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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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didn't see any body. i just don't think he did it. now at 6:00, drama inside and outside the courtroom as a murder suspect faced a judge and his family. tell you what we're learning about the days leading up to the death of a mother and a child. plus, the fight for new hampshire as new poll numbers show a shift on the democratic side. some of you could wake up to snow showers tomorrow morning. might have an impact on your commute as well as you head out to work or school. >> most of our region already under a winter weather advisory at this hour. let's get right to veronica johnson in storm center 4. here we go again, veronica. >> again. it's a relatively small storm though, this one, but it will have i think moderate impacts on the area, especially the morning commute. the winter weather advisory that was first up for only st. mary's and calvert county is expanded to the north and west to include charles county, areas of metro
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d.c., anne arundel county, prince george's county, baltimore, and hartford county. those are area that is will see accumulating snow for early tomorrow morning. for this evening some rain showers coming into the area. temperatures in the mid-40s. by morning we're into the 30s. that snow could accumulate on grassy areas. here is the system, we're tracking it. the area of low pressure and areas of eastern north carolina around the piedmont, but it will move up the coast over the next 12-plus hours. so, again, some of the roads may have some isolated slick spots. most of the roads though fine. we'll show you a map in just a few minutes of what your neighborhood will see. >> thank you, veronica. emotions running high in prince george's county over the murder of a mother and her young child. family members of the suspect clashed with people outside the courtroom today, and there's even more outrage building online. bureau chief tracee wilkins joins us from upper marlborough with the story. >> reporter: the best way to describe this is emotional.
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emotional on social media. emotional inside of that courthouse, and emotional outside of the courthouse as well. >> it's shocking. >> reporter: the state's attorney says her office has been flooded with calls. >> our switchboard has received more calls than we have ever received on any case saying to us how enraged they are and concerned they are. >> reporter: outside the prince george's county courthouse -- [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> reporter: a brother of the suspected killer has an argument with someone over something she posted about his brother on instagram. it was one more example of the tension and anger surrounding the murders of neshante davis and her 2-year-old baby girl chloe. >> there's a lot of pain around this case. >> reporter: daron boswell-johnson had his first appearance after confessing to police he shot and killed his 2-year-old daughter and the mother of their child. his family was expected to speak in his defense but some expressed disappointment in him.
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one of his six brothers said, i knew shante. she was a nice woman. their relationship was cordial even though they weren't together. i feel sorry for the family, and i hope they could forgive us as a whole family. he paused and bowed his head and then said, you messed up. that same anger and disappointment was played out on facebook where some comments on jds's page were so explosive the page was taken down by feiacebo. one person wrote he deserves that seat in the worst hell possible. someone else called him a coward. on that same page johnson had numerous pictures of his son and daughter from a previous relationship where he described being a proud father. there was no mention of little chloe. but there have been a number of domestic cases in prince george's county where children have been killed. i asked the state's attorney why she thought the public was reacting this way to this one and she said she believes this was the tipping point. he's due back in court in march. reporting live in upper
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marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins. >> thanks, tracee. breaking news in maryland. police in charles county shot a man they say was looking suspicious in the middle of an intersection. chopper4 was over the scene this afternoon. it happened in waldorf. investigators say the man started running as an officer approached him. the suspect had a gun in his waistband. the officer says he feared for his life and he started shooting. the suspect is expected to survive. tonight four people are recovering. d.c. police are still looking for whoever opened fire in a southeast d.c. neighborhood. witnesses say they heard dozens of shots along butler street last night. bullets going in every direction. four people were hit. all of them expected to be okay. one woman who lives in the area says a bullet went through her window and through a wall and almost hit her. >> it was scary. when i heard the first shot, i actually thought maybe some kids were playing with fireworks, but
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then i heard two more shots and i heard the glass shatter. i got down on the floor. >> in the next half hour, pat collins talked with other witnesses including one woman who said she went into her shooting emergency plan. it's debate night in new hampshire tonight. right now crews in manchester are getting the stage ready for the democratic debate and new numbers show hillary clinton is facing an uphill battle there. an nbc/"wall street journal"/maris poll shows senator bernie sanders leads clinton by 20 points among likely democratic voters in the state. steve handelsman joins us live as we count down to tonight's showdown. hi, steve. >> reporter: hi, doreen. thanks. good evening. a lot of democrats here in new hampshire call themselves progressives, pushing easier access to health care, cheaper college tuition, and the like. the issue for them tonight or at least the big issue at the debate will be whether, like bernie sanders, hillary clinton can rightly call herself a progressive. from the university of new
