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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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both dw both hwere a bit more combative. clinton pointed to her record and saying she knows what it takes to get things done. >> what we've got to do as democrats is to be united, to actually solve these problems. and what i believe is that i have a better track record and a better opportunity to actually get that job done. >> what we need to do is to stand up to the big money interests and the campaign contributors when we do that, we can in fact transform america. >> a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll out yesterday puts sanders 20 points ahead of clinton in new hampshire. that is exceptiis essentially u from before iowa. we'll talk about the impact of last night's debate with tracie potts at 4:45.
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>> every step along the way i have stood up and fought and have the scars to prove it. >> i'm very proud to be the only candidate up hear who does not have a super pac, who is not raising money from wall street or special interests. >> sanders and clinton say they have the same follows for america, but very different ways of getting to them. >> and tomorrow republican hopefuls will debate. latest polls give donald trump a nearly 20 point lead. marco rubio is ahead of ted cruz now. our nbc washington app is your best source for political coverage when we're not on the air. you can find clips of last night's most important moments plus analysis from our nbc news team. at the live desk, another incident to tell you about in prince george's county. this time a fire. appears to be a house fire.
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we just got this video in. this happened just a short whiling a while whiling a ago on auburn avenue. we're making calls to find out how it started. back to you. one person is in critical condition and three others injured after a crash in prince george's county. happened last night on route 301 near central avenue in bowie. we're working to find out what caused the tractor trailer and car to crash there. we do know that all lanes of 301 have been reopened. today the man convicted of killing sandra levy is back in court. his lawyers say a witness deliberately misled jurors during the original trial. levy disappeared in 2001, but her body was not discovered in rock creek park for another year. head to the nbc washington app later today for an update on that murder case. 4:32. we want to give you an update.
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st. mary's county public schools are on a two hour delay because we have frozen precipitation coming down right now. >> a little rain and sleet coming down? >> amelia segal describes it as raining snow flakes and i agree with that assessment of it. a rain/snow mix here through about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. a very low impact event because the road surfaces are warm. we'll be back into breezy sunshine later today. a nice quiet weekend coming your way and keeping a close eye next monday night into tuesday, a perchance for potentially some accumulating snow. for now, most of this is just snowflakes that you can see landing on the grass. most of the roads are well above the freezing mark. temperatures 37 in washington, 33 in st. mary's county. so that's the reason with the two hour delay down there. could just get enough snow to be a little slushy. but the rest of the day well up into the 40s for today and
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tomorrow, as well. brand new crash here, this one great falls popped up. according to the map here, georgetown pike shut down at river bend road. and now a fuel spill because of that crash that they are trying to clean up. we'll try to get more information on that one for you here in the next couple minutes. 66 looks good. again you can kind of see before you head out what roads might be affected, beltway at branch avenue, we are a little wet through that area there. and inner loop at colesville road, a work zone, left lane getting by. weather and traffic on the 1s. it's shocking to hear that any person is capable of executing a defenseless 2-year-old girl. that shocks the conscience. >> quote, you messed up and coward, some of the phrases being used to describe the man
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accused of killing his other daughter and her mother earlier this week. while daron boswell-johnson is facing murder charges, the victim's families are coming together today to remember neshante davis and her daughter, chloe. there is a vigil in capitol heights to remember the teacher and her daughter at 5:30 tonight. the case is generating a lot of anger even outside the courthouse. county prosecutors said a lot of people called just to say they were very upset. >> our switchboard has received more calls than we have ever received on any case saying to us how enraged they are and concerned they are. >> facebook had to take down boswell-johnson's page because of all the comments. a judge ordered him held without bond. do you recognize these men? fairfax county police want these men off the streets after a vicious attack and robbery at a jewelry store on monday morning. police say one of the men
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grabbed the employee at knifepoint while the second man loaded up with the jewelry. the store employee is okay after being taken to the hospital. >> 4:36. developing right now, two new york city police officers have been shot and the suspect turned the gun on himself. this happened this the bronx. according to the nypd, the two were patrolling a public housing complex when one was shot in the stomach and the other in the face. the suspect then ran away and shot himself. bill de blasio says both officers are in good condition. d.c. police arrest a young man and accuse him of calling in threats to four schools. "washington post" reports the call prompted searches of the buildings and surrounding neighborhoods. no hazardous materials were found. the zika virus is now in the district. department of health confirms there are three cases of the virus this morning, all of them involve people who contracted zika while traveling abroad, two to south america, the other to central america. one of the three was pregnant at
