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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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maryland, and virginia. they're trying to get ahead of the snow. and fairfax, prince william, arlington, foe queer, montgomery, prince george's, and charles counsty schools have canceled evening activities. something like this is what crews are trying to avoid. this was january 20th when less than an inch of snow fell on untreated streets during the evening commute. remember, it took thousands of us hours to get home. the quick snow that's coming tonight is just the beginning. >> yeah, doug and v.j. are in the storm center double-teaming this one. what should we know right now? >> i think the first thing we should think about is they are treating the roads this time. we do not anticipate that. the other factor is the timing is just a little bit different. it's off by about two hours and that's good news. instead of coming at 5:00, it's coming at 7:00 and most everybody hopefully should be home from work. >> i'm hearing reports of people getting out ahead of the
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the one-two punch, the second part is the cold and the wind and the dangerously low windchill temperatures. >> it's brutally cold. storm team4 radar tracking some snow down to the south. most of this not quite hitting the ground. if it is, you're just dealing with some flurry activity up towards baltimore too. this is what we're watching back to the west. it's part of a storm system moving through. this little system will bring through a burst of snow. we call it a quick snow squall. it will last 15, 20 minutes but it could dump a half inch to an inch of snow and anything it develops on will stick because of how cold we've been. that's why we have the winter weather advisory in effect. it's east of the blue ridge including frederick county, loudoun, fauquier county and everybody off to the east. once again, this is not going to be a huge snow event but it will happen quickly and we'll be seeing some issues. behind the system it gets cold. v.j. and i have been talking about this. veronica, it's not just the cold, it's the
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>> we have a wind advisory starts late tonight starting at around 3:00 a.m. and runs until 6:00 a.m. saturday. covers this area. hagerstown, winchester, leesburg to waldorf. gusts to 50-mile-per-hour possible and, unfortunately, we could have some downed power lines and small limbs across the area. comes at a bad time with the windchill readings in the teens to low 20s. by the time we get to early tomorrow morning, even sunday morning, dangerously low windchill temperatures. just brutal. we talk about people, pets, your pipes, all of it you want to treat, stay out ahead of it. we've listed a lot of tips for you on nbc washington. download the app and we'll get you through it. >> we're not just talking about weather alert today and the weekend. it goes all the way through tuesday. we'll break down those storms for you, too. there's more snow on the way in the forecast. i'm derrick ward on
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mall. when the temperature is freezing, some people flock to the ice. some people, but not everybody. >> we're going to head inside the smithsonian museum and take in some exhibits and stay inside. >> reporter: more on how the area is dealing with this frigid, freezing temperatures coming up on news4. our weather coverage is just getting started around we will update you on the changing forecast throughout the hour. we'll also investigate how people cope with the frigid temperatures when they have to work outside and tell you about some new technology that could help those who can't escape the cold. don't forget, storm team4 is tracking the weather. you can get their newest forecast on the nbc washington app. we'll send you breaking weather alerts all weekend. now to breaking news in the district. a toddler is one of two people hurt in a shooting at a hair salon. you saw our push alert on the nbc washington app. three men wearing masks walked into the shop on 8th and l streets around 2:00 this
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afternoon and opened fire. the child is expected to survive. police don't believe the shooting was random. the shooters were seen leaving in a white suv. first on 4, nearly two weeks after that oil spill was first spotted on the potomac, we now know the source, and we know the toll that it's taken on wild birds. mark segraves is live at roaches run waterfowl sanctuary with some new information. mark? >> reporter: hey, pat. yes, of course, you know this is where most of the oil spilled into and then went from here into the potomac river. but the united states coast guard says the test results are back and they're conclusive. the oil found here in roaches run wild fowl sanctuary is the same oil that was spilled from a dominion, virginia, power plant about a mile from this location just a week before the oil spill was first reported and the damage is much worse than first thought. we now know that 32 wild birds have now been rescued and taken
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the sad news, an additional 21 wild birds have now been reported dead as a result of this oil spill. it all started on the first of february. the spill ran from roaches run wild fowl sanctuary all the way into the potomac river at reagan national airport and for eight mile down the river to the wilson bridge. they say the oil is now dissipating and there is no more oil being spewed into the river, but it will take some time before things are back to normal in the wild fowl sanctuary. earlier today we spoke with both the coast guard and a representative from dominion virginia power. here is what they both had to say. >> and the analysis came back that each one of those samples originated from the same source. the storm drain that is outside of the transfer station does lead to and connects to the roaches run wildlife sanctuary. >> you know, we have not had an opportunity to
