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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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snow emergencies. our crews are spread out across the area. >> and we grbegin with chuck be. going to be busy. >> you betcha. and new information just coming in. weather service has upgraded the winter storm warning down across parts of southern maryland and the northern neck. charles and calvert county as well as stafford, spots ve spot yar spotsylvania, king george, all run dated. on average 3 to 6 inches of snow. pockets of higher amounts. isolated freezing rain pockets possible this evening. trickiest time frame from sundown to sunrise tomorrow morning. widespread beingaccumulations 3 inches. and more snow to come across the metro area. so moderate
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covered roads early today. and tonight any pockets of freezing rain will make a huge problem on the roads. for now you can see the steadiest of the snow southern prince george's county, charles, calvert and st. mary's. but again, more snow where this came from. and here is melissa mollett. route 50 eastbound remember here at fair view park drive, two lanes blocked until about 8:00 this morning. i-270 looking pretty good here. a couple problems bolt of the beltway. inner loop at van dorn street and at braddock road and outer line, a crash. again, take a look at the bottom of the screen, all of that gray, that is radar showing snow on my map here. southbound bw parkway before nasa goddard, still have the crash on the right side of the roadway. travel times in ten
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not all school districts had the day off for the holiday, but many that did, classes are canceling now. spotsylvan spotsylvania, tafauquier county manassas all closed. and berkeley, jefferson, hampshire, hardy all closed. and many activities are canceled. we've put all the changes at the bottom of your screen and also on the nbc washington app. let's get a closer look at the roads thousand. derrick ward tracking conditions in southern maryland in the 4 x 4.housand. derrick ward tracking conditions in southern maryland in the 4 x 4. ar >> reporter: we're northbound on route 4 and going back through dunkirk. this road has been hit, we've been passed by a couple of plows. you can pretty much get one lane, maybe two
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but if for some reason you do have to pass someone, it is doable, but again everything with caution and the good thing about being out this hour on this morning is that there is so little traffic. i mean this would be a major travel route i would imagine during the week this time of day. so you won't have much company on the road which is a good thing, it allows the plows to get out, but you'll find a single lane of traffic and some little groupings of traffic as people sort of get up together and try to maintain that safe distance among all the cars that are out here on the roads. it's all about prudence. not being out if you don't have to. but definitely prudence if you do. derrick ward from southern maryland. back to you. 6:03. right now drivers are finding out if all the prep work there road crews paid off. plows went out out to pre-treat roads last night and the flee of 200 plows have been out since last night
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and in virginia, v to the has been layi vdot has been laying down icing materials. the bad weather has caused an annual president's day tradition to be canceled. the george washington birthday parade in old town alexandria will not be happening. parade organizers say that the parking restrictions have been lifted. and we can do want to remind you to make sure that you do have the nbc washington app before you leave for work this morning or wherever you need to did go. our breaking news alerts will keep you informed. right now the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia is back in virginia. just minutes ago the haers will take him to the funeral home. scalia died at the age of 79. and now a live look at the white house where
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justice scalia. you can see the same display of respect in front of the supreme court. >> colleague of justice scalia will mourning his death of course. justice ruth bader ginsburg said she was best buddies with scalia for more than 30 years. he died of an apparent heart attack over the weekend at a ranch in texas. the property's other than says scalia went quail hunting friday, and went to bed early that night saying he felt tired and wanted to get a good night's sleep. here's how the owner described finding him. >> he was very peaceful in the bed. he had obviously passed away with no difficulty at all midni. a priest was brought into administer last rights. his death has large political ramificatio ramifications. the firestorm when tracie potts joins us in a little bit. happening today, maryland college students plan to push for a change
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consent policies. more than 100 students are expected to rally in annapolis tonight supporting proposed legislation called yes means yes which would require colleges to develop a policy where students must mutually agree to sex in advance. now, the bill says consent cannot be given if someone is drunk, unconscious or conneerce. the proposal is meant to prevent rape on campuses. and another weather alert day for you. the heaviest of the snow is in southern maryland. next thing to be concerned about is this evening into tonight. snow changing to rain eventually, but there could be a period of freezing rain somewhere in the transition. not a whole lot of ice accumulations from metro and washington southbound, but could get as much of a quarter to an inch of freezing rain out toward the shenandoah valley. a lot of you are off for the holiday, but those of you venturing into work
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what drivers tell us they're dealing with with our weather alert day coverage. kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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we're tracking deteriorating conditions outside as the snow continues to pile up. this is the view in maryland where our crew is see something snow packed roads. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here now with more are on the travel conditions you'll be dealing with. we know we got the snow overnight, but it will turn into ice at some point. >> everything is snow covered here early this morning and that's the way it will stay. your commuter forecast for those that have to go to school or work, snow on the roads, they're 20 this morning, near 30 by late this afternoon, but temperatures will continue to rise after the sun goes down.
