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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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to the north and west that's where we saw accumulating snowfall. montgomery county, frederick county, loudoun county. upwards of three to five inches of of snow. this was leesburg this morning. the person who sent me this said this is all gone now. here's jermantown, a little bit earlier. this is more elevation in mount airy, they saw upwards of four to five inches. for us, it's the refreeze, give yourself extra time on the roads. delays will be possible early tomorrow morning and it gets brutally cold. we're talking wind chills, below zero in my forecast. the wintry mix did lead to snow closures. we continue our team coverage now with chris gordon and julie carey. >> i'm julie carey in leesburg, virginia, it turns out there was need for more shoveling today. about two inches of fesh snow here and across loudoun county.
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the schools played it safe and closed for the day. the good news is that the roads stayed mostly just wet. for conditions in montgomery county we go to chris gordon. >> this is clarksburg high school. they call this part of montgomery county up county. it got more snow than the rest of our area. montgomery county public schools decided to delay opening by two hours today. that caused a hardship of some parents who say they would have rather seen schools close today. school is letting out. the main roads and most of the neighborhoods are clear, that's the latest from montgomery county, chris gordon, news4. well one spot in our area measured about four inches of snow. we got an updated list of how much fell in cities and towns throughout the region. open the nbc washington app and search snow totals. take a look, a school bus driver something checked out by paramedics, after crashing a bus on to this front yard in montgomery county.
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you can see in this traffic camera shot, the bus didn't make any contact with the house. this is near the intersection of randolph road and connecticut avenue. police tell us the driver was the only person on board. we're watching the traffic back-ups around there right now. new tonight, the fbi is now involved in the arrest of a former teacher's aide for producing child pornography on school grounds. prince george's county police tell us at least 20 calls have come into their tip line now following the arrest of deonte carraway. megan mcgrath is live outside judge sylvania woods elementary school where police say at least ten children became victims. >> and jim, just within the last few hours the fbi released a new tip line for victims, guardians, anyone with information about this case. they want people to call 1-800-call-fbi. the school district says they sent out a robo call last night informing parents, today they
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sent home a letter with children. we spoke with a parent earlier today, who said she didn't send her son to school because she and her son know the suspect. it's a parent's worst nightmare, sending your child to what's supposed to be a safe place. only to find out a suspected predator was inside. >> i see bad, i'm afraid. >> according to court documents, 22-year-old deonte carraway created 40 pornographic videos of children. >> it's horrible, absolutely horrible. >> monique grant knows the suspect and says her 6-year-old son does, too. >> he was always around children. at the playground, walking to and from school with him. >> gant says carraway volunteered in her son's classroom. when she heard about the arrest. she was overwhelmed. >> he didn't go to school today. i was too upset. >> a spokesperson for the school district said carraway was a paid teacher's aide until 2016.
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they released a statement that said prince george's county public schools is shocked by the recent allegations. we will cooperate fully with law enforcement in this investigation. law enforcement officials also say it's possible sexual abuse took place at the theresa banks memorial aquatic center and at the glenarden municipal center where carraway started and directed a choir for young children. julie parker with the prince george's county police department says this is a wide-reaching and very active investigation. >> at this point we know there are at least ten victims. our concern is that number could grow, and could grow by a large amount. >> which is why parents and guardians say they're talking to their children about the incident and hoping they're not victims. >> i just grieve for my little grandson. i hope god protect them. >> reporting in prince george's county, megan fitzgerald, news4. a maryland man wanted on sex offense charges is now in police