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has developed and we will review their materials and as soon as we have done that, we will arrive at our own conclusion as to what the relationship is between the sheen on the potomac and the spill at the dominion substation. >> reporter: now, dominion virginia still declining to take full responsibility, though they do acknowledge they did have a 13,000 gallon oil spill on january 24th at that crystal city location. it's now up to the environmental protection agency whether or not to charge dominion with this and fine them and ask them to pay for the cleanup costs. chris, back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot, mark. this afternoon a man is being held on a quarter million dollar bond accused of running into a montgomery county police officer and killing him. i linked to this on my facebook charge. chris gordon is live in rockville where we just heard from the police chief. pretty emotional stuff, chris. >> reporter: oh, yes, and the
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they're family too. prosecutors this afternoon gave me this indictment against luis reluzco. he appeared in court this afternoon. the judge set bond at $250,000 cash. if he's released, he has to surrender his passport. he cannot drive a motorcyc vehi. he cannot drink alcohol, and if he goes back to his job as a bartender at the bethesda country club he can serve no alcohol. this tragedy occurred the evening of december 3rd. the crash killed 24-year-old police officer noah leotta when he stopped a drunk driver on 355 in rockville. 47-year-old luis gustavo reluzco of olney has been indicted for manslaughter by motor vehicle and failing to move over for an emergency vehicle with flashing lights on the road. he ran into the cruiser and gravely injured officer leotta
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according to police, reluzco said he had too much to drink. his lawyer said he turned himself into yesterday and that he is sorry and remorseful, but police chief tom manger says reluzco never should have gotten behind the wheel. >> information was presented to the grand jury that mr. reluzco admitted to drinking for three hours in a bar consuming beers as well as shots of bourbon. when his blood was tested after the crash, he had a .022 blood alcohol level. as well as a presence of a central nervous system depressant in his blood, one that should not be taken with alcohol. >> reporter: and that was xanax. now, if reluzco is convicted of these charges, he could face up to ten years in priss be. ahead, how officer leotta's family wants him remembered. they spoke to us this afternoon. we'll bring it to you ahead on news4 at 5:00.
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>> all right, chris gordon. thank you, chris. the fallout in one community just keeps coming. the investigation into a disturbing case of child porn expands today. and we're learning new details about the suspect's past. year in a weather alert mode this afternoon. buckle yourself up. it's going to go from snow to cold, back to snow again. team coverage continue
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this is a storm team4 weather alert. >> well, storm team4 radar showing, yes, some action on the radar right now down to the
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the bulk of what's going to come through our area this evening, what's really going to start to fall that you will notice and what will stick to some of those untreated surfaces will be between 6:00 and as late as 10:00 p.m. right through the metro area between about 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. so your evening impact forecast, look at the temperatures. they will come down into the upper 20s, so use caution. that snow, as i said, will stick to any untreated surfaces. so right now we're expecting a coating to an inch again you will until 10:00. so watch for the slick roads, watch your speed, then we get into the dangerously low windchill temperatures saturday and sunday with that wind. yes, on monday it's cold, but monday we're back talking about another chance of snow. i'll take you hour by hour and show you that and a transition that we're going to go very quickly to some higher temperatures, and that means the threat of some freezing rain. we'll have more on that coming up. for more than a day now crews in montgomery county have been trying to fix a broken water main. today things got worse
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joint burst. this is happening along veirs mill road at connecticut avenue. the break sent water gushing into the street, and all that water froze on the sidewalks. crews treated the sidewalks with salt. the 24-inch main is close to 70 years old. wssc says it will take another five hours to fix it. this afternoon no slowing down on the campaign trail. the new reaction to a fiery debate as the candidates ramp up their attacks. their homes, their street encased in ice. why one neighborhood looks like something out of the movie
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we are under a weather alert on this friday afternoon. first at 4, the next several days are going to mean a lot of ups and downs in the weather department. storm team4 is tracking every change. doug has his newest forecast in just two minutes. new at 4, we are learning more about victims allegedly abused by a former teacher's aide. prince george's county police confirmed two more young victims today. >> yeah. deonte carraway has charged with child sex abuse and producing child pornography. meagan fitzgerald is here with new details. what are you hearing today? >> reporter: well, chris, at this point the total number of victims are now at 14, and investigators tell us they're just learning of a new location where this allegedly happened. they tell us it was inside of a church. at this point they're not telling usac
