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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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potential customers some showing netflix log-ins on sale for as little as a quarter. users should look out for items that they thou know they haven' watched. if you see something suspicious, it might be time to change your password. take a live look at the roads on this storm team 4 weather alert day. this is what it looks like on the inner loop of the beltway near college park right now. you can see a little track there where cars have driven. >> yes, and a little bit of light snow there. >> good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff. a lot of people seeing a dusting or nice coating already. we have complete team coverage for you this morning. chuck bell, melissa mollett, derrick ward all standing by. we want to begin things off with chuck. >> good morning. it is indeed a presidents
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fortunately a lot of businesses and schools were already planning to be closed today. the rest of the schools i'm sure will be calling off for the day, as well. snow this morning, all snow everywhere. on average 2 to maybe in some spots as muches 6 inches of snow. heavier amounts hey actumay be town because it's still snowing southern prince george's county, charles, calvert county. more snow south of town than to the north. later today, it will lift northward so it will snow again today in montgomery and frederick county. on average 2 to 6, 3 to 5 around most of the area, so we're not looking at a crip pling amount f snow. it's a warming trend, but the warming trend is it include a chance for freezing rain starting around sundown tonight and into the early morning hours tomorrow. impact on the roads and travel coming up in t
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a here is melissa in traffic. i'm megan fitzgerald at the live desk following some school closings for you. spotsylvania, fauquier, page and manassas city schools all closed for the weather before three of those districts were supposed to be open for makeup days. we also just learned hampshire and morgan county schools in west virginia are also closed. in the last half hour, shenandoah schools are closing their offices today. students there were already off for the holiday. and you can find all these closures by done loading our nbc washington app. of course we'll scroll it at the bottom of your screen. we continue our team coverage on this weather alert day with melissa mollett. >> so taking a look at a couple of issues we had earlier, this one is how out of the way, so this is good. >> narrator: bound bw parkway near
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there. again most of the interstate, most of the main routes just kind of have that slick look to them. and there is still snow on the side of the roadway, but we pretty much have one lane on every main route where it's just a little bit wet, but you are getting by this morning. eastbound 50 at 28, left lane getting by, that accident 270 at hone montrose not bad. let's get on the roads right now. derrick ward in the storm team 4 x 4 this morning. derrick, how are things looking? >> reporter: we're on the well way coming up on new hampshire avenue, i guess. if you can see, you've got a passable lane. there is not a problem if you are indeed in that lane. and there is not a lot of traffic as we've been saying all morning. some of the streets in the city were snow packed, but passable. we're not experiencing much ice now in the way of anything serious. but you always have to be
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compromised surfaces like this and the temperatures as low as they are. but you can see it's a matter of keeping your speed, keeping a safe distance with the car in front of you. and you should be okay. these are probably the best yet today because as we hear later there will be freezing rain and things will be a bit more tice city. but these roads have definitely been treated and now traveled, so passable with caution. derrick ward, news 4. back to you. it's 5:04. and right now the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia is back in virginia. officials received his body at dulles airport last night and transferred to a hears ef schls. flags are flying at half-staff in honor of scalia. colleagues are mourning his death. justice ruth bader ginsburg says she was best buddies withli
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scalia a was found dead on saturday morning at a ranch in texas of an apparent heart attack. the property's owner says scalia went squal hunting on friday, went to bed early that night saying he felt tired and wanted to get a good night's sleep. here is how the owner describes finding him the next day. >> he was very peaceful in his bed. he had obviously passed away with no difficulty at all in the middle of the night. >> the 79-year-old was a devout catholic. a priest was brought into administer last rites. his death has large political ramifications. the firestorm surrounding his possible replacement on the supreme court at 5:30. a man who admitted to defrauding banks out of millions has been shot to death inside a pick july truck on armstrong lane yesterday. he served time in prison for using phony life insurance policies to get millions this
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several days ago. happening today, maryland students will rally in annapolis to push for a change to the sexual consent policy of colleges. the proposed legislation called yes means yes is a bill that would require are a vib al agreement about how and when people are comfortable engaging in sexual acts. concept cannot be given if sdwon is drunk, unconscious or coerced. more than 100 students will rally this evening. former maryland lieutenant governor anthony brown makes a clarification after a campaign memo mixup. brown says that his democratic congressional campaign is not authorizeded to use the naacp logo and name. as the "washington post" reports, the logo appeared in a message that staff members sent last week. brown says the message titled happy anniversary naac. was not an endorsement of his campaign. the organization does not endorse candidates. from be will meet with
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asian nations. this is the first time for this meeting here in the u.s. it's 5:06. and if you are just turning on the television this morning, we come do want to let you know takes sto it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. the chuck bell will be back with a look at travel conditions. and in brooklyn, crews are on the scene of a four alarm fire. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years.
