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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 8, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now snow is on the way. i'm barbara harrison. the storm could keep work crews staying ahead of the weather. >> new data coming in. i've got new timing hour by hour, and how much we may be getting. a snowstorm coming our way here later today into tomorrow. and i'm angie goss at the live desk. what is needed to fight this zika virus. >> and i'm pat lawson with news of what needs to be done to clean up a slick spill. news4 begins right now. storm team 4 radar showing the leading edge of the snow now
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coming through west virginia into the ohio valley. you can see rain in these areas in green of west virginia. farther south there is rain and snow mixed in the mountains of western north carolina. all of this coming from a circulation of the atmosphere. coming over indiana right now, the center of that circulation passing right over us by later tonight and into tomorrow. the leading edge of that in the form of rain from morgantown, west virginia to elkins, west virginia. that is going to be moving into the shenandoah valley, but it's another five or six hours or so not until late afternoon there, and then eventually getting into the metro area ahead of some rain. we have winter storms in the counties in blue, frederick, northeastern maryland and an advisory for lighter snow out in the mountains. we'll give you the timing and the amounts. that's coming up. molette green continues our east coverage.
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she is in northeast washington. molette? >> i'm right inside one of the many salt domes in d.c. they're ready to deploy, but with this storm it's all about the timing. salt chemicals and plow trucks on stand-by. >> no! >> reporter: it's coming but the timing of it is a little bit tricky for tuesday's rush when people head out to school and work. she doesn't have to go out in it. >> i'm going to go to the store and i'm going to stock up. then i'm going to look out my window and watch. >> reporter: the deployment of d.c.'s snow team kicks up at noon. plow trucks ready to roll out and spread salt and plow if necessary. hoping to avoid a repeat of last month's snowfall where untreated
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it froze and iced over, creating a traffic nightmare. >> we'll probably get one inch. >> reporter: the mayor wants property owners to do their part and pre-treat sidewalks. l.t. cook says he's lucky his house is just a few steps away from the plow trucks. since we are expecting some rain first, d.c. tells me -- d.c. department of transportation says their snow trucks will be out and about with a wait for the rain to stop before actually treating the roads. in northeast d.c., inside a salt dome, molette green, news4. just in, the white house wants emergency funding to fight the zika virus.
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the administration now asking congress for almost $2 billion to take on the disease in the u.s. and other countries. now, the money would be split between several health agencies, they say. agencies that are working on everything from vaccines to prevention to care for low-income pregnant women. we're working right now on getting reaction. we're going to bring you more as we get it. barbara? >> thank you, and to the district now. it may have been a police chase that contributed to this crash right in front of nets park. police are looking into that. a car slammed into two vehicles yesterday afternoon on south capitol street in southeast d.c. one of the drivers involved is in critical condition this morning. a woman and a child in another car also went to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. jury selection has started in the trial of another officer charged in the death of freddie gray. sergeant alicia white met the police van carrying gray last
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april. prosecution argued she tried to speak to him, and when he didn't respond, she did nothing further to examine his condition and did not call for help. investigators said gray died of a spinal cord injury he received in the back of the van. denver fans, wherever you are, we know you're celebrating the broncos super bowl victory right now in denver. it was a long night for some fans. police said crowds were peaceful for the most part, but they did arrest a dozen revelers for making mischief. the bronco doing the most celebrating, quarterback peyton manning. he was asked if he's going to retire. he got that treatment on the "today" show. >> two wins, by the way, is a nice, round number, wouldn't you say? >> it certainly is. i'm going to enjoy this super bowl victory and celebrate with family and friends. i'll keep doing it for a few more weeks, and at an
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appropriate time, i think i'll make a decision. i have to tell you, though, matt, i'm very much at peace with it. >> let me try this a different way. raise your hand -- >> reporter: also, a lot of you are sharing this clip on line with peyton's brother eli, the lions quarterback. everyone is celebrating, except for him, which may mean eli manning has two super bowl rings, which now he and his brother are tied. a virginia ad people are talking about for the wrong reasons. plus the coast guard responds to a spill on the potom potomac. what we could
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the super bowl commercials
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are always fun during the game, but people in west virginia has some people upset. the commercial included a montage of defining moments in american history. one of those moments was 9/11 and the footage used was the twin towers coming down. people quickly reacted on twitter, saying the ad was exploiting the tragedy. here's a look at what's trending this morning. let's start with a look at the top four super bowl commercials. there was a lot of good ones. first up, the doritos commercial. apparently being in utero doesn't matter when it comes to those chip cravings. in the doctor's office, dad had his doritos in tow. realizing the baby wanted one, mom just threw the chip. everyone was talking about it. poking fun at himself a little bit and then i love the line, these changes don't ruin the song at all.
