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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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maybe 7:30 at the earliest. behind that system it gets extremely windy and cold. winds gusting to 50 miles per hour possible downed power lines, maybe some tree limbs down, but the bigger factor is the windchill tomorrow. windchills tomorrow starting off between 0 and 5, only at 5 to 10 during the midday and tomorrow afternoon 0 to 5 one more time. more snow on monday. i have the latest on that system coming up in my full forecast in just a minute. >> all right. doug, thank you. we're seeing a number of cancellations already across our area because of this weather. prince george's county canceled all evening activities. school related events are canceled in montgomery county too. but community sponsored events that happen on school property will go on. and in virginia, all fairfax county school facilities will close at 6:15 this evening. evening activities are also canceled in prince william, arlington, charles, and
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counties. we posted a full list on the s&p 500. we are following breaking news out of the district. a toddler is one of two people shot inside a barbershop after a group of masked men opened fire this afternoon at a shop on 8th and l streets in southeast. news4's darcy spencer is live with what we are learning. >> reporter: wendy, definitely a frightening situation for that little boy and his dad and everyone inside that barbershop. it happened at ren's barber shoppe at 2:00 this afternoon. a short time ago i was able to go inside. the owner did not want to go on camera, but he did allow us to videotape the shooting scene, and we want to show you that right now. we're showing you the picture of the chair that this little boy was sitting in, sitting on his father's lap waiting to have his hair cut. the owner tells us that this little guy had fallen asleep when three masked men burst in
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you can see the little guy's shoes were left behind, his socks, and his backpack. just a tragic situation. he and his dad both shot, injured, were taken to the hospital. the good news here, they are both expected to be okay. their injuries not considered to be very serious. now, the three men got away. they escaped in a white suv, and they remain at large. did it appear that the people came in looking for a particular person and targeted someone? >> we can't get into too much detail about it, but at this time we do believe this was not a random event. >> reporter: so, again, police saying they do believe that the man was, in fact, targeted here inside that barbershop. now, this was just a block away from the navy yard, just down the street from a charter school. you're going to hear from people who live and work in this area coming up in my report. news4 at 6:00. we'll send it back to you, jim. >> darcy spencer. darcy, thank you. i
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disturbing new details about that former teacher's aide arrested on child abuse and pornography charges in prince george's county. we have learned that there are now 14 victims and the abuse happened at five different locations including a church. deonte carraway is charged with child sex abuse and producing child pornography at sylvania woods elementary school. news4's meagan fitzgerald is there now live with the new details about his criminal record. megan? >> reporter: and, jim, sources close to the investigation tells news4 that carraway had a sexual offense charge when he was a teenager. we talked to the school district, and they say they didn't know about any criminal record, but they tell us they will be reviewing their background check policy. in the meantime, we spoke with an attorney earlier today who says he's suing to make sure that happens. it's a startling reality for many parents here at judge sylvania woods elementary. many wondering if their child was abused by
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carraway. nearly every day this week the number of victims continues to rise. >> additionally we now know there are 14 confirmed victims in this case. >> reporter: according to court documents, many of the children were sexually abused at the school while class was in session. a source close to the investigation says carraway had a sexual offense charge when he was a teenager. the school district says juvenile records are sealed and nothing came up when they ran carraway's background in 2014. meanwhile, the latest lawsuit filed on behalf of an 11-year-old victim is suing the school board to try and make sure students are safe. >> we're suing to reform the school system, to require they have better screening and supervision of people who work and volunteer in the building. >> reporter: tim maloney now represents five victims. he says the families are asking for a more stringent process. >> i'd like to see -- i'd like to see it be as difficult to become a teacher or a volunteer as it iso
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enforcement officer. >> reporter: now, the prince george's county police department just released a new tip line for victims or guardians of victims to call and they can reach investigators directly. the number is on the bottom of the screen. 301-772-4930, and coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you what's next in the civil case against the school district and school principal, michelle williams. back to you, jim. >> meagan, back to that church. any idea what church it was, and we remember hearing that he was involved in some choir at a church. is that right? >> reporter: yeah, that's absolutely right. in fact, yesterday we had an opportunity to speak with the pastor of a church who says that carraway sang in his choir for several years, but at this point prince george's county police have not yet revealed the name of the church. they're only telling us that it was in prince george's county and they are not doing that because the pastor has not yet been notified. but we should learn of the name of that church shortly.
