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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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weather. the precautions being taken by d.c. crews in the hours ahead. also ahead, new video just into our newsroom as the city of denver celebrates its latest super bowl title. the trouble rowdy fans caused for police. dgood morning, everybody. winter storm watches have been posted. it will start out as rain late today and then change to snow overnight. likely to have school issues for tomorrow. but we will be fighting the rain know li snow lane. so this is far from a certainty. this morning near the freezing mark. cold and dry this morning. mostly raindrops by 7:00 tonight, temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. but mostly snowflakes by early tomorrow morning. snowfall amounts on average 1 to 3 around the metro, 3 to 6
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northern maryland. our measure model here estimating 4 inches in frederick, but only 1.5 inches in fredericksburg. the impact on your commute coming up in ten minutes. here is melissa with yet another monday morning problem. >> south pound bw parkway at 32, report of a crash folks telling us to stay to the left side of the roadway to get by this one. so going to see if chopper can head that way. westbound icc at 29, crash still in the right lane slowing things just a tad. 66 east at 50, disabled vehicle in the right lane. isn't seem to be slowing things right now. 95 north bound at 630 in stafford, crash on the right side of the roadway, that is slowing for sure. travel times in ten minutes. our team coverage continues now, we're tracking the snow forecast in the district this morning. and that is where we find molette green live with a look at what crews are going to start doing this afternoon to get the roads ready.
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>> reporter: inside the d did the salt dome behind me, there is a mixture of sand and salt. the building is huge. longer than a football field. the full deployment of snowplows, full deployment kicks in at noontime today. we're talking about 200 plus trucks at the ready to spread the salt and to plow if necessary. they will be extra strategically placed around the city. the city wants to be able to stay on top of this latest storm. not get caught off guard, not have if i kind of repeat scenario that played out just days before we had the big snowstorm last month that left roads icy and made traffic just a nightmare for so many people trying to get home during the evening rush. and the mayor is encouraging property owners to also do their part. pre-treating your sidewalks, the streets, roads, the property
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around wherever you are so that we can have the safest snow event as possible. that is the latest live from outside the ddot salt dome. and our breaking news alerts will keep you informed and we'll keep you up-to-date on any potential school delayings or closings. working to find out what cause hd this crash in front of nats park. one of the drivers is in critical condition. police tell us the driver collided in to two other vehicles yesterday afternoon on south capitol street in southeast washington. a woman and a child in one of the other cars went to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. another baltimore police officer expected to go on trial today in the death of freddie xwra. "the baltimore sun" reporting that sergeant alisha white met
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the police van and prosecutors say she tried to speak to him and when he didn't respond, she did nothing further to examine his condition and didn't call for help. investigators say gray died of a spinal cord injury he received in the back of that van. a call for police reform today one year since the officer involved death of a mentally ill woman in northern virginia. you may remember natasha hk ken mckenna died after officers tased her multiple times saying she was combative while they were trying to transfer her out of a holding cell. activists will hold a peaceful demonstration at thonoon. more signs of life after amazing rescues continue if taiwan after that devastating earthquake. we want to take you live to the scene of the aftermath. you can see crews there working away. the good news we got this morning, an 8-year-old girl
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among the two survivors recently pulled out of the rubble, putting the number of those rescued over 200. but we still know 36 people have dade a died and the death toll expected to rise. at last check, an estimated 117 people are still believed to be trapped. we are updating this story constantly throughout the morning in our nbc washington app. it is now 6:05. an important deadline today in decision 2016. you have until midnight to register to vote in the virginia primaries. it happens next month large 1st super tuesday. you can check your registration or submit your application to vote online and most voter registration offices in virginia will be open until 5:00 tonight. and the race for the republican nomination for president tightening after this weekend's gop debate. struggling candidates are climbing in the polls now after
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marco rubio's moopoor showing saturday night. donald trump still holds on to a sizable lead. analysts say trump missed an opportunity and let ted cruz dominate the issue of immigration. and hillary clinton back in new hampshire this morning after a quick trip to flint, michigan. she spoke at a baptist church there calling the fallout from the city's tantsed water crisis immoral. bernie sanders will host a rally in than chemanchester this afte. he points out hillary clinton's vote on the iraq war. of course voters had to get to the polls to have their votes counted, but that could be a challenge as a blizzard hits new england england. we'll take you live there. and details on both problems on the roads coming up. i might just chill tonight. >> monkey monkey baby. >> that's a little upsetting.