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the time. the virus is primarily spread through mosquito bites and is linked to severe birth defects. department of health says it's important for residents to remember that there is no immediate threat to hair health and well, if they have the not traveled to the known affected areas. 4:37. for the third morning in a row, we are under a storm team 4 weather alert. a lot of you will see rain, snow, maybe both mixed in on your way to work this morning. chuck is keeping tabs on all that as well as what kids could face at the bus stop at 4:41. and reassigned. what we're learning about two d.c. firefighters
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dramatic video of a man being rescued off the side of a mountain. you can see recent crew crews balancing on the side of the helicopters. this happened yesterday. shorts say the 41-year-old man is homeless and was planning to set up camp on the side of the mountain. decemb despite days without food and water, he is okay. two firefighters no longer caring for patients after they missed a gun shot wound. on saturday night they were called to a shooting scene and located a gunshot on one patient, but believed the other was high on pcp.
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the hospital staff found the gunshot wound. the incident still under investigation. if morning. i'm chuck bell. here is radar for you. light snow now falling from southern prince george's county down through calvert, st. mary's and charles counties. 301, route 4, route 5, branch avenue down into southern maryland most likely affected. out west, there are snowflakes and raindrops mixing in at times. another shot of moisture coming our way over the next couple of hours. here is the good news, though. temperatures are all above freezing around the metro area. only st. mary's at 33, that's one of the cold ones. so school, raindrops and snowflakes to contend with at the bus stop. recess will be cloudy and wet, but it will be dry and breezy by later on today with high temperatures back up into the 40s. so just a short lived trouble here early this morning. traffic now. georgetown pike, right at river bend road, this is a plow
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versus a vehicle. all lanes right now blocked. a crash with a fuel spill. so no word they say right now as to whether this will be opening up anytime soon. so no injuries, which is good, though. prince george's county, this is the area of course where we're seeing the most precipitation here. so be careful as chunk just mentioned, these roads branch avenue, 301, underiindian head highway, could be slippery. the spur going to take you 26 minutes. see you in a few. coming up, it's one of metro's most sensitive buildings and this morning we'll give you a behind of scenes look how the agency says it's vital to keeping you safe. and we're working for you this morning after the final democratic debate before the new hampshire primary. while you were sleeping, we were while you were sleeping, we were fact checking and you can't predict the market. while you were sleeping, we were fact checking and
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another a weather alert day and here's why. you see all the white showing up? that is snow. >> and it can get out of here as far as i'm concerned. a lot of could you see some slippery road out there. molette green is on the beltway. what are you seeing? >> reporter: we're seeing a lot of different things as we've been driving through. we're on the beltway just passing st. barnabas road. and if you look outside in the storm team 4 x 4, you'll see wet. you'll see the precipitation. that is rain mixed with a little bit of snow in there. and it's a wet drive. not bad right now because not a lot of cars on the roadways. but coming in from points north near the davidsonville area near annapolis, there were more snow showers, a little sleet mixed
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with rain there. so a mixture of precipitation, chuck bell following all of that this morning in the weather report. we're staying on top of what we're seeing here as we continue our drive in the storm team 4 x 4. back to you. they are not holding back anymore. bernie sanders and hillary clinton clashed last night in the democratic debate in new hampshire. this was their most heated debate yet. tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill. good morning. so we are four day away from flp in that primary. hillary clinton had to come out strong. >> reporter: and she definitely went into this determined to prove that she was the true progressive and that she's not being influenced by big banks. the two biggest charges leveled against her by bernie sanders. as they went at it for the first time one-on-one, that came up almost immediately. in fact after the debate, take a look at what hillary clinton tweeted. i am a progressive and i want to get things done. #i'm with her. she really fought back at this
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idea that as possibly the first female president that she is part of the establishment. she said that cease actually been outside that establishment and she fought back on this idea that the millions of dollars that she's gotten from wall street in donations would influence how she deals with them. she tried to paint herself as the toughest person on wall street despite the fact that she's gotten a lot of money from them. in and let's talk about some of the claims this last night's debate. clinton hit sanders on both his health care proposal and gun control voting record. >> she did. she said five times he's voted against gun control and that's actually true. she also said that when it came to health care and free college, they talked about that, that it would be difficult for bernie sanders to pay for with a he's talking about. now, his push back on that, he said, look, other countries are doing it, i refuse to believe that the united states can't do the same thing.