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on the story for us in prince george's county. meagan, thanks so much. someone who displayed absolute indifference. that's how the police chief is describing the man who was charged in the death of a county officer. luis reluzco is being held on a quarter million dollars bond this evening. police say he had a blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit when he hit and killed officer knnoah leotta in december. chris gordon was there for the hearing and we will hear from officer leotta's family and how about how they want him to be remembered. it was eight miles long and contaminated dozens of birds. now we know where that oily sheen on the potomac came from, and the toll the spill is having now on wildlife. news4's mark segraves is live for us along the potomac near reagan national airport. mark, what are you learning today? >> reporter: hey, good evening, jim. yeah, this is the roaches run wild fowl sanctuary just across
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airport. this is where most of the oil that was spilled has been located. we now know that at least two dozen birds, nearly two bozzdoz wild birds have been killed and the likely source is a dominion virginia power plant. 21 birds have died as a result of the oil spill, another 32 birds have been rescued and decome tan nated. today the coast guard said they found the likely source. this dominion power station that had an oil spill a week before the spill was reported. >> each one of those samples originated from the same source. the storm drain that is outside of the transfer station does lead to and connects to the roaches run wildlife sanctuary. >> is it fair for us to report that all of the oil samples fr
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the roaches run oil spill have been matched to the oil spill at dominion power. >> that's a fact. >> and have been traced back -- you can trace from a to b, a direct line from that transformer station and that sewer drain to roaches run? >> correct. >> reporter: officials with dominion virginia power acknowledge a 13,000 gallon oil spill at this transformer station just a short distance from the roaches run sanctuary but they say they've cleaned most of that up and today they stopped short of taking responsibility for the oil spill in the sanctuary and the potomac river. still not accepting responsibility? >> you know, we have not had an opportunity to review the information that the coast guard has developed. we will review their materials and as soon as we have done that, we will arrive at our own conclusion as to what the relationship is between the sheen on the potomac and the spill at the dominion substation. >> reporter: now, there is some good news out of this press conference today. the coast guard said they have not located any more injured wildlife in the past two days, and t
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it is now up to the environmental protection agency whether or not to go after dominion power to recover the funds it cost to clean this up as well as possible fines. wendy, back to you. >> all right. mark segraves. well, right now local health officials are working to not only fight the zika virus but they want to calm fears. we have learned today that a vaccine could start being tested as early as this summer. there's also a possible second case of zika in the u.s. that was transmitted from sexual contact. most cases come from mosquitos in certain regions. all infected people in hour area traveled to central, south america, or the caribbean. health officials say chances of a local outbreak are quite slim. >> we're cautious. we're not presumptuous. you never say never and you never say always, but it is highly unlikely due to the conditions in the united states compared to south america, particularly brazil and the
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we'll see that, but we'll be at least prepared for it. >> the cdc still advising pregnant women to avoid the caribbean or south america because zika has been linked to birth defects. repairs are under way but it could be a slow go near a busy intersection in wheaton. a 24-inch water main burst along veirs mill road and connecticut avenue overnight. right now two of three lanes are getting by here on the westbound side of veirs mill. take a look. all lanes are open on the eastbound side. wssc crews are treating sidewalks and have a salt truck on stand by to try to keep those surfaces from freezing. the head of metro's board says they are looking into ways to address your safety concerns. there have been a number of incidents on the trains and inside the metro stations, as you know. surveillance video here shows a group of teenagers attacking a rider as he was getting off the red line last month. board chairman and d.c. council member jack evans says many of you have concerns about your
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physical safety. >> am i going to be attacked or something is going to go wrong. i think the incidents of those things occurring is very small, but they have been very public, and i think it has scared a lot of people. >> evans says one of the main areas he wants to see addressed is lighting in the underground stations because he says too many of them are dark and remind him of entering a tomb. a dramatic roadside rescue and it was thanks to a new life-saving drug being used in the battle of a heroin epidemic. and a local lawmaker is getting viral hate mail and he wants governor hogan to step in. >> reporter: lots of cold but not a lot of snow. put it together and
