuses like this one in des moines and this democratic caucus across town, and hundreds like them statewide. donald trump spoke for himself at several sites. >> we're going run it the way it's supposed to do and have a great, great country. >> so did other republicans, chris christie, and ben carson, and marco rubio, who was running just a few points behind trump in third. >> we will defeat hillary clinton or the socialist bernie sander. >> democrat bernie sanders paced in his hotel room, encouraged by the seemingly heavy turnout. he told me earlier he won't quit. >> this is a national campaign. we are in this to win at the convention. we're taking this all of the way.
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>> reporter: this was all the way for former maryland governor martin o'malley. he hit just 5% in iowa and quit the race, as hillary clinton was locked in a battle for a democratic win. breaking news. former maryland governor martin o'malley sought of the race. o'malley won less than 1% of the vote and never gained any traction. a few minutes ago, he announced he is suspending his campaign for president. and he's not only the one. on the republican side, former arkansas governor mike huckabee also announced tonight he is suspending his campaign. huckabee won the iowa caucus in 2008. >> and here at the live desk, we're digging into the numbers and putting the wins and losses into context. first up, the democrats. hillary clinton has won more counties than bernie sanders. but it came down to a razor thin mark between them. it ended up to close it could end up splitting the delegates
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evenly. ted cruz was the number one choice between evangelicals and iowa voters who consider themselves very conservative. but after zeroing in on cruz's main rival, donald trump surged in the third. marco rubio has strategy has been finish a strong third in iowa, come in second in new hampshire and win south carolina. after tonight, that's very much on track, especially since trump still has a commanding lead in new hampshire polls. so if you get two different candidates winning the first two states, there won't be one clear favorite heading into south carolina. jim? >> chris, thank you. the iowa caucuses tend to set the table for the rest of the primaries across the country. >> so we asked you how important do you think tonight's results will be. and while most of you do not believe iowa will predict the eventual nominees, more than half of you say it will narrow the field of candidates. 35% who responded to our survey say it's no more important than any other state's primary. >> we will continue to update the results as they come in.
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and you can watch all the candidates' victory and concession speeches. just open up the nbc washington app. >> and news4's aaron gilchrist is covering the caucuses for news iowa. he'll have a breakdown of the results and reaction from tonight's vote tomorrow morning. you can join aaron when you wake up tomorrow on news4 today. new tonight, in less than a month, police tell us one man robbed or tried to rob five different spots in the district. he hit one place twice. tonight police released this new surveillance video, and they're asking for your help to catch the guy. news4's darcy spencer live now in dupont circle outside one of those places that was robbed. darcy? >> reporter: well, jim, d.c. police want you to take a close look at that video. you can see the man's face very clearly. look you said, we're live outside of the dunkin' donuts here on 19th street in northwest in dupont circle. it's just one of the businesses that was robbed.