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so sort of a mixed blessing. a chance for freezing rain because of it. so road conditions moderate to bad all day. more concerned into the evening hours because of the possibility of freezing rain. rad radar currently showing all snow. reports of 3 to 5 inches already on the ground across st. mary's. so it will be an impactful snow. current temperatures only hovering they're 20 degrees. mild air just around the corner, and more about that in ten minutes. storm team 4 x 4 driving on for us here this morning. derrick ward inside for us kind of hitting the roads around town. that is upper marlboro here this morning. so again, main routes are pretty much clear here this morning. but your neighborhood, your sidewalk could not be so hot as you head out. outer alone at university boulevard, right side blocked because of a new crash. and this is one i've been telling you about before, two proms
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cheered, outer loop before the springfield interchange, that crash still sticking around. no problem 270 and top of the beltway 95 also looking good 66 and 95 in virginia. 6:12. and we are learning more this morning about who was involved in that potomac car crash. montgomery police say a 21-year-old man was driving this mangled dodge viper and an 18-year-old woman was also in the car. investigators say that the car swerved off the road and hit a concrete wall. the woman was airlifted to baltimore hospital and she's you now being treated for serious injuries. the driver is also in the hospital, but is expected to be okay. left hanging. the problem that has a lot of skiers needing a lift. >> reporter: and beautiful to look at, but vdot has a warning for drivers who have to get out on the roads this morning. much more on that coming up. if
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. 6:15 as another wave of wintry weather pushes through our community. our crews are finding a lot of slick conditions on snow packed roads. vdot issuing an alert asking drivers to stay off the roads because of deteriorating conditions. and be careful as you head out, a lot of the roads are slick and covered with that snow. take a look at our radar. people are alreaun
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trying to get to work. molette green is live in fairfax county. how are the roads out there? >> reporter: passable on the major and primary routes. vdot telling me their crews are out treating the roads with sand and salt mixture and doing that on already plowed areas. and working to get to the slushy spots that we have been seeing ahead of the icy conditions that are expected to come next with this system. here is what one plow driver had to say this morning. >> not too bad. vdot is doing a great job taking care of the highways. secondary roads, they're not too bad either. this is nothing compared to the blizzard. >> reporter: and back live here in the tysons corner area, this heads up from
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oou you're going to get lots of road spray on your windshield, so you need to have that wiper fluid levels in your car, they need to be at the top level. take a look at the roads behind me. passable in the major spots, this is chain bridge road. but still tricky in some spots especially on those side streets getting out of your neighborhoods. that will be tougher. but you need to take cauti getting out and about this morning. that's the latest live from the tysons corner area. back to you. 6:17 now. we're seeing an impact on flights in our area, too. this a live look at reagan national airport. we just checked and there are at least a dozen cancellations and delays right now. at dulles, just and thhandful o delays. baltimore also dealing with more than a dozen right now. you can chec
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we're not the only ones dealing with the wintry weather right now. mike seidel is in charlotte, north carolina where i know you got a mixed bag overnight. >> reporter: well, so far here in charlotte, we haven't had anything. it's been dry. it's cold, 28 degrees, after a cold weekend here in the western carolinas. we're expecting some freezing rain to get in here at least by later on this morning. but everywhere it will change over to rain by dinnertime here and then up 85 towards greensboro sometime this evening. freezing rain as you know is the worst or freezing drizzle. and elevated surfaces freeze up first. there is the skyline of the queen city. low overcast and we're just waiting for some moisture. hopefully it will hold off until after rush hour. again, it will surge all the way into washington as you talked about earlier. so no problems here after in