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and we're tracking snow on this weather alert day. >> we have team coverage on the cold and wind that's going to impact your weekend. we have a winter weather advisory, a wind advisory, but we begin with the dangerously cold weather. news4's derrick ward is live in arlington. derrick? >> reporter: well, behind me is clairendon boulevard. an hour ago a truck came by and put something down on the roadway for that snow which is yet to get
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and people have been dealing with that all day. it's cold. people who have to be out are hunkered down and bundled up in places that usually see a lot of activity like parks and the national mall are relatively people-free. while mother nature has provided some of her charges with built-in down coats, it's a bill too cold for the water even for waterfowl. we did catch up with one person who is taking advantage of it. don't think this is ideal golf weather? christian phillips gilbert does. >> it helps me stay for mow cuss. >> reporter: at the very least, you don't have to wait. >> not at all. >> reporter: outdoor attractions are not the most popular on a day like this. >> we're going to head inside the smithsonian museum, take in some exhibits and stay inside today. >> reporter: but others are going in another direction. subfreezing temperatures hit and they hit the ice. the ice rink on constitution avenue. >> the ice is very good when it gets this cold, a
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we're sheltered down here, that he is no wind. >> reporter: who knows, this weekend may make today seem balmy and even the intrepid who venture out may soon find that it's just too cold for comfort, like the golfer. >> it gets to a point where if you hit it the wrong way, you will mess up your hands. >> reporter: and the skaters. >> when it's below 20, below zero, then it starts to be seriously nordic, you know. only the really hardy come out then. >> reporter: and the seriously hardy could soon have their time to shine. dealing with the cold and waiting for the snow. we'll have more on this story coming up on news4 at 6:00. reporting live in arlington, derrick ward, news4. >> thank you. and if you haven't seen it, doug says hold on, that snow is coming. >> that snow is coming, and really i want everybody to just make sure you buckle in over the next couple days. we're in weather alert mode today and it goes all the way through tuesday, but for three or four different events that are going to be going on. it is really just going to be nasty starting this
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right now not too bad. we talked about our friday, how we would see temperatures a little bit better than yesterday. yeah, still on the cold side for sure but the real cold moves in overnight. 29 the windchill at 24 degrees with cloudy conditions. we are looking at the snow now. we've seen a couple light snow flurries down toward the south. that's not what we're worried about. it's this area that's now taking shape from hagerstown towards winchester towards luray. it's starting to come down in parts of the region. you can see we've got one storm system down to our south. you picked up snow towards raleigh and north carolina, but here is the system. it's a little frontal boundary that will move through and give us some snow squalls. what's a snow squall? it's a snow shower that comes down very quickly. it will last 15 minutes to 30 minutes, that's about it, but with that it will stick quickly on the roadways just like what happened a couple weeks ago. that's why we have the winter weather advisory in effect from 6:00 tonight until midnight for everybody you see here in
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let's time it out for you. 6:00 tonight, here it is, hagerstown, winchester, 7:00 towards leesburg and frederick. 8:00 closer to the d.c. metro area. inside the metro between 8:00 and 9:00 tonight coming down across the region. half an inch to an inch. we're not talking a lot of snow here, but what we are talking about is the fact that with these cold temperatures we're looking at a quick burst of snow and then slick roadways that come in with it. now, this is just a system that's going to bring through much colder air. veronica johnson is in the storm center right now, and v.j., we're talking about not just the temperatures, but the winds. they're going to be brutal. >> the frigid air and low temperatures coming with a lot of wind, especially late tonight through saturday, but the highest winds early part of saturday when our temperatures will be at their lowest. the wind advisory for most of the area. winchester, leesburg, toward waldorf, leonardtown, pretty much everywhere where we could see
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hour. unfortunately, that means we could see some downed power lines across the area, maybe even some small limbs, too. of course, that does not come at a great time with such low temperatures. windchill readings now are in the low 20s across the area and they're going to drop even more. watch the button here. this is 8:00 a.m. saturday where it will feel like zero. again, weather alert day right through your weekend. it will feel like 2 at 3:00 p.m. on saturday. then as we get into late saturday night, early sunday morning, we'll drop i think below zero for quite some time going into early sunday morning. 3 degrees your windchill value at 9:00 a.m. sunday. we lose the wind sunday, so at least we'll get into the teens. those windchill temperatures, but that's still dangerously cold air that will be over us for the weekend. we've got a lot more. doug, i know you do, on what's next for the early part of next week. >> you mentioned that, i mentioned this would be a couple different events that come in. we have the snow tonight, very brief snow. we have the cold and the wind tomorrow, and on nd