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in prince george's county because the pastor has not yet been notified. ever since 22-year-old deonte carraway was arrested, the number of victims and locations of abuse continues to rise. we're now learning young children were harmed at a local church. judge sylvania woods elementary school, the glenarden municipal center, aquatic center and inside private homes. so far two lawsuits have been filed against the prince george's county school board. deonte carraway and school principal michelle williams who is on administrative leave. investigators say they're carefully releasing information so more potential victims will come forward. >> perhaps the name afflalocation might spark someone's memory, a guard yn ia a parent who dropped a child off at a particular location, for example. >> reporter: coming up at 5:00, new information about what we're learning about the suspect's criminal background and why one of the victim's attorneys says he's suing and he tell
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he's suing to make sure more children aren't abused in the future. chris? >> thanks, meagan. when a water main breaks during frigid weather, this is what can happen. massive icicles have started forming on homes, power lines, and street signs in scranton. when the pipe broke, water froze on everything it touched. we'll get our share of bitter cold weather but first we have something else to deal with here. >> yeah, doug, a four-letter word, right? >> you guys talking snow? >> that would be it. >> that would be theword. >> that's the only word we can say on tv. >> exactly right. we're talking snow here too, guys. winter weather advisory in effect across the area. the snow trying to make its way in from the west. this is all part of the system that's been so cold, but it's part of the same system that's going to bring us the brutal cold air coming in tomorrow during the day. let's take a look and show you what's happening outside. just cloudy right now, but take a look at the numbers. 30 degrees, that windchill right
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so it's a very cold afternoon, not quite as cold as yesterday. we talked about this yesterday, but still below freezing, and that means anything that falls tonight is going to stick on those roads. we do have snow coming down down towards southern maryland. a lot of this not quite hitting the ground, up towards baltimore same deal. we're watching an area back to the west. this is a storm system that's coming on down, a very weak storm itself, but you'll see some snow squalls with this. this will come through right on during the evening hush rush orr the evening rush. and that's some good news. timing wooid timingwise, we're a little better off. from spotsylvania county up to 95 and to the blue ridge. this is what you can expect. snow to move in quickly. it will last 15 to 20 minutes, but it will coat everything very quickly because of how cold things have been. here we are at 6:00. notice not much going on around the d.c. metro area. so we're getting through the evening rush okay, about you back towards i-81 it's ng
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heavily. 7:00 still around i-81 but now getting towards frederick, leesburg, down towards culpeper. 8:00 closer to the d.c. metro area. heaviest around frederick, gaithersburg, leesburg, manassas, and fredericksburg. inside the d.c. metro area between 8:00 and 9:00 tonight. at that time we expect to see snow on the roadways and by 10:00 it's still snowing in and around d.c. and then it gets out of here by around midnight tonight. so it's a quick-hitting event, but just like that event that happened a couple weeks ago, it will put down a quick coating to an inch of snow and that will pose some problems on the roads. again, it's all because of the cold and the wind that comes in tomorrow. take a look at the numbers around the region. 30 in d.c., 27 frederick, 28 martinsburg. 30 in culpeper. everybody at or below freezing right now. that's why we're going to be seeing these problems. behind this system tonight, it gets brutally cold. i cannot stress this enough, how cold it's going to be. 24 degrees for a high,
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that's now in effect, the winds tomorrow will be between 20, 30 and even up to 50 miles per hour. take a look at the wind chills we're going to see here if this will pop out for me. it's not going to do it but what we're going to be dealing with is wind chills between 0 and 5 all day tomorrow. we're under a weather alert tonight, tomorrow, sunday. weather alert for monday as we are expecting a couple inches of snow on monday, and then again on tuesday as we get heavy rain and wind. so the next 4 1/2, 5 days, guys, you talk about a weather roller coaster, we're on it right now. >> all righty, doug. just a couple days left to shop for valentine's day if you plan to shop. why you might want to think twice about the kind of chocolate you give your sweetheart. and doug just laid it out for us, it's cold now, going to get colder, but some people have no choice but to spend their days out in it. we'll tell you how they're coping with the arctic blast. speaking of col
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we want to know if that frigid forecast is forcing you to change your plans. >> that's our flash survey this afternoon. call or text the number on your screen or cast your vote on
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you're watching news4 at .