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hampshire tonight, the debate will focus on the differences between the democrats. last night hillary clinton claimed she's got progressive goals, meaning liberal to very liberal like bernie sanders does. >> but we have different ways of going about them. >> reporter: sanders earlier in a rare attack. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that's just not progressive. >> caller: clinton tyke $675,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs. why? >> i don't know. that's what they offered. >> reporter: tonight chuck todd pushes harder. >> we're hoping to break some new ground. try to help voters clarify exactly what these differences are. >> reporter: on the republican side is jeb bush and chris christie and john kasich trying to break out in new hampshire. iowa caucus winner ted cruz is warning his rivals would compromise with democrats. >> either someone like donald who has told us he's going there
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to make deals or someone like marco rubio. very talented guy. but he's already demonstrated that he's willing to break his word to the voters. >> reporter: rubio is arguing he's the most electable republican. >> when i'm the nominee, i will unite this party faster than anybody running for president can. >> reporter: donald trump did the kind of meet and greet retail politicking that new hampshirites demand. republicans debate in this state the night after tomorrow night, and a big issue for them will be who can rightly claim the label of conservative. live from durham, new hampshire, steve handelsman, news4. jim, back to you. >> thanks, steve. a petition was delivered to virginia's governor today opposing his new gun deal. three groups collected more than 3,000 signatures calling on the governor to scrap that plan. last week the governor announced a measure to rescind a policy
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that would have invalidated some concealed carry permits in virginia. in exchange, state republican leaders would support two measures. one would prevent domestic violence offenders from carrying guns. the other requires state police be present at gun shows and allow them to do voluntary background checks for private sellers. some disturbing new details revealed today in the murder of a 13-year-old virginia girl. chris lawrence is following those new developments. chris? >> yeah, doreen. prosecutors say these students methodically planned to kill this girl and get rid of her body. natalie keepers wanted to be part of something, quote, secretive and exciting. the prosecutor said david eisenhauer and keepers plotted the murder to the point they bought cleaning supplies and a shovel at separate walmart stores. mary pettit said the plan was for eisenhauer to cut nicole lovell's throat but didn't say why they wanted to kill her. investigators say eisenhauer admits he went to lovell's house
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and picked her up. keepers insists she wasn't there when lovell was killed but investigators think they helped him hide the body. she's on medication for ang date. she said she started taking prozac after being bullied in the eighth grade and cutting her own body. her lawyers say she was seeing a counselor at virginia tech and her mental health could unravel if she's kept in jail. the judge didn't buy it. he denied bail. earlier today nicole lovell's family and friends held a private funeral for her. the seventh grader had been through a lot. she survived a liver trant plant as a baby and lymphoma as a small child. vincent gray ended all speculation today. the former d.c. mayor confirmed he will run for the ward 7 d.c. council seat. some people believe it's a move towards a steppingstone for the former mayor to run for that office again. tom sherwood in the newsroom now with more on this. tom? >> reporter: jim, today gray
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would only focus on ward 7 but his comeback attempt, it has begun. vince gray starting the long climb back into city politics announcing on wamu his new campaign after losing to muriel bowser in his 2014 re-election bid for mayor. >> kojo, i made a decision. i'm going to run for the ward 7 seat. >> reporter: in ward 7 where economic development was hurt when walmart pulled out of building the store at skyland, the gray campaign against incumbent yvette alexander gets mixed review approximates. >> walmart and all that. look at that. it's over there torn down. i don't think he'd do a good job in office at all. >> reporter: so has yvette been doing a good job? >> she's been doing a great job. >> reporter: others thought gray deserved a chance once federal prosecutors declined to bring charges in that long-running probe. >> they didn't find nothing on him so let him go for it. >> reporter: he told us today he's in. >> well, that's my man. >> reporter: but is this ward 7 campaign just a warm-up to run
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for mayor again in 2018 against bowser? >>. >> there's no way i would do this as some way to seek retribution. there's absolutely -- there's too much work to be done in this city, and if she's got something she wants to do that is good for the people of ward 7, i would heartily support that. >> reporter: for mayor bowser gray could be a big new obstacle on the d.c. council. alexander has been mostly supporting bowser and is expected to get campaign help from the mayor. ward 7 could be one of the hottest races in the city this election year. jim and doreen, back to you. >> thanks, tom. a rare look inside metro's new crime-fighting center. all new at 6:00, we'll tell you what the agency says about the possibility of banning people who commit crimes from riding on the system. i'm julie carey in woodbridge where residents just learned the naked man who attacked a teenage girl yesterday on her way to the bus stop lives among them. coming up, you'll hear from a witness who tried to rescue the teenager.