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of course, that's valentine's day. and then look at monday. high temperature of 33 degrees. now, we do expect to see snow on monday. still a lot of uncertainty with this next storm system. how much cold air is there? how much warm air moves in? we think we'll see snow mainly light but a few inches could be expected during the day on monday and the roads could get v slick quickly on monday. look at the temperature. up to 52 on tuesday, but the computer models, we really don't know exactly what's going to be going on there. we're going to be talking much more about this. i'll have much more tonight at 11:00. tom tomorrow morning and amelia segal tomorrow night and into the day on sunday. guys? >> batten down the hatches. >> yeah. >> tune in, you get the new models at 11:00, too. the democratic presidential candidates are back on the stump after last night's debate while the republicans are getting ready to share a stage of their own. just as we learned that former virginia governor jim gilmore has suspended his long-s
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for the white house. you may not even remember he was in officially. today several gop contenders reached out to south carolina's christian evangelicals. the slimmed down republican field will clash during a debate tomorrow night. on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders are fighting for the powerful black vote ahead of the primary. well, the president of maryland's senate in annapolis says a lot of democrats are getting vicious hate mail because of a bill that would restore voting rights to felons. the democrats voted to override a veto from the governor. senate president mike miller told governor hogan to stop his supporters from singling out the senators. miller says one person called one senator's office saying that his wife should be raped because of his vote. not guilty, a former nurse accused of sexually assaulting one of his patients has been cleared. jared klein had been accused of inappropriate contact with a
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center. prosecutors say it happened back in 2014 when a woman went to the e.r. because she was sick. well, klein has four similar cases pending against him in the district. a raging inferno so bad it shut down schools. what fueled this blaze? it was so big it was detected on weather radar. plus safe and warm in this bitter cold weather. we have a warning tonight for parents about a hidden danger with car seat safety. a bill that would take guns away from domestic violence abusers is making its way through the general assembly after years of going down in defe defeat. coming up, a voice rarely heard in the debate. a voice of a domestic violence
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firefighters today contained that massive warehouse fire in new jersey after it burned out of control for nearly 24 hours. strong winds fueling that fire. the cold temperatures led to problems with freezing water. that fire started in the afternoon in hillsboro and quickly escalated. hundreds of firefighters called in to battle that blaze. the federal government plans to look into health concerns posed by materials used in artificial turf fields. the epa, cdc, and consumer products safety commission will study
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rubber, the tiny pieces of tire used in the fields. the agencies plan to test what, if any, health impact there may be from exposure and whether any chemicals are released when someone comes into contact with it. current studies have not shown an elevated risk. a loudoun county man who served time for scamming banks out of more than $50 million is now missing. osama l. atari's family says they haven't seen him in days. he was last seen in capitol heights in prince george's county. he was a restaurant owner who was convicted if 2010 of getting big loans with phony insurance documents. he was released after he served four years of a 12-year sentence when he testified in two high-profeel caile cases. and there's a man in custody for a deadly shooting in seat pleasant. pat collins brought you this breaking news yesterday afternoon. police say 19-year-old sammy warren admits his involvement in this, but he says iwa
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accident. warren says he was with marcus fogg at the home of a friend yesterday afternoon on james palmer way when his gun went off. fogg died at the hospital. warren is now charged with involuntary manslaughter. now at 5, a local man fell asleep during an uber ride. what he found when he woke up had him questioning if he was taken for a ride. you may see him on the hit show "top chef." we're going to tell you about his new d.c. restaurant. it lets you customize your menu. also this -- >> how the family of montgomery county police officer noah leotta, killed by a drunk driver, wants him remembered.