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really frigid forecast. two big reasons we're in weather alert mode this afternoon. doug and veronica are tracking the snow and the temperatures so you know what to expect this weekend. they'll keep you updated all evening on news4 and on the nbc washington app. and if you think it's cold now, just wait a bit. >> yeah. a lot of us can adjust our plans and just sort of stay inside, but there are people who have no choice but to be outside. molette green shows us how they plan to cope with the bitter cold. >> reporter: birds have their feathers to warn them along the frigid waterfront. people, however, are layered up until they can walk or run inside a warm place. nicole savage can't wait to board her charter bus and vamoose to new york. >> i brought my blanket so we're good. >> reporter: but for those who work outside -- >> just got to bundle up and deal with it. >> reporter: for 38
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has done utility work in all kinds of weather. >> we're in the process of hooking them up. giving them lek tris ilt. >> reporter: while construction workers do their part of the job all outside. >> a thermos, under armour, stuff like that. as long as i stay busy, i'll be warm. >> reporter: workers tell me it's all about wearing the right amount of layers, not too much, being sure to stay dry. they know about the risk of hypothermia and frostbite during these frigid conditions. and in the worst case scenarios, frostbite mirrors burn injuries, and the treatment is often amputation. in georgetown, molette green, news4. well, if you want to warm the heart of your valentine with a little candy, do you know which chocolate is healthiest? >> if you want to lower your risk of health disease -- or heart disease, a food scientist at george mason university is telling usal
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>> the health benefits of chocolate are really derived from the amount of cocoa powder. the worst kind of chocolate is white chocolate because it doesn't contain cocoa powder. it's mostly sugar, milk, and cocoa butter which is all fat. dark chocolate is very healthy because it contains about 70% or more of cocoa. there's strong scientific evidence that links about two ounces a day of dark chocolate consumption to decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. there is emerging scientific evidence that dark chocolate can also help prevent aging and wrinkles and even the incidents of alzheimer's disease later in life but that evidence is emerging. >> it can lower your bad cholesterol and raise the anti-oxidant capacity of good cholesterol. >> and last year merchants sold about 36 million heart-shaped boxes of valentine candy. well, it is a valentine's
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why some scammers could be after you this valentine's day. plus, the field may be narrowing, but the attacks are heating up. the fiery friday messages coming from both sides. we're keeping a close eye on storm team4's radar. some snow coming our way this evening and what's coming after it is going to be a shock to the system. team coverage on this weather alert day first at 4:00.