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plus, controversy already swirling around the person who will be chosen to lead one of the largest school districts in o
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parents in woodbridge are reacting to word that a naked man who attacked a teenager on her way to the school bus is one of their own neighbors.
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it was a bizarre scene that happened along charter court. bureau chief julie carey talked to the victim's parents and a witness. julie? >> reporter: well, that 16-year-old girl did exactly what her parents had always taught her yesterday morning. she fought, she screamed, she ran when the naked man attacked her as she neared that bus stop. her folks had already left for work when this all happened. they tell me tonight she's doing as well as can be expected after such a traumatic incident and now they and other neighbors want to know more about the man who is charged with attacking her. >> i just heard screaming, a woman screaming, and i just immediately the first thing i did is calling 911. >> reporter: that's one of many neighbors who called 911 or rushed outside before dawn wednesday morning to the terrifying sound. a 16-year-old girl was nearing her school bus stop on charter court when she saw a naked man coming her way. she turned to run home. he tackled her.
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tom wardel was there when it happened walking his dog. initially, he too was taken to the ground. >> i heard the kid screaming help me, help me. i turned around and got plowed into, both of us got knocked over by some crazy naked man and i tried pushing him off and tried to get him to go away. >> reporter: at least two other men rushed outside to help. wardwell said he tried to pull the attacker away from the girl but feared he might have a weapon. >> he had a big bear hug on her. the more you could have tried, the worse you could have made so we talked to the police. they said you did the right thing. >> reporter: when police arrived, they were able to help the victim break free. today police identified the man as 37-year-old musab mohammed louisiana-sheikh. he's undergoing a mental health evaluation. the school district alerted neighbors with robocalls and letters home. >> robocalled and told us what the incident was, that there was a naked man that attacked a girl
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but he was in custody. >> reporter: today neighbors learned el sheikh lived in their midsts. he moved into this home a block from the bus stop. a man who confirmed he is his father declined to answer questions. neighbors will be watching this case to see if and when the suspect returns to his home. >> i'm a little upset. i'm a little worried about it. i'm going to keep track of this. >> a little scared. >> reporter: el sheikh is being detained for 72 hours. after that he will be booked into the adult detention center and then it will be up to a judge to decide whether he gets bond. back to you, doreen, in the studio. >> julie carey, thank you. two men entered sofia's jewelry store in springfield, virginia, monday morning pretending to look at the merchandise and one of them went behind the counter, pulled a knife, and dragged the store's owner behind a wall. the second man stole the jewelry. so far nobody arrested. virginia is putting a plan into motion to clear out a backlog of rape evidence kits. there are more than 2,000
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untested kits in the state. some of them dating back to 1988. the state has finalized a contract with the lab in northern virginia to test the kits. virginia received a $1.4 million grant to help clear that backlog. the first kits being tested come from fairfax county and virginia beach. the results will be run against dna databases. in a few minutes from now, the montgomery county school board is expected to officially name a new superintendent. dr. jack smith is the interim state superintendent, and there's mixed reaction over what might be his new role. chris gordon has our report. >> reporter: montgomery county council member nancy flor ren tells us she had breakfast with dr. jack smith and feels he's highly qualified. >> he's acting secretary of education for the state, and that's pretty significant. appreciating how maryland works
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is really important in understanding how we can move ourselves forward. >> reporter: former montgomery county superintendent dr. joshua star resigned a year ago. last may dr. andrew houlihan of houston was offered the job and turned it down. tonight the school board will appoint dr. smith, who is currently serving as maryland's interim state superintendent. today we found this online petition entitled "prevent dr. jack smith in becoming maryland state superintendent." it's from and says it has more than 1,100 sponsors. after dr. smith left his job as calvert county school superintendent, "the calvert recorder" newspaper conducted a three-month investigation into the compensation package for dr. smith and his executive staff. >> extra leave and increasing