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but some consider spots like that one the best part of the super bowl. the ads that have people talking this morning and how you can weigh in on your favorite.
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. you will not be able to go to chipotle for part of the day today. the company is holding closed meetings at all of its restaurants to talk about the recent out-bret brebreaks an f. stores will open at 3:00 this afternoon. nationals are heading south today. you hear that? take me out to the ball game banjo style. the team is packing up its equipment with spring training just weeks away. nats employees are loading computers, weights and thousands
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of pounds of baseball gear on 00 a truck and it heads to viera, florida. it should make it by wednesday. first spring training game is march 2. there you see him. >> playing some baseball around here. >> to we have organ music? >> going to be good times. >> please tell me this isn't coming out of weather time. >> no baseball weather around here for sure. >> no, you guys can be a picking and i'll be a grinning because we have another chans for some snowflakes coming our way. and as a snow lover, i'm always happy about that. not going to mess with you too much today. dry roads and cold this morning. temperatures 20s and 30s. light rain and it will be raindrops here for this evening. and temperatures near 40. this morning cold and dry. evening nothing more than light rain, but overnight rain changing with and mixing into snow flakes. so tomorrow likely to be more of an issue.
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so tomorrow morning, washington southbound, mostly just a nuisance event. but washington northbound could be problematic as we could have 3 to 6 inches of snow. and again a problem southbound bw parkway at 32. we're sending chopper to this one. should be there in the next couple of minutes. just spoke with police, they say that it is damage only crash. so no injuries. but not the sure if it's blocking anything. 66 east at 50, disabled vehicle there in the right lane. doesn't seem to be slowing things but just a tad. 66 to the beltway, 10 minutes. 95 quantico to the beltway, 21 minutes. p 270 there germantown to the beltway, 12. and 95 over to 270 outer loop on time, as well. we're watching developments along the potomac river this morning as crews try to figure out what is to blame for the oil slick near reagan national airport. the steps they're taking in the day ahead.
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and also ahead argues night of what seemed like harmless fun about ended in tragedy at an owe
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storm team 4 hard at work this morning tracking the impact another wave of wintry weather will have on you. you're looking at the system that will arrive in our area tonight. chuck spell shows us when you could see snow and how much you could see in your neighborhood at 6:21.
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we're monitoring conditions across the country that could affect us here in the washington area. the weather channel's mike seidel is in plymouth, massachusetts. >> reporter: good morning. blizzard warning up here forly mouth county south of boston and the cape cod area and islands already snowing down there moderately. winds here have already gusted to 49 miles per hour coming right off the atlantic. it's a huge powerful storm and it's way, way off the coast. typically it would be a swing and a miss, but it's so large in the circulation, plus the cold eye to the north, we'll have winds gustin ining 60 to 65 milr hour. boston under a winter storm warning. logan airport has canceled 25% of delights in or out of there. so check ahead. they have canceled 234 flights in and out.
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laguardia in new york, 20% of their flights canceled. there will be blowing and drifting. 34 right now, so it will be a heavy wet snow. temperatures fall back to 30. also concerns about frees coming down and sporadic power outages. and this is their second storm since friday.rees coming down and sporadic power outages. and this is their second storm since friday.trees coming down and sporadic power outages. and this is their second storm since friday. some areas in mass has got as much as a foot of snow and schools closed again today. so a four day weekend for many students here in southeast mass. a little bit of snow up in southern new hampshire tonight and tomorrow morning especially in than chester for the early voting for the new hampshire voting. >> we're feeling for you guys. we just went through that here. thanks, mike seidel. a 20-year-old stafford county man sits behind bars this morning charged with murder. police say chancellor to willia early sunday morning. tolliver turned himself in and is held without bond. a toddler is recovering from a shooting in northwest
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washington. police say a bullet grazed the child during a shoot-out in the district along georgia avenue saturday night. you can see where the bullet pierced a window here in a business. the child inside was hit. another bullet hit a man, as well. police say both should be okay. no arrests yet in the case. 6:18 now. thieves stole 100 feet a of copper from a church in northern virginia. this happened at kirkwood presby tear kr presbyterian church friday night. the two downspouts could cost thousands to repair. it appears the thieves used a ladder to reach the downspouts. >> it really makes you sad that someone has to resort to having to steal and from a church, where we're here to help the community and we want to help those people who feel that desperate. >> the church reached out to news 4 about the theft so that other churches would know to be on the lockout for these types of crimes.
