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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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playoff at 18. >> talk about the break that rickie got at 18. what about the break yesterday, gary, with your hole. >> yeah, it was very interesting. on friday's second round, rickie elected to lay up at the par 5. ended up with a good shot. made birdie. he decides to go to the green in two with a 5 wood. you can tell by his reaction, he thinks it's going in the water but it's inside the hazard and stops dead right there. >> he was able to go on and make a par. really, you know, sometimes, when you win golf tournaments, you get a lot of breaks. rickie's had a couple of them, that's for sure. >> then you take advantage of it. birdied 18 along with matsuyama. headed back to the tee at 18 where rickie has had a couple in the last couple days. a good break that happened earlier. matsuyama and fowler doing battle again. when we come back.
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here comes rickie, joking around with one of the camera guys. coming up to join rickie. rickie with a 2-1 playoff record.
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good luck. >> okay. >> rickie is going to play first. hideki is 1-0 with that playoff victory at the memorial. and kevin na, the first playoff hole. so, rickie to play first, see if he can grab another long range drive here like he's done the last two days. >> well, he might try doing it a little different way than he did on the 72nd hole. but i'm sure he'd love to have it where it ended up. >> he definitely used another gear on that tee shot. he has more speed when he wants it.
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>> so i would play it just inside the church pews for a little baby cut for him. >> cutting a little bit up the right side. but this, i think, will be okay. >> good shot, rog. not quite as deep as he's been. >> it's a good one. >> but it's in great shape.
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>> a great performance by matsuyama here in phoenix. the tie for fourth and the tie for second. the last two years. trying to finish on top, finally. >> another good looking tee shot. in the same line. >> good one for hideki. just behind fowler. matsuyama will play a second first into the first playoff hole. sudden death at the waste management phoenix open. after they both made birdie at 18, rickie and hideki playoff.
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view tomorrow at 7:00 on golf channel. >> it's going to be great weather. 74 degrees tomorrow. back here to the fairway, rickie hanging back a little bit. >> in the tournament that's been around for 80 years. first playoff 2011, mark wolfner beat jason deckner. rickie would move into the top ten with a victory, and matsuyama would be there with ten. >> rickie is walking slowly for a reason. trying to gather himself, i think. >> i like that, johnny. >> yeah, i do, too. i think that's very smart. slow everything down. take your time. >> matsuyama will play first. as you look at the long history in the tournament. you look at the international winners who won through the
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years. hideki matsuyama with a chance to join that group, vijay singh. and bobby lott back in 1948 winning here in the valley of the sun. the americans have taken charge of it the last phoenix opens. they've won the last anticipate. >> bobby locke, one of the greatest that ever lived. even though i was in diapers when he played. >> i played with bobby locke. >> once? >> yeah. >> i played him at oakmont, riding behi right behind him i should say. >> 119 yards left for hideki. a nice clean line. flag in the front here. willing to -- only dangerous, short, kickoff to the right. johnny. >> i think both of them realize probably going to take a birdie
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to win it. they've got to be thinking birdie. just a two-shot, i think birdie. >> that was crisp. >> rickie's got a big opening here. that was not a particularly wonderful shot by hideki. >> 116, sand iron.
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not as good an angle. take that aim. >> ooh, way short. quite a slope up the hill for it. i'm not sure he caught all of that. it's short. >> take a look at this swing. able to catch something, really nice solid right there. got a lot of give on that. i'm not sure he got all of that. >> looks pretty heavy to me. >> no. >> he's going over to his caddie to say, maybe i didn't hit it as well as i could have. but got way behind. one of the bigger divots we've seen all week from rickie. >> if you're trying to hit it close, you got to take the risk of hitting it short to throw it in and cope with that first
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bounce. >> right. i've got to believe it's revenge of hideki matsuyama, huh? down the hill with rickie. of course, he did pitch one iron, rickie did. >> i don't think rickie has the kind of pitch shot that he can land it on the green. >> probably a wonderful spot to be, really. >> especially with everything at stake. it's one of those nerve-racking shots you've got to make. you can hit that with a lot of different clubs, huh, roger? >> well, we'll see if that swatch happens here for fowler once again. >> i'm looking at that green again, johnny, it's very close
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as to whether he can land it on the green. he has to really, really pinch it to get it to do that. >> well, there's your answer. textbook, right. >> you ran it in, you know, the size of a basketball hoop, right where he wanted. >> matsuyama will have a chance to put it away. putt it out. so, hideki is going to have to battle here, it's going to take two straight birdie. and he did exactly what roger described. he kind of bumped it into the hill just short of the green. textbook.