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when you look at this d.c. police surveillance video, you see the man first helping himself to the cash in the tip jar. it happened at the dunkin' donuts on 19th street in dupont circle. he says something to the cashier. she opens the register and hands over the cash. that was january 12th, just before 5:00 in the afternoon. police believe he struck twice at a business in northeast d.c. you again see him saying something to the cashier. at one point, he tries to jump the counter. a clerk pulls the drawer out of the register. he grabs the money and rushes out. detectives believe he hit three businesses on sunday, two of them just minutes apart. that includes a drug store on 40th street in northeast. he walks up to the counter, says something to the cashier. she gives him the money and leaves. now, if you believe you recognize the man in those videos, you are asked to call d.c. police. reporting live from dupont
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circle, darcy spencer, news4. >> darcy, thank you. the rain seems to be over for now. but more nasty weather is on the way. >> storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson is tracking this storm and your morning commute. v.j., what's the word? >> the word is the focus really on wednesday. really on wednesday, where we could see travel delays, even some river flooding. but even for tomorrow morning, there might be a few areas with some patchy fog, and maybe an icy patch or two setting up. especially north and west of d.c. so we'll be on the lookout for that, around 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 a.m. 40 degrees the temperature inside the beltway. 51 the high for tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. i'm calling it chilly and dry. you can see the radar, how quiet and dry it is here. look at the snow coming into iowa right now. that's the next system that heads this way after more than a foot of snow north and west of iowa there is that rain. again, all about the potential of river flooding here and travel delays on wednesday. i'll have more on that coming up, the typing of it all, in
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just a few minutes. >> thanks, veronica. tonight there is confirmation from the nation's largest police union that hackers stole documents and published them online, putting tens of thousands of police officers' personal information at risk. news4 shomari stone is live at the fraternal order of police headquarters in northwest d.c. shomari? >> reporter: good evening, doreen. the fraternal order of police admit there's was a security breach on its website. we're here at the building in northeast d.c. several files from the nation's largest police union were online. fop officials believe the hack came from overseas. the fraternal order of police has more than 325,000 members, 2100 local chapters in the nation. tonight the prince george's fraternal order of police says they haven't been made aware of any of its members' personal information being compromised. but they say this is a serious concern for members. we also reached out to the d.c. fraternal order of police. and a man told us no one was
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immediately available. he suggested we get a response from the video page on the facebook page. let's hear what they have to say. >> the entire contents of the national data system were copied and posted on the web. this data includes contracts, other fop document, as well as member information. most of the information was available on public websites. however, the member information was not. >> reporter: now tonight we have learned that this security breach is under investigation. we'll bring you updates as they become available on our nbc washington app. i'm shomari stone, news4. >> shomari, thanks. an a reston man in jail. joseph sharkey was on a plane from reagan national to jacksonville, florida when he started verbally assaulting another passenger, then put that passenger in a headlock. they say he then assaulted two flight attendants and tried to
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open an exit door mid flight before the crew and other passengers were able to restrain him. he'll be back in court on wednesday. a leesburg, virginia man's in prison tonight, accused of killing his stepbrother. police say sergio robles is charged with first-degree murder in the death of mario robles. early this morning, a woman ran into the leesburg police headquarters and said a stabbing had happened across the street. they found mario robles with two stab wounds to his chest. it's unclear how this fight started. you live in virginia, you might have noticed something different on your facebook feed. facebook is working to get you registered to vote ahead of primary day march 1. the message includes a link to virginia's voter registration page. a spokesperson for facebook tells us it hopes it can encourage everyone to be more civically engaged. one is a standout athlete, the other a double major as investigators search for clues in the death of a 13-year-old virginia girl. we're learning more about the two college students accused in the case.
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a warning from wegman's tonight. don't believe everything you see. details on a fraudulent facebook post involving free groceries. and we've just learned when the smithsonian's next museum will open its doors. hope you'll stay with us. i'm melissa mollet with your first traffic tonight. remember, we have that third street tunnel project ongoing, the third phase now under way. so some southbound lanes of 395 shutting down between new york avenue and third street. the detours in place overnight in general for the next couple of month, 9:00 p
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back here at the live desk, we have just learned how the republican party plans to divvy up the delegates that were won tonight. nbc news is allocating six delegates to ted cruz, five each to marco rubio and donald trump, and one to ben carson. just to put that into perspective, you need well over 1200 to win the nomination. so still a long way to go. donald trump just took the stage a few minutes ago, speaking out for the first time since his loss in iowa. >> we finished second, and i want to tell you something. i'm just honored. i'm really honored. and i want to congratulate ted, and i want to congratulate all of the incredible candidates. we will go on to get the republican nomination. and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> trump still leads in a lot of polls out of new hampshire. an update on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders still locked in a virtual tie.