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hillary clinton said that he has not fully laid out how he would pay for it, he said that he would tax wall street. and also raise other taxes in order to pay for that. in fact he laid that out before the last debate. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. and looking ahead to the virginia primary on march 1, you will not have to sign a loyal city pledge to vote republican. the state board of elections accepted the gop request to drop the requirement yesterday. several hundred people showed up to remember nicole lovell in blacksburg, virginia yesterday. the 13-year-old was stabbed and her body dumped along a highway in north carolina on saturday. prosecutors say virginia tech student david eisenhowauer and natalie keepers lovell. eisenhower is oig oig is charged with kidnapping and first-degree murder. according to police, a man had a gun when an officer
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approached him yesterday.officer said the man was standing in the middle of an intersection and looked suspicious. police saw the fwun gun as the started running away and police shot him. no charges for the police officer who shot and killed a man in a metro sun he wiltunnel. the officer opened fire only after the suspect charged at him with a large branch. this happened last march. the investigation found the officer could not back away from the suspect without risking a fall on to the electrified rail below. this morning we can give you rare access to one of metro's most sensitive buildings. after reports about a spike in crime and respect attacks, the transit agency allowed our cameras inside their new security operations command center in prince george's county. it truly is the nervous system for traps snsit police.
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>> we know what train they're on, we have officers up the line prepared to stop that train, give the physical description of what they look like, pull them off the train, bring them back, identify them right there on the spot. >> the new general manager says it sevens as a message to the bad guys that metro is watching. monthly job numbers are coming out and they include the unemployment rate, average hourly earnings and payrolls. u.s. job market strengthened at the top of 2015 posting its second best year of job gains since 1999. local chefs fighting it out for "top chef." last night the show reached the halfway mark. we sat down with she have marjorie meek-bradley to talk about what it takes to stay in the game. >> when you think about too much of like the gimmicks and the games of it, and you forget that people are sitting there's thing your food p. >> meek-bradley's new restaurant
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smoked&stacked expected to open this spring. next week we'll hear from another local chef on the reality show. and these two local chefs are killing it on the show. kind of a quiet start, but don't mess with them. i really feel we'll go far. >> and the best part about it is that win or lose, we at the time to eat all the food here in d.c. >> got to check it out. it is 4:51. and check says it is raining snow outside. what does that mean, chuck? >> it mean has we have raindrops and snowflakes mixing together. we'll give it a nuisance level first thing this morning. there are slushy spots across st. mary's and southern calvert county. road temperatures are all above 32 degrees. that is excellent news from a treatment perspective. rain and snow will all be coming
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to an end before noontime today and by later this afternoon, dramatic improvement in the weather picture. here is current temperatures now, 37 washington and leesburg, 38 warrington. coldest air, southern matter land, lower parts of the eastern shore. 32 now in cambridge. you see most of the rain and snowflakes are confined east and south of i-95. so prince george's county, charles, calvert, st. mary's getting the biggest impact for now. there are snowflakes and raindrops mixed in across northern virginia, as well. route 301 here, waldorf, laplata, could be slushy in area. but again road chemicals are very effective at these temperatures. so it should not be a big impact. here is the tail end of the moisture moving in to part of southwestern and central virginia. so this will all come to an end fairly shortly. future weather by 9:00 a.m., last of the rain and snowflakes in calvert and st. mary's by 4:30 this afternoon, skies