6:20 pm
salaries regardless of the fact that the school system was kind of in a downward spiral as far as salaries and pay raises and step increases and stuff like that. >> reporter: the montgomery county school board meeting is about to begin. i am told there is just one agenda item, the appointment of dr. smith to be the new school superintendent. an authoritative source says the vote is expected to be unanimous. that's the latest live from montgomery county. chris gordon, news4. we're a month into the new year. how are those new year's resolutions working out for you. as part of our station initiative we're trying to help you stay on track. here are four ways to reboot your resolutions. first, make your resolution public. weight watchers suggests sharing your goals with other people to help make them a reality. second, keep things simple. break a big goal into a bunch of smaller goals. want to lose 50 pounds? well, try to do it in
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increments. set five to ten-pound weight loss goals instead. also, find a buddy. even if they don't have the same goals as you do, a partner can encourage and motivate you and also hold you accountable. finally, make a plan. put resolution-related activities in your daily calendar and they're less likely to get hijacked by the things that happen during your busy day. schedule time to go to the gym. call a friend or even to eat a snack. we ask people on our nbc washington facebook page to tell us about their new year's resolution and we're going to share some of those later in this newscast. still ahead, a barrage of bullets left four people wounded, homes and cars damaged. a local neighborhood is on edge. we are on the scene as police try to zero in on a suspect. i'm adam tuss with rare access inside metro's new
6:22 pm
security operations center. just how many camerains does meo have? you'll be surprised. some drivers spending up into the thousands on repairs. coming up, why experts say it's likely we'll see more potholes likely we'll see more potholes this year compared to y
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southern maryland right now. areas of the northern neck. it's a system that will bring some rain and snow mix to the area. already the advisories have been posted and a little further to the west now. to take a look. here is your travel impact for early tomorrow morning. between the hours of 6:00 and 9:00 a.m., yes, moderate impacts on area roads. so likely to have travel delays around the area as there will be, again, some snow falling early tomorrow morning. after 9:00 a.m. i think it's minimal impacts and especially up to the noontime hour as we see the system move out. the next change you will notice is during the overnight period. we have rain right now moving up through southern maryland. there's the change between 4:00 and 6:00 from 38 to 37 degrees and then rain and snow for the d.c. metro area and, yes, at times it could be coming down harder, that snow, so we could notice some accumulation on some of the grassy areas. the system gep pagain producing rain showers around pax river. your colder areas around
6:26 pm
montgomery county, frederick county, into washington county, that's br it could start sticking. future weather, we start you at midnight. still just rain showers. notice the pink. that's a mixture of rain and snow. the white up to the north where it's all snow, but we will see this from about 4:00 a.m. right up until 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. it will be over our area. again, road temperatures right now are in the 40s to low 50s. as they do come down, might be a few isolated spots on more sheltered roads where some of the snow could be sticking. there we are at 9:00, 10:00 a.m. with it moving out of here. here is what storm team4 is forecasting. a dusting to three inches. salisbury toward leonardtown. areas down through calvert beach area. then in the pink area, i-95 corridor, manassas, woodbridge, right through d.c. metro, a mixture of rain and snow. up toward baltimore area, mixture of rain and snow. and about one inch or less of just snow. so we'll see more mixing in that
6:27 pm