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first at 4:30, get ready for a dose of wintry weather. >> storm team4 radar is tracking some snow showers heading our way on this weather alert day. they'll i rife in tarrive in th in just a couple hours, and this is just the beginning of a wild weekend. >> v.j. has been keeping an eye on all this. she has an update now. >> we're on periscope right now also and we're getting reports on periscope -- thanks guys over there -- we're seeing snow showers around st. mary's, leonardtown, waldorf, also on social media. you're looking at the camera at savage mountain where you can see that, yeah, the roads are getting a little slushy there. they've even been treated. so right along the sides there they're using caution. that's allegheny county up around maryland. we'll start now with a look at storm team4 radar. there it is. you can see the snow across the area. that's hancock. there's martinsburg. hague hague errs --
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moving through. this little area here, a little bit of enhancement headed north toward shady oaks and shadiside and dunn kirk, you will be seeing the snow before long. be patient. make sure you keep some distance in between yourself and the car in front of you. stu tart sk if you start kskidding, skid i the direction you want to go. we're not expecting any snow showers tomorrow but we will have frigid conditions on top of that wind. that means hypothermia type conditions. we'll show you how long we'll stay with conditions like that, and then what's next for us, talking about a little more snow. we'll show you when it starts. all right. thanks, v.j. as we track the snow and the deep freeze coming your way, you can stay a step ahead of it with the nbc washington app. we have 23 tips for surviving the cold. just open up the app and search cold tips. today several republican candidates are reaching out to south carolinaev
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christians. >> on the other side, the democrats are trying to tap into another powerful voting bloc, african-americans. brian moore is live on capitol hill. >> reporter: chris and pat, it sounds completely counterintuitive, but right now hillary clinton and jeb bush have a lot in common. >> working hard. >> reporter: they once seemed like unbeatable nomination shoo-ins, but today hillary clinton and jeb bush are both fighting to prove they can win in south carolina. bush is praying for a little help from above. >> i believe in the holy spirit. i'm looking for the holy spirit to be coming over here the next week. >> reporter: he courted joi eed evangelicals at bob jones university. it was attended by ben carson, marco rubio, and ted cruz. donald trump is risking the wrath of catholics. he's accusing pope francis of playing politics in his upcoming visit to the mexico area near the u.s. border. john kasich is trying to capitalize on his surprise secondce
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choice now. i think a couple weeks ago they wouldn't have even known how to pronounce my name. >> reporter: hillary clinton wants south carolina to be a referendum on bernie sanders and support for president obama, who's immensely popular among the african-americans who could swing this case. >> senator sanders said that president obama failed the presidential leadership test, and this is not the first time that he has criticized president obama. >> do senators have the right to disagree with the president? have you ever disagreed with a president? >> senator -- >> i suspect you may have. >> reporter: getting perm sonaln the battle for south carolina. and look for more clashes saturday night as the pared down republican field meets for the latest debate in greensville, south carolina. live on capitol hill, i'm brian moore, news4. >> thanks, brian. you know, if you were watching nbc 4 in the last hour, you missed a very special valentine's day message from president obama to the first
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>> because i love you so much, i obamacare about you more than you even know. that's right. obamacare. >> something tells me that's going to become a saying. the president appeared on ellen's show, first for a sitting president. he recited a poem for his wife and reflected on his last seven years in office. the thing he's going to miss the most, flying on air force one. >> pretty moman tick stuff there. a must-see for political junkies. the city of conversation is now running at the arena stage. the play centers around a fictional georgetown hostess and socialite and spans three decades from the carter administration through president obama's inauguration. it stars margaret cullen best known for her role on "gossip girl." she stopped by news4 midday and talked about her character. >> so it's a time in georgetown, she wants to bring back the ti
4:36 pm
actually affected politics and when kennedy came to joe's house and had dinner with isaiah berlin and worked on the cuban missile crisis. she's very much not the domestic hostess but very much the political arranger and mover behind the scenes. juke watch the entire interview in the nbc washington app. "the city of conversation" premiered on broadway and is making its d.c. debut now through march 6th at arena stage. it is valentine's day weekend and for many love is in the air, but if your new boo is someone you just met online, might not be a boo at all, might be a scammer. >> scammers asking for your love and then asking for your money. to protect yourself never send money to someone you haven't seen face-to-face. never provide banking information to people or businesses yo
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asks you to send money for an emergency by wire, prepaid money guar card, or gift card. >> what are you sending? >> well, my wife, i'm not really sending her anything. i guess i'm just taking her out to dinner. she's three weeks from giving birth so the romantic options have narrowed. >> all righty. we'll move on to the olympic games which are less than six months away. but there's a cloud of uncertainty for many of the athletes going into the big games. >> yeah. how they're preparing themselves as doctors try to squash the zika virus. and the cold weather we're telling but is about to set in. how people who don't have a warm place to stay could soon get a little help from new kinds of weather forecasts.