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or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. developing right now, we've learned four people including two firefighters were hurt in this huge fire in new york city that started burning in brooklyn late last night. take a look at the flames just completely engulfing the top story. >> firefighters said they had the fire under control a few hours ago. the people hurt are expected to be okay. it's still not clear how the
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fire started. it is time to check on our travel conditions. >> chuck bell is in with a look at the forecast and the snow impacts. >> that's right. for this morning, moderate impact on the roads here this morning. everything is sticking absolutely right away. and an even higher impact i think as we go later in to the afternoon and eventually into early this evening because the snow will mix with and maybe change over to freezing rain. that will be even worse than what we have out there now. so road conditions for you through the day, snow covered this morning, snow covered through most of the afternoon. snow and ice covered roads coming our way for this evening. radar check most of the snow right now still south of route 50 this to parts of southern maryland, but there is another chance for accumulating snow coming our way during the daylight hours today. a check of the "7-day forecast" in ten minutes. storm team 4 x 4 on the beltway justut
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field here. been texting pa ining back and h derrick ward who is inside the 4 x 4. you can see we have a nice little path on the beltway, but it's not completely clear. m street at the key bridge, roads are wet. 95 north at 619 try angel, a cra tri triangle, a crash. and a live look at 270 coming up. if you don't already have the nbc washington app, today is the day you might want to download it. because it is a storm team 4 weather alert day and this is why. just a look at all the snow in mclean, virginia. that is where molette green is. we'll check in wi
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weather alert day. chuck bell and melissa mollett tracking the latest conditions for you. first though the cold is absolutely brutal. the snow not making it any easier to get around this morning. roads are slick in a lot of places across our area. that includes fairfax county where molette green is tracking conditions for us in mclean. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, light snow falling down here in mclean. we're right on chain bridge road. it's passable, but of course the snow is covering the streets in some spots. you need to give yourself extra time if you absolutely have to get out here. drivers say things have been a little dicey for them. here is what one guy told me. >> in virginia it's a
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better. >> to do you feel safe or do y take it slow? >> i'm driving slow. >> reporter: and again, that driver telling me the drive was better for him in maryland -- in virginia, that is, than when he came in from hear land. so you can see the snow cover out here. it's slushy in some spots where the plows have pushed the snow off. the trucks are out here. they're doing their job. and the good thing is it's a holiday, most folks don't have to be out here. and another driver also tells me that people are going too fast in these dicey conditions. even though we're not seeing a whole lot of snow on the ground, it's still slippery and trigky out here. that's the latest out here.