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doreen? >> chris lawrence, thank you. a developing story tonight. we're hearing from the father of a 13-year-old virginia girl who was abduct and murdered. >> two virginia tech students, both with ties to howard county are charged in connection with the death. 13-year-old nicole lovell was discovered dead saturday in north carolina. virginia tech student david eisenhauer is facing kidnapping and first-degree murder charges. natalie keepers is charged with helping eisenhauer dispose of the body. today lovell's father says he just wants some answer. >> these two individuals took my daughter from this planet, and i want to know why. i want all the information i can get. >> today dive crews were back out at a pond on the virginia tech campus. investigators say they're tracking hundreds of leads tonight. but they're not saying what they're looking for in this pond. he was supposed to be headed on vacation before starting a new job, but tonight robinson powell is dead, and the
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nightclub where he was celebrating has been shut down. powell was stabbed just before midnight last night at bar code in northwest d.c. after a fight broke out. now his mother is pleading for help to find the person responsible. >> i can see my son, please help to find these people inside -- inside the club. >> barcode will stay closed for four days. a second person who was stabbed is in stable condition. tonight the college of william and mary says a student with the zika virus poses no health risk to others on campus. >> school official says the student got the virus while traveling in central america over the winter break. it's virginia's second confirmed case of zika. today the world health organization called the mosquito-borne virus an international public health emergency. it could cause birth defects, but that link has not been proven yet. if you have seen a facebook post for a $200 coupon for
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wegmans and thought it's too good to be true, well, it is. the popular grocery chain says the post is a scam. an employee actually found it today and reported to it the company. the post shows the image of a wegman's store and claims the company is giving away free coupons worth $200. wegman's says it's working to have the post removed from facebook. if you live in the district you have until this time tomorrow to sign up for health insurance through d.c. health link. the deadline was extended until tomorrow at 11:59 p.m. because of the blizzard. as long as you sign up by then, you'll not get a tax penalty for not having insurance. your coverage will begin on march 1. new at 11:00, in just eight months, a new smithsonian museum will open up on our national mall. the museum of african american history and culture will welcome its first visitors september 24th. president obama will lead the dedication and ribbon cutting. it will be followed by a week-long celebration and a period when the museum will be
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open for 24 hours straight. >> that's a nice sunny scene there. >> yeah we miss that. >> not exactly what we've had out there today. and veronica, we've got some more rain on the way, don't we? that. >> we do. that is wednesday, of course. the kids went back to school just today. across much of the area. now we want them to stay in school for a while. we want them also to have a little bit of fun, right? so we start with the recess forecast for the week. i know a lot of you parents wondering who is the day going to go? tuesday, thursday, a grade of b. the weather is going to be chilly. yes, sunshine. but then midweek the flunking grade because rain is going to come right in the mid part of the day. storm team 4 radar, it's scanning the area. we're dry. temperatures early tomorrow morning to around 70, to 70. this area north and west. gaithersburg, frederick area, around leesburg, where there might be a few icy patches early tomorrow morning. otherwise, mid 30s to around 40 degrees for the early part of your rush. call it chilly. and yes, you're going to need a warm jacket for that commuter forecast throughout the early
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part of your day tomorrow. we expect to get up to a high temperature around 50 to 51 degrees. not quite as mild as it was today. but hold on. i'm forecasting near record warmth for midweek. 55 around stafford. fredericksburg 47 degrees to the north of town. so what to expect on wednesday. we're going to start the day off with morning fog. that means travel troubles. moderate to heavy rain. mid part of the day could see a thunderstorm or two, or at least hear that and get high wind gusts around 30, maybe even 40 miles per hour for a brief period of time. all of this in one day. the possibility again of some river flooding. the change that you'll notice is when the rain starts to pick up. after 1:00 on wednesday, look at the temperatures too, they'll continue to rise right through your afternoon, even your evening again. focasting near record warmth for wednesday. that rain will continue about a half to maybe an inch of rain. you can see that we're tracking it here. the early part of the morning rush on wednesday, just showers, mainly light. after about noontime to 1:00,