i-95 corridor and down south. down through here mixing in at times. road temperatures fine but could be a few isolated slick spots. midday temperatures, these are the windchills, 32 to 35. a lot of wind behind the system so it will be cold for tomorrow afternoon. you will need the coat, the gloves, the hat. we're going to be all loaded up for tomorrow. but a better weekend coming our way. high temperature on saturday, 45. on sunday, 50 degrees. of course, we've got a lot more. i'm going to take you hour by hour throughout the day tomorrow and show you the afternoon, what it's looking like. we've got that coming up in a few. coming up at 6:00, bullets in the cars, bullets in the homes, bullets in the people. an incredible barrage of gunfire has many people here running for their lives. also tonight, exclusive access into metro's new security center. the new tools they're using to help fight crime and the
6:28 pm
agency's approach to riders who are repeat offenders. a mother in virginia talking about the public stigma after being diagnosed with the zika virus. >> but i do believe that something good is going to come from this. i'm just holding onto that. and they're impossible to avoid. why you could see even more
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if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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now at 6:30, shots flying in every direction. four people wounded, and whoever pulled the trigger still out there. tonight we're hearing about those chaotic moments as a barrage of bullets started flying in a southeast d.c. neighborhood. it all unfolded last night on butler street in the anacostia area. pat collins talked to people in the area and joins us now at the scene. pat? >> reporter: jim, police say it began when a gold-colored car pulled up over here and a guy gets out and starts shooting, bullets flying every which way and people here ducking for cover. >> i was in my bed. i heard four loud boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: that's. >> bujo bullock. when she heard that gunfire, she enacted her emergency gunfire plan. >> just fall out the bed and crawl and that's what i did. i fell out of my bed, grabbed my
6:32 pm
phone, and i crawled. >> reporter: a short time later she heard another sound. >> i heard ping and i said, oh, my goodness. >> reporter: not long after that she realized a bullet had pierced the brick wall next to her bed and knifed its way into the chest of drawers in her room. >> if i was walking -- >> reporter: would have gone right into you. >> right into me. >> reporter: a near miss in this barrage of gunfire on butler street in southeast. it happened around 9:00 last night. witnesses say they heard more than 30 shots. bullets flew everywhere, into cars, into homes, and into people. four people wounded. they're expected to survive. police say they're working some leads. >> we do have quite a few detectives that are working on it. we received quite a few leads, so they've jumped on all of them so far and we're hoping that one of these pans out to get us the closure we need. >> reporter: there is more to be known here. police are offering a $10,000 reward in this case.
6:33 pm
doreen, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you. charges will not be filed against a police officer who shot and killed a man in a metro tunnel. it happened last march at the potomac avenue station in southeast d.c. the metro transit police officer was responding to a report of somebody in the tunnel. the u.s. attorney's office says the officer opened fire when the suspect, bobby gross, charged at him with a large branch. the investigation found the officer couldn't back away from gross without risking falling on the electrified third rail. a story only on news4. rare access to one of metro's most sensitive buildings. the transit agency allowed our cameras inside their new security operations command center to show off just what they can see. transportation reporter adam tuss has the story now to help keep you safe and secure while on metro. >> reporter: from the outside,
6:34 pm
this small building in hyattsville isn't much to look at, but step inside and your eyes won't be able to stop looking. this is metro's new security operations center, truly the nervous system for the transit police. >> if you're in any public space in the metro system, there's a good chance you will be caught on camera. >> you could be on a street corner, in parking lot, outside metro headquarters. metro has on eye on you. >> it's a message for the bad guys. guess you, we watch you, we get you and we're going to get you if you do anything on our system. >> reporter: if you ever wonder just how much cameras metro has, take a look. all 91 stations and metro officials say if it's not the most wired system in the entire country, then it's one of the most and probably in the world. incidents like this fight just last week at gallery place where six teenagers and an adult passenger exchanged punches captured right here. metro says this camera system is allowing transit police officers to respond faster.