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we have new numbers in from aaa on traffic fines and what you think of them in the district. the poll shows that six out of ten d.c. residents oppose a major spike in a dozen new traffic fines. now, while it's true people who live in the district are less likely to get a ticket, seven out of ten think that higher fines won't make things safer. in fact half believe the city and he raising of fines is being done to make money. more than 1,000 drivers were part of the survey. new video out of denver where fans are celebrating the team's super bowl win. take a look at that. police this riot gear responded to the streets overnight. they say the cheering was mostly peaceful, but they did use chemical say on some people and made about a dozen arrests. the super bowl was packed with moments a we're all talking about today including a lot about broken can hes quarterback peyton manning. some think he will retire with
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his second spruper bowl championship. >> i'm take some time to reflect. a couple priority. i want to go kiss my wife and kids. i'll dripping a lot of budweiser tonight, i promise you that. >> take a look at how eli reacted to the win. >> the only one not smiling. >> now i got to win another super bowl. they both have super bowl titles now. a lot of people talking about halftime. >> he killed it. >> wasn't even his halftime show. >> and you hoe who stole the show, queen b herself. look at her. i think she's other worldly. and of course -- ♪ deluxe apartment in the sky >> a lot of people talking about the commercial. a reference to the jeffersons.
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and lot of celebs in the commercials. some made us laugh. >> and some dipd kind of creepe out. ♪ call me on my cellphone >> this was probably my favorite ad of the night. you hear the ad exec saying can you change it and then drake says, you know what, those changes don't ruin the song at all. not. >> and then we were scratching our head on this one. >> monkey monkey baby. funky monkey baby. >> listen. if i had had a couple of beers and that walked this to the room, i'm not just going to sit there and look. this was so weird. >> and it creeped me out. i know everybody was saying put a puppy and monkey and baby together, you have the cutest creature ever. >> no. >> and then this one. >> you didn't like that one at all. >> i understand tore pnderstand
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good, but come on. we know you have your own opinions about the commercials. so you can tell us about that on our facebook page. you can vote in our poll on the nbc washington facebook page. let us know what you thought. let's check this with chuck bell. did you have a favorite, chuck? >> i love the doritos one. sends the chip and out he went. they're yummy. outside this morning, we have a partly cloudy sky out there for now. a lot more clouds coming our way for the second half of the day today. so if you want to see a little sunshine, you will have to do it here in the front part of your monday. clouds will be bhak in on us by about noontime. overall weather impact take, low for most of the day, but increasing impact with time rain showers likely by late this afternoon and changing to snow so that by tomorrow, winter storm watch already posted. what should start as all rain everywhere changing to snow around about midnight tonight. could get potentially as much as 3 to 6 inches north and west of
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the city. 1 to 3 south and east. right here in the city, we're right on the rain/snow line. and as a result, snowfall forecasting is going to be very tricky. but know it will be problematic at least. current temperatures, we're in the 20s and 30s for now. future weather carries clear skies here through the morning hours and clouds quickly running in on us during the early afternoon. here is 3:45 future weather, chance for a few vipg kell, bew steadier rain this evening. so cold fwen20s and 30s out the door. mostly cloudy by 11:00 a.m. most of the afternoon low to mid-40s with the increasing clouds. rain chance after 3:00, 4:00. and tonight light rain, then a mixing of rain and wet snow after about 8:00, 9:00 this evening. so just though that thknow that a bit of an issue. so of course we're thinking about the weekend abouweekend.