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♪ that's good to know. 55% of the people on that survey say they do not make plans for valentine's day. hey, that's pretty good because i'll tell what you, this valentine's day will probably be the coldest valentine's we've got across the region. let's show what you we're dealing with out there right .
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we have snow falling now, getting some reports around colesville to waldorf, some snow falling. this is what we're waiting on, this little boundary back here. it's a cold front that's going to move our way, and with that we will see some snow making its way on through. right around 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 and that's why we have a winter weather advisory in effect for everybody along the i-90 corridor to brg aleesburg and frederick. behind the system is gets downright windy and cold. winds gusting 40 to 50 miles an hour. downed power lines, limbs, and windchills tomorrow that will be near zero. between 0 and 5 tomorrow, 5 to 10 is as high as we get late tomorrow afternoon. windchill once again between 0 and 5 degrees. incredibly cold air. we'll talk more about that and the snow coming on monday. veronica has that in just a minute. thank you, doug. the house has approved legislation to give supermarkets, fast food chains, and other food
4:42 pm
little relief from the government's new calorie labeling rules. the legislation leaves the rules in place, but now it will be easier for some businesses to comply by december. the bill is now headed to the senate. under the new rules businesses with 20 or more locations have to post caloric calorie information on their menus and their displays. the cold weather has led to an ironic twist in new york city. central park was supposed to host the annual ice festival this weekend, but city officials canceled the whole thing because they say, drum roll, please, it's just going to be too cold. windchills could drop to minus 10 degrees with some seriously strong winds gusting up to 44 miles an hour. it's been a rough winter for new yorkers. the blizzard last month also canceled the winter jam sports event in central park. >> yeah. and, you know, when the cold weather sets in, not everyone has a warm place to go, but new technology could soon help people who are on
4:43 pm
cold. a lot of you are going to be enjoying a long holiday weekend. maybe you have plans for valentine's day, but you could spend part of the weekend waiting on metro. what you need to know about some of the weekend delays.
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it's a weather alert day, and it's going to be a busy next few days for storm team4 with a bitter blast of cold air heading our ay
4:46 pm
do. if that's not enough, the snow will be here ahead of that arctic blast coming our way fast in a winter weather advisory going into effect in a little over an hour. >> so veronica, we have the snow heading our way. how is it going to affect the roads tonight? >> well, that winter weather advisory that chris mentioned, yeah, from 6:00 p.m. up until midnight. we expect the bulk of the snow to come through our area between about 7:00 and 10:00 p.m., especially metro area d.c. up into baltimore, the i-the95 corridor. we've got a lot of salt on those roads now so it's the untreated surfaces that you need to worry about this evening. some of those secondary roads, neighborhood roads, and some of the parking lots and sidewalks as well. let's take a look at your driving impact forecast for this evening. savage mountain first, that's allegheny county, western portions of our area, up around bedford in pennsylvania and down through allegheny county in maryland. traffic is flowing but you have a lot
4:47 pm
accumulated on the side of the road. again, a lot of the roads have been treated for us this evening. temperatures will drop through the 20s. let's take a look. your afternoon rush forecast, 28 degrees there. by morning we're down to 20 degrees. still could be quite a few icy patches to deal with. after midnight once the system moves east of us, the winds will start to increase in a big way. in fact, i think our highest winds tomorrow will come during the early part of the day where we could see gusts upwards 40 miles per hour. there's a look at the snow that we were tracking just off to the west. hancock, martinsburg, around hagerstown. as we head to the south, you can see there's another little area, fredericksburg, waldorf, cambridge, up around annapolis, that area is pushing northward into areas like easton, clinton, camp springs, morningside, you'll start to see the snow before long. kettering and lake arbor as well. snow lifting through the area with the bulling between 7:00 and 10:00 p.m. toro
4:48 pm