6:35 pm
>> we know what train they're on, we have officers up the line prepared to stop that train. give the physical description of what they look like, pull them off the train, bring them back, identify them right there on the spot. >> reporter: but if you can be identified easily, shouldn't you be banned if you're a repeat offender? it has happened but a court and a judge have to issue a stay away order from the transit system. in the case of the recent teenager incidents, metro says it will not take away their privileges. metro admits not all crimes will be stopped and ultimately police on the ground are a big issue. but for now this new facility doing a lot of the heavy lifting. in hyattsville, adam tuss, news4. it is a bumpy ride for drivers across our area as those potholes are emerging, but if you haven't hit one yet, consider yourself lucky. mechanics say their business is booming. news4's meagan fitzgerald is along massachusetts avenue with more. there are some big ones on mass avenue, i can especially attest, meagan. >> oh, yeah. and one of them is just behind
6:36 pm
us here. it's dark, we wish we could show it to you. but as you can imagine it's a pretty big crater. hitting one of these can cost you hundreds of dollars, but experts say this year it's likely we will see more potholes than in years past. >> i drive all over bethesda, chevy chase, into d.c. >> reporter: from maryland to d.c. and into virginia, they're all over. >> there are potholes, yeah. but i have avoided them. >> reporter: most try to avoid them but let's face it, that's not always possible. >> my husband had a flat tire the other morning when we came out. i'm sure that was because he didn't avoid. >> reporter: and that's where people like mike cunningham come in. he's the owner of bethesda import specialists. >> it's the rim, sometimes the tires, too. depends how badly -- we had one customer that hit the same potholes with both sides of the wheels. >> reporter: he's staying busy. >> cracked the aluminum. >> reporter: and it's possible more and more drivers will be seeing these cracks and dents in
6:37 pm
their wheel. the maryland state highway administration says potholes are getting bigger and they expect to see more this year compared to years past. that's because of the unseasonably warm temperatures we've had mixed with the freezing weather and the blizzard. so while crews work to patch them up and cunningham works to fix the damage left behind, drivers say they'll do their best to steer clear. >> you can't change lanes that quickly, so i think you just have to kind of go slowly. >> reporter: and if you see a pothole, agencies like vdot and ddot are asking to you call it in so they can get a crew to patch it up or at least put it on the list of tholes to get to. we have the entire list of numbers you'll need on our website where you can also download our nbc washington app and search potholes. jim? >> thaths thanks, meagan. coming up, a major automaker announcing a major recall tied to takata air bags. >> and rain and snow for the
6:38 pm
morning rush. how it could slow you down and another storm for early next week. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it great? [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined.
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tonight, honda is recalling more than 2 million vehicles because of concerns about the air bag. news4 consumer reporter susan hogan has been working this story and joins us now with some information you need to know. susan? >> 24 million, this is the number of vehicles recalled in the united states due to defective takata air bags now linked to 11 deaths worldwide. the recall involves both honda and acura vehicles because the driver's air bag inflaters can explode and hurl shrapnel into the passenger compartment. it's part of takata's expanded recall last month that includes 5 million more vehicles after investigators linked the recent death of a south carolina man to a defective air bag in his ford truck. this man, 52-year-old joel
6:41 pm
knight, died instantly when his air bag exploded. i sat down with knight's widow just days after a medical examiner described the violent impact of the air bag that killed her husband. >> she's pretty much saying it would be like a shotgun going off in your car, you know. it's like a major explosion. >> this is what the coroner told you? >> yes. >> this recall involves older models from 2005 and newer vehicles from 2015 and 2016. now, for a full list of honda and all vekhicles recalled, go o our nbc washington app and search air bags. >> thanks, susan. well, he didn't answer any questions but he did manage to infuriate lawmakers. we'll take you to the hearing today, the contentious hearing, with a drug executive up on capitol hill. i recently spoke with heather baker. she is one of the first known
6:42 pm
cases with the zika virus in the commonwealth of virginia. not only is she battling the virus, but also i'll show you how she's fighting the stigma. that's ahead on news4 at 6:00. first, some of our viewers telling us about their resolutions and how things are going so far.