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is overnight truck work paying off this morning? some of you tweeting you haven't seen a plow yet, but plows were sent out to pre-treat roads in prince george's county, d.c. and montgomery county. the 200 plows have been out since 11:00 last night. and vdot has been laying down anti-icing materials to try to cut down on the slippery roads. 5:18. an annual presidents day tradition has been canceled because of the bad weather. the george washington birthday parade in old town alexandria will not be happening today. you can check out our nbc washington app and the bottom of your screen for the latest closing and delays. much of the country is dealing with the extreme cold and nasty snow. it's the coldest valentine's day on report in the northeast and in indiana, at least ten people were hurt in this chain reaction crash near indianapolis. others who did travel wanted to turn back. >> i nearly run back into the airport. i've never known cold like that
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people in philadelphia from celebrating chinese new year. certainly a lot of people are looking forward to a warm-up later in the week. well, there is new information this morning about a pretty scary car crash that happened in potomac. a 21-year-old man was driving this mangled dodge viper and an 18-year-old woman was also inside that car. police say that the car suddenly swerved before hitting a concrete wall. the woman was airlifted to baltimore hospital and she's now being treated for serious injuries. the driver is also recovering in the hospital. this morning police are still investigating a deadly crash in clinton, maryland. the driver was going the wrong way down branch avenue and hit another car head-on. this happened around 9:00 saturday night. police are not sure why the driver was going the wrong way in the first place. the driver of the other car had to be cut out but is expected to be okay. new charges against a woman
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dozen jewelry stores in the south. prosecutors say abigail kent made off with $4 million. she was charged are robberies this georgia and florida and now south carolina has opened up a case against her. she could face charges in north carolina and tennessee, as well. news 4 your health this morning, apparently students who talk in class may be doing bhern their friends who don't chit-chat. researchers did a study of college students and it showed that when they talked to their peers this class, they had a greater sense of belonging and actually enjoyed that class more. so does that translate to better grades? >> i was going to say, did they learn anything. i remember getting my midterm ripped up because the teacher thought i was talking.
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at that time. imagine being able to escape the sterile feeling of being in a hospital without actually leaving. doctors at cedars-sinai hospital in los angeles are studying the effects of virtual reality on patients in hospitals. special goggles carry patients away to different worlds anywhere from iceland town der the sea. researchers hope the technology will not only lower patients' stress, but will also be useful undergoing long labors or patients waiting for painful procedures. >> not only did it improve pain source, but it improved blood pressure. >> researchers say younger patients have been the most to gain so far to try out the new technology, but they say when older patients give it a shot, they're even more amazed and could see greater benefits. >> we see this a lot with google cardboard. doctors and nurses also -- in google what in. >> cardboard. and they're using the technology to train. >> how about
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>> okay. i didn't hear what you said, i'm sorry, we're putting our web update together, so i was updating the web team. here's what we said. anywhere from 2 to 5 to maybe as much as 3 or 6 inches of snow. heavier snow amounts out to the north and west where we have a winter storm warning. in and around the metro area probably more the 2 to 4 to 5 range. trickiest time is late this afternoon until about midnight. all snow on average 3 to 5 inches. a risk of freezing rain this evening and tonight. most dangerous time frame really from about 8:00 tonight to 8:00 tomorrow morning. radar check here for you, steadiest of the snow now is really from about brandywine and rosaryville, southern prince george's county south into charles, calvert and st. mary's. so use extreme caution this morning. this plume of moisture is pointing right at
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most of the snow is south of washington. so snowfall amounts may be a little higher south of town here this morning. but. >>ly the snow will fill back in later this afternoon and that's where northern maryland and shenandoah valley will get their second round of snow. for now most of the snow is south of washington into southern maryland and again, this is going to continue here for the next couple of hours. temperatures are way cold this morning. we're in the upper teens to near 20 degrees right now. we will see a steady rise in temperatures today, but below freezing likely until about sunset. after sun set tonight, temperatures will be rising, but there will still be a chance for iciness on the roads. here is future weather. by 9:15 this morning, snow south of town. by noon, notice the snow expanding back northward. but already by 6:00 tonight, here comes the change over from snow to freezing rain to rain. that will eventually all be rain by about wake-up time tomorrow morning. could get a solid inch of rain
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ice generally a tenth of an inch of ice accumulation or less around the metro could get as much of a quarter of an inch to accumulate north and west. so tomorrow morning's commute will be dicey at best. it will change to all rain. temperatures near 50 tomorrow. it may end with a little a. snowflake or two early wednesday morning, but not looking for a big impact there. and then a chance to exhale, this weekend temperatures near 60 degrees. storm team 4 x 4 headed to southern maryland. they're on route 4 southbound. just pulled over for one moment there. roads there actually looking just a bit wet. sides of the road looking like everywhere else. a nice little bit of accumulation. 270 at old hundred road, nice and clear. looks like that was treated overnight. beltway at colesville road, looks like they have turned the camera to look at colesville there approaching the beltway this morning.