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the next one, kind of quirky like many ads this year is actually for avocados from mexico. a group of aliens take a tour through some sort of pop culture museum, featuring that infamous dress everyone was arguing over. is it blue, is it gold, and even scott baio. pop culture, indeed. as creepy as it was crazy, monkey-baby-puppy. this is a commercial for mt. dew. i thought it was just creepy, but that's me. >> we agree with you. >> i liked the one on the super bowl babies. it had all of the children that were born -- not all the children, but a sampling of kids born in the years of each super bowl. it was really kind of touching. >> for a lot of people the ads
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are just as much fun as the game. >> like me. the game was actually pretty interesting last night. >>
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now your storm team 4 forecast. clouds coming in from the west, but still sunny here. clouds are producing a rain/snow mix in ohio and west virginia. that's going to get to the shenandoah valley late afternoon into early evening. some rain ahead of that into the area. temperatures right now in the low to mid-40s. reagan international is right around 44 degrees. right around the bay in the low 40s. the system coming on in. initially some of that snow into the shenandoah valley 7:00 or 8:00, maybe some rain mixing in at 10:00 in the metro area.
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then it moves to the north and east. we'll continue to have some of that, maybe more when we get into the afternoon hours on tuesday with total amounts in the metro area climbing 1]fu=!b inches. areas to the north might get 3 to 5 inches to 6 inches. from loudoun county to the pennsylvania border. this morning police in calgary says the death of twin brothers leaves a huge void in their community. the boys were killed at canada olympic park. they were sledding after hours and they hit a large gate separating two tracks. six other teens were injured. a memorial has now been set up around the park. >> evan was doing the morning announcements every day. he just kind of made our day a little brighter. i thought i should come and bring some flowers and respect. >> police are trying to determine how the boys got into the park around 1:30 in the morning. that park was used for the 1988 olympics and several world cup events. right now chipotle is closed
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all around the country. you won't be able to buy a burrito there until 3:00 this afternoon. the company is holding closed meetings at all of its restaurants to talk about the recent outbreaks at its stores. e. coli and norovirus made more than 500 people sick. after the
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there is something unusual
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in the water. you may notice it if you're driving by the potomac river. the coast guard is testing to find the source of a mysterious oil spill that has already endangered wildlife in the area. eric ward is live at the water sanctuary to tell us how the cleanup is going. how is it going there, derrick? >> reporter: at this point there is a lot of activity down here, and there has been the past few hours. that is roach's run, and you see on the other side, that is one of the outfalls, one of the ways water comes into this body of water. this is a waterfall sanctuary. they're trying to figure out the source of this mysterious petroleum-based product that's been on the river for several days. like today, crews from a delaware-based birch sanctuary found some geese, and there may be some remaining in this area that were affected by this petroleum product. they've rounded up about 19, and a duck or two as well, and
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they're going to be cleaned up and rehabilitated. there yesterday they noticed a petroleum-based object sheening on the river. they're going to put some dye into the water, yellow-greenish dye, to help them trace the source of that petroleum-based product. you may notice a yellow greenish tint to the water sometime after this happens. they still don't know exactly what this product is, but they are concerned about its effect on wildlife. obviously, this being a bird sanctuary here and those geese are pivotal to this and that's why they've been rounding them up and cleaning them out. but again, the issue is still trying to figure out exactly what the source of this petroleum-based product is. they don't think it's causing much of a threat on the wider part of the potomac. at one point you could see all the way down south to the wilson bridge. now it's dissipated out there. they've concentrated it. the key is to try to figure out
