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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> responsible for metro's
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for bringing in those new 7,0 00 series rail carts. tonight's move signals a new process which now has a new gm, a new decadent grks m and soon, a new chief safety officer. >> people on all eight boards got to sound off tonight to open new facilities to help house the homeless. news 4's shomari stone live with reactions. >> well, that's right, gym. the people that we talk to at the different wards, they tell us that they have mixed emotions, mixed opinions. we're here on beach and 8th street. this is one of the proposed sites. >> excuse me. have order. >> tonight, at times, a heathed meeting in ward one to open
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it's part of her plan to close d.c. general. the ward's one shelter would be located at d and 10th street, northwest. many of the people who live near the proposed site are concerned about a decrease in property value and an increase to crime. >> there are maw rauders on both sides. this is not completely a safe place. >> the mayor says the plan in all agt wards give families a safe place to live. >> what about the concern in crime? >> yorn that that's waranted. >> property values? >> again, we're going to be making a sigs nif cant investment in a once blighted, everyonety lot.
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there are things more valuable than property values. >> one of the things that i like about my community is we're welcoming. we're inclusive. >> so there you have, folks. live in northwest d.c., i'm shomari stone, news 4. >> it is dangerously cold out there tonight in nbc 4 is working for you to help the homeless in our community. on our nbc washington app, open up the app and search home legislationness. >> my family was lucky, and lucky is the only family use policy on the book. >> there's no private market for maternity coverage at all. >> this is just a small part of what we've been hearing at a city council meeting in d.c. as people argue for and against
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where it is still going on. so crowded, people have been pushed into an overflow room and right now, the hash tag is trending on twit ifr. er. officials are proposing to work n the district 12 weeks paid time off to get over an illness or take care of a sick relative. >> i went to the hopt, to work, back to the hopt. simply put, when my mom needed me the most, i shouldn't have been forced to choose been working and taking care of her. >> some already argue it doesn't go far enough. several people have been pushing for 16 weeks leave. one woman wants to exup and down coverage to include her grand parent. to pay officer it, d.c. would collect a 1%
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>> thank you, chris. it appears hillary clinton's e-mail scandal will be back there the spot right right before hundreds of thousands of voters head to the primary pole be releeszed before march 1 rsz, supertuesday. >> reporter: without even greeting one another on stage, the two candidates went on the attack. >> the american people are tired of establishment politics. >> the self-described political outsider believes expanded univerhe
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right, not a privilege. the government of a democratic society has a moral responsibility to play a vital role in making sure that all of our people have a decent standard of living. >> secretary clinton quickly schaged his lofty ideas and how to pay for them: >> his numbers don't add up. and many people will actually be worse off. >> while the senator has a tight grip on women voters, he didn't feel a sanders presidency would dwart his e history. i am not asking people to support me because i'm a womanmented i'm asking people to support me because i'm the most qualified, experienced and ready person to with the resident and the commander in chief. >> and with mile nighty voters, immigration was a hot button. >> we have got to move toward a path towards citizen ship.
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who used executive orders to protect father and mother lifs. >> next, at 11:00, the first case of zi skrks a virus concerned in maryland. >> it won't be the last, but experts say it's no reason to panic. >> flags lowered in maryland for two plurderred deputies. new information coming in. >> plus, the push to protect kids from secondhand cigarette smoke. does it go too far? >> hi, everybody.
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cold outside today. there's more cold to come as we get into the weekend. coming up tomorrow morning, we'll start telling you how to prepare to protect people, pipes and pets. coldest day of the stretch reichly to be saturday night (elephant sound) there's a big difference
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(tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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. tonight, the hartford county sheriff's office is remembering two of its deputies who were shot at a panera restaurant in abing ton, wednesday. patrick daily, a 30 year veter ran of the agency, mark loves, 16 years. both military veter rans and deck rated officers. daily by was
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lot outside. >> it's our belief that because he knew there was a wshtsd all fvr hillside address and what the it commonwealth of pennsylvania of that engoubt was going to be. the poid is ermd take son-in-law action gerns the police officer mplt. >> hi was el hiz riover vie leshs ind colludingings i edge side thing in 197. >> we expected to learn more tomorrow about the man now charged in the death of got rm m m m police officer. a kbrand jury i believe it mrmd niling to move over for an measuring vehicle. last ses, you'll regard the aurs had pulled eemp a suspected drump droouchk all of the time.