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checking out a live picture. snow is coming in, folks. you're looking at live from western maryland, and it is moving in our way into the metropolitan region. v.j. and doug will have the full forecast in just minutes. don't tell me that he's sympathetic and that he cares. all he did was drink that day at hooter's for about three hours, get in the car, and then smash his car into my son's car and into my son and then killed him. my wonderful son, he was only 24 years old. i have to go to a cemetery to go talk with him. >> an emotional day in court today as a fallen police officer's family watches the man
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court. >> and this evening that man is being held on a quarter million dollars bond. we're also hearing from the victim's family. news4's chris gordon is live in rockville this evening with more on that. boy, a very emotional day. >> reporter: yes, for everyone. the courtroom was packed with police, members of officer leotta's family, and the family of the defendant. leotta's mother and father wear his badge around their neck as a symbol of their loss and their pride. >> he was proud of the badge. he was proud to be a police officer. and we should be proud of our police officers, everybody in blue. >> reporter: the crash killed 24-year-old police officer noah leotta when he stopped a suspected drunk driver on 355 the night of december 3rd. officer leotta's cruiser was rit from behind. he suffered grave injured and died a week later.
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reluzco of olney has been indicted. >> manslaughter by motor vehicle. the maximum penalty for that offense is ten years. there's a second count in that indictment, and that's failure to avoid an emergency vehicle. it carries only a fine of $500. >> reporter: reluzco turned himself into yesterday. his lawyer says he's sorry and remorseful. >> my client is destroyed by what occurred on the night of december the 3rd. he makes absolutely no excuse for his actions on that night. >> reporter: the death of officer leotta has resulted in efforts to tighten maryland's laws for drunk driving by requiring drivers convicted of dui to use an ignition interlocking device to keep them from driving if they've had alcohol. it's being called noah's law. leotta's father, richard, wants it to be his legacy. >> this is what i have to do
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noah, i love you, i miss you, and i'm going to fight for you and every other victim of drunk driving for the rest of my life. >> reporter: ahead, why the local country club where reluzco works is chipping in to help pay for his defense. that story coming up on news4 at 6:00, wendy. >> chris, i'm a little confused since reluzco had, according to police a blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit. why is he not facing a dui charge? >> reporter: well, the charge of manslaughter is gross intelligence or being grossly negligent. now, that would include being drunk or speeding. in this case the prosecutor was asked that question, why is there no driving under the influence, why is there no drunk driving charge? he says that the charge of manslaughter by motor vehicle includes that. >> just like an
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an arlington teenager is alive tonight after fighting off an attack by a wannabe gang member. the teenager was talking through quincy park around 8:30 when he was confronted by another teen. the attacker tried to stab the teen. he said it was a gang initiation. three other teenagers stood nearby. the teen victim was able to fight off that attacker and get away. he was there to take a shortcut. >> what we really want to stress is especially at night, do not cut through any areas that are dark or not well lit for your own safety. stick to public area that is are well traveled. just so that, you know, if something does happen, there are other people around, you know. that type of safety will keep criminals away. >> reporte >> police believe the attacker may have left a mark on the attacker when he punched him in the head. another step forward for a bill in virginia. it would take guns
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abusers who are facing permanent protective orders. this is part of a compromise between the governor and the republicans. we have heard from activists on both sides of the gun control debate. and tonight a domestic violence victim talks with our northern virginia bureau chooef jouief j carey. >> reporter: we'll call her rochelle. she calls herself a domestic violence survivor. even though she broke free from her abuser nine years ago, she still wants her identity concealed. >> it started as yelling, threatening, progressively got worse. he came home from drinking, hit me. i ended up with a slice under my eye. >> reporter: more incidents followed until her husband was arrested and went to jail for hurting her. after he was released she hoped to reconcile only to be injured again and again. she even hid a weapon in the home. >> i hid them because i felt if he could access them, i would
5:36 pm