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custody after a brief chase in calvert county. deputies found james brown in prince frederick about getting phone calls about an abandoned vehicle. we're told that when deputies got close, brown jumped out of the vehicle with a knife and then jumped back in and started to drive off. they eventually boxed him in and used a taser to stop him after he allegedly threatened to cut himself with a knife. washington gas is working to reassure neighbors in wood bridge after an apparent natural gas explosion. the company says crews have identified repaired two leaks near west longview drive in franklin street. it says crews will remain there until yard and street restoration work is wrapped up. still no word on what caused the explosion on sunday. >> now to the race for the white house, tonight we're now less than two hours away until many of those polls will close for the new hampshire primary. you're taking a live look inside one of the polling spots in manchester. election officials say there could be a huge turn-out, and an
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estate that provided past primary shockers, it's no surprise many voters have waited until today to pick their candidate. in new hampshire, 23 delegates, all of the polls have donald trump soundly atop the gop field. out of iowa it appeared to be a two-man race for second. but more recent polls show it's still anyone's game. nbc's lester holt caught up with the front-runner and asked him about a comment that many are calling vulgar at one of his events last night. >> i'm wondering to myself would you say that as president of the united states, with the seal on the podium. >> are you going to be a different guy as president? >> i went to the best school, i had, i was a good student. i had an uncle who was one of the top, top poe fesors at m.i.t. there's a good gene pool, i have
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to do what i have to do. >> is this an act? >> i had thousands of people, we had a great time. it wasn't my word, it was a word that a woman kept shouting. and she was shouting it and i only repeated the word and the place was wild it standing ovation. >> that doesn't mean it was in good taste. >> i'll tell you what, if you're president or about to be president, you would act differently. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton has spent the past several days, tried to narrow the gap between her and bernie sanders, the vermont senator holds a double-digit lead over clinton in the most recent polls. this is familiar territory for the former secretary of state. >> i'm andrea mitchell in manchester, where hillary clinton and her organization are trying to get out the vote. they're trying to appeal to women and younger voters who rejected her in large part in iowa. it's key to her in new hampshire in a state that's always loved the clintons, not so much this year accord together polls, she's trying to turn that
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around. >> i'm kristen welker in new hampshire where the clinton campaign is making its final push. you're looking inside the field office, where volunteers and supporters are getting their marching orders, about to head out, knock on doors, urge clinton supporters to get out there to pull the heavier for her, a lot of reminiscing about 2008 when she came back against barack obama. one volunteer telling me she's expecting it to happen again. stay with us for the latest out of new hampshire. you can see live updated results throughout the evening on our nbc washington app and we'll have the latest all the available results first tonight on news4 at 11:00. pat? as donald trump focuses on new hampshire, his team in the district is edging closer to the finish line for his new luxury hotel. our news partners at wtop radio report that the new trump international hotel will open in september. trump's company has spent the past couple of years renovating the old post office pavilion.
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when it opens, the hotel will have 263 rooms, one of the largest ball rooms in the city. >> we're following a developing story out of annapolis where maryland lawmakers overrode a veto by governor larry hogan after one lawmaker voted twice, that lawmaker voted on the measure as a delegate. then again after the governor appointed him to fill a vacant state senate seat. the measure involves allowing felons to have their voting rights reinstated before they actually complete probation or parole. >> over the next two years, eight new homeless facilities will open here in the district. one in each ward. they'll provide housing for single women and families. mayor bowser presented the plan to the council today and it got a lot of support. but not everyone is satisfied. news4's mark segraves is live at one of the proposed sites in upper northwest. to tell us why. mark? good evening, pat this is the
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site on wisconsin avenue just above georgetown and the reason that it will take until 2018 to open these new facilities can best be illustrated right here. because none of the facilities have been built yet. mayor muir yul bowser announced her plan to open eight new facilities at her monthly meeting with council members this morning. parts of her larger plan to close d.c. general, the district's largest family homeless shelter. >> d.c. general is not an appropriate place. >> bowser plans to build seven new short-term family housing facilities with between 39 and 50 units each. and one women's shelter with 213 beds. >> woo have paid special attention to how each of these units will be developed. so they fit into their neighborhoods. >> while council members expressed overwhelming support for the plan, ward 5 council member mcduffy is opposed to using this location in the northeast to house homeless families. >> the location is in a