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snow showers come to an end tuesday and wednesday. and then cold after that, high temperatures in the 20s on saturday and sunday. new trouble on the bw. here is melissa mollett. >> bw parkway southbound, chopper over the scene. police say that this is going to be blocking the left lane for a short time. no injuries. we are seeing a little bit of volume southbound bw parkway as you are approaching 32. westbound icc at 29, still have the crash reported in the right lane. stay far left to get by this. 66 east at 50, disabled car as well there. 95 northbound at 630, stafford, crash on the right side of the roadway. going just 10 miles per hour through that area. allow extra time. 6:in right now. and police in canada say the deaths of two brothers, twins, leaves a huge void in the community there. the boys were killed at the
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olympic park in calgary. they were using their personal sled after hours and hit a large gate that was separating two tracks. six other teams were injured. memorials are set up around the park for those boys. >> evan was doing the morning announcements every day. he just made our day a little brighter. so i thought i should come and lay flowers in respect. >> police are trying to figure out how the group of boys got into the park around 1:30 in the morning. the park was used for the '88 olympics and several world cup events. d.c. council is considering a bill to offer paid family leave to all district employees. kids and parents held a play date to highlight the importance of paid leave on sunday. they gathered at the petworth neighborhood library. the d.c. council is considering a proposal that provides up to 16 weeks of paid personal and family care leave. taking new precautions after this deadly crane accident.
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the new restrictions taking effect this morning. and we're watching a winter storm and the impact it will have on your community. chuck bell has four things to know about the storm, including the cold front behind it. also ahead, not welcome in the neighborhood. concerns some people are raising about a new business in their northern virginia community.
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our storm team is working to keep you informed as where e wa this late er line of winter weather. there is a chance you could start to see the impact as you head home from work tonight. know let group molette green is to what des .c. is doing to prepare. >> and chuck bell has four things to know. >> it won't be a repeat performance of the big blizzard.
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it is a significant snow chance. winter storm watches have already been issued to northern montgomery county, howard county and up to the hmason dixon line. snow likely to move in late late tonight. have your nbc washington app, download it and get ready to go. there is a big cold shot coming our way after the snow ends. temperatures this morning are in the 20s and 30s on your way out the door. so you'll need your winter jacket for sure. today, not the big of a problem. for tomorrow, snow likely first thing in the morning. and then fighting the rain/snow line during the day. that's a tomorrow issue. today you have all day to get things done. snow amounts, and we may have to change this more than one or two times. 3 to 6 inches washington northbound. we'll have effects on schools in ten minutes. breaking news on the roads
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right thousannow. southbound bw parkway at 32, left side of the roadway is blocked. we have a four mile backup right now southbound bw parkway at 32. inner loop at university, brand new problem there, doesn't seem to be slowing too much. 95 north through stafford, slowing. 6:31. developing along the potomac river, new tests today to find out what is causing the oily sheen on top of the water. derrick ward is live near roach's run. >> reporter: behind me is roach's run. in the air around here, a slight petroleumlike smell. the question is, what is it coming from. this has been a problem since last week when a oil sheen was
6:32 am
spotted on the potomac extending at one point as far south as wood row wirow wilson bridge. they have contained it, but yesterday they found a new outflow. so today they will inject dye into the water to try to stras it from the source. t dye is harmless, but it will give them a since of where the problem is flowing from. 19 geese and one duck have been september nt to a place in dela where they can be cleaned up. and they're looking for another 11. later today the the coast guard and other authorities involved in this cleanup will update us and a lab trying to analyze the substance to give them more clues into what the problem is. derrick ward, news 4. happening today, prosecutors will try again to get a guilty verdict against brian mayhew.
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he's the prince george's county man tried for the murder of his uncle back in july. that trial ended in a hung jury. mayhew is accused of having his uncle murdered while he was in jail. prosecutors say the uncle was expected to testify against mayhew in the 2011 murders of two people in capitol heights. today a man will be sentenced for randomly stabbing two people at metro bus stop. last july, reginald cooper was convicted. a judge could sentence cooper to life in prison today. a brand new gun store is open for business in falls church. but for some residents, its proximity to a cool is unsettling. so the staff is asking patrons do their part. >> we encourage all of our customers coming this through the side door, park in the back so we won't use the front doors here. so there will be very, very limited visibility.