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60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v a developing story in the district where a pregnant woman and two other people have been diagnosed with the zika virus. the health department says all three patients contracted the virus after traveling abroad.
6:45 pm
news4's david culver spoke with the first known zika patient in virginia. he reports now on the stigma she says she's battling after coming forward. >> yeah. i was introduced to third world countries -- >> reporter: in her home outside of harrisonburg, virginia, her walls are covered with smiling photos of her three boys and husband. it helps her cope with the lingering effects of the zika virus. how are you feeling now? >> i'm tired. i'm tired. >> reporter: and did they give you anything in the meantime to treat it? >> there's no treatment. you just take care of the symptoms. >> reporter: it's believed heather got the virus through a mosquito bite in late november. it's likely it happened as she was serving others on a missionary trip in guatemala. it's led to joint japain, fatig, a rash at one point. >> every day or every other day something new would start. >> reporter: she tells me it's also led to misinformed opinions about the virus and those infected. >> the reason i'm willing to talk about it and raise a voice
6:46 pm
is i don't want people to be terrified, but i also want people to be wise and realize that there's a lot about this we just don't understand and know yet. >> reporter: she still wonders why her symptoms have lasted longer than expected. >> by the model that we've seen so far, i should not still be feeling the way that i feel. >> reporter: does it concern you? >> a little bit, but i do believe that something good is going to come from this so i'm holding onto that. >> reporter: as heather mentioned, there are so many unknowns. we have put together a full explainer and it's here you can find out what you should do if you think you have zika, what exactly zika is, and the latest information put out by health experts. that's on and the nbc washington app. just search zika. david culver, news4. controversial drug entrepreneur infuriated lawmakers on capitol hil today after he refused to answer questions from the house committee. his name is martin shkreli.
6:47 pm
he's widely referred to as the most hated man in america. he's the guy who decided to raise the price of a life-saving drug from less than $14 per pill so $750 a pill. today during the hour-long meeting, he sat with his hands clasp and smirked causing maryland congressman elijah cummings to let loose. >> it's not funny, mr. shkreli. people are dying and they're getting sicker and sicker. >> do you think think you have done anything wrong? >> on the advice of counsel i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question. >> just moments after shkreli was dismissed today, insulting tweets began appearing under his official account. tweets among other things calling lawmakers imbeciles.
6:48 pm
♪ 21st night of september >> the creative force behind a legendary band has died. that's maurice white, co-founder of earth, wind, and fire with his brothers. they went on to sell more than 90 million albums. they earned six grammy awards. maurice white stopped touring in the '90s after being diagnosed with parkinson's. his health declined in recent months as a result of the disease. the band will be honored with a lifetime achievement award at the grammys later this month. maurice white was 74 years old. there's so many of us who remember filling capitol kenner is where we carried our whistle, tambourine and drums. there's never been a band like earth, wind and fire. >> quite a loss. now, veronica, she remembers
6:49 pm
them all very well. she was at that show. >> as a kid. i loved earth, wind, and fire. >> just a little child. of course. >> we need to know about this storm that's going to affect our travel tomorrow morning. >> right. snow and rain. as we know, around here it's sometimes the smaller storms that can cause the most trouble. so that's why we're, of course, not turning our back on this one. in fact, it's a weather alert day for storm team4. we'll start it tonight. meteorologist doug kammerer will be along later. as far as your morning commute, it's not just about the snow showers. there will be rain mixing in at times but enough of a problem we think it will slow down your morning commute. here is the system right now producing rain down through the northern neck, southern maryland, leonardtown, calvert beach area. it's all moving very as low slo the north. impacts will be moderate throughout the day and by the afternoon we're breezy and cold. the windchill temperatures tomorrow will be in the low to mid-30s. there is your rain and snow.