probably be dead. >> the final incident came when the 2 1/2-year-old daughter witnessed an attack. >> he threw me up against a wall, yelling daddy, no, daddy, no, and that was when i decided, that's it, you're never going to put your hands on me again. >> reporter: rochelle got a permanent protective order against her husband and got help from fairfax county's victims services. now she says she welcomes the proposed legislation that would require abusers under permanent protective orders to sell or surrender their weapon. presently protective orders only bar the accused from purchasing or transporting a firearm. >> i think that's awesome. i don't think any violent offender should be allowed to ever get a weapon again whether there's a permanent protective order in place or not. if you're a violent offender, you don't deserve the right to bear arms. >> reporter: in fairfax county nearly 270 permanent protective orders have been issued by the court and under current law those abusers can still possess
5:37 pm
fairfax county has already made to try to make sure domestic violence victims don't become homicide victims. i'm julie carey, news4. she was brought back from the brirng. we're seeing firsthand now a new drug being used by local police is helping save lives during an
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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tracking snow right now and storm team4 radar. it's a low to moderate impact for puce. look at savage, maryland, where the snow has been falling for quite some time. brutal cold and wind this weekend and more snow for monday. i'll have all the details on that in just a few. if you have to head out in this frigid temperatures, you will likely bundle up your kids but beware, the big, warm puffy coats in a car seat, it can be a dangerous combination. consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with this warning before you strap your kids into their car seats. >> reporter: there is a real danger for children who wear puffy winter coats while buckled in their car seats. consumer reports says it is a serious concern but there are easy ways to keep your child safe. in cold weather we bundle our children up to prepare them for the elements, but a bulky coat and a car seat can be a dangerous combination. "consumer reports" emily thomas says the harness might
5:41 pm
child in a crash. with the help of 5-month-old ben, she demonstrates a quick way to check in your child's coat is too big to wear under the harness. they first put him in his snowsuit and properly secured him into the car seat so there was no slack in the harness straps. then they removed ben's coat and put him back in the seat to see just how loose the straps were. >> the snowsuit added this extra room. in the event of a frontal crash, all this extra room means there's so much more ways for ben to ride up and for his head to be outside the protection of his shell which could mean he could have a head injury. >> reporter: you can use the same test for bigger kids to see how much room their puffy coats puts between them and their harness. >> in addition to not wearing a coat, always make sure your child is properly harnessed every time. you should not be able to pinch any fabric and their chest clib should be at armpit level. >> reporter: how can you keep your child safe and warm in the car? for aby
5:42 pm
recommends first securing her into her seat and then putting a blanket on top of the harness. and for bigger kids, teach them this cool trick of wearing their coat over the harness for riding in the car. "consumer reports" also suggests you periodically go to a car seat checkup event to make sure your seat is properly installed. i'm sue hasan hogan, news4. when we come back, he says he was taken advantage of because he fell asleep. how a rider wound up paying big time for taking a nap in uber. and what the popular ride service has to say tonight about its policy if you doze off in the backseat. and we have new details of an attack in springfield. how the victim was chased down
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well, this cold weather isn't a problem for one local high school senior in loudoun county. andrea marez spent several days on an educational visit in antarctica last month. she was one of four students from the u.s. to participate in the national science foundation trip. while there she studied a glacier and got up close and personal with penguins. >> they're so like amicable. they'll just walk up to you i guess because they're
5:46 pm
people walking around near them. if you stay still, they will come straight walking to you. >> we have pandas but penguins? pretty cool. >> we'll have them soon enough. >> exactly. she says she hopes to return to an arctic ka one day. right now road crews across the dmv hoping to avoid a repeat of remember this? that commute? that was so memorable. three days before the blizzard only about an inch of snow fell on some untreated roads across our area and caused widespread gridlock and chaos. we heard of some people, it took them eight hours to get home. well, the crews are now treating ahead of any possible snow we are getting tonight. you're saying, veronica, they actually have different kinds of treatment for different kind of road temperatures. >> exactly. and that is key, the fact they're getting out ahead of this, it's coming a little later. a lot of salt also still left on area roads. certainly the secondary roads that they'll probably not get a
