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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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really talking. >> well, that's right, doug. we're here in northwest d.c. as you just stated, it was snowing moments ago. now it has stopped. the snow looks nice. it's coming down and i don't care about it. but what i do care about is how cold it is. i tell you, let's
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this. >> i'm sure it's going to be pretty cold. we want to get to d.c. as quick as we can in the morning. >> reporter: tonight, florists are in a hurry to deliver this valentine's day weekend. >> the biggest problem we have right now with the cold weather is delivering packages. he has to get from the car to the house. >> the polar vortex is expected to see temperatures in the single digits with windchills below zero saturday night. >> they're in water. we have to keep it warm. >> nicole is trying to keep warm in frigid temperatures. >> i just keep it moving so i can get on before i get too cold. >> valentine's day i
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ones. we're going to take care of them and i hope everybody has a great valentines. >> now, i do wish it was warmer outside. many folks have, you know, reservations to go to restaurants and hotels and have a really nice weekend. if you plan on staying indoors, that could be the best thing. you have to watch out for hypothermia. i'm shomari stone, news 4. >> as those temperatures drop, we've compiled a number of resources on the nbc w wa app. you'll also find a list of groups looking for volunteers and donations. >> quite a shocking and alarming night for an arlington teenager.
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teenager tried to stab him last night and the suspect admittedfuadmit eted it was part of a gang initiations. >> well, doreen, no actual stabbing took place, but this is very concerning. police say the victim was cutting through quincy park when he was approached by another teenager who had a knife. >> he brandished the weapon and told the victim he needed to do this as part of a gang initiation. he attempted to stab the victim. >> the victim was able to fight back. as he started running away toward a busier area, three other teens in the park began chasing him. >> he could not get them along. >> the victim managed to get away. the park is near a
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field used by washington lee high school. >> i wouldn't be surprised at all if it happens here. there's a lot of traffic going on. so, you know, people don't really here. >> we're next to a big city, so, obviously, there's going to be some level of organized crime such as gangs that can be expected. it's kind of interesting it's in such a residential area. >> and police think that the victim -- excuse me, that the suspect may have an jury to his head from where the victim hit him in order to get away. >> jackie, thank you. mystery solved tonight. virginia power takes responsibility for the oil spill that caused a sheen on the potomac visit this week. all samples came from a 13,000 gallon spill in crystal city. the sheen stretc
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it was first spotted last week. >> the number of victims police say were abused by a former teacher's aid it's now at 14 children. a judge elementary school and four other locations including a church. sexual offense charge when he was a teenager. the school district says juvenile records are sealed and nothing came up when they read caraway's background check. a lawyer filed a lawsuit for five of them yesterday as he said there will be more victims. >> they are required to have better restrictions when screening people for work. >> you r
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statement from the suspect on our web site. >> one of two students found shot dead in an arizona hospital this morning has been identified by her family. may qu was by her sister. police believe may and the girl and one shot the other for shooting herself. a vigil will be held for the two girls at the high school tomorrow. >> here at the live desk, u.s. health officials say it's now looking more likely. the zika virus can be transf transferred while having sex. researchers have detekted it
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months. >> at the beginning of the week, day lost their jobs. now, two university professors are being reinstated. >> the neighbor house and ed eagen were fired on monday following their criticism of knew man's plan to weed out freshman at the school. one was quoted saying struggling students were bunnies who need to be drowned. >> tonight, police are looking for three masked men who stormed into a
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toddler that was sleeping on his dad's lap. police tell us that shooting near the washington navy yard was not a random act. >> the gop race is starting to get more personal and nasty down in south carolina. donald trump revisits an old idea to launch a fresh attack against senator ted cruise. trump announced on witter that he may sue cruz because trump claims cruz is not a natural born sticitizen and cannot be president. >> more than a little irony of donald calling anyone nasty.