6:50 pm
in the areas shaded in pink, i will step out of the way so you can see that map. an inch or less in the blue. frederick, hagerstown and a dusting to three inches down to the south. pedestrian forecast, 37, 39 degrees after 9:00. the system will start moving out. as far as your school forecast, we've got a cautionary light for everything. again, cold one coming our way and as we look forward, your seven-day forecast, the weekend may be nice but a little bit of rain and snow mix with that next system. we'll be talking about that more coming up at 11:00. thanks, veronica. coming up next, sports. and as we look to reboot your resolutions, we leave you with some goals our viewers have set.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> i'm not going to be here tomorrow, jason, so either now or at the end of the show i want your pick on the super bowl. >> i'm picking carolina. i'm going with cam newton. i want to see peyton win but i think cam is going to win. let's talk about super bowl. the 50th anniversary of the super bowl will bring out the stars like it does each and every super bowl. carol maloney ran into snoop
6:54 pm
dogg today. as she called him snoop d-o-g-g. carol, any other stars out there in san francisco -- just call him calvin next time. any stars out there in san francisco you ran into? >> reporter: jason, snoop dogg, d-o-g-g, we're so close he doesn't mint d if i call him th. he's getting on that great american tradition of arguing about the goat, the greatest of all time. and many folks here in san francisco think the greatest super bowl team of all time is the '91 redskins. we ran into a member of that team today. he draws a crowd wherever he goes in san francisco. he's a three-time super bowl champion, a 12-year nfl vet. he played six years with the redskins, six years for the broncos. right now he's wearing the first one with denver for luck. but he doesn't hesitate to tell you that he agrees with so many
6:55 pm
of us, the best super bowl team of all time is the '91 skins. the team went 14-2 in the regular season and then they rolled to a title. the third of the joe gibbs era and to this day he's blown away by one stat. >> in that season, 19 games through the super bowl, we gave up 9 total sacks. >> right. >> nine. and when you start to look at that, that's in my mind a record that will never be approached again, ever. and it's incredible when you start kind of putting all those things together, just the character of the guys we had, and it brings back a lot of fond memories for sure. >> reporter: as for this year's game, the last media session was a circus. snoop dogg, he stole the show. the stars of football, they lined up to take their piccs with the d-o-o-g. snoop was reporting for the nfl
6:56 pm
network. he was ever the entertainer at both teams' press events. >> first of all, i want to say -- ♪ cam, oh, cam ♪ cam, cam, dance with me there you go. peyton, snoop dogg from the rich eyssen show. first, can i get a 50% discount on papa john's pizza when i'm in the state of colorado? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> reporter: we can tell from you now on the guys are only going to concentrate on football. they're done with the media. coming up this weekend it will be a big star coming in up for hall of fame election. we will sit down with jason tomorrow. >> thanks so much. we have to talk some hockey now. the best team in hockey hasn't won a game since january 19th. tonight the capitals trying to avoid their first losing streak of the season against the islanders. their top line will be at full strength.
6:57 pm
alex ovechkin is become from that one-game suspension. the capitals are losers of back to back games for just the second time this entire season. they've had some delays because of the blizzard and the all-star break. the guys ready to get back on the ice tonight. at the white house earlier today reigning nba champion, the golden state warriors presented president obama with a warriors jersey. he was all smiles. steph curry dominated last night's game against the wizards and the president addressed that. >> for those of you who watched the game against the wizards last night, he was, to use slang, he was clowning. jumping up and down. >> and that's a good thing. >> it is. >> your super bowl pick? ♪ panthers gonna win that game
6:58 pm
>> i have to go with carolina, too. >> come on, veronica.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, facing off. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing tonight in their first one-on-one debate on msnbc. in a battle over who is more progressive. while marco rubio becomes a bigger target in new hampshire. taking the fifth. with a smirk the former ceo who raised the price of a drug-saving drug 5,000% refuses to testify before congress, later calling committee members imbeciles. invisible threat. it can only be seen on infrared. the massive leak that forced thousands from their home. nbc news takes you to the source with an exclusive view. and super bowl security. we take you inside the enormous operation to protect the big game, in the air, aboard blackhawks, on the


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