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the 50s and then into the 60s later this week and the weekend. so a short bout of wintry weather, but so far so good in the western carolinas up and down 85. greensboro did have a couple of inches last night. if you're heading down 81, be careful. >> thank you, mike. and chuck bell continues our weather coverage in just minutes at 6:2 1rks he will update you on the winter storm and plus look ahead to your weekend. four people are recovering from injuries in this major fire in new york. it burned this brooklyn overnight. it is still not clear how everything started. two firefighters are among the people hurt. they all have minor injuries, though. firefighters said three buildings were damaged, but the fire is under control. now to a frighin
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story. crews rescued eight skiers that were stranded in a tram car that was actually about 40 feet high into the air. this happened in new hampshire yesterday. a ski resort spokesman says a brake problem caused the tram to stop and the temperatures were below zero. rescuers propelled the skiers to safety. a family is getting help from complete strangers after a fire destroyed their home. their story moved barbara farris and she reached out to folks in her community for help. they raised money and also donated clothes and school supplies helping the family settle into their new apartment in silver spring. >> she just came like an angel, god september hnt her to us. >> the
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been set up to help pay their represent oig rent for a year. and pope francis will celebrate mass in mexico later today. today's mass will include readings and songs this three different indigenous languages. pope francis visited a town close to mexico city yesterday where he celebrated mass for hundreds of thousands. and want to check in with chuck bell for the latest on the snow. >> snow has tapered off a little bit across northern maryland, but it remains washington southbound to southern maryland. that's where the big winners are in snow accumulations so far this morning. winter storm warning all over the shenandoah valley and blue
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about a half an hour ago, they expanded the warning to include stafford, fredericksburg, northern neck and much of southern maryland. snow totals likely to be on average 3 to 6 across most of the area by the time it comes to an end. could have slightly higher amounts in st. mary's. biggest concern is a risk as it changes from snow to rain this evening into tonight. there could be a period of accumulating ice. so we're watching for that. again 3 to 6 inches for most. snowing the most across southern maryland and this will expand northward again with time. be careful. again, moderate snow down across southwest virginia, that is the next batch which will be lifting back northward into the metro. so we're not done with our accumulating snow threat just yet. everybody not just below freeze, but way below. upper teens and low 20s this morning. so here is
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by noon, snow expanding back into northern hear land. 3:00 today, above freezing temperatures and the change overfrom snow to rain.maryland. 3:00 today, above freezing temperatures and the change overfrom snow to rain. right when the sun is going down, the transition taking place. the peach color is the freezing rain. likely to be an expanded period of freezing rain through late tonight into early tomorrow. this will eventually all just become rain by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, everyone is above freezing. p and a good slog of moderate rainfall coming in here tomorrow. that will take the snow, ice and chemicals off the streets. so your draft then for today, rising temperatures to near 30. the snow changing to rain eventually. solid amount of rain tomorrow. might end with a wet snowflake pre-dawn wednesday morning, but ed
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and the weekend looks really nice. temperatures up near 60 with the sunshine. storm team 4 x 4 right now in southern maryland. now bottom of the beltway here outer loop coming back towards the city here this morning. so right now you can see all the main routes looking pretty good. side streets, not so hot this morning. my neighborhood definitely not treated overnight. 50 eastbound at fair view park drive, two lanes blocked. outer loop at university, a crash and we're going about 20 miles per hour right now. all of the gray remember that is radar showing where snow is falling on my roadways here. outer loop before the springfield interchange also have that crash still hanging around making it slow, as