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trump with a 17 per sen tan point lead over cruz in south carolina. >> the debate tomorrow night, former virginia governor jim gilmore hasn't been in a main event debate this cycle. he suspended his long shot campaign. >> now that he's got extra time on his hands, it appears martin o'malley wants to have a little fun. this is going to be the first performance since he suspended his presidential campaign last week. he sings and playing acoustic guitar. >> you may want to rethink the
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roses this valentines and get your sweetie a sweater instead. why this weekend could make it into the record books. >> the longest and most expensive uber ride ever. >> what tim
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right now, checking some snow showers akroz the area.
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back to the west, a bigger area of snow later on in the next couple of days. >> we'll see you shortly, doug. their murders stunned and infur rated prince george's county. >> tomorrow, they will be laid to rest. funeral services will be held tomorrow morning at the arc of safety christian church in upper marlboro. they were shot multiple times last week. police say the little girl's father has confessed to the murders. sources tell news 4 he was angry about $600 in monthly child support he was ordered to pay. >> today marks seven years of pamela butler last seen going into her home.
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>> what was supposed to be one-mile trip home turned into a $200 experience for an uberx car at about 2:00 in the morning once he got in, he said he fell asleep. th this. >> i literally don't know what you were doing. uber refunded his money and said in a statement that it expects riders and drivers to have, "a shared standard for a respec
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accountability and common courtesy during rides? >> oh, it was quite a night. one of hundreds all over the world simultaneously hosting a prom for people of special needs. it's called a night to shine. a washington nationals clubhouse tonight. >> what a nice opportunity for those kids. so we were worried about icy conditions, kind of a repeat.
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we said two reasons was fact that it came through after the evening rush. two, a, not as much snow. out there towards northwest d.c., we never saw anything too heavy. that's some good news, however. see it back to the west and winchester, even close to an inch in parts of that region. right now, that snow is gone. 28, windchill of 22 degrees. 21 gaithersburg. winchester at 28. here's where the snow showers are. back towards lurae and culpeper county. snow showers right around waldorf right now. that's really going to be about it right along tow
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and upper marlboro. look at this band coming across the lakes here. we're noot quite done with the snow showers just yet. mind this, you get the windchill. it's one and two in columbus where it will be tomorrow all day. that's the wind gusting to possibly 50 miles per hour tomorrow. that will put them below zero all day long. today was brutal. windchills in the teens to around 20. tomorrow and sunday, downright dangerous. that's why we weather alert all the way through and into the day on tuesday. how about around 1: w
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if you're going out, 33 degrees in d.c., how about sunday morning. maybe 5 below up there towards baltimore. so extreme cold making its way in here. very cold on valentine's day with a high of 25. then we get to monday. right now, looking at some of the latest computer models, a good chance of accumulating snowfall. most of this should be on the light side. the roads get slick fairly early and it changes from rain in parts of the area. some of that rain very heavy at times.
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our wiz ands are taking some time off.
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it's no secret that our friend, john wahl is very active in the community. the wizard's point guard won the nba cares award for his out standing community service. >> because of an injury, wahl's status laying his third straight all-star game. >>
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treatment that they needed. >> they told me in the last two years. >> oh, that's a tough crowd, alex ovechkin is hanging around. they broke that hat trick out last night. that should silence that peanut gal reel. more importantly, the caps became the fastest team in nhl history to get to 40 wins. they're in dallas saturday might riding into town with a five-game winning streak. his big shot may have provided a maturity that will help this team come march. >> we're in to, especially in the second half, we
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find the leader and they always lean on me to be a leader. they come in with a chip on their shoulders. >> lots more from the terps coming up on the sports final. they both join them at the round table on sunday at 11:35.
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take a look one more time at the radar. storm 4 team tracking that snow that continues to move through the region. culpepper seeing a little burst of snow. the big deal, once again, is the cold. get ready for it if you haven't gotten out the heaviest coat you've got so far, tomorrow is going to be the day. >>. >> i put it on instagram yesterday. they said your coat is not heavy enough. >> and then there's always this. you've been fasting and popping up for cupid's undie run. runners take part in a brief one-mile run. the annual event raises money for the children's tumor foundation.
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>> look at this. i don't know how they do it. they've brave or fools, one or the other. >> we'll be there with cameras. >> you mean personally? >> selfies. that's our broadcast.
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ray romano, lucy hale,


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