5:47 pm
lot of leftovers there. what to expect, a quick coating to an inch up until about 11:00 p.m. to midnight. really is just a quick burst. so watch for the slick spots not only on area roads but also on sidewalks and parking lots. here it is. you can see the area divided up in a couple different areas. we have one there to the north and east of washington. another back to the west. i really think this is the main area that we're going to be tracking as it slides into our area. so you can see the snow there around st. mary's, calvert county, calvert beach, light snow here. we have gotten reports on social media, you keep them coming in. look at martinsburg, a little heavier. that's at 11. it's they hadded eastbound, fed ric -- frederick. light snow just enough as it lasts to 11:00 p.m. could lay down a light coating. 28 degrees. it's snow for the evening rush. the morning rush windy after midnight. the wind will really ramp up. we're
5:48 pm
because of the snow winter weather advisory that goes until midnight and because of the wind throughout the area for saturday starting at 3:00 a.m. a wind advisory where there could be scattered power outages across the area. of course, that comes at an inopportune time with such low temperatures. we've posted a whole list of what you need to know about the cold weather. numbers to call too if you download our nbc washington app. the windchill temperatures right now in the low 20s. many neighborhoods, including d.c. feeling like 24 degrees. we'll go from that dangerously low windchill readings with the wind saturday, even a little bit sunday. by monday snow comes into the area, cold temperatures, and if i were to put one more word down here, it would be warm because on tuesday the warmer air, it's going to surge quickly into the area but not saturday. look at saturday. this is early in the day, midday, afternoon. feeling like we're in the single digits throughout the day. 0 to 5 in the
5:49 pm
afternoon hours. monday, the new system comes into the area. the snow you're seeing here monday morning for the early morning rush, lunchtime as well. the pink is a mix, an icy mix in the afternoon hours, an then the rain finally takes over i think late monday into early tuesday. so right now for tomorrow frigid windy conditions, hypothermia-type weather for the weekend. early next week, 33 the high on monday to 52 coming up on tuesday. rain, one to two inches, and then we get a chance to take a breather for the remainder of the week. more on this big system for not just the early part of this week but this evening coming up on news4 at 6:00. >> good thing monday is a holiday. thanks, j.v.j. it's probably not the first time a passenger dozed you have but a local man says he got into an uber car for a one-mile trip. when he woke up, he was shocked how long the actual journey was.
5:50 pm
will see only on news4. >> i felt kind of like violated. not to be dramatic but it was like i was asleep for two hours. >> reporter: this man summoned an uber car about 2:00 in the morning on 7th street northwest. he was headed home, about a mile away. he admits he didn't enter his destination into the app. he says he told the driver his address and then he fell asleep. >> i was asleep, granted, my fault, but i was asleep for two hours. >> reporter: according to his receipt, the uber driver picked him up on 7th street and drove into bethesda, maryland, and montgomery county, then around the beltway in prince george's county and back into the district. two hours and six minutes, 71 miles, and $171 later, he was home. >> honestly, it makes me feel uneasy because it's just like what were you doing? like, you know, i mean to really be dramatic, could you have been
5:51 pm
you could have been having other people in the car. could you have been stopping other places. it's like i literally don't know what you were doing and it's like that just makes me feel a little uncomfortable. >> reporter: an official with uber declined to specifically address this incident. in a written statement telling news4 uber expects riders and drivers alike to have a shared standard for respect, accountability, and common courtesy during rides. uber has refunded him all his money. as for whether he fell asleep or passed out because he had been drinking? everybody is going to see this and say you were drurng. you must have been drunk. >> actually, no, i was the designated friend. >> reporter: uber suggests passengers enter their destination into the app before the trip, but a spokesperson would not answer news4's questions about their policy for drivers should a passenger fall asleep. in the district, mark segraves, news4. two local chefs are fighting for the coveted title of "top chef" on that hit series on bravo and some folks are really watching
5:52 pm
kwame. they are local favorites. we find out about a brand new restaurant he's bringing to d.c. >> reporter: it's a unique area with an evolving vibe, and treasured history that still remains. it's d.c.'s shaw neighborhood, and in a few months -- >> so this is my baby. >> reporter: a restaurant which sits on the corner of 9th and q will be bringing its own unique flavor to the neighborhood. >> so this outside area is going to be a raised herb garden. >> reporter: meet chef /owner kwame. if he looks family -- >> eight chefs remain to compete. >> reporter: this is likely where you have seen him. one of "top chef" most competitive talents. >> arugula salad. >> reporter: his cuisine top notch, and these judges aren't easy to please. >> this asparagus and egg dish