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i'm megan fitzgerald here at the live desk. right now israel's former prime minister olmert is in prison. he reported today. he's starting a 19 month sentence for bribery and obstruction of justice. the 70-year-old was forced to resign back in 2006 and was convicted in large of 2014. prosecutors say he accepted bribes to promote a controversial real estate project in gentleman roojerusal. officials say olmert will be treated like any other inmate. 6:25. police are investigating a deadly crash in prince george's county. the driver was apparently going the wrong way down branch avenue in clinton and hit another car head-on. this happened saturday night. police didn't know why the driver was going the wrong way.driver of the other car had to be cut out
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a man who admitted to defrauding banks out of millions was shot to death and his body found inside a pickup truck. his family reported him missing several days ago. split support this morning for the president of mount st. mary's college. about 60% of students support president simon newman. n newman drew criticism last we're after firing two professors. he has reinstated them friday. faculty voted to ask newman to resign 87-3. tonight is the biggest night in music. >> and opening number of hamilton will be on the grammys for free. >> hard to get into that
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>> one of the hottest brad way sh broadway shows out there. ♪ someone sure to get a win tonight is rapper kendrick lamar. he has 11 nominations, the most for one artist in a decade. he will perform tonight. everyone saying it's kendrick verse t swift. so much talent on the stage together. >> they will perform together. hello and hello. we'll see which hello is better. >> have you seen the mash up on line? >> yeah. we'll see what it's like live. we do want to move it on to the weather alert day that we have been following all morning. right now snow falling around d.c. the snow has been falling off and on here in northwest washington. how much you're seeing depends
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chuck bell has the four things to know at 6:31. and a live look around town here this morning. plus the spots to avoid. we do have a couple of slow spots coming up. and the snow is not the only weather issue for us. how the salvation army is working to make sure no one gets left out in the cold.
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wintry weather rolls into the d.c. area yet again. and we're seeing a mixture of snow packed roads and those that appear to be clear as you just saw. however we're hearing things are a bit slick. >> and conditions here in northwest d.c., it's been snowing off and on throughout the morning. our crews are watching the conditions.
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and four things to know. >> good morning, every. after a bitter cold weekend, we're off to it a frozen cold start this morning. it's all snow this morning but a risk of changing to a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain late this afternoon and southern maryland. biggest time concern is after about 8:00 tonight. heavy rain likely to come tomorrow and all rain temperatures tomorrow in the 50s. and the sex by the weekend. but for now, the plume of snow all the way down to richmond and roanoke. that band will gradually lift northward. so planning out your day, all snow at 20 degrees this morning. 25 at noon. 30 by 4:00. southern maryland may be above freezing by then, so that's when the switch there snow to rain begins.
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very concerned for later this afternoon into this evening, freezing rain could make roads go from crunchy snow to slippery ice. so be ready for that. may have lingering impacts on school delays in to tomorrow. talk about that in ten minutes. taking a look live in northwest, again, a lot of roads look like this. if they were treated, you don't have any problems. connecticut avenue and nebraska avenue, don't have an issue. side streets, rockville for example, we are seeing still a little bit of snow there on the roadways and your sidewalk might be slick. blue and yellow line delays. and will metro is on a saturday schedule came. southbound bw parkway, a crash on the left side of the roadway there. outer loop at university, still have that problem here this morning. bottom of the beltway also a bit slow here as you're coming around near springfield, outer loop before the springfield interchange, still have that crash. i'll be back with some travel times.