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neighborhood that is really burdened by a number of government-related services, that's already an existing men's shelter. there's an existing homeless day center. there's an existing nightclubs. >> this neighbor agrees and questions why the district would choose this location. >> you can see it's a dead end. it's across from the metro bus depot. >> each facility will have 24 staff as well as support services for the families. >> from the outside it will look like other buildings in the neighborhood. inside they, these are all either complete with renovation or new construction, they'll be beautiful buildings that will be an asset in two neighborhoods in the community. >> mark, these new shelters are specifically for homeless families. had you a private briefing on this plan. how does she characterize the scope of the problem that homeless families are facing right now in the city? >> well pat she says it's critical. apparently from recent polling
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most d.c. residents agree with her. she gave me some statistics, since 2010, the number of homeless families in d.c. has increased by 40%. we know that right now in the d.c. general facility and the motels, there are more than 1100 families being housed right now. and that includes nearly 2,000 children. those numbers do not include the number of homeless youths who are unattended or not with families. pat? >> it's been called liquid gold and some people are stealing right off the shelves. our pat collins is on the case for you. plus, thermal imaging and night vision used to find a missing teen. we'll show you the unique search and rescue mission in fairfax
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here's at the live desk we just got a sketch of a man accused of following a teenaged girl and grabbing her last week in loudoun county. take a look at the sketch. he's one of two suspects they're looking for. the sheriffs office says two hispanic men came up behind the girl as she was walking near wakestone park terrace in south riding. around 4:00 p.m. one of the men grabbed her back pack, but she struggled with
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them and ran home. if that sketch looks familiar, loudoun county deputies want to hear from you. >> a live look from our 4 x 4, our storm team 4. route 15 toward frederick. snow on the side of the roads, but the roads are looking good, so we're moving along at a good clip. >> that's what we've seen in some places. and the weather is dependant on where you've been. doug and veronica have been tracking quickly evolving storms. >> we begin with chris gordon. in jermantown taking a look at conditions there. >> snow was flying when clarksburg high school was let out this afternoon. we spoke with some parents about that. >> i think it probably should have been closed, it was pretty messy out and it was hard getting them through the snow. cy would have preferred it closed. i guess when it's not sticking on the road, they think it's okay. >> others say montgomery county students have already missed too
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much school and the two-hour delayed opening was the right call. but it caused families to shift their schedules. to accommodate the students. >> it helped in the morning. there was less traffic to get them here, we didn't have to worry about that. so i guess it was good. it's still snowing a lot now. i don't know how kids who have to work will do with the sidewalks, i haven't seen the sidewalks. here in the morning part of montgomery county. it snowed most of the day with accumulations of three to six inches. >> i didn't expect there to be like this much snow. like it's just kind of out of the blue. really. >> our team coverage continues now with a look at the full forecast. >> doug, what we're thinking about and worrying about as the morning commute, how is it looking? >> that morning commute, could be some problems out there early tomorrow as a result of the fact that we're going to be dealing with some of the refreeze as we move on through the region. let's look at the radar, you can see the sun going down across
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our region. you can see a nice evening as we move on through. there's the sunset right now. you can see the sun setting 0en a good note across our region. here's the radar picture. we've got shower activity here. some snowshowers, as well as some rain showers down towards spotsylvania county. up to the north we're dealing with the fact we still have a little bit in the way of snow. take a look at what's going on here. you saw snowshowers coming through this is the last six hours, lots of snow to the north and west of d.c. snort and west of i-95. south and east this was mostly a rain event this is what we told you yesterday. in the city, probably wouldn't see anything at all accumulating, especially not in those roads. the wider view here shows the system. and just how much cold air there is with it. >> atlanta, georgia today, reporting some snow. gadsen, alabama seeing snow. snow towards columbia, south carolina earlier today. all of it moving through. we may see a couple of snowshowers, all in all we're