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all this yellow, that's the heavy and the moderate rain. and it moves right to our area about 4:00 or 5:00. it's east. so hopefully we can get it out of here by the time we get to the evening rush. look at the snowpack that is still on the ground. that's the coloring that you see here. leesburg, frederick, hagerstown and winchester. these are the areas i'm most concerned with, edward's ferry, evensen nneka creek at dawsonville. but we've seen troubles with it in the past. watching that very closely. it's the reason why it's a weather alert day for storm team 4. a good idea to download the nbc washington app. now even though we're expecting river flooding on wednesday, minor to moderate, i think we could still see the water levels rise through thursday. the weekend absolutely delightful. we know that there is going to be a lot of super parties going on for the big game. dry sunshine, close to 50 degrees. chuck bell has more on the potential of flooding midweek coming up tomorrow on news4 today. >> thanks, v.j. coming up, the kickoff to the super bowl. the super bowl. it gets a
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> the nfl decided to bump up media day to primetime, and it's actually worked out well for the league. so much to talk about today, from fancy zebra pants, to a team bus accident. carol maloney has been there for it all in santa clara. how is the spectacle known as super bowl media day? >> yeah, i would say the most insane kickoff party ever. that's how to describe it. loud, rowdy, fun, media day
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primetime. that means a bigger stage. bigger everything. that's fitting, though, for super bowl 50. cam newton, he made a hero's welcome today here tonight, while others were clowning around, we asked why in the heck would they do it? the answer was why not? peyton manning, he had 300 cameras easy surrounding him for a full hour. and yeah, he was having a ball. so was everybody -- wait, even the ball had a microphone. so much silliness to go with serious questions about the upcoming game. super bowl 50 not for the weak. >> what were they asking you? >> they asked me if i liked to dress. that's about it. i didn't know what to say. i thought it was a nice dress. >> wow, you know, all this for one of the biggest games on earth, you know, for an nfl professional player. and to see all these cameras and how big the attention is going to be, it's going to be
11:26 pm
exciting. >> i've been here for ten years. and i live 12 minutes down the road. so it's amazing. >> about the bus accident, were you a part of it? what happened? what were your thoughts? >> i didn't see anything. i was on my phone. and the next thing you know, the little movement. and looked up. and it was -- it wasn't anything catastrophic or anything like that. everything is good. >> vernon davis, went to high school at dunbar. he says that bus accident no big deal. but you know what is a big deal? jason pugh, the super bowl. and past super bowl winners. we have a coffee date with joe theismann in the morning. can't wait to get his updates on the state of the game and the redskins. >> thank you so much. let's go to the basketball court now. the wizards visiting the thunder. assistant coach don newman acting as head coach after randy whitman's brother passed away this past weekend. john wall nice take to the basket there. he has 17 points. the wizards down nine.
11:27 pm
second quarter, thunder back up by double-digits. he decides to give it up to kevin durant for the finish. thunder up 12 at halftime. third quarter, did battle back. martin gortat, had a good night tonight. 17 points. six rockies. a few plays later, though, gets dunked on a little bit by serge inbaca. 19 points, later in the quarter, durant putting the finishes touches. a game high 28 points. the thunder, they beat the wizards, 114-98. they're in action wednesday at home against golden state. the best team in the ncaa. >> wow. after that. after that. okay, jason,
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right now republican presidential candidate ted cruz delivering a victory speech about his victory in the iowa caucus. here is what he had to say moments ago. >> bless the great state of iowa. [ cheering ] tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> and we understand that hillary clinton is speaking now. she is claiming victory. we are streaming the candidates' speeches live online, on our nbc washington app. so you can check it all out there. interesting tonight. and more coverage in the morning too. >> our own aaron gilchrist will be live in iowa on news4 today
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starting at 4:25. that's going to do it for us. "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon is headed your way next. >> we hope you have a great evening. good night.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin hart, noel fielding, tech expert joshua topolsky,


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