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exactly where it is and that dye test will begin in just a few minutes. we are live here at roach's run. derrick ward, news4. back to you. right now some sunshine in the metro area, temperatures in the low and mid-40s now. during the afternoon over the next 12 hours by 2:00, still mid-40s. then some rain moves in around 6:00 p.m. by 11:00, down to the mid-30s. 3 to 6 inches in the dark blue zone, and that's in montgomery into howard county, frederick, maryland, the panhandle of w west virginia, southern maryland 1 to 3 inches, north prince george's county, fairfax county by the time it all ends tomorrow afternoon. >> thank you, tom. we have a reminder for firefighters for you. be sure to alert authorities and
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get out of the house if you notice the smell of natural gas inside. a firefighter from the volunteer fire department said a gas leak triggered a fire in woodridge. they said it set a fireball through the basement. the presidential race. if you haven't done so, make time today to register to vote. if you don't register by midnight, you won't be able to vote in the virginia primary. the primary takes place next month, march 1st, which is super tuesday. you can check your registration or submit your application on line. most voter registration offices in virginia will be open until 5:00 this afternoon if you would rather register in person. the race for the republican nomination is tightening in this last day before the new hampshire primary. struggling candidates are climbing in the polls today after marco rubio's poor performance in the gop debate saturday night. donald trump holds onto a lead
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in the southern state. but they say trump missed an opportunity by letting ted cruz dominate. hillary clinton visits flint, michigan. they s she spoke there at a baptist church, calling the tainting of the water there immoral. bernie sanders criticized her approach to foreign policy yesterday, particularly pointing out hillary clinton's vote on the iraq war. the italian president is visiting the white house. he and president obama are going to talk about human interests in the u.s., including what can be done about isis and economic development and a trade and investment partnership. also happening today at the white house, first lady michelle obama will celebrate black history month with 51 d.c. students. she invited them to highlight
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black people in dance. a stafford county man is sitting behind bars this morning charged with murder. police say chancellor toliver shot a man, and he is being held without bound. we're learning how a toddler is doing after a bullet grazed him over the weekend in northwest d.c. it hit the child in the side. this happened in a shootout saturday night. another bullet hit a man. police say both the man and the child should be okay. they made no arrests yesterday. crooks nab 100 feet of copper from a church in northern virginia. it happened in kirkwood presbyterian church saturday
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night. it could cost thousands to repair. police say the thieves probably had to use a ladder to reach those downspouts. >> it really makes me sad when someone has to resort to steal, and not only that steal from a church where we're here to help the community, and we want to help those people who feel that desperate. >> the church reached out to news4 about the theft so other churches would know to be on the lookout for these types of crimes. do higher traffic crimes keep you safer? kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them;
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as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. right now gas prices are down almost a dime. they dropped eight cents over the past two weeks. that puts the national average at $1.82 for regular. the price is down 37 cents from this time last year.