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still have the two left lanes getting by that accident. and then remember 95 north at 619 triangle, a crash blocking the right side of the roadway. it's 5:25. complete strangers are stepping in to help a family devastated by a fire in adelphi. t they lost everything in the fire and moved a new 4/viewer. and they donated clothing and school supplies and helped them settle into their new apartment. >> we give back and help each other in need. >> she just came like an angel, god sent her to us. >> the red cross helped about 100 people displaced by that fire. as for the palma family,
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help pay rent for a year. you can open the nbc washington app for ways that you can help. search "working for you." and pope francis is speaking out about the drug trade and the violence associated with it. cheers as pope francis celebrated mass for hundreds of thousands of people in a crime ridden suburb of mexico city. pope francis encouraged mexicans to create a country where no one has to leave to find a better life. he acknowledged a lack of confidence in local government and asked the people to create a mexico full of opportunity for themselves. the cruise ship that took passengers on a nautical nightmare is back at sea. new passengers boarded the anthem of the seas ship just day after it returned to port. the ship sailed into major atlantic storm. many passengers were terrified as 30 foot waves
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operators of the cruise line and the u.s. coast guard cleared the ship to sail again. the ship left the new jersey port on saturday. are you ready? work, work, work, work. >> what? >> rihanna. get ready, it will be an big night. okay, maybe -- >> big night for her or you? >> she'll be performing at the grammys. maybe a that's not -- >> i didn't catch the tune. ♪ work, work, would >> it happened again. the gram may awards are tonight in ladies and gentlemen. ll cool jay will host for the different year. crews still putting the final touches on everything before celebs hit the red carpet. kendri kendrick lamar has 11 nominations. the most for one artist t
5:28 am
his nominations include song of the year and album of the year. >> he's such a critical darling. butterflies literally on the top of every critic's list one of the greatest records that came out this year. p. >> performers include lamar, adele and rihanna. earth wind and tire will receive t fire will receive the lifetime achievement award tonight. and school closings. jefferson and berkeley public schools in west virginia are closed. remember the nbc washington app for the closures and delays. . and chances are, this is why, because your front lawn looks similar to this. the snow that we're seeing outside our studios. chuck says we should see snow throughout the afternoon. more on that in four things you feed need to know. and we're getting a glimpse at how his death is
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2016. the
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we've been saying this a lot lately, but it's a weather alert day. the snow won't stop anytime soon. we begin with new school closings. all in west virginia. grant hardy and mineral public schools will be closed today. >> and
5:32 am
window. we want to give you a look outside of ours. this is what it looks like there outside the news 4 studios this morning. we have a nice coating of snow on the ground. >> and check out the scene from capitol hill, too. the dome there. you can see a little snow flying away there. >> it's all about location, location, location. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and melissa mollett have us covered this morning. let's start things off with chuck. >> a busy overnight into early this morning. here's what you need to know about the weather this morning. it's snowing outside in most areas it will be all snow during the daylight hours today. the time frame i'm most worried about begins late this afternoon and early this evening and overnight hours early tonight when we switch from snow to rain. the mix in the middle could be sleet or freezing rain. so that's what we're watching out for most carefully.