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looking at a nice night. take a look at the numbers, 38 degrees, winds out of the northwest at about 10:00. the temperatures are going to be a big deal. as the sun goes down the numbers will fall. veronica johnson, we've been looking at this, vj, the areas that saw the snow that's still have it, they're going to be the biggest problems overnight. >> the untreated roads, the neighborhood roads, tough to get out tomorrow morning. certainly going to be icy and slick. the weather deck is dry, but out front news4 our drive with big puddles. that's what we're going to see refreezing during the overnight. so any wet areas you'll watch for the machine tomorrow morning. starting at 6:00 and holding below freezing. not just until 6:00 a.m. but through the 6:00 a.m. hour, until about 9:00 to 10:00. i think our temperatures will be at or below freezing. >> icy areas on many roads, especially in montgomery county, loudoun county, howard county
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looking at delays. after that we're slushy and wet. our temperatures will come up tomorrow afternoon. then we've got another big change and still all about the temperatures. that's the brutal conditions we're going to have to deal with this upcoming weekend. by brutal, i do mean brutal. wind chills early saturday morning. 5 to 10 below. by the time we get to sunday morning, even further below that which we'll talk about later. >> take a look at the numbers overnight. you mentioned the numbers down to 20. 28 in frederick. 30 in leesburg. that's where we could see the problems. then she mentions the cold. and we're talking brutally cold air. arctic air moving in. coldest air of the season. wind chills below zero now we think. saturday night into sunday morning. starting off our valentine on a very, very cold note. 39 degrees tomorrow. 30 degrees on your thursday. 34 on friday. thursday another very cold day
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here. again we're going to see winds gusting upwards of 20-25 miles per hour. at noon our wind chill between 10-15 on thursday. by 4:00, 15-20 degrees. it gets even closer. this weekend. we'll have more on that, veronica is back with the complete forecast in a couple of minutes. >> it sounds like thursday is just a warm-up for saturday, sunday, which will be downright brutal, huh, doug? >> a cool-up? >> we'll be longing for thursday. >> we'll see you shortly. did you get in on the free burrito deal from chipotle? a lot of folks sent a text message to get it find out why one montgomery county man is not happy about that freebie. plus the zika virus outbreak is spreading to more states across the country. news4's doreen gentzler sat down for a one-on-one with dr. anthony fauci. she shares new details about when a vaccine could be available for the first time. and there's a new plan of
5:22 pm
attack on the heroin epidemic in virginia.
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the temperatures aren't bad out there right now. this weekend as we've heard from doug and vj is going to be bitter cold and some of you could still be dealing with ice in the morning. more weather alert coverage throughout this hour. a warning tonight to drug
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dealers in virginia. the feds are pouring resources into investigating and prosecuting heroin cases. they're focusing on those whose customers end up overdosing and dying. >> our message is more important than just one criminal prosecution. our message concerns the hundreds of deaths from heroin overdoses across the state of virginia. and the thousands across the united states. >> that tough talk came at a news conference today announcing the guilty plea of virginia beach man who sold heroin to a 23-year-old woman who ultimately died from it. the charge carry as minimum 21-year sentence. thermal and night vision from the sky helped police find a fairfax county teenage another wound up in a frigid neighborhood lake this is what it looked like from the fairfax county police helicopter as they
5:26 pm
located a 17-year-old girl in lake barcroft last week located near crossroads drive in the falls church area. we're told the girl is expected to be okay. tonight, a local lawyer knows all too well about that free burrito promotion from chipotle. hank levine got hundreds of texts from people who mistyped the number to ask for that burrito. chipotle had closed its restaurants for a store-wide safety meeting and told customers to text the word raincheck to 888-222. but lots of customers texted the wrong number. levine contacted chipotle about the mix-up but even today he's getting more texts. at 5:00, a summer break shake-up. students at fairfax county may have to go back to classes sooner than ever before. why it could be downhill for the so-called king's dominion law. she was called coaly and the 13-year-old was lured from her virginia home and murdered.