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police tell us leanna was out of his car whenst smacking into his careerer and hitting it. >> medical confidentiality i a peeshs the person did travel to central america. they say this person has recovered and poses no dachblg to the community. >> it was just a matter of time before you're testing and discovered our first case of zika. >> so where is zika headed next sn it's probably puerto rico. they've asked for emergency fuin
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theous braekt as it tlends tru erk p mplt it has hired duo ed infectious disease experts. >> one of the suspects in a violent jewelry store heist is now in jail. that crime was caught only surveil enlsz cameras and shows where the suspected held a knife to the store owner's throat: police say the person arrested toad is a teenager. officers are still searching fwr a second subt. >> a v v lawmaker is ising yagt. here's how it would work. an aurs couldn't pull you other fer ploering. and then they can
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blt. >> a peet yach rik den h nmt crock . >> we asked what you think of sh. >> the vast majority of owe glurng is asks. >> doug is back with a frosty forecast. urn push. >> it's going to be a cold day today, for sure. right now, the windchill, 12 mpblt 12. 12
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23: we still have wind another 3 on the cold side, 19d winchester, 18 gai, hersbur. mrkt. >> lit else inhkt down near ala plrks mer. mkt. >> we oo going to wards dangerous territory on saturday and on sunday. i mean, that reamly the extreme cold is we will see those coming our way. no rain, no snow on the radar right noi. the obama thing rk sh and it's bauds it oat bln chut. smsht just remember that tomorrow evening. it could be a little built of a im. make sure you keep your eyes on that one.
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are we talking some cold air. maybe even some breaking code: high temperature tomorrow, 34. 34 is going to seem a lot warmer than it did today. 24 for a high saturday, with pealing temperatures. here's the fuel which you are 5, 00. one the at moral. >> going out saturday night. anotherble mkt oon the weekend, one in dy. five below in walk of these keys.
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high of only 23 on understood is. a kwoo potential nor some ice. it kwooin >> we could pick up an inch to after happen impblover rain? it's a pretty powerle storm system. le will if smrnt purn push >> you better be. coming up, alex ove cl,kin? >> we seen him. >> sports up next, but here's jimmy fallon.
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fwlank blank . alex ovechkin delivered for the capitols with a hat trick. it was his 14th at rik of his career. the capitol, well, will just keep only vining. five ricket fw. squaring ahead off to minnesota right now, though, ear must'ves.
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>>. >> the a. >> walking away coral sloes loets ernt 32nd goal the senior right there. chaking up a goal. capitols on the power play. they were to for 19d coming nn on noshl o more in the second period: mosht. >> it will be warm now. again, it could not be. >> todd: hat trick, first since 2013. the capitals atd another goal. they would go onto eat the wild 40:
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>> the fellas. >> going for their first sweech of the bucs since the '70s. didn't happen. he had 17. the bucs up niet a this point. john whal. he only plea for chirp:ble. >> what's he has ahis with what rns blank wlank. >> maw h high of 19. this game is still close. only a tlie-point lead e mr. the game is out of reach. he scored a grime-high 27. bucks win the all-star break with a lotsds, 9-92.
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well, this is something to look forward to tomorrow. the commander in chief will appear on the etten show. the last time president obama was on the show, he was a candidate for president in 2007. he danced a little during that appearance.
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tune in tomorrow at 3:00 to see in that eat e smelting in. >> all right. cold, tomorrow, sarp oar smr smrmd. >> bolt tot line, touk is in saturday and n
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the


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