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prices will continue to fall if crude oil prices keep dropping. traffic laws are about to jump with fines. aaa talked to about a thousand drivers. six out of ten are against a fine increase as part of the vision zero plan to lower deadly accidents, lower the number of accidents, rather. the survey also found 7 of 10 don't believe the higher fines will make the roads any safer. aaa only talked to d.c. drivers about this, but aaa says you're more likely to get a ticket if you don't live in the district. we are back in 60 seconds to tell you where food trucks could soon be feeding hungry
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periods of snow beginning around 11:00 tonight and ending around sunset on tuesday, coming and going, off and on periods of
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snow. 1 to 3 inches in metro and nearby suburbs. 3 to 6 inches farther to the north up near the pennsylvania border, panhandle into west virginia and northeastern maryland. afternoon highs today, mid to upper 40s. that will keep the pavement warm, so a lot of snow that does fall will be melting on pavement, but on the grassy areas and some slush tomorrow. a polar plunge after that. thursday into the weekend, frigid most of the time. below freezing. very cold on saturday and sunday. a few flurries around on saturday. thanks, tom. with the football season over, what better time to talk about baseball. nationals players are heading to vero, florida for spring training next week. today employees will load up a truck with thousands of equipment and supplies. the gear will arrive on wednesday. spring training begins in march. as soon as this fall, you could be able to grab a quick bite on your way to or from work. there is a bill moving forward
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in virginia to allow food trucks in commuter parking lots. the trucks would pay vdot a fine, money that would go to agents and security cameras at the lots. he first got the idea when he learned crimes like tire theft in commuter lots across the county. resources from collapsed buildings in taiwan today after buildings in taiwan today after this week
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right now a blizzard and winter storm warning for portions of massachusetts. some areas will get as much as 6 to 10 inches today. strong winds are part of the storm which means concern for coastal flooding and power outages. the cape could see winds of up to 45 miles an hour. and snow is also headed to our area, and leaders are asking you to spread salt or kitty litter on the sidewalks to make sure it's easier to clear away after the snow actually falls. in d.c. the mayor plans to send out more than 200 plows this afternoon. snow and rain arrive here tonight, actually, and tom could tell us what we can expect and when. tom? >> you see that snow hitting new england now, but that's not the storm that's going to be affecting us. the one effeaffecting us is com out of the midwest. you can see pockets of warm air. these are scattered areas of moderate snow. you can see it's not everywhere, just pockets of that.
11:31 am
areas of red and green is mixing with rain now where it's mixing with milder air. we're low to mid-40s now. the areas will be elkins, another four or five hours before that arrives. the area in the pink and white is mostly snow, the area in green, rain. this is as of 10:00 p.m. maybe a little bit of rain moving into the metro area, a little bit of snow to our north. that's during the evening hours. by midnight they'll change into all snow in the metro area by 5:00 a.m. tuesday. some moderate snow coming down but it will be a wet snow. a lot of the pavement will be above freezing, so it may be a light, slushy accumulation by dawn tomorrow. it may be slushy in the area before it ends tomorrow late afternoon. developing this hour, more than a hundred people are missing after that major earthquake in taiwan. it caused several buildings to collapse. rescue teams right now are working to pull survivors from the rubble. overnight an eight-year-old girl and her aunt were saved. we're told some 200 people
11:32 am
survived. eight have died, and that number could climb as crews go through the debris. he's moving fast now. he's dropping really quick. it looks like it's going to [ bleep ]. holy [ bleep ]. >> because of this deadly crane collapse, there are tighter crane restrictions now in effect in new york city. mayor bill de blasio says as of today, these kinds of cranes have to go into safety mode whenever it gets too windy or the forecast calls for significant wind gusts. one man died and three people were injured in friday's crane collapse. right now the start of a new trial for brian mahew. he is the prince george's man tried for the murder of his uncle back in july. his first trial ended in a hung jury.
11:33 am
mayhew is accused of having his uncle murdered while he was in jail. prosecutors say the uncle was expected to testify against mayhew in the 2005 murders of two people in capitol heights. expect to see some demonstrators in front of the adult detention center in about 30 minutes. they are calling for police reform. today marks one year since the officer-involved death of natasha mckenna. you may remember she was receiving treatment for schizophrenia. she died at the detention center after officers tased her multiple times, saying she was combative while they were trying to transfer her out of a holding cell. there is a brand new gun store open in falls church. for residents there, its proximity to a school is unsettling. to try to ease people's concerns, the staff is asking patrons of the store to do their part. >> we want to encourage all of our customers coming in, come in through the side door, park in the back, so we won't use the front doors here. there will be very limited visibility.