6:34 am
>> the owner says the purpose is the building to provide proper safety and training. and you'll want to be part of a budget meeting tonight if you have a child in the public school in prince william county. the superintendent says the budget is meant to address class size. the superintendent also pitched for a raise for teachers. the final budget must be in by the end of april. good news at the pump this morning. gas prices just keep on falling. they have dropped eight cents over the past two weeks making the national average $1.82 for regular. prices are down 37 cents from this time last year. analysts say prices could continue to fall if crude oil costs keep dropping. from the roads to proposed bike lanes, you have until march 19 to weigh in on new bike lanes away areas including gallery place and the convention center. news 4 went to a packed public meeting over the weekend. standing room only. talking about how the bike lanes would work.
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transportation officials are trying to gather feedback about installing them through many major road s in downtown washington. some churches express concerns saying the new bike lanes would take away parking for their parishion parishioners. summer olympics less than six months away now. and rio is getting ready. tonight wendy rieger will show us some of the venues and introduce us to the construction workers trying to get it all finished in time. don't forget you can see more scenes from rio and what to check out ahead of the games in the nbc washington app. just search road to rio. developing story right now out of taiwan as crews race to find survivors still buried in the rub speble after a you powe earthquake. where the death toll stands at this hour. also ahead, the key deadline in virginia if you're planning to vote in the upcoming super
6:36 am
tuesday primary. winter storm watches have already been posted in northern maryland and i fully expect more winter weather advisories to come out affecting the remain kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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dropping it it really quick. whoa. holy [ bleep ]. oh, my gosh. look at that. that is a deadly crane collapse. and because of that incident, tighter restrictions go in to effect today in new york city. mayor bill de blasio says these kind of cranes now must go into
6:40 am
safety mode whenever theit's to windy. >> a lot of folks headed out to the bus stop in a few minutes. no worry about the show today. >> no, today is not the problem. tomorrow is the beginning of our problem stretch around here. bus stop forecast, it's cold. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. so layer up the kiddos here this morning. but you will get sunshine through about noontime. mostly cloudy bhi later on this afternoon and chance for light rain an they will start as raindrops coming in after 3:00 or 4:00. so the kids will need their winter coat for the cold outside this morning. may want to have that umbrella with you you just in case. and school chances, an 80% chance of a delay or cancellation coming up tomorrow and 60% going into wednesday. "7-day forecast" which include as a bone chilling weekend, that's in ten minutes. breaking news continues in first 4 traffic. breaking news on bw parkway, it is slow for four miles headed southbound approaching 32. this is because of a crash.
6:41 am
you'll have to stay right and definitely allow extra time. crash on the left side of the roadway. police say it should be out there have in a little bit. eastbound 32 at 108, all traffic right now using the westbound reigns here. that is very slow, as well. an accident there eastbound 32 at 108. 95 north going just ten miles per hour through satisfy forward. brand new crash at 234, as well. crash on the right side of the roadway. 66 looks good coming in. 95 north from quantico to the beltway, you're fine. 270 south is okay. and so is the top of the beltway. just a little slow totally normal for this time of day. right now we're working on a number of stories to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. first the steps d.c. is taking in the coming hours to make sure they're prepared for some potential winter weather heading our way. and plus the race to win over voters in new hampshire. the issues the candidates are trying to get out on the eve of the nation's first primary. (phone ringing)
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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iand quit a lot,t but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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we're watching a line of winter weather that could start to impact you as you leave the office tonight. the system you see pushing in could bring snow for a number of you. we're tracking the precautions d.c. is taking ahead of the snow. first, though, chuck bell has more on the impact of the storm. >> that's right, weather and your plans. won't have a huge impact here
6:45 am
this morning. we'll give you the green light for weather impacts this morning. by later this evening, though, yes, ma'am low lig yellow light for late tonight into tomorrow as rain changes to snow. how much should you expect, that at 6:51. and breaking news on bw parkway, a five mile backup headed southbound. details on this major issue right now. slow downs o s here coming up. team coverage continues right now as we get ready for more snow. the good news is it won't reach the heights of the blizzard of 2016, but there are a few messy commutes in store for us. so let's check in with molette green and how d.c. is getting ready to this fenext round of snow. >> reporter: and you know, the timing of this could make it really tricky. the tuesday morning rush when we're expecting things to get a little yucky outdoors. city plows are on standby for
