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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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they later found out that gun was a bb gun. 4:30, we'll learn which students should spend more time in the classroom. muriel baxter will announce which students will spend more time in the classroom. it will help students with math and explore music. governor larry hogan is set to deliver his second state of the state address at noon time. washington lawmakers saying many of his states were too partisan last year. set the washington app for updates. today say weather alert day. we are keeping a close eye on the sky. let's take a look at storm team 4 radar right now. you see that blue and green moving our way? that means rain is coming, too. some areas could get up to an inch of rain today. in fairfax county, swift water
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rescuers are getting ready for potential flooding. >> with the snow the days before. and the temperatures is going to amount. there's no place to go. water's going to rise. >> in montgomery county highway crews are clearing about 60,000 storm drains along the roadway. in old town, alexandria, businesses are bracing for rising water. >> here's chuck bell. >> thanks, guys. what you need to know about your weather alert day today is that the heavy rain and melting snow may very well cause flood concerns. flood risks will increase with time, starting late this afternoon into the overnight hours tonight. heaviest rain likely to start around noon time. and could continue up until 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 this evening. flood watches are already posted. have our nbc washington app ready to go. temperatures way above freezing. we're in upper 30s and most
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areas already wet. the heavier rain is a little ways away. there's a heavier band of rain in eastern ohio. about 11 hours away. that puts it at 3:00 this afternoon. impacts on the school day coming up in ten minutes. it is traffic time. >> things are starting out fairly quiet in virginia, moving up from dale city, past the rest area towards the springfield interchange looks good so far. we have an early morning crash, route 50, the ramp on route 50 inbound is blocked currently for a crash. hopefully, they'll clear that up shortly. water main break to deal with if traveling in virginia, wilson boulevard at north quinn, all lanes are blocked there. we also have a water main break in alexandria. duke street and north jordan street. left lane blocked in that direction there. that could cause a slowdown. so far, as far as temperatures go, chuck was saying things are looking good as far as freezing.
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unlike yesterday, there are no reports of any icing conditions so far. i've been asking us all day, i've been asking that all day, how could you look a child in the face and shoot a child? >> a question many people are asking. a community hard broken and searching for the death of an elementary school teacher and her 2-year-old daughter. someone shot and killed asante davis and her daughter chloe yesterday. the two were found near their home in fort washington last night. neighbors, friends, loved ones honor and remember them at community temple bible way church. asante's mother and chloe's grandmother could not hold back the tears. >> i'll never see my daughter. i'm going to miss her. and chloe --
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>> chloe was 2 years old, ashanti was 26. police told us they were shocked by the crime. they're working to identify suspects and the reason for their dearth. developing story this morning, small amounts of dna has been found after 12 marines were killed in a helicopter crash last month. the hawaii-based marine died when two helicopters crashed during nighttime training. the marine corps said the families have been told. there's no word on how many have been identified. there's growing concern about the zika virus. until now, it was widely believe todd could only get the virus from a mosquito bite. the centers for disease control is trying to figure out how long the virus can remain active inside a person. most people don't have any
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symptoms. zika is thought to cause birth defects. a judge is expected to decide whether to take a sex assault case against bill cosby. the comedian will be back in a philadelphia courtroom. this was a scene from yesterday. prosecutors accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in his pennsylvania home in 2004. today, a westin man charged with attacking a flight crew and passenger heads to court. joseph sharkey is accused of verbally assaulting a passenger on a jetblue flight from reagan national to jacksonville, florida, on sunday. the passenger also fought with attendants and tried to open an exit door during the flight. new hampshirers have to decide how to go toe to toe with republicans. >> we began the political revolution not just in iowa, not
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just in new hampshire. >> we had a great turnout in iowa and new hampshire. >> i have very good relationships with people of new hampshire. >> we're answering the qstion of men and women in new hampshire and earning the votes one person at a time. >> the candidates are in new hampshire ahead of next week's primary vote there. nearly all of the presidential hopefuls will campaign in the granite state today. it looks to be a very different race than what we saw in iowa. nearly 40% of voters consider themselves independent. some say they will wait until the last minute to make up their minds. >> they're going to make up the decision on their own. not influenced by the crowd. >> i'm not looking for a handout. i don't want anything from government and i want my formel government to feel the same way. >> polls show donald trump in lead in new hampshire. political analysts say new
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hampshire is a must win for both trump and clinton. trump has left new hampshire and is campaigning today in arkansas today. the next few minutes, the tight races ahead for new hampshire. what it could mean for those sitting at the bottom of the polls. plus how it's tailoring the message. it is a storm team 4 alert day. this is one of the reasons why, you see all that green and blue and yellow. well that is heading our way from the west. will it be on your kid's walk to school this morning. check it out at 4:41. and the flint, michigan water crisis takes center stage in d.c. and equal push for equal pay. women want t
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a d.c. councilmember wants to close the wage gap even further. it proposes providing things providing an equal wage for substantially similar work, not just equal work. requiring wage records and change the statute of limitations for the discovery of wage discrimination. four other councilmembers have also signed on to this bill. good morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell.