5:33 am
advisories all through the course of the day today. snow right now mainly south of the washington area. next 24 hours look this way. temperatures only near 20 degrees now. near the freezing hark by 7:00 tonight. and near 40 degrees by tomorrow morning. still likely to have school impacts. trying to get another camera for you to show you a look at the beltway. you can see if it's a lesser traveled road, you will still see a bit of snow on the ground. and it is slick in spots. beltway overall and main routes overalling looking pretty good. here is a live look at the beltway. no problem at river road. inner loop at van dorn street, two left lanes getting by the crash there. 95 north at triangle, a crash blocking a
5:34 am
minutes. there is no way the senate should confirm anyone barack obama tries to appoint in his last year in office to a lifetime appointment. >> let me make one point. barack obama is president of the united states until january 20th, 2017. >> a bit are battle already beginning over who will replace supreme court justice antonin scalia. president obama has promised to make a nomination. his choice could tip the balance of the nation's highest court. tracie potts is on capitol hill and there is definitely a long road ahead with with this. and the senate already feeling the pressure. >> reporter: and already speaking out about not confirming whoever the president may send over here for confirmation hearings. this could be a bitter battle because republicans are concerned that in his final year this democratic president could try to put another liberal on the court and tip the balance of will this court. right now they have fe
5:35 am
conservatives or five who typically vote conservative and one -- or four liberals. and at that point if they tip the wall a lot of the court cases could be affected. >> and a little more about the possible replacements of justice scalia. sri srinivasan serves on washington owe's court of appeal. paul wat forwaford serves on thh circuit. the only woman, pa friday strict is on the court of appeals. justice scalia was widely respected to his writings, knowledge and contributions to constitutional law. randy barnett knew scalia and argued a medical marijuana case in front of the supreme court. barnett says he lost mostly on scalia's dissent. >> i certainly remember it, i wasn't really happy with his ruling. he wrote a separate opinion which didn't please me. but he's also
5:36 am
several times, he visited my seminar to talk about his new book. he's been a friend of georgetown and mine. >> barnett says he clearly remembers scalia's questions during the medical marijuana case saying they were the most demanding and gave him the most difficulty in court. let's go back to our team coverage now on this weather alert day. derrick ward out in the 4 x 4 watching the roads for us. how is it looking? >> good morning. we are now on 4 south going toward solomon's island. different conditions. first of all, it's snowing heavier here than it was inside the beltway and immediately around the beltway. as you go south, you will run into it a bit more. we ran into a patch that wasn't like the road surface that you're seeing now. sort of between the beltway and here, there was more packed on snow. but it looks like this one has been traveleeated and it's been traveled. and the
5:37 am
moderate for these conditions at this hour. i think a lot of people may figure that this of all of the bad driving conditions, this is probably the best, they want to get to where they're going before this freezes and turns in to rain. so again the rule is just caution. lots of distance between you and the car in front of you. and direct attention at the roadway. we are live on route 4 south, derrick ward, news 4 in storm tracker 4. 5:37. shocking claims have a former new york governor in new trouble. eliot spitzer is accused of choking a woman in her hid 20s at the plaza hotel in manhattan. spitzer resigned in 2008 after being linked to a prostitution ring. spitzer deny this ies this repo. investigators could have stopped the blimp that broke its mooring that eventuallyan
5:38 am
deflated the blimp was missing the battery so is it never turned on. just look at at all that snow covering our area this morning. thankfully a lot of you don't have to go to work or school today because it is presidents day. but will the snow cancel class tomorrow. that answer at 5:# 1.
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possibly an early indicator of what is to come. virginia college students predict donald trump will win the republican nomination for president. washington and lee university students have correctly chosen the nom these in a mock cinee s. trump tweeted over the weekend saying he hopes the students were right. virginia's department of transportation wants to relieve some congestion on 95 where the express lanes merge. many of the problems are in north stafford where traffic backs up for miles. commuters can weigh in on the plans at a wednesday meeting. you can give your feedback at 6:00 wednesday night. 5:41. chuck bell, you said that every one these
5:42 am
the ground. >> sticking immediately. we did not have to wait for the accumulations. the ground frozen solid because of the bitter cold over the weekend and snow continuing to fall. most areas today 3 to 5, some spots may be closer to 6 inches. already 3 to 4 across most of st. mary's county. most of the metro area a solid # to 5 inches. pockets will have more of that. but it won't add up to a foot. school closings today, 100% closed. either because of the snow or because of the federal holiday for presidents day. tomorrow at least a 70% chance for delays tomorrow, no problems there after, but probably going to be more of a delay than a cancellation tomorrow because temperatures will be rising and this will be dhaechanging to ra. most of the snow at the current moment is in charles, calvert and st. mary's counties. temperatures will stay below freezing for most of the daylight hours. rising temperatures overnight, so freezing rain channg
5:43 am
rain gradually. melissa mollett is right here. right now 270 at germantown road, report of a new crash in the southbound lanes this morning. so not seeing it on camera, but sounds like we're blocking one left lane. in-are loop at van dorn, two left lanes getting by that crash. and a second problem there before braddock, right lane blocked because of a crash there. as far as traffic times, overall not looking so bad. beltway main routes generally just pretty wet this morning. your neighborhood white. germantown to the beltway looking fine. 95 to 270, no problems there. 66 and 95 both looking fine. listen to wtop 103.5 for the latest on the nasty road conditions. how many times have you rented a car on vacation, and how many times was there a bomb under it? the investigation understand way now involving the
5:44 am
that something popped up on your netflix account that you don't remember ordering or watching? how some thieves are stealing your account information.
