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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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and it is our job, it is my job, to protect them from predators. >> 11 kids have been identified as we said. county police are working with the fbi now to investigate whether there are more victims or if the abuse happened at more locations around the community. now, we understand child abuse can be a particularly difficult thing to talk to young people about. >> and here are four tips to help you with this very tough conversation. try to maintain a sense of normalcy in the conversation. the goal is to answer a child's questions without scaring him. >> and don't expect a specific reaction. it's just as important that the children know you are available and around to talk about this. encourage them to tell someone they trust if they think abuse is happening. and be sure to make it clear, adults are not supposed to hurt children. all eyes on oregon right now as the four remaining rangers will surrender this after a
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confrontation with the fbi yesterday. cliven bundy, the father of the jailed munition leader was also arrested. they plan to turn themselves in only if they are escorted by a nevada politician an member of the billy graham evangelical association. it's 4:31 now. d.c. police are investigating a home side near a public library in the middle of the afternoon. they say a man was shot in the 1800 blog of u place southeast. the man died at the hospital. fairfax county police have two suspects on their radar after a 19-year-old was stabbed and killed. they say that phillips was stabbed around 2:00 yesterday away and later died from his injuries. investigators think this was not a random attack. they believe the suspects are in their late teens. this morning metro will hold a meeting to find out why two trains nearly collided
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smithsonian station. the trains came within 100 feet of each other last wednesday. this happened after one train reportedly ran a red signal on the track. a metro operator had to stop the train remotely from the transit system's control center. no one was hurt. adam tuss will be at today's meeting. follow him @adam tuss. today a proposal would require private employers to provide 12 weeks of paid family leave. the benefits would be funded by a 1% payroll tax. if the bill passes, it would be one of the most generous family leave plan in the country. let's take time to check the forecast. this is dangerously cold weather we're dealing with. >> hey, chuck. >> very kcold outside and probably our coldest four to five day stretch of the entire winter. four things to know about
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weather today, number one, hold on to your hat, it's windy outside this morning. winds are averaging 20 to 30 miles per hour through the course of the day. windchills will be in the teens all afternoon. so if you have it and it's warm, put it on. looking for a chance for some friday night flurries and dangerous cold especially saturday afternoon into sunday morning. that will be the worst of the worst of this current stretch. heading out for your resolution run this morning, layer up for sure. temperatures are in the low and mid-20s, but again, windchills are down near 10 degrees. highs today, not even going to make to the freezing mark. only up side, stll there will b fair amount of sunshine. >> i'm going to have my resolution hot tea this morning instead of my run. 395 south after seminary, have two left lanes blocked -- or getting by, excuse me, that work zone until about 8:00 this morning. outer loop at university, top of the beltway
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top of the beltway. 95 at dale city, no problems there. and 95 at powder mill road, also looking quite good here this morning. but it is very cold out there this morning. definitely want to bundle up and you might neat that steering wheel heater if you're lucky enough to have one. i was freaking out so much and everybody was just running to one side of the store. and families were huddling together. >> a more risk. a harper county deputy shot dead inside a panera and another one killed in a shoot-out. this morning the sheriff believes the motive was simply to kill law enforcement offices. the first deputy responded to the panera for reports of a person causing problems yesterday afternoon p. witnesses say the officer sat down next to the man and asked how he was doing. that's when suspect pulled out a gund
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head. the suspect ran off and was eventually killed in a shoot-out with police. the sheriff says the suspect was wanted in florida for assaulting a police officer there. the names of the deputies have not yet been released. less than six months from rio and we're now learning that the u.s. olympic committee will hire two infectious disease specialists to advise potential olympians concerned about the zika outbreak. a letter was sent to athletes addressing some of their fears. you remember the zika virus is spread by mosquitos and is of grave concern to women pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. u.s. soccer goalkeeper hope solo has said if the olympics were being held right now, she would not go. back to you. 4:35 now. developments on zika are happening right here, as well. today nih dr. fauci is testifying on krill about this disease. he and the director of the
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will answer questions about the president's request to spend $1 about.8 billion fighting it it. fauci says a having a vaccine could pole be developed by late next year. college students can now report sex assaults with the tap of a button. the new app can be down loaded on your smartphone. the app launched at george washington university wednesday. it features a panic button that will call 911. and you can share your location with friends and find resources if you are assaulted. >> it is a resource app and it houses all of the resources on campus specific to the campuses that we serve for students to use and access. >> the nonprofit group men can stop rape created the app. they hope to expand this to other college campuses nationwide. coming up on 4:37. hillary clinton has a chance to reteam herself tonight after a larger than expected loss to bernie sanders in new hampshire.