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cleari clearing, turning breezy and cold. most areas back down below freezing by early saturday morning. keep an eye out, there could be some areas of patchy black ice first thing tomorrow morning. we'll reach mid-40s later today. another chance of rain and snow coming our way monday night into tuesday. we'll talk more about that can go up at 5:01. it is traffic time. here is melissa mollett pretty in red this morning. >> thank you very much. taking a look right now as some of this snow here, this is in st. mary's. you can see some of the snow on the roadway at 235 and 237 there. so again, this is the scene in much of the kind of southeastern portion of the area right now. you can see the radar on our traffic map this morning. a warning and reminder of course as bridges and overpasses, they can all be slippery. so it might just look wet, but it may be fairly slick. georgetown pike at river bend road, all lanes blocked because
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of a crash with a fuel spill. we're sending a crew out that way to see exactly what is going on there. inner loop at colesville, left lane goetting by the work zone. it is a controversial gun deal and it's moving ahead in the commonwealth. we'll tell you why despite outrage from some. and attacks and abducted by a naked man. bizarre incident we're learning about that
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we are working for on you this weather alert day. rain and snow falling in several parts of our area this morning. chuck bell will let us know when things should start tapering off. and we are getting some closings and delays. calvert county public schools just called in and they are now closed for the day. and the kids are sick about it i'm sure. >> not. 4:57. a controversial deal on gun control laws is moving forward. the agreement expands background checks in virginia. and it reserves the laws allowing you to conceal and carry a gun. activists opposing the measure rallied. it has the support of some democrats and governor mcauliffe, however mark herring says he's against the deal. rain oik vpe victims can fi
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fight for justice. there are more than 2,000 untested kits in the state. some dating back to 1988. the state has finalized a contract with a lab in northern virginia to test the kits. virginia received a $1.4 million grant that will help with the cost. the first kits being tested come from fairfax county and virginia beach. parents in woodbridge are reacting to word that a naked man who the attacked a teen on her way to the cool bschool bus is one of their own neighbors. this bizarre scene happened along charter court off of the prince william parkway. a 16-year-old girl was approached by a man and when she tried to get away, the man ran after her and tackled her. neighbors rushed to help and called police. 37-year-old who lives just a block away from the bus was arrested. >> i just heard screaming. a woman screaming.
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and called 911. >> and he thousand fache faces abduction and going through a mental evaluation. a sheen that some of you may have noticed on top of the water in the potomac is being contained with floating barriers but officials don't know where it came from. trav gravelly point park is closed until crews can clean it all up. "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. we have breaking news this morning. a weather alert day and chuck bell is going to tell us more are on what we can expect in the day ahead. >> we have rain, we have snow and thankfully we have temperatures all above freezing. so, yes, you can get snow at 34, 36, 38 degrees, but you just can't get to pile up all that
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much. melissa mollett has a great traffic picture for you in a second to show you some of the slushiness on the roads. the heaviest of the rain and snow now is confined to southern calvert and st. mary's county. there is a winter weather advisory that includes d.c., arlington, prince george's county, st. mary's and the th n northern neck. snow amounts, only a light coating around the metro. calvert county schools called off because they could have a quick 2 inches of snow. later today, turning blustery and breezy, but temperatures in the 40s. all the snowflakes this morning will be nothing but a memory later on this afternoon. melissa mollett now with a look at the traffic camera. slushy mess here down south in st. mary's, we're talking about california, maryland. the roadways just a little


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