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5:47 am
a make shift clinic supported by doctors without borders has been destroyed by an air strike in syria. at least 8 staff members are missing, dozens said to be killed and wounded. syrian troops have been on the offensive in northern syria while russia continues air strikes. back to you. and i'm chuck bell updating our snow forecast, now a solid 3 to maybe as much as 6 inches. big winner currently st. mary's county. an updated forecast including a look at a milder
5:48 am
ahead. problem 270 south at germ germantown road and another 50 east, two lanes shut down for the next couple of hours. details coming up. i'm live in fairfax county. check it out, gas station attendant just treated his property so that when folks pull into get gas, they won't slip and slide because it's a witness snow covered there and slushy. and seeing lots of plowing on chain bridge road. vdot says most roads are in moderate condition. and so therefore avoid traveling at this hour if you can. drivers say people are not taking the tricky conditions seriously. >>o
5:49 am
they're snow covered. fairfax down to the pavement. >> reporter: so again, the trucks are out pushing the snow, getting more -- seeing more drivers out on the roads. roads still a bit tricky. so if you don't have to get out, stay indoors and watch news 4's coverage throughout the morning. back to you. it's 5:49. and the salvation army is stepping up to help people dealing with the extreme winter weather. a group called the great patrol is making rounds to make sure people are warm and fed. volunteers make stops across the district and bring people to shelters where space is available. >> we employ thoprovide those materials to the homeless clients because we know they have no place to into so he we want make sure we provide whatever we can. >> and the team also gives out socks, hats and gloves to help those in need stay warm. the great patrol has been
5:50 am
30 years. now to new developments in flint, michigan. the detroit free press prorts governor smi der is asking for expanded medicaid support for about 15,000 residents for 18 months lead seeped in to the city's drinking water through old core roaded pipes. and drippinging that water could affect development especially in children. the expanded coverage will apply to residents younger than 21 and pregnant women. the u.s. surgeon general will meet with residents to answer their questions. police are looking for the person who killed a convicted bank thief found shot to death inside a pickup truck yesterday. he served time in prison for defrauding $53 million there banks to fund his elaborate lifestyle. new action in the
5:51 am
against isis. saudi arabia is expected to help in the fight to retake raqqah. ash carter expects both saudi arabia and united emirates to provide fighting aid. the time is 5:51. and we want to get a check on the forecast. i know over the next seven days we'll get a little bit of everything. but this next 24 hours going to be pretty challenging. >> very dicey and then a big rapid improvement after that. first thing this morning, winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings for everybody. the brighter shades here, that's the winter storm warning that includes the blue ridge and shenandoah valley and st. mary's. the rest of the area under the winter weather advisory. the reason they upgraded st. mary's county, they already have 3 to 5 inches of snow on the ground and it's still coming down. all snow through the
5:52 am
3 to 6 inches for most. you can send me your snow rep t report @chuckbell4. risk of freezing rain for this evening and tonight, most dangerous time frame likely to be 8:00 tonight to 8:00 a.m. road conditions snow covered this morning, snow covered this afternoon. by this evening, snow and ice also likely. be careful, everybody, if you're driving today. if you don't have to go out, a good day to stay in. right now most of the snow charles, calvert and st. mary's county. again, multiple reports between 3 and 5 inches already on the ground thin st. mary's county. and more where this came from. future weather, for the remainder of the day, temperatures now in the upper teens to near 20. and by 9:45 this morning, snow moving back to the north side to the metro, as well, and continuing in southern maryland. by
5:53 am
metro and here comes the leading edge of the milder air trying to change the snow over to rain as early as early afternoon in southern maryland. more like late afternoon to sunset as we get into the metro area. but a chance for pockets of ice and freezing rain after sundown tonight up through about sunrise tomorrow. temperatures will be rising overnight. i just can't guarantee that all spots will be above freezing before the sun comes up tomorrow morning. today high near 30, but temperatures rising overnight. 33 tomorrow morning to 52 tomorrow afternoon. could end with a wet snowflake or two late tuesday night early wednesday. but thursday, friday, cool in the 40s. saturday, sunday, the weekend, near 60. new troubles in falls church. brand new problem. 50 eastbound at fair view park drive, two lanes blocked until 8:00 this morning. it sounds like a truck perhaps got its