5:53 pm
order for lunch. >> reporter: and the same quality is promised at the shaw. >> you can expect flavors from india, thailand, vietnam, hong kong, nigeria. >> reporter: the interior isn't done yet but here is some look at the handcrafted furniture inside. setting the tone for an experience with a twist. >> when you walk in the door there's no menu. >> reporter: there won't be any menu. when guests make reservations, kwame says they will be asked a few questions about likes, dislikes, and dietary destr restrictions. >> i want them to feel like they're coming in their friend's home and trust me and my team that we're trying to give them the best experience possible. >> upstairs will be a members only bar offering a 24-hour concierge. >> it's bringing the level of refinement to the bar scene. >> reporter: refinement with a unique vibe. just like this evolving neighborhood and from a man many are calling a talented and
5:54 pm
you know, it's just like we're bringing another experience to d.c., and we're really excited about it. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, news4, washington. a heroin overdose is caught on camera and what happens next is changing the way police across our country are facing this growing epidemic. it's the busiest weekend of the year for florists but some are having a tough time in light of the freezing temperatures. it's forced the staff to add protective coats to each arrangement they send out but that's often not enough. our david culver shows you what else local florists are doing to keep your orders fre
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a man charged this week with killing a springfield teenager was found with blood on his hands and his clothes. dilshad dosky is accused of stabbing to death a 19-year-old wednesday. a search warrant reveals the witness saw the attacker holding a knife chasing the victim outside the home just before the victim was stabbed. a man's alive in loudoun county thanks to two sheriff's deputies who quickly saved him from a heroin overdose. a new program let's them carry a drug antidote in the field. >> a similar program in new jersey also saved a life this week. the dramatic rescue was caught on camera, but andrea klein thomas reports on why the antidote may not
5:58 pm
>> reporter: we blurred the woman's face to protect her identity. she's unconscious and in the depth of a heroin overdose. you see a woman doing chest compressions on the side of the road trying to revive her until police arrive. good thing the police station is just down the street. officers immediately give her a dose of narcan, a nasal spray used as an emergency treatment during an opioid jorve dose. >> it's not the strength of what the doctors have or anything but it's strong enough to reverse all the symptoms and bring you right back from death. >> reporter: that's what happened in this case. the woman still had to be taken to the hospital but she survived as onlookers watched in horror. >> it's a problem in every neighborhood whether you're in -- from winslow to camden. >> this man co-chairs the opiate addiction test in camden
5:59 pm
the koun county offers intense counseling to patients giving kor narcan. >> folks still aren't convinced they should get help. >> narcan saved 450 people in camden county. it's the antidote for heroin overdoses but not the solution for the growing problem. now at 6:00, a teacher's aide accused of creating child porn at a school had a criminal past raising new questions about how he cleared a background check. some guys in masks stormed into a barbershop and started shooting. a father, his son in his lap, both wounded. >> reporter: a local man taken on a wild ride after falling asleep on uber. tonight the staggering bill for a trip that was just a mile away. but first, there's more snow in our forecast. it's already falling in some
6:00 pm
and it could make for a messy commute home. tonight a winter weather advisory is in effect and we have team coverage of the conditions out there. >> from the snow on the roads to the bitter cold that's about to grip our region. doug, this is going to be a rough one, huh? >> yeah, it really is going to be a rough couple days here, not just tonight with the snow but tomorrow and sunday due to the fact that we're going to be dealing with all of that cold air and then more snow on monday. let's take a look right now and show you the radar. storm team4 radar showing where right now down southern maryland. we've seen some of that snow hitting the ground around leonardtown towards the huntingtown area and anne arundel county. right along i-81 you can see it from hagerstown, winchester towards the martinsburg area too, we will watch this area closely because that snow will creep into our region over the next couple of hours. it's all part of a system that's going to bring in that brutally cold air overnight tonight into the day tomorrow. now, first off, the snow. winter weather advisory in effect e


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