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the plan she had with the guy she met online. look what they're putting on bottles of tide detergent now. what is this thing? i'll give awe clue. it's not a stain remover. that story coming up. ♪
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it's a weather alert day. we have live team coverage right now. as the snow moves on out. >> but folks, it's what comes next that can be the real shock to the system. >> loudoun county was one of the spots in northern virginia that got enough snow to measure today. bureau chief julie carey drove throughout the county and joins us live now from leesburg with a look at conditions out there. right now. what's it like, julie? >> hey, you can see good news out here on route 7, it is absolutely routine commute home tonight. what's left of the morning snow just kind of topping off those piles of dirty snow left from the last snow. but the good news is, out on the roads, it's all dried off. >> for those who battled snow zilla last month, the latest snowfall is just a light workout. >> it's going to get colder so we need to get it off before it
5:31 pm
gets icy. easy as that. >> ron eanick was clearing a path on the sidewalk for an older neighbor. but he doesn't welcome the snow. >> i'm done, done for the year. >> this is what it looked like along route 7 late this morning as the snow started to cling to trees and stack up on the grass. but the road stayed just wet. plenty of v-dot crews had made salt passes and then idled on stand-by along the roadways. concern over the potential for icy roads, though, led loudoun county schools to close again. it's the seventh snow day this winter for that school district. this woman says her high school-aged brother used his day off to shovel the two inches of fresh snow at their house. >> i kind of wish it was more. i don't understand why they didn't go to school. >> but it wasn't a snow day for all kids. >> do you ever have a snow day when you're home-schooling? >> no. >> her dad not complaining a bit about more snow. >> i don't mind the snow. it's good. i think it's good for the children. we haven't had much snow this
5:32 pm
year, anyway, it's been a mild winter. >> and these guys all bundled up. they didn't seem to mind it either. >> now you're probably wondering about that guy who called this a mild winter? well he was in the caribbean last month when the first snow came. all new at 6:00, we ran into a woman today who is still digging out from that january storm. julie carey, thank you. and veronica johnson continues our team coverage with a look@ahead at what the folks up in loudoun county and across the region can expect by the morning. >> i think we've got a low impact on area roads right now. but after 6:00, 7:00 when the temperatures start falling and throughout the overnight, we're going to stay around the freezing mark and lower. into the mid and upper 20s, low impacts on area roads, we'll be looking at moderate impacts overnight and early tomorrow morning. that means icy patches will be setting up. moderate impacts and school delays as well.
5:33 pm
here's some snowshowers left. that's way to the north. across northern maryland. areas of pennsylvania, even philadelphia now still getting some light snow. if you're driving impact forecast in the 30s for the rest of the evening rush, icy conditions for your morning and 32 degrees. and of course that means that early tomorrow, with still some icy patches, we'll be looking at delays, a 40% chance of improving through the week. at least as far as getting back to school. but we've got extreme cold coming in. we'll have more on that coming up. thanks, veronica. while the weather has some school districts reworking their calendar for the rest of the year, fairfax county is looking ahead to 2017-18 year and possibly starting classes before labor day. due to all the snow days over the last ten years, the district qualified for a state waiver of the king's dominion law. the school board is considering starting classes a week early, not this fall, but next year. board members will talk to parents and teachers about this before making a final decision.
5:34 pm
three more states have now confirmed cases of the zika virus. health officials in delaware, indiana and ohio each announced their first cases today. the two cases in indiana and ohio involve someone who had recently travelled to haiti. meanwhile, the world health organization says tonight it doesn't plan to issue any specific travel recommendations, telling people to consult their specific health authorities. >> and doctors in brazil say along with micrcephaly, which can cause abnormally small heads, zika may also be linked to eye abnormalities. a doctor looked at 29 babies with micrcephaly and found ten of them also had lesions on their eyes. there is a lot happening right here in washington despite the zika virus -- to fight the virus. >> today doreen gentzler got the lance to speak one-on-one with the top i infectious disease fighter at the national institutes of health. who shared new information about how quickly a zika virus vaccine
5:35 pm
can be developed. doreen? >> that's the question we all have right now. dr. anthony fauci has headed up the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases for 30-some years, he's been out in front in the fight against aids and ebola, west nile virus and so many others. but this one is different he says. because of the significant link between the zika virus and serious birth defects. you only need to look at the pictures of the babies born with micrcephaly in brazil and to hear that the number of new cases there rose from 150 in 2014, to almost 4,000 last year. to understand the need to create a vaccine to make us immune to the zika virus and to make it fast. the nih is already working on that. can you talk about what's involved here at nih in trying to develop a vaccine? >> we've already started on using the same technologies that we use to develop the west nile
5:36 pm