6:46 am
full deployment set to kick in at noontime today. 200 plus plows are at the ready to spread that salt and to plow if necessary. they will be at the bridges, freeway, ma major routes and of course overpasses. the city needs to get on top of this. it is a must because of the timing of this. they don't want to get caught off guard like before and have the repeat scenario that played out before the big snow that left the roads really icy, created that traffic nightmare that happened during evening rush hour where people were stuck in that for hours. the mayor is encouraging property owners to also do their part to pre-treat the sidewalks if at all possible before this latest round of snow kicks in tomorrow morning. we're outside the ddot salt dome where they are ready to go. right now only the trash trucks
6:47 am
are out and about rolling out this morning. but later today at noon, plow trucks will be strategically placed around the city. that is the latest live from north d.c. back to you. make sure you have our nbc washington app before you leave for work this morning. our breaking news alerts will keep you informed as this winter storm develops plus keep you up-to-date on any potential school delays or closings. a police chase may have contributed to the crash in front of nats park. officers say a car slammed into two vehicles about 4:15 yesterday afternoon on south capitol street southeast. this morning one of the drivers involved is in critical condition. a woman and a child this another car went to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. jury selection begins this morning for another officer on trial in the death of freddie gray. the baltimore sun reports that alisha white met the police van
6:48 am
carrying gray last april. prosecutor argue that she tried to speak to him and when he did not respond, she did nothing further to examine his condition and did not call for help p investigators say gray died of a spinal cord injury he received in the back of that van. 6:48. expect to see demonstrators this front of the fairfax county adult detention center at noon today. they're calling for police reform. today marks one year since the officer involved death of florida tashanatasha mckenna. she died after offices tased her multiple times saying she was combative while they were trying to move her to another holding cell. right now out of taiwan, more survivors pulled from the rubble of that deadly earthquake. take a look. two more survivors were found bringing the number of those rescued over 200. but still crews worry the death toll which stands at 36 right
6:49 am
now will rise because more than 100 people remain trapped inside a collapsed high rise. now, the building is one of nearly a dozen that crumbled after the 66.4 magnitude quake. today is the day chipotle told us about, the chain is closing all of its stores for several hours. they're holding meetings about the outbreaks that have impacted the company and its business. e. coli and neurovirus made more than 500 people sick last year. you won't be able to go to chipotle until 3:00 this afternoon. make time today to register to vote if you haven't done so already. if you don't register by midnight, you will not be able to vote in the virginia primaries. the primary happens next month march 1st, super tuesday. you can check your registration or submit your application to vote online. you can also apply in person. most voter registration offices in virginia will be open until 5:00 tonight. this time tomorrow, we will
6:50 am
be minutes away from the first primary of decision 2016. polls open at 7:00 tomorrow morning in new hampshire. tracie potts is in manchester for us this morning with what we should expect in this last day of campaigning. tracie, let's start with the republicans. >> reporter: well, let's start with them because we still see a lot of flux between who people are supporting and who people may actually vote for. latest tracking poll gives 43% of republicans latitude there people who say they that they won't necessarily vote for the person that they're support you go right now. they could still change their mind. those numbers are highest for chris christie and marco rubio. that's important for rubio because he's seen his numbers grow. he came into this with a lot of momentum from iowa. he's placed number two if some of the recent polls. so he surged ahead of ted cruz by a little bit. not quite where trump is yet.
6:51 am
and we're seeing that not just with rubio, but republicans in general. >> so the democrats now, hillary clinton spent what was really a crucial campaign day away from new hampshire, right? >> reporter: she did. she went to flint, michigan right in the middle of a really tough campaign this new hampshire. that was strategic, too. you have to keep in mind that by going away to flint, she got a lot of coverage up there. there is a large african-american community similar to south carolina which is where they're headed next. so sohe could have gained suppot for south carolina. she will be back here today for a couple events. she's down by double digits. anywhere from 13 to 20 points depending on which of the polls you take a look at. and what we're hearing from her strategy, is if she loses new hampshire but she loses bhi s s single digits, they will consider that a win and move on.