11:34 am
>> the owner says the purpose of his business is to help create responsible firearms owners, owners who have the proper safety training. we have an update to a shooting investigation involving two d.c. teachers. we learned that 23-year-old justin headspeth was arrested and charged with intent to kill. this is after two teachers were shot in their car in the 1500 block of eden road southeast, the monday after the big blizzard here. we know both of them are recovering. the school district did issue a statement saying they're shocked and saddened by the violence against their administrators. we continue to work on this investigation. barbara? this morning the d.c. council is considering a bill to offer paid family leave to all district employees. kids and participants held a playdate to highlight the importance of paid leave on sunday. they gathered at the pet worth
11:35 am
neighborhood library. they wrote letters saying what paid family leave means to d.c. families. they are looking for up to six weeks of personal and paid family leave. it is a speech that he made last month that is still -- has a lot of people talking. he apologized to teachers for that. he said teachers and principals at times have felt attacked and unfairly blamed for the challenges our nation faces. in a new interview, king says that speech marked a kind of reset in rhetoric. after the neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan.
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living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. i'm melissa for a look at your metro traffic. two different issues, one on the silver line and one on the blue line here. blue and silver lines will be running every 15 minutes,
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approximately, at least, until 2:00 this afternoon. they are saying that passengers at benning road on the fargo platform. see you later for news today. a royal caribbean cruise ship is scheduled to dock in florida after a rough ride. >> passengers were told to stay in their cabins and some areas of the ship were damaged. nbc4's natalie morales has more. >> reporter: high anxiety on the high seas sunday as a royal caribbean cruise ship hit rough waters off the coast of the carolinas. >> 75-mile-an-hour winds. >> reporter: officials say the anthem of the seas making its way south on a week-long trip from new york to the bahamas ran into severe weather, forcing the crew to change course and head to cape canavaral, florida.
11:38 am
royal caribbean releasing a statement this morning saying in part, in an abundance of caution, the captain asked all guests to stay in their rooms. there was no damage to the ship due to the weather. they shot videos and photos of toppled furniture and other damage. they released a statement overnight saying nervous relatives began calling about their loved ones on board. but the ship was not in need of assistance. we have been in continued communication with the ship and will continue to do so to ensure anthem of the seas gets to port safely. meanwhile, passengers confined to their cabins were eager to share their fears and frustrations, one tweeting, don't think i've ever missed land this much. in other news, wish i took those swimming lessons. >> wow. pretty frightening. >> very, very frightening. we have new concerns about the olympi
11:39 am
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right now, sunshine, temperatures in the mid-40s. north and west it's hovering around 40 degrees, mid-30s pennsylvania border. around bathe bay it's in the mid-40s. that will keep the snow totals down because the pavements will be warm from all the mild temperatures this morning. still as much as 3 to 6 inches in the dark blue zone, 1 to 3 inches around the metro area. all of this starting late tonight, around 11:00, and ending by sunset tomorrow. so in the morning, moderate impacts, some slushy spots on pavement and untreated surfaces. still moderate impact with the wet snow tapering off. that's going to be by midday. by afternoon/evening, though, still moderate impact as it turns colder and starts to freeze up tuesday night into wednesday morning. we're less than six months away now from the rio olympic
11:41 am
games, and athletes are telling us they're not worried about the recent outbreak of zika. representatives from great britain and japan gathered this morning in tokyo. there they were talking about access to training facilities for the athletes, and they were also talking about concerns over zika in brazil, but the virus is spread mainly through month ske -- mosquitos and it's linked to brain development in babies. tomorrow night wednesday shows us the venues where the celebration will take place, and she introduces us to the workers trying to get it together in time. remember, you can see more scenes from rio and find out what to check out ahead of the games on the nbc washington app. search road to rio. we're just hours away from