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debate at 9:00 in milwaukee, both candidates ramped up their attacks right before the fnew hampshire primary. clinton has a stronger base in south carolina where bernie sanders is polling at about 32% right now. and then there were six. the republican race is narrowing. both new jersey governor chris christie and business woman carly fiorina called it quits. new hampshire winner donald trump, senator ted cruz who worp the eye caucuses, marco rubio, jeb bush, ben carson and jim gilmore. you may be wondering who is jim gilmore are? his last elected office was governor of virginia. he hasn't polled high enough yet to qualify for even the undercard debate. he told "usa today" he's in south carolina take because he believes he's the best candidate to lead the country in a time crisis given his military service, his time as a virginia attorney general a
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member of the national board of directors of the nra. we showed you the current temperatures at the top of the show. now take a look at the current windchills. i see some single digits out there. but what will it be like when the kids out out to the bus stop. chuck bell has the answer at 4:41. after sailing straight into a storm, this morning passengers in a cruise ship are back at home. are you ready for another football team? why d.c. could soon have a second team to cheer for.
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i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. a major rescue of americans at sea. 42 were stranded on a fishing boat that had caught fire. the u.s. coast guard has rescued all of them overnight including the captain and eight crew members who went back on the boat and managed to put the fire out. the coast guard dropped water pumps, flashlights and flares to the stranded passengers and crew and then the other 30 plus people were picked up by a nearby oil tanker. 4:41 now. i could kiss the ground, that is what one woman cried as she and thousands of passengers rushed off their storm battered cruise ship. anthem of the seas docked back this new jersey just after 9:00 last night. the cruise saled in to a brutal storm onts
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caribbean and passengers were terrified. >> i've beaeeen in bad situatio but that was the worst. >> we had a little win toe and water kept coming on our window. scary. >> to losing out on their vacation, royal caribbean is giving every passenger a full refund. if they want to try another trip, they will also get half off a future cruise. >> i'm sure a lot of passengers are worried about going back there, though. in. >> i'd do it. >> i've never been on a cruise. chuck bell, i'm going to want on get away on a cruise with this weather. >> you might even take the rough seas in order to get out of the extreme cold around here. but that ship was rocking and rolling in the ocean. for us today, a moderate impact due to cold and wind. bus stop forecast for you this morning, temperatures near 20, but windchills between about 5 and 15 degrees. and no improvement later today. staying windy and staying below freezing with windchills in the teens da
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just ten minutes from now. now traffic time with miss melissa mollett. >> looking pretty good overall. a big look at the beltway and all of the main routes here in and out of town, nice and green. looks like a big green spider and no major issues to report. beltway at braddock, rolling along just fine. looking at construction, 395 south after seminary, two left lanes getting by that work zone until about 8:00 this morning. we still have the outer loop at university road work as well. left lane gets by there. 4:43. decision 2016 moves to south carolina and so does our coverage. what we can expect in the upcoming primary and what voters are looking for. flew developmennew developm sheen on the po
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we're in the back doan of the country. let's talk about how to support this segment of our economy. >> plow to decisivoters tell nbd security are top issues for them, but religion is also important. 65% of south carolina republicans consider themselves evangelicals. the gop presidential field is smaller this morning as their campaigns descend on south carolina. the republican primary is set for next week. tracie potts is back in washington this morning to talk about what we can expect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, first of all, let's talk about the democrats. what we can expect tonight is hillary clinton trying to gain some ground on bernie sanders after that stunning defeat in new hampshire. although she lost that popular vote, however, she came out with just as many delegates because so many superdelegates had already committed to her. on the other hand, you have bernie nd
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after that african-american vote in south carolina. so we'll see what happens there. on the other hand, you have the republicans and they have already started to compete in south carolina. >> that's right. now we have chris christie and carly fiorina out. what do the other candidates have to prove in south carolina? >> reporter: they have to try to beat donald trump who has been on top of the polls there for six months. he was in clemson yesterday. but then also that evangelical vote. you don't have as many independents, about one in four in south carolina, so people are more committed to their parties in that state. but the evangelical vote could prove helpful for ted cruz. that's what propelled him to victory in iowa. as for people like jeb bush and marco rubio, could this be make or break if they don't do well in south carolina, will they be able to move forward. that's what we're watching for. and you have john kasich who did very well in that second place finish in new hampshire, but he's polling at 1% in south carolina and he's a
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happen there. >> all right. tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. a little more about the south carolina voter. nbc news went to spartansburg where residents say getting fair treatment is important to them. one young business opener says he is specifically looking for a candidate who will assist new minority owned firms in the south. >> we build the branch from start to finish. >> are you a rarity? >> i would say yes for the moment. >> all of the remaining republican hopefuls have events in it south carolina today. new tests prove that petroleum fuel spill in the potomac river, but the source is still a mystery. the spill first noticed near reagan national airport and stretches from gravelly point to the wilson bridge. coast guard crews are using a small noise making device to keep birds away from a waterfowl sanctuary. 32 gee
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tied. a new bill would prevent you from carrying a gun on college campuses in maryland. democrats proposed that bill and two other gun control bills this week. they could be facing a fight with governor hogan to get them passed according to the "washington post".other will would prevent anyone on the fbi terror watch list from getting a gun and take guns away from convicted domestic be abusers. also the state is that the could get a bigger say of who is in charge of your children's schools. the "post" reports a new bill would have the senate confirm any choice for the open state superintendent job. jack smith was the interim leader for the last several months. maryland board of education says it will have a list of finalists for the replacement by the summer. prince william county is looking for a new police chief. steve hudson announced yesterday that he will retire at the end of next month. hudson has been part of the police department there for 34 years and became
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deputy chief of police will serve as acting police chief until a new leader is found. now we want to tell you about a sheriff who has made history and is making a difference. one year ago, troy barry becamele first black elected sheriff in charles county. yesterday he dropped in on classes this waldorf. sherry barry says he didn't run to he can made history, but to make a difference. he wants to make sure young people in the county glow up with positive relationships with law enforcement. >> definitely trying to make sure that we have a wonderful relationship with our citizens in in community. because that is a critical piece. law enforcement cannot be successful unless we have community support. >> sheriff barry says racial rioting in baltimore, ferguson and new york grew out of community distrust of police. barry says he's trying to build relationships between his office and the charles county community. soon you may be able to take your family to a different kind of football game in our area.