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which of your children's schools are closed today. spotsylvania, fauquier, page all closed. so are manassas city schools. >> and berkeley, jefferson, morgan, mineral, hampshire, hardy and grant county schools are also closed today. now, some of hoof those distric were supposed to have a makeup day and many others closed for the holiday but are making changes, too. you can find the updates on the m nbc washington app and at the bolt of the screen. and derrick ward is out in the storm team 4 x 4 watching the roadways for us this morning. how are things looking? >> reporter: well, they're looking improved here. we just crossed the potomac river. just got off the woodrow wilson bridge. and as you can see from these road conditions, you're down to wet pavement. at least in those
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s shoulder is a different story. you have to watch when you comes through the lanes. but again, prudent distance is the key thing. and you will have to deal with probably making sure you've got enough windshield wiper fluid because of the road spray when you're on a treated road. when you're not, it's a whole different story. just a matter of being cautious, being aware of your surroundi surroundings. is this a dynamic weather incident that we're having this morning. and you can drive for maybe an hour and come under two to three different types of conditions. so just be careful. derrick ward, news 4. you saw the metro train at the top of that picture there. if you need to commute today, there are a few changes to keep in mind. no track work fet
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but metrorail and metrobus are on a saturday schedule. metrorail runs until midnight with trains every 12 minutes. no service on vre and limited on marg oig tramarc train. and camden and brunswick lines have limited service. the salvation army is helping those this need. a group called the great patrol is helping keep the homeless warm and fed. volunteers make eight stops across the district to help anybody in need. they're's also bringing people to shelters where space is patrol. they served the area for about 30 years. make sure you have our nbc washington app before you leave for work. breaking news alerts will keep you informed as the wintry weather develops. and we'll keep you up-to-date on school closings for today and tomorrow. a sad day ahead for the local law enforcement community. this afternoon there will be
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sheriff's deputies who died after a shoot-out inside a crowded panera at a maryland shopping center last week. harford county senior deputies logsdon and dailey died. investigators say that batteries could have stopped a blimp that broke its mooring and through maryland last year. an investigation found that a dwight that could have deflated it was missing batteries and so was never turned on. if it had been there, 9d blump would have landed just a few miles from where it got loose. it eventually landed in pennsylvania and caused a whole lot of damage. it's all snow outside this morning. the main thing we're concerned with isn't the snow this morning, but the chance for freezing rain and ice this
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of an inch accumulation. updated forecast just five minutes from now. 6:37. a lot of you off today because of the holiday. but those of you venturing in to the office will find slick conditions out there. what driver tell us they are dealing with now. also ahead, as people remember the life of justice antonin scalia, political leaders are ge ♪ you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too.
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with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot.
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6:41. we're tracking deteriorating conditions outside for some of you. this is the view from our storm team 4 x 4 in
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on the travel conditions you'll be dealing with in the day ahead. >> it will be going from bad to worse over the next couple of hours. school chances the next couple days, 100% closed today. latest information always on the bottom of our screen. tomorrow at least a 70% chance of delays. more likely to be a delay than a cancellation tomorrow but temperatures will be rising and this will all be changing to rain. right now, though, it is cold enough to snow. and temperatures only in the upper teens to low 20s. snowfall totals already getting reports of nearly 6 inches across parts of st. mary's county. but on average a solid 3 to 6 on the way. "7-day forecast" at 6:51. brand new problem on the beltway outer loop at 450, the ramp shut down, a crash and one of the vehicles struck a gas
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clears out of the way. remember all of this gray is my radar showing snow falling on the roadways. outer loop before van dorn, also new accident with the left side of the roadway blocked. right now travel times look good 270 south top of the beltway, 95 over to 270, 66 into town and 95 northbound through virginia good at 29 minutes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car this morning. right now we're working to keep you informed with the changing conditions outside on this weather alert day. our crews are spread around d.c. tracking what you'll see when you step outside. we will take you live to virginia with what drivers are saying about the roads and plus potential trouble spots from the 4