11:42 am
the first in the country primary. after the break, i'll show you how they're working to get how they're working to get voters to you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
11:43 am
11:44 am
just one more day until new hampshire voters have their say. the new hampshire primary takes place tomorrow and candidates are all trying to get in the
11:45 am
last word with undecided voters. tracy manchester with the latest. >> reporter: trudging through snow, wet alleys, upstairs and literally pounding the pavement. we caught up with hillary clinton's team trying to make up her double digit deficit here. >> people here that we've knocked on doors, they really haven't made up their minds. >> reporter: the indecision even worse for republicans. >> we have to win this election. we have to. and we will. if you vote for me, if you nominate me, we will win this election. >> reporter: more than 4 in 10 republicans told the university of massachusetts they could still change their minds. >> people are looking for people to make decisions, and they're trying to analyze who is the best person to make those decisions. >> reporter: the most solid republicans here? trump voters. >> i don't need your money, i need your vote. >> i feel like he's real, you know? >> reporter: ted cruz now polling third here slammed on the republicans for saying yes to women registering for
11:46 am
selective service. back to the democrats, bernie sanders is pointing out differences. clinton voted for the iraq war. he didn't. >> i was right on that issue. hillary clinton was wrong! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: tomorrow the voters decide. now, the university of massachusetts daily tracking poll, it shows that democrats much more so than republicans at this point are likely to stick with the person they're supporting. tracie potts, nbc news, manchester, new hampshire. now, there's more snow on the way for new hampshire, but it should end tonight before voting begins on tuesday morning. our snow is expected to start tonight. and tom, maybe you can give us the latest on the timing for that. tom? >> yes. and veronica johnson just arrived here. look at the boots she brought in. we're not going to have that much snow, but she's prepared, anyway. way to go, b.j. love that. that's great. around the region we're going to get maybe 1 to 3 inches in the metro area. maybe her boots might get up to
11:47 am
her ankles. otherwise we're going to be fine for the rest of the afternoon. we'll be in the mid-40s. that snow starts to accumulate a little bit 11:00 tonight into tuesday. we may get about 3 inches in the metro area. points to our north and west might get as much as about 5 to 6 inches. that's northern montgomery county, howard county, and on into the pennsylvania border. that's where they might get 5 or 6 inches. all of this ending on tuesday night, then we freeze up again on tuesday morning. a snow shower on wednesday, then on thursday partly sunny and barely getting up to the freezing mark. polar plunge as we get into friday and the weekend as we will have temperatures not above freezing. in fact, we'll only be in the teens on friday morning. may only make it up to near freezing on friday afternoon. very cold again on saturday. maybe a few scattered flurries around on saturday. saturday morning the mid-teens, afternoon highs only the 20s. coldest day of the winter so
11:48 am
far. looks to be moving in on sunday we may have single-digit lows on sunday morning, maybe even a few spots in some of the rural areas out in the mountains near zero sunday morning. sunday afternoon, highs mainly in the teens to just near 20 degrees. so here it comes. winter isn't done with us yet. new developments in the explosion that ripped that hole in the side of an airplane. somal somalian investigators say this video shows two men with a laptop that blew up on board last week. the men are in the blue shirt and orange vest. you see them on the right of your screen. investigators believe a suicide bomber is responsible for the explosion. one person was killed. too confusing. that's what the national highway traffic safety administration says about the electronic gearshifters in some newer fiat suvs and cars. drivers are getting out of the vehicles while they're still in gear, causing 120 crashes.