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4:41 on a wednesday morning. weather alert day here on nbc4. just a change. temperatures in the low 40s. you'll need your jacket there. really have the big umbrella ready to go. temperatures are going to surge into the 60s but periods of heavy rain from lunchtime dinnertime. you need your raincoats, big umbrella and goulashes on the way out the door. here's radar, already showers out there, more rain to come. we'll show you the timing on that at 4:51. we have krash this morning, northbound kenilworth avenue. you can see rain out there on the map there it is causing a little bit of slick conditions. if you're traveling 66 from manassas to the beltway you're moving along quite well. be careful when you encounter the roadways because it is slick. tune into wtop 105 fm for traffic updates.
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with less than a week to go, on the primary, all eyes are on new hampshire. so, why is donald trump in arkansas today? clearing his name. why a d.c.
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>> announcer: this is a storm team 4 weather alert. this is a weather alert day. just take a look at all of that rain heading our way right now. this is storm team 4 radar. will we see much in the next seven days? the answer coming up at 4:51. the center of the political universe is now shifting to new hampshire. presidential hopefuls are laying the groundwork hoping to convince undecided voters there. one candidate noticeably missing from the granite state today,
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donald trump. nbc's edward lawrence joins us from capital hill. >> it seems like the intensity has been turned up a notch. this is fun to watch. both sides, actually, republicans and democrats are trying to fight to make new hampshire count. on the republican side, polls show that donald trump is still leading that area. this poll is before the iowa caucus. trump leading 30%. rubio, 14%. chris christie, the governor of new jersey comes in third at 12%. senator ted cruz, the winner of iowa, comes in at 10% in new hampshire we'll have to see what kind of momentum senator cruz has coming into new hampshire now. new hampshire one of the smallest of the states the focus of political spotlights. republicans see a kink in the armor for donald trump because he did come in second place to cruz.
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donald trump telling voters yesterday, actually, that it was a win for him in iowa, because he's the reason that there was massive voter turnout. a record 60,000 people extra turned out in iowa. more than they've ever had to vote. he's calling that a win there. now, on the democratic side, actually, the numbers are a little more skewed in new hampshire. that's because senator bernie sanders, a vermont senator next door has a 20 point on average advantage over hillary clinton in that area. clinton had considered foregoing new hampshire. moving on to south carolina and nevada. however, she decided now this week, she is going to stay in new hampshire and try to close that gap. now, senator sanders got a moral victory in iowa. and he was able to raise $3 million in the last 24 hours. with that moral victory. 40% of that money, actually, from new donors. so, he's seeing a grassroots effort to try and propel him. he hopes that the moral victory
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in iowa, not the actual victory. the actual victory went to hillary clinton. the moral victory in iowa and the victory in new hampshire will propel him into the next stage. he's going to have problems with the base in south carolina. back to you, aaron. edward lawrence on the hill for us. thank you. 4:47, a little bit more on what makes the new hampshire primary so unusual and so important. the state actually controls fewer delegates than iowa. what it's voters do influence is the media attention and the money that gets pumped into the prospective winner's campaign. it has a history of bypassing the front-runner and choosing a less wildly known nominee. that can give them a jolt. now, david tron's staff is shrinking. yesterday he fired two people. two of his staffers posed as volunteers for the campaigns of
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two of his opponents. tron said he called those candidates to apologize and released a statement that said in part, after investigating the incident, i terminated those two employees and their supervisor effectively immediately. everyone in my campaign understands that they are expected to meet the highest standard of behavior when acting on my behalf." happening today, what will happen with the revenue from the casino coming to prince george's county. the development council is holding a public meeting on how to spend the money that the casino generates. that's is he southern regional technology complex in fort washington. 7:00 tonight. the casino is scheduled to 0 open later this year. >> to fairfax county where a teacher faces additional charges this morning. michael sweeney was first caught with a teenage girl last september in his car. now, he faces charges of producing and possessing child
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pornography. sweeney was fired from walt whitman school in alexandria. this morning, a d.c. teacher is trying to repair his reputation after being acquitted of sexually abuse a student. he was acquitted in a trial last week. the testimony of another student helped his case. a 10-year-old boy testified in ware's defense. his mother tells me, my son spoke because he said that his classmate was telling a story and that mr. ware as the teacher and treated them all with kindness and respect." ware says as an openly gay man he remains troubled with what he calls a sense of homophobia in the organization. >> other people had to tell me, your orientation is pressing here. it's not even what is believed to have happened. >> it's unclear what his future with the d.c. public school system will look like. the silver spring transit center is up and downing but now montgomery county needs more
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than $1 million to pay for legal fees. the project went over budget by about $50 million. now, it's going to cost another $1.6 million. the additional funds will be used to hire experts that can pinpoint what caused construction costs to increase. do you think a gondola in georgetown is a good investment? $70,000 in public money is being spent to study a proposed gondola system connecting roslyn and georgetown. supporters say tens of thousands could be moved across the river each day. relieving traffic congestion in the area. not everybody is convinced it's a good idea. >> i don't think it's wise at all. >> to go over the river is crazy. >> the study of this proposed gondola is expected to take a year. >> you better not about afraid of heights to go across a river like that, right? >> i thought it would be a boat like in italy. >> those are gondola as well.