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the owner of the capital wizards and cosmetics is trying to recruit an arena league team to play at the verizon center next year according to wtop. arena football is not quite the same as pro or college football. mostly because it's played on a field half the size. and the whole indoor thing. today something you probably never have seen before happening at fenway park. >> pretty between. good. >> olympic skiers trying out their moves right in the middle of the baseball field. take a look at the transformed diamond there. skiers and snowboarders are competing for a $150,000 prize in the big air event. >> whoa, this is why we don't do that. he was going down sideways. >> and he fell. >> right. >> well, you know, what though, it's 4:51 and, chuck, this is the weatherll
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>> if you've got it, put it on. the best advice i can give you. a lot of people have a three day weekend for president's day. the ultimate snow skiing weekend, but have all your warm gear. it will be real cold. here is your future feels likes around here. today, it will feel like it's in the teens all day. tomorrow all the wae up into the upper 20s. the real issue comes our way over the weekend. saturday and sunday both, particularly saturday during the day up through sunrise on sunday morning, that will be the brunt of the cold air. feels like factors will stay in the single numbers all day on saturday and way below zero on sunday morning. might have windchill advisories to concern ourselves with. but just because it will be real cold this weekend doesn't make it any warmer this morning. current windchills, how about three this gaithersburg, 14 in manassas. so it is a cold one for sure.
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3:00, hovering in the teens. and all the way into the evening, grep, no reprieve whatsoever. overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, the winds will lay down, so that will help at least a little bit. and then tomorrow during the day with the cold air settling in, maybe a chance for a flurry friday night. so for today cold, temperatures holding in the low to mid-20s for the next couple of hours. this afternoon mid to upper 20s, but again with a sustained wind in the 20 to 30-mile-per-hour range, it will keep windchills in the teens all day. during the day tomorrow, noon on friday, skies going partly to mostly cloudy and as the arctic air really sdw settdoes settle may where i think oring out a c and could leave a quick coating because the ground will be extremely frozen and there will be plenty of moisture coming this with that arctic blast. so here is your sev
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forecast. 20s today, flurries tomorrow night into the day saturday, but it's saturday and sunday we're watching out for. the record at national airport sunday morning is 4. so we'll be with that a couple of degrees of that. and it's hard to get arctic air out of here. we may end up with a little snow chance monday night and then a rain/snow chance combination coming up on tuesday. see you at 6:01 for another check of your hometown graforec. 66, no issues right now. earlier road work is out of the way. 395 south after seminary road, two left lanes getting by that work zone until 8:00 this morning. so that road work is hanging around here this morning. another bit road work top of the beltway outer loop atniversity boulevard. left lane getting by that construction. that should be wrapping up pretty soon here. 270, 70 down to the spur going to take you 26 minutes here this morning. so no worries there. nice and
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metrorail all scheduled to be on tomorrow. marc, vre as well. a baby boy left home with his other siblings dies in d.c. but why were they all home alone in the first place. light up and pay up. where some people could face a fine if caught smoking.
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you're goingo
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coat, four scarves, two hats. single digit windchills out there. really cold. and it will feel like it's sti k stinkistin stinging your face. florida and what will happen in the wake of a child porn investigation that has rocked the community. it's 4:58. and this morning d.c. police are questioning a mother after leaving kids home yesterday morning. the baby was rushed to the hospital after a sibling called 911 for help. the other children are all under the age of ten. >> very surprising. very surprising that something like that would than. coming after work, about six cop cars parked outside. no people around, just cops. >> right now the kids are in the care of d.c. child and family
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died. smoking a cigarette in a car while children are in it may soon cost you money. that is a new legislation proposed. people who smoke while there are kids under the age of eight in the car will be hit with a $100 fine. opponents said it is an overly intrusive measure by state government. this next story could save you a little money. if you're a renter in d.c. who makes less than $40,000 a year, you may be eligible for a trim or even a refund on your city income taxes. to qualify, you must have been renting your current space for the entirety of 2015. at most, the "washington post" says you could receive a $1,000 refund. you can look for the schedule h form online. construction on the purple line could start this year. about if you're a
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the route, you may have to make some big changes to your 2


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