early tomorrow morning 0 to 5 is what it will feel like. midday, 5 to 10. so we stay in the single digits all day long as our high temperatures get into the teens to low 20s across the area. absolutely brutal conditions this weekend, so exercising, i'm giving you the red light. it's okay not to exercise outside tomorrow. in fact, i encourage you to stay inside. if you're going out late tomorrow, make sure you cover up and you cover up well. i know a lot of folks want to hit the ski slopes as well, but i would really wait on this one or just cover up well. for saturday night, windchills zero to 5 degrees. sunday i think will feel a bit better. we will have sunshine and not nearly as much wind. the windchill readings 10 to 15 degrees by late sunday night. then as we make our way into the early part of next week, the neck change for us is sunday night into monday as another round of snow develops. it will start falling by 7:00 a.m. on monday. i'm tracking it here as
4:49 pm
this is monday where we've got snow throughout the day, then a little bit of freezing rain coming into the area and it could make icy conditions for the monday afternoon rush, monday evening, but we're talking about a lot of rain here on tuesday with temperatures getting into the 50s. one to two inches of rain expected. so we've got a lot to get through over the next couple days. we'll have more on news4 at 5:00. a look at some of the road and rail situations here for the weekend. starting with metro here, red line going to be running every 6 to 20 minutes. orange line every 20 minutes. and blue line the same, every 20 minutes. as far as the silver line goes, a little alert for you there, trains running every 10 minutes between we'lly reston east and ba ballston only. the green line buses replace train between
4:50 pm
as far as the road goes, cupid's undie run saturday from 1:00 to 3:00. this is west of the white house. those closures including i street, h street, pennsylvania avenue and g street between 17th and 19th and on sunday the 2016 chinese new year parade in chinatown. that runs from about 1:30 to 5:00 as far as the closures go. those closures include h street from 6th to 9th. 7th street from f to k. we have this on the nbc washington app. i'll see you monday morning for news4 today. >> thanks. with the cold weather vnl mentioned, it's good to know there's another layer of protection for people who are homeless in northern virginia. the nonprofit facets has organized a group of churches that set up guest homes throughout the coldest months of the year. visitors get hot meals and warm beds. each church volunteers for a week at a time and transportation is provided to shuttle the homeless guests to the various facilities. >> great
4:51 pm
we know a lot of folks will likely limit their time outdoors. >> but for some people that's impossible. we continue with amelia segal who is hoping the homeless avoid a life or death situation. >> reporter: last weekend storm team4 started talking about the bitterly cold temperature that is would be with us this weekend. john mendes said this lead time is crucial. >> we've been out for a few mornings now consistently, so we're going to keep messaging that just to make sure everybody is aware the cold weather is coming. when folks are on the street, they don't have a place to live, they don't have a tv. they don't get the information, so we're there, basically we're the information driver. >> reporter: i met john a year ago. he wanted to know how to better understand the long-term forecast to help his mission. community outreach for the homeless. as you can see, these are common household items that bethesda cares is handing out right now ahead of the cold snap so folks can beat hypothermia and stay ali alive. >> they can wrap this around
4:52 pm
life saving? >> it is life saving. folks are going into areas like metro stations where it's a little bit warmer and they're going to catch the heat coming off from the escalator. >> okay. >> the top of that escalator, there's heat coming out of the metro system and some folks will find a way to kind of bed down in that area or just warm up for a couple of hours standing there. if we find someone experiencing homelessness in this tunnel, we're going to look for any hypothermia signs but also redirect them to our lobby of bethesda cares where they can drop in. we have coffee over here. there's other supplies. some folks may come in, need some water. they're going to use the restroom. >> reporter: the great thing about bethesda cares is the success stories you have had. >> we have an exit strategy for any individual experiencing homelessness. we can help folks transition from the street into their own place and we have housing partners that help us do that. >> and as the
4:53 pm
this weekend, news4 is working for to you help the homeless in our community. we've compiled a number of resources on the nbc washington app. you will find numbers to call to get help for someone who is homeless and links to organizations that are working to end homelessness. you'll also find a list of groups looking for volunteers and donations. just open the app and search homelessness. we're working several developing stories including who two local chefs are slicing and dicing the competition. one of them is opening a new restaurant in the circuit. a local man says he got into an uber car and what happens next he can't remember. the long ride he did not anticipate and what uber says he should have done instead.