11:49 am
they have doubled the amount in the investigation to some 50,000 vehicles. this includes jeep grand cherokees and dodge chargers. so far no recalls. super bowl 50 is reacting to the game in spite of mvp season. there were flags for cam newton of the carolina panthers. hear what he had to say. >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. >> newton clearly upset by the loss. however, broncos quarterback peyton manning said his opponent was all class. on the "today" show, he was asked about facing one of the game's young stars. >> he was extremely humble, he congratulated me, wished me the best. i told him just congratulations on his outstanding season and
11:50 am
just what a great future he has ahead of him. he'll be back in that game, i can promise you. >> this could be the last game of manning's career. he now has two super bowl rings, though, and five mvp awards. that's the most all time. he says he plans to enjoy the victory for at least a few more weeks before saying whether he will retire. ♪ >> now, she was only a feature artist last night, but it's safe to say both beyonce and bruno mars stole the super bowl half time show last night. they were guests of coldplay but the internet felt otherwise. coldplay and bruno mars performed and beyonce revealed a brand new song she released just this weekend. she followed that with the announcement of her latest world tour. well, the players and performers aren't the only ones recovering from a long night right now. a lot of offices are a little
11:51 am
emptyer. a report done a few years ago says an average 1.5 million people tend to call in sick the day after the super bowl. millions more show up late for work. during that period of time, employees may be sweating off some 300 million gallons of beer. they did a whole lot of drinking last night. a loft drinking and a lot of celebrating. >> so maybe super bowl saturday would help to solve some of the problem for employers who need their workers today and the workers are home. >> after 50 years of super bowl sunday, a lot of people might have a hard time changing that in their heads. some things just happen on sundays. oscar awards and -- >> super bowl games. >> you're right,
11:52 am
11:53 am
>> a child born in the year of the monkey, and this year there is a superstitious look at the local fen shui master making decisions for this upcoming year. the master says this year it may be an economic slide but it's a good year to give birth. valentine's day is coming up. more reason to wear red, and starbuck's has something for the chocolate lover in you. they will be unveiling three new limited drinks. you can choose from the molten chocolate latte, the molten chocolate frappucino or the molten hot chocolate. i'll have one of each. back to the super bowl for a moment. did you see a familiar face on the sidelines as a photographer? yes, you did. it was prince george's county native and mega nba star kevin duran. i love him so much. i wish he would come to the
11:54 am
wizard. he tried something new last kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
11:55 am
there was several ads during last night's super bowl to remind you of something coming up on sunday. we're talking about valentine's day, of course. chris clakam has a look at many of the gifts you're picking up and just how much you're shelling out for them. >> reporter: on sunday it's valentine's day. celebrated simply most places around the globe, americans are expected to spend in excess of $20 million on that special someone, a third of that on line. >> i'm not expecting anything too extravagant. we'll probably just go out to dinner. >> reporter: dinner out is what a third of those surveyed by said they'll be doing on valentine's day. over half said they'll buy candy. the heart-shaped box is the most popular, while giving flowers is
11:56 am
the preferred gift by one in four, making it the busiest day of the year for the fresh flower business. even pets will get the love come sunday. >> did you ever purchase anything for your pet for valentine's day? >> toys. >> reporter: the fat wallet survey found 1 in 5 will buy a valentine present for their pet. would you like to have candy, flowers, jewelry, dinner or all of the above? >> i would love to have all of the above. i'll be honest. all of the above will be great. >> reporter: but probably greater than $150, which is what the average american will spend on valentines this year. chris clackam, nbc news. hey, when year out and about, check the latest snow forecast with the nbc washington app and join veronica and doug this afternoon for the latest update on the impending snow. 1 to 3 inches by the time it ends late tomorrow, a little
11:57 am
more farther north and west. that's midday.
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♪ note. >> today on the "meredith live" show. we are talking what happened now. you won't believe what one woman did. and should corn be a part of sex ed? why one writer is raising eyebrows by saying yes. plus, mad men and super star ben feldman. plus,mentist oz pearlman. >> that is so crazy. >> his mind plowing stunts left our audience speechless. what does he have in store this time? it all starts right now, on "meredith." ♪ ♪


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