vaccine to develop a dengue vaccine, in an accelerated way to get into development of a zika vaccine. that means we'll have product to do the first in a human study in a phase 1 trial. just to ask is it safe and does it induce the response that you would predict would be protective. we'll probably start that sometime mid summer. we'll probably finish it before the end of 2016. and then if it looks safe and it looks promising, then you accelerate into the next phase. which is called phase 2. trying to determine actually if it works. >> the normal timeframe for developing a vaccine like this is three to five years. but dr. fauci told me this afternoon, he believes his team at nih could have one tested and ready in a year and a half. and he says, there is already a lot of interest in this from pharmaceutical companies willing to make and distribute it. and why is that so important? >> the nih, the the science and
5:37 pm
the research and the clinical trials, for a vaccine. but they are not in the business of manufacturing and distributing it. and that's where the pharmaceutical companies are key. here's an example. west nile virus, nih developed a vaccine for west nile virus, we were all so frightened. but the cases of west nile virus declined. it didn't seem like as much of a threat no pharmaceutical company wanted to invest so that vaccine went nowhere. >> interesting, doreen what did dr. fauci talk to you about spreading this virus to the u.s.? we've talked about brazil. which seems to be ground zero, mexico and the caribbean now, too. >> actually africa in the 1940s, i believe, is was ground zero many years ago. it has really taken hold in brazil because no immunities there. and when it reached brazil and also very vulnerable population there. and little mosquito control. there are more than 50 cases
5:38 pm
confirmed of the zika virus in the u.s. so far. all brought from out of the country. from those affected areas. but dr. fauci and others believe it is very likely that we will see limited outbreaks in this country, probably in the gulf states. probably in the near future. and mosquito control, vector control they call it is our best weapon until we get a vaccine. and one other thing i'll mention. the mosquito that carries the zika virus has been found as far north as our area in hot weather. >> really? frightening. >> i don't say that to frighten people. but you know, i think that the experts, they prepare for the worst. and -- >> it sounds like they're out ahead of this. great interview, we're learning a lot tonight with this. at 6:00. as you know we're on the road to rio for the olympic summer games, our wendy rieger takes us along for a ride to
5:39 pm
some of the city's soaring high spots. a fight over the controversial gun law compromise in virginia. the high-profile politician out who just turned ag
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
gun control group recently allied with virginia governor terry mcauliffe is speaking out against him. the group every town for gun safety was started by former new
5:42 pm
york mayor, michael bloomberg. it took out a full-page ad in a richmond newspaper. the ad declares that mcauliffe is wrong for striking a deal on guns with gop leaders in virginia. they wanted to scrap it mcauliffe's administration stands by the deal. it will be a landmark law if passed. but there's already some scaling back of a proposal to provide family leave to people who work in the district. bill introduced would provide 12 weeks of paid leave benefits, that's instead of the 16 weeks proposed in the original bill. it would also only apply to employees in the private sector. federal workers, d.c. residents working outside of the district and d.c. government employees would be excluded. the draft would cut back on how many money a person makes on leave relative to their normal salary. they raided a drug store, but thieves weren't after the drugs. find out what they wanted so badly that they brought
5:43 pm
kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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and live look now at the storm team 4 x 4 on the road in damascus. you can see it snowed there. snowed all over the place. depending on where you were. the roads look fine there now. but veronica, we're looking at
5:46 pm
the possibility of the roads getting slippery. >> and it can be a thin sheen of ice that you see. >> it's going to be colder tonight than it was last night for sure. >> yes, it will be. and hard to believe that today, with snow, it's going to be the warmest day out of the next five. and the next five. because -- we're wind chilled, we're wind chilled, we're wind chilled and temperatures were really going to be falling off. let's talk bur evening around the 35, 36-degree pocket there inside of the beltway. so use caucus against some of the icy patches we'll start setting up. after 6:00, 7:00. meanwhile as we take a look at the storm team 4 radar, you can see what's left. not much at all. around frederick county, pennsylvania, lancaster, hanover. all this moving out of here. and up around philadelphia. they have got a little bit of light snow as well. the temperatures by early tomorrow morning. 29 only gaithersburg and jermantown. 28 mount airy and frederick. 30 degrees leesburg even below
5:47 pm
freezing, manassas, i can show you step by step where temperatures will be dropping below freezing. in the red zone at 6:00. all the way down to 70 in northern montgomery county. icy patches even for western howard county and we'll see the line continue to head into areas of northern fairfax county. northern falker county and toward warrenton, approaches areas like fairfax late. if you're someone who goes into work late, by 11:00, along and west of i-66, temperatures below freezing where ice could be setting up and it's the locations here, howard county, montgomery county, frederick, where there was more snowfall today. i think we'll be looking at moderate impacts by early tomorrow morning. by 8:00 a.m., probably delays for some school systems up there through howard, montgomery and frederick. by 9:00 i think we'll see improving conditions that freezing line really lifting to the north quickly.