4:54 pm
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we're coming up on the 5:00 hour and yet another weather alert day. those snow showers you see on the storm team4 radar are getting closer. doug and veronica will tell us when they arrive and the latest about that blast of arctic air heading our way. the forecast in just a few minutes. some new developments today in the fight against the zika virus. today the world health organization identified 15 groups and companies as possible partners in the search for vaccines. one of them is the national institutes of health in maryland, but world health officials say we're still a year and a half away from any large-scale clinicalri
4:57 pm
they also announced there's growing evidence the mosquito-borne virus is linked to head deformities in newborn babies. we know the summer games in brazil are coming up in about six months. some athletes, especially women, are concerned about how the zika virus could affect them. tricia hendricks has that part of the story. >> it's definitely something i'm thinking about. >> reporter: tori is focused on making it to rio to compete in pole vaulting. >> i'm thinking about the concern and hopefully we'll be able to take all the right measures so that everything will be okay. >> chose not to worry about it. >> reporter: melinda knows there is concern but she has no plans to back out. >> it's like it could happen to anyone. i still plan on going. >> reporter: others say it's all about taking precautions. >> lots of bug spray, wear the right type of clothing. >> reporter: for olympic gold medalist misty hyman who competed in australia
4:58 pm
>> i'm planning to go myself. >> reporter: she's researched the virus and is still planning to go to support friends who may be competing in the olympics. >> it is something to be aware of and research but i do think that it's not going to affect most of the athletes. >> reporter: another friend of misty's who was planning to go has decided not to because she's planning to get pregnant this year. >> my friend doesn't want to take that risk. >> now, today the international olympic committee said no countries have announced plans to pull out of rio because of the virus. >> yeah. the committee did promise to keep a close eye on the situation and make sure it's safe for athletes and spectators come august. news4 begins now with storm team4. now at 5:00, we begin with a weather alert day. we are under a winter weather advisory. snow is just hours from hitting our region, and a more brutal cold is going to hit news the next 24 hours. get ready. winter is going to sink its
4:59 pm
teeth into us. i'm wendy rieger. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> i'm jim handly. from snow to temperatures in the single digits. doug, what can we count on during the commute home tonight? >> you know what? the commute home i think for the most part should be okay through around say 7:00. that's some very good news. unlike what happened just a couple weeks ago with that wednesday system that came just during the evening rush, this one should come just afterwards. we do have some snow already down towards waldorf, towards 301, parts of southern maryland. most of this very light, but this is what we're watching coming through, and this is where the snow squalls will come in. that's what will bring through some heavy snow for a brief 20, maybe 30-minute time frame, and it will dump a quick quarter to a half an inch in some locations of snow, maybe up to an inch in some areas too, but that's why we have the winter weather advisory in effect is for that area back to the west. for everybody you see in the purple from frederick to leesburg to warrenton and off to the east. snow inside the metro area i think around 8:00 to 9:00 is when it
5:00 pm
maybe 7:30 at the earliest. behind that system it gets extremely windy and cold. winds gusting to 50 miles per hour possible downed power lines, maybe some tree limbs down, but the bigger factor is the windchill tomorrow. windchills tomorrow starting off between 0 and 5, only at 5 to 10 during the midday and tomorrow afternoon 0 to 5 one more time. more snow on monday. i have the latest on that system coming up in my full forecast in just a minute. >> all right. doug, thank you. we're seeing a number of cancellations already across our area because of this weather. prince george's county canceled all evening activities. school related events are canceled in montgomery county too. but community sponsored events that happen on school property will go on. and in virginia, all fairfax county school facilities will close at 6:15 this evening. evening activities are also canceled in prince william, arlington, charles, and


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