5:54 am
so we'll get information more on that one. 270 at montrose road, do have a crash here, they just zoomed out and moved the camera on me. south bond at montrose, crash southbound at germantown road. looks like that is now out of the way. inner loop at van dorn, two left lanes getting by that accident. inner loop before braddock, right lane blocked. so two problems bolt corner of the beltway. you can see the gray is the snow moving through the area. southbound bw parkway before nasa goddard, crash on the right side. and snow coming down and the roads are slick. a man accused of stabbing his girlfriend and her three young daughters says he's not guilty. michael sikes will be back in court tomorrow after appearing in a new york courtroom tomorrow. after a manhunt, the nypd and u.s. marshals arrested him two days ago. they say he killed his girlfriend and along with her ye
5:55 am
daughter and he's also accused of stabbing a 2-year-old girl who survived. federal authorities trying to track done twn the person responsible for lacing a bomb on a rental car near the airport in albuquerque, new mexico. a mechanic discovered an explosive device under a car that had been returned on sunday. the building was evacuated. and authorities are investigating. thieves are trying to cash in by filing fake tax returns under your name. the irs is sending out warning letters. the thieves are using millions of social security numbers from last year's data security breaches. there isn't much you can really do to prevent fraud other than to file early before the thief does. >> try to get all of that done so as soon as you have all of your w 2s, 1099s, that you can file right away. >> so
5:56 am
e filing in bulk. it looks like folks who don't want to pay full price to netflix can get stolen log-in info. ads and software aim at potential customers. and some netflix log-ins were on sale for as little as a quarter. keep an eye out for things you didn't buy showing up in your next flit queue. if you see something suspicious, it might be time to change your password. and if you can get out today, there are some major sales happening for presidents day. many retailers are having store wide sales to clear out merchandise left over from the holidays. and it's also traditionally one of the biggest car buying holidays of the year with dealers offering additional incentives and savings. and happening today in southern california, president obama will talk about security, trade and climate change with southeast az i don't knsian lea counter china's growth in that is the first time this meeting is happening in the
5:57 am
secretary of state john kerry and the commerce secretary will also attend. anthony brown says his democratic congressional campaign is not used authorized to use the naacp logo and name. the logo appeared in a message invoking the organization. brown says the message titled happy anniversary naacp was not an endorsement of his campaign. the organization does not endorse candidates for public office. we are keeping you informed on the potential problems on this weather alert day as we deal with another round of snow. our crew in the storm team 4 x 4 encounteri ining slick conditio out there. we'll have more on this plus how the storm will change over the next 24 hours. that's all coming up next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we're watching conditions outside on this weather alert day as more snow falls in our area. no matter where you live, chances are this is what it looks like outside your front door p. maybe some snow actually coming down, too. >> so that means that we have snow covered roads, we're finding slick conditions out there, as well. plane
6:00 am
snow emergencies. our crews are spread out across the area. >> and we grbegin with chuck be. going to be busy. >> you betcha. and new information just coming in. weather service has upgraded the winter storm warning down across parts of southern maryland and the northern neck. charles and calvert county as well as stafford, spots ve spot yar spotsylvania, king george, all run dated. on average 3 to 6 inches of snow. pockets of higher amounts. isolated freezing rain pockets possible this evening. trickiest time frame from sundown to sunrise tomorrow morning. widespread beingaccumulations 3 inches. and more snow to come across the metro area. so moderate


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