6:52 am
>> tracie potts in new hampshire for us. thank you. breaking news on the roads. ch chopper 4 over a 5 mile backup that is just building. this is bw parkway south as you're approaching 32. crash in the left lane. police telling me it should be out of the way in a little bit. inner loop at university, still have a complaint there of something blocking the right lane as far as a crash. eastbound 32 at 108, traffic using the westbound lanes. we're really jammed eastbound 32 approaching 108. 270 at montrose road southbound here, northbound the taillights looking pretty good. typical monday morning commute for them. 95 north still going 10 miles per hour north there near stafford because of that crash now on the right shoulder. big look at things overall, no major problems. again bw parkway still nasty there top of your screen. i'll take a breath now. chuck. breathing never a bad idea.
6:53 am
outside this morning, we don't have anything to worry about for today in the washington area. but starting tonight, we will have to watch this little area of rain/snow to our west. that's coming our way tonight. big impact today, the big ocean storm up here if you're flying to new york or especially to providence or boston today, big slowdowns likely in those airports. so you may want to be watching out for travel delays. also more snow out here upper midwest means delays in and out of chicago. so air travel could be impacted today ahead of what should be you're next snow chance arriving tonight into tuesday. storm team 4 radar shows nothing in the area just yet. there are winter storm watches across northern montgomery county, frederick county, carroll and howard counties, as well. starting as rain, changing to snow around about midnight. on average, i think 3 to 6 north and west of the city. 1 to 3 south and east. so it's not anywhere near as much snow as the last time. and we're fighting the rain/snow line. so this will be a very tricky forecast. temperatures this morning mostly
6:54 am
in the 20s and low 30s. so plan to be cold here this morning. 37 by 9:00. 40 or better by 11:00. highs today postally limostly o mid-40s. future weather, clouds come in today. chance for light rain coming in after 5:00 or so tonight. here is the mix by early tomorrow morning, mostly snow across the area. and it looks like it will stay mostly snow or maybe mixed with snow and rain down to our south and east. so snowfall amounts anywhere between 1 and 3 southbound, 3 to 6 north. so my actual forecast map, 3 to 6 hagerstown, frederick, leesburg, damascus. 1 to 3, thereabouts, but we may have to change the numbers because anytime you future the rain/snow line, that is a tricky forecast. but it will impactful on your commutes. after the snow stops, the real cold settles in for the weekend. highs in the 20s at best
6:55 am
saturday and sunday. i'm landon dowdy. jack dorsey trying to cold water on a virtual fire. twitter users taking their outrage online after buzzfeed reported that you would see tweets based on what twitter thinks that you would like to see. similar to how facebook posts are organized. the report prompting the #riptwitter on the twweb. dorsey tweeted that the company is listening to users and that the change is not happening this week. i'm landon dowdy. ♪ and beyonce was just supposed to be the guest artist, but come on, beyonce doesn't take a back seat to anyone. and bruno mars also amazing at the super bowl halftime show last night. they were the guests of cold
6:56 am
play. all performed hits. beyonce gave you a brand new song that she released just this weekend. she followed that with the announcement of her latest world tour. it's like thank you nfl for being the platform for beyonce. i really like this spot. this was super bowl babies. the game halftime show of course and the wonderful ads will have you talking today. this 3 minute commercial about super bowl babies. it this is a chorus and each group represents babies of the year the team won. >> gotcha. >> 49ers, golden gate bridge, you get it? love that one. and some made us laugh, some creeped us out. be sure to head to the nbc washington facebook page to share your favorite ads with us. it's now 6:56. four things to know before you head out this morning.
6:57 am
crews will use special dyes today to test water language a potomac. death toll rising in taiwan. 36 people died in building collapses with more than 100 people missing. last day of campaigning in new hampshire. donald trump leads in the latest polls there. and bernie sanders also with a strong lead over hillary clinton. and crews get back to work to prepare for the snow heading our way. we could gets as many as 3 inches overnight and could be a messy commute. >> that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for joining us. >> the
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. rocky mountain high. >> pressure and cuts. the ball is out. in the end zone. >> the denver broncos win the super bowl, upsetting the carolina panthers, 24-10. peyton manning, the oldest winning quarterback in super bowl history. was it his last me? we'll ask him this morning. plus, all the highlights from the game. >> vaughn miller did it again. >> the star-studded halftime show. and, of course, the commercials. >> puppy monkey baby. fighting back. >> you said the same thing three or four times. i'll say it again. >> marco rubio forced to defend why he repeated the same message four times during the


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