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executed perfectly by fowler with the pressure packed on. >> all right. matsuyama, this putt away from putting away the waste management phoenix open to go along with jack in 2014. >> david, a little left-to-right putt here? >> yeah, not much. the green, not a whole lot going on on the bottom part of the green. downhill, very quick. just needs to be careful. >> very consistent here, finished 17 holes at 14 under. scored all three years. that's what got him into a playoff. and here's the birdie that could end it. >> it would be a crushing defeat for fowler. >> two up with two holes to go.
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>> they're going to go back to 18. fowler survives it. clutch by him for the tap-in par, and matsuyama unable to convert the potential birdie winner. back to the tee at 18, they go as we play out in scottsdale. so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party.
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waste management phoenix open continues at tpc scottsdale, following fowler and matsuyama coming off a playoff. and till tied, we'll head to the 10th, see if it can't be decided
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there. >> well, you would think with the pressure and everything that one of them might crack. not like this hole's a piece of cake. >> got the shadows. >> see if rickie can drill another one down here.
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>> ball looking really good there. a little bit left to his left.
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looking really good. >> man, this guy can drive it with a solid iron. a bit of a divot there. >> now, it's funny with all of the noise and distraction all week, all of a sudden, it got quiet. and those little noise, noticeable. >> yeah, they kind of blend in earlier in the week, don't they? >> yeah, that's right. all of the people are real golf fans. they know the game. >> the silence is deadly. >> that's another rip snorter,
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this one down the left. >> the guys are not missing a shot. >> putting on a show. at the place they call the greatest show on grass. fowler and matsuyama still battling for the title. who's going to crack first? ♪ ♪ ♪ each day, brings new possibilities. that's why you need a partner dedicated to helping your company reach its goals. u.s. bank -- the power of possible.
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fowler and matsuyama making their way up to another couple brilliant tee shots here at 18. sudden death playoff. second time now to 18. again, just going to take a third, back to the 10th, back to 17th, back to 18. but maybe it will be decided here. the eighth oldest event on the pga tour. first plays in 1932. with the idea of how this tournament is growing, at that time, the population of phoenix and the surrounding community, johnny, was around 70,000. there are 2-plus million in that population category now. of course, we know how this has set records in attendance this week. so, this phoenix open, this
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tournament especially. >> they used to play at the phoenix country club on different years. tournaments that all great players played in. important tournament. >> yes. it's the time of year in the early '60s, here we are in 2016 in the desert with 23-year-old matsuyama and 27-year-old fowler. >> also, that wedge shot, you guys take over from here. >> matsuyama awaiting. >> david, don't you think being as they both have wedge shots, wouldn't you want to be the first one to hit?
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you could really put on a lot of pressure. >> well, technical difficulties with david's mike right now. trying to get that taken care of. you can seat drive, 322. . so, we'll see, roger if that puts a little pressure on fowler with a nice wedge. >> as before, you have to take on that front edge. you land it short you're coming down the hill like they did earlier. but you can't land it too far on if you're going to hit it stone dead to the hole.
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>> way up in the air. >> right over it. a little checkup on it. >> but he gets on it, not much break. >> from above. >> really hit a solid strike there. like you said, almost got caught up in the flag or the flagstick. and leaves himself just a little break right. not much. >> fowler's stepping in. 102. >> time for a leaner. that's definitely carrying a little farther north. >> a little birdie putting contest from there. again. remember what they did in regulation.
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>> we've been talking about it all week. how popular he is. here's a nice wide view of his friends watching this approach. so, rickie trying to finish it of off. a battle. from regulation, this is coming off of a bird day from matsuyama's 17. birdie evened it up there. rickie going over and getting a good look at it. absolutely dead perfect. and he played it straight. right in the middle. and here's the one that looked like it might not drop. to the right edge and then came back for some reason. >> so, that was regulation. first playoff hole they
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exchanged it. rickie got it lined up for birdies. >> there's the ricketts as you call them. >> fowler is two inches farther away from matsuyama. 14 feet 6 inches, versus 14, 4. >> roger, did you get a good look at this left edge putt? >> yeah. >> you can determine who might be away. rickie's going first. >> i think you got to stay with the left side, johnny. if you hit it without any speed which is the way you hit this putt, it's got to die to the
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right. i have to believe. >> you think so, with phoenix that way, the whole hole sort of slopes that way. not a lot of break. both of these putts are not tough putts, except when you're nervous. >> and the tournament is on the line. rickie continues to enhance his late playoff reputation and land another one at the bottom. this type, he goes first. this is the opposite of regulation. another one! >> that was pure. couldn't have done better. no help on that one, it was just right in the middle. >> well, the fowler fans wake up. they can sense it.
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>> probably going on orange over yellow plaid with matsuyama here. matsuyama has a chance to do what rickie did to him on top of the birdie. >> how much of a ticket here? is it worth it? >> pretty good tougstuff, david. welcome to the crew. >> not that tough a putt. think he can make it inside left here. or maybe even left center. >> this to move on to the 10th.


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