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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14 before the hour. right now we're watching the conditions outside on this weather alert day as more snow falls in our area. we're finding slick conditions out there and a lot of communities are declaring snow emergencies. >> our crews are spread out throughout the area to help you get to work safely. >> and we begin with chuck bell and what to expect over the next 24 hours. >> snow coming down heaviest now across parts of southern maryland. calvert, charles
6:47 am
you c upgraded to a winter storm warning. 4 to 6 inches on the ground with more snow to come. future weather at 6:51. two different problems on the beltway. one outer loop the ramp to east 450, the ramp shut down. . there is a crash and one of the vehicles involved has hit a gas line. this could cause some serious problems here for this morning's commute. though it is a bit lighter this morning. and you are going to want to take extra time to dust off your car, drive safely this morning. roads are covered with snow and they are slick in some places. molette green showing us the conditions in fairfax county. it looks like the snow has stopped a bit. >> reporter: it has lightened up a lot. but take a look behind me at the road conditions. seeing lots of plow and salt trucks out. passable on the major and primary routes. vdot says road conditions are moderate to minor now. crews o
6:48 am
sand, salt mixture on already plowed areas. and they're working to get to those slushy spots ahead of the icy conditions that come next with this system. and here is what a crew working in the tysons area is focused on right now. >> i do believe they got a little bit more snow. measurements don't show anything in the parking lot. so generally our trigger points is putting down salt right now. >> reporter: vdot has some 2800 trucks on the roads out here. and you should know even though they're out treating the roads, they expect conditions to deteriorate with the treeding rain and sleet coming later. so if you can avoid getting out on the roads, please do so. that is the latest live from the tysons corner area. molette green, news 4. now the big question is whether all the overnight prep work on the roads is pay
6:49 am
night to pre-treat roads in d.c., montgomery and prince george's county. in virginia, vdot has been laying down anti-icing materials to try to cut down on slippery roads. happening today, maryland college students plan to push for a change to college sexual concept policies in order to prevent rapes on campuses. more than 100 students expected to rally in annapolis tonight supporting proposed legislation called yes means yes. legislation would require colleges to develop a policy where students need to mutually agree to sex in advance. that rally set for 6:15 tonight at lawyers mall in downtown annapolis. more information about who was involved in this crash. montgomery police tell us a 21-year-old man was driving this dodge viper and there was an 18-year-old woman also if in that car. investigators say the car suddenly swerved before hitting a cote
6:50 am
the woman had to be air lifted to a baltimore hospital with serious injuries. the driver also in the hospital but is expected to be okay. the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia is at the fairfax memorial funeral home. the justice's body arrived overnight at dulles international. scalia was 79 years old. and looking live at the white house, flags are flying at half-staff in honor of justice scalia. you can see the same display of respect this front of the nation's highest court. problem spoke from california about the late justice and the future of the court. >> plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. these are responsibilities that i take seriously as should everyone. they're bigger than any one party. they are about our democracy. >> a bitter battle beginning after that promise. >
6:51 am
candidates differ over who should make the nomination. tracie potts on hill for us. whoever the president nominates could tip the balance in the court there. >> reporter: and that is the big issue here. there were five conservatives and four liberals before. now take scalia out of that pictures it's balance. whoever the president sends over for the is that the to consider if they are liberal would tip the balance more in favor of liberals and affect huge cases that are coming up like abortion and the president's immigration plan. >> and even at this point we're already hearing some names on the short list. >> reporter: and interestingly, several of them from the d.c. circuit court of appeals lirs. sri srinivasan, garland and watford and millett. all of them previously confirmed by the senate. some of them unanimously, some with some republican support.