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a different kind of gondola. >> it's weather alert day. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. grab the umbrellas, chuck? >> absolutely. umbrellas rierled today. little ones this tomorrow, bigger ones later this afternoon. flood watches issued for the entire d.c. metro area. heavier rain coming around lurch time in the shenandoah valley. have the nbc washington app downloaded and fired up. here's the flood watch this morning. already a flood warning along the creek in marksburg, west virginia. everything is a flood watch as the heavier rain is still yet to move into the metro area but that will not be too long from now. temperatures in upper 30s to mid-40s across the region. if you're going out to exercise today, much better to get it done earlier than later. trying to decide morning or afternoon run, morning run today. here's the line of heaviest rain
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in eastern parts of ohio. it's about ten or 11 hours away from reaching the metro area. that puts it in here about 2:00 or 5:00 this afternoon. a very big impact on the afternoon commute. we're not alone. look at that extension of the line. severe weather if you're changing planes in raleigh, charlotte or atlanta, be ready for significant possibilities of flight delays if you're flying out of town. for now, hearings the timing out on the high resolution by 11:00 a.m. heavier rain in shenandoah valley. by 12:00, western fairfax and loudoun county. heaviest rain between 2:00 and 4:00. the heavy rain could continue, here's 5:00, fredericksburg and staffo stafford. things will be coming to an end rapidly. the threat for flood will go continue overnight into tomorrow. flood watches go through
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tomorrow afternoon. today, breezy and mild. in the 60s today. cloudy and cooler for tomorrow. more typical february weather. friday, saturday, sunday. highs near 50. we're still keeping a chance of a rain/snow mix monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. it's traffic time. here's kim. looking live at 270 southbound moving from frederick to urbana, and even south, there are no delays right now. a little bit of rain out there on the top side of the beltway. but it's not slowing things down from college park from the american bridge or the other direction. we do have a crash on northbound kenilworth avenue. route 50, that is currently closed to clean up the crash. hopefully, they will not be out there too much longer because once you get into the rush hour it will cause a delay. if you're traveling on 395, moving out of the district, army navy drive, there's no reports
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of any significant issue, making your way northbound across the 14th street bridge into downtown. >> thank you, kim. they've managed to ticket her car several times. why can't they track down the stolen vehicle? the nightmare situation a silver spring woman is dealing with. and a story you'll only see on news4. and we're monitoring several new developments in the flint water crisis. what's expected to happen today, what's expected to happen today, you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan
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to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this:
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>> announcer: this is a storm team 4 weather alert. >> it is a weather alert day. as rain starts moving back into our region. and that rain combined with snow melt, well it could be a mix for a mess around here. chuck bell is pinpointing when the rain will hits, as well as the next 24 hours, in a few minutes. >> we continue to follow the developing story in flint, michigan, where old pipes contaminated water with lead. today, there will be a congressional hearing in washington with the water crisis. the house oversight committee will take a look at the water crisis in flint. a vigil will be held for victims of the water crisis outside of the rayburn office building. and they'll call for governor snyder to reresign. >> and we are going to be
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tackling not just the challenge right now which is to get the water clean, but also the longer term challenges associated with the children who may have been exposed to excess lead. in 2014, the state changed flint's water from the detroit river to the flint river. the water wasn't properly treated and corroded the pipes. that allowed lead to come into the water and contaminate it. with every new tax season, the irs gets phone scams. it says the con artists call victims and ask for payment in cash or a wire transfer. if you receive a suspicious call, you should hang up and contact the federal trade commission. the government doesn't ask for money over the phone. a couple bills in virginia would up the punishment if you're causing with a phone behind the wheel. first, you can be charged with a felony if you're texting to cross a crash.
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second, they want to make it illegal to type or anything on your phone. right now, you can only be charged for reading texts or e-mails at the wheel. you would still be allowed to look at your phone's gps. the federal government is pushing president obama to look at the recall of takata air bags for all calls that use ammonia nitrate for the recall. an independent panel criticized that data. the panel found that the company has no way to detect problems in its air bag which is have been blamed for 12 deaths. the story you will only see on news4. the silver spring woman who got her car stolen is now getting speeding and parking tickets after her car was stolen. that's not bad enough, she's dealing with hefty fines zblemp week since then, i've gotten one
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to two ticket it's in mail. >> she also told us her laptop change a lot of personal information was in the car when it was stolen. information that aloud the suspect to compromise the credit. the ftc says if your personal information is compromised, it's a good idea to freeze your credit. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it's a storm team 4 weather alert day. we're expecting heavy rain today. >> let's check in with chuck bell for weather headlines. >> good morning, eun and aaron. clear out your storm drains. i did this yesterday afternoon. make sure the debris and slush and snow is out of the way so water can reach the drain quickly. heavy rain likely by lunchtime and early afternoon. the flood threat, as the snow melts and rain falls, the fl


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