5:48 pm
tomorrow the weather is going to have a low to moderate impact. breezy and cold with icy patches, as far as dressing. layer up with the hat the gloves. everything. so there's a look at the sky conditions for tomorrow. as far as the rest of the week goes. your high temperature on friday, just 34 degrees. saturday, the high, 25. valentine's day, just 22 after starting out at 9 degrees, let me show you the wind chill temperatures from 5 to 10 below at 7:00 a.m. only 5 to 10 degrees by sunday ftern plans to go out and doug has more details on what could be another system coming into the area late monday, tuesday with, a little bit of rain and snow. >> well it's something you probably don't think a lot about. but for some it is liquid gold. >> now d.c. police are looking for a couple of thieves who made off with laundry detergent from
5:49 pm
a cvs, our news4's pat collins is live a the 8th street corridor in northeast d.c. with details. you've been following this detergent for ages. pat? >> yeagz÷]ñ and years and years. we call it liquid gold. jim, you know in the world of crime, some people still bike, some people steal cell phones. tonight we're talking about people who steal -- tide laundry detergent. and here they made a clean getaway. >> we call it liquid gold. thieves stealing large quantities of tide laundry detergent, right in the middle of the shopping day. and then selling the stuff on the down low. it happened in prince george's county. watch as the crooks bum-rush their way out the store. it happened in montgomery county. where a guy made off with tide detergent pods. in a store clerk tried to stop him by tossing mangoes at him as he made his getaway.
5:50 pm
now the detergent heist in the district. take a close look at these two men at this cvs store on 8th street northeast. they seem to spend forever in the detergent aisle scoping things out. then they pull out two gigantic shopping bags and begin loading bottle after bottle after bottle of laundry detergent into the bags. and for good measure, they even stop off and steal some air fresheners. you know those alarm locks they have at fancy department stores on leather goods and furs? to keep people from running off with the stuff? here they have the same thing, but it's on tide laundry detergent. take a look at this. if you try to run off with this, and you go past the barrier here -- the alarm goes off. but it didn't stop those two guys, did it? in fact it was even a clerk at
5:51 pm
the door when the guys left. she tried to stop them, but -- but that was not to be. we showed the surveillance video to some people here, wait until you see the reaction to the surveillance video. the people they speak at 6:00. >> unbelievable, pat collins on the story. see you shortly. nothing says rio de janeiro like the christ the redeemer statue soaring high above the city. it's the most popular tourist spot and the journey to the peak is considered a holy pilgrimage by many christians. as news4's wendy rieger shows us, once you get to the top you can discover more than an incredible view. >> you will see it from afar and often rising above the clouds. giving it a heavenly realm and it is indeed up there. atop a mountain, called
5:52 pm
corcovado. >> it's the people of brazil, with open arms to receive the visitors. >> getting tlup is a journey. a train takes you on a 15-minute ride to an urban forest, the largest one in the world. and at the top, the tallest religious statue in the world. it inspires thousands of tourists each year to make the climb. but pinnero, a spokesman for the archdiocese says you lose a lot if you only come for a selfie. >> it's actually a catholic sanctuary. so people come here not only to take selfies and pictures, but they come here also to have an experience with god. >> construction started in 1926. took five years to complete. this is a 98-foot tall statue with a wing span almost as wide. built with steel-reinforced concrete and covered in a mosaic of triangular pieces of
5:53 pm
soapstone, individually cut by the society women of rio in the 1930s. who wrote the names of their loved ones on the backs of each tile. hoping for divine protection. >> having the certainty that their names would be remembered by the christ himself. >> a jewish architect, haider levy spent years on corcovado overseeing its construction and during that time not one fatal accident, but levy almost lost his life when he fell from the scaffolding. >> and his workers held him up. he said let me go, everybody is going to fall. >> levy considered himself protected by the christ and later converted from judaism to catholicism. he put his family's name into a glass cylinder and cemented it inside the heart of the statue. >> as a sign of his faith and devotion. so he could be forever remembered by the heart of