6:52 am
house is to see if the president will try to do this, figure out who they can get through this republican controlled senate. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thanks. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. winter storm warnings for the shenandoah valley and blue ridge. also now including fredericksburg and parts of southern maryland. that was the change about an hour and a half ago. weather service expanded the warning because so far that is where the highest snow totals have been already reports from several of my weather watchers between 4 and 6 inches on the ground in st. mary's county. so all snow through the course of the daylight hours. on average most places 3 to 6 inches. a risk for some freezing rain this evening and tonight. most dangerous time frame likely to be from 8:00 tonight until 8:00 tomorrow morning. travel troubles, moderate impact on the roads here with the snow all crunchy this morning. but again, a chance of a glazing of ice this evening d
6:53 am
tonight. storm team 4 radar for you this morning zoomed in on southern maryland, st. mary's county, southern charles, that's where the heaviest snow is right now as well as over the northern neck down towards frederickburg and spotsylvania, king george and cumberland counties. not as much snow for now across northern and western suburbs. but that will be changing as a big plume of moisture is lifting in our direction all pointed right at us here and temperatures are way below freezing at the surface. we're only in the upper teens and low 20s right now. future weather shows the snow chances here through 9:00 a.m. expanding back northward. so if your friend and neighbors here montgomery toward the blue ridge, be ready, snow coming back into the i could about mitt to late morning and through the afternoon. likely all snow. by 4:00, the mix of snow to freezing rain and sleet takes place over southern maryland. 7:00, 8:00, the changeover line coming into the metro area. this is why i'm most concern
6:54 am
early tomorrow morning, pockets of cold air likely to linger so freezing rain will be a huge concern. with time, everything warms up to above freezing by early tomorrow morning. tomorrow's highs in the 50s. maybe a solid inch of rain likely tomorrow. could end with a little wet snowflake pre-dawn wednesday morning. but wednesday afternoon into the weekend looks dry and, yes, melissa mollett, that is a 62 on saturday. >> i love it. outer loop to eastbound 450, ramp shut down, crash and a struck gas line there this morning. so that could take some time before that completely reopens. outer loop before van dorn, left side blocked. 270 at montrose, just well. beltway at central, again main routes look pretty much like this for us here this morning. no major problems on the main routes. some back streets, your street might be a little dusty, but not terrible. connecticut avenue or
6:55 am
all the main routes in and out of town no big complaints. southbound bw parkway at 193, crash on the left side. p blue and yellow line delays. one last check at the 4 x 4. derrick ward continues our team coverage. >> reporter: we're getting on to route 50 off of beltway. and the conditions, this road looks very good, but just a few miles back, we saw a jackknifed tractor trailer that melissa has been telling you about. coming up on an incident here where a truck and a bridge had sort of an unfortunate meeting some of sort. don't know exactly what happened. but you are losing two lanes here on route 50. actually nothing is getting by right now if i can see correctly. actually one lane getting by on the far side while they clear that this up. so
6:56 am
derrick ward, news 4. a lot of districts are making changes, some that were open have now closed. in virginia, spotsylvania, talk, manassas city all closed. and berkeley, jefferson, morgan, h mineral, hampshire and hearty a hardy all closed. and four things to know, the body of antonin scalia is at a funeral home in fairfax county this morning. the president has promised to thom natu nominate a successor. and a view ding today for officer dailey. his funeral is wednesday. an annual president's day tradition won't be happening this year. the george washington birthday pa rail in old town alexandria was canceled because of the bad weather. and live picture of what conditions are like in mclean,
6:57 am
vdot has about 2800 trucks out there treating slippery roads. snow going to continue to come in through most of the daylight hours. watching out for a chance for freezing rain this evening. >> chuck, thank you. thanks for starting your day with us. >> and we're constantly updating the closures on our app. so download it. it's free. we'll be back in about 25 minutes.
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good morning. paying respects. the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arrived in virginia overnight. while the battle to who should fill his seat is already in full swing. >> we have a president. he was elected. he has the right to nominate another supreme court justice. >> the lame duck president in an election year is not going to be able to tip the balance of the supreme court. >> this morning, the epic once in a generation fight over the direction of the court and the country. and jeb bush joins us live as his brother gets set to hit the campaign trail today. after a weekend of record setting lows, the weather conditions will affect 90 million from the d


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