5:54 pm
jesus. >> mass is held during the week at the tiny sanctuary inside the base of the statue. and people have held weddings and christenings there as well. on a clear day, the vistas of the rio landscape could melt even the most hardened heath enand even from a distance it whispers of the brazilians' faith in transcendens. >> it's a way to listen to the voice of god that speaks in our heart. corcovado means hunch in port gree portuguese. >> a vigil for the parents of a murdered virginia team hopes their loss could help save the next life. story about learning from a family
5:55 pm
5:57 pm
learning about what led up to the horrific death of that 13-year-old girl in virginia. >> a friend and classmate of nicole lovell said she talked about running away and starting a family with the virginia tech student now charged in her death. >> an emotional vigil was held last night in blacksburg and britney mcdonald has our story. >> as i stand here tonight, my family and i are broken. my daughter lit up our lives. >> 13-year-old nicole lovell's mother fought back tears as she thanked the community for their support and spoke about her
5:58 pm
slain daughter. >> i miss her smile, her laugh, her voice. i miss her hugs and kisses. oh god, i miss you coley. >> he she was the last of several speakers who addressed a large crowd gathered along college avenue. >> we remember nicole as a sweet girl that had a beauty that shined from within. >> the police chief. >> we take her name and we build something so positive, that evil can never penetrate it. >> all coming out with candles lit even as the temperatures dropped and the snow began to fall. posters were held high, a hymn sung with passion. ♪ >> and mournful heads bowed for a moment of silence. >> i was sad at first. i still am, but i'm more angry now. >> natalie cole was one in the crowd with a special tie to nicole. >> we had an emotion where we knew we were going to be best friends. >> best friends since the day the two 13-year-olds met a year ago. cole still has trouble believing
5:59 pm
her kindred spirit is gone. >> at first i didn't believe it i thought it was a dream but i when i found out it was reality i started crying. >> organizer claire cowling of the community group women space hopes monday night's vigil sets the stage for a much brighter future. >> if we can do something like this to maybe have one less parent get that news. then that's, that's what my goal is here. >> two virginia tech students have been arrested and charged in connection with lovell's murder. news4 at 6:00 is next with doreen and vance. right now at 6:00, the rain and snow have moved out, but the threat is not over yet. >> temperatures are expected to drop over the next few hours. and those wet streets and sidewalks could soon be coated in ice. >> we have team coverage from the conditions right now. to the potential for trouble tomorrow. doug, let's begin speaking with you. >> we see the rain and snow coming through earlier this morning. not a lot going on out there right now. we do still have some snow,
6:00 pm
though. show you that right now. take a look at the radar, you see what's going on here. nothing around the d.c. metro area. the last of the little snowflakes came through an hour ago. notice around hagerstown. around martinsburg. along 70, 81, still seeing snow. down south this is an area that's been developing around fredericksburg, spotsylvania county. locustdale and culpepper and rain around the northern neck. areas of snow around i-95. most of it is getting out. and you can see most of the snow has been north and west of i-95. where the bull's eye would be. in through parts of maryland, montgomery county, frederick county around the loudoun county area. and that's where we saw the most snow. a picture out of leesburg earlier today. some snow more than others. where downtown didn't see any. look what happened in jermantown. up towards montgomery county and how about mount airy, one of the areas that always picks up a lot of snow. they picked up three to five inches in toward that region we did see


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